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CD Database FAQ by JNowak

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/02/98

                       CD Database FAQ for Rockman & Forte
                       VERSION 1.0                07/02/98

By:  Joram Nowak (Quint)  

I decided that some of the Database Discs were hard to find in this game, and
since there isn't a FAQ for this game to be found on the Internet (currently),
I wrote up this FAQ on how to get all 100 CDs.

I wrote this with Rockman in mind, so all the methods will be meant for
Rockman, unless otherwise stated.  I asume that you have Rush Search and the
CD SPARKS powerup that enables you to see sparks on the ground where a CD is
hidden.  Also, when I say 'dig it up', use Rush Search on the spot.  When
Rush is digging, he might be interupted by an enemy, but still have the CD!
Just listen for the 'CD sound', or check the Database to make sure you got it.

Make sure you buy the auto-charge shot with Rockman, and also the little-tv
screen (that contacts Roll) and the spot-light thingy (that causes Roll to
tell you how many CDs are still in a level).

And with Forte, buy the Gospel Boost Upgrade and the two other items mentioned

Guard Joe:    A Guard Joe is a green man with a shield that either jumps,
              shoots at you or drops a grenade in front of you.
              The term was invented by Mandi Paugh.

Floating      Those floating guys that always seem to hit you when you're
  Cannon:     above spikes or a bottomless pit.

Cannon:       A huge green cannon that shoots huge green spheres at you.

Bubble Bat:   A bat that looks like a round, black ball when it's resting.

Spinning      A penguin that spins slowly on the spot until it sees you and
  Penguin:    uses rockets to slide into you.

Ice Dispenser:	A machine that spits out ice.  There are also some that spit
               out bricks.

Explodable    Usually two blocks stacked on top of each other with a wick
  Blocks:     that you can light with the Wave Burner

Heads:        Found in Groundman's level, they cause the spike walls/ceilings
              /floors to close in a notch (about one Rockman width).

Clawarm:      These guys plod around or swing back and forth with their
              extendable claw arms

Rhino-type    Huge robots that look like a mechanical rhinoceros.  They either
              shoot three rockets at you or their horn right in your face!

(Robo)snails: Found in Pirateman's level.  When you shoot them in the face,
              they roll up and fall down.  They are hard to hit because they
              move fast when they're in the water.

Cylindrical   These slow-moving robots move in on you from holes in the
  robots:     background.
Metool:       A yellow, hard-hat wearing robot that is found in ALL Rockman
              games.  It shoots at you when you come close.

CD#     Name        Location       Method

001     Rockman     Dynamoman      This one is buried on a platform between
        (Megaman)                  two rows of spikes.  When you enter the
                                   room, a long ladder leads upwads and one of
                                   those floating robots is shooting at you.
                                   ANYWAY, use the Ice Wall to ride to the
                                   platform on the right and dig up the CD.

002     Roll        Coldman        Right after the sheet ice and those pesky
                                   floating cannons, there will be a visible
                                   CD in the upper right of the screen before
                                   you fall down the shaft.  Get this CD with
                                   Forte(double jump), it's much easier than
                                   with Rockman.  If not, use the Ice Wall and
                                   use it as a stepping stool.

003     Cutman      Magicman       Even before Rockman teleports down into
                                   this level, you'll see sparks towards the
                                   left of the screen.  Dig as left as poss-
                                   ible to get this CD.

004     Gutsman     Burnerman      Get this one with Forte.  You know that
                                   long drop that comes after the rhino-type
                                   robot and the pesky robobirds? And you see
                                   that CD sitting beside an energy capsule?
                                   Well, don't just look at it, double jump to
                                   your right and get it!

005     Iceman      Coldman        Later in the level, you will come to an
                                   area with many penguins and ice block
                                   dispensers.  You might not see the sparks,
                                   because the white sky hides them very
                                   well, but the CD is inside a platform
                                   between two of the ice block  dispensers.

006     Bombman     Tenguman       When the first part of the stage stops
                                   scrolling, you'll see the sparks on the
                                   last ledge.  Dig up the CD.

007     Fireman     Astroman       Later in the level, you'll come to a room
                                   with an energy capsule enclosed inside a
                                   compartment, a wall-shooter robot, and
                                   sparks on the ground.  Dig up the CD.

