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Hidden Item/Info FAQ by fistukman

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 01/27/2015
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             The 7th Saga
         Hidden Item/Info FAQ
             Version 3.0
Copyright 2015 Jeremy Conner (aka, fistukguy)

---Version history---

Version 3.0 (26Mar2015) - Added the max stats glitch for Lux and cleaned up a
   few more typos. Also rewrote how to trigger Foma's awakening.

Version 2.0 (09Nov2011) - Removed the apprentice responses because I realized
   that they added little to the FAQ and made the document unwieldy and harder
   to search through. I Also fixed all of the spelling and grammar errors that
   I could find, cleaned up a bit of the text, and added some information to
   the "Sky rune apprentice" section.

Version 1.2 (06Dec2010) - Made some slight additions and corrections, deleted
   some pointless filler, and fixed some grammar errors. Also added some
   general info and rewrote the "Missing apprentice" section.

Version 1.1 (11Nov2010)- Cleaned up some of the info and added the apprentice
   responses given when you talk to them after having already been beaten by
   them in battle.

Version 1.0 (10July2010)- Initial release.

---A note on this FAQ---

This FAQ has been written with two purposes in mind:

1) To provide a listing for all of the hidden items that are found via the
   games search option. This was the initial inspiration behind the writing of
   this FAQ.

2) To place some of the really good info floating around on the message boards
   in one place to make it more accessible. These are mostly simple pieces of
   information that a player (myself included) may find interesting and useful
   to learn without having to spend time testing or searching the boards.

Table of Contents.

[A] Hidden Item Checklist.

[B] Hidden Item Locations.
   [1]   Lemele.
   [2]   Rablesk.
   [3]   Bonro.
   [4]   Zellis.
   [5]   Melenam (Present).
   [6]   Cave of Melenam.
   [7]   Eygus.
   [8]   Pell.
   [9]   Guntz.
   [10]  Patrof.
   [11]  Cave of Patrof.
   [12]  Dowaine.
   [13]  Telaine.
   [14]  Padal.
   [15]  Pang.
   [16]  Pandam.
   [17]  Brush.
   [18]  Polasu.
   [19]  Castle of Baron.
   [20]  Bilthem.
   [21]  Valenca.
   [22]  Guanta.
   [23]  Pharano.
   [24]  Pasanda.
   [25]  Palsu.
   [26]  The Airship.

[C] Game Transitions.
   [27]  Star Rune apprentice.
   [28]  Sky Rune apprentice.
   [29]  Moon Rune scenario's.
   [30]  Guntz and the 5000 G payoff.

[D] Odds and ends.
   [31]  General info.
   [32]  Lowercase naming.
   [33]  Trick enemy item drops.
   [34]  Rune stealing apprentice fights.
   [35]  Alternate lead character dialog.
   [36]  A fighting chance against the Patrof apprentice.
   [37]  Child selling random items.
   [38]  Missing apprentice.
   [39]  Magic curse trick.
   [40]  Lux: Max Stats Glitch
   [41]  Triggering Foma's awakening.

[F] Legal info.

[G] Credits.

***Hidden Item Checklist.***[A]

There are 44 hidden items in 7th Saga and this list gives there general
whereabouts in approximately the order that you will likely find them.

There is also apparently text coded into the game for a 45th item; a Potion 2.
However, while the text is there, it has been noted by Nitrodon on the message 
boards that "there is no reference to the text in the entire ROM". The item 
has not yet been found in-game and is generally held as being non-existent.

Item                           Location
01. Mirror                     Lemele
02. Opal                       Lemele
03. Potion 1                   Rablesk
04. Protection Seed            Rablesk
05. Mosquito                   Rablesk
06. Shield Destroyer           Bonro
07. Topaz                      Zellis
08. Wind Ball                  Zellis
09. Brown Coat                 Melenam
10. Bottle of Magic Water      Cave of Melenam
11. Bottle of Ice              Eygus
12. Bottle of Agility          Pell
13. Power Seed                 Guntz
14. Bottle of Magic Water      Patrof
15. Ruby                       Cave of Patrof
16. Cloak of Fire              Dowaine
17. MP Herb 2                  Dowaine
18. Bottle of Fossil           Dowaine
19. Potion 3                   Telaine
20. Life Recovery              Padal
21. Potion 2                   Pang
22. Potion 2                   Pang
23. Potion 2                   Pang
24. Potion 2                   Pang
25. Potion 2                   Pang
26. Potion 2                   Pang
27. Potion 2                   Pang
28. Ring                       Pandam
29. Potion 3                   Brush
30. Vacuum                     Brush
31. Bottle of Power            Polasu
32. Cloak of Ice               Castle of Baran
33. Sapphire                   Castle of Baran
34. Exit Gate                  Bilthem
35. Topaz                      Bilthem Castle Dungeon
36. Amulet                     Castle of Bilthem
37. Bottle of Ice              Valenca
38. Bottle of Fire             Guanta
39. Bottle of Fire             Guanta
40. Emerald                    Pharano
41. Life Recovery              Pharano
42. Harp                       Pasanda
43. Bottle of Magic Water      Palsu
44. Agility Seed               The Airship (only after "past" Melenam sinks)

