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Close X Rare/Missable Item FAQ
by bover_87

Table of Contents

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Rare/Missable Item FAQ by bover_87

Version: 1.21 | Updated: 11/11/14

Table of Contents

  1. Version History
  2. Legal Stuff
  3. Missable Item List
  4. Acquiring Rare/Missable Items
    1. Aegis Shld
    2. Assassin
    3. Atma Weapon
    4. Aura Lance
    5. Bandana
    6. BehemothSuit
    7. Blizzard Orb
    8. Blossom
    9. Boomerang
    10. Buckler
    11. Cards
    12. Celes
    13. Chocobo Brsh
    14. Coin Toss
    15. Coronet
    16. Cotton Robe
    17. Cursed Ring
    18. Cursed Shld
    19. Doom Darts
    20. Dragon Claw
    21. Economizer
    22. Epee
    23. Excalibur
    24. FakeMustache
    25. Fixed Dice
    26. Force Armor
    27. ForceField
    28. Force Shld
    29. Forged
    30. Gauntlet
    31. Gem Box
    32. Genji Gloves
    33. Genji Helmet
    34. Graedus
    35. Guardian
    36. Hair Band
    37. Hawk Eye
    38. Head Band
    39. Heal Rod
    40. Heavy Shld
    41. Ifrit
    42. Illumina
    43. Iron Armor
    44. Iron Helmet
    45. Kodachi
    46. Kotetsu
    47. Kung Fu Suit
    48. LeatherArmor
    49. Leather Hat
    50. Magical Brsh
    51. Magus Hat
    52. Magus Rod
    53. MetalKnuckle
    54. Mirage Vest
    55. MithrilKnife
    56. Mithril Helm
    57. Mithril Mail
    58. Mithril Pike
    59. Mithril Rod
    60. Mithril Shld
    61. Momento Ring
    62. Moogle Charm
    63. Morning Star
    64. Nightshade
    65. Offering
    66. Paladin Shld
    67. Plumed Hat
    68. Punisher
    69. Rage Ring
    70. Rainbow Brsh
    71. Ragnarok (Esper)
    72. Ragnarok (Sword)
    73. Red Cap
    74. Regal Crown
    75. RegalCutlass
    76. Relic Ring
    77. Ribbon
    78. Safety Bit
    79. Scimitar
    80. Shadow
    81. Sky Render
    82. Snow Muffler
    83. Stray Cat
    84. SrBehemoth
    85. Striker
    86. Stunner
    87. Tempest
    88. Thornlet
    89. Tiara
    90. Tintinabar
    91. ValiantKnife
    92. Water Rondo
    93. White Dress
    94. Wing Edge
    95. X-Ether
  5. Missable Item Walkthrough
    1. Narshe
    2. South Figaro
    3. Mt. Koltz
    4. Returner's Hideout
    5. Locke's Scenario: South Figaro
    6. Sabin's Scenario: Imperial Base
    7. Sabin's Scenario: Phantom Forest
    8. Sabin's Scenario: Phantom Train
    9. Sabin's Scenario: Mobilz
    10. Sabin's Scenario: Nikeah
    11. Narshe Raid
    12. Kohlingen
    13. Jidoor
    14. Opera House
    15. Southern Continent
    16. Imperial MagiTek Research Facility
    17. Narshe
    18. Overworld
    19. Water Rondo Dance
    20. Cave to the Sealed Gate
    21. Banquet
    22. Thamasa
    23. Esper Mt.
    24. Preparations
    25. Floating Continent
    26. Change of Worlds
    27. Collapsing House
    28. Mt. Zozo
    29. Cave on the Veldt
    30. Colloseum
    31. Owzer's House
    32. Narshe
    33. Umaro's Cave
    34. Zone Eater's Cave
    35. Opera House
    36. Ancient Castle
    37. Cyan's Dream
    38. Phoenix Cave
    39. Fanatics Tower
    40. Kefka's Tower
  6. Contact Information
  7. Credits

Version History

1.0 - Initial Release

1.1 - Added Bandana, Economizer, Head Band, Mithril Helm, Ribbon to Rare Items list; Dragon Claw to the Unique Items list; and missable Rages to walkthrough

1.2 - Added Tintinabar and notes regarding the Banquet to the guide.

1.21 (11/11/14): Updated email address and did some minor cleanup to the Allowed Sites List and legal section

Legal Stuff

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

You may NOT host a copy of this guide on any website without asking my permission first. Do NOT ask me if you can distribute this guide commercially; you cannot. You MAY host a copy of this guide if your site is listed on the Allowed Sites List below.

Allowed Sites List

If you wish to host this document, please e-mail me at bover87 [at] gmail [dot] com. If you decide to host this guide, please make sure your site is hosting the most up-to-date version of the guide, which can always be found at www.gamefaqs.com. However, I cannot assist you with converting this Formatted FAQ guide to work on your website; I'm a writer, not a web designer.

All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Beware, spoilers ahead!

Missable Item List

NOTE: With regard to Rages, you only need to *encounter* the monster; once you've gotten it to appear on the Veldt, the Rage itself can no longer be missed.

