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FAQ/Walkthrough by Yakuza

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/20/2001

Version 1.0              ***-    Yakuza'S    -***          Version 1.0
                         ****-     FAQ       -***
                     For Super empire strikes back (S.E.S.B.)
               For SNES System (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)
                         Copyright Yakuza 2001

Version 1.0                                                Version 1.0
                       Faq was done 2001-03-19

 **     ______    ___      ___    _________     ________      _________
*~~*   / /---\\   ( )      ( )    \ \    \ \    \ \_____|     \ \    \ \
 **   / /         | |      | |    | |    / /    | |           | |    | |
      \ \         | |      | |    | |   / /     | |__         | |   / /
   __  \ \        | |      | |    |_|_ /_/      |    /        | |__/ /
   \/   \ \       | \      / |    |-|- -/       |  __\        |  __ /
   \ \  / /       \  \____/  /    | |           | |           | /  \ \
    \ \/ /         \        /     | |           | |_____      | |   \ \__
     \__/           \______/      /_/           /_______|     |_/    \___\
__________   _____      _____   _________   ____    _______     __________
\ \_______]   \ \ \    / / /    \ \    \ \  \==/    | |  \ \    \ \_______\
| |            | \ \  / / |     | |    / /  |* |    | |  / /    | |
| |___         ( )\ \/ /( )     | |   / /   | +|    | |_/ /     | |___
|     ]        | | \__/ | |     | |_ /_/    |" |    | __ |      |     \
|  ___]        | |      | |     |_|- -/     | %|    | | \ \     |  ___/
| |            | |      | |     |-|         |# |    | |  \ \    | |
| |_______     /~\      /~\     | |         | ~|    | |   \ \   | |________
/_________]   /___\    /___\    /_/         /==\   /___\  /__\  /_________/

     ______   __________   ______    _ _ _   ___   ___   _______    _____
    / )  \_\ /~/ ( )  \~\  \ __  \   \=_=/   \ /  / /    \  ___/   / ) \_\
    \ \          | |       | |_\ /    \ /    | | / /     | /        \ \
     \ \         | |       |   _/     | |    | |/ /      | |_        \ \
  __  \ \        | |       | |\ \     | |    | |\ \      |  _|    __  \ \
  \/__/ /        | |       | | \ \_   | |    | | \ \     | |____  \/_ / /
   \___/        /___\     (__/  \__) /=_=\   /_\ /__\    /_____/   \___/

         ________        ______         _________     ____  _____ 
        /#/=*= \#\       /@/\@\        /$$$$$$$$$\    \&/   /&&/
        |#|    /#/      /@/  \@\      /$$$/$$$$$$$\   |&|  /&&/
        |#|___/#/      /@/    \@\    /$$$/            |&|_/&&/
        |#|  \#\      /@/_ _ __\@\   |$$|             |&||&&/
        |#|   \#\     |@|- -- -|@|   \$$$\            |&|\&&\
        |#|=*=|#|     |@|      |@|    \$$$\_______    |&| \&&\
        |#\___/#/     /@\      /@\     \$$$£$$$$$/    |&|  \&&\_
        \______/     /___\    /___\     \$$$$$$$/     /_\   \___\


(I put the credits on top and on bottom because then the people that 
deserves credit can be recognized easier. Here it is!)

Credits:(The same as on the bottom)

You know, I could type a whole document full of people I want to thank, but 
I guess that's a bit out of hand, so I only thank a few of you here. If you 
feel you should have a spot here too, like I forgot you or something, mail 
and tell me. Until then, you know you deserve a place here. Ok, here are 
the people I think deserves credit:

¤ To Djellybean(Dingo Jellybean) for simply being the best faq-writer, and 
his amazing work, I really admire your work Dingo! Keep it up bro!!!

¤ To Daladiesman for lovely reviews and his skillful style to write reviews 
all over it. Daladiesman, you're the (daladies;)man!!!

¤ To CLS for the best review I've ever seen(to ff3). Yeah!! Check his 
review out.

¤ To Square for great games (Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, the Final 
Fantasy-series, Treasure Hunter G, Secret of Evermore etc.) Oh man!!! Can't 
wait for their work at the playstation2. Please Square, release more games 
outside Japan! Please!!!

¤ To Yee Seng Fu (may I call you Gee Seng Fu instead, that sounds cool :) 
for his nice work. Yee Seng Fu, your work is admired by me, even if you 
don't know.

¤ To Kao Megura for his mighty work (faqs).

¤ To Lucas Arts for this game and others. You gave me the opportunity to 
make this faq!!

¤ To George Lucas for the star wars series (Super Empire strikes back). I 
really like the movies, and I look forward for the other movies. I thought 
the first movie was best(star wars episode IV) but hey.

¤ To Jeff "CjayC" Veasey for the best video-gaming site (www.gamefaqs.com). 
There's so many links, so much info, so much to do, yeah summary: the 
ultimate website!!!

¤ To Yakuza(myself) for getting my mind together and writing this faq and 
others. I got inspired by others, like Djellybean, Daladiesman, Yee Seng 
Fu, and all others, too many to name here. Thanx to all of you, even if you 
don't see why you should have some credit here. Thanx!

¤ To all manga-painters, I love manga/anime! The best ones are "Blade of 
the immortal"(Hiroaki Samura), "Sanctuary"(where I got a part of my alias 
from), "Strain"(Ryoichi Ikegami, same art painter as for "Sanctuary"), 
"Lone wolf and the cub"(Kazue Koike), Sanpei Shirato("Kamui") plus many 
others. Read them someday!

¤ To many music artists for great music, can't name 'em all, some are 
Machine Head, Jimi Hendrix, Megadeth etc.

¤ To Sefirstein for nice work(cool reviews and faqs). He also helped me 
with some submitting info.

¤ To Machine Head for some music that encouraged me to continue with this 
faq when I felt down("From this day" is a nice song)

¤ To SuperPLAY, a tv-gaming magazine that keeps me informed of tv-games. I 
love it!!! Thanks for all the info about Shen Mue!

¤ To Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, the creators of TMNT!

¤ To all other faq-witers (but not the plagirizers)

This document Copyright Yakuza 2001
Super Empire strikes back is a game from Lucas Arts entertainment, 
Copyright 1993 by Lucas arts entertainment company.


1. Introduction

*|(-):Short info                        |+
+|*: My review of the game              |*
*|<>:Basics                             |+
+|@: The characters                     |*
*|A: Story                              |+
+|B: Controls                           |*
*|C: Items+forces+pistols and more      |+
+|D: Walkthrough                        |*
*|E: Enemyz                             |+
+|F: Bossez                             |*
*|G: Special tricks                     |+
+|H: Faq                                |*
*|I: Credits                            |+
+|J: Legal information                  |*
*|K: All text in the game               |+
+|L: Description of stages              |*
*|M: Changes between the movie/game     |+
+|N: Some about the movie(good to know) |*

1. Introduction
Well, welcome to a brand new faq for S.E.S.B. (Super Empire Strikes Back), 
one of the hardest games ever! Yeah, many people says that game is so hard 
to beat, you can never imagine and so on, but this one, definitely is hard. 
I promise!!If got any questions, comments, or something, just mail me for 
sure at:


I'm just happy if you send me mails, I like them. And if you have anything 
with reason to say, I maybe edit it here in this faq (in the faq section, 
or any other).

I'd like to say that you shouldn't take this faq too seriously, I mean, it 
won't change the world really. So if you are mad at my spelling/grammatical 
errors, don't be too mad.

This game is quite big, (larger than I thought). For example, sit down and 
try to play the whole game from start to end without turning off the snes. 
(That will take you a while). So the faq is pretty big also. Excuse me for 
all grammar errors! I hope it's not that disturbing. If you think they are 
too many, and too bad, mail me and I'll update the document.

Everything in this faq was/is made by me Yakuza.

I made this faq mostly because nobody else had to this game. I always do 
that. I mean, games like ff7 and Zelda 64 doesn't really need another 
faq.... Instead, games like this one need it. I was wondering a long time 
if somebody ever would make a faq for S.E.S.B., but it seemed that nobody 
thought so. Then I waited until the release of Episode 1 "the phantom 
menace" that maybe would spin it up and somebody would make a faq for this 
game, but that didn't happen. So I did it myself instead. Ok, I talked too 
long, let's get started. I won't say too much here, you'll read so much 

For more info about what you can do/not do with this faq, please read the 
legal info section.

Sorry for bringing it out so late!! I have no exscuse, but a few reasons 
why (oh, here I go blaming something else than myself, rather common that I 
do that :) is that I had a lot of school stuff to take care of, visiting 
friends, and all other stuff that comes up in life(you know how it is). 
And, of course, I'm a bit lazy, so it took me some time to finish. Anyway, 
here it is. Fresh and hungry for comments.

I tried to make it as clean as possible. It should be easy to read, at 
least with everything I've done. I also made it so easy to read that every 
person should be able to read it, from experts at reading faqs, from 
newcomers who don't understand a thing. If you are confused and wonder what 
a walkthrough is for example, read on and you find a place to read to get 
some info, the section is not far away....

Notice this!!!!!
One more thing: I don't think I'll update the document so soon after I 
posted it, I might wait at least 2 weeks or something, cause I want to take 
some time off from this gamefaqs stuff. You know, it's not too good to 
spend all time in front of a computer (other things suffers then, like 
friends and school and so. I don't know how many times I could have watched 
movies instead of writing this faq. I had to decline several fun things). 
But I don't regret writing it, on the contrary, I enjoyed it a bit. But 
there was times it was pretty dull. Also, it's good if I take some time off 
(Oh, I'd love to) from www.gamefaqs.com because otherwise I might get sick 
of it(poor CjayC, he's stick with it forever! :) and when I come back, I'll 
be in full condition to check things up. And gamefaqs gets soooooo much 
better if you were away for a time and then come back, to check up what 
happened. So don't expect any soon updating , right?

Here's some help if you don't really understand what a "walkthrough" is, or 
description of stages, etc. Here's a short explanation of all that stuff:

(This section is most for "unexperienced" gamefaqs searchers that ain't so 
sure about what every section is about. If you read this section, you get a 
view of all others, without the effort to read every other section just to 
understand what they are).

Are you confused? The first time you read a "faq" and don't understand 
anything? What is a "walkthrough"? I don't understand a thing here! 
Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!..... Chill out man, this section will help. If you only 
found this place, all your trouble is gone. If you check a little lower 
down, you see the explanation about what a "walkthrough" is. It tells you 
about what the different sections of the faq is, what they contains.

,^,^,^,^ ,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^ ,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^ ,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^
1. Introduction    is what you've read right now. It's the introduction 
with some text about the faq, the game, how to mail me, etc. Yeah, it's the 

(-): Short info is of course info about the game, and about the faq. Read 
this section to see stuff about the game, when it was made, which company 
did it, etc.

* My review of the game is a short review of the game, so you can get a 
view of it and some ideas about the good/bad points in the game.

<> Basics is(yeah whadda ya think?) the basic things. Both to the game and 
this faq. It tells you what are most important, etc. I suggest you read 

@: The characters 
This section tells us a bit about the characters, with their story, what 
kind of weopons they got, how they are dressed, what they do in the movies, 
etc. It's not neccessary to read, but it could be good for the 
"inexperienced" star wars guy...

A: Story       
How it all began. We get some info about why it is like this, what happened 

B: Controls  
How to control the hero in the game. You get tips on how to use the control 
pad, knowledge about what the different buttons do, etc.

C: Items, pistols+forces and more is the section where you find everything 
about the pistols, the forces and items. Look there for further info about 

D: Walkthrough     
This is the section where most tips and cheats are. Look there if you 
really need to. It can spoil your fun, because it might help you so much 
you don't like it. Trust me, I've been through stuff like that before. 
Anyway, in the walkthrough, you find everything from each level to the 
last, how to beat it, tips, etc. This is the biggest section in the 
faq(quite naturally, walkthroughs are often big).

E: Enemies      
The section where you find every single enemy and help, information, 
everything about them.

F: Bosses      
Where you find tactics about the bosses.

G: Special tricks    
You find tips and tricks down here. Some of them are neccessary to beat the 

H: Faq     
The section where questions are answered. I just answered one single 
question that I think most people are wondering about. But if you have more 
questions, e-mail me and tell me, and I'll update the faq again!

I: Credits    
A section where I wrote some names of guys that I think should have some 
credit for their hard working. It's the same as on the top.

J: Legal information     
If you are thinking about doing something special with this faq, no matter 
what, check the legal section, it says some things about what you can do, 
not do.

K: All text in the game    
Maybe you missed some text and wants to see it again, or just want to read 
what they said again, cause you missed it, check this section, it contains 
all text in the whole game. It can be valuable because the text might give 
you some tips about what to do, and you can follow the storyline much 
better reading the text.

L: Description of stages    
A section where I wrote some info about the different stages, based on 1 at 
the time. You get tips, a view over the stage, and you can also see what 
kinda enemies that are there. This is something quite new I added in my 
faqs, I haven't seen it in other faqs, at least not around www.gamefaqs.com

M: Changes between the movie/game
If you're a real "die hard star wars fan", you want to know every single 
stuff different from the movie. I also think that it's nice to see what 
sections are/are not in the movie/game. M: is the section where you see the 
differences between the movie/game.

N: Some about the movie     
Since this game is based on the movie, the game follows the storyline in 
the movie quite well. To understand things better if you haven't seen the 
movie, but you're playing the game, here's some info about the movie. It 
can be good to read.
,^,^,^,^ ,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^ ,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^ ,^,^,^,^,^,^,^,^

Ok, let's start with the faq:

(-):Short of the game and this faq
Yeah, this is more like an introduction to this faq and the game for you. 
Here're the few special things also, like small details in the game and so 
on(like differences, and other stuff).
Look here for some view of the whole document/work. Well, check it out!

About the game
The name is Super Empire Strikes Back and it is the sequel in the series. 
You can play with three characters, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and 
Chewbacca. The game is based on the movie, The empire strikes back(star 
wars episode V). The game was made 1993 by Lucas Arts entertainment. It's a 
very hard game if you play on Hard. The game will be quite tedious the 
first 7 levels, because then you only face snow-levels, with moaning snow-
monsters, but the game gets better after a while. You can play in two 
different styles; one is that you play as a character and jump from 
platforms to platforms and shoot down everything, the other is that you 
play as a ship, flying almost as in a fly-simulator.

The game is of course based on the movie "The empire strikes back"(for you 
who haven't seen the movie, the movie's all about an imperial force that's 
taking control of the galaxy, and the only ones who can stop them is the 
rebels. The rebels defeated the imperial forces in the first movie, but now 
the empire's back, chasing the rebels).

If you get any problems with the game(or just want to re-experience some of 
the classic theme) you can get some inspiration if you watch the movie. 
Before I did this faq, I watched "the empire strikes back" with a friend 
and then I got some inspiration and a few more ideas. The game will also be 
more fun if you've watched the movie, because then you can spot some places 
in the game that were in the movie, and you'll also know which chapters in 
the game that are not included in the movie. I suggest you watch the movie, 
it's definitely classic! Sorry the game is not that classic as the movie 
is.....The game can be a bit boring and "almost the same" all the time, but 
after a while it will get better(when you finished all that snow-stages, 
they are all so super-boring). Maybe it depends on the movie, it was pretty 
"dark and evil" compared with the others.

About the faq
I did it because nobody else had. Super Empire Strikes back is a quite big 
game(especially to be a platform game), so it's quite naturally the faq 
will be big also. Everything is made by me, and all names so too(I made 
them up). I tried to make the faq as fully I could. It should contain 
almost everything about the game. It's almost complete. You miss anything? 
Mail me, and I'll update it later, when I know someone really needs it. And 
for you guys out that think this game is too hard to beat at Jedi, I can 
only say try, try, try until your eyes pop out. Someday, you gonna make it. 
I can't say with 100% that this faq will help ya to beat the game, but I 
hope so. It maybe can reveal something you have a problem with. Again, I'm 
sorry for all spelling/grammatical errors.

What you can do/not do with this faq you can see in the legal info section. 
Check it out if you plan to do anything special with this faq. And please, 
please respect the info there. I'd hate to be you if you did anything wrong 
with this faq....

*: My review of the game
Review was made: 2000-11-07

This is Yakuza's review to the star wars game SUPER EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. 
For Snes system. The game is made by Lucas Arts 1993. This is the third(I 
think) in the star wars series(One to Nes, and one before this to Snes.) 
The game is based on the movie, The empire Strikes back(episode V). This 
game is the sequel to "Super Star Wars"(first in the SNES series). So what 
did Lucas art change from the prequel to get new customers? Well, they 
upgraded the graphics, brought some new sequences and new action moments. 
But is it worth buying? Well, read on!

~The catagories~

"It is a dark time for the rebels. Although the death star has been 
destroyed, imperial forces have driven the rebellion forces from their 
hidden base, pursued them across the galaxy. Evading the dreadful imperial 
starfleet, a group of brave freedom fighters, led by Luke Skywalker has 
etablished a new secret base on the remote ice world of hoth, a dark and 
snowy base. The evil lord Darth Vader, obsessed with finding young 
skywalker, has dispatched thousand of remote probes into the far reaching 

In the first movie, Luke was a young man who lived with his grandparents at 
a farm. But all of a sudden, the empire came and killed his family and 
destroyed the whole area. Luke, who's brave and gentle meets up with Obi-
Wan Kenobi and from him Luke learns about the force. They join the rebel 
army, a small but strong organization that still fight back against the 
empire. But Obi-Wan dies later on, and Luke goes to Dagobah system to learn 
how to use the force from Yoda(a mysterious jedi teacher). The practice is 
long and tough, but after a some time Luke finally learned the force and 
now he's about to challenge the empire with the rebel group. The only 
question will be if he can stand up against the mighty empire. Darth Vader 
is a great Jedi-knight and a master with the force. He is also Luke's 
father, weirdly. But he was turned to the dark side, and now is an evil 
agent. th Vader). By using Darth Vader, they try to convince Luke to change 
his mind. Darth is a great Jedi-knight and a master with the force. He is 
also Lukes father, weirdly. But he was turned to the dark side, and now is 
an evil agent. th Vader). try to turn him to a dark Jedi-knight, and if he 
accepts he'd turn from the good ones and become an agent of the darkside. 
This is what the empire wants, then the threat disappears and instead 
they'd have a new powerful ally instead. Luke is strong with "the force", 
he can control a special power only Jedi knights can, a mysterious force 
that controls life and death. Using the force could be really great, you 
can do anything, including bad things, like the empire tries to, rule the 
world. Luke is mankinds only hope and the last Jedi knight. Luke learned 
the force from Yoda(another Jedi knight that trained Jedi for 800 years) 
but Yoda is too weak to fight the empire and Luke is the only hope.
Luke must stand the pressure. If he gives in, the whole world is doomed...

Classic theme, and of course it's following the guidelines from the 
movie(that was made at the late 70s). For complete storyline, I suggest you 
watch the movie, then you'll figure it all out.

Score storyline: 8.6/10 

The graphic is restricted to the SNES engine and is on 12MB. so you can't 
expect full 3D resolution and all that stuff, but personnally I don't think 
that's needed. S.E.S.B. is a 2D platform/shoot 'em up game where you run 
from left to right. Positive points of the graphics are the details, 
colors, backgrounds and atmosphere. The fair ones are the special 
effects(the detonator, blasts, etc). Negative ones are characters and 
enemies. It seems Lucas Arts focused on atmosphere and the storyline to get 
the game as involving as possible. Later on(after the snow stages) you'll 
find some fine backgrounds with deep detailed screens etc. The colors are 
also decent, fitting and contributing to the atmosphere. The special 
effects are quite okay, not awesome but not bad either. What you expect it 
to be. The enemies and the characters are though unfortunately a little too 
ugly and you can almost see that they are harsh drawn. But oh well, most of 
them are okay. Overall, I think it's good graphic, better than many games 
to Snes.(Only the Donkey Kong Country-series and the outstanding graphical 
games are sharper). Weopons(lightsaber and blaster) items and all other 
things are quite okay. Oh well, if you know what the SNES is up to, you 
won't be disappointed of the graphic S.E.S.B. has.

