Review by Kyrus Shahira

Reviewed: 08/31/01 | Updated: 08/31/01

Actraiser I is Disgraced by This Poor Excuse for a Game

Actraiser was, and still is, one of my favorite games of all time. When I noticed a used Actraiser II cartridge for sale, I decided to buy it. BIG MISTAKE. Actraiser II is a poor excuse for a sequel, let alone for a game! I ended up returning the game, claiming that it didn't work. Let me tell you why.
The game is hard. Very hard. After about two hours of trying, I beat one act. And then, instead of going to that wonderful simulation mode that I had been longing for, what did it do? It went straight to another impossible fighting act. I mean, the whole point of the original was the balance between Simulation and Action. What were they thinking?

Graphics- 8/10

Okay, the game was terrible, but the graphics weren't too shabby, though they were basically the same as Actraiser I.

Gameplay- 1/10

Ow ow... painfully bad. The game is impossible even in easy mode. I didn't even really like the Action sequences in the first game, but the simulation made it worthwhile. But when you take away the simulation, the game falls apart. Making it impossible to win does not help. Probably the hardest game I've ever played, and I've played a lot. And there are no little mud huts to destroy with your lightning. No more of those annoying yet cute napper bats to shoot with your bow. This game never deserved to be released; it was just a disgrace to the original.

Music- 5/10

I'm sorry, the music is not very good at all. I wanted to rip my hair out after a while. Comparing it to the first one (again), at least the first act of Fillmore had cool music, and the simulation mode had cool music too.

Final Score- 2/10

If the graphics were worse, this would be one out of ten. Don't even waste your money renting this, if you can find it. If you have never played the original, get it on Ebay or download it, and pretend that a sequel never existed. If you are a serious Actraiser fan, download the rom and delete it after an hour. I wanted to scream from frustration after less than that. A terrible, terrible game.

Rating: 2

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