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Reviewed: 08/30/18 | Updated: 09/28/20

The devs ruined the controls, the game it's hard and cheap because of the bad design.

I really loved Act Raiser. But then there's the sequel, a very poorly made game. From the start, the music you hear is pretty bad and boring, and believe me, it would be like that all the way (not because I played it all the way, but I heard reviewers saying that the music won't get better in the next stages). The graphics are great, but they messed up the gameplay and the music, and that ruined the whole game.

Gameplay (2/10): The biggest mistake they made was adding that weird and awkward flying/glide move, wich makes you loose any control over the character, he will fly out of control until he falls into a pit. The combat was not improved, but it was downgraded, making the character very slow and the sword attack very weak (or the enemies very strong), in the first Act Raiser, a normal enemy would die with 2 or 3 hits, now most of the enemies tales 5 or 6 hits (or even more) to die. Playing this game is a torture, enemies will appear out of nowhere and make cheap damage, so you would be receiving damage nearly all the time. The fact that the character can attack upwards doesn't help either, because most of the enemies will come from below or from the sides. The game becomes way too hard, cheap and unfair, not because of the challenge, but because of the bad designed controls.

Graphics (7/10): The textures and colors are well designed, it reminds me to Demon's Crest (which is a good game, unlike Act Raiser 2), also the enemy design is very appealing to the eye, the stages atmosphere feels great, but they ruined this with bad gameplay, why Quintet.... WHY!!!!????

Music (3/10): The music was supposedly designed by the same guy that designed the music in the first game, but this had to be his weakest work, because the music is terrible, not only that, but also doesn't fit well with the stages and it becomes pretty boring and repetitive, not even close to the amazing music of the previous game. They also recycled sound effects from Act Raiser 1, talking about lazy. I rather mute the game

Story/Presentation (5/10): There's a weak plot wich it looks like it was made in a hurry, some female angel tell us about things that are happening in different cities, but the plot is not interesting and becomes pretty boring, they also removed the strategy stages, which may be considered good or bad depending on what kind of gamer you are. That would be fine for me because I like more the sidescrolling action, but they messed up the controls so bad, that some parts of the game are nearly unplayable.

Overall (4/10): Now we know why this game sold only 1/3 of the copies that sold the first game. and now we know why this short franchise ended after this shameful game. I don't recommend this game in any way, but if you are a fan of the 1st act raiser, maybe give this one a try, but I warn you, you are going to rage. I really hope they bring back this franchise some day, but I doubt it, play Demon's crest instead, or Legendary Axe 2.

Rating: 3

Product Release: ActRaiser 2 (US, 11/30/93)

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