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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

They were right to say the sequel is always worse than the original...

You are Actraiser, an angel sent to deliver the world from the evils of the world. You will face down famine, pride, greed, hatred, and many others... to save the world.

I really hated this game. I bought it expecting it to be a lot like Actraiser 1, but they practically scrapped the ideas from Actraiser 1 and gave Actraiser 2 it's own personality... which was a dumb idea.

The graphics are decent(better than Actraiser's) and the style is much the same as it's predecessor, but they aren't revolutionary, and it isn't that exciting to watch. The music is not memorable, it's just there.

This game is much like a Super Ghouls and Ghosts Clone. It's a side scrolling game that is a turn on to some... but it's just that the games are all alike in this style. The gameplay is frustrating, and you'll sometimes spend a day trying to jump a certain chasm because there are bad guys hanging from the ceiling that you can't kill without a sword. Needless to say, the game is difficult, but in the wrong ways. Sometimes the bad guys are just frustrating, especially since if you take a step in the wrong direction, the ghost you just spent five minutes slicing to death will be once again standing in your way to the ladder. The bosses are usually without much of a strategy, you just learn to hack them to death effectively.

The actual storyline in this game is horrible. I can't believe how crummy it was, considering that the first one had a decent one. In fact, the ending is incredibly stupid if you beat it on a low level of play(you don't even see much of anything)... and I had trouble on the last level even with cheats.

In short, I just can't believe how horrible a job they did with this game. If you see it in the stores for ten bucks, overlook it. It is not a great game like the first one... it isn't really a game.

Rating: 2

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