008     Elecman     Dynamoman      This CD is buried in a low ledge of a room
                                   where there are blue explosive block above
                                   and to the right of you.  It's just hard
                                   to explain, but in any case, you'll see
                                   sparks on the ledge, so just stand beside
                                   it and use Rush.

009     Metalman    Magicman       Bugger, bugger, bugger!  A skull lift is
                                   blocking this visible CD.  With Rockman,
                                   you can get yourself hit, slide on the
                                   spikes during invincibility time, and get
                                   the CD.  Have fun getting out of this mess,
                                   though.  With Forte, fall off the lift when
                                   it's at its high point, and double jump
                                   left to the CD.  It's easier continuing on
                                   with him.

010     Airman      Tenguman       In the LARGE room, go up the first ladder
                                   by getting on the second green balloon.
                                   Destroy the birds and ride an Ice Wall to
                                   the left where the birds were.  Climb the
                                   ladder to the top and go right.  You'll see
                                   sparks on the very right of this ledge.
                                   Dig up the CD.

011     Bubbleman   Pirateman      You'll see this one when you're climbing up
                                   a ladder.  Go destroy that Clawarm Robot on
                                   top then go around and get it.  Remember,
                                   you can only destroy those clams from the

012     Quickman    Dynamoman      You have to be QUICK to get this one (heh
                                   heh).  On the very last conveyor belt,
                                   slide like the wind to get this falling CD.
                                   You might not get it the first try, I had
                                   to try MANY times to get this one!!

013     Crashman    Groundman      In the second room with the ceiling spike
                                   thing, shoot the second head and slide
                                   underneath the second ladder.  Then quickly
                                   shoot the three Heads to get this CD.  Make
                                   sure that you have the Spike Item for

014     Flashman    Coldman        The first visible CD in Coldman's stage,
                                   get it by shooting the ice block with
                                   Spread Drill.

015     Heatman     Burnerman      This one's a bugger to get.  A little after
                                   the spears section, you'll find a room with
                                   one of those rhino-type robots, and
                                   underneath it the ground sparks.  Simple,
                                   just dig it up, right?  WRONG!  Pesky
                                   robo-birds will constantly fly right into
                                   Rush.  Just keep shooting them and keep
                                   trying until he pulls it out!

016     Woodman     Burnerman      Where those large robots drop the fire
                                   bombs, you'll eventually see a high
                                   platform with sparks happening.  Use the
                                   Ice Wall to get up there and dig away.

017     Needleman   Groundman      You can see this CD sitting beside a pit of
                                   spikes in the third caterpillar room.  Get
                                   hit by it, and use the invincible time to
                                   grab the CD.  OR use the Spikes Item to
                                   walk across the spikes.  OR double jump to
                                   it with Forte.  Either way, you'll get the
                                   CD! =)

018     Magnetman   Dynamoman      After the last dark room, you'll see sparks
                                   right near where the Metool is.  Dig on the
                                   far left of that platform to get the CD.

019     Geminiman   Astroman       After the first set of disappearing blocks
                                   and the ladder right after it, you'll see
                                   sparks right where one of those hole croco-
                                   diles is waiting!  Destroy the robot with
                                   the Ice Wall and proceed to dig up the CD.

020     Hardman     Burnerman      Go up the long room with all the hidden
                                   gaps in the ground and you'll find this CD.
                                   It's near the top, by that electric barrier
                                   robot.  Use an Ice Wall right below it and
                                   jump up to snag it.

021     Topman      Magicman       After the first revolving-spike block area,
                                   you'll enter a room where a Clawarm Robot
                                   is hobbling down towards you.  You may also
                                   notice sparks right above you.  After taking
                                   care of the robot, go up to where the sparks
                                   were.  Wait for the revolving block to turn
                                   so that spikes are on the left and on the
                                   top of it.  Now WALK underneath it and use

022     Snakeman    Tenguman       The first visible CD on the bottom ledge.
                                   Watch out for that cloud robot, it will
                                   cause you to fall!

023     Sparkman    Dynamoman      In the second room, you'll see the CD in
                                   the top-right.  Don't destroy the blocks,
                                   just use an Ice Wall to get up and then
                                   slide to get the CD.

