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FAQ/Strategy Guide by CAvery

Updated: 03/17/95

Final Fantasy III FAQ ( March 17, 1995)

F       I   NN  N  A   A L 
F       I   N  NN  A   A L 
F     IIIII N   N  A   A LLLLL 

F     A  A NN  N   T    A   A S        T     Y Y     I     I     I 
FFFFF AAAA N N N   T    AAAAA SSSSSS   T      Y      I     I     I 
F     A  A N  NN   T    A   A      S   T      Y      I     I     I 
F     A  A N   N   T    A   A SSSSSS   T      Y    IIIII IIIII IIIII 

F     A  A  Q   Q
F     A  A  Q Q Q
F     A  A   QQQ
Added this week - Cursed ring info

Added last week - Proaction Replay Codes
                - Update monster list (ver 2.5)
Things I need to add:
                - Table of Contents.

Name           email-address
Thomas Miller  (unknown)
David McGrath  aa244@cfn.cs.dal.ca
The Spook      TheSpook1@aol.com
Chris Foley    (unkown)
Nathaniel Hang nhang@kn.pacbell.com

If you have anything you would like to be added, send it to me at
This faq is from tips, hints, etc. that I have gotten form the two newsgroups
alt.games.final-fantasy and rec.video.games.nintendo and the Final
Fantasy Mailing list. The faq is available by ftpping to ftp.io.com.  It
is under /pub/usr/averyc/ff.  The filename is FF3FAQ.  

I.  Locations of Characters

World of Balance

1. Terra  - Narshe
2. Locke  - Narshe (later S. Figaro)
3. Edgar  - Figaro Castle
4. Sabin  - Mount Kolts
5. Celes  -  S. Figaro 
6. Shadow - Enemy Camp (near Doma), takes off after Phantom Train; 
            Kohleign for 3000 GP, then takes off for (Jidoor or Zozo);
            reappears much later in Albrook, leaves after events in
7. Cyan   - Sabin finds him at the Imperial Base, after party split on
8. Mog    - Top of mountain in Narshe, after you chase Lone Wolf into the
9. Setzer - Joins at the opera house.
10. Strago and Relm - Thamasa

World of Ruin

1. Celes - Solitary Island
2. Terra - In Mobliz
3. Shadow (or Relm) - Shadow is here if you waited for him on the floating
                  Island. If not Relm is here. Shadow is later at the Colosseum.
4. Cyan - Mount Zozo.
5. Relm - Jidoor
6. Strago - Fantics Tower
7. Locke - Phoenix Cave
8. Mog - Cave in Narshe
9. Umaro - In Narshe
10. Locke - Phoenix Cave
11. Gogo - Triangle Island 
12. Gau - The Veldt
13. Setzer - Jidoor?
14. Sabin - (a town).

II. Final Fantasy III as a multiplayer game

To use multiplayer mode, you go to the config screen and change it from 
single to multi, then hit A and assign to the controllers. It only works 
for the battles though, not the regular gameplay. 

III. Original Names in FF6 (Japan Version of FFII)

These are the original character names:

   US - FF3       Japan - FF6
1.  Locke           Lock *
2.  Terra           Tina *
3.  Celes           Celes
4.  Cyan            Cayenne *
5.  Sabin           Mash *
6.  Edgar           Edgar
7.  Setzer          Setzar *
8.  Strago          Straggus *
9.  Relm            Relm
10. Mog             Mog
11. Gogo            Gogo
12. Umaro           may have been spelled Uumaro, I'm not sure *
13. Shadow          Shadow
14. Gau             Gau
* denotes ones that were changed, some just to accomodate 6-letter
name limit.

IV. Special Character Notes

Edgar can use 8 "tools" in battle: autocrossbow, drill, bio blast,
debilitator, flash, chainsaw, noise blaster and air anchor.  Many
of these can be bought in Edgar's castle, South Figaro.

Sabin has special control pad techniques that are issued when the
"blitz" command is invoked.  Select "blitz", input the code and then
press A to continue.

     Pummel         =    L,R,L
     Mantra (heals) =    R,L,R,L,X,Y
     AuraBolt       =    D,DL,L
     Air Blade      =    U,UR,L,DR,D,DL,L (clockwise "roll")
     Suplex         =    X,Y,D,U
     Spiraler       =    R,L,X,Y,R,L
     Fire Dance     =    L,DL,D,DR,R (counter-clockwise "roll")
     Bum Rush       =    L,UL,U,UR,R,DR,D,DL,L
                         (total clockwise circle)

Cyan uses a special "sword technique" that must be "powered up"
when selected.

V. Controlling the Different Modes of Transporation.


L = left on control pad
R = right on control pad
U = up on control pad
D = down on control pad

UR = up/right diagnol
DR = down/right diagnol
DL = down/left diagnol
UL = up/left diagnol

LB = left button on top of control pad
RB = right button on top of control pad

A,B,X,Y = control buttons

Riding Chocobos

U = move forward
L or R = turn

A = move forward
B = dismount (Chocobo returns to stable)


U or D = adjust height
L or R = turn

A = move forward
B = leave airship

X = switch to view inside airship
Y = turn airship when it's not moving

LB or RB = highspeed turns

VI. Items list

Here is the complete FFIII item list, and I revised a litlle on the stats for
each item.

                               FFIII ITEMS 

Name:           Description:

Rename Card     Allows you to rename the characters at anytime
Tonic           Recovers 50 HP
Potion          Recovers 250 HP
X-Potion        Recovers HP to 100%
Tincture        Recovers 50 MP
Ether           Recovers 150 MP
X-Ether         Recovers MP to 100%
Elixir          Recovers HP&MP to 100%
Megalixir       Recovers party's HP&MP to 100%
Fenix Down      Recovers the wounded
Revivity        Cures "Zombie" status
Antidote        Cures "Poison" status
Eyedrop         Cures "Dark" status
Soft            Cures "Petrify" status
Remedy          Cures status alignment except Zombie
Sleeping Bag    Recovers HP&MP to 100%
Tent            Recovers party's HP&MP to 100%
Green Cherry    Cures "Imp" status
Magicite        Summon random espers
Superball       Bounding damage
Echo Screen     Cures "Mute" status
Smoke Bomb      Let party escape from battle
Warp Stone      Same effect as "Warp"
Dried Meat      Eat when hungry 


        RN:= Runic              MG:= Mag.Pwr
        2H:= 2-hand             BP:= Batl.Pwr
        ST:= Swdtech            DF:= Defense
        VG:= Vigor              EV:= Evade 
        SP:= Speed              MD:= Mag. Def
        ST:= Stamina            MK:= M.Block

Name:           Description:(RN/2H/ST/VG/SP/ST/MG/BP/DF/EV/MD/MK)

DIRK:  Shadow can use most of them or all of them, Locke can use some.
Dirk            (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/26/0/0/0/0)
Mithril Knife   (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/30/0/0/0/0)
Guardian        Rndly evades enemy (y/y/n/4/0/0/0/59/0/10/0/0)
Air Lancet      Wind-Elemental (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/76/0/0/0/0)
Thief Knife     Rndly steal enemy's item (y/y/n/0/3/0/0/88/0/10/0/10)
Assassin        Rndly dispatch enemy (y/y/n/0/3/0/2/106/0/10/0/0)
Man Eater       Double damage to human target (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/146/0/10/0/0)
Swordbreaker    Rndly evades and enemy attack (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/164/0/30/0/0)
Gradeus         Pearl-Elemental (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/204/0/10/0/0)
Valiant Knife   Gain powers as HP decreases (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/145/0/10/0/0)
Imperial        (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/82/0/0/0/0)
Kodachi         (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/93/0/0/0/0)
Blossom         (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/112/0/0/0/0)
Hardened        (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/121/0/0/0/0)
Striker         Rndly dispatch enemy (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/190/0/0/0/0)
Stunner         Rndly cast "Stop" (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/220/0/0/0/0)

Mithril Blade   (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/38/0/0/0/0)
Regal Cutter    (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/54/0/0/0/0)
Rune Edge       Consume MP to inflict mortal blow (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/55/0/10/0/0)
Flame Saber     Rndly cast "Fire" (y/y/y/0/0/0/2/108/0/0/0/0)
Blizzard        Rndly cast "Ice" (y/y/y/0/0/0/2/108/0/0/0/0)
Thunder Blade   Rndly cast "Bolt" (y/y/y/0/0/0/2/108/0/0/0/0)
Epee            (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/98/0/0/0/0)
Break Blade     Rndly cast "Break" (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/117/0/0/0/0)
Drainer         Absorb damage as HP (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/121/0/10/0/0)
Enchanter       Mag pwr up (y/y/y/0/0/0/7/135/0/10/0/20)
Crystal         (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/167/0/0/0/0)
Falchion        (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/176/0/10/0/0)
Soul Sabre      Absorb dmg as MP, rndly cast "Doom" (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/???/0/10/0/0)
Ogre Nix        Use MP to inflict mortal blow, may break if luck is bad
Excalibur       Pearl-Elemental sword (y/y/y/2/2/1/1/217/0/20/0/0)
Scimitar        Rndly dices up an enemy (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/208/0/0/0/0)
Illumina        Legendary sword (y/y/y/7/7/7/7/255/0/50/0/50)
Raganarok       Rndly cast "Flare" (y/y/y/7/3/7/7/255/0/30/0/30)
Atma Weapon     Transform at level up, grows stronger as HP is increases

LANCES:  Seems to be mostly Edgar and Mog.
Mithril Pike    (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/70/0/0/0/0)
Trident         (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/93/0/0/0/0)
Short Spear     (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/112/0/0/0/0)
Partisan        (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/150/0/0/0/0)
Pearl Lance     Rndly cast "Pearl" (y/y/n/0/0/0/3/194/0/0/0/0)
Gold Lance      (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/139/0/0/0/0)
Aura Lance      (y/y/n/3/2/1/3/227/0/0/0/0)
Imp Halberd     ??? if equiped while an Imp (y/y/n/0/0/0/0/253/0/0/0/0)

KNIVES:  Only Cyan.
Ashura          (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/57/0/0/0/0)
Kotetsu         (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/66/0/0/0/0)
Forged          (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/81/0/0/0/0)
Tempest         Rndly cast "Wind Slash" (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/101/0/0/0/0)
Murasame        (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/110/0/10/0/0)
Aura            (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/162/0/0/0/0)
Strato          (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/199/0/0/0/0)
Slay Render     (y/y/y/0/0/0/0/215/0/20/0/0)

Heal Rod        Recovers target HP (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/200/0/0/0/0)
Mithril         (n/y/n/0/0/0/2/60/0/0/0/0)
Fire Rod        Cast "Fire2" when use as item, breaks (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/79/0/0/0/0)
Ice Rod         Cast "Ice2" when use as item, breaks (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/79/0/0/0/0)
Thunder Rod     Cast "Bolt2" when use as item, breaks (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/79/0/0/0/0)
Poison Rod      Cast "Poison" when use as item, breaks (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/86/0/0/0/0)
Pearl Rod       Cast "Pearl" when use as item, breaks (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/124/0/0/0/0)
Gravity Rod     Cast "Quartr" when use as item, breaks (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/120/0/0/0/0)
Punisher        Use MP to inflict mortal blow (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/111/0/0/0/0)
Magnus Rod      Mag pwr up (y/y/n/0/0/0/7/168/0/0/0/30)

BRUSH:  Only Relm.
Chocobo Brush   (n/y/n/0/0/0/1/60/0/0/0/0)
DaVinci Brush   (n/y/n/0/1/0/1/100/0/0/0/0)
Magical Brush   (n/y/n/0/1/1/1/130/0/0/0/0)
Rainbow Brush   (n/y/n/1/2/1/2/146/0/0/0/0)

STARS: (Use with throw command) Only Shadow. 
Shuriken        (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/86/0/0/0/0)
Ninja Star      (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/132/0/0/0/0)  
Tack Star       (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/190/0/0/0/0)

Flail           Same damage from back row (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/86/0/0/0/0)
Fullmoon        Same damage from back row (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/95/0/0/0/0)
Morningstar     Same damage from back row (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/109/0/0/0/0)
Boomerang       Same damage from back row (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/102/0/0/0/0)
Rising Sun      Same damage from back row (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/117/0/0/0/0)
Hawk Eye        Same damage from back row (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/112/0/0/0/0)
Bone Club       Intricately carved (n/y/n/0/0/0/0/151/0/0/0/0)
Sniper          Same damage from back row (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/172/0/0/0/0)
Wing Edge       Same damage from back row, rndly stikes mortal blows 

GAMBLER:  Only Setzer
Card            (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/104/0/0/0/0)
Darts           (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/115/0/0/0/0)
Doom Darts      Rndly cast "Doom" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/187/0/0/0/0)
Trump           Rndly dispatches an enemy (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/133/0/0/0/0)
Dice            (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/???/0/0/0/0)
Fixed Dice      (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/???/0/0/0/0)

