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Game Genie Codes by GGCCC

Version: 2.23 | Updated: 04/01/98

       ___             ___            ___            ___            ___
     /\  \           /\  \          /\  \          /\  \          /\  \
    //\\  \         //\\  \        //\\  \        //\\  \        //\\  \
   ///\\\  \       ///\\\  \      ///\\\  \      ///\\\  \      ///\\\  \
  ///  \\\  \     ///  \\\  \    ///  \\\  \    ///  \\\  \    ///  \\\  \
 ///  /  \\\  \  ///  / \\\  \  ///  / \\\  \  ///  / \\\  \  ///  / \\\  \
///__/    \\\__\///__/   \\\__\///__/   \\\__\///__/   \\\__\///__/   \\\__\
\\\  \  ___\/__/\\\  \ ___\/__/\\\  \    \/__/\\\  \    \/__/\\\  \    \/__/
 \\\  \/\  \     \\\  /\  \     \\\  \         \\\  \         \\\  \
  \\\  \\\ _\     \\\ \\\__\     \\\  \         \\\  \         \\\  \
   \\\///  /       \\\///  /      \\\  \         \\\  \         \\\  \
    \\//  /         \\//  /        \\\__\         \\\__\         \\\__\
     \/__/           \/__/          \/__/          \/__/          \/__/ 
                         GAME GENIE CODE CREATORS CLUB     

	(c) 1996, 1998 Game Genie Code Creators Club, All rights reserved. 
   The text of this file may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, 
      transmitted, or published, in any form or by any means, electronic, 
      mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, without being fully creditted 
	or without the prior written permission of the club.  E-mail to
           AeroStar13@aol.com and strato@videogamesource.com
    ----                          ____             _____        ___
   |    | |\   |    /\    |      |     /\   |\   |   |    /\   |    \   /
   |__  | | \  |   /  \   |      |__  /  \  | \  |   |   /  \  |___  \ /
   |    | |  \ |  /----\  |      |   /----\ |  \ |   |  /----\     |  |
   |    | |   \| /      \ |____  |  /      \|   \|   | /      \ ___|  |
                                  |   |   |            
  ------                  ___     |   |   |      ------   ___          ___ 
 |         /\   |\    /| |     ___|___|___|___  |        |    |\  | | |   
 |    --- /__\  | \  / | |--                    |    --- |--  | \ | | |---
 |_____| /    \ |  \/  | |___                   |_____|  |___ |  \| | |___
                       FINAL FANTASY 3 GAME GENIE GUIDE       VERSION 2.23
                       503 OF THE BEST CODES FOR FF3!!! 
               * NOTE - If you have Windows, use Write / WordPad to 
               display this file and set the font to "Courier New"
               8 point for best results.  If you have a Mac, use
               an 8 or 10 point monospaced font.
Version 1.5 By: LrdRokoL@aol.com (March 1996)
Version 2.0 By: AeroStar13@aol.com (November 1996)
Version 2.2 By: AeroStar13@aol.com (April 1998) 

Part 0  - Introduction and Revision history (What's new in this version)
Part 1  - Credits
Part 2  - Why Some Codes Don't Work
Part 3  - Character Start-Up Codes (Codes 1 - 378)
		- When to Put Codes
		- Character Codes
		- Menu Codes
		- Numerical Codes
		- Weapon, Shield, Helmet, Armor, and Relic Codes
Part 4  - Gold Codes (Codes 379 - 382)
Part 5  - Battle Codes (Codes 383 - 421)
		- During Battle
		- After Battle
Part 6  - Non-Battle Codes (Codes 422 - 445)
Part 7  - New Attacks For Characters (Code 446)
Part 8  - Complete Leo/ Kefka Codes (Codes 447 - 451)
		- Leo/Kefka Method #1 
		- Leo/Kefka Method #2
		- Leo/Kefka Method #3
		- Perfect Kefka
	PLUS	- Control Different Characters (Code 452)
		- More Characters to Choose (Codes 453 - 454)
Part 9  - Manson Codes - Twenty of the best codes (Codes 455 - 474)
Part 10 - Veldt Codes - New monsters on the Veldt! (Codes 475 - 481)
Part 11 - Madril's Codes - Some New codes (Codes 482 - 500)
Part 12 - Enemy Spell Code & Auxiliary Codes (Codes 501 - 503)
 Part 13 - Music codes (504)


 The Game Genie Code Creators Club creates original Game Genie codes for many
 games. In this guide, you will find a collection of our codes for Final 
 Fantasy 3. We also have many other codes for many other games at our new web
 site, http://www.videogamesource.com/genie. Stop by and see our collection!


Our first collection of FF3 codes was compiled by
LrdRokol@aol.com and had over 300 codes.

VERSION 2.0 .... 28 NOVEMBER, 1996
Greetings, fellow gamesters, and welcome to Version 2.0 of the GGCCC's FINAL FANTASY
III GAME GENIE FAQ!!!  New things in this version are as follows:

* Several grammar errors corrected
* New codes added under some sections
* Manson Codes 10 - 20 added (#465 - 474)
* Leo and Kefka Methods 2 and 3 added (#449 - 451)
* Veldt Codes added (#475 - 481)
* Madril's codes added (#482 - 500)
* Codes numbered

 Distribution of this guide:

 This guide may be uploaded to other web sites providing that the content is
 not altered. We also ask that if you have time to please drop us an E-Mail at
 usage@videogamesource.com if you are using it on your site so that we can
 send you out updates when we update the FAQ. For more information on our
 guidelines for usage of our FAQs and codes, visit our web site at

Thanks to LrdRokoL for making the first version, without which there wouldn't be this
second version!!  Enjoy the codes!!


VERSION 2.2 .... 10 APRIL, 1998

These new additions complete the FF3 Game Genie collection!

*501 The Enemy Spells Code
*502 Target Anyone with Any Spell

VERSION 2.22 .... 21 JUNE, 1998

One last code!

*503 Get all Lores after one battle (by Jason-G@internetwork.net)


 VERSION 2.23 .... 6 APRIL, 1999

 Music jukebox code added! Who needs the soundtrack CD?

Since so many people have contributed codes to this guide, it is impossible to list
the creator next to the code, or make sure proper credit is given for EVERY single
code.  If you feel you have created a code in this guide and you have not been 
credited, E-mail AeroStar13@aol.com and I will add your name.

Here are some of the people that made the major codes:
The Gamewiz FF3 FAQ Makers
Mirager X (Leo & Kefka Method 1; Change Characters) 
LrdRokoL (New Attacks; More Characters to choose)
Manson8814 (Manson Codes, Leo & Kefka Method 2)
Madril (Madril Codes, Leo & Kefka Method 2/3)
AeroStar13 (Veldt Codes, Kefka Method 2, Leo & Kefka Method 3,
			Enemy Spells, Target Anyone with any Spell)
Jason-G@internetwork.net (Get all Lores after one battle)
fredhome@erols.com (Leo & Kefka Method 3)
Fenix Hok (invaluable assistance testing Veldt Codes)
Various codes by above people and: Strato 508, GWS Mara, thespook@nfinity.com, 
Peach Lord, Whrek,  RPGKING1, HitMan399, Edgar GGW, jesses@jeffnet.org, and anyone 
else whom I forgot to credit.

(All names without extensions are @aol.com.)

And of course, VERY special thanks to LrdRokol@aol.com, for making the first
vesion of this guide.


Written by: LrdRokol@aol.com

     What you are about to read is my PERSONAL OPINION and the information
that a Galoob Game Genie representative has given me.
     I have been recieving complaints from people about codes not working 
on their game.  Based on my expeience and other sources, I will explain 
why some codes don't work for your game.
     You see, Nintendo sued Galoob many years ago, to try to stop  
Galoob from creating their Game Genie.   Nintendo lost the lawsuit.
     Nintendo is actually changing the configuration in the game decks
they are selling.  One batch of decks lets you use your present codes.
The next batch of decks made and released are so configured that they will
not accept the old and proven Game Genie codes.  The codes you receive are 
correct (This came from an anonymous informant).
     Nintendo also changes the configuration of their games.  I made this  
observation after buying another Final Fantasy 3 game.  I have noticed 
that there are still codes that won't work for both of them.  Thas
led me to believe that Nintendo is creating different versions of the 
games they make.  They are doing this to either fix the bugs in their
games and to frustrate Galoob from finding more codes.