(List is in alphabetical order)

In addition, all Rages in WoB-only areas or areas whose enemies change during the game are missable, as are Rages in the Collapsing House, Cyan's Dream, and the Nightshade Rage. If you want a perfect Rage list, make sure you encounter all monsters in these areas. Commonly missed Rage monsters will be noted in the Missable Items Walkthrough, however, a full listing of missable Rage monsters is beyond the scope of this guide.

In addition to these, there are certain items that can only be acquired in a limited quantity at the end of the game (or are forced into the inventory at some point during the game), and selling/using/Throwing them will result in them not becoming available again. These are:

Finally, a few items can be gotten in infinite quantities even at the end of the game, but however are very difficult to get due to being stolen from or dropped by a monster that now only appears on the Veldt (or is a 1/16 encounter rate), or they can only be acquired through Morphing. These are:

Acquiring Rare/Missable Items

This section gives specific information how to acquire each item.

Aegis Shld

There are two of this great shield. The first is on Mt. Zozo, and the second is in Kefka's Tower. Both are in chests.


Pick one up in the Cave of the Sealed Gate. If you want more, or you missed the one in the cave, you'll have to morph Ninja, Covert, or Outsider.

Atma Weapon

Get this from the Cave of the Sealed Gate. You can also steal one from Sleep in the third tier of the final battle (common steal); however, this is after the point of no return, so make sure to get the one from the Cave of the Sealed Gate.

Aura Lance

Dropped by Poltrgeist. If you want another one, bet the Sky Render at the Colloseum (not recommended).


In the WoB, buy in Kohlingen, Narshe (before the Airship only), Mobilz, or Nikeah. You can also Steal them from Brawler, but beware that you can only find this monster on the Veldt in the WoR.


Get this from SrBehemoth. If you killed SrBehemoth with Vanish/X-Zone or Vanish/Snare, you'll never be able to get more than what you got from winning the initial boss battle; otherwise, you can get infinite quantities from the Veldt (and this item is consequently not rare, as SrBehemoth appears frequently there).

Blizzard Orb

Found in a chest in Ancient Castle. If you want another one (and I don't know why you would), bet the Rage Ring at the Colloseum.


Buy this from Albrook, Narshe (post-Airship), or Vector during the WoB. It's recommended you buy as many as you can, since this is the strongest Wind-elemental throwing item, and you can't get this in the WoR.


Bought in Maranda, Narshe (post-Airship), or Tzen during the WoB. If you miss buying it, note that the game will put one in your inventory during the change from WoB to WoR, so you're not totally screwed.


Terra, Cyan, and Edgar have this equipped when you recruit them. If you want more, buy them at South Figaro or Mobilz in the WoB, or steal them from GreaseMonk.


Setzer has this equipped when he joins your party. Don't sell it!


There is only one way to miss Celes, and it's pretty hard to do: during Locke's scenario, leave South Figaro without recruiting her. The only way to do this is to utilize a glitch that allows you to walk through the guard near the start point. If you do skip Celes, Kutan, one of the Moogles from the sequence at the beginning of the game in Narshe. Kutan is vastly inferior to Celes; he can't use Espers and his equipment is restricted to the weapon he had then. At the Opera House his weapon will be removed. The worst part is that Kutan is forced into your party whenever Celes is, which means you'll be starting the WoR with him and him only. Definitely don't trigger this glitch.

Chocobo Brsh

Initially equipped by Relm.

Coin Toss

Found in a chest in the Cave of the Sealed Gate.


Found in a chest in Kefka's Tower. If you want another one, bet Red Cap (not advised).

Cotton Robe

Buy in South Figaro in the WoB. Strago also has one equipped when he joins your party.

Cursed Ring

Morph from SrBehemoth, Didalos, or Veteran. You can also bet the Cursed Shld for this, but this is a very bad idea.

Cursed Shld

Given to you by the sick old man in Narshe. Requires Locke to obtain. You lose this item if you "un-curse" it and turn it into the Paladin Shld; you cannot have both this shield and the Paladin Shld in your inventory at any given time.

Doom Darts

Found in a chest in the Cave to Ancient Castle.

Dragon Claw

Dropped by Presenter in Daryll's Tomb. You can get two of them by killing the head and shell at the same time (Shoat works very well for this, as does Odin if you already have him for some reason).


This Relic can be won in two ways: either by stealing from Aquila (recommended; you can do this in the [[Colloseum]]), or as a drop from Brachosaur. Both are 1/16 encounter rates and respectable oppenents, so be warned if you're trying to get 99.


Buy at Albrook, Miranda, Tzen, or Vector in the WoB. It's worthless, but it's gone after that.


Dropped by Goddess.


It's in a chest in Zone Eater's Cave. You can get more by stealing from Still Life (rare).

Fixed Dice

Found in Kefka's Tower.

Force Armor

You can get two from chests in Fanatics Tower and Kefka's Tower. You can get a third from Storm Drgn, and a fourth by stealing from Guardian in Kefka's Tower.


ForceField is used by only one enemy, Doom, and you can only fight her once. So make sure you have Strago in your party (send his party to the left at the switch room). After you've knocked off about half of her HP, she'll eventually cast ForceField. Once she casts it, waste her and this Lore is yours.

