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Reviewed: 05/19/03 | Updated: 05/19/03

This game wants to prove F. Scott Fitzgerald right..

In the annuals of Super Nintedo gaming, the original Actraiser was one of the first great games. It was a unique action game with some simulation elements thrown in. It had great music and the plot line worked. Being highly successful, a sequel was inevitable, and so..Actraiser 2 was created. Before I played this, I had wondered if it would be even half as good as the original. Well, after playing it repeatly, I have discovered that....Actraiser 2 proves that sometimes there ought not be a second Act.

Actraiser 2 definitely does not have the gameplay of the original. It's very hard to master the Glide, or the Float or heaven forbid, the Dive. Magic is reduced to a level where you almost have to do a Street Fighter II-like button combination, not a feature that I, nor most gamers like. Speaking of the Glide, the Master(the character you play in the game) tends to slide for a while after the glide, which can lead to some early deaths, and much player frustration. I played this game on Easy mode, and let me tell you, Easy is about as hard as it gets when compared to other games. Actraiser 2 manages to kick my ass every time, and it makes me long for the greatness of its predecessor. Actraiser 2 also makes the mistake of going all action, now it plays like ''Generic Insane Platform'' game. (4/10)

The music from the game is basically recycled from the first, and basically, I got very sick of hearing the same old crap after fifteen or so minutes. My suggestion is to play with the sound off(3/10)

Graphically, it is about the same as the first, except that I really hated the ''Death Field'' stage. Too much fire and debris in the foreground. Another is the desert stage with the butt ugly brown mouths. I half excepted the Brood to come out around the next corner(note: obscure Marvel reference). The Master has wings now, but his movements still resemble a statue, which is not a good thing. (6/10)

The hackneyed ''villain wasn't really killed, just beat the hell out of'' is used, as in this case, Tanzra(the ugly demon boss from the original) is back, and the Master(who is some sort of generic God figure) must defeat him by taking out the 13 demons that are making life miserable for the humans, by influencing them to do self-destructive things. The whole mothballed nature of it inclines me to say that Actraiser 2 comes up very short in the story department(4/10)

Can you replay this game? Yes, but you really wouldn't like to. Only so many times you can be killed by a Sandworm, or be killed avoiding instantly deadly spikes that are everywhere. You often die a few times just because you have to be very careful with the Glide as it often comes short with those pesky just out of the way platforms. My advice to the readers is to skip this game. It sucks, and you are better off thinking Actraiser was the only game in the series, as movie fans ignore Carrie 2, and the sequels to the Exoricist.(2/10)

Final scoring:
Total. (19/50)...rounded up to 4/10

Rating: 4

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