CLAW:  Only Sabin.
Metal Knuckle   (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/55/0/0/0/0)
Mithril Claw    (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/65/0/0/0/0)
Kaiser          (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/83/0/0/0/0)
Poison Claw     Rndly poison an enemy (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/95/0/0/0/0)
Fire Knuckle    Rndly cast "Fire" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/122/0/0/0/0)
Dragon Claw     Pearl-elemental (n/n/n/2/0/0/1/188/0/0/0/0)
Tiger Fangs     (n/n/n/3/2/2/3/215/0/0/0/0)

Buckler         (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/16/10/10/0)
Heavy Shld      (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/22/10/14/0)
Mithril Shld    (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/27/10/18/0)
Gold Shld       (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/34/10/23/0)
Aegis Shld      Rndly evades magic attack (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/46/20/52/40)
Diamond Shld    (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/40/10/27/0)
Flame Shld      Absorb fire-elemental attack (Fire2) (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/41/20/28/10)
Ice Shld        Absorb ice-elemental attack (Ice2) (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/41/20/28/10)
Thunder Shld    Absorb thunder-elemental attack (Bolt2) (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/41/20/28/10)
Crystal Shld    (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/50/10/34/0)
Genji Shld      (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/54/20/50/20)
Tortoise Shld   ??? if equiped while an Imp (Imp) (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/66/30/66/30)
Cursed Shld     Is cursed (n/n/n/-7/-7/-7/-7/0/0/0/0/0)
Paladin Shld    Houses a hero's soul (Ultima) (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/59/40/59/40)
Force Shld      Protects against magic attack (Shell) (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/70/50)

Leather Hat     (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/11/0/7/0)
Hair Band       (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/12/0/8/0)                                          
Plumed Hat      (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/14/0/9/0)
Beret           Raises success rate of "Sketch" (n/n/n/0/0/0/3/0/21/0/21/0)
Magus Hat       (n/n/n/0/0/0/5/0/15/0/16/0)
Bandana         (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/16/0/10/0)
Iron Helmet     (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/18/0/12/0)
Coronet         Raises success rate of "Control" (n/n/n/0/2/0/4/0/23/0/23/0)
Bard's Hat      Raises MP a little (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/19/0/21/10)
Green Beret     Raises HP a little (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/19/10/13/0)
Head Band       (n/n/n/3/1/2/0/0/16/0/10/0)
Mithril Helm    (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/20/0/13/0)
Tiara           (n/n/n/0/0/0/2/0/22/0/20/0)
Gold Helmet     (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/22/0/15/0)
Tiger Mask      (n/n/n/3/2/1/0/0/21/0/13/0)
Red Cap         Raises HP by 1/2 (n/n/n/4/3/2/0/0/24/0/17/0)
Mystery Veil    (n/n/n/0/1/0/3/0/24/0/25/10)
Circlet         (n/n/n/2/1/3/4/0/25/0/19/0)
Regal Crown     (n/n/n/1/1/1/1/0/28/0/23/0)
Diamond Helm    (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/27/0/18/0)
Dark Hood       (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/26/0/17/0)
Crystal Helm    (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/29/0/19/0)
Oath Veil       (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/32/0/31/0)
Cat Hood        Picks up all possible GP (n/n/n/0/2/0/4/0/33/10/33/10)
Genji Helmet    (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/36/0/38/0)
Thornlet        Thorns inflict pain (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/38/0/0/0)
Titanium        ??? if equip while an Imp (Imp) (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/42/0/42/0)

Leather Armor   (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/28/0/19/0)
Cotton Robe     (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/28/0/21/0)
Kungfu Suit     (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/34/0/23/0)
Iron Armor      (n/n/n/0/-2/0/0/0/40/0/27/0)
Silk Robe       (n/n/n/0/0/0/1/0/30/0/29/0)
Mithril Vest    (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/45/0/30/0)
Ninja Gear      (n/n/n/0/2/0/0/0/47/0/32/0)
White Dress     (n/n/n/0/0/0/5/0/47/0/35/0)
Mithril Mail    (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/51/0/34/0)
Gaia Gear       Absorb earth-elemental attack (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/53/0/43/0)
Mirage Vest     Creates illusion of wearer (n/n/n/0/6/0/0/0/48/0/36/10)
Gold Armor      (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/55/0/37/0)
Power Sash      (n/n/n/5/1/5/0/0/52/0/35/0)
Light Robe      (n/n/n/0/0/0/2/0/60/0/43/0)
Diamond Vest    (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/65/0/44/0)
Red Jacket      Houses legendary grappler's spirit (n/n/n/5/2/4/1/0/78/0/55/0)
Force Armor     Mag. def up (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/69/0/68/30)
Diamond Armor   (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/70/0/47/0)
Dark Gear       (n/n/n/0/6/0/0/0/68/0/40/0)
Tao Robe        (n/n/n/0/0/0/5/0/68/0/50/10)
Crystal Mail    (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/72/0/49/0)
Czarina Gown    (n/n/n/1/2/2/3/0/70/0/64/0)
Genji Armor     (n/n/n/5/3/2/3/0/90/0/80/0)
Imp's Armor     ??? if equip while an Imp (Imp) (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/100/0/100/0)
Minerva         Raises MP by 1/4 (n/n/n/1/2/1/4/0/88/0/70/10)
Tabby Suit      Resembles a tabby cat (n/n/n/2/2/2/2/0/54/0/36/0)
Chocobo Suit    Feels like chocobo! (n/n/n/3/6/2/0/0/56/0/38/0)
Moogle Suit     Be a moogle! kupo! (n/n/n/0/0/0/5/0/58/0/52/0)
Nutkin Suit     A squirrel costume (n/n/n/0/7/0/3/0/86/0/67/0)
Behemoth Suit   Made of behemeoth lude (n/n/n/6/6/6/6/0/94/0/73/0)
Snow Muffler    How cozy! (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/28/10/90/10)

TOOLS: (Use with "Tools" command)  Only Edgar.
Noiseblaster    Confuses multiple enemies (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Bioblaster      Gases multiple enemies (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Flash           Blind multiple enemies (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Chainsaw        Rndly dispatches an enemy (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Rebilitator     Casts weak point rndly (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Drill           Penetrates ans enemy's defense (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Air Anchor      Enemy becomes self-destructive (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Autocrossbow    Strikes multiple enemies (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
SKEAN: (Use with throw command)  Only Shadow. 
Fire Skean      Multiple fire-elemental attack (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Water Skean     Multiple water-elemental attack (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Bolt Edge       Multiple thunder-elemental attack (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Inviz Edge      Makes thrower transparent (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Shadow Edge     Creates thrower's illusion (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)

Goggles         Protects against "Dark" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Star Pendant    Protects against "Poison" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Peace Ring      Protects against "Berserk", "Muddle" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Amulet          Protects against "Dark", "Poison", "Zombie" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
White Cap       Protects against "Imp", "Mute (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/5/0/5/10)
Jewel Ring      Protects against "Dark", "Petrify" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Fairy Ring      Protects against "Dark", "Poison" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Barrier Ring    Cast "Shell" when HP is low (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Mithril Glove   Cast "Safe" when HP is low (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Guard Ring      Cast "Safe" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Runningshoes    Cast "Haste" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Wall Ring       Cast "Rflect" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Cherub Down     Cast "Float" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Cure Ring       Cast "Regen" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
True Knight     Protect party member who are low in HP (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Dragon Boots    Changes "Fight" into "Jump" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Zephyr Cape     Dodges attack more easily (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/10/0/10)
Czarina Ring    Cast "Safe", Shell when HP is low (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Cursed Ring     Is cursed (X-Zone) (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Earring         Raises magic damage more powerfull if paired (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0) 
Atlas Armlet    Raises fight damage (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Blizzard Orb    Equip on sasquatch, and ... (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Rage Ring       Equip on sasquatch, and ... (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Sneak Ring      Raises successfull rate if steal (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Pod Bracelet    Casts "Safe", "Shell" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Hero Ring       Raises fight and magic damage (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Ribbon          Protect from all status alignments (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Muscle Belt     Raises HP by 1/2 (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Crytal Orb      Raises MP by 1/2 (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Gold Hairpin    Halves MP consumed (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Economizer      Cut MP consumed to 1 (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Thief Glove     Change "Steal" into "Capture" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Gauntlet        One weapon can be held by to hand to increase damage
Genji Glove     Possible to equip each hand with a weapon (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Hyper Wrist     Raises vigor (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Offering        Change "Fight" to "X-Fight" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Beads           Rndly evades enemy attack (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Black Belts     Rndly counterattack when attacked (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Cointoss        Change "Slot" into "GPrain" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
FakeMustache    Change "Sketch" into "Control" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Gem Box         Change "Magic" into "X-Magic" (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Dragon Horn     Makes jump continous (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Merit Award     Allows heavy armor, etc. to be equipped (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Memento Ring    Departed mom's love protect against fatal magic attack
Safety Bit      Protects from mortal magic blow (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Relic Ring      Makes body cold (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Moogle Charm    No rnd enemy encounter (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Charm Bangle    Encounter fewer rnd enemies (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Marvel Shoes    Creates various effect (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Back Guard      Evades back attack and pincer attack (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Gale Hairpin    Raises preemtive attack rate (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Sniper Sight    Ensure 100% fight hit rate (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Exp. egg        Doubles obtained Exp. (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Tntinabar       Recovers HP with each step (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)
Sprint Shoes    Allows person to sprint (n/n/n/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0/0)

World of Balance

VII. Narshe

Here is where the game starts with Terra being controlled by The
Empire.  You will meet Mog here.  He will join the party later, if
you make the right decision.

Mog - Whenever you get back to Narshe, people will tell you of a pick-pocket
in town.  Remember that treasure chest you could not open in Narshe? 
Head for that.  You'll see a dude named Lone Wolf (he used to be a prisoner
in Figaro castle) and he takes off with the treasre in Narshe.  Chase him
around the town (you'll end up at the frozen Esper...).  When you reach the 
Esper, Lone Wolf will have Mog hostage.  Rescue Mog if you want him to
join the party.  If not rescue Lone Wolf and get the Hairpin.  
VIII. Returner's Hideout

You meet Sabin on the way here.  And you meet Banon here.

Genji Glove - It's available in the Returner's Hideout, pretty
early on.  When you get to the Returner's Hideout and control
Terra, with everyone trying to convince you to join up, tell Banon 'NO', you
don't want to join, then go back inside.  One guy will give you the Genji
Glove, trying to persuade you to join.  

IX.  Jidoor

Auction - Before the devastation, you can only buy Angel's Wings (too expensive
and not very useful), Angel's Rings (not very useful) and
the Magic Stones Golem and ZoneSeek (very useful).  Save
money for the magic stones.  Sell useless equipment ...

X. Zozo

Terra is here after she morphs at Narshe.

Setting the clock in Zozo - The clock needs to be set to 6:10:50...
this will open the passage to the room with the treasure chest.

XI. Opera

Setzer is here.

                        Maria's Play at the Opera House

Oh my hero, so far away now.
Will I ever see your smile?
Love goes away, like night into day.
It's just a fading dream.
I'm the darkness, you're the stars.
Our love is brighter than the sun.
For eternity, for me there can be,
Only you, my chosen one...
Must I forget you? Our solemn promise?
Will autumn take the place of spring?
What shall I do? I'm lost without you.
Speak to me once more!

We must part now.
my life goes on.
but my heart won't give you up.
Ere I walk away,
let me hear you say.
I meant as much to you....
So gently, you touched my heart.
I will be forever yours.
Come what may,
I won't age a day,
I'll wait for you, always...

XII.  The Veldt

Here is were Gau is. When you meet him give him dried meet; don't
attack him or he will run.  But you can get him again if you do.

Mog's Water Rondo -  If you do not have Mog before the world is
shattered, there is NO way (to the best of my knowledge) to get Mog's 
Water Rondo!

This would mean that you need to get Mog to join your party before
the world is shattered. 

Remember where Gau gave you the "shiny shiny" object? That's the cave. 
By the way, make sure Mog is in your active party first.
Jump into the water and this is where Mog will learn his Water Dance.
When you surface from the water, DO NOT board the ship. If you do,
you will have to reset the game! I find this very strange indeed that you
could get stuck on an area with no way out.
Now, you have to make a long trek back to Veldt. There is a way
back there as long as you don't board the ship when you surface from the water.
Get back to your airship and proceed as normal.

Gau's Rages List

Here's the latest version--there are some more additions to the
list (only 9 missing now).

This is a mini-FAQ on GAU's rages in Final Fantasy 3.  Enjoy!