024     Shadowman   Astroman       You'll come to a room with disappearing
                                   blocks that lead upwards.  After the spike
                                   pit midway through the room, just the left
                                   path of blocks that lead to the upper left
                                   of the room.  When you make it to the very
                                   top, press up to grab onto an invisible
                                   ladder.  Proceed up to the CD.

025     Brightman   Dynamoman      Get this one with Forte.  After the Guard
                                   Joe, look out for a high ladder.  Get up
                                   there with a dash-double jump or with the
                                   Gospel Boost Upgrade.  When you've climbed
                                   up, you'll have to face about 3-4 electric
                                   barrier robots, but I find them no problem
                                   with Forte's diagonal shooting abilities.
                                   Keep walking left where you'll find
                                   Explosive Blocks.  Light the wick with the
                                   Wave Burner and the CD is yours!

026     Toadman     Museum         During the rainy part of this level, look
                                   out for a Guard Joe: sparks will appear
                                   underneath him.  Dig it up, and remember
                                   the exact spot, or Rush will dig up some

027     Drillman    Groundman      (Drillman-Groundman: same diff?)  In the
                                   third room with the closing spike wall, be
                                   sure to have the Spike Item handy.  Shoot
                                   the first two heads and then go THRU the
                                   spikes to get this CD.
028    Pharaohman   Groundman      In the first room with the falling spike
                                   ceiling, shoot the bottom right Head (that
                                   causes the ceiling to fall a notch), and go
                                   down the ladder.  Keep falling through the
                                   quick sand, and stay right.  You'll come to
                                   a box on a platform.  Push your Ice Wall to
                                   the left, stand on it and jump off it when
                                   the sand sheet ISN'T raining on you; that
                                   way you can jump higher.

029     Ringman     Astroman       After the Saturn CD (see #74), you'll come
                                   to a Guard Joe.  There should be sparks
                                   underneath him, so when you're done with
                                   him, dig right in the middle part of the
                                   platform to get it.

030     Dustman     Magicman       Get this one with Forte.  In the heavy
                                   train traffic area, climb the three criss-
                                   crossing trains to the upper-left, destroy
                                   the Floating Cannon and get this visible
                                   CD.  It's pretty hard to do this.  What I
                                   do is I time my fall from the first train
                                   track just when the train is about to push
                                   me off, and I make sure I land on the
                                   middle train (it moves left).  Then I
                                   double jump over the train above me,
                                   destroy the Floating Cannon, land on the
                                   middle train as it's about to go into it's
                                   garage and then double jump left to the CD.
                                   There are other ways, but this way works
                                   best for me.

031     Diveman     Pirateman      Where those squid-robots charge at you,
                                   stay towards the bottom.  Eventually,
                                   you'll come to a room with a single spike-
                                   ball in it.  Sparks show up underneath it.
                                   Move it out of the way using the Wave
                                   Burner, then dig.

032     Skullman    Tenguman       When you're in the LARGE room, stay towards
                                   the bottom.  Get on the third green balloon
                                   and slide right just before you hit the
                                   spikes.  This should get you on the next
                                   ledge.  Destroy the birds with a fully
                                   charged mega-buster and continue right.
                                   You'll come into a room that has sparks
                                   happpening right smack in the middle of it.
                                   Dig up the CD.

033    Gravityman   Dynamoman      Get this CD by climbing all the way up
                                   after the spike room, and keep on going up
                                   and staying left.  Get the CD by sliding
                                   right then quickly turn back so you don't
                                   get kilt!

034     Waveman     Pirateman      In the LARGE room (you know what I mean),
                                   go up to the top left with a bubble,
                                   destroy the chest on the left, and get the

035     Stoneman    Groundman      Get this one with Forte.  At the end of the
                                   level, you'll see a ladder in the area with
                                   the ground drilling robots.  Either dash-
                                   double jump to reach it or use the Gospel
                                   Boost Upgrade to fly up there.  The first
                                   chest is evil, the second one is the CD.

036     Gyroman     Tenguman       After following instruction for the Windman
                                   CD (see #47), keep riding Ice Walls to the
                                   right until you get to a big yellow fan.
                                   Then ride the Ice Wall in the air to the
                                   right of the room, and when you land you
                                   should be right on the CD.

