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Guide and Walkthrough by N64PSXDCnow

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/02/2009

---------------Super Star Wars Walkthrough---------------
---------------Version 1.0---------------
---------------Written by Hunter Mann---------------

Distribute freely. If you need to contact me, send an e-mail to: 
Super Star Wars is owned and copyrighted by LucasArts Entertainment

Overview: Super Star Wars is a 2D side-scrolling Action-Platformer based on the
first movie of the original Star Wars Trilogy (with some obvious liberties to 
provide a littlemore gameplay for the player) Most levels feature either Luke
Skywalker, Han Solo, or Chewbacca traversing a level on foot from left to right
with a boss battle at the end withnumerous power-ups available from dropped 
enemies or hidden throughout the level. Occasionally a vehicle level is present
instead. This walkthrough is written assuming the player is playing on the 
medium difficulty (Brave) and not using any cheat codes.

1.)	Dune Sea
2.)	First Land Speeder Level
3.)	Outside Sandcrawler
4.)	Inside Sandcrawler
5.)	Land of the Sand People
6.)	Land of the Banthas
7.)	Second Lander Speeder Level
8.)	Mos Eisley
9.)	Cantina Fight
10.)	Escape From Mos Eisley
11.)	Death Star Hanger Bay
12.)	Rescue of the Princess
13.)	Tractor Beam Core
14.)	The Death Star


Luke Skywalker: Luke is the first available character and the one the player
must use until the Cantina Fight level. He starts off with the weakest gun
(the blaster) but later on receives a light saber as a melee weapon in addition
to his gun. He has a slide available by pressing down, forward, and B at the
same time

Chewbacca: Chewie is the second playable character that the player meets and is
the slowest but has the most health. He never gets a melee weapon but he starts
with the flame gun (2nd weakest gun). He has a near horizontal slide available
by pressing down, forward, and B.

Han Solo: The last playable character one can choose after the Cantina Fight
level is beaten. Han has the flame gun like Chewbacca but is noticeably faster.
He has no melee weapon but can roll using the down, forward, B combo.


Small Heart: Restores a small amount of health, the most common power up

Big Heart: Rarely dropped from enemies, usually hidden in the level or for
destroying certain enemies. These restore a large amount of health.

Darth Vader Mask: doubles the point value for everything you destroy for a
short period of time (these stack if you get multiple of them) which is only
useful for getting lives at certain point values or if you care about a high

Disc: extends the time you have to beat the level (though that is rarely a 
concern) and gives you more time the faster you pick it up starting at 50

A Lightsaber: Increases your max health though this goes away if you die or
beat the level

Thermal Detonator: Upon picking it up you have a short period of time (while
the words “Thermal Detonator” appear on the screen) to press X and destroy
everything on screen. If you can get one to a boss and use it, you’ll do
massive damage to them though this is difficult due to the short period of time
you get to keep them.

Shields: Yellow little symbols that when picked up make you flash and keep you
from taking any damage.

1-Up: Appears as the head of whichever character you’re controlling, gives you
an extra life. Never dropped randomly.

Blaster: Upgrades your gun to the next level (Does nothing if your gun is at
the highest level). This stays after each level but goes away if you die. The
levels are Blaster, Flame, Seeker, Rapid Ion, and Plasma. This power up is
never dropped randomly, only found or dropped from specific enemies that will
always drop it upon being defeated.


Level 1: Dune Sea
You’ll start off with Luke in a sandy desert and quickly notice you’re being
dive-bombed by swarms of some kind of large bat-like creature. They’re not a
large threat and go down in 3 or 4 blasts. Keep moving, stopping only to get
some health from them. You’ll also encounter red scorpions, often spawning on
top of the rocks that frequently appear in the area or out of the ground, they
have a green projectile attack but it’s not terribly damaging. If you kill all
the scorpions coming out of the first rock you get a secret gun upgrade. Simply
kneel down (Press down on the D-Pad) and fire and you’ll make quick work of
them in a few blasts. Both the scorpions and bats drop a single heart which is
about how much damage they do when they hit you. Moving onwards you’ll find a
small sand pit that slows your movement and conceals scorpions. Jump forward to
get through it quickly. After some more scorpions and bats you’ll come to your
first large sand dune which has a new enemy on it, a larger version of the
scorpion you’ve been fighting so far. It can shoot multiple green blobs at a
time and has an extending mouth that can reach you about a body length away.
When you destroy it two regular scorpions are left in its place. Make quick
work of them with your blaster and at the apex of the dune jump up for a large
heart that restores a lot of health. At the base of the dune you’ll encounter
green womp rats that jump out at you. They appear constantly but have little
health. If you destroy all of the womp rats that come out of the rock you'll
reveal two big hearts and another gun grade (though this can take quite a
while). Run just a bit further for yet another gun upgrade sitting on a rock
out in the open. Move forward carefully, keeping your health full or close to
it by killing the womp rats and you’ll come to a second large dune that again
has a new enemy on it, this time a man sized snake type creature that will
throw you around if you get too close. Keep your distance and take it down in a
few shots, it’ll drop three hearts for you. At the base of the second dune
you’ll encounter several of the large scorpions. With your new blaster they
shouldn’t pose much of a threat. After this is a third and final large dune
with two more of the big scorpions on it, jump and shoot if you need a better
angle on them and move on. After clearing the dune you’ll encounter another
worm and some big scorpions, keep your distance and they should pose little
threat. After another small sand pit and some more big scorpions you’ll come to
a large sand pit that takes up the entire screen and contains the boss.