Rages are learned by using GAU's 'Leap' command in combat.  Once you
have lept, you will exit combat with your party minus GAU.  After one
or more combats, GAU will find your party again with new rage technique(s).
You will learn rages for all monsters in the initial combat and for the
combat in which GAU returns.  LEAP CAN ONLY BE USED ON THE VELDT!  The
Veldt will contain (virtually) all of the monsters you have encountered
so far in the game (so return here after you have fought new monsters).
A few monsters, mainly bosses will never appear, though.  Also, there are
a few monsters that rages cannot be learned from (possibly a bug in the
game).  So far, these include ProtoArmor, Pugs, and I believe one other.
No matter how many times you Leap at them, you will never learn their

Rages, once initiated in combat, cause GAU to go into a berserk-like
frenzy, which cannot be broken--IOW you no longer control him.  The only
way to stop a rage is upon the end of combat or by dying.  Each rage has
a normal attack form and ONE special power--ONLY ONE, even if the monster
had several.  The CPU will randomly have GAU attack or use his special
power each time he gains initiative.  The special powers vary widely in
effect and usefulness, and often replicate spell effects (but at no MP
cost).  Rages can also give protective/enhancing spell effects inherent
to the monster, such as Haste, Float, Vanish, Shell, Safe, etc. (I have
not listed which Rages give which enhancements here, but possibly in the

NOTES:-You receive NO experience for fighting monsters on the Veldt.
      -Monsters you have fought at the Colloseum will not appear on the
       Veldt.  You must fight them elsewhere for them to appear.
      -There are several rages called 'Mag Roader'.  They are all
       different, so check each one for its effect.
      -Rages for undead monsters transform GAU into undead with regard
       to such things like healing (heal/drain/death spells are inversed)
       So be careful!  Cure spells now damage him in this state.
      -Don't worry about being able to return to the Veldt after you have
       left.  You will can always come back sooner or later.

There are 256 slots for Rages, and I think there are 255 total (the magic
number for this game!)  Here is a list of the special powers produced
by Rages (there are still a few missing).  This list is divided into 
16 pages of 16 rages (ooh, that rhymed).  this is how they are displayed
in precise order, using L + R buttons to scroll down the list.


*  Indicates a special power that can be learned by STRAGO as a Lore effect
:) Indicates one of the most useful techniques (in general)
:( Indicates a technique that could prove harmful to GAU or the party
   (be careful about using these!)

Guard:  Critical			Soldier:  Fire
Templar:  Fire2				Ninja:  Water Edge
Samurai:  Lullaby			Orog:  Pearl  :)
Mag Roader:  Bio			Retainer:  Shock :)
Hazer:  Bolt2		 		Dahling:  Cure2
Rain Man:  Bolt3 :)			Brawler:  Stone *
Apokryphos:  L.3 Muddle *		Dark Force:  Cleansweep *
Whisper:  Demi				Over-Mind:  Elf Fire	
Osteosaur:  X-zone :)			Commander:  Break
Rhodox:  Snare				Were-Rat:  Poison
Ursus:  Net				Rhinotaur:  Mega Volt
Steroidite:  Blizzard			Leafer:  Incisor
Stray Cat:  Catscratch :)		Lobo:  Tusk	
Doberman:  Bite 			Vomammoth:  Blizzard
Fidor:  Pounce				Baskervor:  Cyclonic
Suriander:  Aqua Rake *			Chimera:  Aqua Rake *	
Behemoth:  Meteor :)			Mesosaur:  Step Mine *
Pterodon:  Fire Ball			FossilFang:  Sandstorm
White Drgn:  Pearl :)			Doom Drgn:  N. Cross
Brachosaur:  Disaster			Tyranosaur:  Meteo  :)
Dark Wind:  Break			Beakor:  Duster
Vulture:  Shimsham			Harpy:  Cyclonic	
Hermit Crab:  Net			Trapper:  L.3 Muddle *
Hornet:  Iron Needle			Crasshoppr:  Bserk
Delta Bug:  Mega Volt			Gilomantis:  Shrapnel
Trilium:  Bio				Nightshade:  Charm
Tumbleweed:  Lifeshaver			Bloompire:  Bio
Trilobiter:  PoisonBarb			Siegfried:  Flare
Nautiloid:  Ink				Exocite:  Scissors
Anguiform:  Aqua Rake *			Reach Frog:  Slimer
Lizard:  Break				Chickenlip:  Quake :) :(
Hoover:  Sandstorm			Rider:  Virite
Chupon:  W Wind				Pipsqueak:  Imp
M-TekArmor:  Tek Laser			Sky Armor:  Tek Laser
Telstar:  Sonic Boom			Lethal Wpn:  GravBomb
Vaporite:  Blaze			Flan:  Slimer
Ing:  Lifeshaver			Humpty:  Poison
Brainpan:  Blow Fish *			Cruller:  Slimer
Cactrot: Blow Fish *			RepoMan:  Exploder * :(
Harvester:  Haste			Bomb:  Exploder * :(
Still Life:  Lullaby			Boxed Set:  Meteor :)
Slam Dancer:  Ice2			Hades Gigas:  Magnitude8
Pug: Break				Magic Urn:  Cure3
Mover:  Merton :) :(			Figaliz:  Dischord *
Buffalax:  Slow2			Aspik:  Giga Volt
Ghost:  Bolt2				Crawler:  Step Mine *
Sand Ray:  Tail				Areneid:  Numb
Actaneon:  Clamp			Sand Horse:  Sand Storm
Dark Side:  Ice2			Mad Oscar:  Sour Mouth *
Crawly:  Heart Burn			Bleary:  Doom
Marshal:  Wind Slash			Trooper:  Swing
General:  Cure2				Covert:  Wind Slash
Ogor:  Storm :)				Warlock:  Pearl :)
Madam:  Pearl :)			Joker:  Bolt2
Iron Fist:  Stone *			Goblin:  Bolt3 :)
Apparite:  Imp				PowerDemon:  Flare :)
Displayer:  Doom			Vector Pup:  Bite
Peepers:  Pearl Wind * :)		Sewer Rat:  Incisor
Slatter:  Cave-In :)			Rhinox:  Life3 :)
Rhobite:  Life				Wild Cat:  Blaster :)
Red Fang:  Drain			Bounty Man:  Bite
Tusker:  Blizzard			Ralph:  Tackle
Chitonid:  Stop				Wart Puck: Shimsham
Rhyos:  Surge :)			SrBehemoth:  Fire3 :)
Vectaur:  Pearl Wind * :)		Wyvern:  Cyclonic
Zombone:  Condemned *			Dragon:  Revenge * 
Brontaur:  Fire3 :)			Allosaurus:  Doom
Cirpius:  Haste2			Sprinter:  Aero *
Gobbler:  Shimsham			Harpai:  Aero *
Gloomshell:  Net			Drop:  Muddle	
Mind Candy:  Sleep Sting		WeedFeeder:  Bserk :(
Luridan:  Landslide :)			Toe Cutter:  Shrapnel
Over Grunk:  Bane Touch			Exoray:  Virite
Crusher:  Lifeshaver			Uroburos:  Quake :) :(
Primordite:  Numblade			Sky Cap:  Megazerk :(
Cephaler:  Husk				Maliga:  Remedy
Gigan Toad:  Slimer			Geckorex:  Break
Cluck:  Quake :) :(			LandWorm:  Magnitude8
Test Rider:  Flash Rain			PlutoArmor:  Tek Laser
Tomb Thumb:  Step Mine *		HeavyArmor:  Tek Laser
Chaser:  Plasma				Scullion:  Dischord *
Poplium:  Cling				Intangir:  Pep Up * :(
Misfit:  Lifeshaver			Eland:  Bio
Enuo:  Cleansweep *			Deep Eye:  Dread
GreaseMonk:  Shell			NeckHunter:  Imp
Grenade:  Blaze				Critic:  Condemned *
Pan Dora:  Revenge *			SoulDancer:  Osmose
Gigantos:  Magnitude8			Mag Roader:  Mute
Spek Tor:  Blaster :)			Parasite:  Giga Volt
EarthGuard:  Big Guard *		Coelecite:  Magnitude8	
Anemone:  Giga Volt			Hipocampus:  Flash Rain
Spectre:  Fire				Evil Oscar:  Bio
Slurm:  Slimer				Latimeria:  Magnitude8
StillGoing:  Osmose			Allo Ver:  Quake
Phase:  Blow Fish *			Outsider:  Pearl :)
Barb-e:  Love Token			Parasoul:  Flash Rain
Pm Stalker:  Drain			Hemophyte:  Flash Rain
Sp Forces: Safe				Nohrabbit:  Cure2
Wizard:  Demi				Scrapper:  Elf Fire
Ceritops:  Giga Volt			Commando:  Rflect
Opinicus:  Slide			Poppers:  Stone *
Lunaris:  Face Bite			Garm:  Demi
Vindr:  Acid Rain			Kiwak:  Imp
Nastidon:  Blizzard			Rinn:  Fire	
Insecare:  Wing Wisp			Vermin:  Scan
Mantodea:  Wind Slash			Bogy:  OogyBoogy
Prussian:  Land Slide :)		Black Drgn:  Storm :)
Adamanchyt:  Acid Rain			Dante:  L.3 Muddle *	
Wirey Drgn:  Cyclonic			Dueller:  Mega Volt
Psycot:  Lifeshaver			Muus:  Pep Up * :(
Karkass:  Bolt3 :)			Punisher:  Bolt3 :)	
Balloon:  Exploder * :(			Gabbldegak:  Vanish
GtBehemoth:  Meteor :)			Scorpion:  Poison
Chaos Drgn:  Disaster 			Spit Fire:  Tek Laser
Vectagoyle:  Aqua Rake *		Lick:  Fire2
Osprey:  Shimsham			Mag Roader:  Haste
Bug:  Stop				Sea Flower:  Sleep
Fortis:  Fire Ball			Abolisher:  Poison
Aquila:  Cyclonic			Junk:  Pep Up * :(
Mandrake:  Raid				1st Class:  Stone *
Tap Dancer:  Slow2			Necromancer:  Doom
Borras:  Revenge *			Mag Roader:  L.4 Flare * :)
Wild Rat:  Scratch			Gold Bear:  Gouge
Innoc:  Virite				Trixter:  Fire2
Red Wolf:  Rush				Didalos:  Merton :) :(
Woolly:  Ice3 :)			Veteran:  Roulette * :)
Sky Base: Doom				IronHitman:  Dischord *
Io:  Flare Star :)

XIII. Vector 

You will find to espers here.  There are Ifrit and Shiva.
Emperor Gestahl - Hint to get the chest in the locked room in
Warehouse before Sealed Gate:

1. You need Emperor Gestahl's permission to have access to the room.
2. The way to get permission is during the banquet.
3. You need to accumulate enough "points" to get the permission.
4. You can get points from talking to guards and answering correctly.
5. Here are the scoring scheme:
   (a) Each guard you talked to  24 x 1pt each = 24 pts 
   (b) Each guard you fought      5 x 4pt each = 20 pts
   (c) Toast question
        To the kingdom             2pt
        To Returners               1pt
        To our hometowns           5pt         5 pts
   (d) Kefka question
        Leave him in jail          5pt
        Let him go                 1pt
        Execute him                3pt         5 pts
   (e) Doma question
        What's done is done        1pt
        That was inexcusable       5pt
        Apologize Again!!          3pt
   (f) Celes question
        Was she a spy?             1pt
        She's one of us            5pt
        We trust Celes             3pt         5 pts 
   (g) Asking each question       3 x 2pt each =  6 pts
       If you asked one of the
       question twice              - 10pt
       Remember which question you asked first!
   (h) Espers question
        Gone too far               5pt
        Unleashed the power        2pt         5 pts
   (i) Which question asked first     5pt         5 pts
   (j) Care for a break
        Break                      5pt         5 pts
   (k) Say question
        Peace                      3pt
        War's over                 5pt
        Sorry                      1pt         5 pts
   (l) Favor
        If you say Yes when Gestahl
        asked you the first time               3 pts
                       Total Max     93 pts

6. What you get for the points:
 0 - 49 pts   South Figaro is safe
50 - 66 pts   Troops withdrawn from Doma
67 - 76 pts   Permission to the locked room
77 - 89 pts   Tintinabar
90 - 93 pts   Charm Bangle 

XIV. Floating Island

Get to this by airship.  This is the last place before "World of Ruin"

You can go from the second save point to where it says "You can see the airship
below.  Jump back or stay?" and from there to the west, then north through some
rocks (they'll break for you).  You must beat the atma beast (I had Terra 
and Celes with Earrings, Golden Hairpin, and the Hero Ring cast a lot of Bio
spells, and Terra Morphed) and Locke just attack with his best sword, or cast
Bolt 2 maybe.

After you beat the beats, go back and save it again!  When you
climb past where you beat the atma beast, you'll see why....

Shadow - Some players who have gotten to the shattered world might
wonder where Shadow is.  Guess what?! If you do not wait for Shadow when 
you are escaping from the floating island, he is GONE...Yep, dead, meet his 
maker, kick the bucket, bought the farm (I know, I know, you get the point)

1. When you get to the edge of the floating island. Choose Wait twice.
2. Shadow will appear at 5 secs to zero.
3. In the shattered world, Shadow can be found inside the cave in Veldt.
4. Once you saved him, he will start to recuperate. But then, as usual, he
   disappears again.
5. Shadow can then be found in the Colosseum. You must bet "Striker".
6. Once you defeated him, Shadow will join your party, permanently this time.

World of Ruin

XV.  Location of Dragons

1 in Narshe (Ice)
1 in cave reached from Zozo (Thunder)
1 in Opera House (Dirt)
1 in Phoenix Cave (Red)
1 in Fanatics' Tower (White)
1 in Ancient Castle (Blue) (reached by stopping Figaro castle mid-journey)
2 in Kefka's Tower

total: 8 Dragons

XVI.  The Solitary Island

This is were Celes is after the "destory" of the world of balance. 
Cid is also here.  He is ill from not eating, so feed him a fish
until you feed him a rotten fish and he will die, leaving a letter
telling you will to find a raft.  Or get Cid fully healed. 
There IS a way to nurse him back to health. The result is that you get a
worse, IMHO, cut-scene.

