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Guide and Walkthrough by BSebby

Updated: 07/29/1999


                   Tips, Hints, Secrets, and Items FAQ

                               Brian Sebby

                       Last updated: July 29, 1999




This FAQ was designed to give hints, tips, and secrets for parts of the
game Actraiser.  It is not a complete walkthrough.  If you are looking for a
walkthrough, there is a pretty good one in the original instruction manual.
Transcribed copies of this manual can be found in various places around
the Internet; try looking in the Actraiser vault at the Gaming Intelligence
Agency, <http://www.thegia.com>.  This FAQ should be found there as well.


How can I reach the maximum possible level?

If you build up all of your lands completely, you may find that you are still
short some people to make it to the maximum level.  This is because as your
towns are growing, the civilization level that they are at determines how
many people each structure built can hold.  To reach the maximum population,
and thus, the maximum level, there are several things that you need to do.

1.  Destroy all of the first and second level homes.  You can use lightning
    to do this, but the easiest way is to cause an earthquake.  Realize,
    however, that this will kill many people.  If you want to reach the
    highest level, however, it must be done.

2.  Change all corn fields to wheat fields.  Wheat fields will feed more
    people, and thus allow your population to reach its maximum.  When you
    get to a new land that grows crops, bring the "Wheat" offering from
    Bloodpool and use it to change the first corn field produced to wheat.
    You can get an infinite supply of wheat from Bloodpool, so if you ever
    find a corn field later in the game, just change it into wheat.

3.  Build everywhere you possibly can.  If a square of land can be built
    onto, build roads there.  If there's only one lane reaching across
    the square, tell the people to build from the other side to build a
    crossroad on the square.  Every bit of land helps.

4.  Allow the people to build until the land has reached its maximum size.
    After you have done the above three steps, you must sit and wait for
    the people to build.  You can check the "Status of Cities" menu to
    see how the population is growing, but it is not entirely accurate.
    Oftentimes when it reports "Maximum", people will still be able to build.
    Let the people build until a full turn goes by and no one comes out of
    the temple.  If you look at the status screen when no one is coming out
    of the temple and it says "Slow" instead of "Maximum", this means that
    the people are upset and will not build more until you have defeated
    the boss of that land.  Once you have defeated the guardian, the people
    will resume building.  Please note, however, that even if the people
    beg you to defeat the guardian after the final monster lair is sealed,
    they will continue to build for quite some time.  It is important to
    maximize your population before going to Act II so that you will be at
    the maximum level when you fight him.  This is especially important
    for lands like Kasandora, where the people will stop building after
    you have defeated the guardian due to a plague appearing.

Where are the hidden Sources of Life?

Throughout the game, your people will offer you various items as offerings.
While many of these will be given to you automatically, there are several
Sources of Life (which gives you an extra life in the Acts) that are hidden.
The following is the locations of these items, and what you must do to
find them.

Fillmore:  Use the 'Compass' offering from Bloodpool, and the people of
           Fillmore will find a Source of Life in their fishing nets when
           they move out into the deeper water.

Bloodpool: After using the 'Skull' to destroy the Red Demon lair, use Rain
           on the Bloodpool Lake.  The rising waters will cause a Source
           of Life to be found by a fisherman.

Kasandora: Once you have uncovered the Pyramid, use the Earthquake magic to
           make one of the walls collapse.  The people will find a Source
           of Life in the rubble.

Northwall: Use Lightning on your temple to make one of the people give the
           Source of Life jewel.  He will tell you that he found it,
           but didn't offer it because he was fond of it.

How do I unlock the Professional Mode?

Once you've beaten the game once, go to the start screen and press down
or select twice.  You will go down past "NEW GAME" and will be able to
select 'PROFESSIONAL!'.  In Professional mode, you play only the Acts.
However, it is much harder as you do not regenerate any lost lives, you
are not allowed to use magic, and any of the enemies that formerly took
one hit now take two hits to destroy.  If you are successfully able to
beat Professional mode, you are truly a great Actraiser player.


Throughout the Simulation Mode, your people will discover many items and
give them to you as offerings.  Some of these are items you can use in the
Simulation mode, some of them improve your capability for fighting in the
Acts, and some of them are used to solve problems in other areas of the game.

First, here is a list of the usable items that will be found in all of
the lands, and what those items do.

Bomb: Probably the most common item found in the game, it will destroy every
      creature on screen.  Useful if you are out of energy and need to
      destroy some of the monsters.