***Hidden Item Locations.***[B]

If you want some really good maps of all of 7th saga's areas than I recommend
vgmaps at http://www.vgmaps.com/Atlas/SuperNES/index.htm#7thSaga. Note,
however, that none of the maps show what is inside of town buildings and some
items aren't show on the maps even when they should be.

The Inns in town are denoted by a blank metal strip above the door to the
building. I myself didn't seem to notice this at first. Armor shops have a
shield banner and weapon shops have a sword banner, while items shops have
little images of pill bottles.

Town: Lemele [1]

1) Mirror: You'll start the game in the throne room of Lemele Castle. From here
   simply exit south and in the next corridor there will be two rooms to the
   west that contain treasure while the room to the east has a bunch of beds.
   Go into the eastern room, stand just above the farthest bed in the southeast
   corner and search.

2) Opal: Upon exiting Lemele castle immediately head east. You will see the
   town church and there will be a path along the churches eastern side
   (northeastern corner of town). Search at the very end of this path.

Town: Rablesk [2]

1) Potion 1: Upon entering the town you will see a building. Stand between the
   back of the building and the blue pots behind it and search.

2) Protection Seed: After the first building you will see the town church and
   the path will turn west. If you stand one space below the church door and
   walk to the west as far as possible you will end up between some trees.
   Search there for the seed.

3) Mosquito: Note that You can only get this item after defeating Romus. In the
   southwestern corner of town is a house with a man standing next to it who
   says his wife is grumpy and should be left alone. once you defeat Romus
   this man moves back into that same house with his wife and this allows you
   to search the ground where he was originally standing on. Do so to find the

Town: Bonro [3]

1) Shield Destroyer: Enter town and proceed north until you see the item shop.
   Head inside and you'll see a table in the southeast corner. Stand between
   this table and the southern wall and search to find it.

Town: Zellis [4]

1) Topaz: In the northern part of town is the tavern and in the northeast
   corner of the tavern is a box. Stand to the left of this box and search.

2) Wind Ball: In the eastern part of town, due east of the item shop, is a
   house in which a man talks of becoming rich when he finds Melenam. There
   are jars in this house and what looks like a dark rug. Stand on the rug
   above the jars and search.

Town: Melenam (Present) [5]

1) Brown Coat: Upon entering Melenam you can head north to a room with two
   treasure chests and an old bed. Stand below the western chest and move one
   space to the east and then one space south. You will be standing in the
   center of the room. Search to find the coat.

Cave of Melenam: After exiting from Melenam [6]

1) Bottle of Magic Water: On the way out of the cave you will run into a boss
   battle with Red Pison. Once you're done throwing the pansy around, stand on
   the spot that he previously occupied and search.

Town: Eygus [7]

1) Bottle of Ice: Make your way to the northwestern part of town and you will
   see some steps leading south to a lone house. Go down the steps and stand
   in the alcove between the steps and the house. Search here for the bottle.

Town: Pell [8]

1) Bottle of Agility: Outside of the item shop in this town are planks of wood
   that lead in a circle and there is one plank of wood that juts out from the
   southwest corner of the circle, leading nowhere. Stand on that plank and
   search to find the bottle.

Town: Guntz [9]

1) Power Seed: The Sage's house is in the northwest part of town and inside you
   will see a table with a book on it. Stand in front of the table and search.

Town: Patrof [10]

1) Bottle of Magic Water: The building behind the Inn is an empty tavern. In
   this taverns northwestern corner is are bunch of wood logs. Stand on the
   brick tile next to these logs and search to find the bottle.