Score graphic: 8.4/10

The star wars series recieved a lot of credit for its magnificent music. 
We've all heard some music or tunes from the movies, and some of them are 
played at important events, performances and much more. The music for the 
series has reached cultural status and if you'd hear it on the radio or 
anything else, you'd recognize it immediately. Unfortunately, the audio for 
S.E.S.B. is not exactly identical. Ok, the songs are the same and sounds 
okay, but they don't fit in that good. Unfortunately they used the same 
music at too many stages, and you'll get tired of it after a while. Overall 
the music was not so successful. On the other hand, the sounds are on the 
contrary very good. The sounds in S.E.S.B. is many, from blasters to 
recovery noises. Even if the music was not so great, the sound is. It 
contributes a lot to the atmosphere wherever you are. Just take the jungle 
stages for an example. While you're playing as Luke in the dark jungles of 
Dagobah system, you can hear the birds chirping somewhere and all other 
strange noises from all the animals around. When you jump down in a 
cesspool or sea, you'll hear the water splashes perfectly. Also, the weopon 
sounds are good, the blaster sounds decent and the movements sound 
realistic. The sound makes up for the music.

Score Music/Sound: 7.7/10

You can play as three characters in S.E.S.B; Luke, Han Solo and Chewbacca. 
Each one of them has their different style etc. Luke moves smooth and 
elegant but is not so strong, Han Solo is avarage and Chewbacca is big and 
clumsy but strong. Then you see how it is(Luke's quite easy to control, but 
Chewie is on the contrary hard). All characters have blasters to use, but 
Luke can also control the light sabre. You won't find any annoying 
movements or irritating combinations, everything's plain easy. Sometimes 
you control ships and X-wings in a kind of simulator mode, wich makes the 
game more varying. Overall, there's nothing to complain about, but the 
control is not innovative either, it's like most platform games. S.E.S.B. 
deserves a little + to other games though at the end...

Control score: 8.2/10

If you find a harder game than Super Empire Strikes Back, I'd be very 
surprised. Ok, at level normal and easy it is possible, but test 
Jedi(hard). It's impossible!!!! As you figured out by now, you can choose 
among three degrees of diffcultness, easy, normal and hard. The snow-worlds 
are very difficult to beat and the enemies attacks you all the time. Your 
energy-meter is much less now also, and you don't get things to help you 
that often. Yeah, at Jedi(Hard) it is very hard. This must be the hardest 
game I ever played(and I played quite much, trust me) so you guys that 
think you are masters of tv-gaming and can beat any game, play this 
game!!!! I give you my word that you don't beat this one the first thing 
you do...

Score challenge: 10/10

This game does not have any sequences that are that fun, so I can't say 
it's that entertaining. But it is quite amusing, because it is HUGE, and it 
takes a while to get through, and then test Jedi, (You will get a shock, 
you can't imagine!!). I hate the snow-worlds, it's so damn hard with those 
snow-beasts. Later, you'll come to other sequences that raises the gameplay 
a bit, like the speeding-, x-wing and simulator modes, the jungle at the 
middle of the game is best, and that makes the game more fun. Fortunately 
there are three characters to play as, it would be drag to only play as 
Luke. But overall in the game, the entertainment value is not so high. 
You'll play it for the diffcultness or just that you got no other games to 

Score gameplay: 7.1/10

¤Replay value:¤
Unfortunately, the replay value drops too much after beating it for the 
first time. Reason? Well, first of all since it's such a hard game no one 
wants to go through all that again. Second, there are no secrets, extra 
bonus stages or something else that will keep you playing, and third, you'd 
just won't enjoy playing it again. It's that simple.

Replay score: 5.4/10

ONE OF THE HARDEST games ever. No doubt. But is it that intresting/Cool/Fun 
to play? Well, it's medium. It is a good platform-game, especially for star 
wars-freaks(even if the game doesn't is exactly as the movie) but it is too 
focused at the first levels(snow worlds) so damn hard, so it is boring to 
play through them. But after them, the game gets a little better. Based on 
the star wars movie, and overall an avarage platform game, that would be 
the best short description I'd say if only using one line.

Overall Score: 7.3/10

TOTAL SCORE(Score on a line between 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10):7/10

Gameplay      7.1/10
Graphics      8.4/10
Controls      8.2/10
Story         8.6/10
Music/sound   7.7/10
Replay        5.4/10
Challenge     10./10
Overall       7.3/10
Total         7/10

One line synopsis(describing the game): Choosing hard, this might be the 
hardest game ever, but is it fun?"

<>: Basics
Here are the basics and things that can be good to understand when you 
read/play this game. 

About the game:
Look, when I talk about that this game is hard, and you think it's easy, I 
think either you're a good player, maybe better than I am(but which I 
really doubt hahaha!) or you are playing one of the other difficult modes
than Jedi. Ok, the differences in diffcultness are


You will recognise I use these words often in the faq. Now, remember that I 
mostly speak in this faq like everything is so hard, and that is why I 
wrote the faq in Jedi mode. Ok, remember that.

About the faq:

¤ You cannot put it on your website without my permission. If you use it 
WITHOUT my permission, I'll recognize it in some kind of way(I got friends 
all over the world, checking every gaming-corner of the world, so don't try 
anything stupid) and if you use it without getting my permission, in any 
kind of way I don't want it, I'll be pissed and...(let's not say it to the 
public here  :)

¤ You cannot use it for any kind of way of making money, not selling it, 
not earning cash from it from your website, nothing like that. If you get 
money by this document, then I must ask you to bring it down.

That's the most important things about how to use this faq. If you want 
more info about the legal stuff, check legal section.

@: The characters
In this section, as you already guessed, you get an introduction of the 
characters. It is also a little info about the movie characters here, so 
you can see the things better. This section has nothing like solutions, 
help, nothing like that, it's just a section describing the characters a 
bit. It's more for fun actually. But it could be nice to know something 
about the characters. So, here it is!

Some of the characters in the game:

Luke Skywalker
The main hero in this movie, and of course then in the game.
Luke Skywalker, sounds like a real hero. You guys that have seen the 
movie(and I guess you are quite many) know who he is. In the game, he can 
use the light sabre and guns. He can also use the force later, when he 
learned it from Yoda. The main time in the game, you will play as Luke. 
Especially in the beginning, where many snow stages taking place. 
Luke starts with a blaster less than the other characters. Luke is dressed 
in a pilot suit, with orange coulor and black belts around his body. His 
hair is yellow. Luke is the guy that will save the planet Hoth(where the 
rebel base is situated) from being destroyed by the empire. You played the 
prequel, Star Wars? That game includes Luke also. I like Luke, he seems 
nice and brave. He's also friendly. The only question will be if he can 
stand up against the mighty empire. They'll try to turn him to a dark Jedi-
knight, and if he accept it, he will be a hero of the dark, devestating 
every good thing in life. Luke is strong with "the force", he can control a 
special power only Jedi knights can, a mysterious force that controls life 
and death. Using the force could be really great, you can do anything, 
including bad things, like the empire tries to, rule the world. Luke is 
mankinds only hope and the last Jedi knight. Luke learned the force from 
Yoda(another Jedi knight that trained Jedi for 800 years) but Yoda is too 
weak to fight the empire and Luke is the only hope.

"Luke, don't give into hate! That leads to the dark side!"-Obi Wan Kenobi, 
Star Wars: Episode V when Luke flies towards the cloud city.

Boba Fett
Just a middleboss in the game, but I like him quite much, with his cool 
suit and nice weopons, so that's why I listed him here. Boba Fett was a 
mercenary in the movie, and so he is in the game. He is the one that will 
catch Han Solo. You will face him on the cloud stage as Chewbacca. Watch 
out, he's pretty tough!!(See walkthrough for further info). Boba Fett 
carries a helmet(to hide his ugly face :) and his suit is green. He also 
got some kinda jet motor that makes him fly. He and the empire co-operate 
to catch Han Solo that will work as a decoy, to trick Luke over there. The 
empire must either destroy Luke Skywalker, or turn him to the dark side. 
Luke is strong with "the force"(mysterious strong power) and he cannot be 
ignored by the empire, cause then they'll be defeated. That's why they 
caught Han Solo, he's nothing but a decoy to trap Luke there. We'll see how 
it ends....

Lando Calrissian
Han Solos best friend, also a gambler and owner of the Cloud planet. I love 
Lando's style, he reminds me of Eddie Murphy ;) Lando is an old friend of 
yours, and you fly towards his planet, to avoid the empire. You who've seen 
the movie know how it goes...Lando will be forced to betray you by the 
empire. But cool as he is, he makes up a plan and fights the empire on your 
side. But you cannot play as Lando in this game, he's just there, talking.
Lando carries a blue suit. Lando doesn't affect the game in any kinda way, 
you are just talking to him for a few seconds, following the movie 
storyline. Anyway, Lando is not an important person.

Han Solo
Lukes friend and a real gambler that would make Setzer in FF3(ff6) jealous. 
Han Solo got so many bills to pay, so many that they get him into trouble.
You'll play as Han Solo later in the game, when Luke finished all 
Snowspeeder and snow sequences. Han Solo can only use the gun and grenades. 
Use the grenades at the bosses; they are strong. Han Solo got brown pants, 
blue jacket and brown hair. Luke and Han met in the first movie, and then 
they joined the rebel fleet a long time ago. Han Solo loves money. You'll 
play as Han at several stages, from running at a sidescreen(like you do as 
Luke) and you'll also play with him as in the ship, the falcon. Han Solo 
loves his ship more than anything. His one of the best pilots in the 
galaxy, and also one of the most cocky.....

Han Solos big friend and looks like a huge monster, almost like a bear on 
two legs. But he is friendly. Chewbacca can also only use the gun but has a 
devastating attack, the spin. Use it by holding A-button until the force-
meter is empty. It's very strong and meanwhile Chewbacca spins, he is 
invicible. Very handy. You will play as Chewbacca when you approach Cloud 
City. The only weakness with Chewbacca is that he may be a bit clumsy, but 
his strength makes up for that. Chewbacca is a "wookie"(sort of star wars 
animal) and got brown fur.

Darth Vader
The droid in black suit, with a black helmet. You guys that've seen the 
movie must know who he is. He's one of the leaders of the empire, and very 
evil. He is a great Jedi-knight and a master with the force. He is also 
Lukes father, weirdly. But he was turned to the dark side, and now is an 
evil agent. You'll face Darth Vader in the end of the game. Darth was once 
a good jedi knight, taught by Yoda. If you've seen the first episode(the 
one who got released, you know who he was, that Anakin skywalker boy is 
actually Darth Vader). Darth will try to turn Luke over to the dark side, 
but Luke must stand the pressure. If he gives in, the whole world is 
doomed. But is Darth really evil? Is his mind totally gone? Why would he do 
his kid any harm? Well, all these questions are answered in the third 
movie(that one with all those small cute bears).

Master of the force. He has trained Jedi for eight hundred years, and he 
was the one that learned Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader. Now he starts to 
learn the force to Luke. Yoda is very friendly and a great master of the 
force. He may look small and innocent, but he has a huge power. His skin is 
green, with a brown suit as well. Yoda lives at the Dagobah system, a damp 
and green planet, that in fact is a jungle. He finds Luke and R2 in the 
movie. Luke chases him off, but then decides to follow this little creature 
to the great Yoda. Then it turns out that this "little creature" actually 
is Yoda. Kinda funny in the movie....

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi was a wise and old man. He was the one that showed the Jedi-
force for Luke and encouraged him to be a Jedi-knight. Too badly, Obi-Wan 
was old and weak and sacrificed his life to rescue Luke in the first movie. 
But Obi-Wan still lives, as a spirit that helps Luke on his journey. You 
won't see anything of Obi-Wan Kenobi in this game. Obi Wan Kenobi carries a 
coat in the movie, but as I said, you won't see him in the game.

Leia is the princess that leads the rebels, and is the leader for the only 
hope against the empire. Princess Leia is skillful(especially to be a 
woman. No offense now girls!) and a great leader. But she is maybe a little 
bit "bleedy", so when the empire comes threating people, she may reveal a 
weak point. But Leia is a good leader(and according to the movie, she and 
Han got something going on....no more to say about that).

The emperor
Holy Moly! This is absolutely the guy with power!!! This guy would do 
anything to rule the universe. He is a master of the force, even stronger 
than Darth Vader or Luke, and he is totally ruthless. Darth obeys 
everything the emperor says and this guy is a real boss. You won't see 
anything of him in the game, but in the movie, he plays a big roll.

A golden colored droid that speaks 6 million(!) languages. He translates 
every language for Luke and tells what the other little droid "R2-D2" says.
C3P0 seems to be a nerd, but he can be good to have. You won't see anyting 
of him in this game either.

R2-D2 is a droid with the capability to read computers, change secret 
codes, translate texts and command portals, computers, machines etc. He can 
also carry information in big sizes. You won't see much of him in the 
game(just a few glances at the text sequences) but as the other ones, he 
plays a big roll in the movie.

(The rest of the characters and the enemies/bosses everything will you 
encounter later in the game, so don't worry. If you really need to check 
them out in this faq, look in the boss section or the enemy-list. I can't 
say for 100% they are there, but everyone/everything I encountered should 
be there. But, mistakes happen.....)

A: History
(The story in the game, based on the movie. This is the intro text)

"Episode: V The empire strikes back"

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away."

             "It is a dark time for the rebels. 
          Although the death star has been destroyed,
        imperial forces have driven the rebellian forces
       from their hidden base, pursued them across the galaxy.
      Evading the dreadful imperial starfleet, a group of brave
     freedom fighters, led by Luke Skywalker has etablished a new
    secret base on the remote ice world of hoth, a dark and snowy base.
   The evil lord Darth Vader, obsessed with finding young skywalker, has       
dispatched thousand of remote probes into the far reaching galaxy.........

Super Empire Strikes Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B: Controls:
Yeah, you've read any other faqs? Then you should be able to know what this 
section is for. If it is the first one you read(or if you just wants some 
reflections) this is the section where you see what the varying buttons do, 
what functions could be used, etc.

Anyway, the best way to learn the controls is to play the game by yourself, 
to see how they are. I'm pretty sure you learn it after a while, it's not 
that complicated. Learning it is one thing, but to control it like a master 
is something else!!! I tell ya, this game is hard(if you play at 
difficult). It could be good to know if you really want to know how they 
are. But as I mentioned, you learn them by yourself later....

You can change the controls if you want, at the option menu, but this is 
the way I have it, cause it's the most fitting, I think.

Well, here're the controls:

Big button(gray to the left) is the moving button. Push right, and you will 
move right. Move left, and you will move left and so on. You can run and 
shoot at the same time, just press right and Y-button while U hold move-
button. Press up to use the force.
Pauses the game. If you just press it once, the whole game freezes in the 
current position and you get time to do whatever you want to.

Get luke's force menu to appear. By doing this, you can choose among all 
his spells and stuff. You choose among the spells by pressing "L" or "R" 

B-button: Jump. Use it to jump over enemies, gaps, avoid needles, etc.

Fire your weopon, or swing the sword. You can also deflect the enemies' 
attacks by pressing down and Y. I bet you'll be familiar with the Y-button 
pretty soon, it's the button you gonna use most in this game.

Change sword to blaster, change back to the ordinary weopon, throw grenades 
as Han Solo and using the spin attack as Chewbacca.

X-button: Use the detonators. You'll see when the detonator is about to 
disappear, the "thermal" text starts to blink.

L-button:  Press to look down. Use this to see if you have something under.

R-button:  Press to look up. Use this to see if you have something above ya

Combination controls:

You can combinate the different buttons to make fatal strikes and better 
techniques. Sometimes you must combinate the different buttons to beat this 
game(like the double jump). Mastering the double techniques is almost 
required to beat the game.

B-button twice:
Will make a double jump, jump from one gap to another and then press b 
again, and you will do another jump in the air.(Just like the jump in 
Donkey Kong Country). This technique is the most important technique to 
learn. By using this one, you can get higher, longer, and reach higher 
platforms. Very important move!

Down+moving direction and B-button:
Slide at the ground(Luke, Chewbacca), or roll(with Han). Use it to get 
through distances quickly. But remember, it can be dangerous to do this 
becuase you lose control of your hero for a second, and then he is very 
vulnerable(you can get hit easily, especially from flamers).

Down+B-button:  Jump to a platform lower down, or sit off a tauntaun(steed)

Y-button + moving button:
Shoot at all kind of directions. Just hold Y-button while moving pad.

Down+y-button:  Deflect bullets.
Select+L and R buttons: Luke's force menu will appear. Switch forces with L 
and R.

Views: When U control a snowspeeder, falcon, or a X-wing(a spaceship)


Start-button: Pauses the game. As normal. You can do this to take a break, 
stop the game when your mama is calling ;) or whatever.

Select:  Nothing. You do nothing with the select button on the SNOWSPEEDER.

Moves the Snowspeeder. You move the ship in the direction you push.

Press y-button to shoot. Hold for auto-shooting. But the bullets/lazers are 
pretty weak. They only work against the regular enemies, and the AT-ST's.

B-button: You can press B-button also to shoot. It's the same as the Y.

X-button: You can also press X-button to shoot. There's no difference.

L-button: Press to fire a wire to left. You use wires to defeat the ATAT's.

Press to fire the wire at right, at the snowspeeder.(The same, but on the 
other side).

The Falcon

Start:  Press start to paus the game. As with any ship.

Select:  Nothing. As always, when you play in the spaceships.

B-button: Press B-button to fire. 

A-button: You can also press A-button to fire.

Y-button: And, another alternative is to press Y-button to fire.

X-button: And X-button to Fire.

L-button:  Moving left. Press L to move the falcon to the left.

R-button:  You will move to the right.

Moving-pad:  Moving the ship, in the direction you want.

The X-wing

Start:   Press start to paus the game(as always)

Select:  Nothing.

B-button: Fire.

A-button: Fire.

Y-button: Fire.

X-button: Fire.

L-button:   Fire a Proton missile on the left side

R-button:  Firing a Proton missile on the right side.

C: Items, forces, and pistols+weopons
Yeah, this is the section for guns, weopons, forces and items. I did it in 
different chapters, cause it would be so big otherwise. From here there are 
three chapters in one, all in one thing. Check out everything here about 
info, help, etc. So, check it out!

C: 1:1
(All the items)
Darth Vader head:
The Darth Wader heads are black and look like a Darth Vader's head(quite 
naturally name then).

When you catch a Darth Vader head you will hear"You cross it!" and the text 
2x point will come up. It means you get double the points, like if you kill 
an enemy that only gives 50 points, it will now give 100. If you grab 
another Darth-head when you already have one, the score will increase 
again, now this time to 4x points. It means you gain 4x more per enemy you 
kill. 50x4=200. You gain 200 for an enemy that gives 50 otherwise.
And if you grab a third one, you will get 8x, eight times more. 50x50=400.
For an enemy you usually gain 50 points, you gain 400.

Sounds complicated? Well, I tell ya, it's really simple. If you play the 
game, you know what I'm talking about.

Force powerup:
A green shining capsule.

It will recover some of your force-energy. These ones are really good to 
grab if you need the force(and the force is expensive to use) so look for 
Force powerup. At the last boss(Darth Vader, who else?) you can recover a 
lot of your force by picking up Force powerup that are hidden inside the 

Light sabre:
"Health Swords" are white and looks like the one Luke uses. You usually 
have to swing your sword/shoot a bullet in the air before it appears. You 
can also get it from enemies. Increases your life-meter by a very short 
distance. Pick up as many as you can, because they increase your life-meter 
and then you can have more energy. You will also gain extra score the more 
health swords you picked up. The healthy swords are really good to get. 
First, as I mentioned, they increase your energy. Secondly, when you finish 
a stage, you get points of how much energy you got. If you picked up light 
sabres, you can have more energy and then you will automatically get more 
points. Notice: The light sabres don't exist at next level when you beat 
one, you have to get new.

Advice: Pick up as many as you can, especially at the snowstages, cause 
things gonna be rough over there....

"Blaster Powers" are blue/white and look like guns. You often have to swing 
your light sabre/shoot a bullet in the air before they appear. You can also 
get it from enemies, but that's a bit unusual. BlasterPowers are pretty 
rare. Blaster Power improves your gun to the next stage, to another gun. 
It's like if you have seekers and gain a blaster power, you will get Rapid 
Ion. Pick up as many blasterpowers as you can, they powerup the weopons. 
But you can only pick up 4 of them(as Luke, 3 as the others), then you'll 
have the best weopon possible. If you pick up more, nothing will happen. So 
pick up them until you have enough for the plasma gun(or your fave weopon).