The scene where Celes jumps off the cliff and finding the bandana on the 
pigeon seems to have more impact on the gravity of the situation. 
Anyway, here is how to nurse Cid back to health:

1. You need to feed him 10 healthy fish.
2. The healthy fish swims real fast.
3. If you do not see any healthy fist, talk to Cid again. This will reset
   the fishes.

Megaelixer -  When you encounter a "Earth Guard" (looks like a manta ray),
stop/sleep it (it will die by itself if you don't), and have Locke keep on 
stealing from him.  The item is a MEGAELIXER!

XVII. Darill's Tomb
This is were you get the experince egg and the Falcon Airship.

Exp. Egg - Read the tombstones with the letter clumps on them. And
then enter the letter clumps in that order on the tombstone where
it ask if you wish to inscribe something, and it will spell out
erauqS sI dlroW ehT...  Then it will give you a hint as to where the Exp Egg is.  
XVIII. Dinosaur Island

This is the island North of the Veldt.  

The Dinosaurs are worth a lot of XPs.  8,800 xps for the Tyranosaurs and
the Brachosaurs are worth 20,000 xps, but they are rare.  Tyranosaurs
carry Imp Halberds and the Brachosaurs sometimes carry Economizers.  Use
Exp Eggs on the characters in the party to double the Xps gained.

XIX. Narshe

Here is were the Ice Dragon is.  Also you will find Mog the second
time here.  

Mog - Mog is in the cave near narshe where you first met him.
Remember that secret entrance in Narshe to the left of the town?
Go in there, then you'll have no problem finding him.

Moggle Charm - Right where Mog is standing in the caves in the World of
Ruin.  Right behind him is a umm... "wall with an invisible treasure",
meaning that the treasure is the moogle charm.  So basically, you just
push "A" right behind where Mog was standing, and Voila, you have the 
Moogle charm.

Umaro - To get Umaro you have to first go north of Narshe where you
defeated Kefka - you know - snow place.  Defeat the dragon there, 
then go further north to where the esper was initally found at
the beginning of the game.  Free the esper.  Jump off the cliff.
Walk around in there until you see a skull-on-a-stick.
Take the magicite from it and Umaro will come to kick your
ass.  Kick *his* ass. Then Mog will force him to join you.
Oh, yes.  You must have mog.

The rage ring enables Umaro to pick up the other 
characters and throw them at the enemies for
tremendous damage.

Cursed shield - The cursed shield is in one of the buildings in Narshe.
You will need Locke to open the doors.
You learn Ultima from the _Paladin_ Shield (uncursed Cursed Shield).  It
teaches you the spell in the same way Espers teach you (each magic point
raises your percentage until you hit 100% when you learn it).
This shield also gives +59 def/magic def, +40% Block/Magic Block, and
gives immunity to half the elements and absorbs hit points from the other
half--basically spell aren't going to have much of an effect on you with
this shield (or they're going to heal you!)
You have to fight wearing the cursed shield 255 times to uncurse.

Ducan - Duncan is north and east of Narshe.  You will see a tree formation like

																						O X O

with the X being Duncan's house.  He will teach Sabin the "Bum Rush"
Blitz, which takes off 4000-6000 HP.

XX. Mobliz

Terra is here.  She has given up hope and has decide to take care
of the child here.  She will, however, join the party again after
the village is attack for the second time.

Go into one of the houses in the village you found her and Katarin at
originally (when Terra said she wouldn't come with you) and then talk to the
kids.  Go into one of the other houses, and you'll see Katarin's
boyfriend, and, if you look closely, a dog that runs to the left wall of the 
house. He's showing you the secret stairway to where Terra and Katarin are. 
The demon will attack again, so make sure you save it before you talk to them.
You'll then get Terra back.

XXI.  Cave in Veldt

You will find Shadow here if you waited for him at the floating island
(I didn't).  And Relm is here if you didn't.  Shadow's striker weapon is

XXII. Jidoor 
Owzer's House - Relm is here painting.  Defeat the painting and she will
join you again.  Hit the evil looking one, not the good looking one. 

Relic Ring - It is here some were.

Item in the Aution House:
	Relic:	{something} Gown
	Relic:  Hero Ring
	Esper:	Zoneseek
	Esper:	Golem
	Item:	Airship (Cant get it)
	Item:	Imp (Cant get it)

XXIII. Doma Castle

Wreksoul - I just beat Wreksoul tonight. He only appears when your
characters become wounded. I found it helpful to use the LIFE 3 spell on my
characters and then allow them to die(I even attacked my own characters to make 
it go quicker). When Wreksoul appears, I revive my characters and cast
ICE spells on him(ignoring the other enemies). He disappeared/reappeared a
couple times, but I was patient(like CYAN said) and was able to beat him. 

The Esper - Alexandr is at the throne room after the fight.

XXIV. Colosseum

After finding him in the cave at The Veldt, Shadow is here if you waited for 
him on the floating island.  If you didn't he is dead!!!  You have to
fight.  Bet the Striker and Shadow will join you again. 

Here you can wager items in hope of getting something better if you
beat a certain monster.  If you wager something not that good, you
will get a Chupon, which will sneeze you away.

Rename Card - Once you named them for the first time, there is only
one way to re-name them: use the Rename Card item.  The item is only
availiable at the Colossium.  You have to bet an elixir (or another item, I
forgot that).

Miracle Shoes ( Marvel Shoes?) -  Bet the rename card.  If you win
the battle, you get Miracle Shoes, a relic which gives you Protect, Shell, and 
Haste all at once!

Or Imp Halberd --> Cat Hood --> Merit Award --> Rename Card --> Marvel Shoes

Airhook - You can get it from the colloseum by trading genji armor. 

Chupon - Yes, it is possible to beat Chupon.  If you manage to find the Genji
Glove (equip two weapons at once) and the Offerings (4 attacks per weapon per
round) you can theoretically kill him.  Wear two extremely unfair weapons on a
fairly powerful character with the Offerings and the Genji Glove.  You will 
now get 8 attacks per round with ideally over 8000 damage per attack!  Chupon 
has around 60000HP, so if you get in the first attack you have a good shot at 
it.  If he attacks you instead of sneezing EVEN ONCE, he's a pushover.  Good 
weapons for this are:
the gambler's Fixed Dice; the Ragnakok/Illumina sword.
Complete Colloseum List

The list is pretty much self-explanatory, and the "--" represent Elixir/Chupon.
I don't think the item won depends on the character used, but I may be wrong; 
I used Terra for the entire list.  Enjoy!

Item Wagered               Item Won               Enemy Encountered
------------               --------               -----------------
Dirk                       --                 
MithrilKnife               --                 
Guardian                   --                 
Air Lancet                 --                 
ThiefKnife                 Thief Glove            Wart Puck
Assassin                   Sword Breaker          Test Rider
Man Eater                  --                 
SwordBreaker               --                 
Graedus                    Dirk                   Karkass
ValiantKnife               Assassin               Woolly
MithrilBlade               --                   
RegalCutlass               --
Rune Edge                  --                 
Flame Sabre                Ogre Nix               Evil Oscar
Blizzard                   Ogre Nix               Scullion
ThunderBlade               Ogre Nix               Steroidite
Epee                       --
Break Blade                Break Blade            Lethal Wpn
Drainer                    Drainer                Enuo
Enhancer                   --                 
Crystal                    Enhancer               Borras
Falchion                   Flame Shld             Outsider
Soul Sabre                 Falchion               Opinicus
Ogre Nix                   Soul Sabre             SrBehemoth
Excalibur                  --
Scimitar                   Ogre Nix               Covert
Illumina                   Scimitar               Scullion
Ragnarok                   Illumina               Didalos
Atma Weapon                Graedus                GtBehemoth
Mithril Pike               --
Trident                    --
Stout Spear                --
Partisan                   --
Pearl Lance                Strato                 Sky Base
Gold Lance                 --
Aura Lance                 Sky Render             Land Worm
Imp Halberd                Cat Hood               Allosaurus
Imperial                   --                 
Kodachi                    --
Blossom                    --
Hardened                   Murasame               Phase
Striker                    Striker                Chupon
Stunner                    Strato                 Test Rider
Ashura                     --                 
Kotetsu                    --
Forged                     --
Tempest                    --                 
Murasame                   Aura                   Borras
Aura                       Strato                 Rhyos
Strato                     Pearl Lance            Aquila
Sky Render                 Aura Lance             Scullion
Heal Rod                   Magus Rod              Pug
Mithril Rod                --
Fire Rod                   --
Ice Rod                    --
Thunder Rod                --
Poison Rod                 --
Pearl Rod                  --                 
Gravity Rod                --                 
Punisher                   Gravity Rod            Opinicus  
Magus Rod                  Strato                 Allosaurus
Chocobo Brsh               --
DaVinci Brsh               --
Magical Brsh               --                 
Rainbow Brsh               Gravity Rod            Test Rider
Shuriken                   --
Ninja Star                 Tack Star              Chaos Drgn
Tack Star                  Rising Sun             Opinicus
Flail                      --
Full Moon                  --
Morning Star               --
Boomerang                  --
Rising Sun                 Bone Club              Allosaurus
Hawk Eye                   --
Bone Club                  Red Jacket             Test Rider
Sniper                     Bone Club              Borras
Wing Edge                  Sniper                 Rhyos
Cards                      --
Darts                      --                 
Doom Darts                 Bone Club              Opinicus
Trump                      Trump                  Allosaurus
Dice                       --
Fixed Dice                 Fire Knuckle           Trixter
MetalKnuckle               --
Mithril Claw               --
Kaiser                     --
Poison Claw                --                       
Fire Knuckle               Fire Knuckle           Tumbleweed
Dragon Claw                Sniper                 Test Rider
Tiger Fangs                Fire Knuckle           Mantodea
Buckler                    --                 
Heavy Shld                 --
Mithril Shld               --
Gold Shld                  --
Aegis Shld                 Tortoise Shld          Borras
Diamond Shld               --                 
Flame Shld                 Ice Shld               Iron Hitman 
Ice Shld                   Flame Shld             Innoc
Thunder Shld               Genji Shld             Outsider
Crystal Shld               --
Genji Shld                 Thunder Shld           Retainer
TortoiseShld               Titanium               Steroidite
Cursed Shld                Cursed Ring            Didalos
Paladin Shld               Force Shld             Hemophyte
Force Shld                 Thornlet               Dark Force
Leather Hat                --
Hair Band                  --
Plumed Hat                 --
Beret                      --
Magus Hat                  --
Bandana                    --
Iron Helmet                --
Coronet                    Regal Crown            Evil Oscar
Bard's Hat                 --
Green Beret                --
Head Band                  --
Mithril Helm               --
Tiara                      --
Gold Helmet                --
Tiger Mask                 --                 
Red Cap                    Coronet                Rhyos
Mystery Veil               --
Circlet                    --
Regal Crown                Genji Helmet           Opinicus
Diamond Helm               --
Dark Hood                  --
Crystal Helm               Diamond Helm           Dueller
Oath Veil                  --
Cat Hood                   Merit Award            Hoover
Genji Helmet               Crystal Helmet         Fortis
Thornlet                   Mirage Vest            Opinicus
Titanium                   Cat Hood               Brachosaur
LeatherArmor               --
Cotton Robe                --
Kung-FuSuit                --
Iron Armor                 --
Silk Robe                  --                 
Mithril Vest               --
Ninja Gear                 --
White Dress                --
Mithril Mail               --
Gaia Gear                  --
Mirage Vest                Red Jacket             Vectagoyle
Gold Armor                 --
Power Sash                 --
Light Robe                 --
Diamond Vest               --
Red Jacket                 Red Jacket             Vectagoyle
Force Armor                Force Armor            SrBehemoth
DiamondArmor               --
Dark Gear                  --
Tao Robe                   Tao Robe               Test Rider
Crystal Mail               Ice Shld               Covert
Czarina Gown               Minerva                Sky Base
Genji Armor                Air Anchor             Borras
Imp's Armor                Tortoise Shld
Minerva                    Czarina Gown           Pug
Tabby Suit                 Chocobo Suit           Vectaur
Chocobo Suit               Moogle Suit            Veteran
Moogle Suit                Nutkin Suit            Madam     
Nutkin Suit                Genji Armor            Opinicus
BehemothSuit               Snow Muffler           Outsider
Snow Muffler               Charm Bangle           Retainer
NoiseBlaster               --
Bio Blaster                --
Flash                      --
Chain Saw                  --
Debilitator                --                 
Drill                      --
Air Anchor                 Zephyr Cape            Brontaur
AutoCrossbow               --
Fire Skean                 --
Water Edge                 --
Bolt Edge                  --
Inviz Edge                 --
Shadow Edge                --
Goggles                    --
Star Pendant               --
Peace Ring                 --
Amulet                     --
White Cape                 --                 
Jewel Ring                 --
Fairy Ring                 --
Barrier Ring               --
MithrilGlove               --
Guard Ring                 --
RunningShoes               --
Wall Ring                  --
Cherub Down                --
Cure Ring                  --
True Knight                --
DragoonBoots               --
Zephyr Cape                --
Czarina Ring               --
Cursed Ring                Air Anchor             Steroidite
Earrings                   --
Atlas Armlet               --
Blizzard Orb               Rage Ring              Allosaurus
Rage Ring                  Blizzard Orb           Allosaurus
Sneak Ring                 Thief Glove            Tap Dancer
Pod Bracelet               Hero Ring              Hemophyte
Hero Ring                  Pod Bracelet           Rhyos
Ribbon                     Gold Hairpin           Rhyos
Muscle Belt                Crystal Orb            Allosaurus
Crystal Orb                Gold Hairpin           Borras
Gold Hairpin               Dragon Horn            Evil Oscar
Economizer                 Dragon Horn            Vectagoyle
Thief Glove                Dirk                   Harpy
Gauntlet                   Tunnder Shld           Vectagoyle
Genji Glove                Thunder Shld           Hemophyte
Hyper Wrist                --
Offering                   --
Beads                      --
Black Belt                 --
Coin Toss                  --
FakeMustache               --                 
Gem Box                    Economizer             SrBehemoth
Dragon Horn                Gold Hairpin           Rhyos
Merit Award                Rename Card            Covert
Memento Ring               Memento Ring           Chupon
Safety Bit                 Dragon Horn            Pug
Relic Ring                 Charm Bangle           Sky Base
MoogleCharm                Charm Bangle           Outsider
Charm Bangle               Dragon Horn            Retainer 
Marvel Shoes               Tintinabar             Tyranosaur
Back Guard                 --
Gale Hairpin               --
Sniper Sight               --
Exp.Egg                    Tintinabar             Steroidite
Tintinabar                 Exp. Egg               Dark Force
SprintShoes                --
Rename Card                Marvel Shoes           Doom Dragon
Tonic                      --
Potion                     --
X-Potion                   --
Tincture                   --
Ether                      --
X-Ether                    --                 
Elixir                     Rename Card            Cactrot
Megalixir                  Tintinabar             Siegfried
Fenix Down                 Magicite               Cactrot
Revivify                   --                 
Antidote                   --
Eyedrop                    --
Soft                       --                 
Remedy                     --
Sleeping Bag               --
Tent                       --
Green Cherry               --
Magicite                   --
Super Ball                 --
Echo Screen                --
Smoke Bomb                 --
Warp Stone                 --
Dried Meat                 --                 