Cave of Patrof [11]

1) Ruby: On The 2nd Floor Of The Cave Follow The Path west, south around a
   small loop that leads back northward, west, south, east and south again.
   You should then reach a fork in the road going either East or West.
   Traveling west from there leads to an open area with a small pool of water.
   In the southeast corner of this area is where you want to search.

Town: Dowaine [12]

1) Cloak Of Fire: The armor shop is east of the entrance. The cloak can be
   found by searching directly behind the northeast corner of the armor shop.


              ____X__]       X = Search here
             |     |
             |     |         D = Door to the town armor shop
             |     |

2) MP Herb 2: In the northeast corner of town is the item shop and a small path
   exists next to it. Search at the end of this path.

3) Bottle of Fossil: Directly west of the item shop is a store with an ordinary
   box next to it. Search between the store and the box to find the bottle.

Town: Telaine [13]

1) Potion 3: First head inside the castle and find your way to the throne room.
   Now the hall before to the throne room has a set of stairs to the west that
   lead directly to the throne room and a small building encompassing another
   set of stairs to the throne room. In front of the small building are two
   guards and four pillars. search directly behind the 2nd pillar from the
   east to find the potion.

Town: Padal [14]

1) Life Recovery: The northern blue building in town is the training center and
   on the 2nd floor you will see two guards around a door. The door to the west
   of the one being guarded leads to the room of interest. Search the
   southwestern corner of this room to find the Life Recovery.

Town: Pang [15]

1) Potion 2: This potion is actually located behind where you enter the town
   at. Go south toward the exit and right before you leave town you'll see that
   the straight path has a small two square alcove ending at a tree. Search
   above this tree to find the potion


              |   S |          S = Starting position upon entering town
              |     |
              |     |          E = Exit
              |     |_
              |       |        X = Search here
              |  E   X|

2/3) Potion 2: Go north from the town entrance and you'll see some stairs.
     search right next to the stairs to find a potion. Then take two steps
     south and two steps east and search to find another potion.


              [_]____      I = The town inn
              [_]X   |
              [_]  TT|     T = Tree
              |    XT|
              |  --- |     X = search here
                 |I| |

4) Potion 2: Next to the item shop are two trees. Search directly below the
   tree closest to the shop and search to find this potion.


               T_____      X = Search here
              TX|   |
                |   |      D = Door to the town item shop

5) Potion 2: Go south of the item shop (not down the stairs) and past the next
   building you'll see some trees and fencing. There is a point where you can
   go between a tree and the western fencing but you will be blocked when the
   fencing turns east. Search between the tree and the fence.


              ----   ]       {B} = Building south of the item shop
              |     ]
              |     ]       T = Tree
              | T  ]
             TT   ]         | = Fencing
             TT   ]
              | T ]         ] = Edge of path
              |   ]
             T    ]         X = Search here
             T|   ]
             T|XT |
             T| | |
             T|-| |
                | |

6) Potion 2: Again go south of the item shop until you reach the southwestern
   corner of town. You'll see a set of four trees that you can stand between
   and that spot between them is where you want to search.


                T T         X = Search here
              [T X T

7) Potion 2: Go to the northwest corner of town where you'll find four trees.
   Closest to the corner is a lone tree but you want to stand directly behind
   the very next tree to the west and search to find the potion


              |     | X    |
              |House|TT  T |      X = Search here
              |_____|T     |

Town: Pandam [16]

1) Ring: The 3rd door you see east of the town entrance is the Inn. Search the
   southwestern corner of the Inn to find the ring.

Town: Brush [17]

1) Potion 3: Search while standing in front of the big window in the Inn.

2) Vacuum: The Westernmost house of the 2nd row of houses belongs to Rarsa the
   fortune teller. Rarsa has four shelves in her house and you want to search
   in front of the second shelf from the west to find the vacuum.

Town: Polasu [18]

1) Bottle of Power: The house at the northwestern corner of town has a brown
   rug in front of a bunch of jars. Stand on the rug and search to find this

Castle Of Baron [19]

1) Cloak of Ice: http://www.vgmaps.com/Atlas/SuperNES/index.htm#7thSaga has a
   very good map of the castle. I'll still try to describe the floor by floor
   directions for reaching the treasure.