Level 1 Boss: Sarlacc Pit Monster
Making an appearance a few movies ahead of time is the Sarlacc Pit Monster. He
isn’t terribly difficult and simply firing as fast as you can when he appears
and letting him hit you is sometimes enough to beat him. The smart way to do it
is to wait for a tentacle to appear out of the sand, it won’t damage you, that
signals where the boss is going to appear. When he does he’ll either swing his
tentacles at you if you’re close or lob brown rocks in an arc at you if you’re
out of tentacle range. The trick is to wait in the middle, and when you see
where the boss is going to appear jump away and fire at the main body while
firing diagonally up to destroy the rocks. Keep this up (or if you’re impatient
wait til he’s lost half his health and then just fire at him constantly and you
should kill him before he kills you) and the Sarlacc Pit Monster will be gone
soon enough. The rocks do more damage than the tentacles so if you go the
impatient route, get close. Once you win you get a cut scene.

Level 2: First Land Speeder Level
This level has no real official name and it’s also the first vehicle mission.
Your goal is simply to kill 12 Jawas and then head towards the sand crawler
that appears and gets closer as your kill more jawas. Take it slow, avoid rocks
and pits, and this is a very easy level. There are only two enemies, jawas in
little floating black pods that throw thermal detonators when they get close
and womp rats that hop slowly at you. You can easily destroy either from a
distance before they become a threat. Do not use your Jets until you’ve beaten
the quota of jawas as getting the jawas behind you can be a pain and lead to a
situation where they surround you which won’t end well. Move forward at regular
speed until you see a jawa, reverse direction while firing at it (just move
sideways till it’s in front of you, you don’t even need to use the jets to
change direction) and then resume moving forward once it’s dead. Repeat until
you’ve killed 12 of them. Once you’ve accomplished this hit down and the jet
button (B) to fly near the top of the screen where nothing can hit you and keep
going towards the sand crawler until the level ends. If you do take damage
during the level the jawas drop big hearts when you beat them. The moisture
farm towers drop jet fuel when destroyed but you really shouldn’t need any.
Just make sure you don’t run into any rocks, pits, or moisture towers and
you’ll be fine.

Level 2 Boss: No Boss

Level 3: Outside Sandcrawler
Assuming you didn’t die you’ll still have somewhere between the flame and rapid
ion gun when this level starts which will be helpful. Moving forward you’ll see
several jawas that fire slow moving blue shots at you. You should be able to
take them out in one shot and starting in this level you’ll find some enemies
drop new power ups (all of the ones listed in the power up section with the
noted exception of the gun upgrade and 1-Up). You’ll quickly reach the
sandcrawler which is slowly moving away from you. You’ll see on the side of it
a bunch of small and large hatches. The small hatches shoot fire directly
downward and the large ones release flying drones. Jump and destroy them as you
head on to the second set of treads. You’ll see two jawas throwing thermal
detonators at you and two large hatches. Jump up and destroy them then head
left (if you head right you’ll run into two guns, the first of which drops a
big heart if you destroy it) by jumping up on the set of treads and running
left. First you’ll see a gun emplacement, shoot it a few times and avoid the
shrapnel when it explodes and keep going left. A jawa above you on a non moving
metal platform will drop a gun upgrade when killed which will give you the
seeker (or flame if you died) which as its name implies seeks out targets but
won’t go after the hatches. Either jump up on the platform the jawa was on with
a high jump (Up on the D-Pad and B) or keep going left and head up on the
moving platform. If you go left you’ll need to jump on a wide moving platform
that will take you right eventually (you’ll see a gun emplacement that gives
you a big heart when the wide platform goes up). At this point most of the
remaining level is an exercise in platforming. You’ll move in a zigzag pattern
that generally heads upwards. If you seem to come to a dead end wait to see if
a moving platform arrives or if you can jump upwards. High jumps will
occasionally be needed. You have plenty of time so don’t get discouraged if you
fall and lose a lot of progress. The seeker will make dealing with the gun
emplacements easy and they tend to stay dead if you fall and have to come back
up (unlike the jawas and hatches). If you’re unsure whether you can make a jump
wait around for 10 seconds or so to see if a moving platform will appear to
make the task easier. The last large hatch you see will drop a Big Heart and
you’re only two jumps away from getting on top of the sand crawler. Once on top
of the sandcrawler a big heart will appear on the edge and two turrets will
rise out to fire at you, their shots do decent damage but are fairly easy to
avoid. Keep heading right and down a little tiny slope where another gun
appears. Destroy it and then fire up where the gun used to be for another large
heart. You’ll run into a large number of turrets, don’t worry if you take some
damage, this level has no boss. You’ll eventually reach an arrow telling you to
jump down into the sandcrawler but first jump up in the air and shoot directly
above the entryway to reveal a 1-Up and a blaster up grade. High jump to get
the power ups and fall into the sandcrawler.

