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Reviewed: 05/27/01 | Updated: 05/27/01

This is one act that should have never been raised

Act Raiser 2 is the second part of the great game Act Raiser. Act Raiser 2 in hardly any part measures up to how good Act Raiser was. Like movies, the sequel is hardly EVER as good as the original!

Game Play
Can't say much for this. It is a really poorly made game. The controls are one of the major problems. The control pad makes you move, and ''these buttons do this magic attack if you are standing. Move to do this one, and then run. Croutch for this one!'' That's how bad the controls are. There is no ''good part'' of the game. The controls make it almost impossible to beat. The only ''neat'' part about it is the fact that the magic spells are cool. It seems like they spent more time perfecting spells than they did perfecting the game... The game is also set up so that there are about 10 different places to start from. You have to have the map that goes with the game to even have a hope of playing and beating it!

There is a story? Well, I suppose their is some sort of a story to it... This is the basic part of it:

You are a beast with wings, a sword, and magic. You must save your world from destruction. You must do this by helping all troubled places on the planet. Only then will this be fullfilled.

Personally, I think this game would be nicer if it had at least some sort of story line to accompany it!

One of the not so good parts of the game. The sound is really shaky and cheap. The graphics are the better part. The diarama effect is not so great. Had they have tried to make this game 3D, it would have been really bad!

Replay NO
If you ever manage to beat this game (as most people don't), 9 out of 10 times you never want to pick this game up again. Most people never make it past the first level.

To Buy NO
Personally, I'd never buy this game. Then, there are some people who would. If you really want this game... It costs about 7-12 dollars. Truly not worth it.

Odds and Ends
This game never should have hit shelves in stores. It is a complete black hole. The money you spend for it, you'll never get it out of game play.

Verdict BAD
This game holds hardly and fun characteristics at all. I encourage you NOT to buy this game, and if you really want to, try it out on an emulator FIRST.

Rating: 3

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