     Floor 1
You'll first enter the castle from the side entrance of the 1st floor and
you'll have to go west, but very soon after you'll be forced to turn south
into an area that forks. One path leads straight southward while the other
requires that you to walk a few steps to the east first before also leading
southward. As you follow the latter of these paths around you'll see a door
leading southward that is actually the front gate (Searching will tell you
that "The gate is locked!"). Directly north of the front gate is a door that
will lead to stairs which take you to the 2nd floor.

     Floor 2
Upon reaching the 2nd floor travel west and then south to find two Pillars.
Search directly behind the westernmost pillar to find the Cloak of Ice.

2) Sapphire: This can be found simply by searching the spot where serpent was
   originally standing. Of course you'll have to mop the floor with her first.

Town: Bilthem [20]

1) Exit Gate: Barely Past the town gate you will see two sets of stairs going
   up. Take either of the stairs up and then immediately take the next set of
   stairs that you see. You come to a room with two sets of stairs going down
   one of which you just climbed up. The path south, between the stairs leads
   outside. Once outside You will see and single tile long column of rock that
   juts out from the mountain south and one step to the east from the door you
   exited out of. Search when standing on that single tile.

              D     E 
             | |___| |___     E = Door you will exit out of

             ____   __        X = Search here
                 |X|  |__
                 |_|          D = The door to the town weapon shop

2) Topaz: The flames in this castle force you along a linear path to the 2nd
   floor and then back to the 1st. Go south from where you exit the 2nd floor
   and re-enter the 1st floor (whether by stairs or by taking a door that
   leads down) and you'll eventually reach a chest containing a potion 2.
   west of this chest are stairs that lead to the jail. You can push the
   table here to get a key that opens the jail cells and in the northwest
   corner of the middle cell is where you want to search to find the topaz.

3) Amulet: Once you start passing through the center of the 1st floor (directly
   past the flames that blocked you when you first entered) you'll pass
   between two sets of three columns; one set to the east and the other to the
   west. Search directly behind the easternmost column of the eastern set of
   three to find the amulet.

Town: Valenca [21]

1) Bottle of Ice: Walk to the northeasternmost corner of town (along the path
   east of the church) and then take a single step west. Search there.

Town: Guanta [22]

1/2) Bottle of Fire: The first building you see in town is the Inn and inside
     is a crate. Stand in front the crate and search, Then stand east of
     the crate (right next to it) and search again to find both bottles.

Town: Pharano [23]

1) Life Recovery: From the item shop's entrance, take one step south and then
   walk west into the trees. Search there to find the life recovery.

2) Emerald: Walk behind the easternmost building in town until you reach the
   easternmost corner of the back of the building. Search there.


              ~ ________~       ~ = Water
              _|        ~
                        ~       X = Search here
                 _____X ~
                |      |~       D = Door to the building
                |      |

Town: Pasanda [24]

1) Harp: Walk east along the outside of town until you reach a door that leads
   a tavern. Stand in front of the door and walk one step south and then walk
   east into the trees. Search there for the harp.

Town: Palsu [25]

1) Bottle of Magic Water: Enter the inn and go up to the 2nd floor. Stand
   directly above the only table in the room and search to find the bottle.

The Airship [26]

Note that although you can reach the spot where you need to search the very
first time you get on the airship, you will not find anything there until after
the "past" Melenam sinks.

1) Agility Seed: Go to the lowest level of the airship where the engine is
   located and you will see a side path on either side of the engine, both of
   which lead to a dead end. If "past" Melenam has already sank than you can
   search at the end of the eastern path to find the agility seed.

***Game Transitions.***[C]

   This section lays out the actions that cause certain in-game conditions and
   situations to change.

1) Star Rune apprentice. [27]

   In the northeastern corner of Eygus is a man who blocks a door and won't let
   you through unless you have the Wind Rune. Speaking to this man when you do
   have the Wind Rune causes two things to occur:

       A. The apprentices start shifting between their predesignated spots in
             the various towns you've been to.
       B. One of the apprentices currently not in the party is chosen as the
             apprentice that you will fight for the Star Rune.

   The latter is particularly useful to know since it isn't hard to run like
   hell to the next two towns and then use the Wind Rune to see which of the
   apprentices isn't showing up any more. Whoever doesn't show up is the one
   you will fight for the Star Rune so if you don't like who has been picked
   (don't want to kill Valsu for example) you can reset and talk to the guy
   again to change who you will end up fighting. Just don't accidentally save
   your game after talking to him by sleeping at an inn.
   Do note that Wilme, Olvan, Kamil, Lejes and Valsu are all capable of getting
   the Star Rune, but Esuna and Lux will never be the ones to get it. Your
   partner when you talked to the elder in Eygus also obviously can't get it.

