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Guide and Walkthrough by NTsui

Version: 9.2 | Updated: 04/01/2000

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*                                the                                  *
*                           COMPLETE GUIDE                            *
*                                to:                                  *
*                     _____ ____   ____            ___                *
*               |   /   |   |   \  |   \  \   / / /   \               *
*               |_ /    |   |__ /  |__ /   \ /    \___                *
*               |  \    |   |   \  |   \    |         \               *
*               |   \ __|__ |    \ |___/    |     \___/               *
*                                                                     *
*                         D R E A M   L A N D                         *
*                              _________                              *
*                              \_____  /                              *
*                                 __/ /                               *
*                              __ \__ \                               *
*                              \ \___\ \                              *
*                               \______/                              *
*                                                                     *
*             +=====-------------------------------=====+             *
*             |Version 9.2 of "Kirby's Dream Land 3 FAQ"|             *
*             +=====-------------------------------=====+             *
*                     |(c)1999-2000 Nathan Tsui |                     *
*                      \===-----------------===/                      *
*                                                                     *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


[1] Welcome!
[2] About the Author
     [a] Author Profile
[3] Copyright Information
[4] Storyline
[5] Controls
     [a] Kirby
     [b] Gooey
[6] Items
     [a] Stages
     [b] Goal Game
[7] Powers
[8] Animal Friends
     [a] Rick the Hamster
     [b] Kine the Fish
     [c] Coo the Owl
     [d] Nago the Cat
     [e] Chuchu the ?!
     [f] Pitch the Bird
[9] The Hearts
     [a] World 1: Grass Land
     [b] World 2: Ripple Field
     [c] World 3: Sand Canyon
     [d] World 4: Cloudy Park
     [e] World 5: Iceberg
[10] Enemy List
[11] Mini-Boss Tactics
[12] Boss Tactics
     [a] Whispy (the Tree)
     [b] Acro (the Killer Whale)
     [c] Don and Con (Raccoon and Fox)
     [d] Ado (the Boy Artist)
     [e] King Dedede (the Duck)
     [f] Dark Matter
[13] The Mini-Games
[14] The Secret Options
[15] Special Thanx
[16] Version History

1. Welcome!

Welcome to "The Complete Guide to Kirby's Dream Land 3"! This FAQ is
the most extensive and thorough FAQ ever written for Kirby's Dream Land
3! In it you will find how to obtain every single heart in the game,
tactics on how to easily defeat each boss and mini-boss, a complete
list of every single power combination in the game, every single enemy
in the game, lots of TRICKs and much, much more!

You can read more about me in the section below (Section 2: About the

2. About the Author

Hi! I'm Nathan Tsui, also known as Segaholic2! I have been playing
videogames since the old Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog up to
the latest Sonic Adventure, Zelda 64, Crash Bandicoot, etc... So why
did I choose to write a FAQ on a simple, easy game for the outdated
Super Nintendo? Well, that's because this was my first FAQ, and I
wanted something easy to start out with. I hope that you enjoy my FAQ
and find it useful!

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free
to send them to Nathan Tsui at segaholic2@yahoo.com. Also e-mail me if
you find any errors and I will fix them up in the next version, plus
you will get your name in the Special Thanx! E-mail me if you have any
info I don't have here and I will give you full credit!

a. Author Profile
Name: Nathan Tsui
Nickname: Segaholic2
E-Mail: segaholic2@yahoo.com
AOL Instant Messenger: Segaholic2

3. Copyright Information

This FAQ, all other Versions already released, and all Versions to come
are copyright 1999-2000 Nathan Tsui. You may distribute this FAQ as
long as it is unaltered and NOT SOLD FOR MONEY. Nathan Tsui alone has
the right to make changes to or update this FAQ. Any unauthorized
changes are not approved by Nathan Tsui and are prohibited by law. What
that basically means is that you can give it to whoever you want as
long as you do not change one letter of it and don't put your name
where mine is (a.k.a. stealing).

Please do not plagiarize this FAQ or any others, as we, the FAQ
writers, spend our time writing them with only the satisfaction of
knowing that they will help you, the readers.

Kirby, Gooey, King Dedede and all other related characters are
(c)Copyright and â„¢Trademark HAL Laboratory, Inc. Kirby's Dream Land 3
is copyright 1997 HAL Laboratory, Inc./Nintendo.

4. Storyline

One day as Kirby and Gooey were fishing, they saw a great black cloud-
like object appear in the sky. The object started to produce small
black clouds, which scattered all over Kirby's home planet, PopStar.
The clouds took control of King Dedede and his subjects. They started
to take over the planet and did awful things! Now you, the player, must
come in and save PopStar!

5. Controls

a. Kirby
Use the D-Pad to walk. Tap twice and hold to run.

Press Down to duck, or drop through certain floors. Also, press Down
to swallow enemies you have in your mouth. If the enemy has a power,
you will get it when you swallow him.

When you are standing on a door, press Up to enter it.

The (Y) button makes Kirby inhale which will suck up bricks or enemies
within a certain range. Press (Y) again to spit out an attack star when
your mouth is full. Pressing (Y) when you have a power will attack.
Pressing (Y) underwater will make Kirby blow bubbles, which will
deflect objects or kill enemies.

The (B) button makes you jump. Press (B) repeatedly to fly. Press (Y)
while you are flying to spit out an air bullet. These are much weaker
than attack stars and have a much shorter range. Hold Down and press
(B) to slide. This slide attacks enemies, destroys blocks, and looks
really cool. ;)

The (A) button will also copy a power when your mouth is full. However,
pressing Down is easier in most situations. When your mouth is empty,
press (A) to call Gooey. YAY! When you call Gooey, it takes away some
of your health. You can gain it back by inhaling and swallowing him.
The computer will control Gooey, but a second player can join the fun!

The (X) button has no purpose but to grab or release an animal friend
when you are standing on him. More on that later (See Section 8:
Animal Friends).

START pauses the game. Duh. When paused, you can select Continue or

SELECT will release a power that you don't want as an attack star.