037     Starman     Astroman       This is in the same room as the Astroman CD
                                   (see #58).  Just destroy the block on the
                                   right (or use Ice Wall) to get to the
                                   platform above you.  Slide underneath the
                                   pillar to get the CD.   

038     Chargeman   Magicman       Get this one with Forte.  On about the
                                   fourth train, you'll see this CD above you.
                                   Rockman can't make an Ice Wall fast enough
                                   to get it, but using Forte you can double-
                                   jump up to it, simple as that!

039     Napalmman   Dynamoman      You think you're at the Robot Master when
                                   you're in this tight room, you know what
                                   I'm talking about.  The CD is buried in the
                                   middle of the room, so dig away.

040    Crystalman   Coldman        Found in the hopping bunny area.  You'll
                                   get some sparks right before the extra life
                                   (that's underneath the sheet ice).  Dig it

041   Blizzardman   Coldman        Right at the beginning, shoot the ice block
                                   to the left with the Spread Drill.

042    Centaurman   Pirateman      At the bottom of the Robosnail room, sparks
                                   will show up over to the right.  Slide
                                   underneath the snails and dig it up.

043     Flameman    Burnerman      Right before the ladder in the first area,
                                   you'll see sparks at the bottom right.
                                   Dig there after destroying the Bubble Bats.

044     Knightman   Coldman        Get this one by sliding with Rockman in the
                                   room right after the Roll CD (right before
                                   the Snowman).

045     Plantman    Burnerman      After the spears section, fall down the
                                   hole and make sure you land somewhere in
                                   the next room.  The CD is sitting in the
                                   left part of the room.

046   Tomahalkman   Tenguman       When you get to the area with those
                                   Cylindrical Robots, you'll see sparks
                                   almost right above you.  Dig up the CD
                                   there and keep away the robots so as not to
                                   harm Rush while he's digging.

047     Windman     Tenguman       In the LARGE room, go up the first ladder
                                   by getting on the second green balloon.
                                   Destroy the cannon and the birds on the
                                   left, jump over the spikes on the right,
                                   then use the Ice Wall to ride over the
                                   second set of spikes to get this CD.

048     Yamatoman   Astroman       Easy to get with Forte, hard to get with
                                   Rockman.  You can see the CD right after
                                   you beat the first Metool in the level.
                                   Shoot an Ice Wall on the platform just
                                   before the CD, and ride it.  Jump off it
                                   just before it falls into the pit to get
                                   the CD (have fun getting back!).  With
                                   Forte, just fall off the platform before
                                   the CD, and then do the double jump to get

049     Freezeman   Coldman        After the Snowman, make sure you get the
                                   CD inside the block on the right before you
                                   proceed to this one.  Slide into the hole
                                   on the left using the ice sheet.  The CD
                                   sits right on the platform in the next
                                   room, you can't miss it!

050     Junkman     Magicman       In the heavy train traffic area, you can
                                   see sparks after the three criss-crossing
                                   trains.  The CD is buried right inside the
                                   track!  Right after the locomotive passes
                                   the spot, start digging, and you just MIGHT
                                   get away without you or Rush being injured.

051     Burstman    Groundman      When you enter the second room of the
                                   level, you'll see this CD guarded by a
                                   robot.  Destroy the robot, fall down on the
                                   platform below you, jump on the platform on
                                   the left, then walk left and climb a ladder
                                   that is hidden behind a sheet of sand to
                                   get the CD.

052     Cloudman    Tenguman       Near the end of the stage, where a single
                                   Cannon and a Cloud Robot are pitted against
                                   you, you'll see the CD on the top right
                                   ledge.  Just destroy the two robots and get
                                   the CD.

053     Springman   Dynamoman      The third section of this stage contains
                                   this CD.  Get it by climbing an Ice Wall,
                                   or just double jump with Forte when you
                                   have the chance.

054     Slashman    Burnerman      When you get to the room with the jumping
                                   piggy-back frog robot, jump to the right,
                                   keep walking and you'll fall thru a secret
                                   wall and come to a room with one of those
                                   big rhino-type robots.  Destroy it and
                                   climb your Ice Wall to get the CD.

