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FAQ by DDCecil

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/19/2000

Jikkyo(u) Oshaberi Parodius Guide V1.1

By DDCecil (James Tompkins)

1. Introduction/Updates
2. Characters
3. Options
4. Areas
5. Bosses
6. All 70 fairies
7. Help me!
8. Credits
* - Spoiler Secrets (Listed at the bottom of this guide)

1. Introduction
The 3rd Parodius for the Super Famicom, is a great game with a ton of replay 
value! (Read my review at Gamefaqs.com!) If you have never played a Parodius 
game, you are in for a real treat! It is like the classic Gradius series, but 
with some strange twists! Thank Konami for such a great game! The following 
will help you find the 70 hidden fairies and beat those tough (hah!) bosses! 
This is my first FAQ/walkthrough/guide thingy, so bear with me! This guide 
can be used on your page, just give me credit, please? Thanks! If you have 
any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail me!

V1.1 - 3/19/2000 - Fixed most(?) of the spelling errors, fixed the 2 Anime 
girls description (They are not from Tokimeki Memorial as I suspected, they 
are from Gokujyou Parodius (The 2nd SF one)). Fixed a location for a fairy 
(#55, making level 6 have 3 fairies instead of 2, and level 5 have 8, not 9.)
I also added a new spoiler (Which I found out this morning!)

V1.0 - 3/2/2000 - FAQ is finally finished.

2. Characters
Meet the wonderful and wacky heroes of Parodius! What are they fighting for? 
I don't know, I can't read Japanese!

(Check PentaroX's guide for more info on the following weapons and abilities 
(also available at GameFAQs) and other things not covered here!)

The Spaceships:

Vic Viper (Male) 

Speed Up
Force Field

Lord British (Male)

Speed Up
Twin Hawkwind
Multi Shield

The Octopi:

Takohiko (Male)

Speed Up
2-way missile
O Trap

Belial (Female) 

Speed Up
O Trap

The Stick Figures:

Soitsu (Male)

S. Speed
S. Missile (Little Soitsus, depending on where you are, they do funny things)
S. 3-way
S. Energy Laser (Like on Gradius 3, hold to make it bigger)
S. Power (Upgrade)
S. Shield

Doitsu (Female)

All the same as Soitsu except she has a twin laser instead of an energy laser.

The Penguins:

Pentarou (Male)

Speed Up
Poton (Misspelled Photon?!?)
Spread Gun

Hanako (Female)

Speed Up
Spead Bomb
Spread Gun

The Pixies (Are one of these male? :P )

Sue (Female)

Speed Up
Force field

Memim (Female)

Speed Up
Reverse Hawk Wind
Twin Laser
Force Field

The Cats:

Mike (Male)

Speed Up
Grade Up
Force Field

Ran (Female)

Speed Up
Homing Bit
Search laser
Grade Up

The TwinBees:

Twin Bee (Male)

Speed Up
Tail Gun

Win Bee (Female)

Spped Up
Tail Gun

The Babies:

Upa (Male)

Speed Up
Grade Up
Mega Crush

Rupa (Female)

Speed Up
Multi Spread Gun
Search Vulcan
Grade Up
Mega Crush

3. Options
After pressing start on the title screen, you'll be at a list of options:

I.   1P start
II.  2P start
III. Load Game
IV.  High Scores
V.   Status screen
VI.  Option 1
VII. Option 2

I. 1p Start
Start a one player game!

II. 2p Start
The 2P alternate game AND a "start right where the other player died" option. 
To do the second option, push start on the second controller while 1P is 
playing, and once 1P dies, 2P will be in control of what ever character the 
2P chose!

III. Load Game
Load a saved game. You get to keep all the weapons you had when you saved it, 
but your score goes back to 0.

IV. High Scores
Check the top scores of each difficulty level.

V. Status Screen
Check on your character's highest scores.

VI. Option 1
Choose difficulty level, if there are "random" power pods, if the man talks 
through out the whole adventure, etc...

VII. Option 2
Erase data, scores, and check how many fairies you have found. Also has 2 
other options, available only when you beat the game or get all fairies...

(Check PentaroX's guide for info on the above options in more detail (also 
available at GameFAQs) and other things not covered here!)

4. Areas
(These are short descriptions of each area, so you can see the areas on your 

World 1 - Go through a disco nightclub
(Music: The disco medley! "Oh what a night/That's the way I like it/Do a 
little dance)

World 2 - Go through a local school/college
(Music: Not sure!)

World 3 - Go through Twinbee land
(Music: Minuet in D)

World 4 - Go through Mystic Ninja land
(Music: Mystical Ninja music)

World 5 - Go through a cavern of food
(Music: Debussy, Laser Platform music of Gradius 3)

World 6 - Go through Lethal Enforcers land 
(Music: Lethal Enforcers?)