The (L) and (R) buttons have no purpose in this game.

b. Gooey
Same as Kirby, except he will stick his tongue out instead of sucking,
a.k.a. Yoshi! He will still stick his tongue out underwater, which can
be useful and un-useful at times.

To get rid of Gooey, either suck him in and swallow (I like this
better, because you gain health back), or you can repeatedly press (A)
on either controller to kill him! >:)

TRICK: Here is an evil TRICK to have (almost) unlimited health! When
you have only one hit left, call Gooey (press (A)). Now suck him back
up and swallow him down! HAHA! Now you have three hits left! Do it
whenever you are desperately low on health.

TRICK: When playing 2-player or with Gooey and Gooey is low on health,
suck him up and swallow him down! Now call him back, good as new!

6. Items

These items occur in the game repeatedly, and are vital to long-term
success. Here is a list of what they all are and how to use them.

a. Stages
These are the items you will find in the stages throughout the game.

Star Blocks- These blocks are everywhere! Suck them up to spit them out
as attacks. They may also be hiding Star Pieces...

Power Blocks- These dark-brown blocks cannot be broken unless you use
the power that is shown on them.

Star Pieces- Get enough of these to get a 1-Up! They are hiding
everywhere, so keep your eye out for them.

Energy Drink- These items will restore two hits, or one big square of
health to the person who obtains it.

Maxim Tomatoes- These super veggies will completely restore your
health, plus Gooey's! Get at all costs!

Invincible Candy- Get these to make you and Gooey totally invincible
for a limited time. You can die only by getting squished or by falling
off the screen.

1-Up- Gives you an extra life! Get at *ALL* costs!

Exit Door- End of the level. It is the only door which has stars over
it. It will take you to a screen where you will (or won't) receive the
Heart, depending on whether or not you fulfilled the secret mission.
See Section 9 for more info on hearts.

Hearts- You get these by fulfilling the secret mission in each level.
After you get all of them, you will be able to fight the final boss!
The door here will take you to the jumping bonus game.

b. Goal Game
After you beat each level, you will be taken to a bonus game where you
must jump to receive an item. Gooey can play this game, too. The higher
you stand, the shorter you will jump. The lower you crouch, the farther
you will jump. Here are the items you can get.

Power Star- Gives you one Star Piece

Medium Power Star- Gives you three Star Pieces

Big Power Star- Gives you five Star Pieces

Energy Drink- Gives you an Energy Drink

Maxim Tomato- Gives you a Maxim Tomato

1-Up- Gives you a 1-Up

Ugly Faces- Bogus! Gives you nothing!

TRICK: Most of the time the Maxim Tomato and the 1-Up are close
together. Time your jumps so that you may land on either one if you
aren't able to land on specific targets 100% of the time. That way you
will almost always get something good!

7. Powers

There are eight different kinds of powers, which will give different
attacks. Almost all attacks are diminished when underwater. They are,
with short explanation and usefulness in 1-5 star rating:

Fire- **** Turns you into a fireball and blasts you forward.

Ice- **1/2 Blows ice breath, turning enemies into ice blocks which you
can push at other enemies. Not as good as some, as you are vulnerable
from behind and above.

Broom- *1/2 Sweeps dust clouds, which will destroy objects and enemies.
I don't like this one very much, due to its short attack range.

Cutter- ****1/2 Throws boomerangs! YAY! ;) Extremely useful, not to
mention fun. My personal favorite.

Stone- *** Turns you into a stone, where you can roll down hills. You
are invulnerable to all attacks when you are in stone form. It's the
hardest to learn how to use successfully, but I like it.

Spike- *** Turns you into a spikeball. You are invulnerable to most
enemy attacks. Easier to learn how to use than the stone, and more

Umbrella- ***1/2 Gives you an umbrella which you can swing at enemies.
Leave it up and it will protect you from attacks from above. Press
Down and it will act as a shield. When you are in the air, press Up to
float to the ground. Very cool!

Electricity- **** Turns you into a hyper-jolted creampuff! Hold down Y
to turn yourself into a thousand enemy-pulsating watts of pure energy!
I love this one!

When you lose too much health, you will drop your power as an attack
star. Suck it back up and absorb again!

To drop your power if you want a different one, press Select.

These attacks are only when you are alone. When you are riding an
animal friend, the attack will be different. With six different animal
friends and eight powers, there are 48 different combination attacks,
plus these regular attacks, giving Kirby and Gooey quite a powerful
arsenal! More in the next section (Section 8: Animal Friends).

8. Animal Friends

When you meet an animal friend, stand on him and press (X) to get on
him. Press (X) again to get off. Each animal has his own strength and
weakness. Only one person can team up with an animal at a time.
Example: Kirby can have an animal while Gooey can't, and vice-versa.

Each animal friend has a different attack with a different power. Here
is the complete list plus their effectiveness in a 1-5 star rating. On
the average of their star rating attacks, the most effective attack
combinations are on Kine, then Nago, then Pitch, Coo, Rick, and Chuchu,
in that order. However, depending on the situation, the most useful can
depend on that friend's unique abilities.

a. Rick the Hamster
His strength is that when he is up against a wall, repeatedly press
jump to vault up the side of un-jumpable heights! He also doesn't slide
on ice. His weakness is that he can't suck ( >;| ); he only opens his
mouth. Therefore you must hold down the (Y) button and run at enemies
you want.

Fire- **** This turns Rick into a flame-thrower! You can't move when
you hold the button down, though.

Ice- **1/2 Turns you into a weird block that shivers off ice, freezing
anything it touches. You are still rather vulnerable, though.

Broom- *1/2 Rick will stick a broom out of his mouth and swing it in
front of him. You can't move when you perform this attack. I hate this

Cutter- *** Rick will throw Kirby, allowing you to control Rick while
you fly around destroying anything you touch.

Stone- **1/2 Rick will transform into a boulder, allowing you to walk
on him. You are vulnerable where Kirby stands.

