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Pro Action Replay Codes by MMitsunaga

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 07/22/00

Rockman & Forte (a.k.a. Megaman & Bass or Megaman 9)
Created by:
Marcel "2KO" Mitsunaga =^.^=

Pro Action Replay Guide 0.1 (07/22/2000)
All codes in this "FAQ" have been created by me. I've tested'em all and they 

This is one of the best games I've ever played. Great graphics, nice sound 
and hours of fun. Capcom did a great job here. Sadly it was (I think) the 
last game for Snes.

The following codes are for both characters:

7E0C2FFF   Infinity Energy
7E0B84FF   Infinity L. Bolt
7E0B90FF   Infinity C. Vision
7E0B88FF   Infinity W. Burner
7E0B8AFF   Infinity M. Card
7E0B8CFF   Infinity I. Wall
7E0B82FF   Infinity S. Drill
7E0B86FF   Infinity R. Mine
7E0B8EFF   Infinity T. Blade	 
7E0B92FF   Infinity R. Search
7E0B94FF   Infinity Beat (Turn the code off when playing with Forte)
7E0B96FF   Infinity Eddie (Turn the code off when playing with Forte)
7E0C17FF   Both Rockman & Forte are "skating"
7E0B9CE7+7E0B9D03   Infinity Money
7E0C1D26   High jump
7E0C1D13   Higher jump
7E0C1D22   Super high jump
7E0C1D02   Super high jump with low gravity
7E0C5414   Endless Dash
7E0CFAFF   Ice Wall easily destruct
7E0CFA20   Weapons code (some get worse, others get better)

I've never seen a FAQ without the credits part. I won't be the first.
If you have any other codes or doubts, my email is: dark2ko@yahoo.com
Thanks 2:
Rafael L. (Taught me how to create codes and find the 100 CDs)
Vitor P. (This guy has a lot of codes)
Fulvio K. (He helped me with the japanese texts in the game)
Karime G. (The girl I'll love forever)
and of course the creators of the emulators (specially zsnes). They 
brought us a whole new experience.

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