Big heart:
Bigger than the small ones, and red. They are often hidden in the air, so 
you gotta find them by uncovering 'em. Also, you get them when defeating 
major enemies(that are a bit harder) or when you destroy a box or 
something. Recovers a lot of the energy. I love to find these ones! At some 
places there're many of them, but don't take more than you need, they don't 
come back, so save them to later! Try to save and fully use your big 
hearts, it's good to know how.

Small heart:
Red color, small. You get them almost every time you bust an enemy.
Recovers some energy, but not much. You need a load of these ones if you 
wanna stay alive. For every enemy(almost) a red small heart will pop out.
Take them immediately, because they vanish after a while.

A yellow ball. The shields are one of the most rare items in the game. You 
find them hidden in the air, or you can get them from enemies if you're 
lucky. If you pick up "shields", you'll be invicible for a short while. You 
can walk on needles, fight enemies without being hurt, you're 
immortal......except for gaps!! Don't fall into any gaps with the shields, 
you'll die. You can also die if you swim too deep. But otherwise, you're 
invicible for a short while. Pick up them if you see it.

"1-ups" looks like a Luke-head. The 1-ups can only be found in special 
places, often pretty tricky ones to find. If you pick up a Luke-head, 
you'll gain a life. You find them at hidden places, often hidden in the 
air. Discover the air to find them. Read the faq if you wanna know where 
they are located. Also, gaining life by picking up 1-ups are not the only 
way. For each 50000 points you are up to, you gain 1 life.

You can only use/gain grenades as \_Han Solo_/.
Grenades are grey and white, counting down from the start you see it.
When you kill an enemy, or destroy a box, grenades can pop out. Then it 
starts to countdown. At the number you catch it, you'll gain that many 
grenades. Like if you pick up grenades at number 8, you'll gain 8 grenades. 
Minimum is 1 grenade, maximum 10. Pick up as many grenades as you can, 
because they are stronger than a lot of weopons, all guns except the plasma 
gun. Grenades are really useful if you don't have a strong weopon. That can 
be a real salvation to have, when you discover you just face a boss and has 
a real weak pistol. Then you use the grenades instead.

C: Forces/Spells:
C: 1:2
(Continue from the C-section, where all info about the items, the spells 
and the guns should be. Here are all the spells)

These are all the spells/forces in Super Empire Strikes Back!!!!

|E=Elevation         |
|M=Mind control      |
|S=Slowdown          |
|L=Sabre Control     |
|D=Sabre Deflect     |
|I=Invisible         |
|H=Heal              |
|F=Freeze            |
Try to combinate all the spells as they work perfectly. I rated the spells 
also, like I think they are. The scale is 1-10, 1  minimum(crappy), 10 
maximum(excellent). Some are better than others, and some are really 
unneccessary. I also gave you some advices when to use it. The best ones 
are the fly spell and the healing.

D: Deflect:
Not really useful, but maybe can be ok in some situations.
Instead of deflecting all hits with the lightsabre, you can use the 
deflect-spell. If you use the deflect-force, everything hitting ya, is 
destroyed. It doesn't repel back at the enemies, but the bullets won't hurt 
you. I really don't use this spell, cause it's pretty unneccessary when you 
can use spells like invicibility that allows you to run through all 
enemies, and move freely. The deflect-spell can be used in pressing 
situations, when you have many enemies around. But as I said, I prefer the 
invicible-spell. Forget this one, it's just bothering.

Rated: 4.6/10

E: Flying(Elevation):
A nice force. This one is good to get as soon as possible, cause it can 
take you high up in the air, so you can get new spells, and powerup-items. 
The flying spell is not neccessary to beat the game, and it has no function 
in defeating enemies. But it can be useful when you want to gain other 
spells. Many forces is up in the air, and then they could be hard to gain. 
Then, the flying spell can take you up there, and gain you the force. The 
flying spell can also be used for safety, like when you play on a stage 
full of gaps, then if you fall down, use the flying spell to get up again. 
That's the main function it has. It's very useful at the last stage, before 
you use Darth Vader(there're many gaps.) This is one of the better spells.

Rated: 7.3/10

M: Mind Control:
Nothing extraordinary. Mind Control is not really so useful. I mean, who 
needs to control the enemy, when it is killed by one(maybe two) hits?!? 
It's pretty useless to use, I rather use my healing spell, or the invicible 
force, because they are better. Anyway, Mind Control controls the enemy, so 
it maybe is confused and doesn't attack. Then it's easier to kill. But as I 
said, mind control is pretty useless. Don't bother using it.

Rated: 2.3/10

I: Invisible:
A personal favorite!!! If you use the invicible spell, you're invicible for 
a short while(depends on how long your force-meter is.) The invicible spell 
is one of the best, because when you use it, nothing can hit ya. You can 
run through enemies, bullets, everything without getting hurt. Just watch 
out so you don't fall into any gaps, then you're dead!! I like the 
invisible spell, it's useful in annoying situations. It's very useful 
against Darth Vader, his lazersabre and all those blocks can't hit ya. Test 
it sometime!

Press X if you want to get the invisible-spell off.

Rated: 8.6/10

L: Sabre control:
Quite cool, but not needed. When you use the sabre control, you will throw 
the lightsabre at your opponent. You can control the sabre, while it flies 
around in the air. So the sabre can hit enemies/opponents at longer 
distance, but Luke doesn't have to move. The weakness with this one, is 
meanwhile you use it, Luke is very vulnerable. You can't defend yourself, 
and you are an easy target to hit. Another weakness is that the force is 
expensive. After a few secs, the whole meter is empty. And the spell is not 
that strong either. So I suggest you use your sabre in your hand instead, 
cutting all the enemies down. Test it some time, but not when you are in a 
rather dangerous position, like fighting a boss, then you better take the 
real way instead of trying something new.

Rated: 6.4/10

F: Freeze:
Quite good, but not very needed. When you use the freeze spell, all 
enemies(almost) at the screen freeze to ice(surprised?) for a short while. 
This spell is best used when you lose control over the situation, when 
there are too many enemies around. Then you can cool the situation down by 
using the freeze-spell. But once again, it's more nice to use your 
invicible-spell, or just use the classic style, jamming on like nothing 
special's going on. I never use the freeze-force, it's not needed that 

Rated: 6.2/10

H: Heal:
Very good. And I mean it. The heal spell is great. I like it, because you 
can heal your wounds whenever you want. It's pretty useful, because 
sometimes you're out of energy, and maybe there're no hearts in sight. Then 
you just recover your energy with the heal spell!!! When you fight bosses 
that are strong, your energy will decrease. Then you just use the healing 
spell again, and recover your energy. If you don't see why the heal-force 
will be that good, you'll notice later in the game.

Rated: 9.1/10

S: Slowdown:
Totally worthless. This crappy force makes the enemies slower. But it is 
really worthless. Many enemies are not effected by the spell, and some are 
not really effected enough. And if they are slower, what kinda difference 
makes it? Slower enemies are still enemies that exist, the only difference 
is that they are slower. Now you think they will be easier to kill, because 
they are slower. NO!!! You will be hit anyway, and the majority of enemies 
are killed by one hit, so the slow-spell doesn't make any point. It also 
slows the game down, which is annoying. No, this spell doesn't make any 
sense. Trust me, it's useless. Don't even test it, you'll just get angry 
for wasting your time.

Rated: 1.6/10

C: 1:3
(Continue from the C-section where all info about the items, the spells and 
all the guns should be. Here is all the guns)

These are all the guns in the whole game. I rated them how good they are(in 
my own opinion) 1 is minimum(worthless) 10 maximum(awesome). But remember 
some of the guns are better used in different situations, like the seeker 
is best used with many enemies on the screen(a real busting weopon) but the 
plasma gun is stronger and better used on the bosses.

Han Solo and Chewbacca starts with one powered up gun, Luke starts from 
scratch with the lazer gun. Again, all characters(Han Solo, Chewbacca) 
start with the fire-gun, except Luke. Only Luke can use the lazer gun, but 
all other guns can be used by all characters. The only difference with this 
is that Luke must collect four guns before he has the plasma gun, the other 
characters only need to gain 3.

If you want to powerup your blaster, you must take a blasterpower, a 
blue/white gun at the stages. They are often hidden in the air, so you must 
discover them first.

Well, here is the list!!!

Notice!!! When you die, you'll restart with the basic gun the character 
has, so if you have a good gun, be careful so you don't die, and lose the 

All pistols in the game:
(1) Lazer-gun---Very weak. Can be used by: Luke
(2) Fire-gun----Quite weak. Can be used by: Luke, Chewbacca, Han Solo.
(3) Seeker------Seeks to the enemies--can be used by: Chewbacca, Luke, Han.
(4) Rapid Ion---Quick, quite strong. Can be used by: Chewbacca, Luke, Han.
(5) Plasma gun--Very strong, quick and the best. Can be used by Luke,
Chewie, and Han Solo.

Plasma gun:
The color of the flames are orange, with a sling of red/pink.
This one is the strongest gun. You'll gain it when you are fully powered up 
with blasters(you've taken 4 guns as Luke, three guns as the others). It's 
the ultimate gun, long range, strong, kills a lot. It's very useful against 
all enemies, escpecially against the tough ones, with good defense. And 
let's not talk about the bosses, they die as flies when you use this 

A personal fav, and the best gun in the game.

Rated: 9.3/10

The color is grey, and there will be a lot of smoke in the air.
Seeks to the enemies. It's the third gun you'll gain if you play as Luke. 
After two blasterpower-ups, you'll have it(one powerup if you play as 
Chewbacca, Han Solo). This gun seeks to the enemies, no matter where they 
are. The weakness with it, is the power, that can't damage enemies enough. 
You have to shoot several missiles to kill 'em. Another weakness is that 
sometimes it seeks to the enemy you don't want it to, like if you fight a 
boss, a small enemy comes up, and the gun seeks to it, instead of the boss. 
But overall, the gun is good. Only the plasma gun is better.

Rated: 8.8/10

Rapid Ion:
The color is blue, and it's quick. The fastest one. It also bounces back 
from walls. It's pretty strong also. The rapid Ion is quite useful against 
tough bosses/enemies. But when you face many enemies, it can't hit 
everything. Ok, it can, but it's harder to hit with it, compared with the 
plasma gun(and definitely compared to the seeker, it's automatically 
hitting everything). But it's better than most guns, but I still think that 
the seeker, and the plasma gun are better. You'll gain the rapid Ion after 
you've taken 3 blasterpowers as Luke(two as Chewbacca and Han Solo.)

Rated: 8.3/10

Fire gun:
Better than the first one, a little stronger. Yellow color. The second gun 
you'll gain as Luke(the basic weopon as Chewie, and Han Solo, they start 
with it.) The effect of it is that it's a little stronger than the laser, 
but nothing else. It's just a powerup.

Rated: 5.8/10

Lazer gun:
The color is orange. The first gun, and only Luke can use it(because Chewie 
and Han Solo already start with the fire-gun.) This is the weakest gun, so 
you better powerup so you get rid off it. The lazers bounces against walls. 
The real weakness is the power. It's very weak, and if you wanna kill a 
tough enemy, you have to shoot it many many times. I suggest you use the 
sabre instead of this blaster.

Rated: 2.8/10

D: Walkthrough:
(Based as all other faqs).

Introduction of the walkthrough and first words
The whole game from beginning to end. Here's the place to look if you are 
stuck, or just have a problem. Attention! The bosses and the enemies are 
not here, they have an own section. If you have any questions, or just 
simply wanna say something about this walkthrough, you better mail me at 


Sometimes I take a break right in the walkthrough, to tell you special 
info, or anything else. Then I wrote the word "special help" there. You 
won't see that so often, but when it's there, you know the "real" 
walkthrough starts a bit longer down.

Also, I'm not so sure in which order the stages come, sometimes I maybe did 
a mistake like putting the wrong stage before another, a mistake in the 
order. I'm sorry, maybe it's a bit confusing, but I think it won't 
complicate things too much. Sounds worse than it is, actually. I mean, 
you'll see if I wrote the wrong stage before another. And all stages are 
here, no doubt. It's just that they are in the wrong place, one before 
another etc.(So why don't I correct this then? Well, I guess I'm too lazy 
to play the whoooole game again, just to see in which order the stages 
would be like). You'll recognise the stage you are on by checking the name 
of it in the walkthrough, and how it looks like(compare your game to the 

If you really think this is a problem(which it shouldn't neccessarily be) 
mail me, and give me some info what's wrong etc, and I'll update the 
document. But I guess I'm too lazy to fix this "small error" without to 
know that someone really needs it. But if you think it's disturbing, mail 
me now!

Ok, I rumbled already all too much about this, I find it not so important 
anyway, it's not disturbing the walkthrough anyway, so let's get down to 

Ok, let's get to it!(I hope this walkthrough can help you out of some 
tricky situations).


Stage 1: The beginning
Alright! The game is beginning, and you start playing as Luke Skywalker. 
Start heading right, walking through the snowstorm. Keep heading right all 
the way, it should be no real problem. Ok, there're several enemies that 
block the way, but just shoot 'em down and keep going right. The stage is 
not so long, so in a few minutes it's done.

Stage 2: Checking the meteroid
The first thing you should do, is change your weopon to pistol. Go right 
and shoot everything you encounter.(It's much easier to get through all 
these hords of enemies using the blaster than the sword). Go in the small 
hole you'll see down in the snow and swing your sword. You'll gain a big 

(Ok, for you guys that would like some lives, read the text below. If 
you're not intrested, skip the following 15 lines).

Here there will be a gap, and if you fall down, you'll land on some 
needles. But, there's also a way to earn lives here. If you fall down, and 
then immediately fall to left(direct your character to the right wing) 
you'll land on some invisible platforms, that will save your life. Sounds 
strange? Trust me!! It is a safe way!!

Now, if you start discovering this place, you'll find some powerup-items. 
This is a way to earn lives if you want. Just get the lives(must be at 
least 3 lives, 1 health sword, 1 blaster to get)and then you just kill 
yourself by falling on the needles. Then, you'll die and restart the level. 
Then you go to the same place again, fall down, move right, land on the 
invisible platforms and take the lives, and then repeat the whole thing 
again. By doing this, you'll gain three lives and die one each time you do 
it. Of course, it's your choice if you want to earn your lives this way. 
But it's definitely the best place earning lives in the game.

If you are satisfied with 3 lives, 1 blaster, 1 health sword, you can 
continue your journey by jumping up from the gap again. Maybe it's a bit 
hard, but if you try and try you'll come up. You must use the double-
jumping technique. Leave the Tauntaun if you fell down with it, you can't 
get up with the Tauntaun if you're standing on the invicible pillars.

When you're finally up, go right. Jump over the whole gap, using the double 
jump-technique. Keep heading right. Watch out for the bridge. Go down in 
the small holes you'll see, because there'll always be some kind of power-
up item there. Keep heading right. You'll see a hole with a pig in. Don't 
be afraid, drop down and kill the swine, and then discover the hole. You'll 
find a blaster power. Up in the sky, before you jump down towards the 4 icy 
needles, there will be two big hearts in the sky. Now, run right and forget 
the meteroids(droids) that will appear. They are just disturbing and can 
damage you a lot. But, if you really want a blaster power, stay and shoot 
everything down, several times until there are no more enemies, you'll be 
rewarded by a blaster power. Keep heading right. Jump from platform to 
platform.Don't fall down now, because if you do, you're dead. You're almost 
there now, just make sure not to fall down. When you are over to the right 
place, you're safe. Enter the cave and you cleared the stage.

Stage 3: First ice-cave
Since there's no where else to go, head right. Be careful, you'll face some 
snorting beasts. Try to get up where the wind is, it will "suck you up" in 
a swurl and transport you up to a hidden place. Here you'll obtain some 
hearts and a blaster power in the middle. Use the sword to find it. Fall 
down again, and beware of the beast.

If you have a strong gun(at least the flamer or seeker, or even stronger) 
use it now. It's much easier to kill the beasts using the guns, than the 
sword. Why? Well, it is like this; when you try to go near, the snow beast 
will freeze you by his breath, and then you'll be paralyzed. And then it 
will just kill you. So use your gun. Kill it at some distance. Ok, it's 
cowardly, but much much safer. 

Anyway, go right after you defeated the monster. Jump from platform to 
platform. Go up. Whenever you recognise a place that has winds, try to get 
up because there's always some powering-up items there. Go down when you're 
in a hidden place. Go right. Watch out for the ice. Go up and right. Use 
the sabre if you get any problems with those annoying bats, it's easier to 
kill them, using the sabre. Go right again. Fly up in a hidden place, to 
left is a health sword and to right is a blaster power and a big heart. You 
must find 'em by swinging your sword, as always. Go down again and go 
right. You'll see a beast. Kill it. Keep heading right, and you'll now for 
the first time, face a boss!

(If you want some help, check the boss section). When you defeated it, 
you'll gain some score.

Stage 4: Ice planet Hoth
Sit up on the Tauntaun. Go right. Cross the bridge, don't fall down, 
because then.....you know what happens. Jump from platform to 
platform(don't fall down here too). Cross another bridge and then go a 
little bit more right, and then enter the cave.

Stage 5: Second cave
Ok, on the contrary for the other stage, this one is long. The first thing 
you should do is go under the monster you'll see. Swing your sword(over 
your head) and three hits, the monster will give up. Go right and stand on 
a small cliff. It will go down a bit. Look to the right! What?!? A snow-
beast!!! Surprise surprise!! Blast it and keep heading right. Use the winds 
and transport yourself up in a hidden place. When you're up, discover for 
some powerup-items. Go down again, a long bit. You'll see snow-beasts 
everywhere. Go down in the water(yeah, there are many piranhas there!) and 
swim to the right. Enter the small island(a tiny platform) and swing your 
sword. A blaster! Go back and up again. Now, destroy all snow beasts, one 
for all. Go right. Here are two levels, one higher and one lower. I suggest 
you take the upper one, cause it's safer and a bit shorter(you don't have 
to climb up again then). Jump from pillars to pillars. Jump up whenever you 
spot a wind. Shoot with your blaster and strike with your sword often, 
there are always enemies around, trying to terrorize you. Keep heading 
right. At the end(after many snow beasts and stuff) you'll see an pointing 
arrow. It means that you must go up. No problem! Just let the wind catch ya 
and fly high up. Fly up all to the third floor.

Finally, you're up from that cave!
Quickly run left and start jumping up at the invisible pillars. Up there, 
if you were quick enough, there will be 2 lives. Go down and right. Jump 
over the gap. Blast down all those bears. Go right and check all holes you 
can see. Finally, jump over the gap and ride on the ice block. Try to catch 
as many rebellion symbols you can, you'll gain a lot of score.
(The stage is finished).

Stage 6: Snowstorm
As always, head right. Cross the bridge. In the hole, there will be a 
blaster power. Jump from pillar to pillar(don't fall down). Avoid the 
meteroids. Keep heading right. Whoa!!!!! You'll face a mega droid!(It's a 
middleboss. For more info, see boss section.)

After you defeated the middleboss, the boss music still continues. Isn't 
that weird? Well, the explanation is that there is one more boss to go. Go 
right. Now, start cooling things out, stop running, calm yourself, and 
start recovering your energy. You'll find a big heart inside a hole. Ok, 
slowly start to run right. Jump over the gap, and ride another ice block. 
Though, this bonus game is longer, so you'll gain much more points. When 
the ride is over, cool down.

Before you head on, an advice is to kill all those eels that comes in. Ok, 
it may take a while, but if you wanna kill the boss for sure, you better do 
this. Stay at a safe place, and start jumping in the water. Soon, an eel 
will appear. Then do the double-jumping, so it dies. Be careful, you'll 
need all energy you can get at the boss. There are eight eels to kill. When 
you killed all 8, there won't come anymore. Then, head on. Now, why in the 
whole world did I tell you to do this? Well, when you face the boss, the 
eels will appear. Since you often are in the water, the electrical shock 
the eels produce will hurt you. And they will create problems. So, get the 
problem out of this world, by defeating 'em first. Of course, you don't 
need to, but I think it's a better way because then you can concentrate 
100% on the boss, nothing on the eels.

Anyway, you killed all the eels, head right. The boss will appear.
Good luck! (As always, if you need any help, you know what to do: Check the 
boss section.)

Stage 7: The rebellion base
(The imperial troops is just about to invade the rebel base."-All available 
pilots to their ships!"says the commander. And you're one of the pilots, so 
you has to go through this stage to get to the snowspeeder.)