Strength of Angel: A bow and arrow, this increases the Angel's strength and
                   allows him to defeat monsters with fewer hits.

Source of Magic: This will give you an additional use of your magic during
                 the Acts.

Source of Life: This will give you an additional life to use during the Acts.

Now, here is a list of all of the items available in each of the lands.


Bomb: Found after sealing the first Monster Lair.

Strength of Angel: Found after sealing the third Monster Lair.

Bridge: After sealing the third Monster Lair, your people discover how to
        build bridges.  They give you this knowledge as an offering.

Magical Fire: Your people will find this magic spell if you destroy the
              rocks on the cliff in the bottom right part of the map.

Source of Magic: Found in the woods after you defeat Minotaurus.

Source of Magic: Found while fishing at sea after you defeat Minotaurus.

Source of Life: Use the 'Compass' item from Bloodpool, and it will be found
                at sea.


Bomb: Found after sealing the third Monster Lair.

Wheat: After the people learn to grow Wheat, you can get an infinite amount
       of it from them as an offering.  You can use the wheat on cornfields
       in other lands, changing them into wheat fields that can feed
       more people.  After you have changed one field, each field created
       afterwards will also be a wheat field.

Loaf of Bread: The chief priests will give you the Loaf of Bread to give to
               Teddy, their son, who has wandered away from home.
               Giving him the bread will cause him to return.

Skull: Teddy will find this item in the cave he was exploring.  It will allow
       you to destroy the Red Demon Lair on the far side of Bloodpool Lake
       that your people cannot reach.

Magical Stardust: After you have destroyed the Red Demon Lair, the lake will
                  turn blue, and the people will find this magic while

Source of Life: After the lake has cleared, use the Rain miracle on it to
                cause the water to raise and a fisherman to find the jewel
                in his net.

Source of Magic: After you have defeated the Zeppelin Wolf, Teddy will bring
                 this back from the temple.

Compass: After curing the people's discontent with the 'Music' from
         Kasandora, they will invent the Compass, allowing them to sail out
         to sea farther than they could originally.


Strength of Angel: Found after sealing the first Monster Lair.

Bomb: Found after sealing the third Monster Lair.

Source of Magic: Found after leading the people to the man lost in the

Music: The people of Kasandora invent Music in memory of the man who died
       while lost in the desert.  This item is used to calm the hearts of
       people and is used to cure the discontent in Bloodpool.

Source of Life: After the Pyramid is uncovered, use the Earthquake to knock
                down one its walls, revealing the Source of Life.

Source of Magic: Found in the mountains after you have sealed the Pyramid by
                 defeating Pharao.

Ancient Tablet: After you have used the 'Herb' to cure the plague, the tablet
                will be found on the ground drawing in the upper left of
                the map.


Bomb: Found after sealing the first Monster Lair.

Strength of Angel: Found after sealing the third Monster Lair.

Fleece: After a time, the people of Aitos will begin raising sheep.  They
        will give you the fleece of their sheep to use for clothing in
        Northwall later in the game.

Source of Magic: Found in the mountains after you have defeated the Flame
                 Wheel that is causing the volcano to erupt.


Strength of Angel: Found after sealing the first Monster Lair.

Bomb: Found after sealing the third Monster Lair.

Herb: Since there are a lot of diseases in Marahna, they have discovered
      herbs to cure their illnesses.  They give you some to help fight
      disease elsewhere, allowing you to cure the plague in Kasandora.

Magical Aura: After you have cured the Kasandora plague and have received the
              'Ancient Tablet' from them, use it in Marahna, and the
              people will explore the bird-shaped island off of the coast.
              Before they do so, you must use your lightning to destroy
              a tree on the island; there is a hint as to which one you
              should destroy in Kasandora.  When the people return, they
              will give you this magic spell which they have discovered.


Strength of Angel: Found after sealing the first Monster Lair.

Bomb: Found after sealing the second Monster Lair.

Source of Magic: This will be found at the base of the old tree that the
                 people discover.

Source of Life: Use your lightning on the temple to scare the priest into
                giving you the jewel that he had discovered.

Magical Light: Use the Sun miracle to uncover the lake at the top right of
               the screen, and eventually your people will open a fishery.
               They will discover this magic spell in their nets.


There are four magic spells you can acquire in Actraiser: Magical Fire,
Magical Stardust, Magical Aura, and Magical Light.  Below you will find
what I rank that spell in order of usefulness (1 is the most useful,
4 is the least useful), where to find them, and what they do.