World 7 - Go through the Parade of Mayors
(Music: 2 volcanos Gradius music, with a famous Mystical Ninja song for one 
of the bosses!)

World 8 - Gradius 3 Finale Reprise
(Music: Gradius 3 - Shadowdancer level, 2 volcanos Gradius music)

5. Bosses
(On the highest difficulty level (8), the bosses throw a ton of projectiles 
at you, especially after they die! BTW, most bosses will die on their own if 
you wait to long...)

World 1 - 
Disco Ball and the Dancin' 'n Singin' Panda

Disco Ball - Go right in front of the chain holding the ball off the ground. 
Shoot it 8 times to break the ball and reveal your prize...

Dancin' 'n Singin' Panda - Shoot at the mallard duck. It will take around 12 
hits. Avoid the panda's notes, and when the panda gets to the left side and 
sings, stay over by it's mouth and shoot the notes. When the panda moves 
right, it does a jumping twirl that can kill you if you do not stay to the 
far left (or right) of him.

World 2 -
2 Anime girls - Hikaru and Skane

Traitors! They once helped you out, now they own the "Technical College for 
the Evil Impaired"!
As the screen scrolls upward, watch out for the girls in bubbles. You can 
shoot the bottom girl (Skane) for fun and she sticks her tongue out at you :) 
When you get to the top girl (Hikaru), stay to the left side of the screen 
and shoot at her eye. Watch out for the annoying Moai's, especially the ones 
that jump out from her hair. 12 hits should do it...

World 3 -
Paro Flying Squadron and the Momma Bee

Paro Flying Squadron (I call it this because it reminds me so much of Keio 
Flying Squadron, it isn't funny. So does the wacky music!) - Stay at the 
bottom of the screen, and if you have them, let your homing missiles shoot up 
at the 4 turrets. If you don't have them, manuever up in front of each turret 
and blow it up. After this, stay at the bottom of the screen and to the far 
left. The bottom of the flying ship opens, revealing a mid-size Twin bee 
(Which somehow reminds me of Darius, including the music...). Stay to the far 
left and fire away avoiding its 2 mini-ships. After beating it, a fairy will 
be passing by in the water (It's hidden, like the other 69 fairies). Shoot 
above the water to receive it! Pretty soon, the Momma Bee appears...

Momma Bee - She comes from the right side of the screen shaking her "you know 
whats" :) Stay to the left and avoid her lipstick missiles that come out a 
few times. Shoot her in the face when her helmet is off. After the missile 
attack, she rushes forward doing something "naughty" :D, avoid this "naughty" 
attack, and continue shooting her in the face. After you beat her, prepare to 
laugh and be shocked!

World 4 -
I am Goemon Impact... and Mrs. Goemon Impact?!

It's a cold day when a hero becomes a boss... Sigh... Anyway, start shooting 
his face, and what out for his Ebisimaru (Dr. Yang) Bombs, that he spits out. 
After being shot 4 times, he will compact and do a "buzzsaw" attack while 
shooting fireballs and moving around the room. Avoid this, and repeat the 
process 2 more times. Once you have shot him 12 times, Mrs. Impact appears! 
Shoot 4 more times and you are off to the next level!

World 5 -
Lips: Part Tres

After 2 foiled attempts to defeat you in Parodius Da! and Gokujyou Parodius, 
he is back and this time he means business! Make sure to get the fairy above 
and below him. Once you get the fairies, stay to the left side of the screen 
moving up and down to avoid the lasers while shooting the little guys inside 
the lips. Once in a while he transformes and throws tiny lasers all over the 
room. After beating the 3 "creatures" in his mouth, he will split and try to 
crush you. Move out of his way, and he'll explode into shiny shards of glass!

World 6 -
Puyo Puyo Man!

At the end of this level, you are expecting a big shoot-out with some 
digitized robbers from Lethal Enforcers, but NOOOOOOO, you get to fight Puyo 
Puyo Man! He starts by dropping puyos on to you. Stay near his face to avoid 
this. The higher the difficulty, the more puyos that will drop! After this, 
watch out for his homing fan, and shoot him in the face. After a few hits, he 
gets a new wig. Keep shooting him and watching out for those dastardly puyos, 
and soon he'll get a Sailor Moon wig(?!) Keep firing, and you are off to the 
2 final levels!

World 7 -
Boss #1 - Teach an old boss new tricks
Boss #2 - Another Mystical Ninja Favorite...
Boss #3 - Mid-size Twin Bee returns!

Boss #1 -
Now, haven't we fought this goon before? Yep, it's the same one dating back 
to the first Gradius, and he brought some new tricks with him! After hitting 
him a lot, he will turn backwards, and go to the other side of the screen! 
Now would be a great time to use a tailgun weapon if you have it. Avoid his 
lasers, and it's time for boss #2...