     Here a tons of codes that will let you alter the character before 
     they ever join you.

Terra :   Before new game
Locke :   Save point after old man's house
Edgar :   Any time after getting Locke but before Kefka shows up
Sabin :   Save point in Mt. Kolts
Banon :   Save point in Returners Hideout
Shadow:   Don't talk to him in S.Figaro.  Save after Sabins scenario starts
Cyan  :   Save before Imperial Base
Ghost1:   Before getting the first ghost
Ghost2:   If Shadow bails,you can get a second ghost. Before getting G#2
Gau   :   Before the waterfall.
Celes :   Save under Duncan's house,codes MUST be in before you see her
Setzer:   Before Opera house and (?) until after Imperial base
Mog   :   Save point after old man's house.
Strago:   Save outside of Thamasa
Relm  :   Save outside Esper cave
Leo   :   Save point in Esper cave
Gogo  :   Save point in Zone Eater
Umaro :   Save at snowfield in Narshe, before entering hole behind Esper

	   		Terra      Locke      Cyan       Shadow     Edgar      Sabin
HP        XX5C-7675  XX58-7B85  XX5A-7875  XX53-7685  XX5E-7C75  XX5D-5885
MP        XX5C-7655  XX58-7BE5  XX5A-7855  XX53-76E5  XX5E-7C55  XX5D-58E5
Menu 1    XX5C-7685  XX58-7C75  XX5A-7885  XX53-7B75  XX5E-7C85  XX5F-5675
Menu 2    XX5C-76E5  XX58-7C55  XX5A-78E5  XX53-7B55  XX5E-7CE5  XX5F-5655
Menu 3    XX5C-7B75  XX58-7C85  XX52-7675  XX53-7B85  XX5E-7875  XX5F-5685
Menu 4    XX5C-7B55  XX58-7CE5  XX52-7655  XX53-7BE5  XX5E-7855  XX5F-56E5
Vigor     XX5C-7B85  XX58-7875  XX52-7685  XX53-7C75  XX5E-7885  XX5F-5B75
Speed     XX5C-7BE5  XX58-7855  XX52-76E5  XX53-7C55  XX5E-78E5  XX5F-5B55
Stamina   XX5C-7C75  XX58-7885  XX52-7B75  XX53-7C85  XX5D-5675  XX5F-5B85
Mag.Pow   XX5C-7C55  XX58-78E5  XX52-7B55  XX53-7CE5  XX5D-5655  XX5F-5BE5
Bat.Pow   XX5C-7C85  XX5A-7675  XX52-7B85  XX53-7875  XX5D-5685  XX5F-5C75
Defense   XX5C-7CE5  XX5A-7655  XX52-7BE5  XX53-7855  XX5D-56E5  XX5F-5C55
Mag Def   XX5C-7875  XX5A-7685  XX52-7C75  XX53-7885  XX5D-5B75  XX5F-5C85
Evade     XX5C-7855  XX5A-76E5  XX52-7C55  XX53-78E5  XX5D-5B55  XX5F-5CE5
Mag Block XX5C-7885  XX5A-7B75  XX52-7C85  XX5E-7675  XX5D-5B85  XX5F-5875
Weapon    XX5C-78E5  XX5A-7B55  XX52-7CE5  XX5E-7655  XX5D-5BE5  XX5F-5855
Shield    XX58-7675  XX5A-7B85  XX52-7875  XX5E-7685  XX5D-5C75  XX5F-5885
Helm      XX58-7655  XX5A-7BE5  XX52-7855  XX5E-76E5  XX5D-5C55  XX5F-58E5
Armor     XX58-7685  XX5A-7C75  XX52-7885  XX5E-7B75  XX5D-5C85  XX54-5675
Relic 1   XX58-76E5  XX5A-7C55  XX52-78E5  XX5E-7B55  XX5D-5CE5  XX54-5655
Relic 2   XX58-7B75  XX5A-7C85  XX53-7675  XX5E-7B85  XX5D-5875  XX54-5685

	   		Celes      Strago     Relm       Setzer     Mog        Gau 
HP        XX54-5B75  XX57-5C85  XX59-5675  XX51-5B85  XX55-5875  XX5B-5685
MP        XX54-5B55  XX57-5CE5  XX59-5655  XX51-5BE5  XX55-5855  XX5B-56E5
Menu 1    XX54-5B85  XX57-5875  XX59-5685  XX51-5C78  XX55-5885  XX5B-5B75
Menu 2    XX54-5BE5  XX57-5855  XX59-56E5  XX51-5C55  XX55-58E5  XX5B-5B55
Menu 3    XX54-5C75  XX57-5885  XX59-5B75  XX51-5C85  XX56-5675  XX5B-5B85
Menu 4    XX54-5C55  XX57-58E5  XX59-5B55  XX51-5CE5  XX56-5655  XX5B-5BE5
Vigor     XX54-5C85  XX50-5675  XX59-5B85  XX51-5875  XX56-5685  XX5B-5C75
Speed     XX54-5CE5  XX50-5655  XX59-5BE5  XX51-5855  XX56-56E5  XX5B-5C55
Stamina   XX54-5875  XX50-5685  XX59-5C75  XX51-5885  XX56-5B75  XX5B-5C85
Mag.Pow.  XX54-5855  XX50-56E5  XX59-5C55  XX51-58E5  XX56-5B55  XX5B-5CE5
Bat.Pow.  XX54-5885  XX50-5B75  XX59-5C85  XX55-5675  XX56-5B85  XX5B-5875
Defense   XX54-58E5  XX50-5B55  XX59-5CE5  XX55-5655  XX56-5BE5  XX5B-5855
Mag.Def.  XX57-5675  XX50-5B85  XX59-5875  XX55-5685  XX56-5C75  XX5B-5885
Evade     XX57-5655  XX50-5BE5  XX59-5855  XX55-56E5  XX56-5C55  XX5B-58E5
Mag.Block XX57-5685  XX50-5C75  XX59-5885  XX55-5B75  XX56-5C85  XX5C-5675
Weapon    XX57-56E5  XX50-5C55  XX59-58E5  XX55-5B55  XX56-5CE5  XX5C-5655
Shield    XX57-5B75  XX50-5C85  XX51-5675  XX55-5B85  XX56-5875  XX5C-5685
Helm      XX57-5B55  XX50-5CE5  XX51-5655  XX55-5BE5  XX56-5855  XX5C-56E5
Armor     XX57-5B85  XX50-5875  XX51-5685  XX55-5C75  XX56-5885  XX5C-5B75
Relic 1   XX57-5BE5  XX50-5855  XX51-56E5  XX55-5C55  XX56-58E5  XX5C-5B55
Relic 2   XX57-5C75  XX50-5885  XX51-5B75  XX55-5C85  XX5B-5675  XX5C-5B85