This is a long stage, but not so hard if you just keep an eye open.
Start walking to the right. Avoid the droids that are circling above your 
head all the time. (Ok, if they are very disturbing, you can get rid of 
'em, but it may take a long while. They are many, so when you kill one, it 
will be replaced by another. If you kill...say 40-60, then they will 
disappear forever until you die, but I don't think it's worth the effort.)

You know what? Here's a good way to earn energy if you need it:
See all these annoying droids above your head? For each one of those you 
smash a small heart will pop out. And when you pick up a small heart, your 
energy will increase a little. And for each droid you kill, a new comes 
back. So, if you need energy, do like this:

Shoot a droid, step aside, wait for it to break down, pick up the heart and 
shoot next, step aside, and pick up the heart. Repeat this until you're 
full of energy. The important sequence in this is that you must watch out 
for the droid when it falls, it can damage you.

Ok, after that healthy "energy-earning advice" we go on with the faq:
Go right and blast down every barrel and box you see. When a mechanic 
spider appear, you can either shoot it down(or if you're out of a good 
blaster) use your sabre. Just repel his bullets, and the spider will break 
down. Keep running to the right. Sometimes, you can slide, so it goes a 
little bit faster, but then watch out for all flamers, cause they hurt a 
lot. You can destroy the flamers if you want. I recommend that. You won't 
encounter any real problems, so just keep heading right.

YEAH!! Finally a change! For once, you won't be playing on the ground! 
Drive the speeder and shoot down all white imperial speeders. When you've 
shot enough, you will jump of the speeder. Then just run right, and get up 
in the Snow-speeder. You'll gain some points.
(I didn't remember this was such a long chapter in the movie, was it?)

Stage 8: Snowspeeding sequence
Ok, here we go. The first real flying-sequence.

Mission 1: Destroy 10 Probe Droids, 10 Speeder Bikes.
Yeah, you got to destroy 10 probe droids and 10 speeders. Just drive 
around, and shoot everything that appears(very intelligent!).
You'll probably get the probes before the bikers.

Mission 2: Destroy 5 AT-ST walkers.
Yep, you heard it. Destroy 5 AT-ST walkers. Shoot them when they appear. 
After you destroyed one, check for hearts. The hearts could be real 
difficult to get if you play at Jedi, because the speeder won't reach them. 
To take the hearts, you need to drive closely to the AT-ST's when they 
break down, or you won't get the hearts.

Mission 3: Destroy 5 AT-AT walkers.
Ok, this is a bit harder.(Especially on Jedi, then you won't gain that many 

You can either shoot the walkers to death(but that will take a LONG time) 
or just use the wire(much quicker.) Use the wire(like in the movie) and 
turn around the AT-AT all the time, until it falls.

When you defeated all the AT-AT's, fly toward the last walker. Get your 
score, you deserved it.

Stage 9: Outside an ATAT
First, you must blast down several bikers. This can be really hard, because 
the energy meter is low, and there are sooooo many enemies around, damaging 
you. I can't tell you a tactic, just drive around and shoot everything. 
Good luck, it's hard(on jedi).

When you are ready, Luke will drop off the snow speeder. Now, again, play 
as Luke on the ground. Please, be careful so you don't die here, that would 
be tragic. Go right. Avoid all attacks, cause you gonna be short of energy. 
Climb the AT-AT's leg. Go up and enter the door you'll find in the 

Stage 10: Inside an ATAT
Again, go right. You'll face many enemies, some soldiers and maybe some 
rolling balls. Enter the door at the right wing to get higher up. Go left
and just go on until you reach the door. Maybe you'll meet a mechanic 
shooter. They shoot shining stars. If you do, deflect the stars with your 
sabre, so the stars will go back on the mechanic shooter.

Anyway, head on to right. Enter the door so you can get to next floor. Go 
left and continue like this all the time until you reach the top. Search 
above the doors for powering-up items, they should be there somewhere,at 
some door. Just go on, you finished the stage after...say 8 levels.

Stage 11: On top of an ATAT
This is no real stage, it's more just like a boss. You'll see some rapid 
Ion droids up on the roof. If you're lucky, you get a detonator. If you do, 
run quickly to left and fight the boss. Then just disarm the detonator and 
the boss will be defeated. But if you're not that lucky(so you won't get a 
detonator) you have to defeat the boss the other way. (Don't worry, it's 
really easy.) All you got to do is repel all the rapid Ion shots. You can't 
fail at this boss! But if you do, look for some help in the boss section.

Stage 12: Rebellion base collapses
(Some info about the faq, for the following 2 stages)
A'right! You'll play as Han Solo now for a while. At this stage, since it's 
so big, I only mind where you should go, with a few words, so you know 
where to go. There won't be any longer explinations at this stage. So's 
some of the following stages also, all these stages where Han is going to 
get to the falcon. There's also really no need for longer explinations, so 
it's just short text here. When I say for example "go left" or "go up" I 
mean use the elevator.
(Ok, continue of the walkthrough)

Go right. Shoot down all the boxes or just go right, don't matter it. There 
will be many enemies here, so I don't mind telling all. Step on the 
platform and press up. You'll get transported to the other wing. Keep 
heading right. Step on a platform and go up. Go right. Go down. Go left and 
up. Go up. Go right. Go up and left. You'll gain a blaster and a shield. Go 
back again. Go up. Go right. Right. You'll meet a big droid, that shoots 
rapid Ions. When you defeated it, a big heart will pop out. Go right. Now 
you'll face the boss. (If you're getting problems, check the boss section).

Stage 13: Rebellion base destroyed
Base 2

(I didn't know this chapter was so big in the movie).
Go right. Destroy everything in your way. That's the ultimate tactic, if 
you get any problems, don't know what to do, whatever, just blast some 
stuff around, and maybe a solution will appear. Well, Go up. Go left. Go up 
and right. Go up. Go left. Shoot up to discover a blaster power. Go 
back(left) and cross over the gap to the left and go up. And at last, go 
left. You'll meet a familiar boss(the AT-ST.)
(As usual, any problems? Just check the boss section. A minor tips I can 
tell you now already is that you can go behind the boss, and then shoot in 
the air, you'll discover a shield that protects against the rapid Ions for 
a while). When you defeated the boss, go right and talk to Leia. You'll 
gain your score.

Stage 14: The Falcon
(Another fly stage, where you control the air ship Falcon, in a meteror 
storm.) All you really gotta do is blast all imperial spaceships that 
appear. You must avoid meteroids also, because when your shield that 
protects the ship is gone, you'll die. The things that can hit you is 
imperial stormtroops and meteroids. Beware, the energy will decrease 
quickly! Also, when you see a ship on the monitor, Quickly drive in that 
direction, cause the ships disappear quickly. When you destroyed an 
imperial ship, a blue cloud will appear.

If no ships appear, you must follow the pointing arrows in the direction, 
because that's where the ships are. Stop when the arrows disappear.

Now, there's nothing more to say, just be a good pilot and destroy those 
imperial ships, and you'll win.

When you destroyed all 15 ships, what do you have to do more? It seems like 
the stage will never end!!! Well, you must find the hyperspace point. 
What?!? Hyperspace-point? What do you mean? Yeah, before the stage is 
finished, you must go into hyperspace(you know, the falcon has a special 
function that makes it able to drive quicker) and you go into hyperspace at 
a special place, the point. To get to that point, you must follow the 
pointing arrows. Go exactly as the arrows says, and you'll be automatically 
transformed into the hyperspace(sounds more complicated than it is.)

Stage 15: The jungle
When you finished the falcon stage, Luke decides to be a Jedi and travels 
to Dagobah system..unaware of what waits him.. When you reach Dagobah 
system, Artoo is gone. You must find him before you head on. To find him, 
all you gotta do is walk all the way to the right. Don't matter all 
enemies, just run away from 'em. But a good thing to do first, before you 
start running, is drop down exactly where you start from. Then, do the 
double-jumping technique(when Luke swings his sword) so you can gain the 
flying spell. It's hidden right under where you start playing at this 
stage. With the flying spell, you can fly and gain other spells.

When you gained the flying spell, just go right. All the way. After a 
while, you'll find R2-D2 standing in the right lower corner.

Stage 16: Yoda's home
Now, you must find Yoda to learn the Jedi force.

To find Yoda, you have to go right. It's like the same as the level before, 
Yoda stands in the right corner, all the way over to the right wing. But 
this stage is a bit longer than the other. Just go right until you meet 
Yoda. Watch out for all enemies, they are many and sometimes surprising!!

Stage 17: Deep into amazonas
(This stage is basically about finding the spells. Without them, you'll get 
problems. I didn't say much about the stage itself, I thought it was 
unneccessary.) After Yoda's wise words, you must learn the force. (It is 
much easier to learn in the game than in the movie). How will that be done? 
Well, the best way is, as always, discover the game and look for every 
small detail. In this case, all you really gotta do is read my faq!! 

To learn the force, you must obtain a few force items. For each force item 
you obtain, you learn that force. For example, you caught the force "Fly" 
in the previous stage.

Where are the forces found then? Well, read on:

This stage is all about finding the spells, and defeating the boss. You'll 
obtain the spells before fighting the boss. Ok, let's go for it!
You walk all the way, along the ground, from beginning until you reach a 
place with some kinda yellow tail(?) that swings up and down. Then you'll 
see many rebellion symbols(those that give you score) and the screen will 
move on, so you can't go back. You're in the right place! Many piranhas and 
eels(+brains) will attack you all the time. Ok, walk on for a bit, then 
equip the flying spell. When you see some green pillars in the background, 
jump up on it(make sure you have force energy, or else you can't use the 
flying spell) and jump up on the pillars. Then just follow the pillars.
If you fall down, use the flying spell to fly up. Up here, the spell marks 
are. And when you pick 'em up, they are yours forever(until you turn the 
Snes off).

Still can't get 'em? Well, then you must search every inch where the screen 
starts to go slowly to right, so there's no turning back, right before the 
boss comes. Search everywhere, even if you have to die many lives. The 
spells are a must have, because the game will be very hard to beat if you 
don't take them. Once again, all the spells are located high up in the 
jungle, just before you enter the place where the slimy boss is located.
You must get the spells.

Ok, how to clear the level:

All you gotta do is run right, avoiding all enemies, picking up the forces, 
and then fight the boss. This boss is pretty hard if you don't get the 
spells. If you get problems, check the boss section.

Stage 18: Cloud City
Ok, when Luke learned his force stuff, you will play as Han Solo because 
Han and Leia are not really welcome at the cloud city, and Han Solo must 
defend themselves, against some evil plane first. And you will also play as 
Han at the cloud city, running around. The first thing you should be able 
to do(and should do) is walk right. Watch out for the loose platform, it 
will fall down and you'll be stuck into a hole, where electric energy will 
damage you. Right there, a blue catapult will attack ya. Shoot it down, 
cause it's quite easy, and you'll maybe get a power up weopon. Keep going 
right and jump over all gaps you can see(if you fall down, you're dead). 
You will come to a room, where you can go as free as you want.

In here, a blue droid will attack you. Be careful, because his Rapid Ion 
attacks damage you a lot!! Kill it quickly, and try to avoid the mechanic 
star-shooter. After, go right. You'll encounter a wall. Jump up on the 
platform and get up. If you fall down(the enemies can push you down) you 
must climb up again. So if you are forced down all the time, I suggest you 
start killing all those annoying enemies, they won't come back, after you 
destroyed them 8 times or so.... Jump up and continue upwards. Jump up on 
the pillar and go left. Duck under the lazer, and then quickly roll left 
when the wall is up. There are a missile shooter in the ceiling, beware! Go 
left. Jump up on the platform, to get higher. Keep jumping and go up. When 
you're up, go right. Jump up from platform to platform(yeah this game is 
based on platforms, if you didn't know that yet, you'll recognize now) and 
after you jumped enough, go right. Go down and use the elevator around. Go 
up. Go right. Jump up. Go left. Jump up on the elevator(avoid the wall, 
it's undamagable, but it can hurt you, roll under it). Go up. Go right and 
face a hateful enemy. Now, if you're in the right place, you'll meet a 
hag!!! She/it(it's like a monster) wears a brown coat and carries a 
chrystal ball. Blast her with your blaster, so you know how much it takes 
to kill her(that experience will be precious later in the game, cause you 
gonna face another hag, in a much more difficult position). When you 
finished the enemy, jump over the gap and go right. Go right a long long 
way here, until you meet a wall and must climb up. Climb up, using the 
elevators, and then go left(under the wall). You'll face a thin blue 
commander(let him taste the blaster). Jump up. Go right and then you are in 
a typical place for this level, you got two doors with enemies streaming 
out, and above is a platform you must reach. I think you recognize 
yourself, you had seen this before. No matter how you solve this problem(by 
blasting every single enemy) or just flee away, you must jump up on the 
platform. Then, while you're still up, jump right and then you head that 
way for a short while, and you'll meet the boss, the ship!!!

(If you need further help, check boss strategies).

When you finished the boss, go talk to Lando Calrissian at the other side, 
I'm sure he has some interesting information for you......

Stage 19: Moon city
Well, the "walking carpet", Chewbacca got another mission, he must destroy 
some minor enemies and walk a whole stage. Well, here it is!(You'll play as 
Chewie). Walk all the way to the right and you will clear this stage. There 
will only be one problem and I listed it here. It's the same as in the 
enemy section. If you figure this out and clears that sequence, I can tell 
ya the whole stage is finished. There is a sort of hag jumping down on you 
from a platform. The creature carries a chrystal ball, and wears a brown 
coat. Suddenly, the whole creature starts to jump around, quickly and 
without hesitations.

(If you don't understand a thing here, you'll know later what I'm talking 
about, when you reach the place, you can't miss it!)

Help!!! I get pushed out of the platform!-is your first impression and 
you're one life less. Yeah, I know that sequence, trust me!(I experienced 
it often). Often when you face this creature-looking hag you play as Chewie 
and standing on a pillar, when this enemy starts to jump around. The 
platform will go down and you'll get pushed off the pillar, down in the 

So how is this evaded?

Well, there is no safe way, but a good way to stay alive is to do this:
At the first sec you see the enemy, start blasting it with your blaster. As 
soon as you hear that strange noise(before the creature starts to jump 
around) you should get ready for some rock n' roll. Stand waiting for the 
creature to appear, and when it comes, use the spin(a-button). It's 
important you got the whole meter loaded, you'll need as much as you can. 
Now, why was this so good? Well, as long as Chewie spins around, he won't 
be pushed away from the pillar! And when you stop to spin, you must live 
the last seconds until the creature drops to the ground. When it's down, 
start walking toward it(don't mind that it shoots you full of bullets. 
You're a wookie, wookies can take that) and fire your gun. Shoot, shoot, 
shoot until it gives. Pick up the big heart before it drops down and go up 
again. Now, if the creature is back, repeat this again. In the worst case, 
you have to do this 4 times, until the whole Hag population is terminated. 
Then you are free to jump up again. Another easier way to defeat this 
monster is to use a detonator....but then you must have the luck to gain 
one... If you get a detonator, you're lucky! But don't be stunned then! Run 
quickly all the way until you meet the monster and then use the detonator. 
Yes! You finished the monster, without doing all that complicated and hard 
effort! But you were very lucky....

Stage 20: The crane stage
Some help on the stage:

Now you'll play as Han Solo again. You're standing inside some kinda 
factory, with a lot of cranes around. You will also see some flamers in the 
background. Start by shooting down the crane. Now you'll see thousands of 
small hearts(ok, many not thousand, but many). Take them if you need, but 
even if you don't need them, you now know how many they are, and where you 
can gain energy. I say it again, the cranes are perfect recover havens. 
When you get out of energy, go to a crane and bomb it down. Then all you 
have to do is pick all the hearts, and your energy should be up to max 
again(if you weren't on minimum energy before).

Some major things about this stage, and this is good to read:

All over this stage, are some kinda freezers. They freeze you down, and 
when you are frozen, you can't move(I think you experienced this before). 
But at this stage, it's even more important to know that you must NOT be 
frozen!! If you will, the enemies will push you down, or even worse, if 
you're right up in a leap, over to the other cliff and get frozen, the leap 
will stop and you'll fall down, without a chance to survive, down in the 
gaps. Too bad!! So when you play this stage, you better be careful, not to 
be frozen. It may sound overestimated, but I really mean it. Many lives 
have been wasted this way.....

Over to the walkthrough again:
Ok, we take it from the start again. You are standing next to a crane. Go 
right for a while. Jump from platform to platform. Continue right again. 

Stage 21: Toy Factory
You play as the "hairy" Chewbacca, the "walking carpet". Your mission is to 
find C3P0 again, as he always get into trouble...(I call this stage the toy 
factory, cause there are so many small workers here. And they all reminds 
me of toys, so I call it the toy factory.)

The first thing(as always) is to go right. There you'll find some witches 
to blast down. Then follow the room, jump from pillar to pillar. 
Attention!! Don't wait too long at the platforms, cause as you can see, 
they sink down in the lava, and lava is never healthy, so don't stand too 
long at the platforms! Jump from platform to platform over to the other 
side. Continue to the right. Go down and then left. Go down and right. Go 
up and right. You'll have some missile shooters in the ceiling over there. 
Go down and right. Go up where there are long rears. You recognize 
yourself, where you are? Keep heading right, all the time. Beware of the 
dropping lava the purple balls are dropping, it damages a lot! A dangerous 
combination is when the blue thin commander freezes you, and then these 
purple droids come, dropping their lava ball at you. You'll die almost 
immediately. Use the crane/lift to get over to the left side. When you are 
over, keep heading left, all the way. Step up on the platforms and go right 
for a short while. Now you'll face a hateful machine! I really hate it!

(If you get problems, and I think you will, because this boss is kinda 
hard, you better check out the boss section). This boss is kinda hard 
because it's hard to hit, got good defense, and of course, it's powerful. 
The guns kill you a lot. And also, there are machines around, in the 
environment that are shooting at ya.

After you defeated it, be careful! And I say be extra careful, and now I 
really mean it, because you're often short of energy when fighting a boss 
like this(escpecially on Jedi) and if you make a mistake; like you drop 
into the lava, you are a dead "wookie". And beware of the guns in the 
ceiling. I find it very very very annoying to die now, when you defeated 
the boss, and if you want to avoid unpleasant happenings, you better be 
careful. The stage is not over yet!! You must walk all over to the right 
side, where you find C3PO. Even if this small distance seems easy, there 
are lava and guns(as I mentioned above) there to stop you. As soon as you 
see C3PO, jump quickly so you reach him. Then the level is finished. You'll 
gain your score...

Stage 22: X-wing
"Luke races towards cloud city in his X-wing, to save his friends"...

YEAH! Another cool fly-sequence! This time you control a X-wing!

(Check out the X-wing controls in the beginning of the faq, if you're not 
familiar with the directioning).

It's like driving the falcon, you must shoot down several cloud ships, this 
time 15. So, it's just to drive around, hitting every ship you see...
Some major tips at the X-wing stage:
Never use the laser beams, they won't even hurt the ships. Just use the 
proton missiles, those you get when you use the left and right buttons(them 
on top of the control-pad). they are much stronger and will destroy the 
ships much quicker, without any slacks. The only weakness is that those are 
harder to hit with....

Drive under the clouds, cause it will give you a better sight(all those 
pink/yellow clouds can disturb you).

Pick up all hearts the ships will leave.

Avoid accidents like driving into a ship, cause it will hurt you fatal.

Ok, good luck! I can't guide you on this stage, you must shoot down every 
single ship by yourself! And remember, you must strike every ship the same 
life, cause when you die, you start all over again.....

Stage 23: Darth Vader's base
So, we found the creep's base!! We can almost feel the sense of an evil 
force can we?(Well, we can at least smell the foul stench in the air!).
This stage is not so long, and you will also face the first Darth Vader 
illusion. This stage is perfect if you want to take a glance at the 
following stages, they are almost all the same. The first thing as always 
you are about to do, is to go right. Well, head on all the way. Jump over 
the platforms to others. I suggest you equip the flying-spell because it's 
like a safety plan, when you fall down, you just fly up again. Go all the 
way, avoid all the speed bikers and head on. You'll face a middleboss, 
Darth Vader Illusion!! Check boss strategies if you get any problems. You 
can always use the healing spell if you need. I can give you a few advices 
here already, some main tips. If you need even more info, then check the 
boss section. Well, all you have to do is to deflect Darth's sabre and then 
strike back, and use your healing spell. And then you should win. (Again, 
for more info, check boss section).