Spell name: Magical Fire

Ranking: 3

How to find it:

In Fillmore, use lightning on the cliff in the lower right hand corner of
the map.  The villagers will then find the spell and give it to you.

What it does:

Twin fireballs will shoot to your right and left.  It is useful for clearing
out a line of enemies, but not much else.

Spell name: Magical Stardust

Ranking: 1

How to find it:

In Bloodpool, the villagers will discover it while fishing after you defeat
the area's guardian.

What it does:

A large number of stars will rain down from the top of the screen at
random, doing damage to whatever they hit.  This is by far the best spell
in the game, for it covers the whole screen, and lasts longer than most
of the other spells.  Its use, however, can be hit or miss because of the
randomness involved.  If timed properly, however, it can do significant
amounts of damage.

Spell name: Magical Aura

Ranking: 2

How to find it:

After you cure the Kasandora plague, the villagers will discover a tablet
with the same shape as the island off Marahna.  Take the tablet and use it
in Marahna, and the people will sail to the island.  Use your lightning
to destroy a tree in the middle of the island, and the people will find
the Magical Aura scroll.

What it does:

A series of round globes will arc out from the Master going back and forth
doing damage.  They slow down when they hit something, so if you can use
it on something close to you, it can do a lot of damage before exiting
the screen.

Spell name: Magical Light

Ranking: 4

How to find it: In Northwall, use the sunlight to melt the ice on the lake
in the northeast corner of the map.  The villagers will eventually develop
fishing and find the Magical Light icon in their nets.

What it does:

Two beams of light that stretch from the top to the bottom of the screen
will go out from you to the left and to the right.  It's useful for
clearing out a room of weaker creatures, but it goes by so fast it does
little damage to stronger monsters.  Although you get it last, this is,
IMHO, the most useless spell in the game.


Each Act has a boss you must defeat to move on to the next level.  Below I
have listed some strategies for defeating each of the bosses and the
attacks they will use.


Boss: Centaur


The Centaur has two attacks.  When he holds his lance horizontally and
charges at you, he will stop and extend his lance to try and damage you.
You can duck to avoid this attack.  When he holds his lance vertically and
stops, he's about to fire lightning bolts at you.  Simply run to the left
to avoid the bolts.

How to defeat it:

The only time you can damage the Centaur is when he is holding his lance
vertically.  Approach him, get in a few shots, and get back out of the way.
Avoid his attacks as mentioned above, and do some damage to him when you have
an opportunity.  If you act cautiously, he should be pretty easy to kill.


Boss: Minotaurus


The Minotaurus has two attacks.  His first attack is to jump into the air
and then try to come back down on you, doing damage.  As soon as he lands,
he will do his second attack, which is to throw an axe in your direction.

How to defeat it:

The best way to survive this battle is to realize that no matter what you
do, you're probably going to take damage.  When the Minotaurus jumps in
the air, he will come back down and land where you are currently standing.
Quickly move to the right or left so he misses you when he lands.  As soon
as he lands, start swinging your sword at him.  You can try to avoid his
axe, but it's easier to just stand there and keep swinging.  You'll end
up doing far more damage to him per jump than he will do to you.  As long
as you keep the damage you take to a minimum, you should have no problem
beating this boss.


Boss: Manticore


The Manticore really only has one attack, which is to shoot a fireball
across the screen.  However, you will also take damage if you run into him.

How to defeat it:

The Manticore follows a very simple pattern.  He will start on the left
hand side of the screen, jumping up each level of the platforms and then
shooting a fireball.  He will then jump to the right top platform, wait,
and jump back to the left.  You should be positioned on the far left of
the middle right platform to attack him.  This platform is key because
you can jump straight up to avoid his fireballs without landing on the
upper platform.  The safest way to beat him is to stand there, jumping over
the fireball that he shoots, and then getting in two hits when he jumps to
the left.  You can also shoot Magical Fire at him when he is on the left
side of the screen to do more damage.  Although you can be more aggressive
in your attack, you will run the risk of having him hit you into the lava.
If you take your time and are cautious, you can leave this battle without
taking any damage at all, even though it will take some time.