Level 3 Boss: No Boss

Level 4: Inside Sandcrawler
This level can be a major pain since it includes some instant death lava near
the end and is rather long. You’ll find yourself in a hallway at the start of
the level. Directly behind you in one of the many traps you’ll see inside the
sandcrawler. It shoots a stream of fire at you and covers a good distance with
it. Fortunately you can deal with most of them by shooting them and this is no
exception. Head down the hallway, kill the jawa throwing thermal detonators and
drop down. You’ll see jawas in front of you and another trap behind you on the
floor, a little panel that opens up and shoots fire straight up (seeing a theme
here?). The trap is harmless unless you stand on it so take out the jawas and
keep moving forward (If you do want to take out the trap fire diagonally
downwards at it, the angle you have to hit it is sometimes a little odd but one
shot should do it). You’ll run into some more jawas and wall traps and continue
dropping down and reversing direction without much of note until you reach one
drop that has a moving platform going up and down. There is a little dead end
hallway with a gun upgrade in plain sight near where the platform reaches its
highest point. If you haven’t died yet, you should have the best gun in the
game power-wise. You’ll continue to descend via moving platforms (and shooting
jawas along the way) until you reach another hallway with a floor trap. Go
forward and then you’ll have to head upwards via a moving platform past jawas,
a different looking wall trap (that acts the same as the other one) and now a
ceiling trap that fires blaster shots diagonally. You’ll probably take some
damage on this part but at the very top of the platform’s movement you can get
a big heart if you do a high jump and go to the right. Go left and you’ll see a
door with drills on the other side of it on the floor. These aren’t instant
death but they will drain your health pretty fast if you stand on them. In here
you’ll enter large moving guns over drill pits; you have to hit the guns head
on hitting the opening where they fire from. There are five guns and most of
them have floor traps inconveniently placed. If you’re quick the traps often
won’t get a chance to hit you, but watch out for the destroyed guns, they
produce a lot of shrapnel. Use the moving platform the gun was on to get over
the drill pits and eventually you’ll drop down to another hallway. Congrats,
this is a checkpoint. Going through the door you’ll see ceiling traps and a new
kind of trap, one you can’t destroy. If you get close green beams bar you from
continuing and do damage to you. You have to slide past them but this is an
inexact science as often you still hit activate the green bars. Keep sliding,
when you do hit them you get knocked back far enough that the green bars
deactivate. You’ll also encounter box droids that fire blaster shots at you.
Just kill them as quickly as you can and grab the heart they give. It’s pretty
hard to get through the green bar traps without taking at least some damage but
do your best to get through. Some of the later green bar traps have floor and
ceiling traps around them. Take them out before you slide through. After 3 or 4
of the green bar traps you’ll see a metal platform that will fall down when you
step on it, jump off of it to the right before it hits the floor since it lands
in a drill pit. Waiting for you to your right is a big Rapid Ion firing ceiling
turret. Fire at the bit connecting it to the ceiling and you’ll soon have it
destroyed. There are several of them and each one drops a big heart. The next
two are a bit easier to destroy since there is a middle step in front of them
right before the moving conveyor belt you can stand on that gives you a direct
shot at the support if you fire diagonally. They can hit you here, but they
have a hard time doing it. Taking advantage of this should allow you to be at
near full health after the third one. You’ll find yourself needing to do a long
jump (right (or left) on the D-Pad and hold B instead of just pressing it) to
get over a drill pit and then a high jump to reach the moving platform above
you. There will be two jawas throwing thermal detonators and a wall trap, just
high jump up to the right when you can reach it to get out of there quickly.
You’ll now be confronted with smashing traps; large black machines that smash
the floor at regular intervals. There are four of them in a row, take them one
at a time and slide under. If they nick you it’s not instant death, just some
health loss. After the last one you ride down a moving platform and have
another of the ceiling turrets to deal with, the little platform in from of it
is ideal for hitting its support from and you’ll be rewarded with a big heart
for doing so. After jumping over some drill pits you’ll drop down into another
large room that has a mini-boss (it doesn’t have a health bar or a name, but it
takes a good deal of punishment). The trick to beating it is to get as close to
it as possible and fire. Its forward lunge projectile can’t hit you if you’re
too close and only one or two of its triple blast shots can hit you.  Killing
it will give you a big heart and a gun upgrade. The next room is an upgrade
room with alternating lightsabers and big hearts on falling platforms over one
big drill pit. You should come out of this room with nearly full health. You’ll
see that lava that I warned you about at the beginning of this level at the end
of the drill pit as a waterfall (lavafall?) heading down. You’re given a
falling platform to use and once again like the drill pit earlier you need to
jump off before it hits the ground and head to the right. This time if you fall
you die however and go all the way back to the checkpoint mentioned some time
ago. Continue right and you’ll come to a series of little platforms in the
lava, use long jumps and go at a steady pace, about halfway through plumes of
lava will start jumping out of the lava and if you go too slow you’ll be hit.
They don’t kill you, but they can easily knock you into the lava pits which
will kill you. You’ll reach a center area with a bunch of ceiling and floor
traps. Move past them quickly and you’ll see another set of platforms, it will
be here that you fight the boss and yes, the lava pools will be more dangerous
in this fight then the boss itself. It’s been a long level and its almost over,
good luck!