Boss #2 -
Ever play Mystical Ninja for SNES? No? I highly suggest you turn the game off 
(save of course) and go play it, at least to the first boss of area 1. Okay, 
now come back to Parodius. It's her! Just shoot her a few times in the head 
to reveal her true self... Kurobei Cat! What the fudge is (s)he doing waaay 
up here in space? At least (s)he gives you a power-up pod before disappearing 
into a puff of smoke...

Boss #3 -
He's back, and this time, he means business! The mini boss from Paro Flying 
Squadron (above) returns in his new store-bought 
pig-angelic-twin-bee-machine-with-a-price-tag-still-attached-to-its-tail. Go 
up and down avoiding his lasers and fire away! Just make sure he doesn't get 
close to you! After breaking his armor, he'll shoot "Actraiser/R-type-type" 
lasers at you that spread when you hit them. Continue going up and down until 
he shows his true form!

World 8 -
The Showgirl cometh and the final battle!

You can't kill the showgirl, just avoid her until she leaves! Don't let her 
speed fool you, as she wil not crash into you as long as you stay on the 
opposite side of the screen! After getting past her, you'll fight the Samurai 
Octopus! Make sure to get Fairy #70 at the top of the screen in the drape 
(right after the boss door closes.) All I can say is good luck! (heh heh heh)

6. The 70 fairies
Get all 70 for a special treat! If you want to know what kind of a treat it 
is, it's listed at the bottom of this guide as (*2). (There are also many 
other secrets down there as well, but be warned: They are spoilers! Not like 
any of this other stuff is, of course...) Note that only your weapons and 
blue bell bombs can grab the fairies, so if you want the fairies, DON'T use 
the green bell or you will no doubt miss some! Also, put the difficulty on 
"1" to find the fairies without too much difficulty. Upa and Rupa's Megacrush 
doesn't work either...
Rupa and Ran are the best at getting the fairies, with their weapons 
(Multispread Gun and Reflect at full power.)

When in doubt, use bombs!

Area 1 (10 fairies)

1. Just as you start the area, go to the bottom of the screen into the 
cityscape and shoot!

2. Just as you enter the club, shoot in front of the top naked penguin statue.

3. It will be on the top of the screen between a dj penguin and a 
construction-striped platform.

4. After #3, it will be in a very skinny space on the bottom of the screen.

5. It's at the 2nd set of naked penguin statues. It's in front of the top 
one's face. Use a bomb for best results.

6. Go under the first tightrope, and to the far left, and shoot.

7. Go under the second tightrope, and to the far left and shoot. There are 3 
fairies right here.

8. Same as #7

9. Same as #7

10. At the end of the second tightrope, shoot beneath it.

Area 2 (9 fairies)

11. On the giant tree in front of the school's entrance, shoot near the top 
right side of the tree.

12. After going through the classroom area, and the screen starts scrolling, 
go upwards and stay right near the wall. The fairy is near the bottom of this 
wall (use a bomb for best results)

(Warning: 13-18 are very hard fairies to get, so good luck!)

13. Near the beginning of the pencil area, scroll up and down and look for a 
small pencil (it will have a pink penguin of top of it.) Shoot under it.

14. Right after the pencils quit coming, get ready to scroll up and down and 
watch for a teacher moai blocking a dead end. Kill her and shoot in the area.

15. Right after #14 watch for 2 pencils that are skinny and long. Go between 
these and shoot. 

16. For this fairy have a bomb or you are going to need to die to get it. 
After #15, watch for a small closed area made of pencils. the fairy is inside 
of there. Use your bombs or die to fit in there (You need to have the Option 
1, "Revive" on to start right where you die).

17. Right after the above fairy, watch for 2 more pencils just like #15 and 
get the fairy between them.

18. Near the end of the pencil area, you will find another dead end Moai. 
Just follow #14's instructions.

19. After the gym and you are outside, shoot at the "all alone" penguin on 
the 3rd bench to find his date, fairy #19!

Area 3 (8 fairies)

20. Right after you fight a strange looking yellow peach that gives you 6 
bells, shoot at the first sight of land near the bottom of the screen.

21. When you get to the small bridge, go inside of it for 2 red pods. The 
fairy is on top of the bridge near the right end of it.

22. Right after #21, shoot at the bottom corner of the upcoming hill for the 

23. When you get to a floating rock with a waterfall on it, go to the right 
side of the rock and get the fairy (a bomb works well).

24. On the second rock like #23, the fairy is above and to the right of it.

25. After going uphill, the fairy is in an alcove at the very bottom of the 

26. Right after the island with the annoying girl on it, shoot at the right 
side of her island for the fairy.

27. After the flying ship releases a mid-sized twin bee, shoot near the water 
for this fairy. careful! It is hard to get (use a bomb).