Boss: Zeppelin Wolf (Magician)


The Zeppelin has two forms, and with it, two types of attacks.  In his
initial magician form, he will teleport around the room and land on
one of the platforms or the floor.  When he appears, he will fire three
fireballs at you, one straight ahead and the other two up and down at
forty-five degree angles.  In addition, when he is on one of the platforms,
he will also fire three lightning bolts at you.  The range of the bolts
depends on his height; if he is on a higher platform, the bolts will have
a longer range.  If he lands on the floor, he will not fire lightning
bolts at you.  After you have taken away half of his hit points, he will
transform into his wolf form and jump around the room attempting to damage
you with physical attacks.  In addition, the wolf can summon flying wolf
heads from the wolf head statues at the base of the platforms.

How to defeat it:

While he is in his magician form, the easiest way to hit him is to move
to where he is and attack him with your sword.  You can try a spell,
like Magical Stardust, but he disappears and reappears so often it will
probably not do much damage to him.  The best way to defeat him is to
attack him until he is at exactly one-half health, and then wait for him to
appear on one of the lower platforms.  At this point, you can repeatedly
attack him from the floor and take away most, if not all, of his health.
Although you will take damage from his lightning, it is better than having
to face his wolf form when he still has a lot of health left.  When he
turns into the wolf, his attacks become random and you have to be very,
very good to avoid taking damage.  By doing most of your damage before he
has transformed, you will minimize the amount you will have to hurt the wolf.


Boss: Dagoba


Dagoba stays in one place at the bottom of the cone-shaped hollow surrounding
him, but still has two attacks.  The first of these is a set of claws that
pop out of the ground near the tops of both sides of the hollow when he
raises himself from the ground.  The claws then sweep down towards the
main body, attempting to damage you in the process.  You can jump over
these claws to avoid them.  The other attack Dagoba has is to hurl several
rocks into the air when he pops out of the ground. Although they don't do
much damage, they are hard to avoid.  In addition, although it is not a
direct attack, the shifting sand will draw you down towards Dagoba's body.
If you touch him, you will also get hurt.

How to defeat it:

Between the shifting sands and multitude of rocks trying to hit you,
it is very hard to avoid taking damage while fighting Dagoba.  He is only
vulnerable on his main body when not submerged in the sand, so your best bet
is to go down to the center, attack him, and then jump back up the sides of
the hollow, while trying to avoid his claws.  He will then submerge himself.
When he reappears, repeat this process until you have defeated him.  It may
help to use one of your magic spells; as usual, Magical Stardust is your
best choice.  If you can find an attack pattern that minimizes the amount
of damage you take, you shouldn't have too much trouble defeating this boss.


Boss: Pharao


Pharao is another boss with two attacks.  One of these is a physical attack,
in which he will float around the room and attempt to land on you to do
a lot of damage.  Once he lands on the floor, he will shoot a fireball
in your direction.  When the fireball hits the wall, it will turn into a
small Pharao head and shoot an arrow at you.

How to defeat it:

This battle will be over in a flash if you use Magical Stardust.  Of all
the bosses, Pharao's size and pattern makes him a perfect target for
the spell.  You can usually kill him in two uses of the spell and a few
extra sword swings.  If you are feeling masochistic, however, you can
attempt to attack him normally.  Hitting him anywhere will do damage,
but you will take about as much damage due to his very hard to avoid
crushing attack.  His fireball and arrow will be easier to avoid; you can
simply jump over them.  In this case, the battle will be a hard won one,
but if you use magic, it is one of the easiest in the game.


Boss: Aquatic Dragon


Unlike every other boss in the game, the Aquatic Dragon has no attacks
other than a physical one.  While fighting him, you will be standing on
some narrow ledges in front of a waterfall.  The dragon will fly around
the area in a pattern and attempt to damage you by direct contact.  Often,
this contact will lead to a fall off of the screen and a loss of a life.

How to defeat it:

To survive this fight, it is essential that you have the projectile sword
item.  This item can be found by making your way to the very top of the
screen before the fight with the Aquatic Dragon.  With the projectile
weapon, you can shoot a bolt across the screen, and your shots will do
double the damage of your sword alone.  All you then have to do is stand
on one of the platforms in the middle of the screen and shoot bolts at
the dragon's head when it comes into range.  The Aquatic Dragon's head is
the only part of its body that is vulnerable to your attacks, but the rest
of its body can still hurt you.  If you can avoid being hurt too badly or
being knocked off of the platform, this should be a relatively short battle.


Boss: Flame Wheel


The Flame Wheel has two attacks.  One of them is to stop in the middle
of the room and throw fireballs in several directions around itself.
The other is, as its name would imply, to use its wheel form to bounce
around the room attempting to do physical damage to you.

