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    Pro Action Replay Codes by flamingspinach

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    (see? 79 chars!)
       ZSNES/PAR codes for                                                         
       Rockman and Forte                                                           
       Engineered by flamingspinach - http://genesisreality.dyndns.org/            
    NOTE: These codes work only for the JAPANESE version of Rockman & Forte. After 
    all, there really was no other version, only hacks done later on the ROM, so if 
    you want to use these codes, make sure to not use the patch - some of them, 
    like the boss codes, might not work as expected. Don't email me telling me the 
    codes don't work if you're using any patch. You could, however, only turn on 
    the patch right before some dialogue happens...
    Ah, here it is. My sixth PAR codelist. The first in a while, too. In any case 
    (blah blah), all codes have been engineered by me, flamingspinach, and are not 
    supported (to my knowledge! :) ) by the makers of this game (namely, Capcom). 
    Um... oh yes, I'm keeping the width limit of this FAQ to 79 characters, as is 
    stipulated in the GameFAQs submissions guidelines, and I'm also keeping the 
    code names to 18 characters, as per the ZSNES/SNES9X .CHT file format. Why am I 
    writing this guide? Well, for one, Rockman and Forte is programmed nice and 
    simply. But also, it has some interesting quirks due to the fact that there are 
    two very different playable characters. This you'll see later on. :) Anyway, 
          Code List                                                                
    These codes are split up into various sections:
    - Invulnerability (I put this in a separate section because it's probably the 
          most important code, so I don't want to put it way down there with the 
          "Miscellaneous" codes. ^^)
    - "Infinite" codes
    - Character codes
    - Game dynamics codes
    - Miscellaneous codes
    - Boss codes
    2)  7E0C2FFF INF HP
    3)  7E0B82FF INF S. DRILL
    4)  7E0B84FF INF L. BOLT
    5)  7E0B86FF INF R. MINE
    6)  7E0B88FF INF W. BURNER
    7)  7E0B8AFF INF M. CARD
    8)  7E0B8CFF INF I. WALL
    9)  7E0B8EFF INF T. BLADE
    10) 7E0B90FF INF C. VISION
    12) 7E0B94FF INF BEAT
    13) 7E0B96FF INF EDDIE
    14) 7E0B7E09 INF LIVES
    15) 7E0B9CE7 INF BOLTS
    16) 7E0B9D03 INF BOLTS
    17) 7E0B7600 BE ROCKMAN
    18) 7E0B7601 BE FORTE
    19) 7E0C54FF INF DASH
    20) 7E0C5C80 INF DASH-JUMPS
    23) 7E0C1D40 LAND GRAVITY
    24) 7E0C1D20 WATER GRAVITY
    25) 7E0C1D10 LUNAR GRAVITY
    26) 7E0C1D00 CANNOT FALL
    28) 7E0B98F0 HAVE ALL ITEMS
    30) 7E0B9F00 BOSS CODE 1
    31) 7E0EEF01 BOSS CODE 2
    32) 7E0F2F01 BOSS CODE 3
    33) 7E0F6F01 BOSS CODE 4
    34) 7E19EFFF BOSS CODE 5
    35) 7E1A2F00 BOSS CODE 6
    36) 7E1A2FFF BOSS CODE 7
    37) 7E1A6F01 BOSS CODE 8
    38) 7E1AAF01 BOSS CODE 9
    39) 7E1BEF01 BOSS CODE 10
    40) 7E1AEF01 BOSS CODE 11
          Code Descriptions                                                        
    1) INVULNERABILITY - This is just what it sounds like - an invulnerability 
             code. When you use this code, you can walk through enemies or on 
             spikes with the greatest of ease. :) I did this, of course, by 
             searching for values that changed when Rockman or Forte was flashing 
             after taking a hit. This is probably the most useful code in the game. 
    2) INF HP - This fixes Rockman or Forte's HP at maximum. I found this by 
             searching for values that decreased when Rockman or Forte got hurt.
    3-13) INF {S. DRILL | L. BOLT | R. MINE | W. BURNER | M. CARD | I. WALL | T. 
             BLADE | C. VISION | RUSH/GOSPEL | BEAT | EDDIE} - This gives you 
             infinite ammunition for the special weapon or special helper robot 
             (i.e. Rush, Gospel, Beat, and Eddie) specified by the code. These 
             codes work in a strange way: the MSB (most significant bit) of the 
             value (which is the first bit, in case you were wondering - because it 
             represents the highest power of two in the 8-digit binary number) 
             represents whether or not you have gotten that capability, and the 
             rest of the value represents how much ammunition of it you have. This 
             means the ammunition can be anywhere from 0 to 127 (0x7F), and you add 
             128 (0x80) to that number to signify that you have the weapon. 