XXV. Triangle Island

You find Gogo in the ruined world (I don't think you can get him 
earlier).  Anyway, the the NE of the map there is a small island. 
Land there and get attacked.  If the enemy is a ZoneEater or somesuch,
you're in the right place.  DON'T KILL IT!  Let it "engulf" your party
members one by one.  You will be sucked underground to a cave where you
will find Gogo and a few treasure chests.  Among them is the Fake Mustache.

Gogo's Status Screen - If you look on Gogo's status screen you will find a
flashing arrow that points at his abilitys.  Move this arrow up and down 
to select a slot and then press the 'A' button.  This will call up a list of 
the special abilities of everyone you have found.  You can fill the three 
empty slots with these abilitys.   Gogo can do anything which your party has 
already learned.  I think that Gogo can't use the magic which he has learned 
from espers, but can only use the spells which everybody in the party has
learned, meaning that if you select magic to be one of his special
abilities then if as a group your party knows everyspell then Gogo knows
them all also.  I like to combine Swdtech, Blitz, and Magic.  Its funny to
watch Gogo bumrush some unsuspecting enemy,  The person your mimicing
doesn't have to be in the group.  I hope you all didn't know this.  This
is the coolest thing I've seen in this game for a while.  

XXVI. Phoenix Cave 

Locke is in here.

Economizer - Use Locke to steal one for the Aquila.

XXVII. Fanatics Tower

This is the the tower that Strago was standing in front of.  You have
to find Relm to make Strago snap out of it.

This is a good place for Magic Points, once you are high enough to
handler it. Most battles get you around 7 magic points.

As for the Fanatics tower you can whip through it by doing this:

Cast float on all of your characters before you enter the tower.
Cast quake on the dancers, yellow guys.
Cast fire 3 on the blue acrobats.
Cast bolt 2 on small purple guys, and umbrella guys.
Cast reflect on your self and then bounce Ice 3 of that to kill flaming guys.
Bounce bolt 3 of off the reflected character to kill the contorted people.
Cast fire 3 on the girls on level 4 of the tower.

To kill the leader just cast life 3 on one of your characters, and hit him
with flare as much as possible.

To beat the Magi Master at the top of the tower conviently have the Wall ring
equipped on no one as he does not have Rflect cast.  Cast Bserk on him immediately and then scan to find his current weakness.  Bserk won't make him cast that
damned WallChange spell.  If you don't have a powerful spell of his weakness at the current time, have one person cast dispel the have the next one immediately cast Bserk and test for weaknesses.  Hope this helps.

Airhook: Go to the first treasure room in the tower, move to the right
of the chest, and push "A".  This activates a secret switch which
reveals a secret door on the floor below.  Inside is the airhook.

XXVIII. Ancient Castle (Underground Castle)

Location - Talk to the man that controls figero castle, when he says we
ran into something...get out and explore?  Explore, instead of

Dragon - If you talk to the dude in the Figaro castle library, he
will tell you what to do...but it's annoying to find 
him especially when you are already in the castle, so place yourself in 
the queen's chair (right one) and take five steps forward (down) and 
press the 'A' button.  I'll let you find out what happens yourself...but
here's a hint... look where you first found info on the queen 

Offering Relic - At the west side of the front of the ancient castle, there is 
a door.  A fairly difficult ninja guards the Offerings in the chest.
XXIX. Eboshi Rock

You learn the most powerful blue magic there, from the boss using Strago.

Take Relm and Stragos back to the town right south of Eboshi Rock...then 
the events will happen.  A cinema story is played out.

Chest in the cave on Eboshi - What I did was go around and collected 34
peices of coral, once you get coral do not go to the chest yet. Get around
30 and go back, he will eat it all and leave you alone.

XXX. Kefka's Tower

The final battle ground.

You will need three groups of four to enter the castle so level your
characters equally.

Cursed Ring - If you equip the Cursed Ring for 255 battles, it becomes
the Paladin Ring.  And you can find Cursed Rings off the Vetrans (or so 
I hear) in Kefka's Tower, in one of the dragon chambers. Wander around 
the carpeted platform; that's where the Vetrans appear.

According to one of the faq's, the paladin ring protects against doom and
any status ailments, but also can teach Ultima (x1 learn rate probably).

XXXI. Espers

Here is a more-or-less complete listing of Espers for FF3.  The only Esper
I have not gotten so far is Crusader, but apparently you get it once you
defeat all eight dragons.

Esper             Location
-----             --------
Ramuh             Zozo
Siren             "" 
Stray             ""
Kirin             ""
Ifrit             Vector/Magitek factory
Shiva             ""
Unicorn           ""
Maduin            ""
Bismark           ""
Shoat             ""
Carbunkl          ""
Phantom           ""
Sraphim           Tzen (buy from man in NE corner hidden in the forest)

Esper             Location
-----             ---------
Fenrir            Mobliz (dropped by Phunbaba)
Palidor           Solitary Isle/Beach (after get airship)
Golem             Jidoor/Auction House (buy for 20k? gold)
Zoneseek          Jidoor/Auction House (buy for 12k? gold)
Starlet           Jidoor/Owser's House/Basement
Tritoch           Narshe/Snowy Cliff
Terrato           Narshe/Mines (beyond hole in snowy cliff)
Ragnarok          Narshe/Weapon shop (need Locke to unlock the door)
Alexandr          Doma Castle/Throne Room (after dream sequence)
Odin              Ancient Castle
Raiden            Ancient Castle (replaces Odin; go 5 south from queen's throne
                  to open stairs.  Then talk to Queen's statue)
Phoenix           Phoenix Cave
Bahamut           Won by defeating Doom Gaze
Crusader          Won by defeating all eight dragons

Note: To get Bahamut, you must NOT defeat Doom Gaze with the vanish/X-zone
technique.  Try using Fire spells and be prepared to heal.

XXXII. Game Genie Codes

Final Fantasy III(tm) Game
1	D15C-78E5	Start Terra with Man-eater equipped
2	F65C-78E5	Start Terra with Excalibur equipped
3	FC5C-78E5	Start Terra with Illumina equipped
4	FA5C-78E5	Start Terra with Atma equipped
5	435C-78E5	Start Terra with Tempest equipped
6	D35C-78E5	Start Terra with Blizzard equipped
7	F75C-78E5	Start Terra with Enhancer equipped
8	9A58-7675	Start Terra with Mithril shield equipped
9	9258-7675	Start Terra with Gold shield equipped
10	1F58-7675	Start Terra with Ice shield equipped
11	1D58-7675	Start Terra with Fire shield equipped
12	1C58-7655	Start Terra with Hairband equipped
13	1B58-7655	Start Terra with Leather hat equipped
14	5C58-7655	Start Terra with Circlet equipped
15	5B58-7655	Start Terra with Mystery veil equipped
16	5658-7655	Start Terra with Red cap equipped
17	6658-7685	Start Terra with Silk robe equipped
18	6B58-7685	Start Terra with Mithril vest equipped
19	6858-7685	Start Terra with White dress equipped
20	BC58-7685	Start Terra with Genji armor equipped
21	B058-7685	Start Terra with Force armor equipped
22	108C-EF03 + 108C-E4A3	All items in shops are free--SWITCH OFF TO
27	DDA4-8767	Party always has sprint shoes
31	ED30-E944	'Tonic' gives 240 HP
32	3CB8-5DAE	Most items can be used infinitely--NOT IN BATTLE

AA94-E7D8....This code will make the enemy give you weapons, items, and
armory.  (This code is constant)

AA90-74DD....Able to walk through walls...not yeet perfected....only
certain directions....not fully tested either.

AA94-EFO8....Makes the enemy give you items/weapons/armory.  (This code is
not constant, it's at random)

DC9C-E4D8.....Max out your GPs.

AA9D-54D8...The battle sequence is weird..

AA9B-E768...All relics equiped..all of it.. Not tested much may freez
up...even the cursed is equiped...Just look DO NOT SAVE YOUR GAME...'cause
your statistic it whacked...

AA93-54D8....This one I just created (10/28),  this will make your EXP
decrease... Yeah it sound bad.... but when you hit 0 (zero) you will max
out your levels...TIP  equipt an esper so your statictcs will also go up...
You will learn Ultima, Meteron, and others (for Terra)

One last thing... if somebody is making a list of which monster gives what
with the AA94-E7D8 code. ... email me one for your gratitude..

Blank= means nothing happens
...= have not tried
bl=black out
batt =battle

F  ...
4 ...
0 ...
C  magic script in battle of line
8  BL
A  Batt=BL
2  BL
3  BL
E  bl
D  ...
F ...
7 ...
0 ...
9 ...
1 ...
5 ...
6 ...
B ...
C  magic script in batt=fuzzy
8 ...
A ...fuzzy window battle
2 ...
3 same as A
E ...
D ...
C magic script has "weird letter "
C weird Batt..fuzzy
8 fuzzy
D batt= bl
0 batt =bl
C something about getting hit or bar filling up..


8  enemy color
E  enemy color

(omit page..highlight...AAFC-E4D7...Treasure chest=bl)
also the "C" into 9 is the same effect.

4  fade into batt is messed up...??
1  enter batt =messed up
C batt =bl
3  enemy is invisible

A29D-54D8  In battle sequence you get super powers (at random).  You can
inflict major damage and get "Heal Bear" to recover hit-points.  People
who cannot use spells suddenly use highly powerful spells.  Players tend to go
out of turn and some spells repeat over and over.  You always win the
 It's a good idea to save frequently with this one.

AA94-E7D8+AA94-EF08 Makes the defeated enemy give you multiple, powerful
weapons, armor and multiple relics and potions.  You will get 7 excalibur
swords that you can sell.  I have fought weak enemies repeatedly and gotee
99 excaliburs or 99 Hero Rings or good armor.  After I've outfitted my
party I have sold the rest and the gold has added up!  I am very early in the
game and have 200,000 golds!

AD90-74DD Able to walk off screen.  If you get stuck, turn off Gernie, get
out and turn it back on.  Sometimes this code prevents you from entering a
village, just turn off the GG and enter, then reactivate it.

 Beware the "erases the saves" codes, they do exactly
what they say

One good code is...
AA94-EF08+AA94-E4D8....This code will give your party a chance to obtain
the Illumnia Sword through an enemy...Also, since it rarely happens..add
AA95-EFA8...this will randomly give you more.... the cycle of this code
just goes on..so turn the genie power off.....And if your lucky you might get
about 90...

Here are the rest of the base:
0,6,8 ....walk through walls

AA1?-74D1..Something about the bar meter..

6BC8...Deals with the gold
F-9...getting items

B..GP resets to 0
5,D...deals w/items
2..???? Flare after a batt.


***D794-E708..Megaelixers..and Moogle Charms/Charm Bangles


5..Thunderblade to the max...
B..Skippes GP screen

E,2..something with the status..