How to defeat it:

The Flame Wheel follows a relatively simple pattern.  He will usually
stop in the middle, bounce around the side of the board attempting to hit
you, roll across the length of the floor, and come back to the middle.
You simply have to avoid his attacks by jumping over his rolling form and
jumping away from the fireballs.  As you do this, get in hits when you
are able to, possibly using a spell to do additional damage.  It's hard to
avoid taking some damage in this fight, but if you are careful, it should
not be a very difficult battle.


Boss: Rafflasher


The main body of Rafflasher sits still, but it still has two attacks.
One of these is a spore that it shoots out of a blue protrusion in the
middle of its body.  If you hit this spore right away, you can destroy it,
but if you wait too long, the spore will stop in mid-air and extend vines
to the right and left of itself in an attempt to hit you.  The other attack
Rafflasher has is a tentacle that will follow you along the floor.  As long
as you keep moving, it will simply follow you, but if you stop it will,
too, and will extend into the air three times in an attempt to damage you.
If you try jumping over the tentacle while in the swamp, you will not be
able to clear it and will take damage.  The only way to jump over it is
by standing on one of the two platforms in the swamp and jumping over it
when it draws near.

How to defeat it:

The only place on its body that Rafflasher is vulnerable is the blue
protrusion in the middle of his body that he fires the spores from.
The easiest way to defeat him is to draw the tentacle to the left side
of the screen, and while it has stopped and is trying to hit you, use the
opportunity to move to the far right and damage the main body of the plant.
If a spore is fired, hit it with your sword before the vines sprout from
it to eliminate that threat.  Once the tentacle has come back to the right
side of the screen, draw it away to the left again and repeat.  It may take
several cycles of this pattern, but if you can avoid its attacks, this is
another relatively easy boss.  You can try to use a magic spell, but due
to the small area that you can damage it will probably not have much affect.


Boss: Kalia


Kalia has three attacks, which he will use depending on where you are
in relation to him.  If you are standing very close to him, he will fall
down and attempt to deal you direct physical damage.  If you are a little
farther away, he will cause spike-bottomed platforms that you can stand
on to fall down from the ceiling.  His final attack, which you can tell
he will do when he puts up his arms, is to fire a fireball downwards at
you which will fly along the floor, attempting to hit you.  You can simply
jump to avoid this attack.

How to defeat it:

There are two primary ways of defeating this boss.  The first way is to use
Magical Stardust on him.  This works reasonably well, but it has a tendency
to miss him and does nowhere near the damage it does to Pharao.  The other
method of attack is to stand under one of the spike platforms so he will
try to cause it to fall down on your head.  When he does this, jump onto
the top of the platform and attack him as it rises back up to the ceiling.
Jump off before it hits the spikes above.  You can generally do two points
of damage at a time this way.  It will take a while, and you must be careful,
but using this method, you can escape the fight without a scratch.

Another method of defeating it, suggested by Graeystone,
<Chadharger@hotmail.com>, is to use the Magical Aura.  If you stand next
to Kalia, he will hit the ground in an attempt to hit you.  If you use
the Aura when he is next to you, you will do a lot of damage before he


Boss: Merman Fly


The Merman Fly has two attacks.  In the first one, he flies along the
top of the screen from right to left, dropping fireballs straight down.
When these fireballs hit the water, they make a splash.  Both the fireballs
themselves and the splash that follows will do damage to you.  In the other
attack, the Merman Fly will swoop down from the left to attempt to physically
damage you, and then swoop back up to the right to repeat the pattern.

How to defeat it:

When he is flying across the top of the screen, he is too high up for your
sword to reach him.  The only way to hit him is to use magic or wait for him
to swoop down to your level.  To defeat him easily, equip the Magical Aura
that you should have just gotten in Marahna, and use it as he is sweeping
down from the left to hit you.  Due to his pattern, the Aura will hit him
several times when he is near you, and will probably hit him once more
as he flies out of range.  A few well-timed uses of this spell should
allow you to defeat him.  If you wish to defeat him using your sword,
you will need to not only avoid his fireball attack, but you must also
avoid his swooping attack.  The advantage to using magic is that you are
invulnerable while using it, so his swoop attack will not damage you.


Boss: Arctic Wyvern


Like just about every other boss, Arctic Wyvern also has two main attacks.
His first is to hover in midair and fire ice bolts at you.  When they hit
the ground, they will break into several pieces and the pieces will fly
into the air.  Both the bolts themselves and the ice pieces they fling
up are deadly.  The Wyvern's other attack is to swoop down in a circular
pattern from either the right or the left in an attempt to do damage to you.