             Unfortunately, since PAR codes have to set the value of the whole 
             byte, that means if you use the code, you will automatically have that 
             weapon, and the boss you got it from will no longer be there. This 
             could suck, if you turned on all these codes in the beginning of the 
             game and then didn't have any bosses to beat! LOL In any case, the 
             obvious solution is to not turn on the code for a weapon until after 
             you actually get the weapon. If you're using ZSNES, you're in luck 
             because when you turn off codes in ZSNES, the values get set back to 
             85 (0x55), which is less than 128, so you could just turn on the 
             codes, and then turn them off right before you go to the world map. Of 
             course, this applies in a similar way to the helper robots. If you use 
             the Rush code, you can no longer buy rush from the store, obviously. 
             :) Unlike with the weapons, I think this is a good thing, but it's up 
             to you. Oh, and make sure you do NOT use the Beat and Eddie codes 
             unless you're playing as Rockman or have the "Be Rockman" code on. If 
             you try to go into the start menu as Forte with the Beat or Eddie 
             codes on, the game will freeze in an ugly beige screen with a strange 
             line near the top right. LOL Any of the other codes will work with 
             both characters though, since they have the same weapons except that 
             Rockman has Rush Search and Forte has Gospel Boost, but since they're 
             in the same slot on the menu, the code applies to both of them. The 
             names should be pretty self-explanatory (they're the same as what's in 
             the menu in the game), but here's a table anyway. :)
                   Short Name    Long Name          Origin            
                   S. DRILL ---- Spread Drill ----- Ground Man        
                   L. BOLT ----- Lightning Bolt --- Dynamo Man        
                   R. MINE ----- Remote Mine ------ Pirate Man        
                   W. BURNER --- Wave Burner ------ Burner Man        
                   M. CARD ----- Magic Card ------- Magic Man         
                   I. WALL ----- Ice Wall --------- Cold Man          
                   T. BLADE ---- Tengu Blade ------ Tengu Man         
                   C. VISION --- Copy Vision ------ Astro Man         
                   RUSH -------- Rush Search ------ Rush Search Item  
                   GOSPEL ------ Gospel Boost ----- Gospel Boost Item 
                   BEAT -------- Beat ------------- Beat Item         
                   EDDIE ------- Eddie ------------ Eddie Item        
             I found these just by searching for values that decreased when a 
             certain special weapon's energy drained. Once I found one of them, I 
             just looked near that value and found all of these. Easy enough. :) 
             Then I looked a bit further forward and found the "Have All Items" 
             codes, since all the codes for the menu seem to be right next to each 
             other. But I'll explain how those codes work when I get to them.
    14) INF LIVES - This one was really easy. :) I just searched for values that 
             decreased whenever I died, and I found this. It keeps your current 
             number of lives at 9 (because it looks like anything bigger than that, 
             i.e. a two-digit number, wouldn't fit on the spot on the menu for it 
    15-16) INF BOLTS - I searched for values that decreased when I bought items 
             from Rightot's Shop, and found this code, which will give you 999 
             bolts, the currency in the Rockman/Mega Man universe. You can use this 
             code to buy everything in Rightot's Shop. There isn't really anything 
             else you can use it for in the game.
    17-18) BE {ROCKMAN | FORTE} - I got lucky on this one! I searched for values 
             that changed when you moved the selection from Rockman to Forte or 
             back again in the very beginning of the game when you're selecting 
             your character. I found these codes, which cause the selector to be 
             stuck on either Rockman or Forte, but it does oh so much more. While 
             you're in the game, you can turn on the code for the other character, 
             and though it will cause a few glitches, your character pretty much 
             assumes all the characteristics of the other character. :) This is 
             super-useful. Why? Well, now you can play the whole game as Forte (the 
             better of the two in my opinion), only switching to Rockman in the 
             middle of a level whenever you need to dig for a CD with Rush, or get 
             a shield from Beat, or slide into a narrow opening, or something such 
             as that. There are some setbacks, though. I will list exactly what 
             happens when you use these codes, to the best of my knowledge:
                If you're playing as Forte, and use the "Be Rockman" code...
                   - You cannot walk around, unless you "hit the ground running", 
                         literally. (i.e. you jump into the air, and when falling 
                         back down, hold left or right, and you'll start walking).