Level 4 Boss: Lava Beast Jawenko
Jump to the middle of the three platforms (the game will slow down as you jump
to the first platform) and watch out, the boss is on your right firing lava
plumes knocking you left, but a single lava plume will come from behind you and
possibly knock you forward into the lava. Dodge it either by quickly jumping to
the platform directly in front of the boss, jumping up at the right time or
starting at the left of the middle platform and taking it. After this the
battle mostly breaks down to standing on the right edge of the middle platform
(The first one disappears as the screen pans right at the beginning of the boss
fight) and firing at the boss until you’re knocked back and then moving forward
again. Make sure you don’t get knocked back too far or run forward so far that
you fall into the lava. You can jump over his lava plumes if you time it right.
Once you beat Jawenko do a few more long jumps over to R2-D2 on the far end, a
few lava plumes will appear, go at a steady pace and you should be able to
dodge them. Beating this level gives you a cut scene.

Level 5: Land of the Sand People
You’ll start off facing a frog. It’s not terribly dangerous, but it leaves
behind a sticky puddle that you can’t jump out of and is incredibly slow to
move through. Keep going and kill another one of the frogs and run over a land
bridge that collapses as you cross it, as long as you keep moving you’ll be
fine. This level contains bottomless pits and spiky instant death pits so be
careful of any areas you can’t see the bottom of. You’ll notice that the bats
from the first level are back but you should have at least the flame gun from
the previous level (The checkpoint puts you back before the mid-boss that gives
you an upgrade) so they will pose little threat at this point. Just beyond the
bridge are two jawas and a big heart that looks like it’s in a hole that will
kill you, it’s not so go down and get it if you need health. After this is
another collapsing bridge, watch out for frogs near the end of the bridge that
may knock you back into the pit. Beyond the bridge are more frogs, boulders
that rain down from the sky and a blaster upgrade in a shallow pit. Do not kill
a frog in the pit, you’ll pretty much have to wait for the goo to disappear
before you can escape and you’ll be hit with boulders. Keep going to get inside
a cave and away from the boulders. You’ll encounter more jawas but you’ll have
at least the flame gun and probably better so they should pose no threat. There
is a big heart near a jawa that throws thermal detonators from a ledge above
you; a high jump will get you there. Continue on, killing jawas until you’re
forced to go down, three big hearts out in the open will get you back any
health you’re missing. After you head down, you’ll encounter womp rats and
tusken raiders. The womp rats are no big deal, but the tusken raiders can take
decent punishment and their melee attack has some range. They’re nothing too
serious though so continue onwards, watching out for the stalactites above that
will fall and hurt you, shoot them to make them fall early. You’ll encounter
another sand worm in a bit of a pit that will again give you three hearts for
beating it. A second one will be waiting for you just a bit further so keep
your eyes on the ground looking for them. After jumping up on the moving
platform another jawa throwing thermal detonators is hiding a big heart behind
him and when you fall down there will be another big heart in the indentation
on the left side of the wall. Slide under the moving piece of Earth and leave
the cave for a bit of platforming. A bunch of small earthen platforms sit
suspended in the air over a bottomless pit that will kill you. Some of them
will start to collapse when you jump on them, others will stay steady. The 1st,
2nd, 6th, 8th and 10th collapse but you have enough time that it shouldn’t be a
big problem, none of the bigger ones collapse and they make it fairly obvious
with which of the smaller ones will collapse. On the other side of the rocks is
an entrance to another cave where you’ll see jawas, boulders, and a sand worm
that gives you a blaster upgrade when killed. A big heart behind the worm and
in the air is also available to heal you. When you fall down go left and fire
into the upper left of the square dead end room to reveal an extra life then go
right. Keep going past a gauntlet of jawas then tusken raiders and watch out
for some more stalactites. When you exit this cave fire into the air on the
slope upwards to reveal up to 4 big hearts and then prepare for some more
platforming. Again the first 2 platforms will collapse but after that only the
2nd to last will collapse but the biggest changes are the bats that will swoop
down and attempt to knock you off the platforms. There will also be two
occasions where you can’t see the next step from where you’re standing. In
these cases simply walk off the edge of the platform you’re on and you should
land on the next one below. Make it across and run into Obi-Wan Kenobi to beat
the level and see a little cut scene.