Spike- ** Rick will turn his back into spikes. Vulnerable from the

Umbrella- * Rick will pull out an umbrella and Kirby will balance on
it. You are vulnerable from all sides except where the umbrella is.

Electricity- ** Same as the flame-thrower, except an electric beam that
has less range.

b. Kine the Fish
He is the best swimmer, as he can go against currents! His weakness is
his awkward movement on land.

Fire- ****1/2 Kine will blow a flame ring that continues until it goes
off the screen. It will continue through all walls, but will disappear
when it hits an enemy.

Ice- ** You will turn into an iceberg, freezing anything you touch.
Not that good.

Broom- *** Kine will stick a plunger out of his mouth. You can move
around with it sticking out in front of you. It will pick up any bad
guy it touches, holding him in front of the plunger. You can ram them
into other enemies, or let go of the (Y) button to spit them. You can
also pick up star blocks.

Cutter- **** A beam that fades away the farther it goes. Similar to the
flame ring, but will continue through all enemies it touches.

Stone- 1/2 Kirby will turn into a stone, and Kine will flip onto his
mouth, where you are. This *STINKS*! >;(

Spike- **** You will turn into a huge spike ball. Same as regular
spike attack, but bigger! ;)

Umbrella- *** Kine will stick an umbrella out of his mouth and point
it upwards. When you jump with it out, you will float gently to the
ground. Kinda neat.

Electricity- ***** A light bulb will come out of Kine's mouth,
illuminating dark rooms and revealing hidden doors! After a while, it
will burn out, leaving the sharp glass to poke enemies with!

c. Coo the Owl
He can fly against wind currents, but never makes contact with the

Fire- *** Kirby will turn into a fireball and Coo will thrust you
diagonally downwards whichever way you are facing.

Ice- **1/2 Coo will throw out three icicles, one forward, one
diagonally up, and the other diagonally down, freezing whatever they

Broom- **1/2 Coo will turn into a feather duster, which Kirby will
shake in front of him. You are vulnerable from behind and above.

Cutter-  **** Coo will throw a big feather. Aim which direction they
go by pressing Up or Down and hitting (Y).

Stone- **1/2 Kirby will turn into a stone, and Coo will fall with
great speed. Repeatedly pressing the (B) button will make Coo flap his
wings and will raise you higher, little by little. He looks extremely
funny when he's flapping his little butt off trying to keep a fifty-
pound Kirby in the air. You are vulnerable from both sides and above.

Spike- *1/2 This attack will turn Kirby into a single spike pointing
downwards. Coo will fall slowly to the ground. Not very good as you
are vulnerable from everywhere except the spike.

Umbrella- *** Coo will pull out an umbrella and twirl around for a
second. While you are spinning you are invincible to most attacks.

Electricity- ***1/2 Coo will zap a lightning bolt down, destroying
enemies and blocks. This is like the cloud monster's move from the Ado
boss (see Section 12: Boss Tactics).

d. Nago the Cat
He can triple jump, which makes a really cool sound. His disadvantage
is his mondo size, which makes him a bigger target.

Fire- **** Nago will spit a wall of flame that travels along the
ground. It gets shorter and shorter and eventually disappears.

Ice- **1/2 Kirby will turn downwards and blow ice breath that propels
you upwards. The ice breath underneath you will freeze anything it
touches. Not very good as you can be hit from above and both sides.

Broom- ****1/2 Nago will push Kirby into the dirt and ride him along
like a "turf"-board. You are practically invulnerable and will destroy

Cutter- ** Nago will shoot a boomerang-shaped thing diagonally upwards.
Not good because you cannot attack forwards.

Stone- *1/2 Kirby will turn into a stone and Nago will bang him on the
ground, making dust shoot forward. The dust will destroy enemies and
blocks. This is much like the broom power alone. You are vulnerable
from behind and above.

Spike- *** Kirby will shoot out spikes forwards at different angles,
which destroy anything in its path. You are vulnerable from behind and

Umbrella- **** Nago and Kirby will bounce on an umbrella like a pogo
stick. You are almost invulnerable.

Electricity- *** Kirby will charge up and shoot out electric sparks.
The longer you hold down the attack button and stand still, the
farther out the sparks shoot. When you move, you stay charged up until
the sparks eventually die down.

e. Chuchu the ?!
She looks like a cross of Kirby, Gooey, and that wad of gum you peeled
off your shoe yesterday. >:p She can walk on ceilings, but can't fly
very well and has a weird suck that is sort of like Gooey's.

Fire- **1/2 Chuchu will breathe a VERY short flame. If you hold down
the jump button while holding down the attack button, Chuchu will turn
into a hot-air balloon and float upwards. She will also destroy
anything she touches.

Ice- *1/2 Chuchu will throw inaccurate snowballs. They freeze anything
they touch.

Broom- **1/2 Chuchu and Kirby will fly around on a broom. You are
vulnerable everywhere except the back of the broom. You have unlimited
flight, though. ;)

Cutter- ** Kirby will swing Chuchu around him in an arc over his head
and under his feet. She will destroy anything she touches. Not very
useful, though, because she has such a short range. 

Stone- ** Kirby will turn into a stone and Chuchu will swing him
around. You are vulnerable to attacks above you.

Spike- **1/2 Spikes will fly out of Chuchu everywhere except
underneath for a moment. Therefore you are vulnerable to attacks from

Umbrella- ***1/2 Chuchu and Kirby will spin around on an upside-down
umbrella. You are invincible to most attacks while you spin.

Electricity- *1/2 Hold down Y to charge up the electric power. Chuchu
will shoot out an electric bullet that will bounce off some walls. Fun
to look at, but not very effective at all due to the size of the
bullet and time required to charge up.

f. Pitch the Bird
He doesn't have strengths or weaknesses, all he does is make your
attacks better.

Fire- ***1/2 Pitch will turn into a fireball. He will fly to the edge
of the screen and come back. Same as regular fire except you can still
move Kirby, and has longer range.

Ice- ***1/2 Same as regular ice, with much longer range.

Broom- **1/2 Pitch will throw blobs of water which will explode
diagonally on impact of anything.