                   - You can no longer do double jumps like Forte usually can. :(
                   - You will still look like Forte, except he looks like he's 
                         having spasms of some sort in his knees. o_O
                   - You can no longer dash, you have to use Down + B and slide 
                         like Rockman. However, this "slide" will cause Forte to 
                         look like he's just standing and shooting, whereas he's 
                         actually moving forward and leaving a strange dust trail 
                         (you'll see what I mean). Yes, you can still go into small 
                         gaps like Rockman can, even though Forte is standing up 
                         and gliding forward. His upper body will just pass through 
                         the part of the wall above the gap you're supposed to be 
                         sliding through. LOL
                   - When climbing down ladders, you'll look normal, but when 
                         climbing up them, you'll look like you're standing and 
                         repeatedly yanking something out of the ground, while 
                         somehow gliding up the ladder. LOL
                   - If you shoot any weapon, including the normal weapon, you'll 
                         hear the weapon's sound but either strange things or no 
                         things will happen, except in the case of Lightning Bolt 
                         and Tengu Blade, which work fine. Other weapons act 
                         strangely, with the weapon's effects sometimes not 
                         appearing, and often appearing meters away from Forte. LOL
                   - If you switch weapons, or go in and out of the menu, Forte 
                         will take on the color scheme of Rockman. Trust me, this 
                         looks really really ugly. LOL One thing that's pretty 
                         interesting to do is to use the "Be Rockman" code while 
                         you have Gospel selected. Then try using Rush Search - 
                         he's purple like Gospel, except he has a brown nose for 
                         some reason... o_O Works the same the other way around, 
                         with a red Gospel. :)
                   - If you just stand there, Forte will look like a standing 
                         Forte, but if you fire a weapon while standing, suddenly 
                         Forte will start walking in place. :)
                If you're playing as Rockman, and use the "Be Forte" code...
                   - Suddenly you can do double jumps, like Forte. :)
                   - You still look like Rockman, except that you look as if you're 
                         getting hit whenever you fire a weapon in the air, and you 
                         look like you're doing the beginning of Tengu Blade, 
                         except with the R. BUSTER color scheme... Also you look 
                         like you're starting to beam up whenever you jump.
                   - If you shoot any weapon, including the normal weapon, you'll 
                         hear the weapon's sound but either strange things or no 
                         things will happen, except in the case of Lightning Bolt 
                         and Tengu Blade, which work fine. Other weapons act 
                         strangely, with the weapon's effects sometimes not 
                         appearing, and often appearing meters away from Rockman. 
                         LOL [Yes, this is copied from the Forte section. :) ]
                   - If you switch weapons, or go in and out of the menu, Rockman 
                         will take on the color scheme of Forte. Trust me, this 
                         looks really really ugly. LOL One thing that's pretty 
                         interesting to do is to use the "Be Forte" code while you 
                         have Rush selected. Then try using Gospel Boost - he's red 
                         like Rush, and even the combined Forte/Gospel has red 
                         afterburners... o_O Works the same the other way around, 
                         with a purple Rush. :) [Yes, this is copied from the Forte 
                         section. :) ]
                   - You can no longer slide, like Rockman usually does. You have 
                         to use the A button to dash like Forte. It looks 
                         strange... like Rockman is striding forward, but got stuck 
                         in mid-stride, and is gliding forward leaving a strange-
                         looking trail of dust. :) This means you can also not 
                         slide into the small gaps Rockman is usually able to.
                   - When climbing ladders, up or down, you'll look like you're 
                         getting hit.
             As you can see, there are a few problems, but everything usually turns 
             out fine with these codes. :)
    19) INF DASH - I just searched for values that "ran down" as Rockman or Forte's 
             dash drew to a close, and set them to FF. Easy. Now you can dash 
             forever, theoretically. :)
    20) INF DASH-JUMPS - This code is AWESOME. It only works for Forte though. 
             Since Forte can double-jump, I thought there must be a way the game 
             keeps track of whether he's done his second jump or not. Well, this 
             address, when set to 0x00 means he's on the ground, ready to jump, 
             0x40 means he's done his double jumps, and 0x80 means he's on the 
             ground, dashing, and ready for a dash jump (which goes farther 
             sideways and I think maybe higher - not sure). So I set it to 0x80, 
             and this is the result! You can now keep jumping in midair forever, if 
             you want to, and each jump has the awesome momentum of a dash jump! 
             Perfect. :) Very useful against King's tank.