	  		Gogo       Umaro      Bannon     Leo      Ghost #1   Ghost #2
HP        XX5C-5C75  XX58-58E5  XX52-5B75  XX53-5C85  XX5D-8675  XX5F-8B85
MP        XX5C-5C55  XX5A-5675  XX52-5B55  XX53-5CE5  XX5D-8655  XX5F-8BE5
Menu 1    XX5C-5C85  XX5A-5655  XX52-5B85  XX53-5875  XX5D-8685  XX5F-8C75
Menu 2    XX5C-5CE5  XX5A-5685  XX52-5BE5  XX53-5855  XX5D-86E5  XX5F-8C55
Menu 3    XX5C-5875  XX5A-56E5  XX52-5C75  XX53-5885  XX5D-8B75  XX5F-8C85
Menu 4    XX5C-5855  XX5A-56E5  XX52-5C55  XX53-58E5  XX5D-8B55  XX5F-8CE5
Vigor     XX5C-5885  XX5A-5B75  XX52-5C85  XX5E-5675  XX5D-8B85  XX5F-8875
Speed     XX58-5675  XX5A-5B55  XX52-5CE5  XX5E-5655  XX5D-8BE5  XX5F-8855
Stamina   XX58-5655  XX5A-5B85  XX52-5875  XX5E-5685  XX5D-8C75  XX5F-8885
Mag.Pow.  XX58-5685  XX5A-5BE5  XX52-5855  XX5E-56E5  XX5D-8C55  XX5F-88E5
Bat.Pow.  XX58-56E5  XX5A-5C75  XX52-5885  XX5E-5B75  XX5D-8C85  XX54-8675
Defense   XX58-5B75  XX5A-5C55  XX52-58E5  XX5E-5B55  XX5D-8CE5  XX54-8655
Mag.Def.  XX58-5B55  XX5A-5C85  XX53-5675  XX5E-5B85  XX5D-8875  XX54-8685
Evade     XX58-5B85  XX5A-5CE5  XX53-5655  XX5E-5BE5  XX5D-8855  XX54-86E5
Mag.Block XX58-5BE5  XX5A-5875  XX53-5685  XX5E-5C75  XX5D-8885  XX54-8B75
Weapon    XX58-5C75  XX5A-5855  XX53-56E5  XX5E-5C55  XX5D-88E5  XX54-8B55
Sheild    XX58-5C55  XX5A-5885  XX53-5B75  XX5E-5C85  XX5F-8675  XX54-8B85
Helm      XX58-5C85  XX5A-58E5  XX53-5B55  XX5E-5CE5  XX5F-8655  XX54-8BE5
Armor     XX58-5CE5  XX52-5675  XX53-5B85  XX5E-5875  XX5F-8685  XX54-8C75
Relic 1   XX58-5875  XX52-5655  XX53-5BE5  XX5E-5855  XX5F-86E5  XX54-8C55
Relic 2   XX58-5855  XX52-5685  XX53-5C75  XX5E-5885  XX5F-8B75  XX54-8C88

Replace the "XX" with the appropiate 2 digits from the tables below:
DD:  Fight
DF:  Item
D4:  Magic	   
D7:  Morph     -Blank until Terra gets Morph
D0:  Revert
D9:  Steal  
D1:  Capture
D5:  SwdTech   -Only the ones Cyan knows when new character starts
D6:  Throw
DB:  Tools
DC:  Blitz	   -Only the ones Sabin knows
D8:  Runic     
DA:  Lore      -Only the ones Strago knows
D2:  Sketch
D3:  Control
DE:  Slot
FD:  Rage
FF:  Leap      -Only on Veldt
F4:  Mimic
F7:  Dance     -Character gains dances only when Mog gets them
F0:  Row
F9:  Def
F1:  Jump
F5:  X-Magic   -No spells at start, but you can learn them via Espers
F6:  GP Rain
FB:  Summon    -Only works with curative Espers equipped
FC:  Health
F8:  Shock
FA:  Possess   -Erases character if successful
F2:  MagiTek   -Terra has 8 spells, others have 4.
F3:  [Blank]   -Filler spot

DD=0   FF=17   44=34   77=51
00=68  99=85   10=100  55=119
66=136 BB=153  CC=170  88=187 *Note: Do not set speed or vigor above 200!
A5=200 22=221  33=238  EE=255 

DD:Dirk             FD:Epee           4D:Partisan        7D:Aura
DF:MithrilKnife     FF:Break Blade    4F:Pearl Lance     7F:Strato
D4:Guardian         F4:Drainer        44:Gold Lance      74:Sky Render
D7:Air Lancet       F7:Enhancer       47:Aura Lance      77:Heal Rod
D0:ThiefKnife       F0:Crystal        40:Imp Halberd     70:Mithril Rod
D9:Assassin         F9:Falchion       49:Imperial        79:Fire Rod
D1:Man Eater        F1:Soul Sabre     41:Kodachi         71:Ice Rod
D5:SwordBreaker     F5:Ogre Nix       45:Blossom         75:Thunder Rod
D6:Graedus          F6:Excalibur      46:Hardened        76:Poison Rod
DB:ValiantKnife     FB:Scimitar       4B:Striker         7B:Pearl Rod
DC:MithrilBlade     FC:Illumina       4C:Stunner         7C:Gravity Rod
D8:Regal Cutlass    F8:Ragnarok       48:Ashura          78:Punisher
DA:Rune Edge        FA:Atma Weapon    4A:Kotetsu         7A:Magus Rod
D2:Flame Sabre      F2:Mithril Pike   42:Forged          72:Chocobo Brush
D3:Blizzard         F3:Trident        43:Tempest         73:Da Vinci Brush
DE:ThunderBlade     FE:Stout Spear    4E:Murasame        7E:Magical Brush

0D:Rainbow Brush    9D:Trump          1D:Flame Shield    5D:Coronet
0F:Shuriken         9F:Dice           1F:Ice Shield      5F:Bards Hat
04:Ninja Star       94:Fixed Dice     14:Thunder Shield  54:Green Beret
07:Tack Star        97:Metal Knuckle  17:Crystal Shield  57:Head Band
00:Flail            90:Mithril Claw   10:Genji Shield    50:Mithril Helm
09:Full Moon        99:Kaiser         19:TortoiseShield  59:Tiara
01:Morning Star     91:Poison Claw    11:Cursed Shield   51:Gold Helmet
05:Boomerang        95:Fire Knuckle   15:Paladin Shield  55:Tiger Mask
06:Rising Sun       96:Dragon Claw    16:Force Shield    56:Red Cap
0B:Hawk Eye         9B:Tiger Fangs    1B:Leather Hat     5B:Mystery Veil
0C:Bone Club        9C:Buckler        1C:Hair Band       5C:Circlet
08:Sniper           98:Heavy Shield   18:Plumed Hat      58:Regal Crown
0A:Wing Edge        9A:Mithril Shield 1A:Beret           5A:Diamond Helm
02:Cards            92:Gold Shield    12:Magus Hat       52:Dark Hood
03:Darts            93:Aegis Shield   13:Bandana         53:Crystal Helm
0E:Doom Darts       9E:Diamond Shield 1E:Iron Helmet     5E:Oath Veil

6D:Cat Hood         BD:Power Sash     CD:Nutkin Suit     8D:Goggles
6F:Genji Helmet     BF:Light Robe     CF:Behemoth Suit   8F:Star Pendant
64:Thornlet         B4:Diamond Vest   C4:Snow Muffler    84:Peace Ring
67:Titanium         B7:Red Jacket     C7:Noise Blaster   87:Amulet 
60:Leather Armor    B0:Force Armor    C0:Bio Blaster     80:White Ring
69:Cotton Robe      B9:Diamond Armor  C9:Flash           89:Jewel Ring
61:Kung Fu Suit     B1:Dark Gear      C1:Chain Saw       81:Fairy Ring
65:Iron Armor       B5:Tao Robe       C5:Debilitator     85:Barrier Ring 
66:Silk Robe        B6:Crystal Mail   C6:Drill           86:Mithril Glove
6B:Mithril Vest     BB:Czarina Gown   CB:Air Anchor      8B:Guard Ring
6C:Ninja Gear       BC:Genji Armor    CC:Auto Crossbow   8C:Running Shoes
68:White Dress      B8:Imps Armor     C8:Fire Skean      88:Cherub Down
6A:Mithril Mail     BA:Minerva        CA:Water Edge      8A:Wall Ring
62:Gaia Gear        B2:Tabby Suit     C2:Bolt Edge       82:Cure Ring
63:Mirage Vest      B3:Chocobo Suit   C3:Inviz Edge      83:True Knight
6E:Gold Armor       BE:Moogle Suit    CE:Shadow Edge     8E:Dragoon Boots

