• 3 Passwords for the Japanese version

    On the Japanese version, enter the following passwords

    Play against the last boss from part 1Longlongago.
    Play the demo mode (hard mode)!!!!DEMO!!!!
    Shows a short demo introducing the teamTEAMACT.SHOW

    Contributed By: real_mukimuki.

  • Level Password

    Enter the passwords at the password screen.

    1-2 (Easy)XZKC XBZM XXZD
    1-2 (Hard)XZKC XBZM FSFC
    1-2 (Normal)XZKC XBZM WTHC
    2-1 (Easy)JCLD XYTX SLCS
    2-1 (Hard)JCLD XYTX XXXJ
    2-1 (Normal)JCLD XYTX TMCT
    2-2 (Easy)MLWK BPZW DTZS
    2-2 (Hard)MLWK BPZW LBPJ
    2-2 (Normal)MLWK BPZW YJCW
    3-1 (Easy)MMFH MBKC WHWL
    3-1 (Hard)MMFH MBKC HJWP
    3-1 (Normal)MMFH MBKC FFTL
    3-2 (Easy)MCSY HKHD KHHY
    3-2 (Hard)MCSY HKHD BYMF
    3-2 (Normal)MCSY HKHD ZFHC
    4-1 (Easy)MFLT CMSP TPTF
    4-1 (Hard)MFLT CMSP WXJK
    4-1 (Normal)MFLT CMSP XWFZ
    4-2 (Easy)MFLH MFDS LTYP
    4-2 (Hard)MFLH MFDS PHYX
    4-2 (Normal)MFLH MFDS MXPS
    5-1 (Easy)MFMJ PLBW YYJP
    5-1 (Hard)MFMJ PLBW MSYW
    5-1 (Normal)MFMJ PLBW LPCX
    5-2 (Easy)MFMJ TTLK WSFP
    5-2 (Hard)MFMJ TTLK HTWT
    5-2 (NormalMFMJ TTLK FPTP
    6-1 (Easy)MFMJ TWSY FYPX
    6-1 (Hard)MFMJ TWSY JSHJ
    6-1 (Normal)MFMJ TWSY HMTF
    6-2 (Easy)MFXT SHJT BDLY
    6-2 (Hard)MFXT SHJT DLWP
    6-2 (Normal)MFXT SHJT CYTP
    7-1 (Easy) [Part 1]MFCY BPXF CXBY
    7-1 (Easy) [Part 2]MFCL YXKY CJDP
    7-1 (Hard) [Part 1]MFCY BPXF YZJT
    7-1 (Hard) [Part 2]MFCL YXKY YLZF
    7-1 (Normal) [Part 1]MFCY BPXF DWKL
    7-1 (Normal) [Part 2]MFCL YXKY DKDS
    7-2 (Hard) [Part 1]MFCL SYMC PWWK
    7-2 (Hard) [Part 2]MFCL SYMX FJSD
    7-2 (Normal) [Part 1]MFCL SYMC MSXF
    7-2 (Normal) [Part 2]MFCL SYMX WKTD

    Contributed By: isiahzombie.

  • Useful / Fun Passwords

    Enter the password at the password screen.

    Fight the final boss from Actraiser 1Xxxx Yyyy Zzzz
    Last level with 38 livesMFMJTVSYFVPX
    Play demo level (Only on Hard difficulty)BJQX YRKC DLSZ
    Team Actraiser 2 cutsceneMTkM SkTk HNSH

    Contributed By: isiahzombie and Arguro.

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