Level 5 Boss: No Boss

Level 6: Land of the Banthas
Starting in this level Luke now has a lightsaber. You can switch between it and
your blaster by pressing A. If you do a high jump with it out, Luke will swing
it in a circle when he jumps. You’ll start off facing tusken raiders and some
stalactites and for this I suggest your blaster as even the lowest level knocks
the tusken raiders back and their reach with their gaffi stick is equal or
slightly better than your reach with the light saber. The cave is rather small
and you’ll soon come to an open area. Here you will encounter a mini-boss.

Level 6 mid-boss: Bantha (X4)
There are four of them you fight in a row, though if you go backwards a bit you
can kill tusken raiders for health. If you have a seeker or better use that and
it will kill the bantha either before it reaches you or after it hits you once.
If you have to use your light saber do retreating high jumps right in front of
its face. You’ll still take some damage but not a huge amount hopefully. Either
way pick up the 4 or 5 small hearts it drops and either continue on to the next
one or kill tusken raiders with your gun for health.

Continuing on with the level you’ll enter a small cave with tusken raiders and
another collapsing bridge soon after exiting. Run across it and kill the
enemies on the other side. You’ll come to a sheer cliff, drop down and go left
(going right leads to an arrow telling you to go the other way and a drop off).
Going left has you entering another cave with tusken raiders. A big heart will
be sitting out in the open soon after entering the cave. After you drop down in
the cave going left will take you to a square room where two big hearts can be
gotten if you shoot upwards. Go right to face the boss.

Level 6 Boss: Mutant Womprat
This is a very easy boss as long as you don’t use your light saber. Stand at
the far left and simply jump and fire. That’s it. When he gets hit he recoils
and jumps back and you can make him recoil and back up faster than he can
charge. He has some regular womp rats but they’ll get caught up in the cross
fire long before they get to you. This is fairly slow way to beat the boss, but
it’s safe and will result in you taking zero damage. If he retreats too far,
stop firing for a second until he appears again and then let him have it.

Level 7: Second Land Speeder Level
This is exactly like the first land speeder level except you have to kill 20
jawas instead of 12 and head to Mos Eisley instead of the sand crawler at the
end. Just take it slow and pick off jawas 1 or 2 at a time.