AD:Zephyr Cape      2D:Gauntlet       3D:Marvel Shoes    ED:Fenix Down
AF:Czarina Ring     2F:Genji Glove    3F:Back Guard      EF:Revivify
A4:Cursed Ring      24:Hyper Wrist    34:Gale Hairpin    E4:Antidote
A7:Earrings         27:Offering       37:Sniper Sight    E7:Eyedrop
A0:Atlas Armlet     20:Beads          30:Exp. Egg        E0:Soft
A9:Blizzard Orb     29:Black Belt     39:Tintinabar      E9:Remedy
A1:Rage Ring        21:Coin Toss      31:Sprint Shoes    E1:Sleeping Bag
A5:Sneak Ring       25:Fake Mustache  35:Rename Card     E5:Tent
A6:Pod Bracelet     26:Gem Box        36:Tonic           E6:Green Cherry
AB:Hero Ring        2B:Dragon Horn    3B:Potion          EB:Magicite
AC:Ribbon           2C:Merit Award    3C:X Potion        EC:Super Ball
A8:Muscle Belt      28:Memento Ring   38:Tincture        E8:Echo Screen
AA:Crystal Orb      2A:Safety Bit     3A:Ether           EA:Smoke Bomb
A2:Gold Hairpin     22:Relic Ring     32:X Ether         E2:Warp Stone 
A3:Economizer       23:Moogle Charm   33:Elixir          E3:Dried Meat
AE:Thief Glove      2E:Charm Bangle   3E:Megalixir       EE:[Nothing]


379.   	108C-EF03 +    	All items in shops are free--SWITCH OFF 
		108C-E4A3      	TO SELL ITEMS FOR GP

380. 	108C-EFD3 +
       	108C-E4A3      	Buying an item gives you 9,999,999 gold. The items look 
			  			expensive, but you can keep buying them.

381.   	DC9C-E4D8 	  	Max out your GPs!   

382.   	E7D8-D4D8     	No gold after battle


383.   AAB8-7F69      Enemy changes to brown.

384.   AAB3-54D9      Enemy is invisible

385.   AADC-EDA8      No Enemy

386.   AAD8-EF08      All party members are Floating, Stopped, 
						and Reflective in battles!
387.   6794-E708      Makes the EXP, Magic Points, Items, and 
						GP keep repeating in a cycle. Turn off 
						after 2 or 3 cycles or it may blackout.

388.   DFD8-EF68      All characters float

389.   D0D8-EF68      All characters have Slow cast on them

390.   D6D8-EF68      All characters have Haste cast on them

391.   D8D8-EF68      All characters have Haste, Float, and Regen cast on them

392.   AADB-EDA8      Get HP & MP in battle                                   

393.   ED3B-E514   	  Tincture gives you 999 magic.

394.   AA68-E7D8 +
		AA6B-EDA8     Magic becomes X-Magic and takes only 1 MP

395.   AA6B-E7D8      Party hits twice                                        

396.    8ED8-EF68     This code takes about 30 to 50 seconds to come into 
	 	     	 	 	effect (in other words, you can't fight right away) but it 
        				does fine once it starts playing, it casts Wall, Regen, 
						and Float on all members (works great in the Fanatics 
						Tower!! by the time you need to fight, they've half killed
						themselves off your wall!!)

397.   30D8-EF68      Casts Slow, Float, Wall but gives less damage to all(same 
						as above with the starting off)

398.   A29D-54D8	 Characters will do STRANGE things in battle...desperation 
						attacks, enemy attacks, calling espers, you name it... only
						problem is that it is random and the person will keep repeating                        	
						the same attack over and over.

399.   AA94-74DD 	 Your party is all blobs of color 

400.   AAB8-7F69  	 The enemies are all blobs of color 


401.		5592 -E7D8     "GET NOTHING AFTER A BATTLE"
			5592 -E768
			5592 -E7A8   

402.          CE17-7DD6      "GET SOME RAGES AND LORES"
	       To use this code equip an Esper and fight one battle.  Gau
		will learn every fourth rage on the right-hand side of the
		list, and Strago will learn ForceField, Stone, and Exploder.
		All other rages and lores are deleted.

403.		F194-EDD8      "GET 99 OF ALL ITEMS" (Doesn't work on all games)

404.		CE17-77D6      "LEARN SPELLS 10x FASTER"

405.		E317-77D6      "LEARN SPELLS 50x FASTER"

406.		E3DB-EDA8      Get a lot of  HP and MP after battle

407.		AA94-E7D8      This code will make the enemy give you 
			               weapons, items, and armor. (This code is constant)

408.		AA94-EFO8      Makes the enemy give you items/weapons/
		    	           armor.  (This code is not constant, it's at random)

408.		AA94-E7D8 +    Super Item Codes: Get Paladin's Shield,
			AA94-EFO8 +    Offering, Gem Boxes, Economizers and
			AA94-E4D8 +    other stuff after battles!
			D794-E708 +    Add AA94-E408 if it seems that you have all the items 
			(AA94-E408)    that are possible two get with the first four codes.

409.		D493-54D8      Gain over 16,000 Exp. per fight

410.		D793-54D8      Gain nearly 1,000,000 Exp. per fight!

411.		AA92-E768      Casts Flare after a battle, blackout

412.		AA23-54D8      Level 99 after one battle

413.		AA94-E4D8 +    Paladin's Shield Codes
			AA94-EF08 +     

414.  		1793-54D8      Over 5 million exp per fight! 
415.		AA2A-54D8      Gain no experience (for expert players only!)

416.		3037-54A6      Learn all spells after one battle                

417.		0D39-0766      1000x EXP and GP after a battle!  A great code!

418.		132C-E4D8      Repeat battle ending (turn off to exit)

420.		F32C-E4D8      Restart game to select menu after battle 

421.		EE5C-74DD	   This last one is kinda weird.  Depending on where in the
						   game your group is, you get different effects.
						   	 Ex: at the beginning of the game, you leave an Imperial
						   	 soldier after every battle.


422.		E3DB-EDA8 +  	Enter the Menu Screen and you'll have 4000 - 5000
			E3DB-ED68 +	  	HP and 100-500 MP -- for every character on the		
			E3DB-ED08 +	 	menu screen.  Once entered, you may save the code's	
			E3DB-EDD8       effects, and the game will stay that way.       

423.		AADB-EDA8      	Increase all members' Max HP and MP 


425.		AA90-74DD	 	Walk through walls (only certain directions)

426.		AA20-77AD	 	Walk through walls (better than other code!)

427.		DDA4-8767      	Party always has Sprint Shoes

428.		EE30-E944      	'Tonic' gives 255 HP

429.		3CB8-5DAE      	Most items can be used infinitely-- NOT 
430.		AA9B-E768        All relics equipped, all of it. Not tested much; may
							 freeze up. Even the cursed stuff is equipped. Just DO NOT
							 SAVE YOUR GAME; your statistics are messed up...

431.		AAD2-E768      	Lowers Speed, Vigor, Stamina, and Magic Power for all members

432.		AADC-EF08      	Always sprint in dungeons and never encounter random enemies 
			        		(as if Sprint Shoes and Moogle Charm were equipped)

433.		AADC-EDA8       Never encounter random enemies


435.		DD90-EFDB      Everyone has a hidden Economizer --IN BATTLE MODE.

436.		DD97-5FDA      Everyone has a hidden economizer --NOT IN BATTLE MODE.

437.		AADC-EF08:     Sprint shoes & Moogle Charm equipped

438.		DDA4-8767:     Sprint Shoes equipped

439.		D007-8DD7:     Mega Sprint Shoes!!!

440.		AADB-E768:     All relics! Even cursed ones!!!

441.		B4CD-E798 +
			AA68-E7D8:	   Only fight Narshe Guards

442.		EEBC-576E      This one lets you equip any item as many times as you 
				 			want; in other words you get infinite equipment!

443.		3CB7-5D03      When you equip something, it turns into the top item of your

444.		108B-E403      "GET 99 OF ANY ITEM!"
		Go into a store.  Sell the item you want 99 of.  It should
		say that you are selling "0".  Turn of the GG, and press 
		Left on the Control Pad until you are selling "58" of the 
		item.  Press A.  You now have 99 of the item.

