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Fun guilty pleasure 11/12/18 2001mark
Good thing I didn't like the Neighbors 11/30/09 Arcreium
I wish zombies would eat my neighbors... 02/17/01 Bloop182
Zombies Ate My Neighbors! Trolls Ate My Parents! Ghouls Ate My SPECIAL Garden! 01/20/02 Bobo The Clown
It's about time I give this awesome yet overlooked game the credit it deserves! 04/16/00 Brak
Cheesy zombies, evil dolls, and huge babies... what's could be bad about that? 02/22/01 BrakZero
A fun 2 player game for those who want to see the lighter side of Resident Evil 11/01/99 C-Dawg
Move over RE, there's a new zombie shooter in town 01/30/06 eolsen
Campy, horrific fun. 04/21/00 fduboo
Plan Nine From LucasArts... 02/21/04 Grunge Skeletor
A timeless classic. 03/14/02 iamtheeggman
Possibly the best non-RPG title for the SNES! 01/24/01 ItsEasyMkay
Fun game, great with two players! 11/01/99 Jeff_
The best game I have ever played! 09/29/01 Josiah
An excellent game that stands the test of time like no other. 10/14/00 JPeeples
A great, underrated game 02/27/06 LedFanatic4
Maniacs, Mutants, and the occassional Zombie. 10/12/02 LinktheLegend
Save The Cheerleaders!!! 09/16/05 liquidSeks
Biggest Disapointment of All Time 10/27/09 MightyCh04s
Fun to waste an afternoon on. 08/03/10 MisterMarioMan
Another enteraining and engaging hit from Konami! 04/08/02 Nanaki XIII
Zombies usually stink 09/25/08 Ofisil
Time to kill some zombies before Halloween 10/30/09 rising_k
Painfully dissapointing 01/19/02 SNESCHAMP
For Me, This Game Has More Replay Value Than Tetris. 08/30/05 tectactoe
Zombie Bites Dog, Film at 11 12/03/07 The Manx
A Crappy Review For An Excellent Game 02/08/03 TwistedGamer

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Is Zombies Ate My Neighbors Worth Playing Today? - SNESdrunk
Is Zombies Ate My Neighbors Worth Playing Today? - SNESdrunk from SNES drunk

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