Level 7 Boss: No Boss

Level 8: Mos Eisley
This level has many possible paths and numerous power ups. I’m sure I’ll have
missed some, but you should be able to end this level with the plasma gun
easily. Make sure you shoot the boxes, sometimes power ups don’t appear until
both the bottom blocks are destroyed. If you need to drop down a level kneel
and press B. The barrels and blocks contain big hearts and gun upgrades (only
certain ones obviously, but there are a lot of gun upgrades in this level).
Throughout this entire level you’ll have storm troopers dropping out of the sky
on you, they’re not very tough and they’re slow to shoot at you. Start out
heading right past the first two boxes and you’ll encounter a kneeling sand
trooper, he’s a little tougher and his gun does more damage, but he’s still not
terribly dangerous. You’ll encounter 1 or 2 more and then come to an area with
2 boxes and spikes on the ground. The first box contains a big heart but if you
destroy both you can’t reach the higher ledge above the spikes. The spikes
aren’t instant death, but they do a lot of damage. Just past the spikes on the
lower level is another sand trooper and this one gives you a gun upgrade.
Continue a little ways past the giant lizard thing until you see the first
seeker firing storm trooper. Above him on a higher ledge is a group of boxes,
in the first one is another gun upgrade. Keep going, and you’ll see more spikes
and a seeker storm trooper. You should be obtaining all kinds of power ups from
the cannon fodder storm troopers. On the ledge above the second seeker storm
trooper and a little ways down are 3 boxes stacked together; there is a big
heart in one of the bottom ones. Jump down and three more stacked boxes contain
another big heart. Just past the next big lizard is another seeker storm
trooper and 4 boxes above him, the three stacked together have a big heart and
the single one after them contain a gun upgrade. Past another row of spikes on
the lower level you’ll see three more boxes together above you and they have
ANOTHER gun upgrade in them. The three boxes in a line below those have a
thermal detonator in them.  Continue on until you see a platform raised higher
in the air then usual and the two boxes on the other side have a big heart in
them. A barrel near a box in front of a seeker storm trooper holds a thermal
detonator. You’ll not see any power ups from boxes for a bit until you come to
another lizard with a seeker storm trooper behind it and the three boxes above
the seeker storm trooper have a big heart in it. Go past another seeker storm
trooper and you’ll see Chewbacca on the higher level, get near him to beat the

Level 8 Boss: No Boss

Level 9: Cantina Fight
You’ll have a choice of Luke or Chewbacca starting at this point and continuing
for the rest of the game. Luke is faster but Chewbacca has more health. You
should have the plasma gun at this point so this level will be cake until you
reach the boss (and even if you don’t you’ll probably have it by the end). The
notable aliens are the cloaked ones (that come in brown and black varieties)
and the jumping spherical walrus men. The walrus men have enough health to take
several shots even from the plasma gun and the cloaked guys can’t be attacked
until you get close and they attack you. Simply move forward and kill the
various aliens, early on a wolf man should drop a gun upgrade. When you come to
the first group of cloaked, the brown ones will drop a big heart. Immediately
after that you’ll come to three more cloaked, this time only one is brown and
he drops a big heart and a gun upgrade. Keep going until you reach more cloaked
and the brown one this time will also drop a big heart. Near the end when you
reach the bar counter a wolf man coming from behind will drop a gun upgrade.
Run past the counter for a ways and you’ll encounter the boss, the toughest
boss yet.

Level 9 Boss: Kalhar Boss Monster
This guy is one tough customer and there isn’t a set guaranteed way to beat
him. He only has two attacks, a low punch and extending his neck to bite at you
with his head. Both have good reach and do decent damage, especially the neck
attack which can take up half the screen. If you approach him he will back up
and attack you but it does keep him from backing you into a corner. You can
high jump over both of his attacks but the timing isn’t always the same and
it’s hard to pull off. If you have the plasma gun and got lucky enough to get a
lot of health upgrades on the way to the battle you have a decent chance but
you have to mix advancing to make him back up and settling in to fire at him.
Once you beat him you get a cut scene and Han Solo will be playable. 

Level 10: Escape From Mos Eisley.
This level can be split into two distinct sections: Before and after the mid
boss. The first part starts out like the Mos Eisley Level. The box immediately
in front of you has a thermal detonator in it. One difference is the early part
of the first half of the level has the drones that come out of the large
hatches on the sand crawler if you sit around too long. Continue on and
eventually you will see a building with a lot of ledges and windows. Aliens
will fire at you from the windows with Rapid Ion shots though a big heart can
be seen on one of the higher ledges and if you high jump you can get it. After
another small regular Mos Eisley section another window ledge section will
present itself and you can quickly and easily cross if you use the top ledges.
Beyond this is the mid boss.

Level 10 mid-boss: Maintenance Droid
This guy is really easy, just stand in one place and fire at him. The health
bar represents one of his arms, once you blow it off you have to take the other
one out and then the main body of the droid itself which can only be damaged
when the center eye opens to attack either with a drill or three scattered
shots. Neither is very damaging and when he dies he drops a big heart.