	       Never run out of an item if you have it already (only on the menu).
           When you use an item, it will say you have 14, then 12, then 20, etc... 

     Add spice to your game.  Let your characters do moves you never 
thought possible.  Like:
*** Summoning an ANGEL to attack your enemies.
*** Guile's Sonic boom
*** Body Laser and more...

446.	       "NEW FF3 ATTACKS"
	       This code will allow you to "create" different attacks
	       for your characters!


	       This code will allow your characters to equip different
	       (random) items as armor or weapons.  You can change the
	       1st and/or 2nd characters for different "ITEM" changes.

	       Your characters must have the GENJI GLOVE and OFFERING
	       equipped as RELICS.

	       All you have to do is replace your character's weapon 
	       slots with various ITEMS to get different attacks.
	       You can put different ITEMS for different effects.
	       You can also mix and match ITEMS, unless noted .
	       Do not put "WEAPONS" on either hand or it will not work!

	       All attacks go in descending order...as seen in the equip
	       HAND: Attack 1
	       HAND: Attack 2

       Here is a LIST of what you can put to produce different attacks!

EQUIPMENT:         EFFECT:                      NOTES:
----------         -------                      ------
MOST ARMOR         Various weaponless attacks  
Snow Muffler       Red Rain!                    Use only as a 1st attack
ALL SHIELDS        Various weaponless attacks
Force Shield       Guile's SONIC BOOM!
MOST ITEMS         Give many different effects
Antidote           Giant Pac-Man!               Use only as a 1st attack
Ether              Freezes the game
Tincture           Freezes the game
Eye Drop           Haunting!                    Use only as a 1st attack
Eye Drop           Disappearing Enemies!        Use only as a 2nd attack
						       					(Don't combine the 2 
												Eye Drop codes)
Magicite           Red Sky!
Potion             Glitches
X-Potion           Glitches
Tonic              Glitches
Rename Card        Fireball jump attack and
		   			weird sound!
Revivify           Guile's SONIC BOOM!          Use only as a 1st attack
Revivify           Star of DEATH!               Use only as a 2nd attack
Sleeping Bag       Bum Rush!
Smoke Bomb         Light Arrow                  Use only as a 1st attack
Tent               Jump Attack                  Use only as a 1st attack
Tent               Black Missle                 Use only as a 2nd attack
HEADGEAR           Many different effects
Bandana            Death Laser!  A strange
		     		laser emits from character
Beret              Throw a strange BLACK AXE!
Circlet            Circlet Attack
Dark Hood          Morph Terra Attack!
Diamond Helm       God's Voice!
Gold Helmet        Angel of DEATH!  An angel
		     	 	visits enemies to kill them!
Hair Band          Rising Wind attack!
Leather Hat        A Million Pins
Magus Hat          Silent Multiple Punches
Mithril Helmet     Water Bum Rush!
Mystery Veil       Aura Zap!
Red Cap            Red sphere Zap!
Regal Crown        Bubble Attack
Tiger Mask         Sketch Enemies to Death!
RELICS             Many different effects
Sneak Ring         Black out/Freezes game
Hyper Wrist        Black out/Freezes game
Back Guard         Black out/Freezes game
Amulet             Black out/Freezes game
Sniper Sight       Glitches/Freezes game
Marvel Shoes       Glitches/Freezes game
Fake Mustache      Glitches/Freezes game
Beads              Glitches/Freezes game
Genji Glove        Glitches/Freezes game
Fairy Ring         Glitches/Freezes game
Memento Ring       Glitches/Freezes game
True Knight        Instant Damage!
Dragon Horn        Instant Damage!
Coin Toss          Reverse Leo Shock Attack!
Cure Ring          Skud Missle!                 Use only as a 2nd attack
Cursed Ring        Summon the REAPER!           Use only as a 2nd attack
Earrings           Satanic Sounds!              Equip in both hands
Exp. Egg           Dead of NIGHT!               Use only as a 1st attack
Gale Hairpin       A loud sound followed
                   by damage to enemies!
Gauntlet           Sun God's Trident Attack!    Use only as a 1st attack
Goggles            Gernade Toss!                Use only as a 2nd attack
Guard Ring         Fiery Screen!                Use only as a 1st attack
Merit Award        Tornado Spin                 Use only as a 1st attack
Merit Award        Light Saber                  Use only as a 2nd attack
Mithril Glove      Singing Black Sword!         Use only as a 1st attack
Rage Ring          Meteor Attack!
Running Shoes      Wind Blast!                  Use only as a 2nd attack
Safety Bit         Spear of Destiny!            Use only as a 2nd attack
Sprint Shoes       Shock Drop
Thief Glove        Dance of Rocks               Use only as a 2nd attack
Tintinabar         Portal of DOOM!
Wall Ring          Suicide Attack!              Use only as a 1st attack
Zephyr Cape        Red Rain of DEATH!           Use only as a 2nd attack



447.  METHOD 1

AA9B-E7A8      Go anywhere and fight.  You will eventually end up
	       with Kefka and/or Leo. It's good if you are in the WOB
	       and about to go to the floating continent.  Anywhere else
	       is fine, including the WOR.

	       1. If your map man is Geshtal and you try to equip, relic,
	       use item or etc. If you have Geshtal continue fighting and
	       ignore him...
	       2. If you get Kefka-he comes in many things...
		  A. If he is a zombie or dead-do not revive him or the
		     game will freeze.
		  B. Sometimes he will a lot of different stuff in his
		     stats like: Morph, Capture, Shock, Sketch...
		     You should save the game if you get something cool  
		     like this...
		  C. Kefka in Magitek Armor-same as A
	       3. Mog may freeze the game when it is his turn to fight.
	       4. Leo is unglitched-you can revive him if he is wounded.
		  (Really preferred if he had a screen shot...Kefka uses
		  Terra's screen shot because he doesn't have one).


448.		DC9B-E7D8      "FOR USE OF KEFKA ONLY" 
	       Use this code to edit Kefka.  It may take a while to get
	       a perfect Kefka (Now you're getting to it)!

	       Kefka should have non-freezing the game battle commands.
	       For both WOB or WOR, Kefka should have Rage, Leap, Magic,  
	       and Item!  Which means Kefka takes over Gau's status!
	       (The ONLY one that will let you keep Kefka forever)... 
	       Make sure he is able to use magic and equip weapons and 
	       armor. Also check out Gau's magic...Once Kefka takes over 
	       Gau's body the magic will change to something new. The
	       picture on the status screen should be Terra...Rename
	       Kefka "Kefka" when he replaces Gau... :D
	       It is highly recommended you do this in the WOR, because
	       you'll have the airship to go to the Veldt and test Kefka's
	       Leap and reappear (UWAOOOOOO~). Kefka will just be Kefka!

449.  METHOD 2 - GET LEO
1. Enter the code D5E5-776D.  Choose a save game.  You will now have LEO & 
KEFKA, but Kefka has no commands and will thus freeze the game.

3. Rearrange the party so that Kefka is on top

2. Save, reset, and enter D7E7-776D.  Go into a town.  Switch Kefka to the
back of the lineup.  By doing so, you have "ditched" him in the town, and 
you now have a glitch free Leo!!

1. Enter the code D5E5-776D to get Kefka.
2. Use the code **97-E76D to give Kefka commands.  Replace ** with any two
characters to give Kefka...

19-Lore	(knows none)	11-Lore, Rage* 	15-Rage, Possess
16-Possess, Row	1B-Row, GP Rain	1C-GP Rain
18-Runic**, Shock	1A-Shock!		12-Summon (?), Sketch
13-Slot			1E-Slot, Def		54-Dance
57-Mimic		50-Mimic, Jump		59-Blitz, Jump
51-Blitz, Control	55-Health, Control	58-MagiTek!

Note that the commands produced by this code may vary from
game to game.
* = Only the ones Gau knows
** = Disabled	

Enter the code DD5C-740D.  This will make Leo and Kefka appear in the last
two slots in the party selection screen!  Leo is perfect, but if you want
Kefka to have commands, you must use the code **97-E76D as described above.