2) Sky Rune apprentice. [28]

   The game chooses which apprentice will have the Sky Rune after you defeat
   the Dragon in Luz. If you don't like the choice the game made you can reset
   and then kill the dragon another time to try and change who is chosen.
   However, this apprentice can give either a "battle to the death" response
   or a "join your party response" so they do not have to be fought. Once you
   find the town that they are in you can save before talking to them. Then,
   if they want to fight you, you can reset the game and fight random battles
   until they change their response. They can still move to other towns as
   well, so you may have find them again to check if their response changed.

   Note: I think the Sky Rune is always stolen.
   I used an emulator to get to the Sky Rune as fast as possible with Valsu,
   without getting a partner, without fighting random battles past Bonro (I
   was at level 11), and without entering any towns unless necessary. I still
   found the Sky Rune stolen so I don't think just getting to the Sky Rune
   quickly ever results in it not yet having been stolen. I didn't try every
   possible scenario though, like using a different main apprentice or taking
   the boat to Pandam instead of using the Remote Control to reach the later
   towns. Also, Rarsa in Brush actually mentions that a "recluse, training to
   be a warrior" has the rune. She says this before you fight the dragon, and
   thus, before the game even picks which apprentice actually has the rune.

3) Moon Rune scenario's. [29]

   There are four possible scenario's in the game that can play out when you
   try to get the Moon Rune, depending on how you interact with the King of
   Telaine and with Prosa in Padal. I find scenario C to be the best for a
   perfect game because it allows you to prevent the war and save a life.

   The crystals of peace are found on the ground (grey stones) in the city of
   Luz. They are labelled "Cry Pce" in the item menu.

       A. ~Talk to Prosa before killing Serpent in Castle Baran.
          ~Choose to show the Crystals of Peace to the King of Telaine.
          ~Kill Serpent in Castle Baran.
          ~You'll find Prosa in the northwesternmost house in Polasu where
           he will give you the Moon Rune.

       B. ~Talk to Prosa before killing Serpent in Castle Baran.
          ~Choose not to show the Crystals of Peace to the King of Telaine.
          ~Kill Serpent in Castle Baran.
          ~You'll find Prosa in the castle in Telaine where he will give you
           the Moon Rune.

       C. ~Don't talk to Prosa before killing Serpent in Baran Castle.
          ~Choose to show the Crystals of Peace to the King of Telaine.
          ~Kill Serpent in Castle Baran.
          ~You'll find Prosa in his office in Padal where he will tell you
           that the Moon Rune was stolen.
          ~Go talk to the prisoner in Belaine's dungeon and he will give you
           the Moon Rune if you agree to convince the King of Belaine to free
           him. The King will free him if you pay the 2000 gold bail but you
           don't have to free him after you get the Moon Rune. If you do, then
           the prisoner can be found freely wandering the streets of Belaine.

       D. ~Don't talk to Prosa before killing Serpent in Baran Castle.
          ~Choose not to show the Crystals of Peace to the King of Telaine.
          ~Kill Serpent in Castle Baran.
          ~You'll find Prosa in the castle in Telaine where he will ask you to
           find Pegim, who he says went looking for some ruins (Melenam Ruins).
          ~Find and talk to Pegim (the armored dwarf) in the tavern in Zellis.
          ~Return to Telaine Castle and talk to Prosa to get the Moon Rune.

4) Guntz and the 5000 G payoff. [30]

   After getting the Water Rune in Guntz, one of the people (things) in Guntz
   will tell you to return to the village later so that the villagers can
   return the favor. The reward is 5000 G and is acquirable after the Digger
   Quose realizes he has dug up pure water. His realization gets triggered
   upon your entering the town of Pang. The reward will then be given to
   you by the town elder in Guntz.

***Odds and Ends.***[D]

1) General info. [31]

 A. You don't have to trade in older gear when you buy newer gear. Simply
    choose "no" when the shopkeeper asks if you want to trade and he will
    instead offer to sell the item at its originally listed price.

 B. During battle you can push right to set your partners attack first. I
    didn't manage to notice this for a long time.