Continuing on with the level things take a more technological feeling as you
enter what is supposed to be some kind of hanger. Little blinking bombs appear
everywhere and explode into shrapnel after a little bit of time. Before falling
down for the first time jump over to the other ledge and destroy the box there
for a big heart if you need it. Continuing on you’ll see a big grabbing claw on
your left or right depending on whether you dropped down or jumped off.
Continue right, sliding under the claw if you need to.  Another claw and a sand
trooper will soon show up. The ramp will slide you down towards the claw, but
if you can destroy it and use the sand trooper’s ledge to go right, you’ll find
a barrel with a big heart in it. Destroy the robot guarding it though.
Continuing on, a device that shoots lightning will be in your way. You can’t
destroy it, just wait for it to fire a shot and then proceed. Continuing on you
will be able to go right or left, the right route is higher and the left lower.
This walkthrough will take you through the lower route though a future update
may explore the right route as well.  Going left you’ll see three sand
troopers. Kill them, and use their ledges to reach a barrel that has a gun
upgrade then drop down and continue on. More claws will be in your way, simply
slide under them as the ramp makes destroying them a bit risky. Continue on
past another two lightning traps, then two more and then a claw trap that is
level with you and easily destroyable. A little ceiling turret (different from
the ones in the sand crawler) will present itself, diagonal upwards shots will
take it out. Head right and up then left for a big heart and shields. Keep
going right past a multitude of lasers and another little ceiling turret. Go up
and right after the ceiling turret for a big heart in a barrel then drop down
and continue. You’ll have another opportunity to go up and right for a thermal
detonator using a platform by two lightning traps. Drop down and keep heading
right. You’ll see another ceiling turret and claw and you’ll be attacked by
long arm robots that only half blow up at first. One of the boxes along here
has a gun upgrade. Keep going and you’ll dodge more lightning traps, claws,
robots, and ceiling turrets with a barrel with a big heart in it. When the
floor dips down you know you’re at the boss and boy is he tough.

Level 10 Boss: Hover Combat Carrier
Welcome to the toughest boss in the game! This boss has 5 parts you must
destroy before you can damage it, two thrusters and 3 Rapid Ion blasters. If
you die you’ll start right in front of it so you’ll have no chance to get a gun
upgrade.  These things will tear through you quickly. Your only hope besides
bringing a thermal detonator is to duck and fire diagonally upwards. Some spots
work better than others, in fact there is one specific spot by one of the
background divider looking things that you can’t be hit in. Once you destroy
the last part wait a second or two and then just fire at it from a corner. It
can’t hurt you unless you touch it but you can fire at it. This fight is mostly
luck in finding where to destroy the bottom parts from. The front top gun can
be hit from below if you fire straight up from below it though the rear one
might require you putting yourself in a little danger. Enjoy the cut scene.

Level 11: Death Star Hanger Bay
You’ll start out being bothered by little robots that knock you around but
don’t do damage to you. Move forward for a free gun upgrade though you’ll get
smacked by TIE fighters leaving the hanger (though they don’t do much damage
oddly enough). Beyond the gun upgrade is a big heart sitting on another of the
platforms.  Beyond that are an instant death pit and then another gun upgrade
on a platform near another death pit. The TIE fighters appear if you stay on
the platforms but you can hear them coming and jump over them. You’ll see a
light saber and a big heart on the platforms as you keep going and then some
kind of many legged battle droid that has quite a bit of health for a regular
enemy, at least it drops a big heart once it dies. Continuing on you’ll see
another weird enemy, a blue round thing that sticks a tongue like thing out at
you. It’s not terribly powerful or damaging and goes down quickly. You’ll also
run into one of those round jawa droids but not many. After finding another
heart or two and another gun upgrade you’ll start running into storm troopers.
When you come to pits that you can’t use a ledge to get over, use a long jump.
You’ll hit another area of the multi-leg droids and the TIE fighters will be
coming constantly, even if you’re on the ground so either duck on the ground or
get good at timing the jumps. Eventually the TIEs will quiet down so spend some
time killing storm troopers to get your health back. When you’re ready continue
on and you’ll find that the pits start having turrets come out and fire at you.
Their shots are easy to dodge and they don’t have much health. After a few more
pits and storm troopers you’ll come up against the boss.

Level 11 Boss: Imperial Defense Droid
This guy isn’t too bad if you have a good weapon. Simply stay in the left
corner, crouch, and keep firing. You can only hurt him when he opens his back
to drop little bomb on you at close range but you don’t have to hit the back,
just anywhere. He has a claw attack that won’t hit you if you’re in the left
corner and when he fires seeking missiles your shots can destroy them easily.
The bombs he drops on you do a lot less damage then your shots do to him. He
doesn’t even have as much health as most bosses do anyway. 