Force Shld

The 2nd best shield in the game and the biggest beneficiary of the Evade bug, this item can be found in a chest in Kefka's Tower, and you can get another by frying Ice Dragon.


Buy this in Albrook, Jidoor, or Vector in the WoB. It's not very good (like most of Cyan's katanas), but it's missable, so if you want a full inventory at the end of the game...


Found in Umaro's Cave and Kefka's Tower. If you want another copy, agree when Banon asks Terra to join the Returners' cause in the WoB (although the Genji Glove you can get is better).

Gem Box

Gotten at the top of the Fanatics Tower. Enjoy this awesome item, possibly the best in the game!

Genji Gloves

You can get one early in the WoB by telling Banon "No" when he asks you to help the Returners, then talk to the Returner in the room directly north of the hideout entrance (this room also has a White Cape in a hidden passage), or just tell Banon "No" three times. Another is gotten in the Cave of the Sealed Gate, and a third can be found in Cyan's Dream on the train. If you want more, you can get them as a rare steal from Dragon. Be warned, Dragons have a common steal, so 7/8 of the time you'll get a Potion instead. If you intend to do this, definitely do this while on the Floating Continent, since Dragon only appears in one formation and you'll have to hope that it appears on the Veldt (it's a 1/8 chance ever time you have a battle from its Veldt Formation Pack). If you missed encountering Dragon, these copies are all you'll ever get.

Genji Helmet

You can get one in Darrill's Tomb in a chest. You can get more by betting Regal Crowns at the Colloseum, if you like; however, note that Regal Crown is also limited in quantity.


Get this in the Cave to Ancient Castle by fighting Master Pug. If you really want another one (and I'm not sure why you would, since there are always better choices of weapons outside of the dungeon you get it in), bet Atma Weapon at the Colloseum.


You can find one in a chest on Mt. Kolts in the WoB. If you want more, steal from Pterodon (or Merchant, but this can only be encountered during Locke's scenario).

Hair Band

Initially equipped by Celes. If you would like more, buy them in South Figaro in the WoB.

Hawk Eye

Buy from post-Airship Narshe or Thamasa in the WoB. Even if this weren't missable, you'd want a pair of these anyway, since it's Locke's best weapon by far in the WoB. In the WoR, you can't get them anymore.

Head Band

In the WoB, buy them in Albrook, Kohlingen, Jidoor, or Vector. In the WoR your only choice is to steal them from Iron Fist on the Veldt.

Heal Rod

The first Heal Rod you can get is found in a chest in Esper Mt. in the WoB. The only other copy of this item is found in the Collapsing House in the WoR; if you don't get either of these while their areas are accessible, that copy is gone forever. I advise you to bet one of them at the Colloseum to get an extra Magus Rod.

Heavy Shld

You can find a Heavy Shld in the hidden passage in the South Figaro mansion basement. In the WoB, you can buy them at Mobilz, Nikeah, or South Figaro; in the WoR your only option is to Morph for it; there are many enemies you can Morph, including Garm and pallette-swaps of the little Mag Roader, Trapper, M-TekArmor, Sky Armor, HeavyArmr, and Telstar.


The Esper Ifrit can be missed by not picking him up after the fight with him and Shiva. Very difficult to miss, but still possible.


You can miss this by choosing Ragnarok (Esper) instead of Ragnarok (Sword) when the man in Narshe offers you the choice. Get this by betting Ragnarok (Sword) at the Colloseum.

Iron Armor

You can find one in the underground passage in South Figaro (and can get this any time you have access to South Figaro after reaching the Returner's Hideout). Buy more in Kohlingen, Mobilz, Narshe (pre-Airship), or Nikeah during the WoB.

Iron Helmet

Buy in Kohlingen, Mobilz, Narshe (pre-Airship), or Nikeah in the WoB. In the WoR, you will have to steal these from HeavyArmor on the Veldt.


Buy Kodachi in Jidoor in the WoB. This is the only place to get them.


Buy in Mobilz, Narshe (pre-Airship), or Nikeah during the WoB. After the end of the WoB, there is no way to get more.

Kung Fu Suit

Equipped by Sabin when he joins you. You can also buy them in Mobilz, Nikeah, or South Figaro during the WoB.


Initially equipped by Terra, Locke, Cyan, and Edgar.

Leather Hat

Initially equipped by Terra, Locke, Cyan, Edgar, and Sabin.

Magical Brsh

Found in a chest in Zone Eater's Cave.

Magus Hat

Buy this hat in Kohlingen, Mobilz, pre-Airship Narshe, or Nikeah during the WoB. After that, you can't get this anymore.

Magus Rod

You can get one by beating Dirt Drgn. If you want another, bet a Heal Rod at the Colloseum.


Initially equipped by Sabin. It's pretty worthless, but don't sell it...

Mirage Vest

Get this by betting Thornlet at the Colloseum.


In the WoB, buy them in South Figaro and Mobilz. You can also steal them from Marshal and Pterodon (in the WoR, find them on the Veldt). Also, Terra and Gogo each have one equipped initially.