Cutter- **** Pitch will turn into a boomerang and fly out to the edge
of the screen. He can fly through walls. Same as fire with him, only

Stone- ** Pitch will turn into a stone, jump up and plunge to the
ground, destroying anything in his path. Similar to Kine with stone,
except Pitch can get more height, due to his flying ability.

Spike- *** Pitch will dart forward repeatedly, poking his beak at
anything in his way. He will keep his height in the air as long as you
hold the button down.

Umbrella- * Kirby will whack Pitch with the umbrella, sending a curled-
up Pitch bouncing around. He will eventually come back to you, but you
can press (Y) to bring him back faster. Extremely inaccurate and hard
to use.

Electricity- ****1/2 Pitch will turn into an electrified bird, leaving
Kirby on the ground with a remote control. Use the D-Pad to aim Pitch
around, and press (Y) to bring him back. Totally to the max, dudes!
This is extremely fun to play with, plus Kirby looks cool hanging onto
the remote. However, you are immobile on the ground, leaving Kirby

9. The Hearts

You get a heart when you fulfill a secret mission in the level.
Usually the level's picture will give you a hint on what to do.
Whenever you enter the section with the secret mission, it will play
a special sound effect. Always fulfill the goals I have listed when
you hear that sound. Getting every single one is the only way to fight
the final form of Dark Matter! After you have fulfilled the secret
mission the first time and obtained the heart, you will receive a 1-Up
for fulfilling the mission again, instead! Here is a complete listing
on what to do in every level:

a. World 1: Grass Land
1-1: Don't stomp any of the pink flowers.
1-2: Pet the weird spring creature with Chuchu's basic lick.
1-3: Win the Throwing Gordo mini-game.
1-4: Get the rock power and advance to the point where there are three
rock Power Blocks underneath you. Break them open and go into the door
to fight a mini-boss (see Section 11). Beat him to get the monkey
required for the heart.
1-5: Beat the level with Kine the Fish.
1-6: In the tree section, go along the sides and find the three
objects for the clown to juggle.
Boss 1: Beat him with all the hearts in this world.

b. World 2: Ripple Field
2-1: Get the broom power with Pitch the Bird and go into each
underwater door. Water the plants to grow purple flowers. Don't stomp
2-2: Use the umbrella power with Kine and jump around at the umbrella
creature to make it happy.
2-3: Win the Eel-In-The-Pot mini-game.
2-4: Use Kine and electricity power to reveal a hidden door at the top
of the self-scrolling part. Go into it to fight a mini-boss (see
Section 11). Absorb the mini-boss's power to open the Power Blocks to
save the frog.
TRICK: In the part with lots of Nidoos (the fake doors) and falling
balls, use Kine and electricity to reveal a hidden door with Power
Stars and a Maxim Tomato!
2-5: Beat the level with Pitch the Bird. To find him, use Kine
throughout the level until there will be a passage going to the left
with a current and door. Get Pitch inside it and beat the level. This
passage is rather hard to find, so try every current-filled passages!
2-6: Look at the level map picture. When you come to a room with a
bunch of blocks, break them to form a shape that looks like this
(the numbers show how many are in each row):

TRICK: In the part with lots of the green blobs that shoot you forward,
the path to take is the top blob, then bottom, then second from the
Boss 2: Beat him with all the hearts in this world.

c. World 3: Sand Canyon
3-1: Leave the mushrooms alone while flattening all the pink flowers!
3-2: Help out the janitor by sweeping the dirty floors with a broom.
3-3: Win the Gordo Face mini-game.
3-4: Save the girl by taking the lower, then upper, then middle paths
in the self-scrolling part to fight a mini-boss (see Section 11).
Defeat him to rescue the girl and return her to her mother.
3-5: Beat the level with Chuchu the plasmatic Blob. You will get to one
part where you cannot continue because of her horrid flying ability. To
get past this obstacle, get fire power in the room below. Now hot-air-
balloon your way up.
3-6: Find all the parts of the robot. This is the hardest heart to get
in the game. A hint here is to have a second controller plugged in and
to give Gooey the animal friends in rooms that require a friend. Now,
instead of having to find the exact power to get Kirby and his friend
across some obstacle, just give Gooey the animal and get there your-
self, as Kirby. Gooey and the friend will warp, saving you a lot of
time. In the watery section of the pyramid, go down to a room with all
the powers and animal friends. In the watery main section again, go
down-right with Kine and umbrella to get an arm. Watery main and
down-left with Coo and stone for another arm. Watery main and up-right
to the top, then drop down the floor in the middle for the body. Watery
main and up-left and either use Kine and electricity to reveal the
correct doors, or take the middle, left, right, left, and middle doors
for the bottom of the robot. Watery main and up for the head, then drop
down the blue sections of the floor. Watery main again; now go right
to finish the level.
Boss 3: Beat him with all the hearts in this world.

d. World 4: Cloudy Park
4-1: Get Coo and broom power and dust off all the black flowers. Don't
squash them!
4-2: Get spike power and pop the balloon with the chick at the end of
the level.
4-3: Win the Colored Gordo mini-game.
4-4: Use Coo to fight the mini-boss (see Section 11) and then to fly
against the wind current to rescue an orange. An ORANGE?!?!
4-5: Beat the level with Rick the Hamster. Make sure to use lots of
wall-vault jumps (see Section 8).
4-6: Look at the upside-down creature. In the room with blocks, break
the blocks to make a shape that looks like this (the numbers show how
many are in each row):
              _ _ _ _ _

Boss 4: Beat him with all the hearts in this world.

e. World 5: Iceberg
5-1: Melt all the frozen flowers with the fire power. Be careful you
don't squash any!
5-2: Freeze all the weird jellyfish-fire creatures in the underground
fire caves with ice power to help warm up...Samus Aran?!
5-3: Win the Gordo Sound mini-game.
5-4: Get Coo and fire. To find Coo in this level, right after the part
where you keep dropping through the breaking ice blocks with all the
fire dragons, use the fire power on the two ice blocks on the right.
The hidden door holds Coo. The other blocks hold a door with Rick, but
you will want Coo. Continue until you get to a part with lots of ice
blocks. Keep melting them until you get to a door with two plants that
is unreachable with any other fire combination. Go in there and break
the ice blocks by going down with Coo, and the ones going up with
Chuchu, who is there along with Pitch. Keep switching until you get
to a door with the snail's shell in it. After that you will have to
fight a mini-boss (see Section 11) that is very easy to defeat.
5-5: Beat the level with Nago the Cat.
5-6: Fight all the mini-bosses (see Section 11), absorbing each one's
power before it explodes. Now get the feathers behind the Power Blocks
in the room after. Get all the feathers to make the girl happy.
Boss 5: Beat him with all the hearts in this world.