Level 12: Rescue of the Princess
You’ll start out in a hallway with a lot on the screen facing you. Two little
ceiling traps firing the blaster shots are present and a half circle droid that
doesn’t hurt you (and can’t be hurt) unless its top opens up will appear as
well as the little mouse droids that bump you around. If a door opens a storm
trooper is coming out. After going past some more traps you’ll start seeing the
screen shake from a giant thumper thing that crushes everything under it. If
you get caught in it its instant death though a gun upgrade is in the middle of
it if you’re bold enough to go for it. The seeker does make killing mouse
droids very easy and it’s a good way to get health back since they can’t hurt
you. After two more ceiling traps you’ll come across another thumper. You’ll
eventually come to a series of moving platforms that take you up a few levels.
While going up you’ll be attacked by floating droids that come in from the
background and when you reach the top large spider droids will assault you but
neither has much health and the seeker makes short work of them (assuming
you’re Han or Chewie and got that dangerous gun upgrade from the thumper). Some
more ceiling traps and another thumper later you’ll again head upwards via
moving platforms. At the top go left (The right has nothing but a ceiling trap)
and you’ll find mouse droids and those blue round droids from the Hanger Bay.
Continue left and you’ll have to go up again, this time go right unless you
need some health in which case go left to grab a big heart. A multi-leg droid
will be on the right and killing him will give you a big heart as well.
Continue right past some more ceiling traps and another thumper and you’ll run
into several multi-leg droids. You’ll probably take some damage but since these
always drop big hearts it should about balance out. The next thumper has a gun
upgrade in it like the first one did, grab it if you deem it worth the risk and
continue on to face the boss.

Level 12 Boss: Detention Guard Boss
This guy is fairly easy. It’s a big blue ball type thing that descends from the
ceiling. When it opens up and exposes the core get out of the way and fire. It
will sometimes have two storm troopers jump out but they help you with health
and items more than help the boss. Its two other attacks include lightning that
hits the ground directly beneath the core and some little bombs that the
Imperial Defense Droid had. It has a long health bar but takes damage fast.
Once you “beat it” a smaller core will be left that fires rapid ion shots. It
doesn’t have a health bar, just fire at it and it goes down fairly quick. Run
to the door behind the boss and that’s the level. A cut scene follows.

Level 13: Tractor Beam Core
You’ll start off with a multi-leg droid in front of you and a sand trooper on a
ledge above you. Two wall traps that fire lasers are also present. Deal with
the multi-leg guy first since the other three threats can’t hit you until you
move from your starting position. This entire level is basically a moving
platform ride up. You’ll see tons of the wall laser traps that are mostly
harmless since they can’t fire inwards and a seeker storm trooper early on in
the level on your right that drops a gun upgrade. Continue heading up past sand
troopers and another seeker storm trooper (who drops a big heart). Each level
has some sort of storm trooper on it (never a cannon fodder one though) and a
multitude of wall traps except the last level which has no storm trooper.
You’ll know you’re near the end when the walls narrow and you take a big
platform up to two multi-leg droids and you see a boss health meter appear.

Level 13 Boss: Tractor Beam Power Level
Again this is not a difficult boss. Stand directly under it and fire up. Once
in a while it will fire red orbs at you that split into four smaller shots, but 
if you hit the orb before it splits you can take them out. Or you can just run
to the side when the red orbs appear. The orbs don’t do much even if they hit
you. Either way this boss poses little threat. The stage is over as soon as the
core finishes blowing up. Enjoy the cut scene afterwards. If the orbs do give
you some problems you can stand in the far left corner and fire diagonally up
at the core, a little slower, but the orbs can not physically get you even if
they explode into smaller orbs.

Level 14: The Death Star
It’s almost over! This is the last level and the hardest of the vehicles
levels. You start out having to destroy 20 TIEs and 20 Laser towers. You can’t
back up and you’re going to miss most of the targets as you fly by them.  Just
aim for the stuff in front of you and you’ll probably be ok, a concrete
strategy for the first part isn’t really there but once you get past it, you’re
automatically transferred to a first person view from the cockpit of Red-5 (and
your shields are thankfully refilled) and have to hold out while the timer
counts down. Focus on destroying the red balls as the TIEs won’t run into you
or anything.

Level 14 Boss: Vader's TIE Fighter
Near the end Vader’s TIE will show up and fire some shots. He goes down rather
quickly and is barely an end boss, you just have to fire quickly and take Vader
out before you run out of time. Once you're clear then you’ll have to fire your
proton torpedoes. If you miss they send you back to the first part of
destroying 20 TIEs and 20 Towers before you get another shot. Once they go in,
congrats. You’ve beaten Super Star Wars!

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