Area 4 (a whopping 19 fairies)

28. When you first see the top of a cherry blossom tree, get near it, and 
move back as far as you can without hitting the nearby wall. Now shoot or use 
a bomb.

29. Right after scrolling right/downwards, shoot in the alcove near the 
bottom of the screen by the cherry blossoms.

30. After the cherry blossoms, get to the top of the screen, and shoot near 
the ceiling.

31. When you get to the area of hammers, scroll to the very top of the screen 
and use a bomb or shoot in the top,most/lefthand corner.

32. After #31, quickly scroll down to the very bottom. Shooting between a 
leftward pounding hammer and the thing it is pounding on for a fairy.

33. Right after #32, go to the top of the area you are in (while staying near 
the bottom), and shoot between a "top" hammer and the thing it is pounding on.

34. Stay near the bottom of the screen for this and the next 2 fairies. Shoot 
the empty bottom corner for a fairy.

35. Right after #34, shoot between the 2 rising "things" that the hammers 
always pound on.

36. Right after #35, the fairy is in the bottom of the lefthand corner where 
you just got the other fairy (It's hard to explain, use a bomb!)

37. After you pass the "bamboo shoot", you will enter another scrolling 
upwards/downwards area. Go to the very top of this area and use a bomb or 
shoot in one of the top left hand corners.

38. After #37, rush to the bottom and shoot behind the 1st cookie in the 
empty space.

39. This and the next 4 fairies are in the area you have to blow up the 
pastry walls. Use a bomb or full grade up weapon to find them all! 

40. Same as #39

41. Same as #39

42. Same as #39

43. Same as #39

44. When you get to the 3rd statue with swinging hair (he will be on top), 
shoot the top corner of him.

45. Right after #44, go around the statue and the fairy is on the opposite 
side of this same statue.

46. Right before the dice area, shoot the divider between the top and bottom 

Area 5 (8 fairies)

47. When the area begins, shoot at the top-strawberry area.

48. After #47, go to the bottom row and shoot at the end of the suspened 
platform. Use a bomb to get it easier.

49. When you see some more strawberries at the top of the screen, the fairy 
is right in front of them.

50. Shoot at the end of the next suspended platform.

51. After #50, be looking for a small area at the top of the screen in the 
middle of strawberries and kiwis. Shoot there.

52. Right when the second set of spike-objects close the area, go to  the 
bottom of the screen for the fairy.

53. Right above the boss.

54. Right below the boss.

Area 6 (3 fairies)

55. After the level begins, start by looking for a skinny path full of coins. 
Continue down it for the fairy.

56. Near the end, find a path to take you downwards into a straight area. The 
fairy will be in an empty spot between all the coins

57. At the end of the level, shoot at the corner of the 3rd pillow (it will 
be at the top row).

Area 7 (Zilch, zippo, nada fairies)
Area 8 (13 fairies)

58. At the beginning of the area, shoot at the top of the screen to get it.

59. At the beginning of the area, shoot at the bottom of the screen to get it.

60. (These 4 are the toughest to get! If you have this on a higher difficulty 
level, pinwheels will surround the area where the fairies are. Use a bomb, 
and if you don't find them all, save the game and reload it and try again!)

61. See #60

62. See #60

63. See #60

64. After the first area closes down on you, pass it and go to the top of the 
screen near the wall and shoot.

65. At the second area where walls form, pass this place, the fairy is at the 
bottom against the wall.

66. After #65, stay at the bottom and shoot against the new wall.

67. After passing the pillow, go to the top of the screen against the wall 
and shoot.

68. After you get to the area where the area gets tighter and tighter, at the 
bottom of the screen in an open area is a fairy.

69. Just like #68, but at the top of the screen in the next open area.

70. When you make it to the final boss, shoot inside the first drape!

7. Help Me!
I need someone to help me:

- translate the story
- translate what the "Oshaberi" guy is saying through out the game
- find any codes (I haven't found any, including up, up , down, down, etc..., 
it doesn't work!)

8. Credits
Thanks to everyone at GameFAQs, everyone who played this game (legally of 
course), and you for reading. Also, play the other Parodius games in this 
great series, they are FUN!

Special thanks to PentaroX for his guide about the weapons and other things. 
If there isn't an answer to your question in this guide, check his!


*1 Get some pods and get some weapons. Save the game (Start and press Select, 
than A) and reload and you'll still have all your weapons, but your score 
will be 0.
*2 A stage select opens up after getting all 70 fairies.
*3 If you beat the game on 7, 8 difficulty will open up. Beat that (good 
luck!), and you can choose what "quest" to start on (Meaning how many times 
you beat the game (Difficulty on 8 and this option on 8 is the hardest 
possible game variation.))
*NEW* *4 - Beating the game on level 8 and the "quest" option on different 
levels makes characters show up during the credits! So far I got a Santa 
being pulled by a Flareon(?) and a Zebra on a rocket!

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