Mithril Helm

During the WoB, buy this in Miranda, Narshe (post-Airship), or Tzen. If you're in the WoR, the only way to get more of these is by Morphing (most machine enemies have them).

Mithril Mail

The easiest way to get these is to buy them from Miranda or Narshe (after getting the Airship) during the WoB. You can also steal them from ProtoArmor (find them on the Veldt in the WoR).

Mithril Pike

Initially equipped by Mog (you can get a second copy by removing it from Mog before completing the "save Terra" sequence at the beginning of the game; when he joins permanantly he'll have a new one equipped). Buy more from Maranda, Narshe (before the Airship), or Nikeah during the WoB.

Mithril Rod

Strago comes with one, and you can get more by buying them in Thamasa in the WoB. In the WoR, the only way to get these will be to get them as a rare drop from Joker on the Veldt.

Mithril Shld

In the WoB, buy this from Jidoor, Kohlingen, or Narshe (before the Airship). In the WoR, you will have to steal these from General if you want extra copies for some reason. Also, Strago, Relm, Setzer, Mog and Gogo have these equipped initially (get another from Mog by unequipping it during the "save Terra" sequence at the beginning of the game).

Momento Ring

Relm comes with one equipped; you can find another one upstairs in Strago's house in Thamasa. If you want a third (there's no reason to since no one else can use them), steal it from Wrexsoul.

Moogle Charm

Gotten from the spot of wall Mog is looking at when you recruit him in the WoR.

Morning Star

Buy Morning Star in Narshe (after the Airship) or Thamasa.


While there are many other missable Rages in the game, Nightshade is listed here because of how desirable a Rage it is (uses Charm, which works on ANY enemy, even the final boss) and how easy it is to miss it. In the WoR, make sure to examine the picture of flowers in the entrance of Owzer's house; this will trigger a battle with three Nightshade monsters and ensure their appearance on the Veldt later (use Fire magic to kill them). Just watch out for Charm!


Offering can be missed by opening the chest in Ancient Castle housing KatanaSoul, then running. Don't do this!

Paladin Shld

Acquired by un-cursing the Cursed Shld by fighting 256 battles when someone other than Gogo has it equipped. Note that you cannot have both this and the Cursed Shld in your inventory at the same time.

Plumed Hat

In the WoB, you can buy this item from the travelling merchant outside Gau's house, Mobliz, Nikeah, or South Figaro. Also, Strago, Relm, and Gogo have this item equipped when they are recruited.


Found in a chest in Ancient Castle.

Rage Ring

You can get this in a chest in the Cave on the Veldt. If you want another (and I don't know why you would), bet the Blizzard Orb at the Colloseum.

Rainbow Brsh

Found in a chest in Kefka's Tower.

Ragnarok (Esper)

You will miss this Esper if you choose the Ragnarok (Sword) from the old man in Narshe. You can't get both (except for stealing the Ragnarok (Sword) from Girl in the final battle). I recommend you choose the sword though.

Ragnarok (Sword)

You will miss this weapon if you choose the Ragnarok (Esper) from the old man in Narshe. You can't get both in one playthrough, although you can also steal this item from Girl during the final battle. I advise you to take this over the Esper, since the Ragnarok (Esper)'s benefits can be gotten in other ways, and choosing the sword allows you to get the almighty Illumina.

Red Cap

Found in chests on Mt. Zozo and Kefka's Tower.

Regal Crown

Found in a chest in Figaro Castle's basement. You can also bet Coronet for this.


You can find one in a chest in the basement of the mansion in South Figaro. Buy more from Narshe (before getting the Airship) or South Figaro.

Relic Ring

You can find one in the basement of Owzer's House. If you want more, you will have to Morph SrBehemoth, Didalos, or Veteran.


You can get four Ribbons from chests during the game. Also, AtmaWeapon and Guardian (in Kefka's Tower) each have one to Steal (note that taking the Ribbon from Guardian forces you to miss out on the Force Armor it carries). If you want more, you'll have to Morph, or steal from the rare (and dangerous) Brachosaur.

Safety Bit

You'll find a Safety Bit in Fanatics Tower, and can steal a second from Doom in Kefka's Tower (highly recommended). If you want more, Morph L.90 Magic, L.60 Magic, White Drgn, Boxed Set, Critic, Trixter, or Woolly.


Dropped by Blue Drgn in the hidden area of Ancient Castle. If you want another one, bet Illumina at the Colloseum (not recommended).


Ah, the biggest missable of them all isn't an item, but rather a character. On the Floating Continent, Shadow will live or die depending on your actions. If you immediately jump on the airship, you will never see him again. When you get to the the point where the game asks you if you want to jump back on the airship, WAIT. And keep waiting there, until the timer reaches 0:05. At this point, Shadow will appear, and he will jump onto the Airship along with your party, and be at the Colloseum looking for the Striker.

Sky Render

Dropped by Doom. If you would like another one, bet the Aura Lance at the Colloseum (not advised).

Snow Muffler

If you killed the living SrBehemoth with Vanish/Snare or Vanish/X-Zone, this item is limited in quantity since you cannot get infinite BehemothSuit items. Otherwise, this item can be gotten by betting one of your (probably large) stock of BehemothSuit armors at the Colloseum.