After you defeated the Darth Vader illusion, go right again. Stand still 
and defeat enemies to earn some force powerup if your force meter is empty. 
I suggest you should have at least half the meter, cause it will all be 
needed, escpecially for the flying spell.

When you gathered some force powerup and feel ready to continue, go right. 
Go right a long way, and then you'll face another Darth Vader illusion. Do 
the same strategy again(deflect his sabre, and then strike back, using the 
heal spell when you're short of energy) and when you defeated Darth Vader 
he will throw you out through the window. You will fly for a long long 
while down....

Stage 24: Darth Vader's place(The endless whole)
When Darth Vader threw you down, you started to fall down for a long long 
while. Meanwhile you fall down, there will be many many rebellion symbols. 
As you already know, you gain 50 points for each rebel symbol you get. So 
try to get as many you can. Yes, the hole is looooong, but not endless. If 
you just got the patience, you'll be down on the ground after a minute. But 
as long you're falling, you can always get some rebellion symbols, trying 
to break your highest score ever. When you are down, don't waste your time 
to use the flying spell, just to fly up, because I find that pretty 
unneccessary, because you won't get as much score it would be winning, and 
your force meter will decrease incredibly much. Don't try to fly up, you're 
just wasting your time and force meter.

Instead, equip the flying force and then head right(as always). Jump over 
the platforms and avoid all enemies(I hate enemies that blocks the way, 
it's so frustating!). Jump from platform to platform, over to the right 

Now, here's a tricky place!!! If you go all to the right, jumping from each 
platform to platform, you'll see some power up items, three force powerups 
and three big hearts on a pillar. To the left is a platform a little 
higher. But it seems that you can fly immediately up to the huge platform 
to the right. Don't try this!!!! When you try to fly up to the right huge 
platform, you'll recognize you're under the platform and can't fly up. 
Then, it's too late! For some strange reason, you can't get back and you'll 
fly around, until the force meter is empty, and then you'll fall helplessy 
into the gap. And, just to make matters worse, Darth Vader's laughing at ya 
from somewhere. This seems to me like a trap or something, because when 
you're there, there's no where back, and the fact that you hear Darth 
Vader's voice laughing seems pretty much like a trap to me. I died many 
times because of this, because it seems quite naturally and everything 
seems naturally to fly up to the huge platform. Be careful so you don't 
step into the trap. You know what they say, better to take it careful than 
rush into a trap...(well, that's what I say). It can be a bit confusing 
this stuff, but if you just jump up to the platform to left, you'll see 
what I'm talking about.

So, jump directly to the pillar to left when you've taken the power up 
items, without trying to jump up/fly up to the right. When you're up on the 
left pillar, you'll see a platform formation going up and right. Follow it 
all the way and jump up at the huge platform. You'll see a door at the 
right wing. Enter it and you're on the next stage.

Stage 25: Darth Vader's home
Well, you reached a very very short stage, there are no enemies, gaps, 
nothing at this stage. Just walk to the right, and then you'll face....

Stage 26: Darth Vader
(This is no stage, it's just the boss. But I put it here anyway, because 
it's a sort of place you fight in).

Ok, I hope you are ready, cause now you gonna meet the last boss in the 
game, Darth Vader....

(If you die, you'll start on the same stage again, and you'll here Darth 
Vader's mechanic voice say "You're too easy". And we can't tolerate that! 
Let's get him!!)

E: Enemyz:
As you can guess, this is the enemy section. It contains everything about 
all the enemies in the game. If you're looking for help, info or anything 
about the enemies, you've just found the right place!!!

I listed the enemies in two catagories, Traps or enemies.
Attacks is what kind of attacks they have or use.

I also rated the enemies how hard they are to defeat(remember, it's in my 
opinion, you maybe think something else.)
Here's the degrees of diffcultness:

(Yeah, VERY EASY is very easy, HARD is quite hard, you'll have a problem 
with them, VERY DANGEROUS is something you'll hate for the rest in your 
life, and IMMORTAL is something that will make you destroy the game.....)
All enemies/traps in the game:
(Took me a while to write, so enjoy)

       Name:      Sort:           Name:                  Sort:
|| Small snowball-Trap         | Meteroid---------------Enemy          ||
|| Big snowball---Trap         | Flying Ice-bird--------Enemy          ||
|| Bat------------Enemy        | Piranha----------------Enemy          ||
|| Snow beast-----Enemy        | Eel--------------------Enemy          ||
|| AT-AT----------Enemy        | Icy spike--------------Trap           ||
|| AT-ST----------Enemy        | Icy needle-------------Trap           ||
|| Pig------------Enemy        | Mechanic spider--------Enemy          ||
|| Snow bear------Enemy        | Speed biker------------Enemy          ||
|| Hedgehog-------Enemy        | Flamer-----------------Trap           ||
|| Needle---------Trap         | Ceiling----------------Trap           ||
|| Snow-flower----Enemy        | Mine-------------------Trap           ||
|| Witch----------Enemy        | Probe droid------------Enemy          ||
|| Spike----------Trap         | Droid------------------Enemy          ||
|| Lava-----------Trap         | Imperial white soldier-Enemy          ||
|| Rolling ball---Enemy        | Imperial red soldier---Enemy          ||
|| Green slime----Enemy        | White grenade-thrower--Enemy          ||
|| Big robot------Enemy        | Rapid Ion droid--------Enemy          ||
|| White sniper---Enemy        | Red grenade-thrower----Enemy          ||
|| Red sniper-----Enemy        | Mechanic star-shooter--Enemy          ||
||Rollingplatform-Trap         | Imperial spaceship-----Enemy          ||
|| Blue slime-----Enemy        | Green flower-----------Enemy          ||
|| Red slime------Enemy        | Sea-star---------------Enemy          ||
|| Brain----------Enemy        | Strange brown wheel----Enemy          ||
|| Blue slime-----Enemy        | Alien Wurm-------------Enemy          ||
|| Eagle----------Enemy        | Tough Lizard-----------Enemy          ||
|| Big hag--------Enemy        | Purple flying ball-----Enemy          ||
|| Block----------Trap         | Darth Vader illusion---Enemy          ||
|| Green snore----Enemy        | Red strange lizard-----Enemy          ||
|| Cloud soldier--Enemy        | Ice canon--------------Trap           ||
|| Fire canon-----Trap         | Lizard commander-------Enemy          ||
|| Slimy worm-----Enemy        | Thin blue commander----Enemy          ||
|| Rocket---------Trap         | Tough Rhino------------Enemy          ||
|| Crane----------Enemy        | Blue catapult----------Enemy          ||

Here's the description of all of them:

Small snowball:
(White color).
They come bouncing down from the mountains. They won't damage you much, so 
you really don't need to waste your time with them. You can make them even 
smaller by cutting it down. You won't get any hearts from these ones.
Attacks: It just rolls down from the mountain.
Big snowball:
(White color).
They are almost as the small snowballs, with the difference they are 
bigger, and harder to destroy. Sometimes when it comes rolling, it can be 
hard to avoid because of the size. But if you hide beneath a shelter(a 
shelf) it will roll on, without hitting ya. If you destroy it, you'll gain 
some small hearts, quite many actually. But it ain't worth trying, they 
take a lot of damage before destroyed.
Attacks: Also rolls down from the mountain, but quicker and a lot bigger.
(Grey color).
Small grey bats flying inside the caves. They may seem friendly, but I 
detest 'em!! It's not that I hate bats, but they are really annoying in 
this game. First of all, they are many so they are hard to exterminate.
Second of all, if you get freezed by an accident, "these small innocent 
creatures" can come pushing you into a gap, or on needles so you die 
immediately!!! That's the real reason I hate them. So watch out, if you're 
freezed, you better watch out for small bats. The diffcultness is higher 
because they can kill you easily when you're freezed, but they can't damage 
Attacks:Flies towards you, avoid or destroy it.
Snow beasts:
(White color).
When I mentioned the name "Snow beast" I bet your first illusion was the 
growling white monsters that can freeze ya with its breath. Yeah, you were 
right!! The snowbeasts are those that look like some kinda Cave-monster, 
and they really snort. If you wanna defeat the snow beasts, I suggest you 
change to the pistol, and shoot them at distance. If you go near, you're 
vulnerable for the breath that can freeze, and if you're freezed, you are 
almost 100% killed. Either by a snow beast, or those "small innocent bats"
I mentioned before. So sit comfortable at a shelf at far distance, shooting 
it down. I hope you have a strong weopon, cause I'd really hate to see ya 
fighting these monsters with a tiny gun that can't hurt them!!! When you 
killed the monster, a big heart will appear. Kinda nice huh! These beasts 
are tough to kill, they are dangerous, and hungry, so they are something to 
hate. But I can't deny that they are dangerous, so the comment is pretty 
Attacks:Freeze you with its breath and then take you out by knocking you 
down on needles or either damaging you with his fists.
(Grey color, tough, big machines that are best killed with the wire).
You'll fight the AT-AT's when you play the flight-sequence, as the 
snowspeeder. You can kill them with the blaster, but it will take years so 
use the wire. AT-AT's will leave a bunch of hearts when destroyed, so when 
it breaks down, take a second look and get the hearts. The AT-AT's aren't 
too hard to kill, if you use the wire.
Attacks:Shoots lazer beams.
(Grey color, looks like the AT-AT's).
They are almost the same as the AT-AT's, with the difference that these 
ones can only be killed with the beams, not with the wire. But you only 
need to hit 'em a few times, cause it is pretty weak. These imperial 
machines will also leave a few hearts, so take it if needed. You will fight 
an AT-St as an boss, playing as Han Solo once, when you face it where you 
should save Leia and get her to the Falcon. It's much more dangerous then, 
than it is when you face them with the Snow Speeder. That depends on that 
the snow speeder got more powerful weopons that Han does. So, look out for 
the boss, it's dangerous. Though, the AT-ST's at the snowspeeder stages are 
Attacks: Also shoots lazer beams.
(Grey/white color and it snorts a lot).
At the first snow-stages, there will be swines all over. You really need to 
cut your way through. Fortunately, they are easily killed. You just need to 
shoot them a few times, then they will die. They are no real threat, only 
disturbing. If you want to get your energy recovered, then check these pigs 
out, because they give up easily and deliver fresh small hearts all the 
time...they are great to earn energy from.
Attacks: Running around, trying to touch and damage you.
Snow bears:
(White color).
These creatures are the same as the swines, but with another head.
Just kill 'em, they are nothing worth to notice. They are also great 
enemies to get the energy back at. But, they got a little bit better 
defense than the swines. But try it someday, they are good to earn energy 
Attacks: Also running around, trying to damage you.
(White flowers).
At the snow-stages, a blue/white flower will throw red balls at ya, so 
repel it or just kill the flower simply.(I prefer the last-mentioned 
method). But if you're low on energy, you should avoid fighting these 
flowers, because in almost every battle they hit at least one time. It's 
hard to avoid their attacks. Ok, it damages "muy poco"(very little) but if 
you're out of energy, that will maybe be enough to kill ya.
Anyway, they are no real threat.
Attacks:Throws red balls.
(It wears a brown coat, and got a blue head).

My hate object!!!

They don't really look like witches, but it was the best description I 
could imagine. They are small, short creatures, almost human-looking with 
small blasters. You only face them as Chewbacca(when you get C3PO back 
again.) One hit is enough to defeat 'em. They should be no real threat, but 
thanx to another enemy at the stage, that can freeze ya down(Oh, I really 
hate to be frozen) they combine a deadly combo. The other enemy freezes 
you, and after that, these witches push you into the lava. And then you are 
dead. I don't know how many times this happened to me. I hate it!!! I want 
to spare you all this trouble, so I give you this advice that you better 
stay away, firing your gun far, far away, out of range for these "wonderful 
beings"!!! Then they have no chance. Ha!! Gotcha!!! ( I just love the 
feeling kicking 'em!). On their own, they are really easy, but if they co-
operate with the freezer, they can be dangerous.
Attacks: Pushes you down in lava.
The diffcultness varys. Sometimes it is easy to fall down on it.
But the spikes kill you a whole life as soon as you step on 'em, so be 
careful! Also, many enemies just love to push you down, so kill every enemy 
in sight when you have spikes around.
Attacks: Waiting for you to fall down.
(Orange color).
If you step in the lava, you'll lose energy quickly, and after two secs, 
you're dead. So avoid it if you can(easier said than done). Be careful when 
there're enemies around, that can push you down into it. Remember, when 
you're frozen, the creatures just love to push you down, so kill everything 
around before heading any further.
Attacks:If you fall down, you die quickly.
(Black color).
The meteroids are almost the same as the Probe droids, only that meteroids 
appear at the "platform-stages", not on the flight-sequences. When it comes 
down, it's orange, but the droids are black. You'll walking calmy, and 
suddenly a meteroid comes down from the blue sky. Immediately, a droid 
appears, and you have to do something. You run away, or kill it. My advice 
is that you run away quickly, cause the meteroids/droids are slow, they 
can't follow you a longer distance.
Attacks: Shoots lazer beams.
Flying ice-birds:
(They are white/blue).
Comes diving up from the snow, and then they dive back again. Another 
worthless enemy. Why, oh why did they put this enemy in the game? You want 
to know how to defeat it? Well......um...let me think....ah!! I got it!! 
Hit it with your blaster! I'm a genius!
Attacks:Trying to touch and damage you.
(Orange/green color, live in water.)

Whoa!!! Piranhas!!! Guess what they can do!!!

They eat every inch of your body if you are too close. Ouch! They are also 
so drastic, that they jump up from the water, biting.But they can't hurt 
that much, so don't worry, be happy!!! They can be hard to hit, so I 
suggest you use the sabre(if you play as Luke) instead of the blaster, 
cause it is much easier to strike them with.
Attacks: Bites and scales your whole body from your skin!
(Green color.)

"What have I done to get all fishes attacking me all the time?"

The eel just love to produce electrical shocks. Don't be in the water then, 
cause the damage is grave. keep on land, and avoid the eels. But watch out, 
eels can jump and hit ya! Eels combinate their electrical shocks with other 
enemies. So, they really take advantage of situations when you're fighting 
other enemies, then they produce their electrical shock and damage you, 
while you're fighting something else. Kinda cowardly, huh! Well, I hate the 
eels. They are quite small, so they can also be hard to hit. Use the sabre 
instead of the blaster. If you get the opportunity, terminate all the 
eels(so they won't come back until you die) so you get rid off 'em. Then 
you don't need to worry about them anymore.
Attacks: Electrical shock.
Icy needle:
(White color).
Well, spikes are nothing else than spikes. It's up to you if you wanna 
commit suicide. If that's your goal in life, well then simply hit them!!!

