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Reviewed: 02/25/00 | Updated: 02/25/00

The best multi-player game ever?

Bomberman is a game that has had more sequels then ''Friday the 13th'' with many people claiming the original Snes or Saturn version ''Hi-10 Bomberman'' (so called because of it's ability to cater for 10 player's at once!) are the defining versions.
I disagree , this version with all the powerup's and Kangaroo buddys from the earlier incarnation's has it all.
5 player link up ,the ability to use those detonater bomb's and mine's in multiplayer and it's cunning recovery system (more about this later) makes this the ultimate bomberman game.
You see all the other versions of Bomberman have things going against them, for instance the Saturn ''Hi-10'' has loading and getting hold of an extra 8 pad's and 2 multitap's is quite a chore.The Snes versions are usually missing 1 or 2 of the more enjoyable weapons in multiplayer and the ability to use detonater's against human opponents is an ability most gamer's would relish using.
Super Bomberman 5 cater's for all your need's in this instance with not only mine's and detonater bomb's but also heat seeking bomb's that will follow a player if he is too near the blast radius.All the different variants of his kangaroo buddie's are in here also with an amazing variety of ability's.For instance you can jump,punch kick and throw bomb's,push block's,dash,drop multiple bomb's at once and punch other player's with your kangaroo's multitude of ability's.The fact that all these ability's are in 1 package make's this the ultimate bomberman experience.
OK so else what do you get for your hard earned money then ? Well you get a variety of level's to play on (10 in total) although i think only the original and extreme deathmatch (player's start off with max everything)level's will be played with any real frequency.You also get a choice of 12 different looking (although with no noticeable difference in control) character's to pick from.You also get a highly customisable mutiplayer game thank's to the huge host of options with which the multiplayer game can be configured to suit your personal taste.These range from amount of win's needed to win the set, the time allowed in the arena until the wall's start closing in and placement of characters on the screen makes for a highly customisable game.
Then you get the recovery and revenge system where if you die by someone's (or your own) bomb you are then placed along the edge of the arena where you can slyly alter the outcome of the match by throwing your own bomb's back into the fray.This is not just a chance for revenge though as if there is more then 2 characters left alive on the screen when your bomb kill's someone, then you switch place's with the recently bereaved.With this feature you will often see a crowd of dead bombermen desperately trying to trap remaining bomber's just so they can get back into the game and win the round.
All these feature's when combined together make for one of the defining moment's in multi-player gaming with only 8 player Daytona bettering it in my opinion.
There are some down points though,the graphics whilst clear
are best described as functional and the sound on the most part is a cacophony of bomb's detonating (although you wont often get to hear the sound as you and 4 other friend's will usually be hurling abuse and cry's of ''gotcha'' backward's and forward's).The fact that these are the only 2 downpoint's prove's that the graphic's and audio are not really necessary for a good game and Bomberman 5 succeed's on it's quest to prove that gameplay is king.
Oh i nearly forgot that there is also a 1 player game tucked away in this videogaming classic but that is not what you bought or will buy this game for.After all why play on your own when you can succeed in souring 10 year friendship's in a matter of second's with 1 well placed bomb.At the end of the day multiplayer is all this game is about and on that count this game definitely get's a gold medal and is well worth a blast (pun intended).

10/10 gameplay

5/10 Originality

5/10 Graphic's

4/10 Sound

10/10 Overall (I could not score this game down for the graphic's and sound when it play's this well !!)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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