055     Shademan    Groundman      In the second room of the level, AFTER the
                                   two spike pits, stay towards the right.
                                   Just before you hit the quick sand pit, a
                                   CD waits for you on the far right.  Very
056     Turboman    Magicman       As you climb the ladder into this room,
                                   you'll notice a swinging Clawarm Robot and
                                   three of those grabbing robots to the right
                                   of you.  Deal with them and walk right on
                                   the train tracks right into a hidden room
                                   and you'll have this CD.

057     Tenguman    Tenguman       Follow the instructions for the Airman CD
                                   (see #10).  Then continue right with an Ice
                                   Wall and stay towards the top, destroying
                                   those cannons as you go.  In the next room,
                                   a spike-chucking robot will give you
                                   problems, but hang in there and continue
                                   right.  In the next room, the CD will wait
                                   for you on the top right.  Again, use an
                                   Ice Wall.

058     Astroman    Astroman       You'll know this room when you come to it.
                                   There is a visible CD over your head (only
                                   possible to get with Rockman), and there
                                   is an ice block to the right.  Shoot it
                                   with Spread Drill to get Astroman's CD.

059     Swordman    Groundman      Continue the path of CD#28 and you can't
                                   miss this one!  Bottom right of the screen
                                   before you exit the room.

060     Clownman    Magicman       Actually, this CD is buried right beneath
                                   the Turboman CD (see #56).  Just use Rush
                                   when you're inside this secret room and
                                   eventually you'll get the right spot.  In
                                   fact, the sparks that highlight this buried
                                   CD direct you right to both CD #56 and this

061     Searchman   Burnerman      The CD is in the spike pit at the top of
                                   the long room with the hidden gaps in the
                                   platforms.  Use the Spike Item to gain
                                   this CD.

062     Frostman    Coldman        This is the room right after the Freezeman
                                   CD (see CD#49).  It's right in the water,
                                   you practically land on it when you enter
                                   the room!

063    Grenademan   Dynamoman      You'll see this after the last dark room.
                                   Just jump to the left to nab it.

064     Aquaman     Pirateman      Right where the second snail is sitting,
                                   sparks will show.  Dig up the CD that's
                                   buried in the pillar.

065     Enker       Astroman       After the Guard Joe and blocks that try to
                                   shoot you up into the spikes, you'll climb
                                   down a ladder and you'll see sparks on a
                                   section of the platform that sort of glows.
                                   Dig up the CD. 
066     Quint       Magicman       When you're riding one of the first trains,
                                   you can see sparks on the bottom of a
                                   platform that has spikes at the bottom of
                                   it.  Destroy the nearby floating robots and
                                   dig up the CD.

067     Punk        Coldman        In the room with all the cannons and sheet
                                   ice, let yourself fall down where there
                                   aren't any spikes.  There is a secret room
                                   down there.  When you land, go to the left
                                   to gain this CD.

068     Ballade     Magicman       When you enter this room, a Clawarm Robot
                                   will be swinging back and forth.  Destroy
                                   him and choose the right path to go up.
                                   When yo get to the gap in the wall, wait
                                   for the lift and slide underneath and ride
                                   the lift up to get this CD.

069     Earth       Astroman       You'll come to a large platform where you
        (Terra)                    can see the CD underneath you, blocked by
                                   some Explodable Blocks.  This is very hard
                                   to get with Rockman.  You have some room to
                                   stand beside the blocks; now go to the very
                                   edge, turn around, and light the wick with
                                   the Wave Burner.  With Forte, switch to the
                                   Wave Burner, fall down from the platform,
                                   turn around, light the wick, and do a
                                   double jump before you enter the room

070     Mercury     Pirateman      This is in the room with the big whale-sub
                                   that always makes its passes across the
                                   room.  You can see the sparks when you walk
                                   a little bit to the right.  Destroy the
                                   squid, duck the whale-sub and then dig.
                                   The whale will probably injure Rush, but
                                   you'll have the CD.

071     Venus       Pirateman      When you come into a room full of
                                   Robosnails, you'll see this one on the
                                   bottom right.  Walk into the compartment
                                   and get it.

