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FAQ/Walkthrough by Khaos09

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/23/11

*                                                                             *
*                  THE ABBREVIATED GUIDE TO FINAL FANTASY VI                  *
*                                  by Khaos                                   *
*                                                                             *

  ATTENTION: An enhanced HTML version of this guide is now available at

1. Credits
2. Introduction - The Purpose of the "Abbreviated" Guide
3. Important Info to Know Upfront
4. The Walkthrough
5. Colosseum Guide
6. Quick Reference
7. Copyright and Contact Info

*  1. Credits  *

A large amount of credit is due to Djibriel and his fantastic Final Fantasy III
Walkthrough and Battle Tactics Guide.  His guide helped me to discover many of
the more interesting and elusive parts of the game.  I HIGHLY recommend his
guide if you are looking for a more traditional style FAQ/Walkthrough or if
there is some info you want that I didn't cover here.  Things in this guide for
which I owe Djibriel include:
  - The possibility of using a Star Pendant as an infinite Antidote by just
    equipping it to a poisoned character.
  - The short cutscene between Sabin and Duncan's wife after you first recruit
  - The lack of chocobo riding sprites for Banon.
  - The secret bridge in South Figaro.
  - Special weapon properties ignored/nullified by Capture.
  - The secret treasures on the ground in the Cave of the Sealed Gate being
    worse than what the game tells you it is giving you.
  - The 50% discount at South Figaro stores in the WoR when Edgar is your party
  - The fact that Gogo cannot uncurse the Cursed Shld.
  - The strategy for defeating Outsider in the Colosseum.
  - The desert south of Maranda for magic point grinding.
  - The fact that Doom Gaze is found on a single area of the map, regardless of
  - The fact that the red sparkle in the chest in Kefka's Tower doesn't appear
    on subsequent visits if you trigger it in the SNES version of the game.
  - The various oddities of how the Offering works with other special weapon
  - The level Relm must be at in order to always successfully Sketch EarthGuard
    and therefore avoid the Sketch bug.
  - The trick of using Ursus, Control, and the Cat Hood to easily gain GP.
  - Many of the elemental and status vulnerabilities of bosses.

Credit is also due to Skoobouy for the Rage information from the reference
section, which came from his Condensed Rage Guide, and for the tactics in the
Lore learning sections, some of which came from his Condensed Lore Guide.  Both
are excellent guides.

Credit also goes to Terii Senshii for the Veldt pack listing in the reference
section which came from Terii's Algorithms FAQ.

Last but not least, credit goes to my friend theindiegeek for confirming that
the auto-load-on-death trick for retrying the same Veldt formation works on the
SNES version of the game.

All of the above mentioned guides can be found on GameFAQs.com, and I can't
recommend them enough.

*  2. Introduction - The Purpose of the "Abbreviated" Guide  *

In keeping with the purpose of this guide, I'll get straight to the point and
describe... the purpose of this guide: to provide you what you want to know,
when you want to know it as you play through FFVI, as succinctly as possible.  

If you are looking for a guide that tells you in complete, tedious detail the
entire sequence of buttons to press on the gamepad to get you from the opening
sequence to the final credits, then look elsewhere; I'm not going to hold your
hand and play the game for you.  If there is a room in a dungeon with a simple
treasure chest smack in the middle, no strings attached, I am not going to
waste space telling you to open it; it should be a no-brainer.  I'm also not
going to give you a complete item listing, bestiary, skill guide, etc.  There
are already plenty of in-depth guides on these things out there that do a far
better job than I could.

This guide is intended for people who want to experience the best the game has
to offer, but don't want to do so at the cost of hours upon hours of scanning
through multiple FAQs trying to root out the useful information from the wordy
blatherings.  (I know, this intro is kind of a wordy blathering itself; I
promise it's the only part of this guide that will be.)  SO, here is what I
WILL do.

If there's a totally sweet item that's easy to miss, I'll tell you about it so
that you don't miss it.  If there's an amusing cutscene that most people
wouldn't normally catch, I'll make sure you have the opportunity to see it.  If
there's an incredibly powerful, useful, or interesting strategy or game
mechanic that isn't obvious, I'll explain it to you.  And best of all, this
information is ordered in the guide according to the order of the game; you
won't have to Ctrl + F to death to find all of the relevant information for
the point you are at.  The only exception to this is the information that I
feel is important to know upfront, which I have placed... upfront.  Finally,
any information that I think you'll likely want to keep referring back to has
been placed in a quick reference section that you can print off or keep up in
its own dedicated browser tab or window.

So without further ado, let's play Final Fantasy VI...

*  3. Important Info to Know Upfront  *


3.1. About the Walkthrough
3.2. About Game Mechanics
3.3. About Key Strategies
3.4. Miscellaneous Info

Ok, I lied, there's a little bit more ado.  Still, this is important
information that I think is valuable to have before you begin the game.
PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS INFORMATION.  I have tried to avoid repeating it within
the guide unless absolutely necessary, so it's important that you look over it
since it might not be mentioned again.

  3.1. About the Walkthrough

- This guide is primarily geared towards those who have played Final Fantasy VI
  before.  I have tried to include a little direction for the first-time
  player, but I won't be elaborating on basic Final Fantasy info (i.e.
  characters with the Float status can't be hit by earth elemental attacks such
  as Quake).

- The best way to use the guide is to read each section just before you play
  through it and then leave it open to refer back to as you play.  This way you
  shouldn't miss anything important, but also shouldn't have to spend more than
  a few minutes in the guide for each section.

- READ THE GUIDE IN ORDER.  In each section, I will be assuming that you have
  read the previous sections.  This is the best way I know to minmize
  excessive redundancy and make the guide flow linearly, as is my intent.  I
  will occasionaly refer back to previously mentioned information, but most of
  the time I will assume that you remember the important things.

- For the purposes of this guide, the term "cutscene" refers to any dialogue or
  scene where you lose control of the game (other than pressing the button for
  dialogue continuation) and simply witness the characters interacting.

- If I don't fully explain something important or interesting right away, just
  trust me; it will be explained when necessary.  If I still don't, then skip
  to the bottom where the contact information is and let me know!

- Throughout the walkthrough I will refer to two main sections/areas of the
  game: the World of Balance (WoB), and the World of Ruin (WoR).  If you don't
  already know what these are, then suffice it to say that you start the game
  in the WoB, and you'll know when you get to the WoR without my having to tell

  3.2. About Game Mechanics

3.2.1. Useful but Non-Obvious Basics
3.2.2. Character Stats
3.2.3. Spells, Elements, and Statuses
3.2.4. The Steal Command
3.2.5. Veldt Mechanics

  3.2.1. Useful but Non-Obvious Basics

- Experience points earned from battles are evenly divided among the party
  members alive at the end, however the number of points earned that the game
  displays for you is actually the number each living character receives after
  the division of the total.

- If you "double click" on a piece of equipment in the Items menu, you can view
  detailed information about what bonuses and special properties it has.  This
  becomes especially useful in the latter half of the game where items with
  many special qualities become much more common.

- If you want to get a quick overview of what all the characters in your party
  have equipped (including relics), go to the menu, select Equip, and then hit
  Left on the D-pad.  This should allow you to select everyone at once.

- Characters can be in either the front or back row for purposes of battle.
  Characters in the back row take half damage from basic physical attacks, but
  also do half damage with normal Fight attacks (unless they are equiped with a
  special weapon that does full damage from the back row).  To change what row
  a character starts the battle in, go to the menu, press left, and "double
  click" on the character's portrait to toggle between rows.

  3.2.2. Character Stats

- The statistics every character in the game has are as follows:

  Stats gained on level up:
  Vigor   - Determines physical damage output in a smaller part
  Speed   - Determines time between turns in battle
  Stamina - Determines hit rate of instant death attacks against the character
  Mag.Pwr - (Magic Power) Determines damage and curative output of spells
  Stats improved through equipment:
  Bat.Pw  - (Battle Power) Determines physical damage output in a larger part
  Defense - Determines physical damage taken
  Evade   - Determines absolutely nothing (except in the GBA version; see below)
  Mag.Def - (Magic Defense) Determines magic damage taken
  MBlock  - Determines chance to avoid ANY attack that is not unblockable

- In the SNES and PSX versions of the game, the Evade stat is bugged and does
  nothing.  This causes the Blind status to do nothing, and it also renders the
  Goggles (prevents Blind) and Beads (halves attacker's hit rate) relics
  totally worthless.
  So how can you dodge physical attacks?  Well, as it turns out, the bug also
  causes the MBlock stat to be used for dodging any attack in the game that
  isn't unblockable, be it physical or magical.  So, pay attention to equipment
  that adds to MBlock.  Having an MBlock of 128 or higher will guarantee that
  if an attack is blockable, the character will block it every time.
- Also worth noting is the fact that if a character has 255 Defense, they will
  receive 1 damage if in the front row and 0 damage if in the back row when hit
  with a physical attack.  Thanks mostly to an outstanding piece of armor
  called the Snow Muffler, Gau and Mog can reach 255 Defense at fairly low
  levels (they are the only two that can wear it).

- There are spells, special abilities, and weapons that "ignore defense".  This
  means that they are inhibited neither by the target's Defense nor Magic

  3.2.3. Spells, Elements, and Statuses

- When I state that a spell or ability "divides damage", all I mean is that it
  does more damage to a single target than it does to each of several targets.
  I don't think it's as simple as a literal division of the single-target total
  by the number of targets, but I could be wrong.  The important thing is that
  it is more/less in single/multi-target situations.

- Note that "Poison" can refer to either the status effect or the type of
  elemental damage.  In the guide I will indicate which with [E] for elemental
  damage type and [S] for status effect.

- If you're not a veteran Final Fantasy player, it's worth noting how the
  Reflect status works.  Characters with Reflect will have all spells cast on
  them bounced back to their opponent(s) instead.  However, Reflect can only
  bounce a spell once, so if your opponent has Reflect, just grant one of your
  party members Reflect as well and then bounce any offensive spells off of
  that party member.  Keep in mind that Reflect bounces curative magic as well,
  though.  There are a few offensive and defensive spells and special abilities
  that aren't affected by Reflect; the important ones will be noted when you
  come across them.

- One non-obvious status effect in the game is the Seizure status.  A character
  or enemy with this status will lose HP over time, just like with the Poison
  status, however there's no visual cue to tell you the character has this
  status.  Seizure is the functional opposite of the Regen spell/status, so
  casting Regen on a character will remove Seizure from him/her.  However, it
  can also be cured via the Remedy spell or item, or the Antdot spell.

- When a character or enemy "absorbs" an element, all damage of that element
  will heal instead of harm him/her/it.  When an attack or spell consists of
  multiple elements, characters or enemies that absorb just one of them will
  absorb the entire attack.  Likewise, characters or enemies that are weak to
  just one of them and are neutral to the others (take normal damage from them)
  will be weak to the entire attack.  Absorbtion trumps weakness for multi-
  element attacks.

  3.2.4. The Steal Command

- Since the Steal command becomes available to you quite early on, I'll do a
  bit of explaining about it here.
  Enemies in the game can have a rare Stealable item, common Stealable item,
  both, or none.  "Rare" and "common" refer to the chance of receiving the item
  upon a successful Steal attempt, not the general availability of the item in
  the game.
  If an enemy only has either a rare or a common steal (not both), then you can
  repeatedly attempt to steal until you successfully get it, provided both you
  and the enemy survive long enough.
  If an enemy has a rare and a common steal both, which one receive on a
  successful Steal attempt is chosen at random, and once you have stolen one of
  them, the other becomes unavailable to subsequent Steal attempts on the same
  target.  So for example if you know an enemy has a rare Steal and a common
  Steal, and you successfully Steal the common item, you won't be able to then
  Steal the rare one from the same enemy in the same encounter.  Keep this in
  mind when reading the Steal info in the guide, especially for boss encounters.
  If you know a boss has both a rare and a common Steal, and you know you want
  the rare one badly, save your game before the fight and be prepared to load
  and try again several times.
  Spells (Dischord) or relics (Sneak Ring) that increase the chance of success
  for Steal do not affect the chance of getting the rare Steal versus the
  common one.  So they help you succeed at Stealing more frequently, but do not
  help you acquire the rare item more frequently than the common item.

  3.2.5. Veldt Mechanics

- One of the characters you'll recruit in the game has the ability to assume
  some of the attacks and properties of monsters you encounter throughout the
  game using a skill called Rage, which he has in place of the Fight command
  (more about this in the Key Stategies section below).  Rages must be
  collected in an area of the world map called the Veldt, where you can
  encounter any formation of enemies that you have encountered elsewhere in the
  game (a "formation" being a set of specific enemies found in a single
  encounter).  Only formations you have already encountered in other parts of
  the game will appear on the Veldt.  It is not necessary to win a battle for
  the formation encountered to become available on the Veldt, you only need to
  leave it without having been totally defeated (or "Annihilated", as the game
  so delicately puts it).
  Each time you encounter a formation on the Veldt, rather than picking it
  randomly from all those available, the game instead cylces in order through a
  set list of groups (commonly referred to by fans as "packs") consisting of up
  to 8 formations, one of which is chosen at random.  If the next pack in the
  sequence is empty or you haven't yet encountered any of the formations in it,
  the game moves on to choose a formation from the subsequent pack.
  (See 6.4. Veldt Packs in the Quick Reference section for the pack listing.)
  I mention this mechanic because depending on what version of the game you are
  playing, there are a couple of ways to manipulate the next pack chosen to
  your advantage when trying to get Rages from specific formations:
    - In the SNES version, the game jumps ahead 13 packs when you load a saved
      game.  So if you would normally encounter a formation from pack 15 on
      your next encounter, you can save and load your game so that instead you
      will encounter a formation from pack 28.  This allows you to jump past
      packs that don't contain any formations you are interested in and more
      quickly cycle back around to those that do until you have collected the
      Rages you want.

    - In the PSX version, normally when you load a saved game your next pack is
      randomized.  However, if you allow your party to be defeated, the game
      automatically loads your last saved game with the same next pack number
      you had at the time you created the save.  This works in the SNES version
      as well.  The game also loads in the data used to (pseudo)randomly
      determine the next formation, so the formation chosen from the pack will
      also always be the same.  This has its uses, but isn't very desirable for
      Rage hunting.
      However, you can force the game to choose a different formation from the
      same pack by leaving the Veldt and fighting a battle elsewhere (making
      this method of manipulation only feasible if you have an airship).  So to
      keep retrying the same pack:
        - Fight until you know that the pack you want is up next.

        - Save your game.

        - Try to get the formation you want.

        - If you don't get it, fight another battle and intentionally die.

        - After the auto-load, go fight a battle elsewhere (I recommend
          alternating between Figaro Cave and the Phantom Forest in the WoB,
          and Figaro Cave and Narshe in the WoR); this should change the data
          used to pseudo-randomly select the next formation (note that this
          might not always mean a different formation is chosen).

        - Save again so you don't have to start over from the original save
          data if you fail to get what you want again.

        - Try again to get the formation you want.

        - If you still don't get it, repeat the process until you do, making
          certain to never fight the not-on-the-Veldt battle in the same
          location twice in a row; I'm not 100% certain, but it seemed that in
          my tests fighting the off-Veldt battle would fail to change the
          formation-determining data if I used the same location as the
          previous off-Veldt battle.

            - Occasionally, I have run into a situation where the off-Veldt
              battle seems to fail to alter the formation-determining data even
              when dutifully alternating locations.  When this happens,
              fighting several battles in multiple locations before trying the
              Veldt again seems to solve the issue (i.e. fighting 2 or 3
              battles in one location, 2 or 3 in another, and 2 or 3 back in
              the first one or in a third one).

      It's not exactly a piece of cake, but it does give you some measure of
      control versus just cycling through the packs over and over and over.

  3.3. About Key Strategies

3.3.1. Colosseum Strategy
3.3.2. Gau and the Merit Award

  3.3.1. Colosseum Strategy

- (WARNING: If you are a first-time FFVI player, parts of the following won't
  make much sense to you, but I recommend you read it anyway.  It will make
  sense later when you get to the area of the game I'm referring to.)

  In the latter half of the game, there is a place called the Colosseum at
  which you can bet items to win better (or sometimes just different) items in
  exchange.  Each time you bet an item, you must choose a character from your
  party to compete in a fight with a single enemy.  What item you bet
  determines what enemy you will face and what item you will win if you
  survive the fight (the same item bet always yields the same enemy and the
  same item to win).  Win or lose the battle, you always lose the item you bet.

  The most important aspect of Colosseum battles and the reason I mention them
  upfront is the fact that the actions of your character are chosen for you at
  random from among the attacks, skills, and spells available to him/her.
  Usually all you can do is equip the character for the battle as best you can
  and cross your fingers.  However, I have developed a Colosseum strategy that
  works astoundingly well, but must be kept in mind from the very beginning of
  the game.  I'm probably not the first to suggest this method, but I did
  contrive it independent of outside input and have yet to see it anywhere else.

  It's really a beautifully simple strategy.  Mog is the ultimate Colosseum
  character, IF before you are done with the Colosseum:

    - You don't use his team in battle when defending Terra at the beginning of
      the game,
    - You don't recruit him OR don't use him in battle in the WoB, and
    - You don't teach him any magic.

  This will ensure that when you get to the WoR and recruit him, he will only
  have the Fight command available to use in the Colosseum.  Most battles in
  the game will cause him to learn a Dance based on the setting of the battle,
  hence the need to keep him out of battle entirely; even if he is dead or you
  managed to get only him to run away, he will still learn the Dance if you
  complete the battle.  Once he learns a Dance he pretty much goes from best to
  worst Colosseum character, given that once a Dance is used, it continues for
  all of Mog's turns for the rest of the battle.

  It's possible to achieve this Fight-only state with at least one other
  character I know of (Shadow), but what makes Mog so special is his ability to
  equip spear/lance type weapons.  These weapons do 2x normal damage when used
  with the Jump command, which is granted by the DragoonBoots relic. Jump
  causes the character to leap into the air for a time, during which he is
  invulnerable to attack, and then drop back down and attack (for 1.5x normal
  damage with any non-spear/lance weapon).  Even better, you can additionally
  equip the Dragon Horn relic, which causes the attack from each Jump to hit
  two to four times instead of just once.  Plus as previously mentioned (see
  3.2.2. Character Stats), Mog is one of two charaters that can use the awesome
  Snow Muffler armor to achieve the maximum of 255 Defense early on.
  With only the Fight and Jump commands available for him to use, Mog doesn't
  ever have a wasted move in the Colosseum (i.e. casting Cure on himself on the
  first round when he is undamaged, etc.).  If you follow the walkthrough for
  the WoR in the order I have written it, you will be able to easily win nearly
  every worthwhile item from the Colosseum in a single visit pretty early,
  using Mog almost exclusively.