10. Enemy List

There are lots and lots of enemies in this game, some having powers
that you can absorb. Others don't and are just there to get in your
way. Listing them all plus all of their names took me a while; but it
was worth it! Here is the list in alphabetical order; each enemy also
has what power he gives at the end:

Apolo- His home is on the sides of trees and other round objects. He
will spin around on the cylinders and not do much else. No powers.

Babut- This annoying pest will hang from ceilings, then when you get
near, will fly around, trying to get a piece of your face, which he
will, sometimes. No powers.

Batamon- This looks like a clone of Kirby! Most of the time there is
a barricade between him and you. However, if you use Pitch and
Electricity, you can get rid of him quickly. Thanx to Matthew for
telling me this! BUT, in level 4-3, if you go BEYOND the end door, you
will find a lot of Batamons, until you get to one without barriers!!!
AWESOME!!! Kudos go to Magus 666 for this hyper-cool piece of info. By
the way, Batamon gives no powers. ;p

Blipper- This fish can be in or out of water. Out of water, he's no
threat. Under water, he will move in your direction. No powers.

Bobo- This little fireball will walk around. They come in the short
and fat version, or tall and lanky! Take your pick! Fire power.

Boten- This thing is always on the top of cactuses in desert areas.
They will not do anything until you walk under them; then they will
fall down and try to spike you. Spike power.

Bouncy- This spring creature will just bounce around with her pretty
bow in her hair. No powers.

Bronto Burt- This guy will sometimes rest on the ground, and when you
come near, he'll fly up and dive-bomb you! Other times he will just
fly in the sky, following a pattern. No powers.

Broom Hatter- He walks on the ground, sweeping up dust with his broom.
He wears a witch's hat for some weird reason. Broom power.

Bukiset- These creatures are unique in the fact that they will give
any powers! Their attacks will show which powers they give.

Cappy- This is a little mushroom that hops around. Suck off his cap
and he will walk around, looking a little frightened. >;) Now suck HIM
up! MWA-HA-HA!!! Sorry. No powers.

Chilly- He is an evil snowman that will throw out a little force field
of ice flakes around him. He will sometimes waddle towards you in
certain levels. Ice power.

Como- This creature looks like a tick-spider mix and will hang from
surfaces by his thread, coming down to throw his webbing at you. No
powers, again.

Dekabu- He looks like one of those statues from Easter Island! He is
the large one that spits out Kabus. You can't suck him.

Dogan- This little caveman will hit anything you spit at him with his
trusty club! No powers.

Doka- He will go around throwing pieces of rock at you with his
shovel. No powers.

Gabon- This guy wears a skull for a cap and throws bones. Suck his hat
off, though, and he is a helpless wimp! No powers.

Galbo- These fire dragons will not move and apparently will snooze
until you come near enough. Fire power.

Gansan- This seems to be made of three stones, which take turns being
the head. He rolls around. Stone power.

Glunk- He will hang from ceilings and floors and shoot rays at you. No

Gordo- This spike ball will float around or stay in place. You can't
do anything to it but avoid it.

Joe- These are sharks that will try to take a hunk outta yer face! No

Kabu- These are little Dekabus! They will roll around and do nothing
else. No powers.

Kany- This looks like a little crab who will try to grab you with his
claws. No powers.

Kapar- He looks like a green duck. He will stand in place, jumping
and throwing his spiky hat at you randomly. He can also swim. Cutter

Keke- She's a cute little witch, riding her broom. Suck her broom and
check out her awesome cartwheels! He, he, he, Ke-Ke-Ke! >;) OK, I'll
stop now. Broom power for her broom and her.

Klinko- This purple dude looks like he's wearing a straw hut on his
head! He will hop around. Umbrella power.

Loud- This rain-cloud will hover in the sky and drop rain sometimes.
No powers.

Madoo- He's a little wizard who flies in the sky, staying above you
until you stand still so he can have a clear shot at you with his
black blobs. However, they can destroy some blocks that you cannot,
allowing you to access passages you yourself could not go to! No
powers, as usual.

Magoo- This fireball has a black center and will jump up when you come
near. Fire power.

Mariel- This is a black circle that will grow legs and come after
you! It looks like a giant spider. Rather uniquely, he will give you
damage if you swallow him!

Mony- This is a little creature who lives in his shell, swimming
around and doing nothing. No powers.

Mopoo- These are blue rays that only appear in one level of the game.
They shoot out from their hiding place. Try and attack their heads.
No powers.

Mumbies- They look like little hovering mummies. No powers.

Nidoo- These creatures look like doors, until you get too close! No

Nruff- These look like porcupines that run around, bumping into
anything they meet and changing direction. They are sometimes ridden
by Waddledees. No powers.

Oro- He is a yellow blob that hides on floors and ceilings, rearing
his little head when you get too close. No powers.

Pakto- These big traps will jump up or fall down and try to chew you
up. You can't suck them.

Pasara- These white clouds are too spiky to touch, and when you do,
they split into three small ones! No powers, as they are unsuckable.

Peloo- These faces don't appear until you are directly underneath
them, then they will drop their tongues and try to eat you! Yuck! You
can't do anything to them.

Peran- These dudes will peek out from their hiding place behind the
wallpaper and spit blobs at you. No powers.