 C. The game only allows you to hold a grand total of 100 different items which
    means that any dreams of ending the game with (almost) one of every item in
    your inventory are just that, dreams.

 D. The game doesn't give you the option to manually sort your items and there
    is no auto-sort either. However, when you equip something, your previous
    equipment gets placed at the bottom of the item list and this can be used
    to sort a lot of your inventory. It's good for sorting all your items in
    order above any equipment once you reach Valenca and are able to buy MP
    Herb 2. Life Recoveries are the only item that can't be bought or moved
    for reorganizing and are commonly dropped by the brains enemies found
    between Eygus and Guntz.

 E. You don't have to use the whistle to kill Romus but you do lose it if you
    use it. If you're looking to make a perfect game you may want to get the
    seeds in Rablesk and the castle of Aran after you get the whistle. This is
    so that, if you choose to reorganize your items later, you'll be able to
    put all of your seeds together without having the whistle stuck in between
    them. Of course, this assumes that you won't actually use the seeds.

 F. Possibly the best time to level up is when you reach the snow-covered
    northwestern section of the map (fairly late-game). Here you can find Sword
    enemies and if someone in your party can cast multi-target spells and has a
    magic stat around 150 (Esuna or Lejes are good for this) then you can lay
    waste to them very quickly, earning 1101 experience for each one killed.
    They also drop the Sword sword which is Wilme's best weapon.

 G. The apprentices in 7th saga get a stat boost upon joining your party, for
    each level they needed to gain to be at their join level, but they don't
    get a bonus for levels that they gain while in your party. These boosts are
    recalculated every time an apprentice joins you. So, if they gained levels
    while in your party and then you trade them out, the unboosted level gains
    have no affect on the bonus stats that they get should you pick them up
    again later on.

2) Lowercase naming. [32]

   If you choose your initial character but leave the line for your chosen name
   blank, then your character will have his predefined in-game name and it will
   be written with lowercase letters. The game only lets you use capitol
   letters to change a characters name. This can be important to know depending
   on your definition of a perfect save.

3) Trick enemy item drops. [33]

   All trick enemies are capable of dropping every kind of gem except for a
   Dmnd. If you are using save states, it's not hard to at least get a Saphr
   every time. The following lists the gems dropped:

                  Gem     Sell Price
                  Opal       100 G
                  Pearl      200 G
                  Topaz      500 G
                  Ruby       1000 G
                  Saphr      2500 G
                  Emrld      5000 G

4) Rune stealing apprentice fights. [34]

   If you have a partner when you get the Water Rune, Moon Rune or Light Rune
   and both your partner and main character are alive when you get it, said
   partner may try to steal the rune from you. This won't happen if your
   partner is Esuna or Lux though. For the rest of the characters, this
   scenario can occur with the following probabilities (quoted from Kirkq who
   himself was quoting Nitrodon).
                  "Kamil: 1/32
                   Wilme: 1/16
                   Valsu: 1/128
                   Lejes: 1/8
                   Olvan: 1/32"

5) Alternate lead character dialog. [35]

   If your main character dies he will disappear from the on screen party
   line-up leaving the partner apprentice in his stead as party leader. This
   scenario actually causes the game to consider the partner as your main
   character and can be used to accomplish things normally reserved only
   for playthroughs in which you choose that character from the beginning.
   This includes:

       A. Generic dialogs, such as the boy in Bonro who's comments change
          depending on whether Lux is or isn't your partner and change again
          should Lux be dragging your lead characters lifeless body around at
          the time.

       B. Event dialogs, such as the refusal to let Lejes aboard the airship or
          Esuna and Lux's early access to the boat from Bonro to Pandam.

       C. Special item/stat dialogs, like the ones that allow Olvan to get the
          Key of Brilliance or for Lux's stat increase in "past" Melenam.

6) A fighting chance against the Patrof apprentice. [36]

   This trick involves letting your partner die during a randam battle before
   you fight the apprentice in Patrof to get the Star Rune. If your partner is
   dead when you start the battle you will actually be able to resurrect him
   with the revive spell during battle. If you overleveled early on than this
   can make an essentially impossible battle fairly simple.