Eh....the spikes are fatal, as soon you step onto 'em, you'll die. So avoid 
it. Maybe I should say after 1 sec you are dead. The icy spikes kills a lot 
of energy, after a second your dead. But if your energy is full, you 
actually can survive! But it's not that common. The most usual type of 
dying is that you get frozen, and then something comes pushing you down on 
it. Anyway, just avoid the icy needles, they are nothing to play with.
Attacks: Fall down and you die.
(Green, with needles on the back.)
Just ordinary enemies. They throw spikes at ya, but you can deflect the 
needles. The hedgehogs like to run around. A single hit on them and you 
don't need to worry any more... But be careful, if they found you frozen, 
they will automatically push you out of a gap or on some needles.
Attacks: Throws spikes.
When you run on a bridge, it will start breaking down. Just run on, if you 
stop, you'll fall down...on what?!? Well, needles seem to be all over this 
game. But if you fall down, you're clumsy! It's easier than jumping from 
platform to platform. But maybe you will fall down once in a life time.
Attacks: Fall down and you're dead.
Mechanic spiders:
(Grey/blue colored).
When you leave the base for the snowspeeders, you'll face giant mechanic 
spiders. They shoot fire from the mouth(!). You can repel it back onto 
'em(using the sabre) or just cut 'em down with your sword.
The spiders are not so dangerous, but they can force you backwards, to 
flamers that damage a lot. So try to kill the spiders quickly. You can only 
find the mechanic spiders at the stage when the rebellion base collapses. 
They are not in another place in the whole game.
Attacks: Firing flames.
Speed bikers:
(White and grey colored).
You'll face the speed-bikers when you play the fly-sequences, and at a few 
times when you play as characters. You can destroy it. At the fly-
sequences, you are forced to defeat em. of course, you'll gain some hearts 
when they are defeated, on the snow speeder sequence. Watch out so you 
don't crock with 'em, it will hurt....
Attacks: Blasting lazer beams.
(Red colored).
The mines are only red, and often dropped by bikers, ships, etc. They are 
like a trap; if you step on them, they will disarm. But you won't be hurt 
fatal. And, you can shoot it down. So, no problemo! Wazzup bro!
Attacks: Explodes if you touch it.
The flamers is a sort of trap. It is placed on the ground, and when you're 
near, it starts flaming fire. Then, if you are hit, you'll suffer great 
damage. Destroy the flamers by using the sword or just blast it.
Attacks: Fire fire.
The ceiling will drop onto ya, if you stand under it at stage 7. It won't 
hurt much, so you can be cool. You can either trick it by walking near and 
then run back when it falls, or just slide beneath it.
Attacks: Drops down onto your head.
Probe droids:
(Black color with red stains).
The Probe Droids appear somewhat over the whole game. Sometimes, like 
meteroids, sometimes like just droids, and sometimes at the stages. But 
they are playing a bigger role at the flying sequences. You must destroy 10 
of them at the snow speeding sequence. They shoot laser but don't do 
something else. They are no threat, just destroy em, like you do with 
everything else.
Attacks: Firing lazer beams.
(Blue color, exists only on the cloud stages).
These droids are pretty dangerous´. They are small, hard to hit, and got 
powerful weopons. Watch out for their rapid Ions, it kills a lot. My best 
advice to you when you see these, you better run or either shoot em down 
quickly(if you have a strong gun). Beware, they are dangerous!
Attacks: Blasting powerful lazer.
Imperial white soldiers:
(White color, almost human looking. The typical imperial soldier.)
They appear over the whole game. They are exactly as the red soldiers, very 
easy. Just blast them once and they won't be any more trouble. Good enemies 
to earn energy. If you're short on energy, look for these!
Attacks: Runs around, and also blasting bullets.
Imperial red soldiers:
(Red soldiers, looking the same as the white ones, with the difference that 
these are red.)
They are the same as the white boys.
Attacks: The same as the previous enemy.
Rapid Ion droids:
(White and have a few orange stains. Flying.)
These droids use some kinda jet motor to fly. Well, that isn't too 
impressive. Just pick 'em down from the air, with some bullets. Just beware 
of the Ion shots, it damages a lot.
Attacks: Shoots powerful lazerbeams.
Rolling balls:
(Brown color).
Brown balls, rolling along the floor. Suddenly, they start to jump and 
shoot shining stars(as the mechanic shooter). You can either repel the 
stars back, or strike them with your sword. A single hit would be enough.
Attacks: Shoots stars.
White snipers:
(They are white).
The white snipers are a few guys locate all over the game. They stand 
there, with their guns, shooting missiles that seek to you. Simply kill 'em 
by blast/strike 'em down. They are no threat, only if you're out of energy. 
They almost hit you as soon you see 'em, but the damage is nothing to worry 
about. SO, just destroy 'em.
Attacks: Standing and firing seeking missiles at ya.
Red snipers:
(Whoa! They are red! What a surprise!).
The red snipers is the same as the white ones, with another coulor. If you 
are too lazy to go back 15 lines, I tell you that they are no problem, and 
not worth to be spotted.
Attacks: Shooting seeking missiles.
White grenade-throwers:
(Could they possibly be white?).
Ordinary soldiers, but these ones are sitting down, protecting themselves 
with shields, and throw grenades. You can repel the grenade if you want, 
but that's not neccessary. Just go near, strike when he reveals a fatal 
point, and he'll die. These ones are sooo easy.
Attacks: Throws grenades.
Red grenade-throwers:
(Red color).
What?!? I just got a flashback(sort of "Deja-Vu")...didn't I read this 
before? No, it's the same sort as the white grenade-throwers, with another 
coulor. (If you don't understand a word of this, just look 20 lines up).
Attacks: Also throws grenades.
Mechanic star-shooters:
(Grey/blue color).
A sort of robot. It sits on the ground, waiting for you(yeah you) to 
appear. When it sees ya, the "head" will come up, start shooting stars. 
These stars are powerful, and you'll suffer great damage if you don't repel 
it back. When you repel it bacl(using the sabre) the stars will go back at 
the enemy(the mechanic star-shooter) and that will destroy the mechanic 
star-shooter. So, you better get your guard up(it will be a bigger problem 
when you fight 2 mechanic star-shooters at the same time).
Attacks: Firing a lot of stars, quickly.
Rolling platforms:
(They are grey).
Sort of trap. It is located in the ceiling, swinging some sort of needles 
around. If you are hit, energy will decrease. Yes(to answer your question) 
you can kill it. Sit down and shoot up. Another alternative is to roll 
along the floor, away from it.
Attacks: Swinging.
Big robots:
(White color).
You will only meet the big robots once in the game(so be a good boy, and 
shake hands). They are big, and mean. They also use rapid Ions(now, that's 
unfair!). When you destroyed one, you'll gain a big heart(could be handy, 
they damage you a lot). If you just take it cool, got a good gun, these 
mightless robots got no chance.
Attacks: Firing quite powerful lazers.
Imperial space-ships:
(Blue color).
The imperial space-ships are those that you shoot down, playing as the 
Falcon. One single hit and they are history. But beware, they are quick, 
and you don't want them to disappear, then you have to wait in eons of 
years before they appear again.
Attacks: Nothing.
Green slimes:
(Green colored).
The green slime will appear thanx to the jungle monster(the boss) that 
throw up them, from his mouth. Yeah, he vomits em out! Kinda nice huh!
Well, the slime isn't too hard to beat, if you can stand the smell...
Attacks: Nothing.
Blue slimes:
In the jungle sequence, you will recognize these ones, if you look 
carefully. But there's nothing to see really. Just another enemy. They are 
almost the same as the green slime.
Attacks: Nothing.
(Red and blue color).
Just usual enemies, flying brains(!) that are killed in one hit. They will 
appear at the jungle-levels. They are great to use if you want to collect 
powering up items.
Attacks: Touch them and you'll die a little.
Green flowers:
(Green color. Surprised?).
They are exactly as the blue ice flowers, scattering small red balls that 
Attacks: Also throwing small red balls.
(Yellow and blue).
This is more like a blocking object than an enemy. When you try to go by, 
this small creature jumps up, blocking the way for a sec. Wait for it to 
come down, then pass by.
Attacks: Obstacle.
Alien wurms:
(Blue, yellow and spitting yellow balls).
The specie exists only on the jungle stages. It slides along the ground, 
spitting small yellow balls. So, it's up to you, you wanna kill it, or is 
it better to run away? I usually run away, it's quicker. I got no time to 
waste on them.
Attacks: Spits yellow balls at you.
Red strange lizards:
(Red colored).
Sometimes, when you are jamming in the jungles, red weird lizards may 
appear and snap their tail against ya. Watch out, it hurts! But the lizards 
don't appear often.
Quite easy.
Attacks: Snaps the tail at you.
(Brown color. Just exist at the jungle.)
Have you seen a bigger bird than this one? It's at least 3 times bigger 
than Luke! Anyway, it won't make any harm, it just flies around, doing 
nothing. You can blast it if you want, but I don't see the point why.
If you just leave it, it will fly out of the screen in no time.
Attacks: Nothing.
Tough rhinos:
(Blue color. Got some kinda horns on the head.)
Climbing rhinos. Sort of apes and rhinos in one body. They are very tough, 
and you have to shoot many plasma shots before they break down. If they 
were a little bit more aggressive, this species would be very dangerous. 
Their defense is so strong. It's like a panzar shield! I suggest you leave 
them, they take too much time to destroy and too much effort. It's not 
worth it.
Attacks: Be careful, they jump around and if you touch them you lose 
Slimy worms:
(Yellow color.)
Maybe only exist at one place in the whole game, at the jungle boss. It 
will appear when the big boss starts to throw em out. Then they start to 
crawl along the floor. So what? Who cares about some worms? Well, I don't 
Attacks: Nothing.
Green snores:
Green wurms/slime the jungle monster fling out. They die if you strike them 
Attacks: Nothing.
Blue catapults:
(Blue colored).
At the cloud city stages(when playing as a character, like Han Solo or 
Chewbacca) you'll meet some blue catapults that throw bombs at ya. Just 
pick your weopon up and blast them. They should be no problem.
Attacks: Throws bombs.
Red cloud ships:
(Red ships).
The red cloud ships will appear later in the game, when you reach the cloud 
city. You will be forced to defeat 15 of them at the cloud stage(when Luke 
races towards the cloud city, in his X-wing). You will also meet them 
sometimes as Han Solo on the cloud city stages, when they come flying down 
from the air, just to fire a lazer beam and then fly up. If you're quick 
then, you can always just blast them and gain a big heart they drop...(not 
bad huh! A big heart for no effort!). They are much easier on the non-
flying sequences(playing as a character).
Attacks: Blasting lazers.
Blue small droids:
(Blue, flying, small).
Well, the blue small droids are definitely more dangerous than they look! 
These small innocent droids can really make a h*ll for you! Their rapid 
Ion's really hurt, so watch out! I suggest you destroy them fast, before 
they start shooting. Fortunately, their defense ain't that strong as their 
Attacks: Shoots lazer beams.
Cloud soldiers:
(Just exist on the Cloud stages, where Lando Calrissian rules. They are 
green with a yellow suit.)
The cloud soldiers often appear from doors, coming out, shooting some kinda 
bullet that scatters in 3 parts. A few shots and the cloud soldiers are 
destroyed. As the imperial soldiers, these ones are perfect to use to 
recover your energy. But, they are not hard.
Attacks: Shoots bullets.
Strange brown wheels:
At the cloud stage, some kinda wheel may appear. They are not so dangerous, 
so just go on and kill them.
Attacks: Nothing.
Lizard commanders:
(Green, dressed in a yellow suit).
The lizard commanders are big lizards on two legs, they come into the 
screen hopping, wearing a yellow suit. They can also throw surf-boards, 
that fly you away...The Lizard commanders got no powerful weopons, but a 
tough defense. Try to kill these ones with the weak lazer gun Luke starts 
with, it will take you a while!!! Well, it takes a while to kill 'em, even 
if you use the plasma gun(the strongest blaster in the game). Just shoot on 
until they are destroyed. Thanks to their armor, they survive quite long, 
but they are no threat, since they can't hurt you....
Quite Easy.
Attacks: Might slap you in the face.
(Brown, wall).
A wall blocking the journey. You must wait until it opens, before you can 
enter. The only problem is the gun blasting behind me. Don't worry, the 
gate will open in a few seconds. Actually, this wall can kill. If you're 
beneath the wall when it closes, you'll be damaged. Unfair! It can kill 
you, but you can't!
(I can't say how hard this trap is, it's just blocking the way for a few 
Attacks: None.
Big hags:
(Ugly, trashed clothes, carrying a chrystal ball).
Oh no!!! Your worst teacher is back again! And this time, she won't forgive 
any forgotten homeworks!! Oh sorry...(guess all teachers will mailbomb me 
now) Well, this hag(yeah, it really is a hag, a witch) carries a chrystal 
ball, and wears a brown coat. Suddenly, the whole creature starts to jump 
around, quickly and without hesitations.

This happens on the moon city-stage, where you play as Chewie, trying to 
get up at a high pillar, where a hag's standing....

(If you don't understand a thing here, you'll know later what I'm talking 
about, when you reach the moon stage as Chewie, you can't miss it!)

Help!!! I get pushed out of the platform!-is your first impression and 
you're one life less. Yeah, I know that sequence, trust me!(I experienced 
it often). Often when you face this creature-looking hag you play as Chewie 
and standing on a pillar, when this enemy starts to jump around. The 
platform will go down and you'll get pushed off the pillar, down in the 

So how is this evaded?
Well, there is no safe way, but a good way to stay alive is to do this:

At the first sec you see the enemy, start blasting it with your blaster. As 
soon as you hear that strange noise(before the creature starts to jump 
around) you should get ready for some rock n' roll. Stand waiting for the 
creature to appear, and when it comes, use the spin(a-button). It's 
important you got the whole meter loaded, you'll need as much as you can. 
Now, why was this so good? Well, as long as Chewie spins around, he won't 
be pushed away from the pillar! And when you stop to spin, you must live 
the last seconds until the creature drops to the ground. When it's down, 
start walking toward it(don't mind that it shoots you full of bullets. 
You're a wookie, wookies can take that) and fire your gun. Shoot, shoot, 
shoot until it gives. Pick up the big heart before it drops down and go up 
again. Now, if the creature is back, repeat this again. In the worst case, 
you have to do this 4 times, until the whole Hag population is terminated. 
Then you are free to jump up again.

Another easier way to defeat this monster is to use a detonator....but then 
you must have the luck to gain one... If you get a detonator, you're lucky! 
But don't be stunned then! Run quickly all the way until you meet the 
monster and then use the detonator. Yes! You finished the monster, without 
doing all that complicated and hard effort!
Well, you were lucky!
Attacks: Read above.
Thin blue commanders:
(Blue, tall, thin).
Looks like a toy. They are very thin and walk around with a hat. I can't 
imagine, where/why/when did the producers made this enemy? I mean, it is 
not even anything star wars looking! Anyway, the blue commanders are tough, 
they can take a lot of damage before they break down. You gotta shoot, 
shoot and shoot. Luckily, they are not offensive. The only weopon they got 
is their gun that shoots freezing bullets. If you are hit, you'll be frozen 
for a few secs. The thin blue commanders can be really dangerous if they 
team up with other enemies. Because if you're hit, the other enemies will 
kill you quickly. You can't defend yourself when you're frozen! That's why 
the blue commanders can be dangerous, if they team up with others. But if 
they fight on their own, they are no problemo!!
Attacks: Freezing you, then starts blasting you with another gun.
Purple flying balls:
(Purple, pink flying balls that rarely open up.)
I hate this enemy!! This enemy sort is one of the hardest in the game. they 
will cause you more trouble than all bosses in the game will....
There are some kinda mechanic purple balls flying around in the air, 
dropping lava! How are they defeated? Well, these enemies are like 
hedgehogs, they never open the shell....
My best advice to you is run, run, run(run forrest, run!) when you see 'em.
They will drop lava, that are almost impossible to avoid. And that lava 
damages a lot! Since the balls are so hard to hit, there's no point in 
trying to kill 'em. As I said , run away!
Attacks: Drops lava down at ya.
(missiles, white color).
Just some missiles that will be fired by some mechanic thing in the 
ceiling. Just avoid the missile, and live free... There's no chance in 
destroying it, just avoid it and go on.
Attacks: Missiles.
(Red, big, clinging in the ceiling).
There are only cranes at the carbonate stage where Han Solo will be frozen.
The cranes are tough, they can take several shots, but when it breaks down, 
the effort is well paid off; many many small hearts drop out. The cranes 
can only lift you up, and maybe crush you a bit(you'll be damaged) but they 
can't shoot or do anything else. So they are not so dangerous. As I said, 
very good to recover your energy with.
Attacks: Grabs you.
Fire cranes:
(red, looks almost like a weight)
In the background, there are some kinda trap, almost as the flamers(if you 
remember them from the stage where you fought the mechanic spiders) but 
these are much bigger and fire more flames. You have no chance at all to 
destroy them, so I suggest you avoid it. Run away!!
Attacks: Fires fire.
Ice canons:
(Red, glued to the walls).
The ice canons are those, glued to the walls that freeze you. It won't hurt 
ya, but you'll be paralyzed for a few secs. But this can be unpleasant 
because if another enemy sees a chance killing you, you will be chanceless. 
You can't defend yourself. So whenever there are ice canons around, make 
sure there are no other enemies around. Also, when you try to do a leap, 
these wil freeze you down and you'll stop, right in the air and drop down.
So be careful! Also, when you are frozen, enemies just love to attack and 
push you down in a gap...(they see their chance when you can't defend 
Attacks: Freezes ya.
Darth Vader illusions:
(Black, looks like Darth Vader).
The Darth Illusions are the same as Darth Vader himself, but weaker. They 
will disappear after a few hits. They won't summon any blocks either. You 
meet the Darth Vader illusions a few times, before toy face Darth Vader 
himself, like some kinda prepare for the real boss...
Attacks: Swinging the lazer sword, trying to get ya.
(Grey, flying).
The blocks are those that Vader summons. They can hurt, but if you destroy 
them, you can find power-up items(such as force powerup etc.) They are only 
good, because then you'll gain some force powerup and can heal your wounds 
with the heal spell. When the blocks come, you can only thank the old 
Vader. But don't underestimate the blocks. They don't always give force 
powerup, and they actually can hurt. So if you're short of energy, the 
blocks will be hard to avoid.
Attacks: Touch you and then you lose energy.

(That was all enemies! Puh! I didn't think they were so many!!!)

F: Bossez:
Well, I bet ya heard me said in the walkthrough for info about the bosses 
in the boss section. Well, you found it here my man! If you need any help, 
this should be the place!!! I can't say it will help you clear the boss, 
but it will give you some nice info and tips. I also rated the bosses, to 
tell ya how hard they are(in my opinion). Notice!!! The avarage score of 
diffcultness is only compared to each other, not to other games. And the 
score of diffcultness don't get higher just that this is such a hard game.

These are all the bosses in the game(a list on all the bosses as usual, I 
always do this in my faqs. Hope it isn't too dull):

|(1):  Boss 1: Cave monster(Very easy)                       |
|(2):  Boss 2: Big droid(Easy)                               |
|(3):  Boss 3: Giant droid(Normal)                           |
|(4):  Boss 4: AT AT front(Very easy)                        |
|(5):  Boss 5: The imperial ship(Normal)                     |
|(6):  Boss 6: ATST(Quite hard)                              |
|(7):  Boss 7: Slime monster, the jungle monster(Normal)     |
|(8)   Boss 8: Fleeing ship(Normal)                          |
|(9):  Boss 9: Witch machine(Hard)                           |
|(10): Boss 10:The carbonate freezer(Quite hard)             |
|(11): Boss 11: Darth Vader Illusion(Quite easy)             |
|(12): Boss 12  Darth Vader(real one)(Normal)                |
Now, here are the help you may need. I divided it in three parts for each 
single boss you fight. The first part are a few short lines that say if it 
is a middleboss(a little easier kind of boss you find somewhere in the 
middle of the stage, not the final boss) or a Boss(definitely a boss) and 
the name I call it. That's the first part. The second part is the 
description. At the description section, I wrote some info how the 
beast/monster/droid/boss(whatever you want to call it) looks like, where it 
is located, which character you fight it with, and info, etc. In the third 
part, there's the strategy/help. There you find advices, tactics, etc. Ok, 
enjoy! And remember, questions, anything, lufia3@hotmail.com is a nice 
adress to mail to....

Boss 1 Stage 3

The cave-monster

A big snowmonster, that comes laughing from the ceiling. It is grey and has 
red eyes. The first one you'll face, and it's ugly...

This boss is easy. You really don't need a tactic, but if you're not that 
experienced with tv-games, or you just have a problem with it, here is a 
tactic. The major attacks it has is his fists and the breathing. The 
breathing will freeze you, but that's no real threat, because as soon 
you're frozen, the huge monster will start to laugh and you'll wake up.
His fists can damage you, but not enough to be a threat. The only thing you 
really got to do is either use the sabre, jumping from one side to the 
other, using the double-jumping technique. Then the sword will hit him. 
Just keep continue doing this, and the monster will die.

Another quicker way is to use the blaster. (But do only this if you have a 
strong one, like the rapid Ion or the plasma gun.) Stand on one side of the 
monster. Wait for his fist to appear. Jump over to the side it was at, and 
then bend down, target the boss, and fire your gun. You won't have much 
time, but the boss will be hurt. Do this over and over, and the monster 
will be defeated.


Boss 2 Stage 6
Middle boss

Big droid(sentry)
(Just a small note: Now I wrote this like if you were playing on Jedi. It 
isn't no difference in the tactics and the description, but I wrote it like 
if you were playing on Jedi because then everything matters much more. 
Every detail can be important. A small miss can make you die easily...)

Yeah, somewhere at the snow stage, where you're running for your life, a 
big droid will appear. It is grey with red lamps. It also has long arms and 
tentacles around its body. When you ever hit one of the arms, splinter will 
come out. This is more like a middleboss, but it's even pretty tough on 
Jedi. After you've defeaten this one, you'll face another big droid, but 
that one will be even bigger, giant. It's the same type. This boss is the 
meteroid Luke is about to check out. It's exactly the same as Han Solo and 
Chewbacca check out in the movie, in the beginning. It's a sentry-droid, if 
you know what I mean, the empire sent 'em out to look for the rebellion 
base, and now you must face it.....

Well, there really is no main strategy, but I can tell you a few advices:

¤ Be careful, the droid will decrease your energy meter quickly if you are 
hit. Watch out for each attack, cause it will hurt you a lot. (That's a 
main tips, just try to avoid all his attacks as good as you can).

¤ Buckle up with good weopons(plasma gun) and maybe some health swords so 
your energy meter will be longer(so you can take more hits). Buckle up with 
all good things, you gonna need it.

¤ Use the gun only if you got the plasma gun or the rapid Ion. The others 
are too weak to damage the droid enough. If you have the seeker or an even 
weaker blaster, I suggest you use the sabre. The advantage using the sabre 
are these: If you use the sabre, you can deflect many of the droids 
attacks. You can deflect the spinters, and you can protect yourself from 
bullets and the droid itself. The sabre is also stronger than most 
guns(except rapid Ion and plasma gun) and will damage the droid more.

¤ Don't move around too much, try to stay cool and strike the robot with 
your sabre(if you not use the blaster) and repel all splinters and bullets. 
If you move around, you'll cause trouble, because the droid will follow you 
and you won't get to a save place, plus you don't get the time to hit it.

Either way you use the sabre or the blaster, you must be careful because 
you will be damaged, and you won't have too much energy left, after you 
defeated the boss. And after you defeated the boss, you must head on, to 
the next boss....but before then, recover some of your energy by killing 
some enemies(more about this in the walkthrough)

Rated: 8.1/10

Boss 3
Giant droid

Yeah, this one is like the other one you fought, but this one is bigger and 
this one got better defense and a lot more energy. Though, I find this one 
easier(but not easy, it's definitely hard) because at this one, you have 
much more space to move on(the other boss was so near, you had no space to 
move on and avoid attacks) but at this one, you do. Well, the boss is 
big(already told ya that) and blue. It will swim around under the water, 
luring for you to get your guard down. Then suddenly, it will smash up from 
the water and attack! So, keep your guard up, and be ready. The only 
problem with this place you're fighting in, is the platforms. They always 
sink and you'll fall down, and if you're not quick and move up, you die. 
So, don't sink down too low.

Also, in the environment there will be eels swimming the water. These might 
create problems with their electrical shock, as you are down in the water. 
I suggest you kill the eels before you head on to the boss. (You get more 
info about that later, just read on). I really recommend you to kill the 
eels at a safe place before entering the boss place!!

Actually, I think this one is easier than the other. But don't expect it to 
be easy! Ok, here we go:

You have a gun with at least strength to the seeker? Good. Ok, then use 
that gun. I hope you killed all those annoying eels? Good. Ok, now when all 
the eels are gone, just "swim"(sink) under the water and start shooting the 
droid. When it flies up, don't do anything drastic, let it shoot the stars 
and then jump up to take a breath. Now, while you do this, don't let 
yourself down too low in the water, because then you might drown, and that 
is not exactly your goal. If you see you are very low down, jump up a bit. 
You must time it when the droid shoots the stars, and while you sink. Try 
to time it. Also, you must have some status about where the droid is before 
you start to dive into the water, because if he is right beneath ya, then 
you will get damaged. Control this by pressing "L"or "R" to check where the 
monster is. And remember, always be careful.