Polof- This guy looks like a bunny and only appears in level 3-1. No
TRICK: However, leave him alone and he will disappear! Press Up where
he vanished to find a hidden room with a 1-Up and lots of Power Stars!

Popon- He looks like a bunch of green blobs stacked up on each other,
because that's what he is! He will grow indefinitely unless you can
destroy the bottom blob. He will also throw green blobs at you. No

Poppy Bros. Jr.- These will sometimes walk along on pieces of rather
large fruit. Otherwise he will just walk around aimlessly. No powers,
though you can get two attack stars: one from him, one from the fruit.

Propeller- This starts out as an egg, but when you come close, this
creature hatches out! He comes in random colors; there is no
difference what color it is. He will fly around and try to hit you. No

Pteran- They fly around, hovering to your level, though they never
change direction unless they come to a wall. No powers.

Rocky- The basic rock power form. He will walk around, sometimes
jumping to smash you. They will also roll down hills, like you. Rock
power, DUH!

Sasuke- This creature has a little umbrella on his head. They will
sometimes fall from the sky, using their umbrella heads as a
parachute. Umbrella power.

Scarfy- He will float in the air, looking rather harmless, but if you
try to inhale him... Wow! Can he ever get mad! No powers.

Shotzo- It is nothing but a cannon that shoots round bullets at you.
You cannot suck them or attack them, and they will hurt you if you
touch them.

Sirkibble- This looks like a little knight in armor, and will throw
boomerangs at you. Cutter power.

Sparky- This green blob will hop around and start shooting electricity
at times. Electricity power.

Squishy- This squid does nothing but float up and down, sometimes
jumping out of the water. No powers.

Tick- He looks nice, harmless, and cute when you are at or below his
level, but when you are above him, this evil thing will spike you with
his pointy head. Spike power.

Togezo- This creature has a spiky shell and walks around slowly,
sometimes thrusting out his spikes with vigor. Spike power.

Waddle Dee- This baddie is really easy; all he can do is walk and jump
around. Sometimes he rides Nruffs or paddleboards. No powers for eating

Wapod- This is some sort of Waddle Dee genie. He will recreate
indefinitely unless you destroy his bottle. No powers for either.

Wappa- This furry creature does nothing but walk and roll around. Snow

Yaban- This fatso will jump up and shoot arrows at you. Talk about evil
Cupids! No powers.

11. Mini-Boss Tactics

Mini-bosses appear quite frequently and are usually guarding a secret
to unlocking the mission required for the heart in that level. They
all follow a distinct pattern and represent a certain power. After you
defeat them, you can suck them and absorb the power they have. All the
mini-bosses shouldn't give you any trouble, as they are all *very* easy
to defeat. The list is arranged under power, then name, then how to
defeat him.

Fire- Boboo: This boss walks along slowly on the ground, sometimes
ramming himself into the wall. The impact will produce objects to spit
at him.

Ice- Yuki: This giant snowman is not in a good mood! He will throw
three snowballs at you; spit them at him when his head re-appears. He
will sometimes jump around. Not that hard.

Broom- Haboki: This over-sized sweep will jump around, creating stars
to spit back at him. He will also sweep up stars. Very, very easy.

Cutter- None

Stone- Blocky: He will walk around and rush at the wall, giving
objects to spit back. He will also triple jump; on the third jump, he
will smash down, creating more objects.

Spike- Captain Stitch: This guy is not confined by gravity! He will
float around after you if you try to take refuge in an upper corner.
He will throw his spikes at the wall. Suck them up and spit them back
before his spikes grow back; you can't hurt him when he has his spikes.
He will also charge the wall, which will knock off his spikes. He is
the hardest of the mini-bosses.

Umbrella- Jumper Shoot: He will kick off his sandal; suck it up and
spit it back. He will also jump around, though he doesn't create
objects when he jumps. He will also spin around; when he does, he is
totally invulnerable. Fly up into a high corner. He can't reach you

Electricity- None

12. Boss Tactics

Each boss has a pattern, which can be found out easily. I have recorded
each boss's weaknesses and how to easily defeat each.

a. Whispy (the Tree)
This boss is easy! Just suck the stuff he spits out and throw it back
at his deranged face. He will start running at you after a while. If
you touch his moving roots, he will kick you away. This won't hurt you
unless you land on something. Watch out for his white beams! The best
power to use on the evil grinning oak is the boomerang.

b. Acro (the Killer Whale)
Jump over him when he charges and blast the stones he knocks out of the
wall back at him. After a while, you will have to fight him underwater,
where you must blow back the stones he knocks down. He will also spit
stuff at you. The skulls go straight, the anchors sink and roll on the
bottom, and the little whales dip up and down as they follow you. He
isn't picky about what he eats, I can tell you that! You can blow the
objects (not the anchors) he spits at you back at him by pressing (Y)
if you have not powers. Best to use the fire, boomerang, or stone
TRICK: You can destroy the objects he spits out with a power attack.
TRICK: With the boomerang underwater, face the other way, slightly
lower than him and throw the boomerangs while holding Up. They will go
over your head and back at this digestive tract-filled whale.

c. Don and Con (Raccoon and Fox)
This fox and raccoon team is quite a pain in the butt! Suck the little
animals up, then spit them back at the bigger ones. Watch out for the
bomb that falls from above! The best power to use here is fire. Press
Down to fall through the floor if impending danger rushes at you!

d. Ado (the Boy Artist)
This wimpy artist is rather easy, but time-consuming. First you will
fight a creature that will blow ice at you and charge across the
screen. Get ready to suck the ice blocks he throws at you. Next is an
anglerfish. If his light is spiky, then get ready to dodge three
electric balls. If his light is round, suck the star and throw it back
at him! Fly over his head when he jumps around. The sun and moon are
the hardest form. Suck and spit the stuff the one on the top drops
while avoiding the one on the bottom. You can duck and let the moon
pass over you, but you must jump over the sun. After one is destroyed,
the other will fly everywhere and drop things. Dodge him and spit it
back when he comes low. The cloud monster is intimidating, but a total
wimp. Stay in the extreme corners and wait for him to drop mini-clouds.
Spit them back when he is in the low position. Be careful, since he
will sometimes come right over you and zap you with lightning! He will
sometimes sweep the screen with his lightning, but if you stay in the
corner and don't move he can't get you. After he is defeated, fight
the even wimpier Ado himself! He will run around with his eyes shut,
swinging his brush in a futile attempt to get rid of you. Slide into
him to finish him off. I prefer no powers for this boss.