  (FFVI veterans may be saying to themselves, "Wait a minute, he said Mog will
  have BOTH Fight and Jump available, but Jump clearly replaces the Fight
  command", and they would be correct, if this weren't the Colosseum.
  Unfortunately, characters retain the ability to perform a basic Fight attack
  in the Colosseum when Jump is added to their reportoire via DragoonBoots.)
  I have found that this Colosseum strategy is so effective that I will be
  assuming its use in the walkthrough.  This shouldn't inconvenience you too
  much if you don't wish to follow it; simply ignore my periodic advice related
  to it (i.e. not using Mog's party when defending Terra).
  I also recommend that you don't teach Shadow ANY spells until you are done
  with Colosseum bets because, as mentioned earlier, he also can be used as a
  Fight-command-only character in the Colosseum (due to the fact that Throw is
  not available in Colosseum battles).  After the main Colosseum trip with Mog
  as the star of the show, you will very likely want to use him in battle, so
  Shadow is a great backup character to use for any future bets once you've
  ruined Mog with Dances.  Keeping Shadow magic free allows you to take
  advantage of a strategy that makes him as-good if not better than Mog for
  Colosseum battles, but that does not become available until late in the game.
  It will be mentioned when you get to it in the guide, or you can jump to
  4.2.50. Collecting the Imp Gear if you are curious about it now.

  3.3.2. Gau and the Merit Award

- Gau is a unique party member in FFVI in that instead of the Fight command, he
  has a skill called Rage that allows him to adopt the status immunities and
  elemental strengths and weaknesses of most random encounter monsters in the
  game, as well as the ability to use the special skills for those monsters.
  When used in combat, you choose a single monster from a list of those whose
  Rages Gau has acquired, and then for the rest of the battle Gau has a chance
  of either using a physical attack or the special ability of that Rage each
  time he takes a turn.

  Normally Gau cannot equip weapons, and to make up for this, his base physical
  attack power is much greater than the other characters in the game.  However,
  there is a relic you can obtain from the Colosseum called the Merit Award
  which allows the equipped character to use quite a few weapons and armors
  he or she would not normally be able to equip.  In the SNES version of FFVI,
  Gau can equip the Merit Award and consequently can equip weapons.  This is
  totally awesome for a few reasons:
  1. Equipping a weapon adds onto Gau's already unusually high base physical
     damage.  This ends up equalizing a lot of the end-game weapons in that
     many of them cause Gau to hit the Battle Power cap of 255.  This kind of
     sounds like a bad thing, but it means that you are more free to choose
     weapons primarily based on their special properties instead of mainly
     their Battle Power.

  2. Rage special skills that are just basic attacks with a multiplier (the
     best of which is Stray Cat's Catscratch attack at a x4 multiplier) also
     apply the same multiplier to the spells from chance-to-cast-on-hit
     weapons if they are triggered by the attack (note that the pre-multiplier
     amount will be based on the character's Mag.Pwr rather than Vigor).  A
     favorite for this is Cyan's Tempest weapon, since the Wind Slash spell it
     sometimes casts hits all monsters instead of one, but it is effective for
     any such weapons.  Equipping weapons with elemental properties is also
     very effective with Catscratch when hitting monsters weak to the element.
     Even better, if Gau is equipped with the Offering relic, its effect
     applies to Catscratch attacks, meaning they occur four times instead of
     one (I think still at half power as is normal for Offering, but who cares
     when Catscratch itself is 4x more powerful than a basic attack?).

  Unfortunately, Square apparently did not intend for Gau to be able to equip
  weapons via the Merit Award, because in the PSX and GBA versions of the game,
  they made Gau unable to equip it.
  More about Gau and his uses (Merit Award or no) can be found in the
  walkthrough when you acquire him.  However, I should warn you that I have
  kept my recommended Rages to the bare minimum in this guide, since collecting
  any significant number of Rages can take a very, very long time, and most of
  them grant abilities the same as or comparable to spells that Gau can learn
  and use 100% of the time rather than by chance (although they cost MP, unlike
  Rage abilities).  If you are interested in investing the time necessary to
  collect a wider variety of potentially useful Rages (or if you are a
  masochist and want to collect ALL the Rages), I suggest both Djibriel's and
  Skoobouy's Rage guides found on GameFAQs.com.

  3.4. Miscellaneous Info

- You can soft reset the PSX version of the game by hitting L1, L2, R1, R2,
  Select, and Start all at the same time.

- In the PSX version of the game, you can save a "Memo file", which is just a
  temporary save that doesn't stick around when you shut off the system.  The
  up side is that it saves and loads much faster than a memory card save file.
  While the memo file is lost when you shut down or reset the system itself, it
  persists if you do a soft reset.

- Every character besides Umaro and Gau has a "desperation attack".  Characters
  have a small chance of performing their desperation attack every time they
  use the Fight command when their HP is low enough that they are crouching.
  This is more of a novelty than anything of real use.  The attacks are pretty
  powerful, but certainly not worth keeping a character at very low HP on the
  off chance that they'll use it.

- When you use a Tent to rest, the color and style of the tent varies depending
  on which character is your party leader (although some characters have the
  same tent as each other).

*  4. The Walkthrough  *

                             4.1. World of Balance                              


4.1.01. Narshe
4.1.02. Figaro Castle
4.1.03. Figaro Cave
4.1.04. Outside South Figaro
4.1.05. South Figaro
4.1.06. Mt. Kolts
4.1.07. Returner's Hideout
4.1.08. Lete River
4.1.09. Terra, Edgar, and Banon's Scene: Outside Narshe
4.1.10. Terra, Edgar, and Banon's Scene: Infiltrating Narshe
4.1.11. Sabin's Scene: Outside The Imperial Camp and Doma
4.1.12. Sabin's Scene: Cyan Defends Doma
4.1.13. Sabin's Scene: Imperial Camp
4.1.14. Sabin's Scene: Ghost Train
4.1.15. Sabin's Scene: Baren Falls
4.1.16. Sabin's Scene: The Veldt and Mobliz
4.1.17. Sabin's Scene: Serpent's Trench
4.1.18. Sabin's Scene: Nikeah
4.1.19. Locke's Scene: South Figaro
4.1.20. Locke's Scene: Figaro Cave
4.1.21. Narshe: Defend the Esper
4.1.22. Narshe: The Search for Terra
4.1.23. The Veldt
4.1.24. Figaro Castle
4.1.25. Kohlingen
4.1.26. Zozo
4.1.27. About Magicite
4.1.28. Opera House
4.1.29. The Blackjack
4.1.30. The Southern Continent
4.1.31. Magitek Research Facility 
4.1.32. Zozo
4.1.33. Narshe
4.1.34. Jidoor
4.1.35. Tzen
4.1.36. Continent West of the Veldt
4.1.37. The Veldt
4.1.38. Cave of the Sealed Gate
4.1.39. Vector
4.1.40. Things to Do Before Albrook
4.1.41. Thamasa
4.1.42. Esper Mountain
4.1.43. Pre-Floating Continent Errands and Points of Interest
4.1.44. The Floating Continent

  4.1.01. Narshe

- Magitech attacks work just as well from the back row.

- Don't get any bright ideas about killing off Biggs and Wedge in order to give 
  more XP to Terra from the boss before the esper (Whelk); it doesn't give XP.

- When you first wake up as Terra and the soldiers come for you, check the
  clock before leaving Arvis's house and you will find an Elixer.  Many clocks
  throughout the game have Elixers, so check every one you come across.

- Wait until the WoR to open the chests and you'll get better stuff.

- As per my recommended Colosseum strategy, DO NOT use the party with Mog for
  any battles in the multi-party defense sequence, otherwise he will learn the
  Dusk Requiem dance.  If you haven't read the recommended strategy and other
  up-front information, shame on you; go to 3. Important Info to Know Upfront
  and start reading right now.

- Take Mog's Mithril Shld and Mithril Pike to use on other characters later.

  4.1.02. Figaro Castle

- Edgar's Tools do the same damage from the back row as the front row.

  4.1.03. Figaro Cave

- Wait until the WoR to get the chests for better stuff.

  4.1.04. Outside South Figaro

Rhodox - Special Move: Snare 
           Instant death attack with a higher hit rate than most others,
           prevents enemy counter attack, single-target
       - Formations: Grassland, Forest x3

- Since this is the first place you'll encounter an enemy with a recommended
  Rage, it's time to start thinking about whether or not you feel Gau is worth
  the time.  (The fact that it's best to make this decision early is why I
  included the 3.2.5. Veldt Mechanics section in the upfront info section;
  check it out if you haven't already.)  Even with the Veldt pack trick, you're
  probably looking at a few hours of hunting just to get the very few Rages I
  recommend.  Here's some things to keep in mind:
    - Gau can only use the Merit Award in the SNES version, so he's not nearly
      as worthwhile in the other versions as an end-game character.  On the
      other hand, when he can use the Merit Award you're most likely going to
      be using the Stray Cat Rage 99.9% of the time, which isn't hard to get,
      so SNES or no doesn't necessarily have to affect how much time you spend
      collecting Rages.

    - Gau has some Rages available quite early on with attacks that are much
      more powerful than anything your other characters will be able to do at
      the same point in the game.  Keep in mind that special abilities from
      Rages don't take any MP to cast.  These great early Rages are:

        - ChickenLip.  The ChickenLip Rage is available towards the end of the
          WoB, and its special attack is Quake.  Quake is very powerful and
          hits both friend and foe, so when all your party members are equipped
          with the Gaia Gear armor (which grants absorbtion of Earth elemental
          damage), you can do massive damage and massive healing at the same

        - Anguiform and Aspik.  Anguiform and Aspik become available at the
          same time, not long after you acquire Gau.  However, to collect them
          as soon as they are available requires an optional return trip to the
          Veldt.  The Anguiform Rage grants the Aqua Rake attack, which hits
          all enemies for slightly more damage than a second level spell and is
          both Water and Air elemental (when I talk about spell "level", I'm
          referring to the Fire, Fire 2, Fire 3 type spell power tiers; at this
          point you've probably only seen Terra's first level "Fire").  The
          Aspik Rage grants Giga Volt, which randomly targets a single enemy or
          all enemies and is a Lightning elemental attack nearly as powerful as
          Bolt 3.  Both of these attacks bypass the Reflect status.

    - While there are many late-game Rages that provide Gau with most of the
      more powerful spells in the game, most of these spells can be taught to
      him and could be used by choice rather than by chance.

    - There are some late-game Rages that grant Gau some very interesting
      special abilities that can't be learned as spells which I have not
      included in my recommended Rages (i.e. Gilomantis's Shrapnel attack).  If
      you are more inclined to spend time hunting Rages than I am, it's worth
      looking into these.

  4.1.05. South Figaro

- South Figaro has a lot of items to be found around town, some of which are
  upgraded if you leave them alone until the WoR:

  Tonic................Barrel to the left of the Chocobo stable

  Green Cherry.........Barrel to the right of the Chocobo stable

  Phoenix Down.........Barrel to the right of the rich guy's house

  Warp Stone (WoB)
  Phoenix Down (WoR)...Barrel above and behind the Chocobo stable

  Eyedrop (WoB)
  Elixir (WoR).........Box in the lower left section of town

  Antidote (WoB)
  Tent (WoR)...........Barrel in the lower left section of town

  Soft (WoB)
  Remedy (WoR).........Box in lower left section of town

  Tonic (WoB)
  X-Potion (WoR).......Barrel between Armor and Weapon shops

- You can also find a few more items in pots, boxes, etc. inside some of the
  buildings, none of which upgrade in the WoR.
- You should search boxes, barrels, crates, etc. for items around every town
  you come to in the future as well; I only provided a complete list here
  because this is the only town where such items are upgraded if you leave them
  be until the WoR (unless you count the chests in the Narshe mines as being in
  a "town").  Missing some of these is no big deal as they are usually just
  Tonics, Antidotes, Phoenix Downs, and other items that you end up using a lot
  less often than you'd think.

- Equipping a Star Pendant (prevents Poison[S]) actually cures a currently
  Poisoned character, so you can use it as an infinite Antidote.

- In the rich guy's house, when you go to his secret basement via the stairs
  behind the bookshelf in his room and you get to what appears to be the bottom
  floor with three bookshelves on the left, keep going straight down in the
  vertical part of the passage as far as you can go and then go to the right.
  This takes you down a secret staircase to another basement level with a Hyper
  Wrist and Running Shoes in chests.

  4.1.06. Mt. Kolts

- In the second cave, there's a hidden passage between the cliff and the wall
  just to the right of the bridge that's very easy to miss.  It leads to an
  Atlas Armlet, which boosts your physical damage by 25% (the actual damage,
  not just Vigor, the stat that's used to help determine physical damage).
  This includes non-standard physical attacks such as the AutoCrossbow Tool,
  but does not include certain fixed-damage attacks (such as the Dice weapon).

- Sabin's Blitz moves that have diagonals in them have alternate versions
  without diagonals that are much easier to successfully perform.
  (See 6.1. Blitzes in the Quick Reference section).

- Note that damage is based on Magic Power for all Blitz moves other than
  Pummel and Suplex, and Blitz moves do the same damage from the back row.

- If you return to South Figaro and talk to Duncan's wife after obtaining
  Sabin, you'll see a short cutscene.  It's nothing too special, but this is
  unfortunately your only chance to see it.


  4.1.07. Returner's Hideout

- When exploring the hideout as Terra, search the top right corner of the big
  table for a piece of paper.
    - If you leave it alone, Banon will flip out and throw it away at the
      beginning of the meeting, and Terra will laugh.

    - If you throw it away, nothing happens.

- There is a White Cape in a secret passage on the right side of the storage
  room.  White Capes are great filler accessories because of the boost to

- When Banon first asks you to help, tell him "no".  Then the man in the
  storage room will give you a Genji Glove instead of the Gauntlet you get if
  you agree to help the first time.

- If you deny Banon three times, you'll skip the cutscene of the meeting, and
  if you didn't already get the Genji Glove from the returner in the treasure
  room, he'll come up and give it to you before you leave for the Lete River.

- Before you leave on the raft, go back into the room Terra woke up in and
  stand under the chest for a short cutscene.

  4.1.08. Lete River

- Take two Lefts for the shortest path (there's no treasure to collect).

  4.1.09. Terra, Edgar, and Banon's Scene: Outside Narshe

- Banon was never given chocobo riding sprites, so you can put him in the lead
  and rent a chocobo from the hidden stable in the woods west of the Figaro
  desert to see garbled images riding a chocobo.


  4.1.10. Terra, Edgar, and Banon's Scene: Infiltrating Narshe

- Don't forget to leave all of the chests unopened.  The newly-accessible one
  in the Moogle room will contain a Ribbon in the WoR (has a Rune Edge now).
  The Ribbon is a relic that prevents all status ailments.

- Just before you enter Arvis's house via the back door, you can unequip your
  stuff for the characters in the next scene can to use.

  4.1.11. Sabin's Scene: Outside The Imperial Camp and Doma

Stray Cat - Special Move: Catscratch
              Physical attack at x4 damage
          - Formations: Forest x3 (one is rare), Grassland x2 (only past the
              Imperial Camp; one of these is the same as the rare Forest one)

- Don't miss the green soldier merchant that quickly rides up to the crazy
  guy's house and away again on a chocobo.

- If you talk to Interceptor (Shadow's dog) from different angles, Sabin hides
  from him behind different objects in the area.

  4.1.12. Sabin's Scene: Cyan Defends Doma

- When you kill the Leader, he usually drops a Black Belt relic, but has a
  small chance of dropping a Phoenix Down instead.  Make sure you get the

  4.1.13. Sabin's Scene: Imperial Camp

- "Hitting" the chest alerts a soldier which you fool by meowing; "Kicking" it
  brings about an encounter with Doberman (the only time you encounter them in
  the game).

- After the first time you chase Kefka, instead of talking to him explore for
  more treasures.  Behind the tent with two chests, there's a ledge you can
  jump down to get to a chest with a Barrier Ring.

- Note that the Green Beret you get from Telstar (Monster-in-a-box) boosts your
  max HP, a detail that is easy to miss since the Equip screen doesn't mention
  it (the Items screen does).

- Once you exit the camp, there is a chance that Shadow will leave you after
  you win a random encounter; If you want to keep him around, save frequently
  until you get to the Ghost Train so you can load if you lose him.


  4.1.14. Sabin's Scene: Ghost Train

- Check the top left corner of the room with the save point in the rear car for
  a Tent.

- In the dining car, sit at the center table and the ghost will serve you.
  After sitting down the first time sit down again with different members at
  the head of your party to see different sequences.

- You should pick up your first set of Earrings in the chest behind the
  waiters.  These work pretty much like the Atlas Armlet only for magic damage.
  They are great for boosting most of Sabin's Blitz moves, and also work for
  Gau's magic from Rages and Shadow's elemental throwing weapons (found later),
  basically any magic damage attack that isn't based on a fixed formula (i.e.
  Step Mine).

- Don't worry about searching everywhere for Ziegfried; you can't ever find him
  and get the treasure he steals.

- In the empty compartment to the left of Ziegfried's, check the floor in the
  top left corner for a Tent.

  4.1.15. Sabin's Scene: Baren Falls

- Just before entering the cave at Baren Falls, unequip Shadow's relics and
  gear for use with your other characters since he is about to leave you.

  4.1.16. Sabin's Scene: The Veldt and Mobliz

Collect Rages:
(I recommend waiting on these; see below)
Rhodox    - Snare      - packs 3 and 4
Stray Cat - Catscratch - packs 7 and 8

- If you're a first time FFVI player and don't know how Rage/Leap work, don't
  worry, the game explains it to you when you recruit Gau.

- Don't worry if the monster whose Rage you want dies before Gau "Leaps"; he
  will still have learned the Rage when he returns.

- Note that Gau not only gains the Rages of the monster(s) he "Leaps" into, but
  also the monsters from the encounter he reappears in also (unless you
  accidentally damage him and he runs off instead of rejoining).  However, this
  does not include the monsters from the encounter in which you recruit him for
  the very first time.

- I actually recommend waiting to collect any Rages until a little while later
  when you can make a special trip to the Veldt and the Anguiform and Aspik
  Rages can be collected.  You won't need to use Gau that much until then, and
  Anguiform and Aspik are well worth the extra trip.

- If you haven't already, read 3.2.5. Veldt Mechanics for more information on
  getting the Rages you want.

- You can rest for free in the back of the relic shop.

- For what it's worth, Dried Meat will heal instead of hurt undead, unlike
  normal curative items, so it could potentially be used to restore hitpoints
  of characters with the Zombie status or Gau Raging an undead monster if

- To help the injured soldier and get a Tintinabar: talk to him, go to the
  pidgeon post office and send a message for him, go "talk" to the relic
  shopkeeper, rinse, repeat ("talking" to the shopkeeper triggers the soldier
  asking you to send the next thing).

    - If you wait and do this quest when you have the airship, you can go to
      Maranda and talk to Lola after each letter/item sent, and she will have
      different dialogue depending on what you sent last.

    - This is well worth the postage because Tintinabar can be traded for an
      Exp. Egg at the Colosseum much later in the game.  Exp. Egg doubles all
      XP gained by the equipped character (two DON'T stack).

    - This side quest is unavailable in the WoR.

- You can keep killing Telstars on the Veldt for as many Green Berets as you

- DON'T explore the cave at the bottom of the Veldt until you are ready to move
  on because when you walk up to the area that the water breathing helmet is
  hidden in, your party will automatically unearth it and dive into the
  Serpent's Trench without giving you a choice.

  4.1.17. Sabin's Scene: Serpent's Trench

Anguiform - Special Move: Aqua Rake
              Non-reflectable, Air and Water element, multi-target, divides
          - Formations: 3

Aspik     - Special Move: Giga Volt
              Non-reflectable, Lightning element, single/multi-target, divides
          - Formations: 2

- Worrying about getting all of the Anguiform and Aspik formations for Rage
  collection is mostly futile since you can't backtrack.  You can return to the
  trench later, but there's no guarantee you'd get the formations you missed
  the first time through, and getting back repeatedly takes quite a while.  Not
  worth it unless you totally missed one monster or the other.