You don't have a gun with power as the seeker or more? Ok, I see. Then you 
are in trouble. But you can make it if you're that skillful as I am(Oh what 
I'm boasting! :)

Well, you do have a small problem now. Because you don't have no gun(no 
good gun) you will get a problem to hit the monster. The sword won't reach 
it, and you can't shoot him at distance. Well, when we have to do it 
another way. The tactic now(and I really hope you killed those annoying 
eels, or you'll be dead buddy. Those eels are really a mess if you didn't 
kill them.) is that you must stand on a platform near to the boss(you check 
where he is by pressing "L") and when it flies up(of course you can't stand 
too near, because you just get hurt) you must use your sabre by deflecting 
the shining stars it throws. Now, if you timed it right, and is a little 
lucky, the stars will repel at the boss, and it will be damaged. So, now 
you see the tactic!!!! Yes, it will take time. And it will be frustating. 
And it will be difficult. But that's the only way without a good blaster. 
And don't dare trying to go close to the machine, cause it will only fly up 
and hit ya. While you repel those shining stars, be careful so you don't 
get too low down in the water(the platforms sink) so you die.

Well, good luck!

Rated: 7.9/10


Boss 4
The ATAT Front

You fight the front side of the ATAT, the canons. This part is not existing 
in the movie. The canons will shoot rapid Ions at ya.

All you have to do is repelling the rapid Ions back on the canons. Simple 


The imperial ship

You face the imperial Ship when you try to get to the falcon, when the 
rebellion base collapses. You play as Han Solo. The ship got two swingers 
that swings around at the bottom of the ship, and there are some canons 
shooting rapid Ions. There are several targets to hit. You must destroy all 
of the targets before the ship recieves any damage on the energy meter.

Well, this ship is hard to defeat. Please tell me you were so wise that you 
kept a nice gun, and much energy when you entered this boss.... Thank 
goodness! Ok, here's how to beat the boss...

As soon as you see the ship entering the screen, start rolling down on the 
floor to the right side of the screen. By doing this, you avoid the rolling 
platforms attack and can get safe to the other side. When you're there, 
start shooting at the ship. Target the rapid Ion canons first, because they 
are the ones that hurt most. After you destroyed them, take the rolling 
platforms. They can also hurt. And after that, shoot the front side of the 
ship. And after that, you can shoot wherever you want, the ship's energy 
will decrease since the "barrier" is gone. If you have a seeker or a better 
gun, the boss would be no problem(remember all bosses are hard in this 
game, but this time I compared this boss to the others) but if you have the 
flamer I suggest you use the grenades instead. They are easier to hit with, 
plus the damage is harder.

Rated: 8.4/10

When you play as Han Solo, you face the A2-ST where the rebellion base 
collapses, after you've run around looking for Leia. The AT-ST is huge and 
shoots rapid Ion beams that hurt a lot. You better watch out for it!

Ok, I hope you buckled up with strong weopons and a long health sword(you 
have much in energy) because this boss is mighty. And you know what, even 
if this surprise you, I hope you buckled up with grenades. Yes, grenades! I 
know you think they are worthless, but they are good to have at this boss.
If you have a gun lighter than the rapid Ions(if you have the rapid Ions or 
the plasma gun, that's just fine, but if you don't have that type of gun) 
you better use those grenades. Without using it you're dead.

Ok, tactics, tactics, tactics:

As soon as you step into the room and see the AT-ST, run quickly toward it 
and when it jumps, go behind it. Now, start shooting in the air to the 
right side(not far away from where the boss was) andyou will find a hidden 
shield here. Oh, thank goodness! Now you are protected for a while. Go back 
and destroy the ATST while the shields protect you. If you can't hit the 
boss with your gun, use the grenades. So, you beaten the boss? Well, then 
you go to the right and meet Leia.....

Rated: 8.1/10


The Jungle monster

A big, slimy, green, ugly, nasty smelling, swamp monster suddenly appears 
from nowhere. Oh, I wouldn't like to face that monster! Well, you have ta 
fight in the game(thank goodness not in reality). And of course it appears 
in the jungle. Notice!!! Right before you face the boss is the place where 
the spells are located. Check walkthrough for further information. I hope 
you gained the spell "Heal" cause it is handy at this boss.

The best way of defeating the swamp monster is to use the sabre. Jump with 
the double jump(that way you know when the sabre swings around your body, 
press B twice) through his body, over the mouth and land on the other side. 
Now, the jungle monsters eyes(and whatever it is, you name it) will be 
hurt. Continue doing this, repeat, repeat and repeat until body parts are 
falling off. When all body parts are off, the monster will finally be 
damaged of your attacks. Until then, try to keep cool, avoid the mouth and 
all the strange creatures he is spitting out, and heal yourself with the 
spell. Hopefully you'll make it. Probably you will, just make sure you are 
full on energy and force meter when you enter the boss. I don't think using 
the gun at the boss is a very clever idea, cause it won't be damaged that 
much, plus there is no way to avoid his slimy attacks.

Rated: 7.2/10

Boba Fett

Boba Fett is the bounty hunter that follows and caught Han Solo with the 
empire. He is in fact easy to defeat, a few fists of that "walking 
carpet"(Chewbacca) and he is near to cry. Another nice thing with Boba Fett 
is when you defeat him, he will leave several big hearts. Sweet! I'm not 
sure but maybe he likes you.... Well, when you see he is low on energy, let 
him fly to the right side as long as possible, and then defeat him because 
then you'll get more hearts.

Boba Fett is pretty easy. A few methods to defeat him is to use your 
blaster and/or using the spin attack. You don't know how to use the spin 
attack? Well, just simply hold the A-button and you'll see Chewie spin 


Immediately when you see Boba coming in, shoot him with your blaster. Watch 
out for his rapid Ions, oh they hurt!!! When he comes down, start 
spinning(press A-button) and strike him. He will suffer great damage. Then, 
either he freezes you or fly up again. If he fly up, you're lucky. Just 
stand there and shoot some more missiles with your blaster(it's like 
shooting flies in the air, don't you think?) and wait for your spin meter 
to increase. When the dude comes down again, go for another round with that 
spin attack. If Boba freezes ya, you have nothing to do, or more exactly, 
you can't do anything. Wait for his attacks to end, and then attack him 
with your methods. Advice: If Boba gets too far away when he lands, I 
suggest you slide away from him to the other wing of the place, so you 
don't see him, because then you avoid his dangerous attacks, they are 
nothing to play with! Ok, I know you won't hit him then, but it's better to 
run away, waiting for a good moment and then win the battle, than end up 
like a french fry. Isn't it? Well, anyway, slide away if you're too far 
away, because the attacks are dangerous. If you win the battle, Boba will 
fly out and leave several big hearts. Pick them up and go for the next 

Rated: 5.7/10


Boss 8
The fleeing ship


You thought beating Boba Fett was enough? No it wasn't. The game surely 
wants to test you, so you have to beat another boss again. This time it's a 
ship that tries to flee when you come.(You guys that've seen the movie 
knows that Han Solo is kept inside). The ship looks weirdly with two canons 
shooting rapid Ions at the sides. And of course, you are still that shaggy 
bear.... The ship that will take Han Solo to the empire is right about to 
leave when you get there. The ship is armored by Rapid Ion guns, and it 
looks weirdly. You fight as Chewie.

Use your spin-attack. Without it, the stuff will be really hard. As soon as 
you get a chance to use it(the space ship must be as low as you can hit it) 
use the spin attack. If you can't use the spin attack(if the ship is too 
high up, or if your spin energy-meter is empty, you must use your blaster) 
But try to use the spin attack as much as you can. It will help you.

After, go to the right and meet Leia.

Rated: 7.6/10

Boss 9

Witch Machine

How you doin! Ready 2 rumble? Ok, good. You need it for this boss. This is 
no trip on roses exactly, this boss is super mega hard(and I would guess 
even harder on Jedi, I never came this far on Jedi, only on brave. Hey, 
stop laughing! You don't know how hard this game really is!).

Anyway, you're about to fight a real hard boss, and you face it as Chewie 
playing at the toy factory searching for C3-PO. Just to make matters worse, 
you will have a few lazershooting machines above your head, including the 
boss. And if you're really unlucky, you may have 3 enemies also. But that 
doesn't happen often. Anyway, the witch machine is red and inside the ship 
sits a witch, controlling and trying to defeat ya.


Ok, it's time to prove how good you really are on tv-games. And here you 
have a challenge. First, don't give up if you can't make it. I know it's 
hard, but you should be able to defeat it. I hope you buckled up with the 
strongest stuff you can have, cause you gonna need it.


(There is no real tactic, just some info how to defeat it easiest).

As soon as you step in, jump to a pillar in the middle. You see some 
disturbing lazerbeam shooting machines in the ceiling. If you have the 
time(like when the ship is gone, or if it runs away) try to shoot these 
down. But concentrate on the ship. As soon as you see the ship, shoot!!! 
Shoot until you recognize that the platform is almost down in the lava(you 
know, the platforms sink). Then you must jump up so the platform can rise 
to the surface again. This will take time and make the boss even harder. 
Don't try to stand in the lava, you'll die almost immediately. Jump up and 
stand and shoot, jump up, stand and shoot and repeat until the ship is 
wrecked. If it runs away, try to avoid the lazerbeams coming from the 
ceiling. When you shot the ship enough, it will split into a new one, but 
smaller. You must defeat this one also. Shoot desperately until it dies. 
Now, you should be very very short of energy, and maybe one single hit 
could kill you now. If that happens, you have to try all the stage 
again(from the boss) and that won't be fun if you came this far. I suggest 
you don't panic and try to jump to the right, without being hit by the 
lazers or touching the lava. If you do, you are dead. You'll find C3-PO 
over there. Just jump over to him and the stage is cleared.

Rated: 10/10(I don't know how hard it is on Jedi, but I bet it is hard).


Boss 10
The carbonate freezer
A HUGE machine that I think is that one that freezes Han Solo in the movie. 
It's yellow and red, with firing blasters and freezing abilities. Buckle up 
with good stuff, you gonna need it.

When you enter the room, make sure you have the rapid Ion or something 
stronger(the plasma gun). Then you can sit down in one corner and shoot the 
boss. His energy will decrease quicker than yours and it will die before 
you do. Just sit in the corner, shooting the machine full of bullets. But 
if you have a weopon lighter than the rapid Ion(the seeker, or something 
else) this won't work. I promise, you'll end up dead. Now, don't panic. 
There's no chance in jumping around, trying to evade all the attacks, cause 
you will be hit in any way you try. Instead, use the grenades if you have 
any. Oh, you don't have any grenades? Hm...I see. Trouble. Ok, I'll tell ya 
a little tip:

There is a way to defeat this boss very easily. You see the place that 
freezes Han Solo on the bottom of the machine. Stand with Han there, make 
sure he is frozen, and then you won't be hit. When he wakes up, start 
blasting the boss. Then you get frozen again after a while. But you won't 
be damaged if you're standing in the right place. If you are damaged, you 
do something wrong. Then you must figure out and discover where to stand. 
There is a little gap to the right, right when you enter the place. Drop 
down there and test. After a few attemps, if you find the right spot, you 
are saved. Just wait until you are ready to shoot again, and then blast the 
machine. Keep doing this until it dies. If you find the right place, the 
whole boss is really easy.

Rated: 8.2/10

Boss 11
Darth Vader illusion

The Darth Vader illusion is just as Darth himself, it's just that it is 
easier because the energy is much less. The illusion is black and identic 
to the real Darth Vader. You only find it on the last few stages.

You don't really need any tactics, just make sure to deflect Darth's sabre 
and then hit back when he lowers his guard. But be careful, his sabre 
hurts! If you are low on energy, use the healing spell. You should have no 
real problems, the illusions will escape before you know it...

Rated: 5.2/10

BOSS 12(The last one)

Darth Vader

Time to face the last boss in this game. I don't know how hard he is on 
Jedi(never came that far) but I guess I'd be able to defeat him, because he 
isn't so hard as the other bosses on Brave mode(normal mode). Anyway, Darth 
Vader isn't that hard to defeat. He's black and carries a red light sabre.

As you can see, Darth seems exactly to be as the darth illusions. But there 
is one change; the real one will summon blocks that crock with you, 
decreasing your energy.

How to defeat him:

Deflect his sabre until he stops striking. Then hit back. You see that his 
energy decreases. Equip the healing spell. Don't use it 4until you are that 
short of energy that one force using will recover all the energy. Keep 
deflecting his sabre(he can't hit ya while guarding yourself with the 
sword) and then strike back. Repeat this, time after time. After a while, 
Darth will summon blocks. Then you jump around with the double jump(Luke 
swinging his sword around his body) and this will break every block. Then 
it might fall out force powerup items. Get them if you are short of energy. 
This is the tip about how to survive. Use the force to recover your energy, 
and then get new force powerup by destroying blocks. And when he stops 
summoning blocks, deflect the sabre, and then strike back when he stops. 
So, repeat this until he dies. You shouldn't have no real problems. Just 
use the heal spell and gain the force powerups from the blocks and you'll 
make it.

Rated: 7.2/10


That was all bosses! Ah!!

G: Special tricks

(Special tricks and hints in the game that may be needed/not needed.)

1. The double-jumping
This technique is required to get past some gaps in the game. If you jump 
twice, you will get much longer. It's the same technique as in Donkey Kong 
Country, you jump and then you press the B-button again. The character will 
jump twice.

2. Passwords
Passwords could be great if you really have a problem with any stage, and 
want to come further in the game. They can also be lovely if you hate the 
first levels, and don't wanna waste your time with playing them, when you 
can play more entertaining levels. And to me, passwords were lovely because 
it made I could defeat Darth Vader without playing the whole game again, so 
I could write down all text afterwards. Without passwords, it would take me 
a lifetime. Anyway, passwords could be good to have, here are some!

Password to Stage 7, the factory when the rebell base is about to collapse, 
you play as Luke.

Password to Stage 10, inside the ATAT

Password to Stage 15, the first jungle

Password to Stage 16, the second jungle, Yoda's home

Password to Stage 19, the crane stage

Password to Stage 20, the Cloud city where you play as Chewie

Password to Stage 21, when Luke races in his X-wing towards Cloud City

Password to Stage 22, the first place Darth Vader is located. This is the 
code that can take you longest. There is no other code that can make it 
possible to skip more stages. (The ultimate code).


3. Extra lives
At stage 2, there is a way to earn lives.

From the start, just go right until you reach a huge gap. If you fall down, 
you'll land on some needles. But, there's also a way to earn lives here. If 
you fall down, and then immediately fall to right(direct your character to 
the right wing) you'll land on some invisible platforms, that will save 
your life.

Now, if you start discovering this place, you'll find some powerup-items. 
This is a way to earn lives if you want. Just get the lives(must be at 
least 3 lives, 1 health sword, 1 blaster to get)and then you just kill 
yourself by falling on the needles. Then, you'll die and restart the level. 
Then you go to the same place again, fall down, move right, land on the 
invisible platforms and take the lives, and then repeat the whole thing 
again. By doing this, you'll gain three lives and die one each time you do 
it. Of course, it's your choice if you want to earn your lives this way. 
But it's definitely the best place earning lives in the game.

H: Faq

Q: I can only get a few forces, where are the rest?

A: Read my faq better! In the djungle-stage 3, in the end, you will be 
forced to move right as the screen moves on. After a while, you'll see a 
few platforms. Jump up on them and follow the path until you're up at the 
sky, where the rest forces are located. If you want to have them for sure, 
use the fly-force and you can't miss them.

I: Credits(Almost the same as on the top)


¤ To Djellybean(Dingo Jellybean) for simply being the best faq-writer

¤ To Daladiesman for lovely reviews

¤ To CLS for the best review I've ever seen(to ff3)

¤ To Square for great games

¤ To Lucas Arts for this game

¤ To Jeff for the best video-gaming site (www.gamefaqs.com)

¤ To all manga-painters, I love manga/anime!

¤ To many music artists for great music, can't name 'em all

¤ To Sefirstein for nice work

¤ To Yakuza(myself) for this work

J: Legal information

Ok, this faq took me some time to produce, so please, please respect these 

¤ Mail me BEFORE you post it on your website or do anything with this faq

¤ Don't copy it and just put your name on it, (plagirize) because I made 
it, it's my work. If you do this, you've stolen this work!!! And then I'll 
make a hell for you......

¤ Give credit to me

¤ Don't change anything in the faq

¤ Don't sell it for money

¤ Don't bring it out in too many copies, it's just killing trees

If there's anything you want to know more before you proceed with anything 
that isn't listed here, mail me immediately before you do something.

This document Copyright 2000 Yakuza

K: All text in the whole game:
Yeah, this is all the text in the game, the "short movie sequences" that 
show up after you've beaten a number of levels. Everything is exactly as 
the sequences. It's exactly the same words and everything. It took me MUCH 
time to write down everything on paper first, because the text goes so 
quickly it's hard to write everything down, and then I have to clear the 
stage again! And sometimes one more time, and so on. Ok, the text doesn't 
scroll fast, but quick enough. I would never ever write down every text in 
a RPG-game, that's a game based on the text. There you can read the text 
whenever you want. But in a platform game like this, the text will not be 
repeated, and if you wanna check the text again, like if you missed it or 
something, you won't get a second chance. That's why I wrote this text 
section. So if you missed it, or just want to check the text again, here it 

Ok, enjoy!

After stage 2, when Luke wants to check out the meteroid:
"-Echo three to echo base come in. There is a meteorite that hit the ground 
near here. I want to check it out. It won't take long."
After stage 6, the snowstorm:
"Feed station 3 TA. We have spotted imperial walkers. We've got to hold 
them until all transports are away. Their primary target will be the power 
generators. All available pilots to their snowspeeders."
After you cleared the stage 10 and the AT ST:
"Imperial troops has entered the rebel base. Give the evacuation 
signal.....and get to your ships. -I'll find the princess and get her out 
on the falcon."
After you cleared Stage 13 and found Leia:
"-Han, this bucket of bolts is never going to get past that blocks. -This 
thing's got a few surprises left in here.....sweetheart.....
After you cleared the Falcon at stage 14:
"Meanwhile in a different place in the galaxy. -No R2-D2, we're not going 
to regroup with the others. We're going to Dagobah system."
Before Stage 15, when you lose R2-D2:
"-Artoo! Where are you?"
After you cleared stage 15 and find R-2-D2:
"-Artoo! There you are. Are you alright? Next time be more careful! Now all 
we have to do is find this Yoda."
After stage 16, when you find Yoda:
"-You wish to become a jedi!I have trained Jedi for eight hundred years. To 
become a Jedi, takes the deepest commitment, patience and the most serious 
mind. A Jedi's strengh flows from the force. You must feel the force around 
you everywhere. Life creates it and make it grow. It's energy surrounds and 
binds us. Do or do not. There is no try."
After Stage 17, Deep into Amazonas, when you defeated the slimy boss:
"-Han, I thought you knew this Lando. -That was a long time ago. I'm sure 
he's forgotten by now."
After stage 19, after you defeated the carbonate freezer:
"-This Carbon freezing facility is crude. But it suits our needs. The test 
is on Solo if he proves it. He is still alive, encased in carbonite and in 
perfect Hibernation. Solo is all yours, bounty hunter! You may take him to 
Jabba the Hut. Prepare the chamber for our new arrival-Luke Skywalker!"
After Stage 20, Cloud City with Han Solo when you meet Lando:
"-Han, something is wrong here. No one has seen or knows anything about C3-
PO. Where is he? -He probably got lost Leia. Come on Chewie, let's go find 
After stage 20, before Luke races with his X-wing to Cloud City:
"Meanwhile back on Dagobah".

"Luke, you must complete the training. You must not go. Only a fully 
trained Jedi Knight with the force as his ally, will conquer Vader and the 
emperor. Have patience. If you choose the easy and quick path-as Vader did-
you will become an evil agent. Be patient. Don't give into hate. That leads 
to the dark side. Strong is Vader. Mind what you have learned....save you 
it can."

"Luke races in his X-wing to cloud city on bespin to rescue his friends."
After stage 22, the X-wing:
"Luke and R2-D2 arrive at Cloud City, unaware of the danger that awaits 

-The force is with you young Skywalker. But you are not a Jedi yet."
After stage 27, the last level:
" Troubled by the uncertain fate of Han Solo the Rebels narrowly escape the 
imperial forces on bespin..... and rejoin the rebel fleet."

"Congratulations young Jedi!"

 "You have beaten the evil imperial lord Darth Vader, master of the dark 
side. You have escaped from the clutchers of the empire with your friends 
princess Leia, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, R2-D2 and C3-PO. You have 
learned much about the force but you are not a true jedi knight yet. First 
you must complete your training with Yoda and overcome your fear by facing 
Vader again. Remember! The force is with you! Always!

"The super Nes saga and battle against the empire continues in Super Return 
of the Jedi where you must rescue your friend Han Solo from the slimy Jabba 
the Hut and confront Vader and the emperor himself!"