Stray Cat

This excellent Rage is only available during the WoB, so make sure you encounter it--in the WoB it's very strong, and even in the WoR it's still very useful for its strong attack and other possibilities with the Merit Award (even without, this Rage is still very strong).


While SrBehemoth itself is not missable, it is possible to make it so it doesn't appear on the Veldt. If you use Vanish in conjunction with a "stalls final attack" move (such as X-Zone, Snare, or Odin/Raiden) to kill the first (living) form, the game will not summon the undead one, and the undead monster will not appear on the Veldt, so don't do this--he has a good Rage, and otherwise you'll only get one BehemothSuit.


Found in the Cave on the Veldt. If you want more, Morph Ninja, Covert, or Outsider. Don't sell it, because you'll need it to get Shadow!


Found in a chest in the Fanatics Tower.


The first one is a rare steal from Number 128 (thankfully there is no common steal, so just keep stealing until it yields the Tempest). The second copy is in the Cave to the Sealed Gate, in a chest.


There are three ways of getting this; two of them are very difficult, and the thrid requires you to spend other very valuable items. The first is to steal it from Hidon. Hidon has a common steal alongside the rare Thornlet steal, and as he is a boss, this is very difficult (he can be fought again by talking to Gungho after you beat him until he says that Hidon has reappeared in Ebot's Rock). The second option is to Morph SrBehemoth, Didalos, or Veteran. The final (and least advisable by far) option is to bet Force Shld at the Colloseum.


Buy in Narshe (after getting the Airship) or Thamasa in the WoB. After the Floating Continent, it's gone and can't be gotten anymore.


You can obtain 2 copies fairly easily. One is obtained after Sabin's Scenario: Mobilz by mailing all the items for the injured man, while the other is obtained as the top reward for the Banquet sequence. If you want more, you can either fight Pug (a 1/16 encounter in Umaro's Cave), or Morph Stray Cat, Wild Cat, or Spek Tor.


When you recruit Locke in the WoR, you'll get one of these. Possibly Locke's best weapon, you should definitely not even think of selling it.

Water Rondo

Arguably Mog's best dance, this can only be learned while there is water terrain, that is during the WoB. Use Mog in a water battle (Lete River and Serpent Trench both work), and you'll learn this Dance. If you chose the Gold Hairpin over Mog, you'll never be able to get this Dance.

White Dress

Buy this item in Albrook, Tzen, Jidoor, or Vector in the WoB. This is the only way you can get it.

Wing Edge

One is found in a chest in Phoenix Cave, the other is in a chest in the Cave to Ancient Castle.


You can pick up a maximum of four X-Ethers in any given playthrough. The first one you can get is a steal from Laser Gun during the Air Force battle. Two more can be acquired from a chest in Umaro's Cave and the bucket in Ancient Castle, and a fourth is given to you by Locke after completing Phoenix Cave.

Missable Item Walkthrough

This is not a complete step-by-step walkthrough; rather, it is a guide that will detail collecting all rare and missable items in the game, as well as easily-missed Rages. I will be skipping areas that don't have anything rare/missable. In addition, this walkthrough does not give detailed instructions on rare/missable item/Rage locations; please refer to a walkthrough for that. There will be spoilers, so I highly advise that you complete the game on your own first.

NOTE: Only missable Rages are listed here.


Rages: (Narshe town/caves) Guard, Lobo, Vommamoth, Repo Man, Were-Rat, Vaporite, Marshal; (Plains/Forests) Leafer, Dark Wind

If you want a free Mithril Shld and Mithril Pike, make sure to remove them from Mog before you fight Marshal. You can't remove any equipment from the other Moogles, by the way, so don't bother trying. Also, you can steal an extra MithrilKnife from Marshal here.

South Figaro

Rages: (desert) Areneid, Sand Ray; (cave) Bleary, Crawly, Hornet; (plains) GreaseMonk, Rhodox, Rhinotaur

Here is your first chance to buy RegalCutlass, Plumed Hat, and Heavy Shld, as well as get more Buckler shields. You only need to buy them for characters in your party; since money is tight at the beginning of the game I suggest you only buy enough to equip your party.

Mt. Koltz

Rages: (caves) Brawler, Tusker; (slopes) Trilium, Cirpius

You'll get a MetalKnuckle when you recruit Sabin. Don't sell it! Also, there is a Guardian dagger in a chest.

Returner's Hideout

Rages (Lete River): Exocite, Nautiloid, Pterodon; (Terra's Scenario) 1st Class, Wild Rat

After the the scenes, when you're in control of Terra, when you're ready to continue with the game, talk to Banon. If you want a Gauntlet, agree to help the Returners; if you would rather get a Genji Glove Relic, tell Banon no and talk to the Returner in the room directly north of the entrance. After this get on the raft. There are no more missable items until the scenario split. I will assume you did Terra's first, then Locke's, and lastly Sabin's. There's nothing missable in Terra's scenario (shame you can't remove Banon's Punisher). Here we come to...