- Take two rights to get all the treasure.

  4.1.18. Sabin's Scene: Nikeah

- Pick up some Smoke Bombs at the item shop.  They come in handy in a pinch.
  If you pick up 20 or 30 now, you probably won't need to buy any again for a
  long time, if ever.

- Before taking the ferry, unequip any relics or gear you may want for Locke's

  4.1.19. Locke's Scene: South Figaro

- There's a secret bridge over the river in the middle of town hidden
  underneath the Inn/Cafe (Pub in the PSX version) overhang; using it allows
  you to cirumvent some of the otherwise necessary costume switches.

- If you're wearing the soldier's uniform when you rescue Celes, then she says
  something close to what Princess Leia said in Star Wars when Luke rescued her
  on the Death Star.

- In the secret passage there is a spot that you can push on the left wall to
  reach a stairway leading to a room with a Ribbon in a chest hidden from view.

- If you want to take advantage of the Stealing trick in the Battle at Narshe,
  then make sure you have an ample supply of curative items before leaving town.
  (See 4.1.21. Narshe: Defend the Esper below.)

  4.1.20. Locke's Scene: Figaro Cave

TunnelArmr (boss) - Air Lancet (common)

- Don't forget to leave the chests alone so you can get better stuff from them
  in the WoR.

  4.1.21. Narshe: Defend the Esper

Rider - Elixer (rare), MithrilVest (common)
      - Rider is the soldier that runs quickly back and forth in front of Kefka.
Kefka - Elixer (rare), Ether (common)

- Note that the soldier enemies (as well as many other human opponents
  throughout the game) are weak to Poison[E] attacks, so Edgar's Bio Blaster
  Tool is effective against them.

- Both Rider and Kefka just wait for you to attack them, so kill all the other
  groups first for the XP.

- If your party is killed, they'll restart with only 1 HP.  If you allow your
  party with Locke to be defeated by Rider after Stealing from him, you can
  keep encountering and Stealing from him to get multiple MithrilVests, which
  are better than anything else you have at this point (unless you kept
  Shadow's Ninja Gear before he left).  You really only need enough for a
  single party (3 or 4) since there will be bigger and better armors in the

- Rider is weak against Fire and Poison[E].

- You can use the same trick to obtain numerous Ethers from Kefka.  If you do
  this, stick Celes with Locke so she can block Kefka's magic with Runic until
  Locke Steals successfully.  Personally I think that thanks to the Osmose
  spell allowing you to easily and freely replenish your MP, this isn't worth
  the effort.

  4.1.22. Narshe: The Search for Terra

- If you want to view Shadow's first four dream cutscenes, pick only 3 party
  members now so you can recruit him in Kohlingen.  He's likely to abandon you
  anyway, so return to Narshe and dump him after seeing the dreams.  Until you
  have seen all four, there's a chance that a dream cutscene will occur each
  time you sleep.

    - You cannot trigger the dreams in any of the readily available places you
      can sleep for free (Figaro Castle, Sabin's cottage); just use the
      Kohlingen Inn.

    - Also note that if you return to Narshe, Shadow will automatically leave
      you at the gate before you enter.

- If you want to see Locke's scenes (at Kohlingen), make sure he's in your
  party.  You might want him for Stealing later on anyway.

- There's a house with a lot of good, free treasure directly below Arvis's
  house; follow the cliff instead of going down the stairs.  One of these
  treasures is the Sneak Ring, a useful relic that doubles the success rate of
  the Steal command (having more than one equipped does NOT stack the effect).

- If you go north to the entrance to the mines (but don't enter) you can see
  a sasquatch periodically peek in and out of the little black hole up and to
  the right.

- You can go around the counter in the weapon shop, enter the shopkeeper's
  bedroom, and sleep in his bed for free.

  4.1.23. The Veldt

Collect Rages:
Anguiform - Aqua Rake - pack 11
Aspik     - Giga Volt - packs 9 and 11

If you didn't take the time to collect them earlier:
Rhodox    - Snare      - packs 3 and 4
Stray Cat - Catscratch - packs 7 and 8

- You can make a special trip to the Veldt at this point to collect Rages by
  going the same route you did before with Sabin (starting from the Lete River
  accessed via the Returner's hideout).  I highly recommend this as Giga Volt
  is incredibly powerful for this early in the game, and Aqua Rake, while a bit
  less powerful by comparison, is always multi-target and gives you access to
  two attack elements that are hard to come by at this point.  You also won't
  have another chance to collect these for a good little while, and they are
  quite useful for some of the upcoming areas.

- Also if you want to see every cutscene in the game, note that this time when
  you take the ferry from Nikeah to South Figaro, you have to be smuggled out
  of South Figaro by one of the ferrymen inside a chest.

  4.1.24. Figaro Castle

- If Edgar is in your party, then you'll get special dialogue with different
  people in the castle (i.e. the merchants try to refuse to take your money but
  Edgar insists).

- If Edgar is your party leader, the shops here will offer their goods for half
  price.  Note that even though the merchants verbally acknowledge him no
  matter what position in the party he holds, he MUST be the leader in order to
  get the discount.

- Pick up the two new Tools from the shop.  Drill is especially useful as it
  ignores the target's Defense.

- If you have both Edgar and Sabin in your party you'll see a cutscene about
  their past if you go to the room with the beds and rest.  If you don't view
  it now, you will be able to in the WoR, where it arguably makes more sense

  4.1.25. Kohlingen

- If you go behind the house on the top right and push down, you'll find a back
  entrance which leads to a Green Beret.

- When you leave town, don't forget to stop by the war-crazy old man's house
  way up north and pick up the Hero Ring from one of his pots.  Hero Ring is
  Earrings and Atlas Armlet combined, so it's a great choice for Edgar or Gau,
  or even Sabin if you use Pummel or Suplex with him as much as AuraBolt or
  Fire Dance.

    - It should be noted that the physical damage bonuses from Hero Rings/Atlas
      Armlets don't stack with each other, but the magic damage bonuses from
      Hero Rings/Earrings DO stack with each other.  So, putting both your Hero
      Ring and your Earrings on either Sabin or Gau is pretty effective.

- If you don't need the XP from encounters, you can find a chocobo stable in
  the woods next to the war-crazy old man's house and ride a chocobo all the
  way down to Jidoor.

  4.1.26. Zozo

Ramuh - Equipped character receives +1 Stamina on level up
      - Casts a Lightning magic attack on all enemies

Kirin - Casts Regen on all party members

Siren - Equipped character receives +10% HP on level up
      - Casts Mute on all enemies

Stray - Equipped character receives +1 Magic Power on level up
      - Casts Muddle on all enemies

- Save the tower with the relic shop sign for last; it's the tower Terra is in.

- To get the Chain Saw, set the clock to 6:10:50.  Chain Saw ignores the
  target's Defense like Drill, but has much higer damage and a 1/4 chance of
  attempting an instant death attack instead of a normal damaging attack (which
  is actually kind of a down side as these tend to miss, and many bosses are
  immune to instant death).

- When you get to the first place you can jump between buildings, don't forget
  to first climb all the way up the building you are on and get the Thief Glove.

- The Capture command (Fight + Steal, usable with Thief Glove equipped)
  unfortunately nullifies some special properties of weapons:

  Wing Edge,
  Trump / Doom Darts (SNES/PSX) - No instant death

  Man Eater - No double damage to "Humans"

  Soul Sabre - Normal damage instead of HP/MP drain

  Rune Edge,
  Punisher - No MP-using critical hits

  Ogre Nix - No MP-using critical hits, but can't break

  Hawk Eye - No random extra damage

  ValiantKnife - Loses defense-ignoring properties and doesn't add the
                 (max HP - current HP) damage

  Tempest - Won't cast Wind Slash

  Atma Weapon - Becomes a normal 255 Battle Power sword

- Dadaluma is weak against Poison[E] and susceptible to Imp, Mute, Sleep, and

- After the cutscene, you'll obtain your first four Espers: Ramuh, Kirin, Siren,
  and Stray.

- When your other party members arrive, then as soon as you talk to them you'll
  be forced to proceed with Locke, Celes, and two others of your choice.  Make
  sure you first unequip any relics or other gear you want from any characters
  you were using and will now leave behind.  If you bring Edgar and Sabin
  you'll see an amusing/story-significant interaction when you first recruit
  Setzer, but if you collected the Anguiform and Aspik Rages for Gau, I
  recommend you bring him instead of both brothers.

  4.1.27. About Magicite

- I will normally use the term "Espers" to refer to your equipable Magicite,
  and I will refer to the special "magic points" you earn from battle for
  learning spells as "MXP", in order to easily distinguish between these magic
  points and the magic points (MP) used to cast spells.

- Pay attention to the stat bonuses on the Espers.  These are permanently added
  each time the equipped character levels up in addition to whatever stat gains
  they would normally get from leveling.  Vigor and MagPwr are the two most
  worthwhile bonuses, and which is best depends on the character and how you
  play him/her.  If you use mostly magic damage attacks with a character (i.e.
  Blitzes or magic skills from Rages) then go with MagPwr, but if you use
  mostly physical damage attacks (i.e. Chain Saw or physical skills from Rages,
  most notably Catscratch) then go with Vigor.  See 6.2. Esper Stat Bonuses in
  the Quick Reference section for a complete listing of possible bonuses.

    - At this point in the game, I recommend equipping Espers based on what
      stat bonuses they grant rather than what spells they teach (except for
      possibly the curative spells).  You can always run random battles to
      learn spells, and there's a couple of ways to do this without having to
      constantly watch your characters' XP in order to switch them back to the
      Esper with the stat bonus you want when they are about to level up.  I'll
      mention these methods later when they become available.

    - Note that in the SNES version, the Vigor bonus espers are incorrectly
      labeled as "Strength" bonuses, even though there is no "Strength" stat.

- Also pay attention to what the Espers do when summoned.  Some of them have
  very nice effects, especially those acquired later (i.e. Golem).  To get to
  the summon, select the Magic command in battle and press up while at the top
  of the list of spells the character knows.  Espers can only be summoned once
  per battle.

  4.1.28. Opera House

- Make sure you stop by Owzer's mansion at the north end of Jidoor before
  heading here.

- Make sure you equip Sprint Shoes on a party member since part of the Opera
  House sequence is timed.  Note that in the PSX version, you can actually
  already sprint any time you want to by holding down O (circle), however this
  turns into an insanely fast super-sprint when you have Sprint Shoes equipped,
  so they're still worth it.

- You may want to save beforehand and sing the song incorrectly on purpose,
  because some of the incorrect lines are pretty amusing; same goes for hitting
  the wrong switches when trying to stop Ultros (the correct switch is the one
  on the far right).

- Ultros absorbs Water and is weak against Fire and Lightning.

  4.1.29. The Blackjack

- If you have both Edgar and Sabin in your party, Edgar gives the coin that
  Celes flips to her, and Sabin gets upset with him (remember how the NPCs in
  Figaro told you the succession was decided?).


  4.1.30. The Southern Continent

ChickenLip - Special Move: Quake
               Unblockable, non-reflectable, Earth element, multi-target,
               divides damage, ignores defense
           - Formations: Forest x2

Commando - Mithril Vest (rare), Tent (common)

- Make sure to re-equip Celes's gear, relics, and Esper once you arrive.

- You can return to the Blackjack for various services supplied by the crew
  members: healing, item shop, and unequipping your characters that are back in

- You might want to visit the four other settlements before heading to Vector.
  These are Albrook (you land next to it), Tzen (north), Maranda (west), and
  the Imperial Mountian Base (east).

- Tzen, Albrook, and Maranda have some new gear for sale, most notably Bard's
  Hats and, in Albrook only, Wall Rings.

    - Having 4 Wall Rings will be advantageous in many future situations, so
      it's not a bad idea to pick up as many as you need here.  I recommend
      getting 2 since you should find a couple more from chests before you ever
      really need to use them.

    - I recommend the Bard's Hat for its significant boost to MBlock; paired
      with a White Cape, you will notice a significant increase in the number
      of times the character dodges attacks.  The only possible advantage the
      Green Beret has over the Bard's Hat is the max HP bonus it provides
      (Bard's Hat gives a max MP bonus).

- The Imperial Base has soldiers walking around that you can fight and Steal
  Tents from (Commando common Steal), and they also have a chance of dropping
  Tents as well.  This is a great way to stock up.

  4.1.31. Magitek Research Facility 

Ifrit - Equipped character receives +1 Vigor on level up
      - Casts a Fire magic attack on all enemies

Shiva - Casts an Ice magic attack on all enemies

Unicorn - Casts Remedy on all party members

Maduin - Equipped character receives +1 Magic Power on level up
       - Casts a non-elemental magic attack on all enemies

Shoat - Equipped character receives +10% HP on level up
      - Casts a Petrify spell on all enemies (misses those immune to instant
        death attacks).

Phantom - Equipped character receives +10% MP on level up
        - Casts Vanish on all party members

Carbunkl - Casts Reflect on all party members

Bismark - Equipped character receives +2 Vigor on level up

Number 128 (boss)  - Tempest (rare)

- In the upper-right corner of the second area (the area that loads after you
  fall down on a conveyor belt), there is a pipe in the wall you can enter near
  the large group of crates that leads to some treasure.

- In the lower left corner of the second area on the lower of the two levels
  there is a door leading underneath the upper level to a treasure chest.
  There's a similar door at the right end of the lower level as well leading to
  another treasure chest hidden behind the bottom wall.

- If you are going for Strago's Lores later, make sure to encounter a Chaser in
  the area after you fight Shiva and Ifrit so that you can find it on the Veldt
  later and learn Dischord from it.

- Osmose (which can be learned from the Shiva Esper) is an incredibly useful
  spell for any spell casting character.  It drains a large amount of MP from
  the target and gives it to the caster.  Osmose can often totally replenish a
  character's MP in a single cast, provided the target has enough MP to begin

- Trappers use the first L.# attacks you will face (L.3 Muddle, L.4 Flare, and
  L.5 Doom), where they target the whole party but only hit a character if
  his/her level is divisible by #.

- In the room with five empty glass tubes, check down and to the left of the
  bottom left tube for a Break Blade.

- Number 024 is susceptible to both Sleep and Imp.

- Number 128 absorbs Ice and is susceptible to Slow.  The Tempest rare Steal it
  has is one of only two in the game.

- Left Crane absorbs Lightning and is weak against Water.  Right Crane absorbs
  Fire and is weak against Lightning and Water.  Both are susceptible to Slow.

  4.1.32. Zozo

- After Terra rejoins your party, she will have permanently gained the ability
  to "Morph" in battle into the freaky-haired white Esper-thing.  While in this
  form, Terra has improved offensive and defensive statistics, so she'll deal
  more and take less damage.  How long she remains in this form depends on how
  much MXP she has earned from battles since the last time she used Morph.

- Now that you have the option of using Setzer as a party member on a regular
  basis, it's worth noting that all of his unique weapons (meaning only he can
  equip them) do the same damage from the back row.

  4.1.33. Narshe

- There is new stuff in the weapon and armor shops, but make sure you save at
  least 33000 GP for buying some Espers in a bit.
- If you like using Locke, I highly recommend Genji Glove + two Hawk Eyes for
  him as not only do they do the same damage from the back row, but they also
  frequently do extra damage at random.

- Go to the house with the locked treasure chest (the one you looted all the
  other chests in earlier).  You'll see Lone Wolf on his way out and the chest
  is empty.  Follow him north to the Esper.  He's holding Mog hostage.  Just
  hold still for a bit and Mog will escape. Either talk to Mog and he joins
  your party, or talk to Lone Wolf to get a Gold Hairpin (Mog can be recruited
  later in the WoR whether or not you get him here).
    - Go for the Gold Hairpin.  You can't use Mog yet if you are following my
      Colosseum strategy anyway.  Gold Hairpin halves the MP cost of all spells
      for the equipped character.

  4.1.34. Jidoor

Golem - Equipped character receives +2 Stamina on level up
      - Absorbs physical damage up to a total amount equal to the summoner's
        HP at the time of summoning

Zoneseek - Equipped character receives +2 Magic Power on level up
         - Casts Shell on all party members

- At the auction house, you can obtain the Golem Esper for 20,000 GP and the
  Zoneseek Esper for 10,000 GP.

  4.1.35. Tzen

Sraphim - Casts a less-than-impressive cure spell on all party members

- You can purchase the Sraphim Esper for 3,000GP from a random guy behind the
  trees in the upper-right part of town.

  4.1.36. Continent West of the Veldt

Chimera - Special Move: Aqua Rake
        - Formations: Forest x2
        - Upgrade from Anguiform; Chimera is immune to every negative status.

Baskervor - Gaia Gear (rare) - Found in Grasslands; Susceptible to Sleep and
                               Slow (should help with the Steal attempts).

- Gaia Gear grants absorption of Earth elemental attacks, so having 4 of them
  helps greatly in several areas, and makes Gau's ChickenLip Rage a great

  4.1.37. The Veldt

Collect Rages:
ChickenLip - Quake     - pack 19
Chimera    - Aqua Rake - packs 21 and 24

If you didn't make the extra trip earlier:
Aspik - Giga Volt - packs 9 and 11

- If you waited to do the injured soldier letter sending sidequest so you could
  go hear Lola's responses in person, you can do that now.

- While Veldt battles don't give you any XP, they do give you MXP.

- Chimera's special attack is identical to Anguiforms, however it grants many
  status immunities Anguiform lacks.

  4.1.38. Cave of the Sealed Gate

- It's a good idea to equip your party with Gaia Gear for the Cave of the
  Sealed Gate; the Lifeshaver attack used by Ing is Earth elemental.

- If you are planning to use Gau in your main end-game party and are playing
  the SNES version, make sure you hang on to the Tempest you get from the chest
  in the area before the changing bridge maze (or if you stole one from Number
  128 in the Magitech Research Facility, make sure you keep at least one of the

- To get a Genji Glove in the area after the changing bridge maze, go up the
  the staircase and trip the switch in the middle of the bridge, then when it
  drops you, go left and up through the small cave mouth.

- The plaza beneath the grand stairway the ninja (encountered when you flip the
  right of the two side-by-side switches) refers to is just the area at the
  bottom of the big staircase that appears when you trip the switch in the
  middle of the bridge over the lava.  There are several items you can find
  there just by searching the apparently empty ground, none of them really
  worthwhile, especially since two of them aren't as advertised: the "2000GP"
  is actually just 293 GP, and the "Remedy" is actually a Soft.

- When you reach the area with the two button-looking switches close to each
  other in the floor, ignore them and go down the stairs and then to the left.
  There will be a third floor switch on a platform; trip it and a cave will
  open up leading to some chests, one of which contains the Atma Weapon sword.

- The Atma Weapon does the most damage when its user is at full HP, and also
  does more damage the higher the user's level.

  4.1.39. Vector

- When you exit the airship, you can find a chocobo stable in the nearby forest
  in the narrowest part on the right side.  Bring Sabin and Cyan for some extra
  tidbits of dialogue later.

- Before and during the banquet, there is a point system by which you can earn
  rewards.  This is how you can get the best possible outcome:

  Talk to as many guards as possible before the banquet begins.  You have 4
  minutes.  To save as much time as possible:
    - Equip some Sprint Shoes.