    21) SHORT/LONG ATTACKS - This memory address is basically used by the special 
             weapons to keep track of various stuff. For example, the Lightning 
             Bolt special weapon uses this address to keep track of which lightning 
             bolt it's on. L. BOLT goes from 0 to 5, BTW. This one is the most 
             useful for Ice Wall, with which it makes the ice wall last forever 
             instead of cracking and breaking apart. This can also be a problem 
             sometimes, though, because you can't have more than one Ice Wall out 
             at a time, and if they last forever... well, you can see the problem. 
             Anyway, that's what this code is for. Try playing around with it, for 
             different values, and see how it affects the special weapons. Someday 
             I'll probably put a table here showing exactly how each special weapon 
             uses the memory address, but not now. Email me if you really want me 
             to. :)
    22) INSTANT MEGABUSTER - This works for Rockman only. This value is used to 
             store how charged Rockman's Rock Buster is. I set it to FF, which 
             causes Rockman to constantly shoot fully charged Megabusters. Don't 
             worry, it doesn't hamper his movement or anything. Very useful code! 
             Too bad Forte can't charge up.
    23-26) {{LAND | WATER | LUNAR} GRAVITY | CANNOT FALL} - This value sets the 
             power of the force that brings you back down from a jump (not quite 
             gravity though, because you always stop rising when you let go of B, 
             even if you set gravity to zero - so "gravity" isn't an accurate name 
             for this code). I've put four codes with the same memory address in 
             this listing, so that you can have useful presets. LAND GRAVITY is 
             what "gravity" you usually have when you're on land. WATER GRAVITY is 
             the same except for in water. LUNAR GRAVITY doesn't really exist in 
             the game, but it's a very useful value, and looks somewhat like Moon 
             jumping. :) CANNOT FALL is exactly what it sounds like - there's no 
             way to go but up! o_O
    27-29) HAVE ALL ITEMS - These codes come right after the weapons codes in the 
             RAM of the SNES, so that's how I found them. Basically they use bit-
             masking to store what items you have in your inventory (both the 8 
             permanent items and the 8 equippable items, as well as the Stage Exit 
             and Receiever items. Here is a record of what bits do what, for your 
             viewing pleasure (@_@):
                7E0B97??: ?? = ABCDEFGH binary
                   A = have Energy Balancer
                   B = Forte: have Climb Boost; Rockman: does nothing
                   C = have Shock Step
                   D = have Item Holder
                   E = have Analyzer
                   F = does nothing
                   G = Forte: does nothing; Rockman: have Fast Charge
                   H = Forte: have Speed Dash; Rockman: does nothing
                7E0B98??: ?? = ABCDEFGH binary
                   A = Forte: does nothing; Rockman: have CD Finder
                   B = have CD Counter
                   C = have Receiver
                   D = have Stage Exit
                   E = does nothing
                   F = does nothing
                   G = does nothing
                   H = does nothing
                7E0B99??: ?? = ABCDEFGH binary
                   A = Forte: have Super Buster; Rockman: Have Auto Charge
                   B = have Counter
                   C = have Power Boost
                   D = have Energy Save
                   E = have Damage Absorber
                   F = Forte: does nothing; Rockman: Have Auto Heal
                   G = Forte: have Hyper Buster; Rockman: does nothing
                   H = have Super Armor
             Useful, no? I have no idea why there are so many strange "does 
             nothing" spots, though. Maybe they do something that I'm not aware of? 