   Do note that M Water castes Revive2 but doesn't work for this trick (You can
   use one but nothing ever happens). One of your characters has to know the
   Revive1 or Revive2 spell to take advantage of this glitch. That means Valsu,
   Olvan, Kamil or Esuna must be in the party to be able to do this. Valsu is
   the best pick since he learns Revive1 at level 10 while the next earliest is
   Esuna at level 24. Of course, if they are your partner, then you'll have to
   kill your lead character to get them to initially appear in battle instead.

7) Child selling random items. [37]

   The child in Dowaine will sell you random items for 100 G and can be bought
   from repeatedly. He will not sell you items if your lead Character is Wilme
   though. If you buy one and it happens to be something you already own the
   maximum number of, you will be told that you are carrying too many things
   and you will neither gain an item nor lose any gold. This doesn't stop you
   from continuing to buy the other items, it just wastes some time.
   Items sold are as follows:

                  In-Game Items        Full Name
                  Potn 1               Potion 1
                  Potn 2               Potion 2
                  Potn 3               Potion 3
                  MHerb 1              MP Herb 1
                  Antid                Antidote
                  B Power              Bottle of Power
                  B Fire               Bottle of Fire
                  B Ice                Bottle of Ice
                  Opal                 Opal
                  Pearl                Pearl
                  TranqSW              Tranquility Sword

8) Missing apprentice. [38]

   When you trade one apprentice for another, the one you just lost won't
   immediately start to reappear in certain parts of town like the others do.
   They will reappear in the normal spots after around 12 or more battles.

   Note that if you trade an apprentice before talking to the elder in Eygus,
   the fact that the apprentice you just lost doesn't initially appear anywhere
   does not stop that apprentice from being chosen to fight you at Patrof.

   After talking to the elder in Eygus, fighting battles will change the other
   apprentices town positions as well as their responses. This can result in an
   apprentice appearing in a town you haven't been to, thus preventing you from
   finding them. This is most noticeable if you enter and unlock Grime Tower
   with Olvan in your party and then try to find another partner to scale the
   tower with. You may not find any of the other apprentices in any town you've
   been to because just entering Grime Tower causes the game to allow them to
   appear in the northern towns, beyond Bone, even though you may not have made
   it to any of the northern towns yet yourself.

   Lastly, don't forget that Commander Prosa is in Padal with the Moon Rune, so
   the fact that it is flashing red does not necessarily mean that the
   apprentice with the Sky Rune is there (I got really confused over this
   detail myself a couple of times)

9) Magic curse trick. [39]

   When you pass through Kapel cave you will come to a part where you are
   cursed and become unable to use spells. This affects both characters but it
   does not affect apprentices that are still wandering the world on their
   own. Because of this you can actually get another apprentice to join you at
   this point so that you don't have to go on completely unable to cast magic
   until after you get the curse removed. Nothing can be done about your main
   character though, other than removing the curse.

10) Lux: Max Stats Glitch

   When you reach Melenam in the past with Lux in your party you can find a
   scientist who will note that Lux is rusty and ask to repair him. If you
   say yes the scientist will boosts Lux's stats as follows:
                  Stat           Increase
                  HP             +30
                  MP             +30
                  Power          +20
                  Guard          +20
                  Magic          +20
                  Speed          +20

   Now the game thinks that the stats have been given after the text box from
   the scientist comes up saying "Everything looks good!". However, Before this
   text box appears Lux will start to flash and soon afterwards you'll be able
   to move around even though the tune-up hasn't finished. The trick is that
   while you are able to move, neither the walls nor Tetujin resident can block
   your character. Thus if you talk to the scientist while facing him from his
   right you can take three steps right and enter the stairs. If you time it so
   that you enter the stairs at the same time that the "looks good!" text box
   appears you will prevent the text box from appearing and the game won't
   realize you've been given the stat boost. Then you can go back downstairs
   and get the stat boost again. This can be repeated until you've maxed Lux's
   stats. I found the timing to work if you hold right to move two steps and
   then you let go of the D-pad and immediately hold right again to reach the
   stairs. This pause works well for reaching the stairs at the right time.

11) Triggering Foma's awakening. [41]

   After you talk to Dr. Fail in the Melenam Laboratory you will be able to
   trigger the event where Foma awakens so that you can kill him. The way to
   trigger the event can be confusing, however, because of its arbitrariness.
   The event is triggered by your leaving the laboratory and talking to one of
   the two adults standing near the entrance to the town. Return to the lab
   afterwards and the siren indicating Foma's awakening will trigger.

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