    - Don't take the time to open the chests; you can do this after the

    - Don't talk to the two fancily dressed guards in the throne room where you
      start out or try to enter the doors at the back of it.  These guards don't
      count towards the total, and they'll move up and bar your way if you try
      to enter the doors; all of this wastes valuable time.

    - Don't walk up to the cell Kefka is being held in; this will trigger a
      small cutscene in which he'll just babble in annoying, Kefka fashion,
      again wasting valuable time.  If you want to hear what he says, you can
      come see him after the banquet is over.
  Each guard talked to : 1 pt   (24 pts total)
  Each guard fought    : 4 pts  (20 pts total)

  During the banquet, respond to the questions like so:
  Who to toast? - "To our hometowns"     : 5 pts
  About Kefka?  - "Leave him in jail"    : 5 pts
  About Doma?   - "That was inexcusable" : 5 pts
  About Celes?  - "Celes is one of us"   : 5 pts

  Any questions? : 2 pts each; -10 pts if you ask a question twice
                   (When Gestahl asks to talk about Espers after you ask the
                   first question, refuse so you can ask the other two.)

  About the Espers? - "They've gone too far" : 5 pts

  Which question asked first? - Choose the correct one     : 5 pts
  "Take a break" and beat the Emperor's Guard (Sp Forces)  : 5 pts

  Anything you'd like me to say? - "The war is over"      : 5 pts
  Do me a favor?                 - Say yes the first time : 3 pts

  Rewards (these are cumulative; if you get 90+ pts you get them all): 
   0-49 pts: Empire withdraws from South Figaro 
  50-66 pts: Empire withdraws from Doma 
  67-76 pts: Unlocks the locked door in the house in the Imperial camp outside
             the Cave of the Sealed Gate
  77-89 pts: Receive a Tintinabar
  90-93 pts: Receive a Charm Bangle

- Now that you've earned your rewards, don't forget to explore the palace and
  collect the treasure.  If you examine a toilet, you'll jump on it, squat, and
  flush.  You can also go hear Kefka's windy monologue now if you'd like.


  4.1.40. Things to Do Before Albrook

- Go back and visit the airship where it crashed near Maranda for an
  interesting cutscene in the engine room.

- In the now-unlocked basement room in the Imperial camp, there is a hidden
  chest in the bottom right hand corner of the room, and the stove has a Flame
  Sabre as well.

- The troops will be gone from Tzen and Maranda, and the citizens will have
  different dialogue.

  4.1.41. Thamasa

FlameEater (boss) - Flame Sabre (common)

- This should be the first point in the game at which you have the opportunity
  to teach Shadow some Magic, however I recommend that you don't until much
  later so that he can be used as a much more effective Colosseum character.
  (See the last paragraph of 3.3.1. Colosseum Strategy.)

- The weapon shop here sells some of the elemental rods.  In addition to being
  regular equipable weapons, the elemental rods can be used as expendable items
  to cast a defense-ignoring version of a spell of the corresponding element.

- The armor shop here sells Mystery Veils, an awesome helm with some MBlock
  that only the ladies can wear.  You might as well pick up 3.

- After talking to Strago, go behind his house and the one nearby to see some
  suspicious activities.  Then, go rest at the Inn, BUT FIRST completely
  unequip Shadow (gear, relics, Esper) so he doesn't take your stuff when he

- FlameEater absorbs Fire, is immune to Lightning, Poison[E], Pearl, and Earth,
  and is weak againts Ice.  It is susceptible to Slow.

- There's a Memento Ring hidden on the left wall of the second floor of
  Strago's house (a.k.a. the "Safty Ring" in the PSX release...).

  4.1.42. Esper Mountain

Abolisher - Pearl Wind - Abolisher can only be encountered outside on the
                         mountain slopes rather than in the cave areas.  It
                         will cast Pearl Wind after 3 turns if it's not alone.
                       - Pearl Wind is a unique and potentially useful healing
                         spell in that it heals each party member for the same
                         amount as the caster's current HP, it penetrates the
                         Reflect status, and it is not absorbed by Runic.

Ultros (boss) - White Cape (common)

- As this is the first chance you'll have to start learning some Lores, it's
  worth noting that the Blind status actually does do something: it prevents
  Strago from learning Lores.  You'll probably never run into any trouble with
  this, though.

- When Relm joins your party, you'll notice that her special battle command is
  Sketch.  In the original SNES American release of the game (version 1.0),
  Sketch is subject to a serious bug triggered under certain conditions when it
  misses.  A later SNES version of the game was released without the bug, and
  the bug does not exist in the PSX or GBA versions either.
  The bug can cause all manner of things to happen, ranging from freeze ups and
  graphics glitches to total loss of all save game data on the cartridge.  If
  you are playing the SNES version of the game and aren't sure which version it
  is, I recommend that you don't use Sketch at all unless you know it will hit.
  This guide will only direct you to use Sketch one time, and will list the
  conditions for 100% chance to hit there.

- Ultros absorbs Water and is weak against Fire and Lightning.  He is
  susceptible to Stop.

- Fall through the bottom-left weak floor spot last since it will lead you
  onward while the other two lead to treasures.

  4.1.43. Pre-Floating Continent Errands and Points of Interest

Telstar, Chaser - Dischord  - Encounter either monster on the Veldt; It may
                              take several turns for them to use Dischord.
                            - Dischord halves the level of the target, which is
                              useful for Stealing from and Controlling enemies
                              since the success rate of these commands depends
                              on the character's level relative to the target's
                              (you won't get the Control command for quite a
                              while yet).

- If you re-enter Thamasa with Strago in your party you'll find his friend
  Gungho near the Elder's house, and there will be a short cutscene about
  Hidon.  If you talk to Gungho without Strago in your party, you're party
  leader will describe Strago insultingly (and amusingly).

- If you won freedom for South Figaro via the point system on your last visit
  to Vector, there's still an empty suit of Magitech armor left behind near the
  weapon and armor shops.

- If you won freedom for Doma Castle, go collect the treasure there.  Somewhat
  surprisingly, there is no cutscene for having Cyan in your party.

- I highly recommend at least teaching your two main casters (Celes and Terra)
  all of the magic you have available at this point.  At the very least teach
  all of the truly useful spells to Celes, since there will soon come a time
  where she is your only character for a little while.
  You should consider going the route of earning good MXP while at the same
  time earning little or no XP.  Then later, when you are fighting battles that
  give you normal amounts of XP, you can just equip Espers according to their
  stat bonuses without worrying about what spells they teach.  I know of three
  good ways to do this:
    - Fight random battles in the first two areas of the Phantom Forest (when
      you enter from the north).  You will encounter either a single Ghost
      worth 3 MXP or a Ghost and two Popliums together for 1 MXP (no, I'm not
      sure how this makes sense).  The Ghost is the more common encounter.
      These battles are worth very little XP, and all of your characters should
      be able to one-shot the enemies here, even from the back row.

    - Hunt for Intangirs on Triangle Island.  You will encounter a single
      Intangir roughly half of the time here.  Intangirs are worth a whopping
      10 MXP and no XP, but The downside is that the other monsters you'll
      encounter here aren't worth *any* MXP (they are also worth very little

      Intangir is normally a very tough monster.  However, it is susceptible to
      instant death attacks; the Rhodox Rage is the best way to kill it since
      it will counter the Doom spell with Meteo on the caster, but won't
      counter Snare.  Meteo hurts.  Use Gau + Rhodox Rage.

    - Fight on the Veldt.  An encounter on the Veldt gives you just as much MXP
      as it does in its original area, even though it doesn't give you any XP.
      Since some encounters aren't worth any MXP normally, this of course means
      that the same encounters aren't worth any MXP on the Veldt either.  This
      really isn't the best method unless you are killing two or three birds
      with one stone by hunting Rages and/or Lores at the same time.

  I prefer the Phantom Forest method as I feel it gives you the best MP over
  time.  Intangir is great, until you get unlucky and have a streak of ten non-
  Intangir, 0 MXP encounters in a row.  You also pretty much have to use Gau at
  all times when hunting Intangirs, since trying to survive or revive after
  every Meteo counter attack to Doom is just not worth the trouble. This slows
  you down if you are teaching magic to all of the characters since you can
  only be teaching three of them + Gau at a time.

- Now is a good time to pick up the highly useful Dischord Lore.  Enemies
  immune to instant death attacks are also immune to Dischord.  However, there
  is a bug in the game you can exploit to hit them with it anyway.  The way the
  Vanish status is coded, any enemy that has it can be hit by any spell,
  regardless of whether or not it is one to which they would normally be immune.
  Casting Vanish on a monster immune to instant death then allows you to hit it
  with Dischord.  Because said monster could alse be hit with instant death
  attacks if under the effects of Vanish, this bug can be seriously exploited
  throughout the game.  I strongly recommend against this; it will suck the fun
  right out of the game.  However, exploiting it with Dischord in order to
  Steal items more easily shouldn't ruin your fun at all, unless you LIKE
  spending unnecessarily larger amounts of time trying to Steal stuff...

- If you don't already have some, buy some Bolt Edges and Fire Skeans in
  Kohlingen for Shadow to throw on the Floating Continent.  Don't forget that
  Earrings boost their damage, and that Earrings stack (or Earrings + Hero

  4.1.44. The Floating Continent

Air Force (boss)        - Elixer (common)
Laser Gun (boss)        - X-Ether (common)
                        - Laser Gun is the one on the right.
Dragon (rare encounter) - Genji Glove (rare), Potion (common)
AtmaWeapon (boss)       - Ribbon (rare), Elixer (common)

- Chupon absorbs Fire, is weak against Ice and Water, and is susceptible to
  Mute, Sleep, and Stop.  Ultros absorbs Water, is weak against Fire and
  Poison[E], and is susceptible to Slow.

- In the battle with Air Force, all of the opponents are weak against Lightning
  and Water, and all of them *besides* Air Force are susceptible to Stop.

- Don't forget to NOT teach Shadow any magic so that you can use him
  effectively in the Colosseum.

- Behemoths are vulnerable to instant death attacks, so use Doom or Break
  against them.

- Dragons are weak to Lightning attacks, and can be affected by Stop and Sleep
  (they are pretty tough, so you might want to try for both statuses).

- To get to Gigantos, a monster-in-a-box encounter, go all the way to the right
  just past the staircase to the first warp hole (the platforms with the dots
  in the center), and the path will open to a blue orb.  He is susceptible to
  both Stop and instant death attacks, but he does open up the battle with
  three hard-hitting physical attacks, so you might consider applying Vanish to
  all your characters before the battle.

- AtmaWeapon is susceptible to Slow, and can be killed by using Rasp to drain
  all of its MP, which can be safer than more orthodox methods since he is
  scripted to use more powerful attacks the lower his HP gets.  You might
  consider Wall Rings to protect against some of his brutal magic attacks,
  especially if you have Strago with the Pearl Wind Lore or are using Gau with
  the Gaia Gear + Quake (ChickenLip Rage) tactic for healing.

- Don't forget about Sprint Shoes for the timed escape sequence.

- Naughty is susceptible to Imp, and Wall Rings help against it too.  It uses
  Cold Dust, an attack which can cause the Frozen status effect.  This is one
  of only two status effects in the game that can't be cured with an item or
  curative magic.  Frozen characters can only be unfrozen by taking fire damage,
  so a basic Fire spell is probably your best bet.

- Nerapa is susceptible to Muddle, Stop, and Doom, but starts with the Reflect
  status, so you have to bounce spells off of your own characters' Reflect
  barriers to hit it.

- When you are about to jump to the airship, instead choose the wait option,
  then when the clock reaches 0:04 Shadow will arrive and jump with you.  If
  you fail to do this, you'll never see him again, and instead of Shadow later
  getting a fifth dream sequence, Relm will get a dream sequence of her own.

                               4.2. World of Ruin


4.2.01. Solitary Island
4.2.02. Southern Continent
4.2.03. Albrook
4.2.04. Tzen
4.2.05. Serpent Un-Trench
4.2.06. Mobliz
4.2.07. Nikeah
4.2.08. South Figaro
4.2.09. Figaro Cave
4.2.10. Figaro Castle
4.2.11. Kholingen
4.2.12. Colosseum
4.2.13. Daryl's Tomb
4.2.14. Notes Before Continuing
4.2.15. Maranda
4.2.16. Jidooor
4.2.17. Solitary Island
4.2.18. Master Duncan's Cottage
4.2.19. Mobliz
4.2.20. Narshe Ruins - Picking Up Mog
4.2.21. Mog Mug: Fanatic's Tower
4.2.22. Mog Mug: ZoneEater Cave
4.2.23. Mog Mug: Kefka's Tower
4.2.24. Colosseum
4.2.25. Mog Mug (sorta): Phoenix Cave
4.2.26. Mog Mug: Narshe Ruins
4.2.27. Forest North of Jidoor
4.2.28. The Veldt Cave
4.2.29. Colosseum
4.2.30. MXP Grinding
4.2.31. The Veldt
4.2.32. Doom Gaze
4.2.33. Mog Assassination: Fanatic's Tower
4.2.34. Mog Assassination: Kefka's Tower
4.2.35. Opera House
4.2.36. Ancient Castle
4.2.37. Maranda
4.2.38. Zozo
4.2.39. Mount Zozo
4.2.40. Narshe Ruins
4.2.41. Doma Castle and Cyan's Dream
4.2.42. Maranda
4.2.43. Owzer's Mansion
4.2.44. The Veldt
4.2.45. Owzer's Mansion
4.2.46. Fanatic's Tower
4.2.47. Collecting Lores
4.2.48. Thamasa and Ebot's Rock
4.2.49. Get Rich Quick Scheme
4.2.50. Collecting the Imp Gear
4.2.51. Learning the Last of the Spells
4.2.52. Fanatic's Tower
4.2.53. The Economizer, Leveling Up, and Final Errands
4.2.54. Kefka's Tower
4.2.55. The Final Battle

  4.2.01. Solitary Island

- A lot has happened since you last had the opportunity to save, so note that
  you can exit to the world map and save there by going anywhere but down from
  the outside of the cottage.

- The best way to save Cid from dying is to collect both the fast and medium
  speed fish whenever both are available (you can catch more than one at a time
  and the effects are cumulative).  Sometimes the medium speed fish are
  actually bad for him, but they are always worth the risk if caught with a
  fast moving fish.  When not being fed fish, Cid's "health" is constantly
  being drained.  Talking to him seems to be what triggers a new set of fish on
  the beach.  You can check in the rare items section of the Items menu to see
  what kind of fish you caught, but at that point it's irrelevant because
  there's no way to avoid feeding it to Cid the next time you talk to him.

- While I suppose saving Cid is the nicest way to go, letting him die is more
  interesting story-wise, even in spite of that "leap of faith" nonsense added
  to the US version.  Furthermore, when you come back to the island later in
  your brand spankin' new (ok, refurbished) airship, all he does is wander
  aimlessly around his dilapidated shack and say "I feel much better! Thanks
  Celes!" (regardless of whether or not Celes is actually in your party) rather
  than, I don't know, COMING WITH YOU.  Saving him is also tedious; it's much
  easier to kill him with slow fish.  In any case, whether he lives or dies is
  merely a matter of story progression; you don't miss out on any treasure or
  anything either way.

  4.2.02. Southern Continent

- As long as Celes is your only party member, it's a good idea to keep a Ribbon
  on her to protect her from deadly status effects like Petrify and Zombie.

  4.2.03. Albrook

- If you examine the campfire by the weapon shop, you'll hear a burning noise
  and your character will jump back.

- The weapon shop sells the three elemental swords, which can be purchased
  later for Shadow to Throw for great single-target elemental damage.

  4.2.04. Tzen

- You'll be playing another timed sequence here, so equip some Sprint Shoes.

- In the collapsing house, don't get the treasure chest right next to the
  stairs down to the basement or the chest in the upper left corner of the
  basement.  Both are monster-in-a-box encounters that just waste time and
  don't net you any items.

- If you have them, you can use Smoke Bombs to quickly escape the random
  battles in the house and save quite a bit of time.

- Before you leave town, stop by the relic shop and pick up enough Peace Rings
  so that between them and your Ribbons you can protect 3 party members from
  Confusion, snag a second Sneak Ring if you only have one, and make sure you
  own a couple of DragoonBoots.

  4.2.05. Serpent Un-Trench

- If you want as many Espers as early as possible, head towards the "tail"
  (look at your mini map) of the Serpent Trench first where Mobliz is.  If you
  instead want to regain an airship ASAP, head towards the "head" and Nikeah

  4.2.06. Mobliz

Fenrir - Equipped character receives +30% MP on level up
       - Sets the Image status on all party members.  Image causes any physical
         attack to be evaded, provided it is not unblockable.  Each time an
         attack is evaded due to the Image status, there is a chance that it
         will be removed.  Image only lasts until the end of a battle.

- Don't waste a use of Morph when fighting with Terra; it's a scripted battle
  where she is forced to lose.

- Phunbaba absorbs Lightning and is weak against Poison[E].

- After defeating Phunbaba, you will receive the Fenrir Esper.

  4.2.07. Nikeah

- The weapon shop has Enhancers, which increase MBlock by 20% besides being a
  pretty good weapon.  You can equip two with a Genji Glove for a very high
  dodge rate, especially when coupled with a Bard's Hat and a White Cape.
    - You will have a chance to buy Enhancers at half price a short while later
      in South Figaro after you acquire Edgar, so as good as they are, it might
      be worth the wait.

- Don't waste your money on a Diamond Vest for Celes as you can buy her a
  Diamond Armor very soon in South Figaro.

  4.2.08. South Figaro

- If you didn't gather the treasures around town in the WoB, you can collect
  the better WoR items now.
  (See 4.1.05. South Figaro for the list, including locations.)

- If Edgar is your party leader, you'll get a 50% discount in the stores here,
  so you may want to wait until you get him before buying gear here (you won't
  have to wait long).

- Make sure you have enough Amulets/Ribbons to protect 4 party members against
  the Zombie status before moving on.

- Check the trees on the east edge of town for some amusing NPC dialogue.

- Behind Duncan's wife's house, you can re-enter the passages where you first
  escaped with Celes in the WoB and fight the same random encounters that were
  there before (probably a mistake since imperial commanders wouldn't have any
  reason to attack you now given that the empire no longer even exists, let
  alone occupies South Figaro).

  4.2.09. Figaro Cave

- It's a good idea to have Peace Rings/Ribbons equipped to protect againts the
  dangerous Confuse status set by many of the enemy attacks here.

- If you waited to open the chests from the WoB, make sure to grab them now.
  Don't worry, Siegfried won't get to them (just like on the ghost train, he
  doesn't actually prevent you from getting any treasure you might otherwise
  have been able to obtain.)

- Before talking to Gerad in the engine room, equip RunningShoes on Celes and
  Sabin for the ensuing boss battle.  This will prevent the Tentacles from
  Slowing and grabbing either of them (you'll see what I mean as they are sure
  to do this to Gerad).