DC9B-E7D8      These codes change the character's image.
DC9B-E7A8      For example-Terra.  You see her, her body, her color, her
	       command windows (Fight, Morph, Magic, Item).
	       After one battle, Terra has changed to Gogo's 
	       image but the rest of the commands stay the same. Once in
	       a while you may get Umaro's image with Terra's battle
	       commands! Now you can control Umaro and see him chanting 
	       magic at last!
	          Once you get to a circular pattern, it'll alter to
	       another character in the game!  Like Ultros, Siegfried, 
	       Chupon, the little girl, the little boy, Terra's Mom, 
	       Espers, Dragons, Faeries, Imperial Soldiers, Vicks and
	       Kappa the Imp!  You can control the Emperor and some 
	       characters will stay the same while others change to a
	       totally different image!


  *OR*	       Note:  You may or may not need Relm in your party...
9E9B-E7D8      You should bring her along just in case...
	       You need Leo in your party for this to work.
	       Go into battle, and after it, Leo will be changed! (His 
  	       mapman will be Banon).  It will continue to change after
	       each battle...
	       Here is a list of characters you can be (not in order):

Mapman              Battle         Stat      Note
------              ------         ----      ----
Banon               Banon          Banon    Should be your 1st Character
Ghost               Ghost          Ghost
Green Guard         Green Guard    Vicks
Merchant            Merchant       Vicks     Locke as a Merchant
Kefka               Kefka          Terra
Gestahl             Gestahl        Leo       Battle guy is sort of glitched
Leo                 Leo            Leo
Impresario          invisible      ????
Opera Celes         invisible      ????
Dog                 ????           ????      Freezes the game sometimes


455.  MANSON CODE 1:  3037-54A6 "GET ALL SPELLS!!!"
After one battle, every member of the party who is capable of learning magic 
some time in the game will learn every spell.  Note that this happens after every
battle, and it happens regardless of whether the party members know the spells or 
not; i.e., turn off the code once everyone has learned the spells (unless you *like*
watching 4 people learn all the spells after every battle).

HOW TO USE:    First, equip evrything you have  (right down the list) as 
	       you do this, you will see that the WEAPONS you equipped 
	       are not the ones you selected.  Once your done, go to 
	       items, click ARRANGE, and start the process over again.

HOW TO USE:    Go to ESPERS and move the arrow anywhere and you will see 
	       ESPERS you know and others.  The other ones can be used in 

HOW TO USE:    Talk to certain people in towns etc. and you will have a
	        50% chance of it working.  The other 50% of the time, it will
		 freeze the game.

HOW TO USE:   Enter code, start game, and things that happened in the 
	       WORLD OF BALANCE will happen in the WORLD OF RUIN-- Such 
	       things as SHADOW sitting at the bar in a town, Darryl is 
	       flying your AIRSHIP, etc.  Don't SAVE or your game will 
	       stay that way.


HOW TO USE:    Start GAME and your character will be someone who looks 
	       like TERRA.  But, is actially KEFKA cahnge the party 
	       POSTIONS around and you will get GENERAL LEO and the REAL 
	       TERRA.  One GLITCH with this code is that KEFKA has no 
	       commands.  So, in battle when it is KEFKA's turn it will 
	       freeze (see above section on how to avoid this).

HOW TO USE:    Get NEW RARE ITEMS such as: 
Eerie Stone  - Manicure - Opera Record  - Magn. Glass  - Dull Picture

	       To use this code, go into BATTLE and go to ITEMS.  Double 
	       click your SWORD or SHIELD asnd the battle will end.   Go 
	       to RARE ITEMS and you will have the listed items.  Another 
	       event that happens with this CODE is that if you use your 
	       AIRSHIP, you will go back to the WORLD OF BALANCE.

People that don't usually move move in the direction you are facing.

Change party positions in a town/cave and you will leave the character that 
you changed behind!

Allows you to fight some enemies on the Veldt that you normally can't.

Talk to the man in Thamasa that is walking in the center of town with a blue
vest on.  You will be transported to the world of Espers. (Don't save; you 
can't get out).

Allows you to buy better items (e.g. Ragnaroks, Illuminas, Muscle Belts) in

1. Turn off the GG.
2. Go into a store.... click on "Buy" and turn on the GG.
3. Choose an item to buy, then hit "A".  It will freeze, but turn of the GG 
and you will be able to move the cursor.
4. Press Up, Down, Left or Right and you will notice that the prices and
"how many owned" have changed.
5. Press "A" and you will buy an item that is not on the list...
however, sometimes the items will be priced as high as 9999999 GP!!

Walk around anywhere; strange creatures will attack you.

470.  MANSON CODE 16: AB28-84DD "I'M ALL ALONE!"
All the people in the game disappear.

Take one step and you fight!

472.  MANSON CODE 18: 05C3-5F63 "STRANGE"
Pick a game, and you will find yourself near an esper with weird guys... 
and the timer runs backwards.

473.  MANSON CODE 19: 00C3-5F63 "STRANGE 2"
Like above, but instead you are in the first town with Vicks & Wedge.

Changes the rare items you have, it will give you ones like Dull Picture,
Magn. Glass, Eerie Stone, Opera Record, etc.
Turn off GG...Go to "Item"....Turn on GG....Click on "Rare" and weird 
things will happen to your rare items.


475.   DAAE-8F6D......Run into some bosses, including the final Kefka, on
                     the Veldt.

476.   8AAE-876D......Run into enemies from the Zone Eater & Phoenix Cave only.
477.   8AA3-846D......Run into other bosses during Phase 5 (random enemies)
                     of Veldt cycle; also run into a new enemy called the 
                     "Colossus" -- it looks like a HadesGigas (same color)
                     and it dies like a boss.  It casts the "Lode Stone" and
                     "Fire Wall" spells.  As of yet, no one has been able to
                     identify it.  Perhaps you can help...

478.   **A3-8FDD......Replace ** with any 2 digits to run into ONLY X's
                    Veldt, where X is a monster or combination of monsters 
                    designated by the **.
00= Monsters from Banon's river (Pterodons, Exocites, etc.) and M-TekArmors
01= Beakors, Rhobites, Stray Cats, and CrassHopprs
02= Zozo enemies
03= Crawlers, Mag Roaders (red and purple), General, Commando, Garm,   
    Trapper, Vermin, Sewer Rat
04= GreaseMonks, Rhodoxs, Tuskers, Rhinotaur
05= Rhobites
06= Phantom Forest enemies and HeavyArmor
07= Rhodox, M-TekArmor, Cirpius, Tusker, Trilium, Soldier
08= Over Grunk, Vulture, Iron Fist, Whisper, Bounty Man, Trooper
09= Were Rats, Repo Men, Lobo, Guard, Actaneon
0A= Vulture, Iron Fist, Mind Candy, Red Fang
0B= Bomb, OverMind, StillGoing, Whisper
0C= Guard, Vomammoth, Whisper, Hazer, StillGoing, Anguiform, Actaneon, Aspik
0D= Hornet, Bleary, Lobo, Marshal, Leafer, Dark Wind
0E= General, Pipsqeak, Commander, Chaser, Trapper, Gobbler
0F= Were Rat, Sand Ray, Areneid, Dark Wind, Leafer
10= Dahling, Still life
11= Rain man, Samurai
12= Gobbler, Rhinox
13= Trilobiter, Primordite, Vector pup, Commander
14= Red Wolf, Test Rider
15= Allosaurus, Parasite, Crawler
16= Geckorex, Reach Frog
17= Mag Roaders (yellow and brown), Vindr, Souldancer, Crusher
18= Tap dancer, Covert
19= Rain man, Samurai
1A= Magic Urn, Karkass
1B= Sprinter, Spek Tor
1C= Chaos Dragon, Uruburos, Sea Flower, Phase, Trixter
1D= Ceritops, Tomb Thumb, Borras
1E= Primordite, First Class, Wild Rat, Trilobiter, Dark Side, Spectre, Rinn
1F= Rhyos, Toe Cutter, Ursus
54= Pipsqueak
5F= Innoc, Fortis
1A= Karkass
59= Kefka's Tower enemies (Hemophyte, Dk. Force, Retainer, etc.)
60= Punisher, Scrapper
61= Nastidon
62= Punisher, Scrapper
63= White Dragon
64= Apparite, Lich
65= Land Worm, Humpty
66= SlamDancer, Harvester, Gabbledegak
67= Lunaris, Osprey, Chintonid, Gigan Toad
68= Nastidon
69= Lobo, Marshal, Bleary, Crawly
6A= Fidor, Trooper, HeavyArmor
6B= Leafer, Lobo, Marshal, Dark Wind
6C= Opinicus, Eland, Hipocampus, Still Life
6D= Leafer, Dark Wind, Lobo
6E= Mag Roader (both types form MagiTek Facility), Vermin, Sewer Rat
6F= Lobo, Narshe Guard
There are many more!  I haven't tested it much                              
yet...perhaps someone could help me come up with a                          
complete list of enemies?  E-mail aerostar13@aol.com if
you want to help.  ALSO, there are some enemies (mostly
the "rare" monsters mentioned above) that do not appear
with this code....maybe we could alter it so that they do? 