How to defeat it:

This can be a pretty tricky battle.  After climbing up the tree, the hardest
single Act in the game, you will probably not be near full health, and
the randomness involved in the Wyvern's attacks can be hard to counteract.
There are two basic strategies you can use.  One is to attack him whenever
he's on screen, and hope you do more damage to him than he does to you
per attack.  The other strategy is to have enough magic points left that
you can basically keep using magic over and over until he's been defeated.
As usual, the best magic for this task is Magical Stardust.  As long
as you minimize the damage you take, and have some patience and good
luck, you should be able to defeat him.  Once you have, congratulations!
You have not only just finished the hardest Act in the game, but also the
hardest of the bosses.

Graeystone also suggested that using the Magical Aura against the Wyvern
when he comes close to you will do a good amount of damage if it is timed

Once you have beaten all of the bosses, Death Heim will appear in the
Ominous Ring of Land (tm) in the north-eastern part of the world.  When you
go to Death Heim, you will fight all of the major bosses again before
fighting Tanzra.  The bosses you have already fought do not have any new
attacks or moves.  You can defeat them exactly the same way you did before.
The only difference in your strategy that you must account for is that
you have a limited number of spell uses for fighting ALL of the bosses.
I would recommend that you bring Magical Stardust and if there is an easy
way to physically defeat the boss to use that method to conserve your magic.
That way you can save it for Pharao, Flame Wheel, and the Arctic Wyvern,
bosses that are hard to defeat without magic.  When you finally get to
Tanzra, you will find that you have the projectile sword.  This makes the
final fight a lot easier.



In his first form, Tanzra takes the form of a giant mask.  It has two
attacks.  One of these is to shoot a series of stars down from the top of
the screen, very similarly to your own Magical Stardust spell.  While doing
this, the mask will float at the top of the screen and is invincible.
After a while, he will become solid, float to the bottom of the screen,
and fire two curving projectiles off to each side.

How to defeat it:

The only time you can hit the mask is when it is solid and on the floor.
As soon as it floats down, start firing, jumping to avoid its projectiles
if possible.  After it floats back up, avoid as many of the shooting
stars as you can until it floats back down again.  After he has done this
two times, you should have done enough damage to destroy his first form.
He will then float to the other side of the room, and the rest of his body
will fly in to form:


NOTE: At the beginning of the battle, you will notice that Tanzra's life
will fill up, and then keep extending until he has twice the health of
any other boss.  Don't panic!  You are wielding the projectile sword,
which does twice the amount of damage that your regular sword does.
So really, Tanzra only has the same amount of health as a regular boss.
Both forms combined have only effectively 1.5 times as much health as any
other boss in the game.


Tanzra has three attacks, none of which are really all that dangerous.
At first, he will fire 3 pairs of firebolts which will arc around you
in a circle.  Once you've figured out their pattern, you can stand in
one place and not get hurt.  After that, there is a brief window where
you can damage him.  This window closes when he uses his second attack,
a blue fireball shot straight ahead.  You simply have to duck to avoid it.
Finally, Tanzra's third attack involves him swooping towards you in an
attempt to do damage, while firing 4 homing fireballs.  These can be
defeated simply by hitting them with your sword.

How to defeat it:

Although Tanzra looks menacing, he's not that hard of a boss.  He is only
vulnerable for a brief period of time between his first and second attacks.
During this time, hit him in the blue globe that is in the middle of
his body.  After he fires his blue fireball, go on the defensive and
avoid his attacks as much as possible.  His pattern will then repeat.
Since you have the projectile sword, you can stay on the left side of the
screen to avoid physical damage.  After a few rounds, you should have done
enough damage to destroy him.  Once you've defeated Tanzra's second form,
you've won the game!  Congratulations, sit back and watch the ending.


This FAQ should be available in a number of places, but the latest version
should be at the Actraiser Vault at the Gaming Intelligence Agency,
<http://www.thegia.com> or at GameFAQs, <http://www.gamefaqs.com>.

This FAQ contains just about everything I felt needed to be covered.
Unless additional hints or secrets need to be added, this will probably
be the final version.  If you have any additional information, or have
a question that you think this FAQ should answer, please email me at

This FAQ is copyright 1999 by Brian Sebby, data@imsa.edu.  Please do not
distribute it to other sites without notifying me first.

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