072     Mars        Tenguman       After the LARGE room and all those annoying
                                   spike-chucking robots, you'll get to a room
                                   with a flying dragon robot in it.  Destroy
                                   the dragon with two fully charged buster
                                   shots, and pick the middle path on the
                                   right to get the CD.

073     Jupiter     Tenguman       Get this one with Forte.  If you take the
                                   top path of the LARGE room, you'll see this
                                   one in a seemingly unreachable area.  And
                                   while Cylindrical Robots are homing in, you
                                   have to get to this ledge before you fall
                                   into the next room!  Go to the very edge,
                                   so that Forte's back foot is barely
                                   touching it, jump right and quickly do a
                                   double jump just before he falls into the
                                   next area.  This will take you a loooong
                                   time, I assure you, but it's the easiest
                                   way of doing it; dashing and jumping proves
                                   to be rather difficult.

074     Saturn      Astroman       You'll fall into this room, and see the CD
                                   on the top-left of the screen.  Jump on the
                                   middle platform and then quickly jump to
                                   the CD before the platform falls from
                                   underneath you (really easy to get with

075     Uranus      Groundman      Behind a sheet of sand near the beginning
                                   of the level, slide underneath the platform
                                   with Rockman to get the CD.

076     Pluto       Burnerman      The first rock-chucking robot you meet is
                                   standing right on top of the buried CD.
                                   You'll see the sparks, so dig up the CD
                                   once you've destroyed him (Remote Mine
                                   works best)

077     Neptune     Pirateman      In the LARGE room, use a bubble to get to
                                   the mid-top section of the room.  There
                                   will be an evil-chest that you will have to
                                   destroy, but underneath it are sparks.  Dig
                                   up the CD when the chest is gone.

078     Sungod      Groundman      After the roaming robots and the Guard Joes
                                   (turning floor) you have a choice of going
                                   down or right.  Go down and get the top-
                                   right box by lighting the wick of the
                                   Explosive Blocks.

079   Busterrod G   Astroman       This is the same room as Enker's CD (See
                                   #65).  Right after the disappearing block,
                                   jump into the green wall.  You should end
                                   up inside a secret compartment.  Just run
                                   through to get the CD.

080   Megawater S   Pirateman      Where those squid-robots charge at you,
                                   stay towards the top.  Eventually, you'll
                                   come to a spot where those spikeballs block
                                   your way.  Let yourself get hit, then slip
                                   past them when you're invincible.  Get the
                                   CD on the top right simply by jumping up.

081   Hyperstorm H  Burnerman      After falling down the long shaft, and
                                   getting a glimps at the CD to the right
                                   (get that later with Forte), go to the
                                   left.  Shoot the bricks with Spread Drill
                                   to get the visible CD.

082     Dynamoman   Dynamoman      When you come to the room with the long
                                   ladder and the spikes, climb up it.  When
                                   you see the CD in the next room, light the
                                   wick to get rid of the Explosive Blocks on
                                   the other side of the wall, then make your
                                   way all around the room to get the CD.
                                   Not too hard if you think about it.

083     Coldman     Coldman        Almost at the end of the level, a lone ice
                                   block sits beside a dispenser.  Two
                                   penguins are spinning closeby.  Shoot the
                                   block with Spread Drill.

084     Groundman   Groundman      HARD HARD HARD!!  Near the end of the level
                                   you'll come to a spot where these drill
                                   buggers are digging up the ground!  Sparks
                                   will be underneath the Guard Joe.  Destroy
                                   him and keep the drill robot away by
                                   repeatedly shooting it when it appears from
                                   the ground.  Meanwhile, dig up the CD!
                                   Have fun with this one: I certainly did!

085     Pirateman   Pirateman      In the LARGE room, use a bubble to get to
                                   the top-right section of the room, avoiding
                                   the spikes.  It's inside a chest once
                                   again. ARrrrrrr, matey.

086     Burnerman   Burnerman      After getting the Searchman CD (see #61),
                                   go left and use the Ice Wall in the next
                                   room to slide across the spikes.  You'll
                                   find the CD to the far left.

087     Magicman    Magicman       In the room right after the large disc that
                                   tries to squash you, you can see sparks
                                   right above you.  Get up there using the
                                   skull lift and destroy the clawarm robot
                                   before digging for this CD.