             Email me if you find something. :)
    30-40) BOSS CODE {1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11} - These are boss 
             codes! Yay. I hate finding boss codes, it's time consuming to go and 
             beat every boss. But oh well. Here they are. May they greatly 
             facilitate your gameplaying experience. :) Basically they allow you to 
             weaken bosses to the point that they'll die in one hit. Some of these 
             codes will even kill the boss for you! Here's a list:
                   Boss                          Code to use
                   Green Devil ----------------- BOSS CODE 6
                   Cold Man -------------------- BOSS CODE 5
                   Astro Man ------------------- BOSS CODE 5
                   Centipede[*] ---------------- BOSS CODE 1[*3]
                   Ground Man ------------------ BOSS CODE 5
                   Burner Man ------------------ BOSS CODE 7
                   Pirate Man ------------------ BOSS CODE 5
                   Left Incubator[*2] ---------- BOSS CODE 8
                   Right Incubator[*2] --------- BOSS CODE 9
                   Dynamo Man ------------------ BOSS CODE 5
                   Tengu Man ------------------- BOSS CODE 5
                   Magic Man ------------------- BOSS CODE 5
                   ----- King stages -----
                   Monkey ---------------------- BOSS CODE 10
                   Fugitive Boss --------------- BOSS CODE 5
                   Tank's Machine Gun Turret --- BOSS CODE 2
                   Tank's Shock Troop Hatch ---- BOSS CODE 3
                   Tank's Missile Turret ------- BOSS CODE 4
                   Jet's Beam Crystal ---------- BOSS CODE 8
                   Jet ------------------------- BOSS CODE 11
                   King w/Shield --------------- BOSS CODE 5[*4]
                   King w/Axe ------------------ BOSS CODE 5
                   King in Mech ---------------- BOSS CODE 5
                   Cold Man -------------------- BOSS CODE 5
                   Astro Man ------------------- BOSS CODE 5
                   Dynamo Man ------------------ BOSS CODE 5
                   Pirate Man ------------------ BOSS CODE 5
                   Burner Man ------------------ BOSS CODE 5
                   Magic Man ------------------- BOSS CODE 5
                   Ground Man ------------------ BOSS CODE 5
                   Tengu Man ------------------- BOSS CODE 5
                   Wily in Mech ---------------- BOSS CODE 5
                   Wily in Small Mech ---------- BOSS CODE 5
                   [*]: The Centipede is found in the Ground Man stage.
                   [*2]: The Left and Right Incubators are found in the Dynamo Man 
                         stage. You'll know what I'm talking about when you see 
                         them... I think... well basically they're the things in 
                         the upper corners of the screen that spawn things with 
                         eyes... OK... @_@
                   [*3]: This code actually kills the centipede for you, instead of 
                         just weakening it. Useful!
                   [*4]: DO NOT USE THIS CODE FOR KING WITH SHIELD! Why? Because 
                         you're not supposed to defeat King when he still has his 
                         shield, i.e. before Proto Man comes in and breaks it, and 
                         himself. When you beat King With Axe, he's supposed to 
                         beam Proto Man out of the room, but if Proto Man's not in 
                         the room, the game crashes. LOL
             There you have it. These boss codes pretty much round out all the PAR 
             codes you'll ever need to beat Rockman and Forte. Not that you should 
             really need any of them... LOL Wow, I keep typing "coeds" instead of 
             "codes" by mistake... @_@...
          Codes Planned for Later Updates                                          
    - Codes to fill up the database. :) I doubt this is possible, since the 
       database completion record is stored in SRAM (Save RAM), not RAM... too bad.
    Any suggestions? Contact me - see the contact section below.
          Version History                                                          
    1.1 - Added some details under the list of effects of codes 17-18. Fixed some 
             formatting. Added the repeat bosses found in Wily's stage (because 
             Burner Man has different codes for his clone than for himself). Added 
             a note about this guide being for the Japanese version of the game 
    1.0 - The original code guide.
          Terms of Use                                                             
    Here’s what you need to know about this file, legally speaking. Don’t be 
    offended by the all caps text, please. I fully capitalized it not to seem as if 
    I were shouting at you but rather just to draw attention to it, and to make 
    sure that people actually read it. Thanks to Sayain for pointing out that some 
    people might see it otherwise. :)
    Websites whose owners have explicit, willing consent from me to distribute 
    and/or redistribute this document:
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    Simple enough, no?
    You can contact me, flamingspinach, with questions, comments, suggestions, or
    whatever (no spam please :) ) at:
       AIM:    flamingspinach
       YIM:    flamingspinach
       MSN:    flamiSUPERBLEARYngspinach@@@lycos.com
       ICQ:    214673046
       IRC:    flamingspinach on sorcery.net
       Jabber: flamingspinach on jabber.org (if I can get it to work... o_O)
       Email:  genesDECAFFEINATEDisreality@@@genesisreality.dynVORTEXdns.org
    Some guidelines for talking to me (@_@): Don’t ask me to add you to my buddy 
    list, if you’re the one who contacted me. I won’t do it. After all, the reason 
    I’ve put this contact info up here is so that people can talk to me about my 
    guides, not for lonely people to bombard me with small talk. :) I don’t mind 
    talking to my readers on IM, but this contact section is not a Personals ad. If 
    you talk to me on IM after reading this FAQ, I expect that you want to talk to 
    me about my FAQ. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Thanks.
    Of course, remove the ALL CAPS stuff and extra @'s, they're antispam... à la 
    Slashdot. o_O

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