e. King Dedede (the Duck)
This boss is extremely hard with no powers. My favorite combination is
Coo with boomerang and have a friend control Gooey with boomerangs.
Fly out of his reach, aim with Up and Down, and blast him with
feathers! Keep Gooey pumping it out like a maniac. Watch out, as
Dedede will jump high enough to hit Coo at the highest point, suck
like Kirby and pull this humongous hammer out of nowhere and smash
anything in range. Ouch!

To defeat him with no powers, wait until he jumps up or pulls out his
hammer. When he smashes down, suck up the stars that come out from the
impacts. Spit them at him! After you defeat him, Dark Matter will take
complete control of him and turn him into a freak monster! Again, fly
around blasting him with feathers. When his stomach opens with teeth,
MOVE! He will come and grab you unless you are fast enough. When the
eye in his stomach opens, just keep throwing, as your feathers will
cancel out the black blobs. Without powers, avoid his attacks until he
shoots the black blobs from the eye. Inhale the blobs and spit them out
at him when he floats low enough. Continue until you knock him out!
Victory, but not completely...

f. Dark Matter
You can only reach this boss when you have gotten every single heart
and defeated all the bosses a second time. I *HATE* him! You must
fight three forms of him. First, just keep throwing your heart power
at him whenever his spikes are not facing out. When they are, watch
out, because he will throw them at you and they will chase you. He
will also float around and stop and zap black lightning at direct
diagonals to the way he is facing. After him, you must fight a mondo
white creature with a red eye in the center. This guy is pretty
freaky. Keep zapping while you avoid the little black guys and red
blobs he throws at you. Sometimes he will charge and come back, so
anticipate whether he will go high or low. When he comes back, he will
be in the distance, throwing red blobs at the screen. After that, you
must fight the red eyeball in the center. He will chase you around,
so fly in circles and turn around and hit him whenever you get the
chance. After a few more hits, complete victory is secured! I prefer
playing this boss alone *without* Gooey.

13. The Mini-Games

There are five mini-games that appear in the game; each will give you
a heart for that level if you get all three right. Here are the games:

Throwing Gordo Game- The blue dude will throw a Gordo. Identify which
one it was three times to win.

Eel-In-The-Pot Game- The eel will move from pot to pot faster and
faster while Gordos will come out of the others. Guess which one
he is in three times correctly to win.

Gordo Faces Game- Lots of Gordos with different faces will show their
faces for a brief moment then turn around again. The chicken-egg
creature will ask for a certain face. Enter how many of that face
there were three times to win.

Colored Gordo Game- Lots of Gordos will come out and go away quickly.
They will be blue, red, yellow, or black. The balloon creature will
ask for a color, though never for black. The black ones are just to
throw you off. Enter how many there were of the color he wants
correctly three times to win.

Gordo Sound Game- Five Gordos will fall from the sky. Each will make
a different noise. The yellow fatso with the pan will make a noise,
which will match one of the balls' sounds. Guess correctly three times
to win.
TRICK: I find recording the sounds on my Yak-Back to be *very*
helpful. ;)

14. The Secret Options

When you start the game, you only have Sound Test and Mono/Stereo
selection. As you progress, you receive more options! As to when they
appear, I still don't know. Completion of all these is the only way to
get 100%. Here are all the options:

The Music Note- Sound Test and Mono/Stereo select.

M- Mini-Games. All five of the mini-games that occur in the game, one
after another. Beat this perfectly to get the jumping game.

J- Jumping Game. The game that you play after every level. Don't land
on the Ticks, as you will lose the game if you do.

B- Boss Butch. Fight every boss in the game in consecutive order
without powers or Gooey.

?- After you beat the Boss Butch, this option becomes available. It
allows you to watch the movies for each world, the opener, and the
three endings, or you can string all of them together for a really long
movie. Yeah, I finally got it! Woo-hoo!

15. Special Thanx

This FAQ is dedicated to everyone on this list.

These are the people that I found invaluable in the creation of this
FAQ, by helping me write it, or for just being my friend and providing
moral support. 

First, *BIG* thanx to my parents: for all the time and money they spent
on me, allowing me to learn proper English and grammar; for the
computer to write this on; and for letting me get the Super Nintendo,
Sega Genesis, Dreamcast and everything else I have! Without them you
wouldn't be reading this!

Thanx again, everyone!

Jason "Double -S-" Tsui- (stkrule@yahoo.com)
My brother, Jason, also known as STKRule, for all the help in typing
and researching the info for this FAQ, plus helping me beat the game
by controlling Gooey! He helped me with everything I needed for
writing this FAQ. If there is anything else he helped with that I
forgot to put down I'm sure he will "tell-us". ;) He also helped me
create the ASCII title that you see on top. Thanx a million, STKRule!

Nathan "SnaKKer" Miller-
My friend, Nathan Miller, for being the total Nintendo fan, although
he now likes Sonic the Hedgehog (my FAV videogame hero!), too. More
thanx for the ideas he gave me, and for being my web buddy. Also, he
and I currently working on some N64 FAQs together... Sounds cool, no?

John Westenhover-
Thanx to John for coming over to my house, allowing me to play this
game more! Also for all the times we had playing computer together!
;) Even more thanx for the fun we had taping crazy films together when
he came over!

Elizabeth Westenhover-
Thanx for being my friend, and for the fun times we had playing Hugo's
House of Horrors and King's Quest at her and John's house!