Locke's Scenario: South Figaro

Rages: (Town) HeavyArmor; (Cave of Figaro) Trilobiter, Primordite, Gold Bear

Big thing here is to make sure not to skip Celes (you won't be able to unless you're actually trying to avoid recruiting her). Also, in the basement there is an Iron Armor and RegalCutlass. That's all for this scenario.

Sabin's Scenario: Imperial Base

Rages: (Plains) Beakor, Rhobite, Stray Cat, Crasshoppr; (base) Doberman, Telstar, M-TekArmor, Templar, Soldier (you'll meet this monster with Templar)

It doesn't matter if you recruit Shadow here, he will still appear later (and it doesn't matter if he leaves during the scenario, aside from raising the difficulty). At Doma Castle, you only need to fight the Leader, you'll encounter Soldiers later. In the base, the first thing that's missable is an encounter with the Doberman monster. After you enter and can move again, go into the first tent on the right side of the screen. Inside is a chest; choose to kick it. This is the only way to meet this monster in the game, and since it has a (bad) Rage for Gau, you'll want to fight it if you'd like to go for a perfect Rage list later. After you've "fought" Kefka a couple times, you'll be able to walk around freely. When you can, go up to the rightmost tent before the fence, and open both chests. One of them is your first Monster-in-a-Box, Telstar, and similarly this is the only way to fight this monster. The rest of the encounters are all forced, with no more items you can never get again.

Sabin's Scenario: Phantom Forest

Rages: Ghost, Poplium

Only thing of note here is to make sure you meet Poplium at least once. After you're done, make your way on the Phantom Train.

Sabin's Scenario: Phantom Train

Rages: Whisper, Bomb, Hazer, StillGoing, Ghost (forced), Over-Mind

There are numerous missable Rages here; make sure you encounter all of them (Bomb can be found elsewhere, so don't worry about meeting this monster). Of particular note is Over-Mind; this monster only appears in the room after Sabin jumps several train cars and detaches the back half of the train. When you've met everything, fight GhostTrain and get off the train. By the way, fighting Siegfried is optional; he doesn't appear on the Veldt.

Sabin's Scenario: Mobilz

Mobilz offers you the chance to buy several items, including Buckler, Heavy Shld, Iron Armor, Iron Helmet, Kotetsu, Kung Fu Suit, Magus Hat, MithrilKnife, and Plumed Hat. Incidentally, this is also the best opportunity to get Dried Meat (which you need one of to continue, but for more...); after a certain plot event this item will not be buyable anymore.

After you're done on the Veldt, go down the Serpent Trench to...

Sabin's Scenario: Nikeah

''Rages (Serpent Trench): Anguiform, Actaneon, Aspik

Here, you can buy the same items as in Mobilz, minus Dried Meat. Not much to say here, so buy what you want (don't worry, there will be opportunities later) and get on the boat to finish this long scenario.

Narshe Raid

Rages: Trooper, Bounty Man, Fidoor, HeavyArmor (if you didn't meet it earlier), Rider

In the Narshe raid, make sure to fight until you've met all the monsters you can meet here. They are Trooper, HeavyArmor (could've been encountered by Locke in South Figaro as well; even if you lose, you won't get a Game Over), Bounty Man, Fidor, and Rider.


Rages: (plains) Vulture, Red Fang, Iron Fist, Mind Candy; (forests) Over-Grunk; (desert) FossilFang

Here, you can get Mithril Shld, Iron Amor, and Iron Helmet.


Jidoor has Forged, Kodachi, Mithril Shld, and White Dress. By the way, Jidoor is the only place to buy a Kodachi; make sure you do this at some point!

Opera House

Rages: Vermin, Sewer Rat

In the Opera House, make sure to run into at least one of the rats to clear them to appear on the Veldt. Both types of rats appear in both possible formations, so just meet one, then kick Ultros' ass.

Southern Continent

Rages: (plains) WeedFeeder, Ralph, Joker, Wyvern; (forests) ChickenLip; (desert) Bug, FossilFang

Before going into the MagiTek Factory, you should visit some of the other towns for their new missable/difficult-to-get-later goods:

Imperial MagiTek Research Facility

Rages: Garm, Commando, Pipsqueak, Flan, Trapper, General, Gobbler, Rhinox, Mag Roader (purple), Mag Roader (red), Chaser

Don't forget to pick up the Ifrit Esper before you move further on in the dungeon. Also be sure to meet all monsters here, especially in the second half. In particular, don't miss Rhinox, and make sure to encounter Chaser after you leave the IMRF proper.

For a complete Rage list, you'll need to meet the red Mag Roader. The easiest way to do this is to simply have Celes in the first position in your party when she leaves.

Also, make sure you steal the Tempest from Number 128. This can be very difficult, since Number 128 is more than capable of killing you, and the Tempest is a rare steal.

When Setzer joins you against the Cranes, he'll have Cards equipped. Make sure you don't lose this weapon!


Here, make sure to get Mog rather than the Gold Hairpin; you can't get his Water Rondo otherwise, and Gold Hairpin can be acquired in other ways.


Rages: (Triangle Island) Intangir; (Bomb Forest) Bomb (if you didn't encounter it before), Grenade

Water Rondo Dance

Make sure to pick up the Water Rondo Dance for Mog. Just fight a battle in the Lete River or Serpent Trench, and this great ability is yours.

