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Reviewed: 03/15/03 | Updated: 03/15/03

Gundams Play Dodgeball!

This is a fun and addictive game. Basically, you take the well-known Mobile Suit Gundam anime from Japan, mix in other Japanese superheroes such as Kamen(Masked) Rider, Mazinger Z, and Ultraman, then throw the whole thing into a dodgeball game. Quite an original idea, yes? As with other battle dodgeball games, players have HP. Each strike of the ball decrease HP, and when HP hits zero, you are knocked out of the game. Careful, once someone on your team goes down, they're not coming back.

Gameplay - 6
The controls are somewhat difficult. I found it very taxing to try rotating my selector among my players to control the guy nearest the ball. Other than that, the gameplay is pretty nice. There's a throw button, catch button, pass button, etc. for a dodgeball game. One innovative thing I noticed was the inclusion of Super Ball Strikes. When your player's Catch meter reaches a certain point, you can activate the SBS, while hit all opponents at once. Also, you can customize your players stats. You can increase Hp, Speed, Jump, Hit Power, and Defense with EXP.

Plot - 7
This game actually has a plot, unlike most sport-type games. This universe uses dodgeball as a means of fighting and settling disputes, and a very powerful player has won his way to the top, only to turn out to be a really bad guy. Since no one can defeat him, you need to find the legendary dodgeball... uh, stuff, and beat him in a match. Or something like that.

Sound - 8
This has pretty good sound and music for a Super Famicom game. The sounds are pretty clear, and there's even a whistle for the start of matches. Music-wise, there's a lot of decent anime-esque tunes to listen to as you play. A favorite of mine is the Park Battle.

Replay - 7
Well, there's a story mode, a single player tournament mode, and a two player versus. You can pick and choose players in the two player mode, and can trade players with other teams in tourney mode. A nice thing about the story mode is that you don't have to use the same guy everytime you play. Try playing through with a third-class player for added difficulty.

Like I said, this is a fun game. It's probably the best of the dodgeball-type games that came out for Super Famicom and SNES. Gundam fans, at least, will want to add this to their collection.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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