- In keeping with their tendancy towards being annoying, each of the four 
  Tentacles has different weaknesses and susceptabilities, so to make it easier
  here they are listed in the same spatial layout as the Tentacles themselves:
  Tentacle A                             Tentacle B
  ----------                             ----------
  - Absorbs Earth and Water              - Absorbs Lightning and Water
  - Susceptable to Stop                  - Susceptable to Poison[S], Mute,
                                           Sleep, and Slow
  Tentacle C                             Tentacle D
  ----------                             ----------
  - Absorbs Ice and Water                - Absorbs Fire
  - Weak against Fire                    - Weak against Ice and Water
  - Susceptable to instant death         - Susceptable to Poison[S], Mute, and
    attacks, Poison[S], and Slow           Slow

- Check the suit of armor in the treasure room for a Soul Sabre.

  4.2.10. Figaro Castle

- If you didn't view the cutscene with the two brothers earlier in the WoB, you
  should do so now.

- Like South Figaro, if Edgar is your party leader the shops give you 50% off.
  You can also have the old man in the basement take the castle back to South
  Figaro so you can take advantage of the discount there if you wish.

  4.2.11. Kholingen

- Fun fact: In the SNES version, Trump (available in the weapon shop) are
  actually darts when used in battle, and the Doom Darts (acquired later)
  actually appear as cards.  The PSX version swaps the names of these two items
  so that they make sense.

- Trump/Doom Darts have a chance of inflicting instant death; not particularly
  useful in the next dungeon, but many people favor them in the Colosseum (not
  necessary if you took my advice regarding Mog).

- Pick up at least one Dice for Setzer.  I prefer to equip two since this
  reduces the chance of his turn doing crap total damage.

    - Dice damage = 2d6 * 2 * Setzer's level, but they're weighted in favor of
      1-4 rolls vs 5 and 6 rolls.

  4.2.12. Colosseum

- The Colosseum is in roughly the same place the war-crazy old man's house was
  in the WoB (the northwest corner of the map).

- You can visit the Colosseum now if you wish.  About the only thing worth
  your time at this point is the Gold Hairpin -> Dragon Horn trade (see the
  bottom of 5. Colosseum Guide), but many players can't bear to part with their
  precious Gold Hairpin at this point.  If you follow my recommended WoR order
  and Colosseum strategy, you will be able to win the vast majority of the
  useful items available from the Colosseum in a single visit not long from
  now, and will score TWO Dragon Horns without giving up your Gold Hairpin.
  However, the DragoonBoots + Dragon Horn combo is pretty sweet on spear/lance
  wielding characters (just Edgar at this point), so it's worth considering.

  4.2.13. Daryl's Tomb

- Monsters here frequently attempt to Zombify you, so equip Amulets/Ribbons all

- Don't use Trump/Doom Darts with Setzer as most of the monsters here are
  undead and the instant death effect will actually revive them.

- In the room with the Czarina Gown, there is a hidden passage in the right
  wall to a chest with an Exp. Egg.  Note that even though the character
  equipped with the Exp. Egg will in fact receive twice the normal XP from
  battle, the combat message still states the normal amount.

- In the room towards the end of the tomb with the save point and two chests,
  the left chest contains the Monster-in-a-box Presenter.  Presenter absorbs
  Ice, Lightning, and Water, is immune to Poison[E], and is weak against Fire.
  It is susceptible to instant death attacks, Mute, Sleep, and Stop.

- Dullahan absorbs Ice and is weak against Fire.  He casts quite a few spells,
  so Runic is a good choice.  Wall Rings can also be useful, but he targets
  characters with the Reflect status with a special status ailment attack, so
  pairing them with Ribbons may be a good idea.  Also of note, he casts L?
  Pearl, which hits all characters whose level is divisible by the last digit
  of your current GP.

  4.2.14. Notes Before Continuing

- From here on out, the order of the areas is just my recommendation / personal
  preference.  Feel free to ignore me when I tell you things like "don't talk
  to so-and-so yet" or "don't go in there yet".  The game drops hints at its
  own recommended order (i.e. the bird to follow), but for the most part, you
  can really just choose wherever you want to go next.

- It's a good idea to make sure you save just before each time you use your
  airship, just in case you encounter Doom Gaze while you're in the air.  At
  this point it can kill you relatively easily.
  (See 4.2.32. Doom Gaze for more info.)

- Throughout the WoR there are 8 special dragons to defeat.  In addition to
  being listed below, each is also listed in the section for the area in which
  it resides.  When all 8 are defeated, you will receive the Crusader Esper.

  The 8 Dragons:
  Red Dragon   - Phoenix Cave
  White Dragon - Fanatic's Tower
  Gold Dragon  - Kefka's Tower
  Skull Dragon - Kefka's Tower
  Dirt Dragon  - Opera House
  Blue Dragon  - Ancient Castle
  Storm Dragon - Mount Zozo
  Ice Dragon   - Narshe Ruins

  4.2.15. Maranda

- This is the town to which the pidgeon led you.

- The Falchion, which can be bought in the weapon shop, can be bet for a Flame
  Shld at the Colosseum, which can then be bet for an Ice Shld.  Buy four.
    - Flame Shld absorbs Fire and nullifies Ice, but adds weakness to Water.
      Ice Shld absorbs Ice and nullifies Fire, but adds weakness to Air.
      Also, Flame Shld teaches Fire 2 at a x5 rate, and Ice Shld teaches Ice 2
      at the same rate.

- Don't talk to Lola just yet (the woman with all the flowers in the top right
  house); you'll come back for that later.

  4.2.16. Jidooor

- Jidoor is located on the southeastern end of the large circular part of the
  continent furthest to the west (the large circular part is on top with a thin
  strip of land curving down an to the east connecting it to a smaller oval

- Stop by the auction house until a Hero Ring comes up, and buy it for 50,000
  GP.  If you don't have the GP, go get it, because Hero Ring is awesome.

- Grab a Sniper at the weapon shop to trade into a Red Jacket at the Colosseum
  later, as well as a Partisan for use in the Colosseum prior to winning the
  Pearl Lance.

  4.2.17. Solitary Island

Palidor - Causes all party members to perform a Jump attack simultaneously

Peeper     - Elixer (rare)
Earthguard - Megalixer (rare)

- Note the Steals available here for later.  I won't be listing them again
  because I don't personally think they are worth the time and effort.  Peepers
  and Earthguards die after a short time because they have extremely little HP
  and the Seizure status, so it's harder to obtain a rare Steal from them than
  you might think.  Also, because their Seizure status is inherent, it cannot
  be cured to extend their life.

- The Palidor Esper can be found on the beach where you caught fish for Cid.

  4.2.18. Master Duncan's Cottage

- If you spoke to Duncan's wife in South Figaro, you'll recall she mentioned
  that he's still alive.  His cottage can be found in the center of a + shaped
  group of trees northeast of Narshe.  Narshe is in about the same place it was
  in the WoB (center of the map at the extreme north).

- If you visit him without Sabin, he'll be jumping around and hacking up a lung
  inside his cottage.  Also, every time you go to the menu and back he'll
  restart his jump sequence, so you can make him jump off the left side of the
  screen this way.

- If you visit him with Sabin, you'll see a cutscene and Sabin will learn his
  final Blitz, Bum Rush, which he normally doesn't learn until level 70.  At
  this point, this will easily be your strongest attack.  While it looks hard
  when you check out the button combo the game gives you, keep in mind there's
  an alternative with no diagonals in the Quick Reference section.
  (See 6.1. Blitzes)

  4.2.19. Mobliz

- Mobliz is on the end of the "tail" of the Serpent Un-Trench.

- Return to pick up Terra.  If this is your first time here, you'll first fight
  Phunbaba and pick up the Esper Fenrir, and you'll have to leave and re-enter
  Mobliz in order to fight Phunbaba again and get Terra.

- Phunbaba absorbs Lightning and is weak against Poison[E].

- Keep in mind you can return here whenever you want for an easily accessible
  and free rest in the back of the empty relic shop.

  4.2.20. Narshe Ruins - Picking Up Mog

- When you first enter Narshe, go into the secret entrance cave to the left and
  follow it to the moogle cave, where you'll find Mog.  After you recruit him,
  check the spot on the wall he was looking at for the Moogle Charm, a relic
  exclusively for Mog that prevents random encounters entirely.

- Make sure you don't use Mog in battle and therefore end up teaching him a

- If you left the chest on the far left end of the moogle cave alone in the WoB,
  go grab the Ribbon from it, and continue on and grab the Elixer and Pod
  Bracelet from the other chests, assuming you left them alone in the WoB too.
  When you're done, Warp out of Narshe.

- Once back on the airship, put Mog in your party and equip him with Sprint
  Shoes and the Moogle Charm for...

  4.2.21. Mog Mug: Fanatic's Tower

Items to Get:
Safety Bit
Air Anchor    - Tool for Edgar; causes any enemy not immune to instant death to
                die immediately after taking its next turn (always hits).
Genji Shld
Stunner       - Dagger for Shadow with a chance to cast Stop on hit.
Force Armor

- Fanatic's Tower is located south of the "head" of the Serpent Un-Trench,
  surrounded by mountains.

- In the first room with the chest containing a Safety Bit, check the wall to
  the right of the chest for a secret switch.  Tripping the switch reveals
  another door nearby on the stairway leading to the Air Anchor Tool.

- You'll notice a dragon roaming around the room in which the Stunner is found;
  DO NOT engage the dragon or Mog will learn a Dance.

- DON'T get the treasure at the top of the tower.  If you do, you'll be forced
  into a battle with MagiMaster and get the crap beat out of you.

  4.2.22. Mog Mug: ZoneEater Cave

Items to Get:
Red Jacket
Genji Armor
Magical Brsh
FakeMustache - Changes the Sketch command into Control, which when successful,
               allows the character using it to Control the actions of the
               target enemy.  This is great for disabling enemeies that hold
               only rare Steals so that you can make repeated Steal attempts
               undisturbed.  Like Steal, the success rate of Control is based
               on the target's level vs. the Controller's level.  The Coronet
               helm (found in the next section) also raises the success rate of
Zephyr Cape
Hero Ring
Tack Star
Thunder Shld - Thunder Shld absorbs Lightning, nullifies Air, halves Fire and
               Ice damage, teaches Bolt 2 at a x5 rate, and unlike Flame and
               Ice Shlds, does not include an elemental weakness.

- To get to the cave, go to Triangle Island (northeast corner of the map),
  unequip the Moogle Charm, and encounter ZoneEater.  Then, just wait for it to
  eat you, re-equip the Moogle Charm, and you're good to go.

- Make sure you let the weird looking dudes knock you down the pit at least
  once so that you can get the treasure that's down there.

- Make sure you save at the save point when you come to it; the next area can
  kill you instantly if you get smashed by the repeatedly falling ceiling.

- You can "equip" Gogo with the special abilities of the other characters in
  the game in via the Status screen.  The best armor that Gogo can equip
  without using a Merit Award is the Tao Robe, which can be purchased at

  4.2.23. Mog Mug: Kefka's Tower

WARNING: You may or may not miss out on some character interaction if you go to
Kefka's Tower at this point in the game because the cutscene of them all
talking before descending only plays the first time you visit the tower.  It
might be a different scene later when you have all the characters, but I
haven't confirmed this.

Items to Get:
Fixed Dice

Tack Star
Force Shld
Force Armor

Red Cap
Nutkin Suit
Hero Ring
Aegis Shld

- To enter Kefka's Tower, attempt to land the airship on it.

- You'll definitely want a Warp Stone or the Warp spell available for when you
  are ready to restart with Mog in a different party slot.  You only need one
  party member in one of the three parties to know Warp because if one party
  uses it, everyone gets out.

- To get the Aegis Shld, you'll have to find and follow a hidden path maze at
  the bottom of the room with the Hero Ring.  The entrance is on the left side
  of the rotating thingy.  After taking the initial long downward path as far
  as it goes, go up one square and to the left.  This should allow you to
  circle around and enter the hidden room from the bottom without too much

- When doing the third party area, don't go past the room with the Hero Ring
  and Aegis Shld or you will soon be attacked by a boss.

  4.2.24. Colosseum

(See 5. Colosseum Guide)

- This is just a short visit before the main one later; bring the 4 Falchions
  you bought in Maranda and, bet them for 4 Flame Shlds, then depart.

- If you are having too much trouble beating Outsider to get Flame Shlds, but
  you did get the ChickenLip Rage for Gau in the WoB, you might be able to do
  without the Flame Shlds in the next area and use the Quake + Gaia Gear
  strategy to keep alive instead.  This would require that you go pick up Gau
  on the Veldt real quick (just fight there with only 3 party members until he
  shows up).

  4.2.25. Mog Mug (sorta): Phoenix Cave

Items to Get:

Wing Edge - Has chance of instant death (like Trump/Doom Darts).
Dragon Horn

Phoenix Down
Flame Shld
ValiantKnife - Ignores defense and does an additional (max HP - current HP)
               damage per hit.

Phoenix - Resurrects all fallen party members and restores 25% of their max HP

The 8 Dragons:
Red Dragon

- Phoenix Cave is a two-party dungeon found in the center of the star shaped
  mountain range north of Tzen.

- This time you'll have to use both parties, so put Mog by himself with the
  Moogle Charm and Sprint Shoes equipped, and make the other party like you
  normally would.  Don't worry about which party you put Mog in; both parties
  start in the same place this time.
- There's a wide variety of status effect attacks used here, so a Ribbon for
  everyone might not be a bad idea.  Give everyone a Flame Shld.  (Note that
  Ice Shld is probably safest on the off chance Parasoul uses a Water elemental
  attack, but Flame Shld will result in you being healed by the more common
  Fire attacks you'll face; just kill Parasouls fast when you encounter them,
  or else use a Smoke Bomb to flee).

- Most monsters here are weak to Ice; Necromancrs are undead and so can easily
  be vanquished with Life.

- If you happen to encounter Aquila here and survive the battle, make sure you
  remember you did; this will be very important later.

- Don't worry about crossing the spikes with Mog; they can't kill you and he
  won't be doing any fighting.

- Have Mog take the left path at the entrance and your main party the other.
  The first chest you see here on the left contains a Wing Edge, and all
  subsequent chests you see are empty or aren't worth it (Warp Stone) until the
  chest in the very center of the second lava area (the one where you solidify
  it by draining the water onto it), which contains a Ribbon.

- Fight and kill the Red Dragon with your main party.  He is weak to Ice and
  Water, and susceptible to Poison[S], Muddle, and Slow.  Flame Shlds are a
  valuable asset in this battle.  If you have Terra with you, feel free to use
  Morph as there's no final boss to this dungeon.  The chest he was guarding
  contains a Dragon Horn!

- At the end of the cutscene, you will receive the Phoenix Esper.

  4.2.26. Mog Mug: Narshe Ruins

Ragnarok - Morphs a single enemy into an item

- Once you have Locke back, he can pick the locks on the houses.  Bring him and
  Moogle Charmed Mog to pick up a couple items of interest.

- Get the Ragnarok (sword or Esper) from the weapon shop.  The Esper teaches
  Ultima.  I recommend the sword since the Paladin Shld can be used to teach
  Ultima instead, and the sword can be bet at the Colosseum for the Illumina,
  the best weapon in the game.

    - Ultima is the best attack spell in the game.  When used by Terra, it is
      almost certain to do the maximum damage of 9999 to all targets if you
      have been improving her Magic Power via Esper stat bonuses.

- Get the Cursed Shld from an old man in the locked house above the relic shop.
  Uncurse the Cursed Shld by equipping it and a Ribbon to a character and then
  fighting 256 battles.  (The Ribbon is necessary because the Cursed Shld
  inflicts a variety of negative status effects on the wearer, including Zombie,
  and the character must be living at the end of a battle for it to count
  towards the total).
    - When uncursed, the Cursed Shld becomes the Paladin Shld, by far the best
      shield in the game.  It grants absorbtion of Fire, Ice, Lightning, and
      Pearl, and nullifies Water, Earth, Air, and Poison[E], adds a whopping 40
      to MBlock, and teaches Ultima at a x1 rate.

    - I recommend that you have a character equipped with a Ribbon and the
      Cursed Shld for as many random battles as you can manage from now on.
      It's not as much of a burden as it seems, just make certain you replace
      it with a functional shield for boss battles.  If you do this, you should
      be able to get a good chunk of those 256 battles out of the way just in
      the course of regular gameplay.

    - TAKE NOTE: Gogo is unable to uncurse the Cursed Shld, so don't equip it
      to him when working towards those 256 battles.

  4.2.27. Forest North of Jidoor

Mantodea - Imp Halberd (rare)

- Pick up two Imp Halberds to bet at the Colosseum for a Merit Award and a Cat
  Hood.  Vanished characters will be immune to all of Mantodea's attacks, and
  Mantodea doesn't have a common Steal, so you can just keep trying until you
  succeed.  Bring Gogo along so you can have two party members make steal
  attempts.  Also, don't forget to equip the Sneak Ring.

    - If you want a set or two of the Imp Gear, go ahead and pick up one or two
      more Imp Halberds to keep as well (See 4.2.50. Collecting the Imp Gear).

- The other monster you can encounter here is Reach Frog.  Beware of Reach
  Frog's Rippler ability; it swaps all of its status effects with the target
  character's status effects, but it is bugged and swaps some properties of
  characters that aren't actually status effects.  The most notable of these is
  Shadow's ability to have Interceptor randomly block attacks, something that
  is PERMANENTLY lost if Reach Frog steals it via Rippler and doesn't then give
  it back with a subsequent Rippler.

    - It's actually possible to give other characters the ability to have
      Interceptor block attacks for them by getting Reach Frog to first use
      Rippler on Shadow and then again on a different character.  However, this
      isn't as cool as it sounds since Interceptor doesn't appear to perform
      his counterattacks when blocking for characters other than Shadow.
      Rippler is actually a learnable Lore, but you can't target your own party
      members with it, so it is worthless for experimenting with its bugs.

  4.2.28. The Veldt Cave

Blue SrBehemoth (boss) - Murasame (rare)

- The Veldt is on the largest northeastern continent, and the cave is at the
  southern end (similar to the WoB).

- Make sure to pick up the Striker in the chest below the switch that moves the
  rock out of your path.

- Blue SrBehemoth absorbs Ice, is weak against Fire and Poison[E], and is
  susceptible to Imp and Stop.  Yellow SrBehemoth absorbs Poison[E], is weak
  against Fire and Pearl, and is undead and therefore susceptible to instant
  death via the Life spell.

- If you want 2 Snow Mufflers (one each for Gau and Mog), then when you've
  finished with the cave, return to the Veldt and hunt until you encounter
  Yellow SrBehemoth again.  Don't worry, this encounter is gauranteed;
  SrBehemoth is in a Veldt pack by itself (pack 57).  Defeat it for another

  4.2.29. Colosseum

- Now you're finally ready to clean up with your second / main visit to the
  Colosseum (see 5. Colosseum Guide).

- Be sure to bet the Striker you just got to get Shadow back.

- If you took my advice and didn't recruit Mog in the WoB, didn't teach him any
  Dances, and didn't teach him any magic, he makes an excellent Colosseum
  character.  Put him in the back row, equip him with a good spear/lance type
  weapon, DragoonBoots, and Dragon Horn, and go to town!  As soon as possible,
  bet a Strato to get him a Pearl Lance and a BehemothSuit to get him a Snow
  Muffler.  Snow Muffler + Genji Helmet should get him to 255 Defense.