479.    **A3-8DAD....Like #478, but with different monsters for the ** values.

480.    74A3-846D....Another "boss code"...run into different bosses than 		    
                  with #3.  Also fight Io, which gives you the			     
                  spell "Flare Star" as a Rage.	    	
481.    83A3-846D....Totally random battles on the Veldt!  You can run into 
		    anything from anywhere in the game; bosses, normal monsters,
		    etc.  You never know what to expect.


482.	AD9B-E7D8	After one battle, only one character is in party.  Notice 
			that the mapman and only character are different.  After a 
			second battle, that character is normal. 

xx97-E7D6.....xx=DD to EE
Substitute for strange Commands in the battle menu, some are 
useable, others are gibberish.  Using some commands may cause 

484.	DF98-E7D6:	Magic becomes X-Magic (but isn't really), Fight becomes Jump 
			(and really works).

485.	ED90-E7D6	In Battle, Fight becomes MagiTek.

486.	DF9F-E7D6	In Battle, Terra, Locke, Sabin, Setzer, and Gau cannot use 

487.	E39C-E7D6	Mog's Magic becomes X-Magic, but isn't really.

488.	E394-E7D1	"I've been playing this game too long today." Causes subtle 
			changes in the color table, most noticeably on the background 
			of battle scenes.

489.	xx23-E7D6.....xx=DD to EE	ìI canna see what I'm doing!î  Try it...

490.	3339-07D6	Percentage of winning normal random items increases by 12%.  
491.	E317-54A6	Party learns 'Bolt' a few times each.  

492.	DF94-7DD6	Learn Magic, Rages, Lores 2.1 times faster.  

493.	"BLIND-EYE":	0D39-7DD6
			Left side of two column menus in battle is hidden. It still 
			works, and is 	there, you just can't see it.  No effect on 
			magic menu.

F194-54D8 and/or
FE94-54D8 and/or
In Battle, characters are TOTALLY invisible to you the 
player.  The enemy can see them just fine.  Party has 
condition 'Psyche', HP is glitchy, can't cast spell on 
yourself ('cause you're invisible), or items, Gau can't Rage.  
TRY THIS:  equip someone with 'DragoonBoots' and 

In Battle mode only, Fight becomes Jump (as if Both 
DragoonBoots and Dragon Horn is Equipped), magic becomes 
X.Magic, Steal becomes Capture, Sketch becomes Control, Slot 
becomes GP Rain, some characters can do double commands but 
are not Quick.  Also, I've noticed there is always at least 
one character whose Fight command remains unchanged.  Also 
EED8-E7D8, but nothing in between.

	xyD8-E7D6.....x=D to E  y=D or F (all give same result)
			Most enemies cast 'Roulette' instead of Battle.

497.	5592-E7D6	All menu commands normally possible show on battle menu, 
			though you can't use those you haven't earned yet ;-}.  
			Nobody can use magic.

498.	0D39-E7D6	BATTLE MENU SHUFFLE!!!  Toggle the switch on the GG to play! 
Add (AA94-E408) to code #413.
During my studies of the paladin codes, I've noticed that one 
can only 'win' half of the items on the list (128 of the 256), 
and these happen to be every other item, the 'odd' items on 
the list.  My studies are far from finished however, but so 
far the above code is my result.  Add that to the existing 
codes (for a total of 5 codes) and the other 128 items (the 
'even' ones) will be called instead of the first ones.  Thus, 
suppose you use a checklist, and you exhaust the supply of 
odd items, simply save, restart, and input the extra code to 
finish off your list.
NOTES: I've also noticed that there are actually 512 items in 
the game.  Believe it or not, each of the 256 items have 2 
states: on or off.  When an item is off, it is still on your 
item list, but the title is invisible, and is shuffled to the 
bottom-the items that are on have priority.  Items that have 
a quantity of zero (through glitches) are on.

Substitute X for 8 or 5 (more additions at a future date)
These codes start the character at a higher experience level 
(thus at a higher level, too).  I've used these codes 
continuously until my party reached about level 31 or so and 
have noticed other more subtle effects, such as the way the 
character moves in battle, sometimes stumbles in battle, etc.  
(I at one time, called these my 'Personality Codes')
Terra:  Dx58-7B55     Locke:  Dx5A-7CE5     Cyan:  Dx53-7655
Shadow: Dx5E-7BE5     Edgar:  Dx5D-5855     Sabin: Dx54-56E5
Celes:  Dx57-5C55     Strago: Dx50-58E5     Relm:  Dx51-5B55
Setzer: Dx55-5CE5     Mog:    Dx5B-5655     Gau:   Dx5C-5BE5
Gogo:   Dx58-5885     Umaro:  Dx52-56E5     Banon: Dx53-5C55
Leo:    Dx5E-58E5     Ghost1: Dx5F-8B55     Ghost2:Dx54-8CE5

They also effect the other characters in your party at that 
time--to a limited degree.

Created By:  AeroStar13

501.	**00-8D68		"THE ENEMY SPELLS CODE!!"
The effect:  This code will change Strago's Lores into different Enemy Spells.  You can use 
this code to cast any spell in the game!!  Replacing ** with different characters causes the 
code to have different effects.  Here are some examples of what to replace the ** with.

All the spells are free (0 MP). 

The spells are cast on the targets of the original Lore spell, e.g., if a spell replacing 
"Blow Fish" is cast, it can only be cast on one target because Blow Fish is a 1-target spell.  
Spells which replace the spells Big Guard, Pearl Wind and Pep Up can only be used on party 
members.  You can change this, however, with the following code:

502.	2694-EFDB 		"TARGET ANYONE!" (created by AeroStar13)
						This code will let you target anybody with any Magic spell
						Lore / Esper.  Now, instead of just being able to cast the enemy
						spells on the original Lores' targets, you can cast them on anyone.
						Your choices for targetting, regardless of the spell, are:
						 - One party member of your choice;
						 - All allies;
						 - One enemy of your choice; or,
						 - All enemies
						Side effects of this code:
						 - All regular magic costs 4 MP
						 - Small graphic glitches during "Quake" and "Meteor" spells

Don't know all the Lores?  Use this code!

503.	F19A-8708		"GET ALL LORES" (by Jason-G@internetwork.net)
						Simply get into a battle with this code activated
						and Strago in your party, and you will learn all of his
						Lores at the battle's end!

Now, on to the combinations for **00-8D68...