088     Dr.Right    Coldman        After the Snowman, shoot the block on the
        (Dr.Light)                 right with the Spread Drill to get this CD.
                                   Then slide into the hole on the  left to
                                   get 2 more CDs.

089     Rush        Dynamoman      Surprisingly (?!?) you use Rush to dig this
                                   one up.  It's in the conveyor section right
                                   below a Guard Joe.

090     Eddie       Tenguman       In the very last area, sparks will show
        (FlipTop)                  beneath a Guard Joe.  Destroy him and the
                                   cloud robot and have Rush dig right where
                                   the second fan is.

091     Beat        Groundman      In the second room of the level, fall down
                                   until you come to a Metool beside a mini
                                   spike pit.  You'll see sparks where the
                                   Metool is.  Destroy it and unearth the CD.

092     Tango       Museum         After you finish the first raft ride, look
                                   out for sparks.  They will appear on the
                                   second platform, right under a cannon.
                                   Dig it up.

093     Rightot     Groundman      The second room with the caterpillar robot,
        (Auto)                     you should see sparks on the bottom right
                                   of the screen.  Slide under the platform,
                                   collect the powerups and dig near the hole
                                   in the bricks.

094     Dr.Wily     Coldman        There is a secret wall in the room where
                                   you meet your first Spinning Penguin.  Just
                                   walk to the right on the middle platform.
                                   It's easier getting this CD with Forte,
                                   but you can get hit with Rockman and use
                                   the invincibility time to get across the
                                   spikes (get hit by the Bubble Bat)

095     Forte       Astroman       Get this one with Forte.  There is a long
        (Bass)                     room with disappearing block that leads to
                                   a hidden ladder.  Just fly to the top left
                                   of the area until you get to an opening.
                                   Press R or L to switch off Gospel and
                                   quickly press up to grab onto a hidden
                                   ladder.  Now team up with Gospel again and
                                   fly to the top of this room.  The CD should
                                   be sitting at the top right.

096     Gospel      Tenguman       When the first part of the stage stops
        (Treble)                   scrolling, use an Ice Wall on the last
                                   ledge to get on the top-right platform.
                                   Then jump up on the far-right of it and
                                   press up.  Yes, another hidden ladder!
                                   Last CD I found in the game.

097     King        Burnerman      Read instruction for #81.  Then light the
                                   wick of the Explosive Blocks, get up using
                                   the Ice Wall, grab the extra life and jump
                                   to the right into the hidden compartment to
                                   get the CD.

098     Blues       Magicman       A large disc will try to squash you in this
        (Protoman)                 room while removing blocks for you.  Avoid
                                   it, because you will need  energy to get
                                   this CD!  When you're nearing the bottom,
                                   you'll notice sparks.  Remember that spot,
                                   avoiding the disc as you go down.  When the
                                   ground is cleared, start the digging
                                   process.  Try to lure it away by going to
                                   the left of the screen.  Usually it will go
                                   after you, not Rush.

099     Duo         Dynamoman      This CD is in the first dark room.  When
                                   you land, you'll see the sparks.  Just keep
                                   walking left until you can't go any
                                   further, and have Rush teleport down and
                                   dig up the CD.  Watch out, two bubble bats
                                   are close by and they will swoop down and
                                   injure Rush.

100     Rockman&    Museum         Hard to see the sparks for this one, but
          Forte                    it's right after the two raft rides, in
                                   the hallway with the spike robots.  Right
                                   after the small drop, walk right a little
                                   bit, turn around, and dig.
That's just about it!  Please feel free to email me for:

	alternate METHODS
	speling erors
	grammar	error's
	correct names for robots!
	thank yous


This is my first FAQ i've ever written.  

Thanks go out to: Kuno Christoffel (deva@mail.wizard.net)

                  Craig Richardson (anarchy213@aol.com)

                  ZeroX_Gold (zeroxgold@aol.com)

All these people helped to make this thing possible.  Please visit their sites
for they are good ones.

Copyright (C) 1998.  Rockman, Forte, and all related characters are registered
trademarks of CAPCOM Co., Ltd.  I am in no way affiliated with them although I
wish I was.



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