Cave to the Sealed Gate

Rages: Apparite, Coelecite, Lich, Zombone, Ing

There are numerous missable things here. First, make sure to encounter all monsters here; none of them can be found elsewhere. Zombone and Ing are very difficult to miss, but make sure to meet Lich, Apparite, and Coelecite (and not get killed by Lich); the best place to find them is in the first room.

As to items, there are quite a few you'll want to remember to get. Make sure to grab the Tempest and Atma Weapon here, since these are one of the only two copies of both items in the game, and the second Atma Weapon can't be picked up until near the end of the final battle. Also, don't forget the Coin Toss Relic; GP Rain may suck, but this is the only copy of this Relic you'll ever see, so there.


Rages: Sp Forces

During the banquet, make sure to talk to (and defeat) all 24 of the soldiers, and answer all questions with the replies that give maximum points. When asked if you want to take a break, say Yes and talk to Gestahl's guards to fight three Sp Forces enemies, clearing their formation to appear on the Veldt. Win the battle. If you did everything correctly, you will obtain a Charm Bangle and a Tintinabar, among other rewards.


Rages: (plains) Baskervor; (forests) Chimera, Cephaler

This is the easiest way to get Mithril Rod weapons in the game, as you can buy them in the shop (after the WoB, you can only acquire them from Joker, which only appears on the Veldt). Also, there is a Momento Ring upstairs in Strago's house by the table (this will always be available, but there's no reason not to get it now).

Esper Mt.

Rages: (caves) Slurm, Adamanchyt; (slopes) Abolisher, Mandrake, Insecare

Here, make sure to grab that Heal Rod, it's one of only two in the game, and it can be missed permanantly! Also, be sure to meet all five monsters here: Slurm, Amdamachyt, Abolisher, Mandrake, and Insecare. You can return here later, but the chances you will remember to are slim...

When you recruit Relm, she'll come with a Chocobo Brsh. Don't sell/Throw it, it's one-of-a-kind!


If there's anything listed above you're even thinking about doing, you'll have to do it now. This is your last chance to do them. This includes getting Mog's Water Rondo Dance and any Rages not mentioned above that can be met. Especially make sure to meet Stray Cat and Intangir, as both are quite useful in the WoR!

Floating Continent

Monsters: (IAF Sequence) Sky Armor, Spit Fire; (Floating Continent) Dragon, Ninja, Apokryphos, Brainpan, Misfit, Wirey Drgn, Behemoth, Gigantos (Monster-in-a-Box)

In the battle with Air Force, make sure to steal an X-Ether. It's a common steal, so it shouldn't be too difficult; however, you'll need to bring Locke to do this.

Make sure to fight all monsters on the Floating Continent. Gigantos is a Monster-in-a-Box; you'll have to find Dragon (also your only source for unlimited Genji Glove Relics), Ninja, Wirey Drgn, Behemoth, Misfit, Brainpan, and Apokryphos for the Veldt.

You'll want to steal a Ribbon from AtmaWeapon. They are very difficult to get in large quanities, so you may as well take advantage of the opportunity (Atma has an Elixir in the common slot though).

Now, the key thing in this area is to make sure you save Shadow. After beating Nerapa and making it to the end of the area, the game will ask you if you want to jump. WAIT, don't jump. Wait until the timer hits 0:05. Now, as long as you're not in the menu, Shadow will jump with you and the WoB will end.

Change of Worlds

During this time, a Boomerang will be added to your inventory.

Collapsing House

Rages: Scorpion, HermitCrab, Pm Stalker

In the Collapsing House, make sure you meet all the monsters here (HermitCrab, Scorpion, and Pm Stalker), since once you leave there's no going back. Also, pick up the Heal Rod; this is the second of only two copies in the game, and you'll want to be able to get a second Magus Rod.

From this point forward, the areas are in no particular order. Simply find the area you're in with Ctrl+F.

Mt. Zozo

Here, you can get an Aegis Shld and Red Cap from chests, as well as a Force Armor from Storm Drgn.

Cave on the Veldt

Here, find Rage Ring and Striker in chests.

When you fight SrBehemoth, make sure you don't use Vanish/X-Zone or Vanish/Snare on the living SrBehemoth (the first form); otherwise you won't be able to get any more BehemothSuit armors from the undead form on the Veldt, since you won't have fought it. This will also allow you to get unlimited Snow Muffler armors for Mog and Gau. By the way, Vanish/Doom is perfectly fine to use on the living SrBehemoth, since it doesn't delay final attacks, and thus allows the formation change to the undead version to occur. You can quickly kill the undead form with a Fenix Down or Life spell.


Here, bet the Striker for Shadow. Don't worry about losing it, you'll get it back when you win the battle (assuming you saved Shadow of course; if you didn't, you'll simply fight Chupon for an Elixir).

Owzer's House

Rages: Nightshade

The first thing you need to do here is to examine the picture of flowers on the main floor. You'll get into a battle with three Nightshade monsters, clearing them to appear on the Veldt. They have an awesome Rage, and it would be a shame to miss it, so take advantage of this!

