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Reviewed: 11/06/02 | Updated: 11/06/02

Robots playing Volleyball. Don't Bother.

Gameplay: 3/10
Battle Dodgeball is a game that involves a team of robots playing dodgeball, but with a damage system where each character has HP, and once it's gone that player dies. The whole game revolves around a 3 step process: Get your robot to pick the ball up, toss it at the other team, and get hit and pick up the ball again.

Luck also plays a huge role in this game, as there is no dodging the ball at all (unless you have PERFECT timing or lightning fast reflexes). While there is a slight chance that the ball will miss your players, other than that, there's no dodging the ball at all. For me, it's been a game of whoever goes first wins. The computer players are a lot more skilled than you'll ever be, even if you spent the rest of your life mastering the controls, I doubt you could beat the game.

There is a 2-player mode, but it's virtually the same thing as the single player, with the sole exception that both teams aren't the same. This is the only decent part of gameplay, since the other player is not likely to be much better at it than you are, and isn't crazy hard like the computer in single player.

Controls: 2/10
The game's controls are not well structured. For some reason, when you go to pick up the ball, your player can't for a few seconds, and then after pressing A for the 20th time, the game responds and picks up the ball. The button combo to dodge the ball is so difficult that playing usually involves a certain degree of ''press all the buttons and hope that it works''.

Storyline: N/A (It's an action/sports game. Does it really need a storyline?)

Sound: 3/10
Not the kind of thing I'd like to listen to. If you actually find the cartridge somewhere, then buy a music CD to go with it. The mainly used sound is a ''doof'' when the ball strikes something, which is almost every 30 seconds.

Graphics: 6/10
Possibly the only good part you'll see in this whole game is the graphics, which look sort of anime-like (in an SNES kind of way).

Replayability 1/10:
If you replay the game, you play the same opponents in the same order. Not worth replaying, probably not even worth playing the first time.

Buy/Rent: Rent, though I doubt you'll be able to find this cartridge anywhere.

Overall, this game is a 4/10, and the only thing making it a 4 is the decent graphics.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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