Review by ZeonAce0079

Reviewed: 09/09/03

Too much difficulty

First off, ActRaiser 2 is not for everyone. This game will make even the most advanced players frustrated by it's high difficulty. Although if you only liked the action sequences of the first ActRaiser then this is the game for you.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics in this game are very well done for a super nes game, and there is quite a bit of background detail in every stage. I've seen many 2D playstation games that were not graphically done as well as this game was.

Music/Sound 9/10
The orchestra music plays perfectly into this game, and boss music makes the fight a little more intense. The sound effects are nice accept for the weird screaming noise you make when you die.

Difficulty 10/10
This is the primary problem with this game. Although it has 3 difficulty levels (Easy,Normal,Hard) playing it on easy will not let you finish the game. Normal is no easy task at all either. You will sometimes find yourself repeating the same level time after time because of some minor mistakes. The bosses are no cake walk either, although they are easier if you saved all your magic from the stage they will still range from very easy to extremely difficult. This game would have been very well if the difficulty wasn't always annoying you. On easy you can make mistakes, and still manage to beat the level fine. On Normal you can make mistakes, but anything else than a minor mistake will cause you to repeat the level. On Hard any minor mistake will have you restarting the level again.

Control 7/10
The controls work flawlessly from the sword swinging right down to the sort of flying ability you have. One major problem with controls however is the magic usage. It is extremely easy to accidentally cast a spell when you didn't even want to use one. Even when you are ready to use a spell this is no easy task either. When using a spell it is very easy to press a different direction and accidentally cast the wrong spell. Many times I've wanted to use the phoenix sword strike, only to end up using the magic glide thrust.

Funfactor 7/10
This game is fun until the frustration sets in. This is why although you cannot beat it on easy I recommend you play it on easy first. The higher the difficulty you are on the more the funfactor goes down. I had quite a good time playing this game on easy until I found out that I couldn't play the game all the way through. I switched to normal, and then the fun dropped drastically. On normal the games seems cheap, as some parts it doesn't seem possible to dodge enemies. Even worse sometimes enemies will actually appear on top of you making you have to memorize each level, and that really takes away from the funfactor.

Replay Value 6/10
If you've played it through there is not much else to do. Trying the hard difficulty will probably only make you want to stop where you are. Although this game is fun to bring out after not playing it for a good time. It's a good game to see how well your video game skills are.

This is a real good game that is easily brought down by a very high difficulty level. The high difficulty level could easily turn most people away from a game like this. Although if your in for a challenge then this is the game for you. Another minor problem with this game is the passwords it uses to save your place. The letters can easily be mixed together with the writing style they have chosen to use, and upper case is hard to tell from lower case. All in all it's not a bad game, but it is missing quite a few elements that make up a good game. Also most fans of the original will not like this game.

Final Score 7/10 (not on a average)

Rating: 7

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