5..More HP in batt..and invisible????
D... weird fighting sequence
A,3..skips GP/EXP

C..more exp..(I tried it again and I think it only works with one person
the party.
2..Speed and Vigor..

C..instant sprint shoes and Moogle charm
8..float and frozen??
B..More HP/MP
C..no enemy

I guess thats most of them..

I found a code that I want perfected...6794-E708...This code makes the
EXP, Magic Points, Items, and GP keep repeating in a cycle.....
If you combine the AA94-EF08..the repeating items should be different at
times...The only thing wrong with that code is that it blanks out most of
the time...sometimes it repeats 7-8 times without blanking..but mostly it
blanks after one or two..

XXXIII. Proaction Replay Codes

From: NINTENDO MASTER <BRUNS58@snymorva.cs.snymor.edu>

1st Save File for Final Fantasy III
(1234), (123456)  MASTER CODE = 7E2F37FF

Memory location         Effect                             Pro Action Replay
                            TERRA (TINA)
209                     34 of HP                           7E1609FF
20A                     12 of HP                           7E160AFF
20B                     34 of HP Max                       7E160BFF
20C                     12 of HP Max                       7E160CFF ***
20D                     34 of MP                           7E160DFF
20E                     12 of MP                           7E160EFF
20F                     34 of MP Max                       7E160FFF
210                     12 of MP Max                       7E1610FF ***
211                     56 of Exp                          7E1611FF
212                     34 of Exp                          7E1612FF
213                     12 of Exp                          7E1613FF
216                     1st Command                        7E1616??
217                     2nd Command                        7E1617??
218                     3rd Command                        7E1618??
219                     4th Command                        7E1619??
21A                     VIGOR                              7E161AFF ***
21B                     SPEED                              7E161BA0 ***
21C                     STAMINA                            7E161CFF ***
21D                     Mag.Pwr                            7E161CFF ***
                            LOCKE (LOCK)
22E                     34 of HP
22F                     12 of HP
230                     34 of HP Max
231                     12 of HP Max                       7E1631FF
232                     34 of MP
233                     12 of MP
234                     34 of MP Max
235                     12 of MP Max                       7E1635FF
236                     56 of Exp
237                     34 of Exp
238                     12 of Exp
23B                     1st Command                        7E163B??
23C                     2nd Command                        7E163C??
23D                     3rd Command                        7E163D??
23E                     4th Command                        7E163E??
23F                     VIGOR                              7E163FFF
240                     SPEED                              7E1640A0
241                     STAMINA                            7E1641FF
242                     Mag.Pwr                            7E1642FF
                            CYAN (CAYENNE)
253                     34 of HP
254                     12 of HP
255                     34 of HP Max
256                     12 of HP Max                       7E1656FF
257                     34 of MP
258                     12 of MP
259                     34 of MP Max
25A                     12 of MP Max                       7E165AFF
25B                     56 of Exp
25C                     34 of Exp
25D                     12 of Exp
260                     1st Command                        7E1660??
261                     2nd Command                        7E1661??
262                     3rd Command                        7E1662??
263                     4th Command                        7E1663??
264                     VIGOR                              7E1664FF
265                     SPEED                              7E1665A0
266                     STAMINA                            7E1666FF
267                     Mag.Pwr                            7E1667FF
29D                     34 of HP
29E                     12 of HP
29F                     34 of HP Max
2A0                     12 of HP Max                       7E16A0FF
2A1                     34 of MP
2A2                     12 of MP
2A3                     34 of MP Max
2A4                     12 of MP Max                       7E16A4FF
2A5                     56 of Exp
2A6                     34 of Exp
2A7                     12 of Exp
2AA                     1st Command                        7E16AA??
2AB                     2nd Command                        7E16AB??
2AC                     3rd Command                        7E16AC??
2AD                     4th Command                        7E16AD??
2AE                     VIGOR                              7E16AEFF
2AF                     SPEED                              7E16AFA0
2B0                     STAMINA                            7E16B0FF
2B1                     Mag.Pwr                            7E16B1FF
                            SABIN (MASH)
2C2                     34 of HP
2C3                     12 of HP
2C4                     34 of HP Max
2C5                     12 of HP Max                       7E16C5FF
2C6                     34 of MP
2C7                     12 of MP
2C8                     34 of MP Max
2C9                     12 of MP Max                       7E16C9FF
2CA                     56 of Exp
2CB                     34 of Exp
2CC                     12 of Exp
2CF                     1st Command                        7E16CF??
2D0                     2nd Command                        7E16D0??
2D1                     3rd Command                        7E16D1??
2D2                     4th Command                        7E16D2??
2D3                     VIGOR                              7E16D3FF
2D4                     SPEED                              7E16D4A0
2D5                     STAMINA                            7E16D5FF
2D6                     Mag.Pwr                            7E16D6FF
2E7                     34 of HP
2E8                     12 of HP
2E9                     34 of HP Max
2EA                     12 of HP Max                       7E16EAFF
2EB                     34 of MP
2EC                     12 of MP
2ED                     34 of MP Max
2EE                     12 of MP Max                       7E16EEFF
2EF                     56 of Exp
2F0                     34 of Exp
2F1                     12 of Exp
2F4                     1st Command                        7E16F4??
2F5                     2nd Command                        7E16F5??
2F6                     3rd Command                        7E16F6??
2F7                     4th Command                        7E16F7??
2F8                     VIGOR                              7E16F8FF
2F9                     SPEED                              7E16F9A0
2FA                     STAMINA                            7E16FAFF
2FB                     Mag.Pwr                            7E16FBFF
30C                     34 of HP
30D                     12 of HP
30E                     34 of HP Max
30F                     12 of HP Max                       7E170FFF
310                     34 of MP                    
311                     12 of MP
312                     34 of MP Max
313                     12 of MP Max                       7E1713FF
314                     56 of Exp
315                     34 of Exp
316                     12 of Exp
319                     1st Command                        7E1719??
31A                     2nd Command                        7E171A??
31B                     3rd Command                        7E171B??
31C                     4th Command                        7E171C??
31D                     VIGOR                              7E171DFF
31E                     SPEED                              7E171EA0
31F                     STAMINA                            7E171FFF
320                     Mag.Pwr                            7E1720FF
331                     34 of HP
332                     12 of HP
333                     34 of HP Max
334                     12 of HP Max                       7E1734FF
335                     34 of MP                      
336                     12 of MP
337                     34 of MP Max
338                     12 of MP Max                       7E1738FF
339                     56 of Exp
33A                     34 of Exp
33B                     12 of Exp
33E                     1st Command                        7E173E??
33F                     2nd Command                        7E173F??
340                     3rd Command                        7E1740??
341                     4th Command                        7E1741??
342                     VIGOR                              7E1742FF
343                     SPEED                              7E1743A0
344                     STAMINA                            7E1744FF
345                     Mag.Pwr                            7E1745FF
356                     34 of HP
357                     12 of HP
358                     34 of HP Max
359                     12 of HP Max                       7E175AFF
35A                     34 of MP
35B                     12 of MP
35C                     34 of MP Max
35D                     12 of MP Max                       7E175DFF
35E                     56 of Exp
35F                     34 of Exp
360                     12 of Exp
363                     1st Command                        7E1763??
364                     2nd Command                        7E1764??
365                     3rd Command                        7E1765??
366                     4th Command                        7E1766??
367                     Setzer's VIGOR                     7E1767FF
368                     Setzer's SPEED                     7E1768A0
369                     Setzer's STAMINA                   7E1769FF
36A                     Setzer's Mag.Pwr                   7E176AFF
37B                     34 of Mog HP
37C                     12 of Mog HP
37D                     34 of Mog HP Max
37E                     12 of Mog HP Max                   7E177EFF
37F                     34 of Mog MP
380                     12 of Mog MP
381                     34 of Mog MP Max
382                     12 of Mog MP Max                   7E1782FF
383                     56 of Mog Exp
384                     34 of Mog Exp
285                     12 of Mog Exp
388                     1st Command                        7E1788??
389                     2nd Command                        7E1789??
38A                     3rd Command                        7E178A??
38B                     4th Command                        7E178B??
38C                     Mog's VIGOR                        7E178CFF
38D                     Mog's SPEED                        7E178DA0
38E                     Mog's STAMINA                      7E178EFF
38F                     Mog's Mag.Pwr                      7E178FFF
3A0                     34 of Gau HP                     
3A1                     12 of Gau HP
3A2                     34 of Gau HP Max
3A3                     12 of Gau HP Max                   7E17A3FF
3A4                     34 of Gau MP
3A5                     12 of Gau MP
3A6                     34 of Gau MP Max                   
3A7                     12 of Gau MP Max                   7E17A7FF
3A8                     56 of Gau Exp
3A9                     34 of Gau Exp
3AA                     12 of Gau Exp
3AD                     1st Command                        7E17AD??
3AE                     2nd Command                        7E17AE??
3AF                     3rd Command                        7E17AF??
3B0                     4th Command                        7E17B0??
3B1                     Gau's VIGOR                        7E17B1FF
3B2                     Gau's SPEED                        7E17B2A0
3B3                     Gau's STAMINA                      7E17B3FF
3B4                     Gau's Mag.Pwr                      7E17B4FF
3C5                     34 of Gogo HP
3C6                     12 of Gogo HP
3C7                     34 of Gogo HP Max
3C8                     12 of Gogo HP Max                  7E17C8FF
3C9                     34 of Gogo MP
3CA                     12 of Gogo MP
3CB                     34 of Gogo MP Max
3CC                     12 of Gogo MP Max                  7E17CCFF
3CD                     56 of Gogo Exp
3CE                     34 of Gogo Exp
3CF                     12 of Gogo Exp
3D2                     1st Command                        7E17D2??
3D3                     2nd Command                        7E17D3??
3D4                     3rd Command                        7E17D4??
3D5                     4th Command                        7E17D5??
3D6                     Gogo's VIGOR                       7E17D6FF
3D7                     Gogo's SPEED                       7E17D7A0
3D8                     Gogo's STAMINA                     7E17D8FF
3D9                     Gogo's Mag.Pwr                     7E17D9FF
3EA                     34 of Umaro HP
3EB                     12 of Umaro HP
3EC                     34 of Umaro HP Max
3ED                     12 of Umaro HP Max                 7E17EDFF
3EE                     34 of Umaro MP
3EF                     12 of Umaro MP
3F0                     34 of Umaro MP Max
3F1                     12 of Umaro MP Max                 7E17F1FF
3F2                     56 of Umaro Exp
3F3                     34 of Umaro Exp
3F4                     12 of Umaro Exp
3F7                     1st Command                        7E17F7??
3F8                     2nd Command                        7E17F8??
3F9                     3rd Command                        7E17F9??
3FA                     4th Command                        7E17FA??
3FB                     Umaro's VIGOR                      7E17FBFF
3FC                     Umaro's SPEED                      7E17FCA0
3FD                     Umaro's STAMINA                    7E17FDFF
3FE                     Umaro's Mag.Pwr                    7E17FEFF
460                     56 of GP                           7E1860FF
461                     34 of GP                           7E1861FF
462                     12 of GP                           7E1862FF
463                     Hours played                       7E186300
464                     Min. played                        7E186400
465                     Seconds played                     7E186500
466                     56 of Steps                        7E186600
467                     34 of Steps                        7E186700
468                     12 of Steps                        7E186800
469 - 568               Items you have                   7E1869?? - 7E1968??
569 - 668               # of Items you have              7E1969FF - 7E1A68FF
00 Fight     06 Capture    0C Lore       12 Mimic     18 Gp Rain
01 Item      07 SwdTech    0D Sketch     13 Dance     19 Summon
02 Magic     08 Throw      0E Control    14 Row       1A Health
03 Morph     09 Tools      0F Slot       15 Def.      1B Shock
04 Revert    0A Blitz      10 Rage       16 Jump      1C Possess
05 Steal     0B Runic      11 (Nothing)  17 X-Magic   1D MagiTek
00 Dirk        :DIRK          80 Cat Hood    :HELMET 
01 MithrilKnife:DIRK          81 Genji Helmet:HELMET
02 Guardian    :DIRK          82 Thornlet    :HELMET
03 Air Lancet  :DIRK          83 Titanium    :HELMET
04 ThiefKnife  :DIRK          84 LeatherArmor:ARMOR
05 Assassin    :DIRK          85 Cotton Robe :ARMOR
06 Man Eater   :DIRK          86 Kung Fu Suit:ARMOR 
07 SwordBreaker:DIRK          87 Iron Armor  :ARMOR  
08 Greadus     :DIRK          88 Silk Robe   :ARMOR 
09 ValiantKnife:DIRK          89 Mithril Vest:ARMOR  
0A MithrilBlade:SWORD         8A Ninja Gear  :ARMOR 
0B RegalCutlass:SWORD         8B White Dress :ARMOR 
0C Rune Edge   :SWORD         8C Mithril Mail:ARMOR
0D Flame Sabre :SWORD         8D Gaia Gear   :ARMOR    
0E Blizzarrd   :SWORD         8E Mirage Vest :ARMOR 
0F ThunderBlade:SWORD         8F Gold Armor  :ARMOR
10 Epee        :SWORD         90 Power Sash  :ARMOR   
11 Break Blade :SWORD         91 Light Robe  :ARMOR
12 Drainer     :SWORD         92 Diamond Vest:ARMOR
13 Enhancer    :SWORD         93 Red Jacket  :ARMOR
14 Crystal     :SWORD         94 Force Armor :ARMOR
15 Falchion    :SWORD         95 DiamondArmor:ARMOR
16 Soul Sabre  :SWORD         96 Dark Gear   :ARMOR
17 Ogre Nix    :SWORD         97 Tao Robe    :ARMOR
18 Excalibur   :SWORD         98 Crystal Mail:ARMOR
19 Scimitar    :SWORD         99 Czarina Gown:ARMOR
1A Illumina    :SWORD         9A Genji Armor :ARMOR
1B Ragnarok    :SWORD         9B Imp's Armor :ARMOR
1C Atma Weapon :SWORD         9C Minerva     :ARMOR
1D Mithril Pike:LANCE         9D Tabby Suit  :ARMOR
1E Trident     :LANCE         9E Chocobo Suit:ARMOR
1F Stout Spear :LANCE         9F Moogle Suit :ARMOR
20 Partisan    :LANCE         A0 Nutkin Suit :ARMOR
21 Pearl Lance :LANCE         A1 BehemothSuit:ARMOR
22 Gold Lance  :LANCE         A2 Snow Muffler:ARMOR
23 Aura Lance  :LANCE         A3 NoiseBlaster:TOOL
24 Imp Halberd :LANCE         A4 Bio Blaster :TOOL
25 Imperial    :DIRK          A5 Flash       :TOOL
26 Kodachi     :DIRK          A6 Chain Saw   :TOOL
27 Blossom     :DIRK          A7 Debilitator :TOOL
28 Hardened    :DIRK          A8 Drill       :TOOL
29 Striker     :DIRK          A9 Air Anchor  :TOOL
2A Stunner     :DIRK          AA AutoCrossbow:TOOL
2B Ashura      :KNIFE         AB Fire Skean  :SKEAN
2C Kotetsu     :KNIFE         AC Water Edge  :SKEAN
2D Forged      :KNIFE         AD Bolt Edge   :SKEAN
2E Tempest     :KNIFE         AE Inviz Edge  :SKEAN
2F Murasame    :KNIFE         AF Shadow Edge :SKEAN
30 Aura        :KNIFE         B0 Goggles     :RELIC
31 Strato      :KNIFE         B1 Star Pendant:RELIC
32 Sky Render  :KNIFE         B2 Peace Ring  :RELIC
33 Heal Rod    :ROD           B3 Amulet      :RELIC
34 Mithril Rod :ROD           B4 White Cape  :RELIC
35 Fire Rod    :ROD           B5 Jewl Ring   :RELIC
36 Ice Rod     :ROD           B6 Fairy Ring  :RELIC
37 Thunder Rod :ROD           B7 Barrier Ring:RELIC
38 Poison Rod  :ROD           B8 MithrilGlove:RELIC
39 Pearl Rod   :ROD           B9 Guard Ring  :RELIC
3A Gravity Rod :ROD           BA RunningShoes:RELIC
3B Punisher    :ROD           BB Wall Ring   :RELIC
3C Magus Rod   :ROD           BC Cherub Down :RELIC
3D Chocobo Brsh:BRUSH         BD Cure Ring   :RELIC
3E DeVinci Brsh:BRUSH         BE True Knight :RELIC
3F Magical Brsh:BRUSH         BF DragoonBoots:RELIC
40 Rainbow Brsh:BRUSH         C0 Zephyr Cape :RELIC
41 Shuriken    :STARS         C1 Czarina Ring:RELIC
42 Ninja Star  :STARS         C2 Cursed Ring :RELIC
43 Tack Star   :STARS         C3 Earrings    :RELIC
44 Flail       :SPECIAL       C4 Atlas Armlet:RELIC
45 Full Moon   :SPECIAL       C5 Blizzard Orb:RELIC
46 Morning Star:SPECIAL       C6 Rage Ring   :RELIC
47 Boomerang   :SPECIAL       C7 Sneak Ring  :RELIC
48 Rising Sun  :SPECIAL       C8 Pod Bracelet:RELIC
49 Hawk Eye    :SPECIAL       C9 Hero Ring   :RELIC
4A Bone Club   :SPECIAL       CA Ribbon      :RELIC
4B Sniper      :SPECIAL       CB Muscle Belt :RELIC
4C Wing Edge   :SPECIAL       CC Crystal Orb :RELIC
4D Cards       :GAMBLER       CD Gold Hairpin:RELIC
4E Darts       :GAMBLER       CE Economizer  :RELIC
4F Doom Darts  :GAMBLER       CF Thief Glove :RELIC
50 Trump       :GAMBLER       D0 Gauntlet    :RELIC
51 Dice        :GAMBLER       D1 Genji Glove :RELIC
52 Fixed Dice  :GAMBLER       D2 Hyper Wrist :RELIC
53 MetalKnuckle:CLAW          D3 Offering    :RELIC
54 Mithril Claw:CLAW          D4 Beads       :RELIC
55 Kaiser      :CLAW          D5 Black Belt  :RELIC
56 Poison Claw :CLAW          D6 Coin Toss   :RELIC
57 Fire Knuckle:CLAW          D7 FakeMustache:RELIC
58 Dragon Claw :CLAW          D8 Gem Box     :RELIC
59 Tiger Fangs :CLAW          D9 Dragon Horn :RELIC
5A Buckler     :SHIELD        DA Merit Award :RELIC
5B Heavy Shld  :SHIELD        DB Memento Ring:RELIC
5C Mithril Shld:SHIELD        DC Safety Bit  :RELIC
5D Gold Shld   :SHIELD        DD Relic Ring  :RELIC
5E Regis Shld  :SHIELD        DE Moogle Charm:RELIC
5F Diamond Shld:SHIELD        DF Charm Bangle:RELIC
60 Flame Shld  :SHIELD        E0 Marvel Shoes:RELIC
61 Ice Shld    :SHIELD        E1 Back Guard  :RELIC
62 Thunder Shld:SHIELD        E2 Gale Hairpin:RELIC
63 Crystal Shld:SHIELD        E3 Sniper Sight:RELIC
64 Genji Shld  :SHIELD        E4 Exp. Egg    :RELIC
65 TortoiseShld:SHIELD        E5 Tintinabar  :RELIC
66 Cursed Shld :SHIELD        E6 Sprint Shoes:RELIC
67 Paladin Shld:SHIELD        E7 Rename Card
68 Force Shld  :SHIELD        E8 Tonic
69 Leather Hat :HELMET        E9 Potion
6A Hair Band   :HELMET        EA X-Potion
6B Plumed Hat  :HELMET        EB Tincture
6C Beret       :HELMET        EC Ether
6D Magus Hat   :HELMET        ED X-Ether
6E Bandana     :HELMET        EE Elixer
6F Iron Helmet :HELMET        EF Megaalixir
70 Coronet     :HELMET        F0 Fenix Down
71 Bard's Hat  :HELMET        F1 Revivify
72 Green Beret :HELMET        F2 Antidote
73 Head Band   :HELMET        F3 Eyedrop
74 Mithril Helm:HELMET        F4 Soft
75 Tiara       :HELMET        F5 Remedy
76 Gold Helmet :HELMET        F6 Sleeping Bag
77 Tiger Mask  :HELMET        F7 Tent
78 Red Cap     :HELMET        F8 Green Cherry
79 Mystery Veil:HELMET        F9 Magicite
7A Circlet     :HELMET        FA Super Ball
7B Regal Crown :HELMET        FB Echo Screen
7C Diamond Helm:HELMET        FC Smoke Bomb
7D Dark Hood   :HELMET        FD Warp Stone
7E Crystal Helm:HELMET        FE Dried Meat
7F Oath Veil   :HELMET        FF (Empty Space)