Crazy Gloveman-
Thanx, Crazy, for just being crazy and totally insane due to your
constant overdose of sugar! :| Also for half of the great entertainment
on Sunday nights! ;) 

He is the other half of the entertainment on Sundays! Also for being a
great friend, and for all the jokes and fun times we have every week!

James Tunnell-
For being a friend, and for the hilarious times we always have at
restaurants. His request is that he be put down as the "Coolest Guy
on Earth". Well, here it is! ;) Also, *many* thanx to him (extreme
sarcasm) for his *kind* (more sarcasm) suggestion that I ask Emily
out, IN FRONT OF EMILY. >;( Hmph. Like I'll ever ask any girl out,
much more Emily. Yeah, right. When pigs fly...

Emily Lee-
Due to a small mix-up, I didn't put her name in the Special Thanx
section of Version 5.0. :( Sorry, Emily! :) Anyways, she likes
Nintendo, the 'net, and something I won't say, since she asked me not
to. She is also a big annoyance to me, sometimes bugging me worse than
my sister (Betho- see below)! I might also ask her some questions for
the N64 FAQs "SnaKKer" (Nathan Miller) and I may do together. Another
thing is that she is the Emily from the James/Emily/Me (Nathan Tsui)
incident above, in the James Tunnell section. :| She is also my
sister's friend, and when they get together, it's enough to make me go
into hiding! ;) (read Betho's section below for more on that)

Tiny Tim the Terrible-
Tiny Tim, also known as T4, for doing absolutely NOTHING! Thanx for the
fun we have whenever I visit him, and for letting me drive the four-
wheeler! =) His name is kind of ironic, though, because he's not that
tiny. :o Thanx, T4!

Matthew Harris-
Thanx for all the fun we had together playing outside during the past
summers! ;)

Bethany "Betho" Tsui-
Thanx, Betho, for being a total nuisance, as most sisters and younger
girls are. :( REAL thanx for NOT bugging me while I was typing this! :)
She is also the second loudest screamer I know, after her friend, Emily
Lee (see above). Ouch! >;o By the way, Betho and Emily, that's *not* a
compliment! Thanx, Betho!

PiKa085- (PiKa085@aol.com)
He told me what the option that comes after Boss Butch is and let me
use it in my FAQ! He is also the author of the best All-Kirby-Game
Guide on the 'net! Check out his Ultimate Kirby FAQ at GameFAQs.com for
the best FAQ on almost all Kirby games (if you found mine, you can
find his). Way to go, PiKa085!

Matthew "Kirbymaniac" Danyeur- (mattdanyeur@mindspring.com)
He told me how to kill Batamon and that you can use the Umbrella to
float to the ground. Also a ton of other info. Thanx, Matt!

Magus 666- (Saga440841@aol.com)
This guy sent me the awesomest info: the much sought-after Kirby-
Batamon showdown! OK, so it ain't that dramatic...still, it's cool!
Way to go, Magus!

YOU, the Reader!-
Thanx again for reading the whole FAQ, including this section! Hope to
hear from you! My e-mail address is segaholic2@yahoo.com (like I
haven't said that already >;) ). Catch me on AOL Instant Messenger! My
handle is Segaholic2.

Last of all, NO thanks at ALL to Bill Gates and Microsoft! You don't
know how many times I got this "Not enough memory available to complete
this operation. Quit one or more applications to increase available
memory, and then try again." message, trying to type this document into
Notepad. HA! NOT ENOUGH MEMORY?! I have 32 megs of RAM, and it says I
don't have enough memory to type some lousy words onto one of the
simplest text applications?! I must have quit and re-opened this
document 100 or more times, typing in five words or so at a time,
trying to finish this thing. Phbt. The problem finally got so big I had
to copy the whole FAQ into Microsoft Word and finish it there using
Courier New font. I bet I could have completed this FAQ in half the
time on a Mac. Unfortunately, I don't have one with 'net connections.
Oh, well, maybe later...

16. Version History

1.0 Kirby's Dream Land 3 FAQ created.
1.1 ASCII title completed.
2.0 Controls, Powers, Boss Tactics, and Secret Options sections
3.0 Animal Friend Power Combinations and Mini-Games sections completed.
4.0 Hearts section completed.
5.0 Final grammar and spelling checks.
Kirby's Dream Land 3 FAQ released!

5.1 Title changed to "The Complete Guide to Kirby's Dream Land 3".
5.2 ASCII title changed.
5.3 Welcome! section completed.
5.4 Minor info changes and additions.
6.0 Enemy List and Mini-Boss sections completed.
7.0 Final grammar and spelling checks, some info added, Emily Lee put
    into Special Thanx.
The Complete Guide to Kirby's Dream Land 3 released!

7.1 Many errors discovered and fixed. (enemies out of alphabetical
    order, problem with Heart in level 1-3, inconsistent information on
    mini-games, Polof in wrong level, etc...)
7.2 Some info changed and added, TRICKs added, T4 put into Special
7.3 Final grammar and spelling checks.
Version 7.3 released!

7.4 Minor info changes and additions.
7.5 Secret Options section updated, PiKa085 put into Special Thanx,
    final grammar and spelling checks.
Version 7.5 released!

7.6 Secret Options section updated.
7.7 Minor info changes and additions.
8.0 Final grammar and spelling checks.
Version 8.0 released!

8.1 Info updated, Matthew Danyeur put into Special Thanx.
8.2 Final grammar and spelling checks.
Version 8.2 released!

8.3 Info updated.
    Nickname "Ninten-doh-Man" dropped. I go by Segaholic2 only now.
Version 8.3 released!

8.4 Began remodeling the WHOLE FAQ!
8.5 Changed the ASCII title slightly.
8.6 Added sub-chapters.
8.7 Took out lots of unnecessary stuff.
8.8 Changed Special Thanks to Special Thanx.
8.9 Took out Thanks for Reading!
9.0 Final grammar and spelling checks.
Version 9.0 released!

9.1 Updated Batamon section, Magus 666 put into Special Thanx.
Version 9.1 released!

9.2 Updated The Secret Options '?' section.
    Updated Boss Tactics section (Acro).
Version 9.2 released!

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