REPLACE ** WITH.... 29
Condemned		Engulf			Instantly kills target; causes screen to shake
Roulette		Disaster		Gives target multiple status ailments
Clean Sweep		Shrapnel		Non-elemental damage on all enemies
Aqua Rake		Bomblet			No effect
Aero			Heartburn		Non-elemental damage on all enemies
Blow Fish		Zinger			Caster cannot be targetted by spells or attacks
									  until target of Zinger is killed. (Wrexsoul effect)
Big Guard		Discard			No effect
Revenge			Overcast		Target becomes condemned; when countdown runs
									  out, target becomes Zombie.  (really cool looking!)
Pearl Wind		Missile			Removes 1/4 of target's HP
L. 5 Doom		Goner			Big damage on multiple targets (Kefka's attack)
L. 4 Flare		Meteo			"Meteo" from FF2!
L. 3 Muddle		Revenger		Removes status enhancements from targets
Reflect???		Phantasm		Casts away some of target's HP at regular intervals
L. ? Pearl		Dread			Attempts to turn target to stone
Step Mine		Shock Wave		Non-elemental damage
ForceField		Blaze			Fire-elemental attack 
Dischord		Soul Out		Turns target into a Zombie
Sour Mouth		Gale Cut		Wind-elemental attack
Pep Up			Shimsham		Cuts target's HP by 1/2
Rippler			Lode Stone		Cuts target's HP by 3/4
Stone			Scar Beam		Pearl-elemental attack
Quasar			BabaBreath		Removes target from battle
Grand Train		Lifeshaver		Earth-elemental "Drain" spell
Exploder		Fire Wall		Fire-elemental attack

Condemned		Imp Song		Changes target to/from Imp
Roulette		Clear			Stops and Condemns target
Clean Sweep		Virite			Poison attack
Aqua Rake		ChokeSmoke		Revives dead targets as zombies
Aero			Schiller		Blinds targets
Blow Fish		Lullaby			Makes target sleep
Big Guard		Acid Rain		Water/Poison attack
Revenge			Confusion		Muddles target
Pearl Wind		Megazerk		Tries to Berserk entire party
L. 5 Doom		Mute			Silences target
L. 4 Flare		Net				Stops target
L. 3 Muddle		Slimer			Slows target
Reflect???		Delta Hit		Turns target to stone
L. ? Pearl		Entwine			Stops target
Step Mine		Blaster			Kills target
ForceField		Cyclonic		Reduces HP of everyone on screen to 10%
Dischord		Fire Ball		Fire-elemental attack
Sour Mouth		Atomic Ray		Fire-elemental attack
Pep Up			Tek Laser		Lightning-elemental attack
Rippler			Diffuser		Lightning-elemental attack
Stone			Wave Cannon		Lightning-elemental attack
Quasar			Mega Volt		Lightning-elemental attack
Grand Train		Giga Volt		Lightning-elemental attack
Exploder		Blizzard		Ice-elemental attack
Condemned		Absolute 0		Ice-elemental attack
Roulette		Magnitude 8		Earth-elemental attack
Clean Sweep		Raid			Same as "Drain"
Aqua Rake		Flash Rain		Lightning/Water attack
Aero			TekBarrier		Makes target Reflective
Blow Fish		Fallen One		Reduces targets' HP to 1
Big Guard		Wall Change		Change weak points/strong points of target's defense
Revenge			Escape 			Caster flees from battle automatically	
Pearl Wind		50 Gs			Cancels "Float" on targets
L. 5 Doom		Mind Blast		Gives targets random status ailments
L. 4 Flare		N. Cross		Attempts to freeze targets
L. 3 Muddle		Flare Star		(Target's Lv. x 80 / # of targets) damage / Fire
Reflect???		Love Token		Target protects caster from physical attacks
L. ? Pearl		Seize			Drains HP from target every turn (if it works)
Step Mine		R. Polarity		Moves target to back row
ForceField		Targetting		No effect
Dischord		Sneeze			Removes target from battle
Sour Mouth		S. Cross		Fire-elemental attack
Pep Up			Launcher		Shoots missiles at all enemies (even if target is ally)
Rippler 		Charm			Induces an incurable, muddle-like state in target
Stone 			Cold Dust		Freezes target
Quasar			Tentacle		Ultros' tentacles attack targets!
Grand Train		Hyper Drive		BIG non-elemental damage
Exploder		Train			Blinds/Mutes target

* Note that you are not limited to enemy spells with this code.  For instance,
substitute ED and nearly all the Lores will execute different characters' 
desperation attacks!   If you're interested in helping with a complete
substitution list for this code, e-mail AeroStar13@aol.com.


Created by: lucasx@aol.com

Battle music jukebox!
For battles that use the normal battle theme, this code will replace the
music. Special thanks to Josh Brown (jb1234@hotmail.com) and his Final
Fantasy VI Music Review for the track names/events for the songs :)  Please
E-mail if any corrections are needed, may have mixed a few songs up...

DD - *Silence
DF - "The Prelude" Final Fantasy theme
D4 - "Opening Theme" Title screen
D7 - "Opening Theme" Introduction
D0 - "Opening Theme" Vicks, Wedge and Terra travel to Narshe
D9 - "Awakening" Terra awakes in Narshe
D1 - "Terra" World of Balance 
D5 - "Shadow"
D6 - "Strago"
DB - "Gau"
DC - "Edgar & Sabin" Figaro 
D8 - "Coin Song" Edgar and Sabin's flashback  
DA - "Cyan"
D2 - "Save Them!" 
D3 - "Forever Rachel"
DE - "Relm"
FD - "Setzer"
FF - "Epitaph" Setzer's flashback
F4 - "Celes"
F7 - "Techno de Chocobo"
F0 - "The Decisive Battle" Boss battle theme
F9 - "Johnny C. Bad" Colosseum
F1 - "Kefka"
F5 - "The Mines of Narshe"
F6 - "The Phantom Forest"
FB - "Wild West" The Veldt
FC - "Locke"
F8 - "The Empire 'Gestahl'" Vector
FA - "Troops March On" Base by Doma
F2 - "Under Martial Law" Towns captured by the Empire
F3 - *Barren Falls
FE - "Metamorphosis" Critical moments
4D - *Phantom Train
4F - "Another World of Beasts" Esper world
44 - "Grand Finale?" Battle with Ultros at the Opera
47 - "Mt. Koltz"
40 - "Battle Theme"
49 - *Success!
41 - "The Wedding" Opera dance
45 - "Aria De Mezzo Careterre" Celes' opera song
46 - "The Serpent Trench"
4B - "Slam Shuffle" Zozo
4C - "Kids Run Through the City" Town theme (World of Balance)
48 - "???" Gau's father's house
4A - *Silence
42 - "Gogo"
43 - "The Returners"
4E - "Victory's Fanfare"
7D - "Umaro"
7F - "Mog"
74 - "The Unforgiven" Cyan's revenge
77 - "The Fierce Battle" Atma, the Statues battle theme
70 - "The Day After" Town theme (World of Ruin)
79 - "Blackjack" Airship (World of Balance)
71 - "Catastrophe" Gesthal and Kefka on the floating continent
75 - "The Magic House" Jidoor
76 - *Rest at inn
7B - *Winds
7C - *The tide
78 - "Dancing Mad" 1st final battle 
7A - *Phantom Train stops
72 - "Spinach Rag" Kappa
73 - "Rest in Peace" Party is killed in battle
7E - *Chocobos running
0D - *Phantom Train (?)
0F - "Overture" Start of opera
04 - *Opera voices ("Oh Maria...")
07 - "Overture" At the opera
00 - "The Wedding" Opera scene
09 - *Opera voices ("It's a duel!" scene)
01 - "The Wedding" Ultros at the opera
05 - "Devil's Lab" Magitek factory
06 - *Airship crashing
0B - *Vector cranes attack
0C - *Burning house in Thamasa
08 - "New Continent" Floating Continent
0A - "Searching For Friends" Airship (World of Ruin)
02 - "Fanatics" Fanatic's tower
03 - "Last Dungeon" Kefka's tower
0E - "Dark World" World of Ruin map
9D - "Dancing Mad" Final battle with Kefka 
9F - *Silence
94 - *Introduction to Kefka (Final battle)
97 - "Ending Theme" (glitches battle sound effects)
90 - "Ending Theme" (glitches battle sound effects)

		    * END OF FILE *

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