- After you get all the items you can at this point, you don't need to worry so
  much about keeping Mog from learning Dances if you keep Shadow from learning
  any magic.  You really don't want any magic on Shadow at all so that you can
  use him with the imp gear in the Colosseum.
  (See 4.2.50. Collecting the Imp Gear)

- You should now be very well equipped.  I personally recommend using Edgar and
  Mog in your main party, both with the DragoonBoots + Dragon Horn combo.  This
  is devastating with the Pearl Lance occasionally casting Pearl as well; any
  enemy weak to Pearl doesn't stand a chance.

- Now that you have Shadow back, don't forget that the elemental swords can be
  purchased in Albrook to use as awesome Throwing weapons.  You can also
  purchase Shurikens and the more powerful Ninja Stars at Thamasa.  Also, if
  you want to follow my recommendations about using him in the Colosseum and
  avoid teaching him magic for now, make sure you don't accidentally teach him
  one of the second-level elemental spells via a shield (Flame Shld, Ice Shld,
  or Thunder Shld).

  4.2.30. MXP Grinding

- At this point it's worth mentioning that the best place to grind for MXP in
  the WoR is the desert south of Maranda.  You'll encounter Hoovers and
  Cactrots here (worth 5 and 10 MXP respectively).  Cactrots aren't worth any
  XP, but Hoovers are worth 1881 XP per party member when all four are alive at
  the end of the battle, so keep an eye on your characters' experience if you
  are trying to use Esper stat bonuses to the best effect.

- Hoover is pretty rough, but is vulnerable to instant death attacks.  Equip
  everyone to be invulnerable to Air element attacks (Thunder Shld or Minerva)
  so that its Sandstorm counter-attacks won't clean your clock, and then go for
  the highest hit-rate instant death attacks you have at your disposal: Rhodox
  Rage for Gau, Air Anchor for Edgar, and probably just the Doom spell for
  everyone else.

- Cactrot has 255 Defense but only 3 HP, so any defense-ignoring weapon or
  attack will finish him off: the Dispatch SwdTech, the Pummel Blitz, Throw,
  the Drill Tool, Fixed Dice, ValiantKnife, etc.

  4.2.31. The Veldt

- Fight on the Veldt with only 3 party members to get Gau back.

- If you take Sabin and Gau to the shack on the big island north of the Veldt,
  you'll see a cutscene.  Having Locke and Edgar also in your party yields the
  most amusing cutscene by far.

  4.2.32. Doom Gaze

Bahamut - Equipped character receives +50% HP on level up
        - Casts a powerful non-elemental, defense-ignoring magic attack on all

- While flying around the world, there is a single spot, chosen randomly
  (altitude doesn't matter), on which you will encounter Doom Gaze, who drops
  Bahamut when defeated.  About the best srategy for finding him is to just fly
  east or west with as small a tilt as possible towards the north or south so
  that you quickly wrap around the world map side to side while slowly
  ascending or descending.

- Doom Gaze absorbs Ice and Poison[E] and is weak against Fire and Pearl.  He
  casts L.5 Doom, so pay attention to your characters' levels before you go
  looking for him.

- It may take more than one encounter to defeat Doom Gaze, but don't worry; he
  doesn't heal between fights.

  4.2.33. Mog Assassination: Fanatic's Tower

Magic Urn - Special Move: Cure 3
          - Formations: Secret Room x1
          - Magic Urns are the only enemy encountered in the secret room that
            held the Air Anchor (See 4.2.21. Mog Mug: Fanatic's Tower).
          - Magic Urn grants immunity to every negative status and absorption
            of all types of elemental damage.

The 8 Dragons:
White Dragon

- Now that Mog can be used in battle, it's time to put that Moogle Charm to
  good use again, this time to kill some of the otherwise hard to get to
  dragons so in order to get the Crusader Esper while you still have some time
  to enjoy it.  Assemble a strong party that includes Mog.  Keep in mind that
  only the Magic command is allowed on Fanatic's Tower, so the only way to use
  physical attacks is to cast Bserk on yourself.

- You can find the White Dragon in one of the treasure rooms in the tower.  It
  is susceptible to Mute and Stop.

- If you're planning on picking up the Magic Urn Rage, you can also go ahead
  and encounter them now.

  4.2.34. Mog Assassination: Kefka's Tower

The 8 Dragons:
Gold Dragon
Skull Dragon

- First assemble your main party with Mog in the second party slot.  Proceed
  until you come across Gold Dragon.  He is weak against Water and susceptible
  to Poison[S] and Bserk.  Bserk Gold Dragon and cast Vanish on yourself for an
  easy win, then Warp out.

- Now assemble your party in the third slot.  Continue on your way until you
  encounter Inferno.  Inferno absorbs Fire, is weak to Lightning, and is
  sucseptible to Slow.  Its arms are both susceptible to Slow and Stop, so
  impede them and then focus on Inferno.

- In the next outdoor area you come to, you'll find three chests, two of which
  contain a Megalixer and a Rainbow Brsh, and the third a red sparkle.  Don't
  mess with the red sparkle yet, otherwise you'll have to remember which chest
  had it when you finally come back to kill Kefka (if you're playing the SNES
  version), and there's no reason to touch it now anyway.

- Eventually you'll come across Skull Dragon.  He absobs Poison[E] and is weak
  against Fire and Pearl.  Kill him and Warp out.

  4.2.35. Opera House

The 8 Dragons:
Dirt Dragon

- The Opera House is located on the thin strip of land connecting the two main
  land masses of the continent furthest to the west.

- Dirt Dragon is weak to Air and Water and susceptible to Sleep, Slow, and
  Poison[S].  He frequently uses a move that removes the Float status from all
  of your party members, so irremovable Float (via Cherub Down or a Rage that
  grants Float), Gaia Gear, or just keeping Dirt Dragon asleep at all times are
  your best bets for not getting creamed by Quake.

  4.2.36. Ancient Castle

Odin - Equipped character receives +1 Speed on level up
     - Hits all enemies with an instant death attack

Raiden - Equipped character receives +2 Vigor on level up
       - Hits all enemies with an instant death attack (a bit more likely to
         hit than Odin's attack)

The 8 Dragons:
Blue Dragon

- To get to the caves leading to the Ancient Castle, take Figaro Castle
  underground and investigate when it collides with something (exit the castle
  via the hole in the back of one of the prison cells).

- The enemies here have a pretty high resistance to magic, and many have
  inherent Reflect, so bringing characters with non-magic or defense-ignoring
  attacks is a good idea.

- The chest in the top right of the second cave area is a Monster-in-a-box:
  Master Pug (by the way, you can walk through the wall to the left of the
  chest).  Master Pug is susceptible to Poison[S], Sleep, and Slow.  What he's
  weak against depends on what spell he cast last:
  Weak vs Ice:        Fire 3
  Weak vs Fire:       Ice 3
  Weak vs Air:        Bolt 3
  Weak vs Pearl:      Bio
  Weak vs Lightning:  W Wind
  Weak vs Poison[E]:  Pearl
  Weak vs Water:      Quake
  Weak vs Earth:      CleanSweep
  As you can see, he's got some pretty mean elemental spells up his sleave, so
  dress accordingly and Float everyone beforehand.  Bum Rush doesn't wake him,
  so if you Slow and Sleep him right off the bat you can most likely kill him
  with it before he does too much damage.

- There is a non-obvious exit to the second cave room on the left.

- When you arrive at the castle, enter the semi-hard to spot doors on the right
  and left before going in the main door.  The left door leads to a Monster-in-
  a-box encounter with KatanaSoul.  KatanaSoul is weak to Poison[E] and
  susceptible to Poison[S] and Muddle.  Make sure not to run from KatanaSoul,
  otherwise you'll miss the Offering he drops permanently.

- Offering is a relic that gives you 4 unblockable attacks per Fight command,
  but halves the power of ALL your physical attacks (including Blitzes,
  SwdTechs, Tools, etc.), and prevents critical hits and triggered spells (with
  the exception of Wind Slash from Tempest).  Another bonus is that these
  attacks won't target enemies that have sustained lethal damage from one of
  the previous attacks in the set of 4.
  Offering is best paired with odd weapons with special effects: Fixed Dice for
  Setzer (does not reduce their damage), instant death weapons (i.e. Wing Edge,
  Scimitar), and ValiantKnife for Locke (does not reduce damage and still does
  max hp - current hp extra damage per attack).  Thiefknife + Offering is not
  recommended since you will only actually get the last item successfully

- When you come across the statue of Odin, examine it to get the Odin Esper.

- Don't miss the secret room in the first archway to the right of the thrones.

- After you read the queen's apparently sparkly diary, go back to the thrones,
  stand on the one on the right, take five steps down, and examine the ground;
  you'll hear a rumbling sound and a new path will be opened back down in the
  room where you found the diary.

- The chamber that just opened up contains the Blue Dragon and a statue of the
  queen.  Examining the queen turns your Odin Esper into Raiden, which I
  recommend you go ahead and do (you can learn Meteor much faster from Crusader,
  which you'll be obtaining soon).  The only reason you might not want to do
  this is that Odin is the only Esper that grants a bonus to Speed on level up.

- Blue Dragon absorbs Water, is weak against Lightning, and is susceptible to
  Poison[S] and Slow.

  4.2.37. Maranda

- Remember back in the day when you followed the pidgeon to Maranda and I told
  you not to go into the house at the northeast end of town?  Do so now and
  talk to Lola there.  Maranda is on the eastern end of the smaller of the two
  thinly-connected land masses of the continet furthest to the west.

- Also, while you're here, if you haven't picked up a Tao Robe for Gogo, you
  might as well do so now.

  4.2.38. Zozo

- Zozo is located at the northeastern corner of the large round land mass on
  the continent furthest to the west.

- When you arrive at Zozo, "talk" to the pidgeon and it will fly up near the
  building with the rusted-shut door that you may remember from the WoB.  Go
  talk to the purple-hooded merchant towards the north end of town and he'll
  sell you some Rust Rid to open it.

- Zozo still has the same random encounters it had in the WoB, so they aren't
  worth wasting your time on if you have Mog in your party and can thus utilize
  the Moogle Charm to your advantage.

  4.2.39. Mount Zozo

Borras - Muscle Belt (rare), Potion (common)
       - Borras can be encountered in all of the Mount Zozo areas.

The 8 Dragons:
Storm Dragon

- When you come to a save point with a switch above it, get prepared for the
  fight with Storm Dragon because the switch releases it from a chest.  It'll
  fly around really fast in a set pattern, so stand in his way to trigger the
  encounter.  Storm Dragon absorbs Air and is weak againts Lightning.

- You'll come across a room full of flowers with a locked chest, and outside to
  the right you'll find Cyan.  After the cutscene, go back outside to the right
  and you'll find the key to the chest; open it with Cyan in your party for
  maximum amusement.

  4.2.40. Narshe Ruins

Tritoch - Equipped character receives +2 Magic Power on level up
        - Casts a Fire, Lightning, and Ice spell on all enemies (one spell with
          all three elements)

Terrato - Equipped character receives +30% HP on level up
        - Casts an Earth magic attack on all enemies

Crusader - Equipped character receives +50% MP on level up
         - Casts a non-elemental magic attack on all enemies and party members

Wizard - Ice Rod (rare), Thunder Rod (common)
       - Wizards also can drop Fire Rods.
       - Wizards can be encountered on the snowy slopes where you defendend the
         Esper from Kefka in the WoB.

The 8 Dragons:
Ice Dragon

- Make sure you bring Mog along as you'll need him to recruit Umaro.

- Make your way to the top of the mountain where Tritoch was in the WoB.  On
  your way up you'll encounter Ice Dragon.  He absorbs Ice, is weak against
  Fire, and is susceptible to Poison[S], Mute, Bserk, Muddle, and Slow.  After
  you defeat Ice Dragon, if you followed the order of the guide, you'll receive
  the Crusader Esper.

    - Crusader's main feature is the Merton spell, which is an extremely
      powerful Fire and Air elemental attack that ignores defense and hits both
      you and the enemy.  This sounds like a bad thing, but equip everyone with
      Flame Shlds (or Minerva for the girls) and you've got a spell that
      simultaneously deals tons of damage and probably fully heals everyone in
      your party.
- When you reach Tritoch, you'll have to fight him.  He absorbs Ice, is weak
  against Fire, and is invulnerable to all other elemental damage.

- After you defeat Tritoch, examine the gap where the chunk of the cliff fell
  away and you can jump down into Umaro's cave.

- If you run into a Pug, use Imp on him to avoid his nastier attacks (Cleaver
  and Step Mine).

- Watch out for the darker colored floor tiles; these are pitfalls.

- The room to the left of where you land contains a chest with a Monster-in-a-
  box encounter with Pugs (not to be confused with Pug).  Pugs absorb Water,
  are weak against Fire, and are susceptible to Imp, Mute, and Slow.  They have
  a chance to drop a Minerva, and also hold it as a rare steal (which is quite
  hard to get since they are high level enemies).  Pugs only use physical
  attacks, so having Vanish on your characters is pretty helpful.

- When you get to the switches, ignore the first one; it just sends you down
  the same old pitfall.  Hitting the second switch causes you to fall down into
  Umaro's lair.  Examine the skull to get the Terrato Esper, and Umaro will
  attack you.

- Umaro absorbs Ice, is weak againts Poison[E] and Fire, and is susceptible to
  Poison[S], Bserk, Sleep, and Slow.  After you beat him, talk to him and Mog
  will convince him to join your party.  If you ever end up using him, don't
  forget to equip him with the Rage Ring and Blizzard Orb, two relics unique to
  him that cause him to be a lot more effective.

  4.2.41. Doma Castle and Cyan's Dream

Alexandr - Casts a Pearl magic attack on all enemies

- Doma Castle can be found on an island just east of the "head" of the Serpent
  Un-Trench and just south of the crazy old man's house on the northwest end of
  the Veldt continent.

- Obviously, you have to bring Cyan along to complete this sidequest.  Even
  though the final boss absorbs the Pearl Lance's elemental damage, I highly
  recommend bringing Mog along for the Moogle Charm as the random encounters
  here get pretty tiresome.
    - Shadow is essential for this area.  Make sure you pick up a respectable
      supply of Blizzard swords in Albrook for him to Throw at the boss (around
      10 or so is probably plenty).  I also recommend Edgar for Drill/Chain Saw.
      See the info on the boss at the bottom of the section for more
      information about why.

- Rest in the room that gives you the option, and when you awaken you'll see
  a cutscene and then enter into Cyan's mind / dream world / whatever.

- Make sure your most powerful not-Cyan party member is in the fourth slot as
  you'll be starting the dream world with only that character.

- It's a good idea to have Ribbons equipped to deal with the variety of status
  effects that get thrown at you here.

- In the fight with the Dream Stooges, Larry = left, Moe = right, Curley = top.
  Take out Curley first as he revives the others with Life 2.

    - Curley absorbs Fire, is weak against Ice and Water, and is susceptable to

    - Larry absorbs Ice and Air, is weak against Fire, and is susceptible to
      instant death attacks, Mute, Muddle, and Slow.

    - Moe absorbs Lightning and is susceptible to Bserk and Stop.

- In the phantom train dream, make sure you pass through all the cars you can
  so that you don't miss any of the treasure (the first car after the save
  point car doesn't let you enter until after the cutscene of Cyan running from
  a ghost finishes).

- In the MagiTech armor dream, make sure you always use Bolt Beam as the
  enemies here are weak againts Lightning attacks.

- In the Doma Castle dream, there are three cutscenes you can view; two outside
  by the moat (one towards the left and one towards the right), and one in
  Cyan's family's quarters.

- Wrexsoul is found in the throne room.  He absorbs Fire and Pearl and is weak
  against Ice.  The most irritating thing about him is that he possesses your
  party members, you have to kill them to get him to come out so you can hurt
  him, and he has high Magic Defense, making anything other than defense
  ignoring attacks not nearly as effective as usual.  If you don't have Shadow,
  don't equip your characters for high MBlock or else they'll be nearly
  impossible for you to kill off in order to get Wrexsoul to appear.

    - This is where having Shadow is invaluable.  Throw ignores defense, can't
      be blocked, and can be used against your own party members (unlike the
      Drill or Chain Saw tools).  Wrexsoul seems to always possess your party
      leader first, so make sure that's not Shadow, waste them with Shurikens
      or some other cheap Throw fodder, and then when Wrexsoul appears lay into
      him with Thrown Blizzard swords and Drill attacks (or Chain Saw if you're
      willing to risk the occasional worthless instant death attack in exchange
      for higher damage).

- After defeating Wrexsoul, Cyan learns all of his SwdTechs.  Now that you have
  access to the Quick spell, SwdTechs can be quite good.  Since after casting
  Quick everyone else has to wait for Cyan to complete his next two turns, you
  can wait as long as you like for those high level SwdTechs without getting
  whaled on in the meantime.  Cyan's SwdTechs of note are:

    - #6: Stunner
      Stunner is a multi-target non-elemental attack with a chance to Stop
      enemies.  The damage is magical.

    - #7: Quadra Slice
      Quadra Slice hits randomly selected enemies with a fairly powerful
      defense-ignoring physical attack four times.

    - #8: Cleave
      Cleave is an instant death attack that affects all enemies vulnerable to
      instant death and prevents counter attacks.

- You can now stop by the throne room and pick up the Alexander Esper.

  4.2.42. Maranda

- If you bring Cyan to Maranda and talk to Lola and then examine the letter on
  the desk, Cyan will switch it with another one.  You can then read the letter
  (it's the same one from his desk on Mount Zozo), and Lola's dialogue will

  4.2.43. Owzer's Mansion

Nightshade - Special Move: Charm
               Charm is a unique move, similar to Muddle in that the affected
               target randomly attacks itself or its allies.  However, Charmed
               targets show no visible indication of the effect, and can't be
               snapped out of it via curative spells or physical attacks.  The
               only way to end Charm is to kill the effected character or the
               enemy that Charmed him/her.  A character (Gau) or enemy can only
               Charm one target at a time; subsequent attempts to charm other
               targets will fail until the original target is killed.  Charm
               has a small chance of missing.  It is an extremely effective and
               extremely cheap boss killing tactic; don't resort to this if you
               still want to enjoy any kind of challenge in boss fights.
           - Formations: Flower Picture x1

- Owzer's Mansion is in the same location it was in the WoB: the north end of
  the town of Jidoor.

- Examine the flower picture at the entrance to encounter and defeat Nightshade.
  If you have followed the guide thus far, then this encounter will now be the
  only encounter in Veldt pack 37, guaranteeing that you will be able to easily
  collect it.  Leave for the Veldt before continuing on in the mansion,
  otherwise you'll encounter other formations from pack 37 and ruin this

  4.2.44. The Veldt

Collect Rages:
Magic Urn  - Cure 3 - pack 45
Nightshade - Charm  - pack 37

- Don't forget to simultaneously work on learning magic while you are hunting.

  4.2.45. Owzer's Mansion

Starlet - Equipped character receives +2 Stamina on level up
        - Casts a decent cure spell on all party members

Dahling                - Moogle Suit (rare)
Wild Cat               - Tabby Suit (rare)
SoulDancer             - Moogle Suit (rare)
Vindr                  - Chocobo Suit (rare)
Still Life (mini-boss) - FakeMustache (rare)

- All of the Stealable Suits can be traded into Genji Armor eventually at the
  Colosseum, so consider bringing Locke and/or Gogo for some Stealing.
  Alternatively, you can return here for some Stealing anytime you want, even
  after the boss is defeated.

- If you examine the painting of Emperor Gestahl twice, you'll receive a hint
  about where the Phoenix Cave is, but oops, I already told you...

