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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 08/07/01

It's a shame that great games like this aren't released in America...

When you think of great multiplayer games, you'll think of Bomberman. Bomberman is simply synonomous with multiplayer fun. Of course that wasn't always the case. Bomberman had its humble beginning as a NES game, with no multiplayer mode. However, when the second Bomberman game for the NES was released, it was given multiplayer mode, and Bomberman was a hit ever since. The series continued onto the Super NES, but Japan got far more games then we did. Super Bomberman 5 was the final 16 bit Bomberman, and the best, but it never came to this side of the Pacific.

The one player mode of Bomberman plays simple enough. You star as Bomberman, a little robot thing who can lay an infinate supply of bombs. The bombs blow up, but they only shoot flames up, down, left and right. There are alternating blocks, some that you can blow up, and some that you can't. You must destroy all of the enemies and then blow up blocks to find the exit to leave a stage. Of course, there are items to be found as well. There are items allowing you to pass through bricks, through bombs, kick bombs, jump, lay more bombs, lay land mines, lay spiky bombs, have the bombs blow up bigger, and even to get a kangaroo looking thing that will absorb a hit for you. There are big bosses to blow up just like every other action game in history. But the real fun of this game is the multiplayer mode. Up to 5 characters can join in on the fun and play multiplayer mode. If you don't have 4 friends handy, any non-player can be controlled by the computer. You each get to choose a character from the game, you're not all stuck being bombermen. In addition to all the normal power ups, there is a "bad" powerup in multiplayer mode, a skull, that does some weird things to your character, it's best to avoid it! You're not just stuck with one battlefield either! You can duke it out in a slippery ice field, a mine complete with ridable mine cart, a forest, a weird room with magnets, and more! You're object is to blow up your opponents with bombs (of course). When a character is out, they can ride around on the sides of the screen in weird vehicles and throw bombs at the remaining competitors. If they blow up someone, they take the competitors place! After a certain amount of time, blocks start falling around the outside of the battle field, and gradually fill it up. Get hit with a block and you die! Plus, when the blocks fall, the "defeated" characters have to leave. You get to set the time limit, the difficulty, and how many wins a character needs to win it all (this is difficult though, since it's all in Japanese). The winner of the match gets to do a little bowling game with a bomb, and depending on how many pins they knock over, they get a power up in the next match.

The graphics of this game are pretty good, but not outstanding. Considering this was one of the later Super NES releases, the graphics don't really look that great. However, the Bomberman series has never been about good graphics, but this one does show a graphical improvement. The sounds are just average too, and sometimes you'll hear Japanese voices, and wonder what excactly they're saying.

If you have a Multitap, and you're an importer of Japanese games, then you simply have to have this game. Although the one player mode does get somewhat repetitive, the multiplayer mode is what sells this game. There's just something about blowing up your friends that's incredibly satisfying. All of the Super Famicom Bomberman games are excellent, but this is by far the best. If you import games, and you don't have this one, then what are you waiting for? It's too good to pass by.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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