XXXIII. Espers used in combat
  Ramuh		Bolt Fist	offensive (~1200 hp electrical)
  Kirin		Life Guard	defensive (regeneration)
  Siren		Hope Song	offensive (silence)
  Stray		Cat Rain	offensive (confusion)
  Shiva		Gem Dust	offensive (~1000 hp)
  Ifrit		Inferno		offensive (~700 hp fire)
  Unicorn	Heal Horn	defensive (remedy)
  Maduin	Chaos Wing	offensive (~900 hp)
  Shoat		Demon Eye	offensive (petrify)
  Phantom	Fader		defensive (invisible)
  Carbunkl	Ruby Power	defensive (reflect)
  Bismark	Sea Song	offensive (~900 hp)
  Sraphim	Reviver		defensive (~1000 hp cure)

*  all effects are for an entire group (your party if defensive
   magic, foes' party if offensive magic); numerical quantities
   are split among recipients

XXXIV. Desperation Attacks

 Character      Name                  Description
  Locke        Mirager       looks like first part of a Bum Rush
  Terra        Riot Blade    throws a series of rings at an enemy
  Celes        Spin Edge     spins around an enemy holding out her sword
  Edgar        Royal Shock   flash of light
  Sabin        Tiger Break   looks like Cyan's Empowerer
  Cyan         Back Blade    sword strike that turns screen black
  Gau             ?                          ?
  Mog          Moogle Rush   looks like Pummel
  Strago       Sabre Soul    jumps at enemy and makes a flash of light
  Relm         Star Prism    stars surround an enemy
  Shadow       Shadow Fang   jumps at enemy and claws him twice
  Setzer       Red Card      spins around and throws cards 3 times
  Gogo         X-Meteo       huge meteor falls on one enemy      
  Umaro           ?                          ?

XXXV.  FF III: (In)Complete list of monsters v2.5 (and a list of 12 rare

From: aa244@cfn.cs.dal.ca (David Edward McGrath)

[Note:  I started this list because I was interested in getting all of Gau's
Rages - having a list of monsters my party has fought would make it easier
to know which I had left.  It's grown into hints about the game, and a few
notes about [SZ]iegfried.  Also note that I've grown a bit bored with the
game; unless any new things are discovered, like a secret ending, or more
than 12 Rare items, this list won't be updated by any monsters I discover
myself.  And please, if you notice *any* missing, mail me at
aa244@cfn.cs.dal.ca -- and ask permission if you want to use this in a
FAQ or helplist, please.]

--- ----- -- -----
  While entering Narshe:
  Inside the mines of Narshe:
Repo Man
  Mine boss monster:
Whelk                   [Attack the head, not the shell]
  Three-Party battle boss monster:
  Grass/Forest outside of Narshe:
Dark Wind
  Desert outside of Narshe:
Sand Ray
  Battle while fleeing Figaro Castle:
  Monsters in Figaro Cave, first time through:
  Grass/Forest near South Figaro:
Rhodox			[Rhodox Rage = Snare, useful against Intangir]
  Caves of Mt. Kolts:
  Ledges of Mt. Kolts:
  Mt. Kolts boss monsters:
  On Lete River:
  Lete River boss:
Ultros			[And not for the last time, either]

  In South Figaro:
Officer			[Note that these two don't]
Merchant		[seem to have rages       ]
  Under South Figaro:
Vector Pup
  Figaro Cave, second time through:
Gold Bear
  Figaro Cave boss:


  Inside SW mines:
1st Class
Wild Rat

  Security checkpoint:
Dark Side		[You get these three by making a mistake]
Spectre                 [This and the next were given to me by]
Rinn                    [ixs2085@hertz.njit.edu]


  Monsters by Aged Man's house:
Stray Cat
  Monsters in Imperial Base:
Leader			[No apparent Rage]
Grunt			[No apparent Rage]
Cadet			[No apparent Rage]
  Monsters-in-a-Box in Imperial Base:
Doberman                [Kick the chest that doesn't open]
Telstar                 [Thanks to <darkstar@iglou.com> for these two]
  Monsters in Phantom Forest:
  Monsters on Ghost Train:
Specter			[Monster-In-A-Box]
Siegfried		[Or is it Ziegfried?]
  Boss of the Ghost Train:
  Down Baren Falls:
Piranha			[No apparent Rage]
Rizopas			[No apparent Rage]
  The Veldt:
--Everything previously and subsequently noted, except when excluded.
As well, *most* bosses aren't on the Veldt either.
  Serpent Trench:
Anguiform		[Take Mog to learn the Water Dance]
Actaneon		[Go right each time you're given the choice]
Aspik                   [to find treasure caves]

  Three-Party battle monsters:
Bounty Man		[A dog.  Go fig]
  Boss of the Three-Party battle:
Kefka			[Not the last of him, either]

  Grass near Kohlingen:
Red Fang
Vulture			[also appears in the forest]
  Forest near Kohlingen:
Over Grunk
Mind Candy
Iron Fist
  Desert near Kohlingen:
FossilFang 		[also appears in south continent in sand]
  In Zozo, outside:
Harvester		[also appears inside]
  In Zozo, inside:
  Zozo boss monster:
  In Opera House rafters:
Vermin                  [For fun - save one of these for the World of]
Sewer Rat               [Ruin, and get killed by 'em]
  Opera House boss monster:
Ultros			[again!]
  Most of southern continent, in the grass:
  Most of southern continent, in the sand:
  In Vector, and Magitek Research:
ProtoArmor		[appears on Veldt, but apparently has no Rage]
Pipsqueak		[appears in the back stairs too]
  Magitek Research, junk heap:
Ifrit			[you fight these two together ]
Shiva			[to gain two magicite crystals]
  Magitek Research, back stairs:
  Magitek Research, top of stairs:
  Magitek Research sub-boss:
Number 034
  Railcar monster:
Mag Roader		[First two of four monsters with this name]
Mag Roader		[One is big and purple, the other small and red]
  Railcar boss:
Number 128		[Has two blades, independently attackable]
  Leaving Vector:
  While flying away in the airship:
Crane			[Two of 'em]
  On Triangle Island, NE of the map:
Intangir		[gives 10 MP]
  Far north, middle of map:
  Before Sealed Gate, before lava:
Coelecite		[This and Ing appear after lava too]
  Before Sealed Gate, after lava:
Ninja			[With a strange comment about a hidden treasure]
  Vector, banquet time:
Mega Armor
Sp Forces		[take a break, and talk to the soliders]
  Inside burning house in Thamasa:
  Boss of house:
  Esper Cave, inside:
  Esper Cave, outside:
  Esper Cave boss:
Ultros			[Yet again!]