- Characters wearing the Moogle Suit will have the standard Moogle sprite set
  in battle instead of their usual.

- There's a Relic Ring hidden behind the three doors that open and close on
  their own.

- The left-most of the three self-opening-and-closing doors is the correct one.

- Like the treasures found on the floor in the Cave of the Sealed Gate, the
  treasures you get from the falling chests are actually worse than what the
  game tells you it is giving you.

- In the room with the save point, the door to the right is the correct one.

- Before talking to the fat guy, equip all your characters with Thunder Shlds
  for the battle with Chadarnook.  Chadarnook has two forms, a woman form and a
  demon form.  The woman form absorbs Pearl and Water, and is weak against Fire,
  while the demon form absorbs Lightning and is weak againts Pearl and Fire.
  Both forms are susceptible to Slow.

    - Don't waste time damaging the woman form as it is unkillable; the demon
      form is what must be killed.

    - While the woman form of Chadarnook uses Charm, which is indeed horrible,
      it's not as bad as it seems because whenever Chadarnook changes forms the
      Charm is broken.

- After defeating Chadarnook, you will obtain the Starlet Esper.

- Now that you have Relm back, remember that you can equip her with the
  FakeMustache relic you obtained a while back to turn Sketch into Control.
  Keep in mind that Control lets you keep the Controlled monster from taking
  any action against you while you do other useful things such as attempting to
  Steal from it repeatedly.

  4.2.46. Fanatic's Tower

- Bring Relm and stop by to pick up Strago.

  4.2.47. Collecting Lores

Cactrot    - Blow Fish  - Encounter in the desert south of Maranda; just wait
                          and he'll use Blow Fish shortly.
                        - Blow Fish always does exactly 1000 damage.
EarthGuard - Big Guard  - Encounter in the desert on the Solitary Island; use
                          Relm to Sketch it.
                        - If your version of the game is subject to the Sketch
                          bug, make sure Relm's level is >= 23 (>= 16 if she
                          also has the Beret equipped) to ensure Sketch will
                          always hit EarthGuard and thus never trigger the bug.
                        - Casts Shell and Safe on all party members.  Does NOT
                          also cast Haste like its namesake in other Final
Mad Oscar  - Sour Mouth - Encounter in Daryl's Tomb in the main room past the
                          first room; use Relm to Control it and use Sour Mouth.
                        - Inflicts Dark, Poison[S], Imp, Mute, Muddle, and
                          Sleep on a single target.

  4.2.48. Thamasa and Ebot's Rock

Hidon - GrandTrain - Hits all enemies with an unblockable, defense-ignoring
                     magic attack.

- Thamasa can be found on the island in the southeast corner of the map.

- Bring Relm and Strago to Thamasa and witness the cutscene.  Then go north and
  enter the dungeon at Ebot's Rock.  You have to bring Relm to see the cutscene
  which makes the dungeon available, however you don't have to bring her into
  the dungeon itself (but you do have to bring Strago).

- In the dungeon you'll find an irksome chest that requires that you feed it
  Coral before it will let you pass.  The dungeon consists of teleport switches
  that randomly warp you to random rooms with random chests that contain random
  amounts of Coral.  You must feed the chest 22 pieces of Coral AT ONE TIME for
  it to let you pass, so don't return to talk to it again until you have all 22

- When you encounter Hidon after feeding the chest enough Coral, kill all the
  Hidonites first and it'll use GrandTrain, Strago's most powerful Lore.  Hidon
  absorbs Poison[E], is weak against Fire, Earth, and Pearl, and is susceptible
  to Slow.

- After you slay Hidon and watch the cutscene, you can repeatedly talk to
  Gungho outside of Strago's house until he says that Hidon has reappeared at
  Ebot's Rock, at which point... Hidon will have reappeared at Ebot's Rock.
  You can go feed the stupid chest the required Coral and fight it again if you
  want (this time you aren't required to bring Strago).  You can do this as
  many times as you want, with talking to Gungho and getting the message about
  Hidon's return always being the trigger for him to reappear.

  4.2.49. Get Rich Quick Scheme

- Equip Relm with the Cat Hood and a FakeMustache, and head back to the caves
  of Mount Zozo.  When you encounter an Ursus, Control it, and then keep
  hitting it with level 1 spells so that it counters with Steal and takes a
  bunch of money (keep it healed to keep going as long as you like).  When you
  finally decide to end its misery and win the battle, you'll get double your
  money back from what was stolen thanks to the Cat Hood's double GP gain from
  battles effect.

- Probably one of the best things to do with your newfound riches is to buy
  an abundance of the elemental swords from Albrook for Shadow to Throw.

  4.2.50. Collecting the Imp Gear

Imp's Armor - Sprinter

Mantodea   - Imp Halberd (rare)
Tumbleweed - Titanium (rare)
Geckorex   - TortoiseShld (rare)

- The imp gear has superior stats and grants Water absorbtion, however the
  character wearing the gear must be under the Imp status, otherwise the gear's
  offensive and defensive capabilities are reduced to pitiful levels.

- The imp gear is a great way to turn an otherwise ho-hum character into a
  great dragoon, provided you have the required set of DragoonBoots and Dragon
  Horn relics available.  If you followed my advice and kept Shadow magic-free,
  you can use the imp gear to turn him into a phenominal Colosseum character.
  This doesn't work for characters that know any magic because in Colosseum
  battles, they will still attempt to use it while under the Imp status, but
  since Imp prevents the casting of any spell other than the "Imp" spell itself,
  the spell just fails and the turn is wasted.

- You can find Geckorex on the green grasslands on the continent where Maranda,
  Zozo, and Jidoor reside, and you can find all the others on the green
  grasslands on the continent just north of the Veldt, although Mantodea is
  pretty rare here.  If you didn't get enough Imp Halberds the first time you
  hunted for them, head back to the forest north of Jidoor to encounter some
  more Mantodea there (see 4.2.27. Forest North of Jidoor).

- If you really want to get serious about speeding up the Stealing process,
  bring Locke, Gogo, Strago, and Relm.  Have Locke and Gogo equipped with Sneak
  Rings (and Gogo with the Steal command, of course), have Relm equipped with
  the FakeMustache so she can Control and therefore pacify the monster you are
  Stealing from, and use Strago's Dischord Lore to lower the monster's level
  thereby raising the chances of a successful Steal.

  4.2.51. Learning the Last of the Spells

- Now is a good time to finish teaching spells to whatever characters you want.
  Refer back to 4.2.30. MXP Grinding for the best strategy.

- If you haven't finished uncursing the Cursed Shld to obtain the Paladin Shld,
  you should do so now.

  4.2.52. Fanatic's Tower

- Fanatic's Tower has enemies that only use magic attacks, and it also only
  allows your party to use the Magic command (and Item), so bring along all
  your best mages and choose your gear accordingly.  Sadly, the Lore command is
  also unavailable, so Strago doesn't get an extra edge like you might expect.

    - Even though he's probably not one of your strongest casters, you may want
      to bring along Mog for the ever-useful Moogle Charm.  You can't cast Warp
      in the Fanatic's Tower, and you have to climb all the way back down it
      after you beat the boss...

- Make sure at least one of your characters can cast Life 3, cast Float on your
  entire party, and equip everyone with Wall Rings.  I also advise equipping
  Flame Shld to everyone (or Paladin Shld if you have that now) so that you
  need not fear Merton (whether it's used by you or an opponent).  It's also
  best to make sure you have access to offensive spells that ignore the Reflect
  status since some of the opponents have it by default.  These spells are:

    - Meteor
    - Merton
    - Quake
    - Ultima

- Don't forget about the awesome Osmose spell.  Enemies here have a lot of MP.

- MagiMaster is vulnerable to Bserk.  It should also be noted that he does not
  start with Reflect by default, nor will he cast it on himself.  The most
  important thing to know about MagiMaster is that he always casts Ultima when
  dealt lethal damage, and this always kills you (unless you spent way more
  time leveling than is normal).  So, make sure you cast Life 3 on everyone
  right at the start of the battle, and you should be good to go (Life 3
  ignores Reflect, so don't worry about your Wall Rings interfering).

  4.2.53. The Economizer, Leveling Up, and Final Errands

Aquila     - Economizer (rare), Phoenix Down (common)
           - Rare encounter in the non-lava areas of the Phoenix Cave (such as
             the very first area).
Brachosaur - Ribbon (rare)
           - Rare encounter in Dinosaur Forest.

- The Economizer is one of the most rare and most coveted relics in the game.
  It causes all Magic spells, Lores, and Esper summons to cost a mere 1 MP.
  There are two ways to acquire an Economizer: get it as a rare Steal from a
  rare encounter with Aquila (who unfortunately has a common Steal), or get it
  as a rare drop from a rare encounter with Brachosaur.
  I have discovered what I believe to be the best strategy for obtaining
  Economizers, and it works for both the SNES and the PSX versions of the game.
  It is as follows:
    - If you haven't already, encounter Aquila in the Phoenix Cave (try to
      Steal from it too, but odds are good you'll just end up with the common
      Phoenix Down).

    - Go to the Veldt and use the trick described in the up-front info section
      to get the encounter with Aquila (see 3.2.5. Veldt Mechanics).  Make
      certain you save your game just before the encounter from pack 43 each
      time until you run into Aquila.  Also, make certain you stick close to
      the airship when you are repeatedly saving during the randomization
      process; if you save on the Veldt so far away from it that you can't
      reach it before you hit the pack 43 encounter, then you won't be able to
      leave to randomize the encounter and get Aquila's formation.

    - Try to Steal the Economizer.  If you get the Phoenix Down instead, kill
      yourself (Merton is excellent for this task).  When the game auto-loads
      from your last save, your next encounter on the Veldt will always be the
      Aquila encounter.  Vanish/Dischord is of limited usefulness, as it only
      increases the chance of a successful Steal in general and does NOT
      increase the chance of getting the rare Steal over the common.  Unless
      you are too low level to quickly Steal successfully, don't bother.

  I believe this to be the best method because it allows you to, with a bit of
  work up-front, turn the rare encounter with Aquila into an always encounter.
  So instead of looking at a rare encounter with a rare Steal, or a rare
  encounter with a rare drop as your only methods, you are just dealing with a
  rare Steal that can be repeatedly attempted without too much down time.  That
  said, it still can take over an hour to get the first Aquila Veldt encounter,
  so you're still looking at a potentially significant time investment.  I got
  lucky a couple of times, but I was able to acquire 4 Economizers in about
  5-6 hours total using this method (this includes the time taken to initially
  encounter Aquila in the Phoenix cave).  I would be surprised if any other
  method comes close to this without a lot of luck.

- If you want to do some level grinding, the Dinosaur Forest located north of
  the Veldt is the best place to do this.  The only three encounters here are
  with one Tyranosaur, two Tyranosaurs (always a pincer attack), and rarely,
  one Brachosaur.  Equip each of your characters with an Exp. Egg for maximum
  effect (don't forget that the XP reported at the end of battle is the un-
  doubled amount).
  Both monsters are weak against Ice.  If you encounter Brachosaur, don't
  forget about the Quick spell; it's a lifesaver.  If you're looking to Steal
  some Ribbons from it, bring along Strago and Relm so that Strago can use
  Vanish/Dischord on it to lower its level, making it easier for Relm to
  incapacitate it with Control and Locke/Gogo to Steal successfully.

- If you wish, you can make a final trip to the Colosseum.  If you've used Mog
  in battle and therefore he has learned some Dances, Shadow is your best bet
  provided you followed my advice when it comes to not teaching him spells.
  Two great things you may not have bet for yet are more Genji Armors via
  betting the various "Suit" armors Stealable from monsters in Owzer's Mansion,
  and more Genji Helms via betting the Regal Crown and the Coronet (by this
  point you really shouldn't need Control anymore, so giving up your Coronet is
  no big deal).

- If you've done even moderate MXP and XP grinding, you should be able to
  afford plenty of the elemental swords from Albrook for Shadow to Throw.  It's
  also nice to stop by an Item shop and max out on Tinctures for Kefka's Tower,
  just for the convenience of instantly accessible MP recovery outside of

  4.2.54. Kefka's Tower

- Many guides will give you much more in-depth strategies for the final dungeon,
  but I really don't feel this is necessary.  By now you should be able to wipe
  the floor with every enemy in the place.

- Party #2 can optionally fight Atma in the jail cell room.  Atma absorbs Air,
  Pearl, Earth, Water, and Poison[E], and is susceptible to Slow.  Atma can
  cast Quake, so Float is not a bad idea.

- After you drop the weights and trip the three switches simultaneously to open
  the center door, go down with the center party in order to trip a new switch
  to open the way for the other two parties before continuing upwards.  From
  this point onward, I will refer to the center party as Party #1, the left
  party as Party #2, and the right party as Party #3.

- Party #1 will face Guardian.  Guardian is weak againts Water and Lightning,
  and is susceptible to Slow.

- The next time Party 1# gets to an outdoor area after defeating Guardian,
  there is a Ribbon hidden at the bottom just below and to the right of where
  you enter the area.

- Party #1 will next face the first of the goddess statues, Poltrgeist.
  Poltrgeist absorbs Fire and Air, is weak againts Poison[E], and is
  susceptible to Stop.

- Party #2 will next face the second goddess, Doom.  Doom absorbs Ice and
  Poison[E], is weak against Pearl, and is susceptible to Slow.  If she gets
  the chance to "shake" her "aura", then she'll gain the Reflect status, which
  you can remove with Dispel.

- Party #3 will face the third goddess, "Goddess".  Goddess absorbs Lightning
  and Pearl.  Make sure you save at the save point that appears after she is
  defeated as this is your last chance before the final battle.

  4.2.55. The Final Battle

- Tripping the final set of three switches will take you to the pre-final
  battle cutscene, after which you will get to choose your overall party order,
  but will NOT get to adjust your equipment, so make certain you give your best
  gear and Espers to your top character choices for the final battle before you
  trip all three switches.
- The final battle happens in four stages, and if any of your characters are
  dead at the end of a stage, they will be replaced by the next characters in
  line going by the order you put them all in beforehand.  Note that when the
  battle transitions between stages, the buffs from the Golem and Fenrir
  summons will be removed, however you won't be able to summon them again as
  though you had begun a new battle.

- It's best to have most of your top characters equipped with a Ribbon since
  you will be up against a lot of nasty negative status inducing attacks.  Also
  apply Float beforehand since you might get hit with Quake.

- Stage 1:

    - Short Arm is weak againts Water and susceptible to Mute, Bserk, and Slow.

    - Long Arm is weak againts Air and is susceptible to Petrification and
      Instant Death.

    - Face is weak against Fire.

    - Take advantage of the relative easiness of this stage to apply useful
      buffs that will hopefully last you through the next two stages: Haste2,
      Safe, Shell, Regen, and Life 3.  Save the Golem or Fenrir summons for
      Stage 3 or 4.

- Stage 2:

    - Tiger absorbs Earth, is weak against Ice, and susceptible to Poison[S].

    - Tools is weak against Lightning and susceptible to Instant Death and Stop.

    - Magic is weak againts Earth and susceptible to Mute.  Note that the Mute
      status will not prevent its counter-attack spells upon its death.

    - Hit is weak againts Poison[E] and susceptible to Bserk and Stop.

- Stage 3:

    - Girl absorbs all elemental attacks and has no susceptibilities.  She just
      exists to keep Sleep alive (which she does if you kill Sleep first), so
      take her out first.

        - Girl has the Ragnarok as a common steal, which you can equip during
          the battle to get better MBlock if you've got somebody using a weapon
          for MBlock less than 30.

    - Sleep has no weaknesses or susceptibilities, but it also does not absorb
      any elements either.

- Stage 4:

    - Kefka is immune to Poison[E] and has no susceptibilities.

    - Kefka has a lot of nasty counter-attacks, but doesn't really get much
      chance to use them if you own him fast with Gem Box-induced X-Magic, and
      the Quick and Ultima spells.

                                 ~ THE END ~

*  5. Colosseum Guide  *

- ALWAYS save your game before a Colosseum battle so you can load if you lose
  the fight, and consequently, your item.

- Starting the battle restores the chosen character's HP and MP, but does not
  heal negative status effects such as Poison[S].

- "Use Dragoon Mog" implies that he should be equiped with DragoonBoots, Dragon
  Horn, Pearl Lance, and Snow Muffler unless otherwise stated (or unless it's
  for the battles to obtain your first Pearl Lance or Snow Muffler).  This goes
  without saying if you read the Colosseum strategy section in the intro, but
  it is also understood that Mog should have learned NO MAGIC OR DANCES

- The guide will direct you to visit the Colosseum two times, and then after
  that you are of course free to visit it whenever you wish.  Asterisks next to
  bets indicate which visit the bet is recommended for like so:
    *   = First Colosseum visit
    **  = Second (Main) visit
    *** = Some other visit

- This is not an exhaustive list of bets, but rather represents the bets I
  personally feel are worthwhile.

*   Falchion     -> Flame Shld
**  BehemothSuit -> Snow Muffler

Opponent: Outsider - 8050 HP

- Outsider is vulnerable to instant death attacks.
- Use Setzer wielding two Trump/Doom Darts via Genji Glove and a Black Belt for
  the counter attacks.  This should optimize your chances of the instant death
  effect from the weapons triggering.
- Alternatively, if you have the Pearl Lance, using Dragoon Mog also frequently
  works fine.  Outsider is weak to the Pearl element, so one good Jump ought to
  finish him off.  Most if not all of Outsider's attacks will hurt you just as
  much if you're in the back row, so put Mog up front so his Fight attacks will
  do better damage.
- Snow Muffler is an absurdly good armor for Gau and Mog that allows them to
  reach max Defense of 255 quite easily at relatively low levels.

**  Flame Shld -> Ice Shld

Opponent: IronHitman - 2000 HP

- Use just about anyone; it's easy.

**  Murasame -> Aura
**  Sniper   -> Bone Club

Opponent: Borras - 4771 HP

- Use Dragoon Mog.
- Aura is simply a better weapon for Cyan than Murasame, but eventually leads
  to a Pearl Lance via the next two bets.

**  Aura    -> Strato
*** Red Cap -> Coronet

Opponent: Rhyos - 7191 HP

- Use Dragoon Mog with a Flame Shld.
- It's debatable as to whether or not the Genji Helmet is better than the Red
  Cap; if you think it is, then you can eventually trade your Red Caps into
  them starting with this bet.

**  Strato -> Pearl Lance

Opponent: Aquila - 6013 HP

- Use Dragoon Mog.

**  Bone Club -> Red Jacket

Opponent: Test Rider - 3100 HP

- Use Dragoon Mog with an Ice Shld.

**  Charm Bangle -> Dragon Horn

Opponent: Retainer - 7050 HP

- Retainer uses Tradeoff when slain, which will instantly kill you if it hits,
  so it's best to have some MBlock for a chance to survive it.
- Use Dragoon Mog.

**  Czarina Gown -> Minerva

Opponent: Sky Base - 6000 HP

- Sky Base frequently casts Doom, but is also susceptible to it.
- Use anybody with a Wall Ring.

**  Elixir -> Rename Card

Opponent: Cactrot - 3 HP

- Cactrot has super-high Defense, so use somebody with defense-ignoring weapons
  (Setzer with Dice, Locke with ValiantKnife).
- Rename Card lets you rename a character; whoopty doo.  However...