The staff text comes up after you finished the game. Here it is, if you 
wanna check it out who did that, who made the graphics, who made the music 
and so on, if you missed it, or if you're just curious. This staff text is 
also in the same section as the other text in the game. This staff took me 
a long time to write down because you miss some of the words, and then have 
to finish the game again, so enjoy!

Well, here it is!


Designed and directed by Kalani Streicher

Programmed by Peter Ward, John Lund, Ryan Ridges

Music and sound effects arranged and performed by Paul Webb

Additional programming by Steve Aguirre

Voices of Yoda and Darth Vader
Clint Bajakian, Peter Mcconnel

Lucasarts art and animation unit
Harrison Fong
Jon Knoles
Larry Ahern
James Dollar
Leonard Robel
Carry Ahern
Paul Mica

Sculptured project management Hal Rushton

Animation production supervisor Jon Knoles

Design contributions by Peter Ward, Harrison Fong, Jon Knoles

Produced by Kalani Streicher, Wayne Cline

Sculptured art and animation unit
Mike Lott
Chris Hawkes
Joel Izatt
Heinee Heinrichsen
Virginia Sargent

Lucas art test unit
Lead tester Brett Toshi
Chris Ross
Leytong Chew
Dana Fong
Dan Connors

The producers wish to thank everybody at
Skywalker sound North sculptured inc.
Lucasarts entertainment co. for their excellent work and contribution.

Special thanks to George Lucas

Special thanks to Chris and Robin Ward for their support.

Copyright 1993 by Lucas arts Entertainment company.(The game Super Empire 
Strikes back.)

The end

Final score _ _ _ _ _ _ _(Depends on your score)

(Dare you try either Brave, or Jedi)

(Enter your name and your on the top list)

L: Description of stages:
Here's the description of the stages. All info and everything about the 
stages are found here. I also rated how hard/easy the stages are(of course 
in my opinion).

The degrees of diffcultness are Very easy, Easy, Quite easy, Quite Normal, 
Normal, Quite Hard, Hard, Very Hard, Quite Difficult, Difficult, Very 
Difficult. Very easy is soooooo easy and Very difficult is almost 
impossible. It's so hard you can't imagine! I promise! This is the most 
difficult game I've ever played, and I played a lot of games, so I know 
what I'm talking about. And I say it again, if I put Very difficult, it is 
very very difficult.

All stages in the whole game:

|(1)  STAGE 1: The beginning(Very easy            |
|(2)  STAGE 2: Checking the Meteroid(Normal)      |
|(3)  STAGE 3: First ice cave(Quite hard          |
|(4)  STAGE 4: Ice planet Hoth(Easy)              |
|(5)  STAGE 5: Second cave(Hard)                  |
|(6)  STAGE 6: Snowstorm(Quite easy)              |
|(7)  STAGE 7: The rebellion base(Quite hard      |
|(8)  STAGE 8: Snowspeeding sequence(Normal)      |
|(9)  STAGE 9: Outside an ATAT(Difficult)         |
|(10)STAGE 10: Inside an ATAT(Quite Hard          |
|(11)STAGE 11: On top of an ATAT(Quite easy)      |
|(12)STAGE:12  Rebellion base collapses(Hard)     |
|(13)STAGE 13: Rebellion base destroyed(Hard)     |
|(14)STAGE 14: The Falcon(Difficult)              |
|(15)STAGE 15: The jungle(Normal)                 |
|(16)STAGE 16: Yoda's home(Hard)                  |
|(17)STAGE 17: Deep into amazonas(Difficult)      |
|(18)STAGE 18: Cloud city (Very difficult)        |
|(19)STAGE 19: The crane stage(Difficult)         |
|(20)STAGE 20: Toy factory(Very difficult         |
|(21)STAGE 21: Moon City(Very difficult)          |
|(22)STAGE 22: X-wing(Difficult)                  |
|(23)STAGE 23: Darth Vader's base(Normal)         |
|(24)STAGE 24: Darth Vader's place(Normal)        |
|(25)STAGE 25: Darth Vader's home(Normal)         |
|(26)STAGE 26: Darth Vader(Quite normal)          |

Ok, here's the description of the stages. Check it out!
I might have forgotten a few sort of enemies at the stages, but I don't 
think that would be common. I don't know if it changes the world anyway...
STAGE 1: The beginning
Well, this game seems to be pretty boring. White, snowy, snorting enemies 
all the way. You can almost feel the cold. Keep your head up, the game will 
get better later. This is the first stage. You'll play as Luke. The first 
stage is very short, you only need to climb a small mountain/cliff and 
you're at stage 2. It's time you learn to live with all this snow, you'll 
be caught up in this place for a long, long while now.....

Alien birds, Big snowballs, Small snowballs and maybe a few pigs.

STAGE 2: Checking the meteroid
On the contrary to stage 1, this one is long. You start as Luke, riding the 
Tauntaun. As I said, there is snow everywhere. Basically the whole stage is 
about that you must ride all the way to the right and then enter the cave 
that comes up. The stage is full of enemies and traps. And many of them are 
pit traps where you fall down from a bridge or something else. If you're 
searching for blaster-power, this stage is a good one to look at. Shoot all 
enemies you see, and you'll get rewarded by at least one blaster.
Pigs, Meteroids, gaps, needles, ice needles, white flowers, snowballs, 
alien birds, flying ice birds.

STAGE 3: First Ice cave
Welcome to the ice cave!! Is it cold in here? Or is a snow monster briefing 
just behind ya? No surprise. I hate these stages. When you play at this 
stage, the whole thing is about trying to stay cool. And I mean stay cool. 
If you start to jump around, recklessy, you soon get killed. There are 
needles and enemies all over the place, and you better equip yourself with 
a strong blaster and tough shields to survive.
Snow monsters, ice needles, bats, gaps, pigs, ice bears.

STAGE 4: Ice planet Hoth
Ah! Finally out of that terrible cave! Brief some fresh air and relax for 
now, no more snow beasts. So, jump up on the tauntaun you find and ride 
until you reach the next cave(No! Not more caves!). Go all the way to the 
right and you find the entrance. Have a lovely trip :(
Meteroids, bridges, needles, pigs, flying ice birds, gaps.

STAGE 5: Second cave
Ok, welcome back. Just to make matters worse, this stage is even harder 
than the other cave. Buckle up with strong blasters and try to survive. Oh 
man! I'm sick of these caves!-you might say. Well, you don't know how I 
feel. Imagine making a faq for this game. How many times do you think I've 
been through this stages? Ok, let's stop the complaining right here. You 
have a pretty long stage to go through, and I hope you do your best. The 
stage is very hard, cause there are many many snowmonsters that freeze you. 
And there are gaps all over the place that only wait for you to fall down. 
Well, you find out for yourself, the stage is really hard!!
Snow monsters, ice needles, gaps, needles, bats, pigs, snow flowers, snow 

STAGE 6: Snowstorm
You're out of the cave again, and I'm sure you feel tempted to turn off the 
SNES by now, playing another game. No! Keep playing and see if the game is 
better, later. Well, at least it can't get worse :( .
Go right all the way, jump over some platforms, play the bonus game(when 
you ride an ice block, catching score) and fight the two bosses(one 
middleboss and one bigger droid) and you cleared it. Watch out for those 
bosses, they are hard!!
Pigs, meteroids, droids, gaps, eels, 2 bosses, bridges, needles, ice flying 

STAGE 7: The rebellion base
The Rebel base is invaded by imperial troops and a message says that all 
available pilots to their ships. Luke is a pilot, so he runs to his ship. 
But along the way, there are several enemies that block the way, and you 
have to go through...Don't worry, this stage is one of the easiest in the 
game. There are only a few spiders double your size, lazershooting droids 
everywhere, and a few mines scattered over the stage.
Mechanic spiders, flamers, probe droids, speed bikers, splinters, imperial 
soldiers, mines.
STAGE 8: Snowspeeding sequence
Yeah, some cool change!! You drive a snowspeeder(sort of ship) in a sort of 
3D way, with enemies to blast. Yeah! At least it's better than being 
defeated by snowmonsters all the time....(you that came this far knows what 
I'm talking about).
Probe droids, speed bikers, ATAT's, ATST's.

STAGE 9: Outside an AT AT
Luke comes closer to an ATAT and you have to play in two sequences here, 
one when driving that gigant ship and one falling out and running as Luke.
Watch out, it's hard to stay alive...
Speed bikers, mines, imperial white soldiers, white snipers, rapid Ion 
droids, white grenade thowers.

STAGE 10: Inside the ATAT
Well, believe it or not, but right now you're inside an ATAT. In the movie, 
you see Luke Skywalker fire a detonator in the ATAT, this time he is inside 
it.... Why are you here? Well, there is a boss on top of the place, and I 
guess that's where you are heading.... This place is full of enemies and 
ecspecially star-shooting machines. Use your sword to deflect everything 
you encounter.
Rolling balls, mechanic star shooters, imperial white soldiers, white 

STAGE 11: Up on the ATAT
This is not really a stage, it's more like a short middle sequence before 
you face the boss. If you are lucky, you can gain a detonator from the Ion 
shooters. If you do, run fastly to the boss and use it. But it never 
happens often.
Rapid Ion shooters, Boss.

STAGE 12: Rebellion base collapses
(Finally a change! No more snow!)

Now, Darth Vader and his troops have invaded the base and you're just about 
to flee in the falcon. But Han must catch Leia first. As he walks around in 
the base, he meets many enemies and droids that make his life miserable. 
Now, this stage is long so don't try to get it over quickly, just do what 
you have to.
Imperial white soldiers, rapid ion droids.

STAGE 13: Rebellion base destroyed
You just cleared the first stage with Han Solo and will start to play at 
the next. How far is it to that g"dd"mn falcon? Don't worry, just run on 
and use the platforms to get lower/higher up and you will find it. This 
stage isn't so hard, so keep going.
rapid ion droids, imperial white soldiers, white snipers, 

STAGE 14: The Falcon
Ok, you've entered the place where I've never beaten at Jedi. Of course 
I've beaten it on Brave and Easy, but at Jedi I haven't. I'm sorry, but I 
can't make it. The game is so hard. But I can tell you what to do if you 
want to come as far as you want. You drive the falcon right into a meteor 
shower and must get her out as quick as you can. But the imperial ships 
want to interrupt and you must destroy them all. For more tips, check the 

IMPOSSIBLE!!! If I can't beat it(at the highest level) then it must be 
impossible. It's simple, that is fact. It's impossible. If you can prove 
you've beaten this stage at JEDI(hardest level) I'd be very impressed and 
respect you for the rest of my life(almost).
Imperial ships, meteroids.

STAGE 15: The jungle
Ah, the jungle! Some difference from those snow-worlds. But R2 is lost! 
Where is he? Your mission is to find him. Unfortunately I never came this 
far on Jedi(hard) but I made it to this place with Brave(Normal) and Easy. 
So I can inform you about that. I don't know if there are any changes 
between the Jedi/Brave/Easy modes at this stage, but I don't think so.
You must find R2 and you start searching the jungle. You will discover many 
strange and weird animals here.
Piranhas, Eels, Alien wurm, sea-stars, crocodiles, brown eagles.

STAGE 16: Yoda's home
Ok, you found R2, but this time you must find the Jedi-teacher Yoda. And he 
is somewhere deep inside this jungle. This stage is a little harder than 
the other jungle stage you just beat, but not much. You find Yoda after a 
while, standing in a corner.
Brains, alien wurms, piranhas, aliens, tough rhinos, eagles, strange 
lizards, sea stars, crocodiles.

STAGE 17: Deep into Amazonas
You found Yoda, R2-D2? Good, now you must learn to use the force. In this 
stage you will find them high up in the air right before you face the boss. 
If you want a more detailed way of getting them, check the walkthrough. 
EH!! Welcome to the slimy boss nest! You can almost smell it from the tv...
Brains, piranhas, eels, sea stars, strange lizards, eagles, crocodiles and 
the boss.

STAGE 18: Toy Factory
C3PO is gone(why would he be? Then I must go and find him!) and you must 
find him. Perhaps this is the hardest stage in the whole game. I don't 
know, cause I never came this far at Jedi, but if I compare the stages I've 
been at on Brave(normal diffcultness) I find this one hardest. And then it 
is quite obvious it is at Jedi. Anyway, it's hard and contains a tough boss 
to defeat. The stage is full of lava that can kill you in 2 seconds, and 
it's full of enemies. Make sure to power up your weopons, you'll need it 
for the boss.
small witches, thin blue commanders, lava, gaps, lazerbeam-shooting 
machines, a boss.

STAGE 19: The crane stage
The crane stage(T.C.S.) is full of cranes and deadly enemies. But something 
much more dangerous are all the gaps. I tell ya, those gaps killed me a 
thousand times! Ok, if you don't want to listen to my crap, I describe this 

Watch out for all enemies that can push you into the gaps. And this is 
nothing but a warning. I promise, you will get problems.
Cranes, big flamers, imperial white soldiers, purple flying balls, cloud 
soldiers, gaps, freezers.

STAGE 20: Cloud city
You'll play as Chewie, searching for the ship that would take Han to Darth 
Vader. Watch out, there is a nasty enemy at this stage, so be careful!
Cloud soldiers, blue catapults, hags, blue droids, mechanic shooters, gaps, 
electrical shocks.

STAGE 21: X-wing
Whoa! Instead of driving a snowspeeder, you now drive an X-wing. But in 
fact, it's almost the same thing. You must shoot down 15 cloud ships before 
you can go on. Use the proton missile(left or right button at the top of 
the controller). Very hard stage at Jedi, I would guess. Not so hard at 
Cloud ships.

STAGE 22: Darth Vader's base
The first place in Darth's nest. You are inside his place, running around 
deep inside to find him. There are enemies everywhere, and platforms to 
jump over. It's easy to fall down, so I suggest you equip the flying spell.
Rolling balls, mechanic star shooters, imperial red soldiers, red snipers, 
red grenade throwers, rapid ion droids, lazer beams, everything you can 

STAGE 23: Darth Vader's place
You are in the second place as Darth is hiding inside. It almost looks 
exactly as the previous one, but with a few changes. Equip the flying spell 
and run to find the boss. You are near now!!!
Rolling balls, mechanic star shooters, imperial red soldiers, red snipers, 
red grenade throwers, rapid ion droids, lazer beams,

STAGE 24: Darth Vader's home
You are falling down from a high height through a hole. Try to collect as 
much points as you can. It will increase your score a lot. When you are 
down, head right to meet the boss(the illusion darth Vader).
The same as in the others.

STAGE 25: Darth Vader
This is no stage, it's the ultimate fight! You versus Darth Vader! Just go 
right and you must face the evil lord. Now, there is no turning back, go on 
and fight for the light side. Defeat the dark side.

(I can almost hear Darth Vader saying: "Du hast misch"-You found me in 
German. I bet you heard the song. It fits kinda good to this game now. We 
really "hast" Darth Vader now.)
Darth Vader.

M: Changes between the movie/game
Whoooo! YES, this is a short sequence where some info about the changes 
between the game and the movie. Now why did I include this section in the 
game? Well, it can give you some advices(why it is different, what to do) 
and maybe it can be interesting to know. Of course there're many 
changes/differences, but I only list the major parts.

+ In this game, there are often longer chapters than it was in the 
movie(much longer snow stages, longer stages where you play as Han etc.)

+ In this game, you actually defeat Darth Vader, in the movie you are 
beaten badly, with a hand lesser.

+ In the game, in the jungle, you face a jungle monster(the slimy boss)
that doesn't exist in the movie.

+ In the beginning, you fight a cave monster that doesn't exist in the 

+ You play as Chewbacca in this game, in the movie, you won't know anything 
about this.

+ You are inside an ATAT, but Luke was never in a ATAT in the movie.

+ Ok, Luke travels to Cloud city in the movie, but you never see him 
fighting cloud ships.

+ And of course there are plenty of enemies that never were shown in the 

N: A few things about the movie(good to know when playing the game)
Yeah, as I mentioned the game is based on the movie 
"Star Wars: Episode IV: The empire strikes back". Because of the game is 
based on the movie, it could be good to know a few things of the movie(like 
get some inspiration, it could be more fun to know about the movie while 
playing the game etc, and if you forgot the whole movie, here's a sort of 
short review).

Here's a short view of the movie:
The whole thing starts with that the empire search desperately for the 
rebellion's hidden base. They want it discovered, so they can destroy it. 
The rebels are the only threat for the empire, that will conquer the whole 
universe. The rebels are led by a princess, Leia. The rebels are few, got 
no modern weopons, and got overall quite bad odds against the empire. The 
only thing they can win on is their braveness. The rebels are discovered by 
a searching machine, and Darth Vader and his troops travel to the Hoth 
system, where the rebel base is located. Your first meeting with Luke is 
when he's out, checking a droid. But he get caught by an ice monster, and 
must be rescued by Han Solo. They go back to the base, and find out that 
the empire is on the way. The rebels prepare for defense and evacuate 
civilians. Luke takes place in a Snow speeder, and try to defend the base. 
Han Solo and Leia leave the base, right before it gets destroyed by the 

Han Solo and Leia get chased by the empire, but they try to escape. But the 
hyperdrive(super fast engine) won't work, so Han must find another way, 
escaping the empire. He drives the ship to a city his friend owns, the 
cloud city, unaware that he got a bounty hunter on his neck. Meanwhile, 
Luke travels to Dagobah system to learn the Jedi force from Yoda. But 
there, when he learned the force, he sees a picture; where his friends are 
captured and....well, more he can't see, because he loses control. But he 
thinks that they maybe will die, and he rushes quickly to the plane, and go 
to rescue them. Yoda try to warn him, he must complete the training. Only a 
full Jedi knight can defeat Darth Vader and restore peace in the galaxy. 
Luke isn't ready yet. But he must save his friends! Luke flies quickly to 
the cloud city.

At cloud city, Lando Calrissian(Han Solo's friend) is forced to betray his 
old friend by the empire, and they all get captured. Han Solo get frozen 
into carbonate, meanwhile Luke races quickly to cloud city. Lando knows he 
has been tricked, and finally decides to do something. He makes up a plan 
and fool the empire for a second. Then Luke arrives, challenging Darth 
Vader. But he gets beaten, and in the last second, Leia, Chewie and Lando 
come rescuing him. And they rejoin the rebel fleet.

End of Faq

Final comments:
I thought "Super Empire Strikes Back" for Snes was a quite ok game, maybe 
thanx to it's so old. But there were definitely too many snow stages, that 
did the game boring. I'm sick of the snow stages. If I would make a 
statement, I think the movie (episode IV: the empire strikes back) was much 
better. I'm a bit disappointed. I thought a movie with this fantastic story 
and everything could make a good game. Obviously I was wrong. But what can 
you expect, all games based on movies are usually just crappy. But this 
game could have been better, without all those snow stages!!! Anyway, I 
thought the game was ok, but better has been made. Super Empire Strikes 
Back was the first game I got to the SNES, I got it from my parents, that 
bought it for my birthday (so sweet!) a long time ago. I was stunned by the 
"cool" graphics, "awesome" sound and whatever it was. Now my mind has 
absolutely changed. This game has no cool graphics, no awesome sound, it's 
just another platform game. But then it also was 7 years since I played it 
the first time.

Well, I tell ya again, watch the movie, it's worth seeing. But this game 
ain't something special. Once again, it might take a while before I update 
the document, so be patient.

I'm sorry about bringing the faq out so late! It took me awhile to do this 
one and all the others. I thought it would be better if I submitted 
everything at the same time, a little cooler(a little more awesome, 
everything at one day). I was also a bit late, never really worked enough 
with them. I recognized that there was 3 months ago since I did something 
at www.gamefaqs.com, and then I thought I had to hurry up with my stuff, to 
get them ready. And here they are, finally. Yeah! That sums it all up. Once 
again, sorry for bringing it out so late.

End of faq
This is the end. Have a great time, whatever you're doin'. Hope you didn't 
read this faq for nothing, I mean, I hope something of this was worth 
reading. If not, I'm sorry. But I think everyone should be satisfied, I 
mean, what more can be written about Super Empire Strikes Back? I did the 
faq as fully I could, with everything I could come up with about the 
game(even all the text). I'm sorry about all spelling/grammar errors. I did 
the best I could.

Anyway, have a pleasant time!!!

This document Copyright 2001 Yakuza


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