Elsewhere in the dungeon, find the Relic Ring, and, of course, Starlet Esper.


Here, recruit Mog, but don't leave right away. Instead, check the spot Mog was staring at for the Moogle Charm. After this, go to Umaro's Cave.

After acquiring Locke, you can get some more goodies if you visit buildings in town with him in your party. Go into the Weapon Shop, and talk to the man there. He'll offer to make an Esper into a sword or leave it as an Esper. The Ranarok (Esper) teaches Ultima and allows you to Morph items, but the Ragnarok (Sword) is preferable, as it has major stat boosts, and can be exchanged at the Colloseum for the Illumina, which offers insanely large boosts to all stats, while Ultima and Metamorph can be gotten in other ways. Next, go to the building above the Relic Shop. There is a sick old man in the bed here who will give you the Cursed Shld, which is absolutely worthless...except it can be turned into the fabled Paladin Shld, which is in my opinion the best piece of defensive equipment in the game and second best piece of equipment overall (just behind Illumina). In addition to all its defensive goodness, Paladin Shld can teach Ultima, which, together with Setzer's Slots, makes Ragnarok (Esper) obsolete.

Umaro's Cave

The only rare item here is the Gauntlet (and, of course, the Terrato Esper and the worthless Umaro).

Zone Eater's Cave

Here, you'll find a FakeMustache Relic and Magical Brsh for Relm.

Opera House

Beat Dirt Drgn to receive a Magus Rod. There's nothing else to do here.

Ancient Castle

The Cave to Ancient Castle houses Master Pug, who has the Graedus dirk. A chest here holds Doom Darts, and another chest has Wing Edge.

Ancient Caslte itself has KatanaSoul, who is a Monster-in-a-Box. Do NOT flee from this battle, or you'll never be able to get the Offering. Other chests here holds the Punisher, a mediocre striking weapon for Strago, Relm, and Gogo that always does critical hits in exchange for some MP, and the Blizzard Orb for Umaro. A bucket in the room off the main hall with the thrones holds a rare X-Ether.

Now find the switch tile in the main hall (walk 5 tiles down from the right throne and press the action button to open the entrance), then go down the stairs in the room with the X-Ether. Here, you'll find Blue Drgn. Beating Blue Drgn gives you the Scimitar, a nifty ID weapon that even works on Undeads. Otherwise, do your stuff and then leave.

Cyan's Dream

Rages: Critic. Pan Dora, Parasite (first section); Rain Man, Samurai (train/castle); PlutoArmor, Sky Cap, Io (MagiTek Armor sequence)

First of all, make sure you meet all monsters in any given portion of dungeon before proceeding to the next. In the first section, with the weird graphics, you'll find Allosaurus, Critic, Pan Dora, Parasite, and Barb-e (don't worry about Barb-e, you can find it in Ancient Castle). In the next part, which is modelled after the Phantom Train, you'll find Samurai, Rain Man, and Suriander (as well as Parasite and Barb-e). In the part where you're in MagiTek Armor, you'll find Sky Cap, PlutoArmor, and the elusive Io. The final area, which looks like Doma Castle, has the same monsters as the train portion.

As for items, the only rare item is a Genji Glove, although there are plenty of good items in the chests.

Phoenix Cave

The only rare item received in the dungeon proper is a Wing Edge for Locke. When you complete the dungeon, in addition to receiving Locke, you'll also get an X-Ether and the ValiantKnife.

Fanatics Tower

Here, you'll find Safety Bit, Stunner, Force Armor, and Gem Box in chests.

Kefka's Tower

In the final area, you'll find Rainbow Brsh, Fixed Dice, Aegis Shld, Force Shld, Coronet, Red Cap, Force Armor, and Gauntlet in chests (the Aegis Shld in particular is well hidden; it's in a hidden passageway on the south end of a MagiTek Factory-like room).

Bosses here also hold valuables. The triad of statues hold rarities: Doom has a Safety Bit for stealing and drops Sky Render, Poltrgeist drops Aura Lance, and Goddess has Excalibur. In addition, Guardian has a Force Armor for stealing; it's up to you if you want another Force Armor as opposed to another Ribbon.

Of particular importance is Doom. In addition to the Safety Bit (steal) and Sky Render (drop), Doom also has a skill that can only be learned here: ForceField. Doom will cast this after she loses half her HP; make sure Strago is alive and in the battle and, once you see her stop using Ice-based attacks, wait for her to cast ForceField. After she does, if you've stolen the Safety Bit and learned ForceField from her, finish her off and take your Sky Render.

Finally, in the final battle, in the third tier, you can steal a second Atma Weapon from Sleep, and a Ragnarok (Sword) from Girl. These are not permanant, since they're after the last save point, but they may help you if you're struggling in the last battle.

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  • Special thanks to Djibriel and Atom Edge. Djibriel's Walkthrough/FAQ and Rage Guide (for the missable Rages in each area) and Atom Edge's Item FAQ were great aids in writing this guide, since they provided easy reference for item locations, especially which shops buayble missable items can be found in. You guys are great! You can find both of their guides here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/snes/game/554041.html
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