**  Rename Card -> Marvel Shoes

Opponent: Doom Drgn - 18008 HP

- Use Dragoon Mog with a Flame Shld.
- Doom Drgn uses Fallen One (attack that reduces your HP to 1), so it's best
  to have Mog in the back row with 255 Defense.
- Marvel Shoes grant Haste, Regen, Safe, and Shell.

**  Marvel Shoes -> Tintinabar

Opponent: Tyranosaur - 12770 HP

- Use Dragoon Mog.

**  Tintinabar -> Exp. Egg

Opponent: Dark Force - 8940 HP

- Use Dragoon Mog.

**  Striker -> nothing (sorta)

Opponent: Shadow

- No matter the outcome of the fight, you recruit Shadow permanently as a
  result rather than gaining/losing an item.

**  Gauntlet -> Thunder Shld

Opponent: Vectagoyle - 7500 HP

- Use Dragoon Mog with a Thunder Shld (you should have one if you're following
  the order of the guide for the WoR).

**  Genji Glove  -> Thunder Shld
**  Pod Bracelet -> Hero Ring

Opponent: Hemophyte - 6800 HP

- Use Dragoon Mog.

**  Ragnarok -> Illumina

Opponent: Didalos - 12280 HP

- Use Dragoon Mog.
- Illumina is the best weapon in the game.  It does the same damage from the
  back row, performs MP-consuming critical hits when used for a regular Fight
  attack, and has a chance to cast Pearl on hit, among many other more readily
  observable good qualities.

**  Imp Halberd -> Cat Hood

Opponent: Allosaurus - 3000 HP

- Use Dragoon Mog.
- Cat Hood doubles GP drops.

**  Cat Hood -> Merit Award

Opponent: Hoover - 12018 HP

- Use Dragoon Mog with a Thunder Shld and a Cherub Down instead of the Dragon
- Merit Award + Gau = Awesome (See 3.3.2. Gau and the Merit Award)

**  Nutkin Suit -> Genji Armor
**  Regal Crown -> Genji Helmet

Opponent: Opinicus - 3210 HP

- Use Dragoon Mog with Gaia Gear and an Ice Shld.

*** Moogle Suit -> Nutkin Suit

Opponent: Madam - 8150 HP

- Use Dragoon Shadow with the Stunner equipped, as Madam is susceptible to Stop.
  If you are having trouble winning, you may want to consider dropping the
  Dragon Horn for a Wall Ring to deal with her powerful spells, such as Flare.

*** Chocobo Suit -> Moogle Suit

Opponent: Veteran - 10000 HP

- Use Dragoon Shadow, again with the Stunner for Stop.  Veteran uses a lot of
  instant death attacks, so if you are having trouble with that you might try
  swapping out the Dragon Horn for the Memento Ring (or the "Safty Ring", as
  the PSX version so eloquently describes it...)

*** Tabby Suit -> Chocobo Suit

Opponent: Vectaur - 2800 HP

- Use Dragoon Shadow.

*** Heal Rod -> Magus Rod

Opponent: Pug - 8000 HP

- Pug is pretty nasty; he counters all damage with a special physical attack
  and a Step Mine attack.
- Use Red Cap and Muscle Belt for enough HP to survive Step Mine.  If it's not
  possible for you to kill him in one attack, forget about it; using Offering
  along with the few weapons whose damage is not reduced by it to achieve this
  is highly recommended.
- Magus Rod has 30% MBlock and a bonus to Magic Power.

*** Gold Hairpin -> Dragon Horn
*** Coronet      -> Regal Crown

Opponent: Evil Oscar - 7000 HP

- If you follow the guide, you won't need to resort to this to get a couple of
  Dragon Horns relatively quickly, however I personally never end up using the
  Gold Hairpin as much as I think I will, so this is a good trade to consider.
- Evil Oscar shouldn't be too tough, just make sure you have a Ribbon equipped
  to deal with his Bad Breath attack.  He's weak againts Fire.

*  6. Quick Reference  *


6.1. Blitzes
6.2. Esper Stat Bonuses
6.3. Rages
6.4. Veldt Packs

  6.1. Blitzes

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the shorter the command set you decide to use, the
           faster you enter it.  For example, you have to enter L, D, D, R
           faster than you do L, L, D, D, R in order for Fire Dance to work.

 Pummel   - L, R, L                       AuraBolt   - D, D, L
 Suplex   - X, Y, D, U                    Fire Dance - L, L, D, D, R
                                                     - L, D, D, R
 Mantra   - RT, LT, RT, LT, X, Y          Air Blade  - U, U, R, R, D, D, L
                                                     - U, U, R, D, D, L
 Spiraler - RT, LT, X, Y, R, L                       - U, R, R, D, D, L
 Bum Rush - L, L, U, U, R, R, D, D, L

  6.2. Esper Stat Bonuses

Note that not all Espers give level-up stat bonuses, so not all are listed here.

Magic Power:                  Vigor:                      MP:
------------                  ------                      ---
+2: Zoneseek, Tritoch         +2: Bismark, Raiden         +50%: Crusader
+1: Stray, Maduin             +1: Ifrit                   +30%: Fenrir
                                                          +10%: Phantom

HP:                           Speed:                      Stamina:
---                           ------                      --------
+50%: Bahamut                 +1: Odin                    +2: Golem, Starlet
+30%: Terrato                                             +1: Ramuh
+10%: Siren, Shoat

  6.3. Rages

           |           | Inherent  |                      |         |
  Monster  |   Skill   | Statuses  |  Status Immunities   | Absorbs | Weak To
WoB:       |           |           |                      |         |           
 Rhodox    | Snare     |           |                      |         |           
           |           |           |                      |         |           
 Stray Cat | Catscratch|           |                      |         |           
           |           |           |                      |         |           
 Anguiform | Aqua Rake | Dark      | Imp                  | Water   | Lightning
           |           |           |                      |         |           
 Chimera   | Aqua Rake |           | All BUT: Haste,Safe, |         |           
           |           |           | Shell,Float          |         |           
           |           |           |                      |         |           
 Aspik     | Giga Volt | Dark,Float| Imp,Mute,Muddle,     | Water   | Fire     
           |           |           | Sleep                |         |           
           |           |           |                      |         |           
 ChickenLip| Quake     |           | Poison,Imp,Petrify,  | Ice     |           
           |           |           | Death,Condemned,Mute,|         |           
           |           |           | Sleep                |         |           
WoR:       |           |           |                      |         |           
 Nightshade| Charm     |           | All BUT: Slow,Haste  | Water   | Fire     
           |           |           | Stop,Safe,Shell,Float|         |           
           |           |           |                      |         |           
 Magic Urn | Cure 3    | Dies when | All BUT: Haste,Safe, | All     |           
           |           | MP hits 0 | Shell,Float          | Elements|           
           |           |           |                      |         |           

  6.4. Veldt Packs

Note that some packs are always empty, but including them is still important
for those using the SNES save/load method of controlling them since the empty
packs will be part of the +13 jump.

Also note that the encounter with SrBehemoth in pack 54 does not become
available until after you encounter SrBehemoth in pack 57.

Pack 1:                              Pack 2:
- Lobo                               - Leafer x2, Dark Wind x2
- Lobo x2                            - Sand Ray, Areneid x3
- Guard x2                           - Sand Ray x2
- Bleary x2, Crawly                  - Areneid x3
- Lobo x2, Marshal                   - Sand Ray, Areneid x2
- Hornet x2, Bleary x3               - Hornet x2
- Leafer                             - Were-Rat x3
- Leafer x2, Dark Wind               - Hornet, Crawly x2

Pack 3:                              Pack 4:
- Tusker x2                          - Rhodox x4
- Vomammoth, Lobo                    - Soldier x2, M-TekArmor
- Crawly x3                          - Repo Man, Vaporite
- Rhinotaur                          - M-TekArmor
- Rhinotaur, Rhodox x2               - Trilium, Tusker, Cirpius x2
- Rhodox x2, GreaseMonk              - Cirpius x3
- Rhinotaur, GreaseMonk, Rhodox x2   - Trilium x2
- GreaseMonk x2                      - Tusker, Cirpius x3

Pack 5:                              Pack 6:
- Brawler x2                         - Lobo, Guard x2
- Brawler, Trilium, Vaporite x2      - Were-Rat, Repo Man
- M-TekArmor x2                      - Were-Rat x2
- Pterodon x2                        - Doberman x2
- Zombone x2                         - Actaneon x3
- Nautiloid, Exocite, Pterodon    
- Nautiloid, Exocite              
- Pterodon, Exocite x2            

Pack 7:                              Pack 8:
- Stray Cat x3                       - Rhobite x3
- CrassHoppr x2, Stray Cat x2        - Beakor, Stray Cat, CrassHoppr x2
- CrassHoppr x3                      - Templar x2
- Rhobite x5                         - Telstar, Soldier x4
- Beakor                             - Doberman x3
- Beakor x2, Stray Cat
- Beakor, Rhobite x2

Pack 9:                              Pack 10:
- HeavyArmor                         - Bomb x2, Hazer x2
- Ghost                              - Apparite x2, Lich x2
- Ghost x3                           - Whisper x4
- Actaneon x3, Aspik x2              - Over-Mind x2
- Ghost, Poplium x2                  - Bomb x3
- Ghost x2, Poplium x3               - Bomb
- Whisper x2, Hazer                  - Over-Mind, StillGoing x2
- Vaporite x2

Pack 11:                             Pack 12:
- Whisper, StillGoing, Hazer x2      - HeavyArmor, Trooper x2
- Whisper, Hazer x3                  - Fidor, Trooper
- Anguiform                          - Whisper
- Anguiform x2                       - Trooper x4
- Vomammoth x2, Guard x2             - Bounty Man, Trooper x2
- StillGoing x3                      - FossilFang
- Anguiform, Actaneon, Aspik         - Red Fang x2
- Rider                              - Over Grunk, Vulture, Iron Fist

Pack 13:                             Pack 14:
- Iron Fist x2, Mind Candy x2        - Gabbldegak x4
- Red Fang x2, Vulture               - SlamDancer
- Over Grunk x2, Mind Candy x3       - SlamDancer, Gabbldegak x3
- Vulture x2                         - Harvester
- Vulture, Iron Fist                 - SlamDancer, Harvester x2
- Mind Candy x4                      - Harvester, Gabbldegak x2
- HadesGigas                         - HadesGigas, Harvester
- Crawler                            - Mag Roader (purple)

Pack 15:                                     Pack 16:
- Vermin, Sewer Rat x2                       - General, Pipsqueak x2
- Sewer Rat x3, Vermin x2                    - Pipsqueak x4
- Crawler x4                                 - Chaser, Trapper x3
- Garm x2, Commando x2                       - Chaser, Pipsqueak x3
- Garm x2, Commando                          - Gobbler
- Mag Roader (purple), Mag Roader (red)      - Commander x3
- Trapper x3
- General x2

Pack 17:             Pack 18:                   Pack 19:
- Nastidon x2        - Bomb x6                  - Ralph, Wyvern x2
- Nohrabbit x3       - Io                       - Ralph, Wyvern, ChickenLip x2
- Bomb               - Maliga x3                - WeedFeeder x3
                     - FossilFang x2            - Ralph, Joker
                     - FossilFang, Bug x3       - Joker x3
                     - Bug x3                   - ChickenLip x5
                     - Bug x6                   - Zombone
                     - Ralph x2                 - Zombone, Ing x2

Pack 20:                      Pack 21:                 Pack 22:
- Ing x3                      - Baskervor              - Mandrake, Insecare x2
- Apparite x2                 - Chimera                - Abolisher x2
- Coelecite x3                - Cephaler, Baskervor    - Gigantos
- Lich, Apparite, Coelecite   - Cephaler x3            - Sky Armor x2, Spit Fire
- Lich x3                     - Adamanchyt, Slurm x2
- Sp Forces x3                - Adamanchyt x2
- Balloon x3                  - Slurm x5
- Balloon x6                  - Mandrake x3

Pack 23:                             Pack 24:
- Sky Armor, Spit Fire               - Brainpan x3
- Behemoth                           - Dragon
- Apokryphos, Misfit x2              - Behemoth, Misfit x2
- Apokryphos                         - Behemoth x2
- Ninja x2                           - Ninja x2, Wirey Drgn
- Wirey Drgn x3                      - Grenade
- Apokryphos x3                      - Chimera, Cephaler x2
- Brainpan x2, Misfit, Apokryphos    - Baskervor x2

Pack 25:                             Pack 26:
- Peepers x2                         - Gilomantis x2, Mesosaur
- Peepers x3                         - Chitonid, Gigan Toad x2
- EarthGuard, Peepers x2             - Lunaris, Osprey
- Black Drgn                         - Lunaris x2
- Didalos, Veteran                   - Osprey, Chitonid, Gigan Toad
- Mesosaur x2                        - Madam, Veteran x2
- Mesosaur x4                        - Veteran x3
- Gilomantis, Mesosaur               - HermitCrab x2, Pm Stalker

Pack 27:                   Pack 28:                    Pack 29:
- Scorpion x3              - Bloompire x2              - Latimeria
- Intangir                 - Delta Bug x4              - Latimeria, Nohrabbit x3
- Pm Stalker x4            - Bloompire x2, Delta Bug   - Doom Drgn x2
- Vectagoyle x2            - Buffalax, Lizard          - Land Worm
- Buffalax                 - Maliga x2, Nohrabbit x2   - Humpty x3
- Buffalax, Delta Bug x2   - Cactrot                   - Cruller, Humpty x2
- Bloompire x2, Lizard     - Sand Horse x2             - Humpty x4
                           - Sand Horse, Maliga x2     - NeckHunter x2

Pack 30:                               Pack 31:
- NeckHunter, Cruller, Humpty x2       - Deep Eye x6
- Dante                                - Deep Eye x2, Muus x2
- Drop x3                              - Muus x3
- Pugs x3                              - Muus
- Harpiai                              - Orog x2
- Hoover                               - Orog, PowerDemon x2
- Harpiai, Deep Eye x2                 - Osteosaur
- Bogy x2                              - PowerDemon

Pack 32:                  Pack 33:                    Pack 34:
- PowerDemon, Exoray x2   - Kiwok, Poppers x3         - Borras, Ursus, Scrapper
- Exoray x3               - Ceritops x3               - Ursus
- Mad Oscar, Exoray       - Anemone x2, Tomb Thumb    - Luridan x6
- Mad Oscar               - Anemone x4                - Ursus, Punisher
- Pug                     - Ceritops, Tomb Thumb x2   - ToeCutter
- Poppers x4              - Luridan x3                - ToeCutter x2
- Kiwok, Ceritops         - Punisher x2, Scrapper     - Rhyos
                          - Borras                    - Vectaur x4

Pack 35:                          Pack 36:
- Brontaur, Evil Oscar            - Mag Roader (yellow) x2, Mag Roader (brown)
- Red Wolf x3                     - Mag Roader (yellow), Mag Roader (brown) x2
- Test Rider                      - Brontaur x2
- Nastidon, Red Wolf x2           - SoulDancer x2, Crusher x2
- Wizard x3                       - Vindr x2, Wild Cat, Crusher x2
- Wizard x2, Psychot x3           - Vindr x2
- Red Wolf x2, Psychot x2         - SoulDancer, Wild Cat x4
- Psychot x6

Pack 37:                             Pack 38:
- Dahling x2                         - Slatter, Warlock, Eland
- Nightshade x3                      - Slatter x2
- Still Life                         - Warlock, Cluck x2, Eland x2
- Opinicus x2                        - GtBehemoth, Vectaur x2
- Displayer                          - Doom Drgn
- Opinicus, Hipocampus, Eland        - Goblin x2
- Hipocampus x4                      - Goblin, Figaliz x2
- Hipocampus, Cluck x3               - Boxed Set x2, Figaliz x2

Pack 39:                             Pack 40:
- Boxed Set                          - Barb-e, Critic
- Lethal Wpn                         - PlutoArmor, Sky Cap
- Enuo x2                            - Allosaurus, Parasite x3
- Enuo, Goblin, Figaliz              - Critic, Pan Dora x3
- Boxed Set x4                       - Allosaurus
- Rain Man x2                        - Barb-e, Samurai, Suriander
- Samurai, Rain Man x2               - Suriander, Pan Dora, Parasite x2
- PlutoArmor x2                      - Crawler x3

Pack 41:                               Pack 42:
- Tyranosaur x2                        - Sprinter x2, Spek Tor x2
- Tyranosaur                           - GtBehemoth, Evil Oscar, Vectaur
- Brachosaur                           - Evil Oscar x3
- Mantodea, Sprinter, Spek Tor x2      - Harpy
- Reach Frog x4                        - Harpy, Prussian
- Mantodea x2                          - Prussian, GloomShell
- Geckorex x2, Reach Frog              - GloomShell x3
- TumbleWeed x4

Pack 43:                                   Pack 44:
- Phase x2                                 - Ogor x2
- Trixter x3                               - Covert, Ogor
- Phase, Parasoul, Necromancr x2           - Wart Puck x2
- Trixter x2, Necromancr                   - Karkass x2
- Sea Flower x5                            - Tap Dancer, Covert x2
- Uroburos, Sea Flower x2                  - Tap Dancer, Woolly
- Chaos Drgn, Uroburos, Sea Flower x2
- Aquila, Chaos Drgn x2

Pack 45:                   Pack 46:                Pack 47:
- Woolly x2, Karkass x2    - Rhinox x2             - Vector Pup x2, Commander
- Wart Puck, Ogor          - Gobbler x2, Rhinox    - Vector Pup x2
- Magic Urn x2                                     - Trilobiter, Primordite x2
- Flan x6                 
- Flan x4

Pack 48:                               Pack 49:       
- Gold Bear, Primordite                Empty          
- Trilobiter x3                                   
- Primordite x2                        Pack 50:
- Dark Side x2                         - Innoc, Fortis
- Dark Side, Spectre, Rinn x3          - Fortis x2
- 1st Class, Wild Rat                  - Dueller x2, Sky Base
- 1st Class x3                         - Scullion
- Wild Rat x3, 1st Class x2

Pack 51:                         Pack 52:                        Pack 53:
- Innoc x3                       - Templar x2, Soldier x2        - Commando x4
- Junk x3                        - Balloon x4                    - Commando
- ProtoArmor, Pipsqueak x2       - Soldier x2
- Pipsqueak x5                   - Sky Base, IronHitman x4
- Mag Roader (purple) x2         - IronHitman x3
- Mag Roader (red) x4            - Dueller, Fortis

Pack 54:                     Pack 56:                 Pack 60:        Pack 64:
- SrBehemoth (undead)        Empty                    Empty           Empty
- Dark Force x2
- Retainer x2, Dark Force    Pack 57:                 Pack 61:
- Hemophyte, Retainer        - SrBehemoth (undead)    - White Drgn        
- Outsider x2, Madam
- Mover x3                   Pack 58:                 Pack 62:
- Steroidite                 Empty                    Empty
- Didalos x2
                             Pack 59:                 Pack 63:
Pack 55:                     Empty                    Empty

*  7. Copyright and Contact Info  *

This guide, written in 2011, is copyrighted by Khaos (Khaos09 on GameFAQs), all
rights reserved.

Questions about the guide, corrections, suggestions for improvement, or
requests for permission to publicly use or distribute it in part or in whole
can be directed via email to khaos dot ff6 at gmail dot com.

Version: 1.2

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