  Flying to the Floating Continent:
Sky Armor
Spit Fire
  Bosses while flying to the Floating Continent:
Ultros			[For the last time, as a monster]
Chupon			[He'll sneeze you away, once you hit him enough]
Air Force		[Two independently attackable guns]
Speck			[put out by Air Force, absorbs magic]
  On Floating Continent:
Gigantos		[Monster-In-A-Box!]
Wirey Dragon
Ninja			[As a wandering monster, this time]
  Floating Continent boss monster:
  Escaping from Continent:
Naughty			[No apparent Rage]
  Final Boss monster before the World of Ruin:
Nerapa			[Remember to wait if you want to keep Shadow!]

--- ----- -- ----
[Note that the gravel and the grass *seem* to be equivalent]

  On Solitary Island, on gravel and sand:
  On Solitary Island, on sand:
Black Drgn              
  Near Albrook, on gravel and in forest:
Mesosaur                [In forest as well]
Gigan Toad              [The desert is the same as on Solitary Island]
  The house in Tzen:
Pm Stalker              [Also a Monster-In-A-Box]
  Gravel on Serpent Trench:
Delta Bug
Bloompire               [This and the next only seem to]
Lizard                  [appear at the extremeties of the Trench]
  Boss of Mobliz:
Phunbaba                [You'll have to come back in the airship to defeat it]
  By Figaro Cave, on grass:
Nohrabbit               [shows up in forest]
Maliga                  [shows up in desert]
  By Figaro Cave, in forest:
  By Figaro Cave, in desert:
Sand Horse
  In Figaro Cave, and basement of Castle:
Dante			[Incidentally, the spelling Sigfried shows]
Neckhunter		[up in the beginning of the cave]
  In Castle basement:
  Boss of Castle basement:
Tentacles               [four of 'em]
  By Kohlingen, in grass:
Muus                    [shows up in forest]
  By Kohlingen, in forest:
Deep Eye                [desert same as by Figaro]
  In Daryl's Tomb:
Osteosaur               [Gives Gau X-Zone Rage]
Mad Oscar
Presenter               [Monster-In-A-Box]
  Boss of Daryl's Tomb:
  By Maranda, in grass:
Mantodea                [appears by Narshe too]
Spek Tor
  By Maranda, in forest:
Reach Frog              [appears by Narshe too]
  By Maranda, in desert:
Cactrot                 [10 MP, but hard to hit]
  Mt. Zozo, in the caves:
Borras                  [these three show up outside, too]
  Mt. Zozo, on the ledges:
  Cave in Veldt:
Toe Cutter
Allo Ver                [Monster-In-A-Box]
  Boss of the Cave in the Veldt:
SrBehemoth              [Two of 'em]
  by 'Jurrasic Park' NW of the Veldt:
  in 'Jurrasic Park':
  Near Thamasa, in grass:
Harpy                   [this and the next show up in the forest]
  In Owzer's mansion, top floor:
Nightshade              [Monster-In-A-Painting]
Dahling                 [Monster-In-A-Painting]
  In Owzer's mansion, basement:
Wild Cat
Soul Dancer
Still Life              [Monster-In-A-Painting]
  Somewhere in the skies:
Doom Gaze               [Can't heal itself; defeat to get Bahamut Magicite]

  In Phoenix Cave, before lava:
Chaos Drgn
Red Dragon              [DRAGON!]
  In Phoenix Cave, around lava:
Sea Flower
  By Narshe:
  In Narshe, before mines:
Red Wolf                [Shows up in snow]
Test Rider
  In Narshe, in north mines:
Mag Roader              [Yes, two more, of at least four different Mag Roaders]
Mag Roader              
  In Narshe, in snow:
Psychot                 [Bring Mog here to learn snow dance]
Ice Dragon              [DRAGON!]
  Boss of the snow:
Tritoch                 [You'll get the Tritoch Magicite]
  Esper Cave:
Pugs                    [Monster-In-A-Box - Rage unlearnable] 
Pug                     [Rage *can* be learned from these]
Tomb Thumb              [Thanks again to <darkstar@iglou.com> for these two]
  Esper Cave 'boss':
Umaro                   [If Mog's in your party, Umaro'll join you]
  Triangle Island:
Zone Eater              [Let it 'Engulf' you]
  In Zone Eater:
Tap Dancer
Wart Puck
Ogor                    [This is where you get Gogo, incidentally]
  Fanatic's Tower:
L.10 Magic              [Fire3 is effective on all L.?0 Magics...]
L.20 Magic
L.30 Magic
L.40 Magic
L.50 Magic
L.60 Magic
L.70 Magic              [...except for this one]
L.80 Magic
L.90 Magic              [None of the L.?0 Magics are on the Veldt]
Magic Urn               [5 MP -- heals you, too]
White Drgn              [DRAGON!  Note that Pearl weapons heal it]
MagiMaster              [Casts Ultima when it dies - cast Life3 beforehand]
  In Cyan's Nightmare, stairway section:
Pan Dora
Barb-e                  [Shows up on the train]
  The stairway section bosses:
Larry                   [A wise guy, eh?]
Curley                  [Nyuk nyuk nyuk, woo woo woo!]
Moe                     [Pick a finger!  *boink*]
  In Cyan's Nightmare, train section:
Rain Man
  In Cyan's Nightmare, mine section:
Io                      [When was Cyan ever in the mines?]
PlutoArmor              [Incidentally, a fun bug:  change the order of]
Sky Cap                 [your chars, and watch at the end of the dream]
  The bosses of the nightmare:
SoulSaver               [X-Zone these if you're lazy, or kill your]
WrexSoul                [characters off, and cast Life spells]
  Cave to Ancient Castle:
Goblin                  [This and the next show up by the castle]
Master Pug              [Monster-In-A-Box]
  By and in Ancient Castle:
Lethal Wpn              [Barb-e, Samurai, and Suriander show up here too]
KatanaSoul              [Monster-In-A-Box]
  In Throne Room:
Boxed Set
  In hidden basement:
Blue Drgn               [DRAGON!]
  In Ebot's Rock:
Slatter                 [Or is it Eboshi Rock?  That's what the map says]
Opinicus                [Remember to take Strago]
  Boss of Ebot's Rock:
Hidon                   [Strago learns Grand Train from it]
Hidonite                [Four of 'em, one of them immune to many spells]
  Outside of Kefka's Tower:
Evil Oscar
Land Worm               [*not* Zone Eater]
Doom Drgn
  Inside Kefka's Tower, wall background:
Dark Force              [Has *almost* all of Strago's Lores]
Mover                   [Has Big Guard Lore - defeat all but one]
Skull Drgn              [DRAGON!]
Gold Drgn               [DRAGON!]
  Inside Kefka's Tower, railing background:
Sky Base
  Sub-bosses of Kefka's Tower:
Inferno                 [Two attackable arms, Striker and Rough]
Guardian                [Finally attackable!]
  Statues in Kefka's Tower:
Doom                    [Has ForceField Lore for Strago]
  The 'What? he's that easy?' boss:
Kefka                   ['though you have to battle your way]
                        [up a three-screen tower of monsters first]

[Again, please send any addenda.  I know I'm missing monsters for the 
Rage list...]

These items show up on the RARE suboption of the ITEM option of the menu.
If anybody knows how to get more than 12, mail me at aa244@cfn.cs.dal.ca!

Cider		Old Clock-Key
Fish		Fish
Fish		Fish
Lump of Metal	Coral
Books		Royal Letter
Rust-Rid	Pendant

The cider is found by Locke, near the beginning of the game.  So is the
clock-key.  The fish are found in the World of Ruin, on Solitary Island.
The Lump of Metal is in Cyan's dream.  The Coral is in Ebot's (Eboshi)
Cave.  The Books are Cyan's, found in his room in the world of Ruin.
The Letter is found behind the portrait of Emperor Gestahl.  Rust-Rid
is found in Zozo, and you start off with the Pendant.  (Note that some
items, like the Underwater Helmet, were apparently in the Japanese version,
but didn't make it as Rare items when translated.)

By Jonathon Bigos and The Spook

1st Class: 11, 180, 25, Poison
Abolisher: 24, 860, 82
Actaneon: 12, 230, 98, Fire/Lightning
Adamanchyt: 24, 1305
Allo Ver: 19, 8000, 8000, Fire/Pearl 
Allosaurus: 38, 3000, 300, Fire/Pearl
Anguiform: 13, 315, 150, Lightning 
Apokryphos: 26, 1900, 195, Bolt 
Apparite: 20, 781, Ice/Pearl
Areneid: 6, 87, 15, Ice/Water  
Aspik: 12, 220, 330, Fire
Atma Weapon: 37, 24000, 5000
Balloon: 22, 555, 80, Ice/Water
Barb-e: 39, 3062, 198, Poison
Beakor: 11, 290, 30, Fire
Behemoth: 28, 5800, 180, Ice
Black Drgn: 26, 4000, 600, Fire/Pearl 
Bloompire: 26, 12, 400, Fire
Bogy: 29, 1318
Bomb: 80, 160, 10, Ice/Water
Borras: 35, 4771, 590, Poison
Bounty Man 
Boxed Set: 45, 4020, Pearl
Brawler: 9, 137, Ice
Brontaur: 50, 10050, Ice
Buffalax: 26, 2252, 218, Fire/Water 
Cephaler: 21, 420, Lightning
Chaos Drgn: 44, 9013, Ice
Chaser: 19, 1202, 140, Bolt/Water
Chickenlip: 18, 545, 155, Ice
Chimera: 22, 2237
Chitonid: 26, 1111, Lightning
Cirpius: 10, 134, 100
Commander: 10, 102, 50, Poison
Commando: 18, 580, Water/Lightning
Covert: 44, 4530, Pearl
Crane (left): 23, 1800, Water
Crane (right): 24, 2300, Lightning/Water
Crasshoppr: 11, 243, 80, Fire/Wind
Crawler: 51, 3200, Ice
Crawly: 7, 122, Fire
Cruller: 28, 1334, 100, Fire/Pearl
Crusher: 36, 2095, 340, Fire
Dahling: 37, 3580, 500, Poison
Dante: 28, 1945, 200, Poison
Dark Force: 55, 8940, Pearl
Dark Side
Dark Wind: 5, 34, Fire
Deep Eye: 28, 1334, 100, Fire
Delta Bug: 26, 612, 80, Fire
Didalus: 59, 12280, Fire/Pearl
Displayer: 38, 3826, Fire/Pearl
Doom Drgn
Doom: 73, 63000, Pearl
Dragon: 29, 7000, 850, Bolt
Dueller: 53, 7200, Lightning/Water
Dullahan: 37, 23450, 1721, Fire/Pearl 
Eland: 37, 2470, Lightning
Evil Oscar: 56, 7000, Fire
Exocite: 11, 196, 100, Fire/Lightning  
Exoray: 29, 1200, 112, Fire/Pearl 
Fidor: 13, 355, 80, Fire
Flan: 19, 225, Fire
Fortis: 54, 9800, Bolt/Water
FossilFang: 20, 1399, 219, Fire/Ice/Pearl/Water 
Gabbldegak: 15, 350, 20, Poison
Geckorex: 54, 5000, Ice
General: 19, 650, Poison
Ghost: 10, 226, Fire/Pearl
Gigan Toad: 26, 458, Ice
Gigantos: 25, 6000, 1120, Poison
GloomShell: 41, 2905, Ice
Gobbler: 19, 470
Goblin: 46, 5555, Pearl
Goddess: 68, 44000
Gold Bear: 13, 275
GtBehemoth: 58, 11000
Guard: 5, 40, 15, Poison
Guardian: 67, 60000, Lightning/Water
Hades Gigas: 16, 1200, 60, Poison
Harpiai: 29, 1418, 100, Wind
Harpy: 42, 3615
Harvester: 16, 428, 85, Poison
Hazer: 12, 120, 100, Pearl
HeavyArmor: 13, 495, 150, Lightning/Water
Hemophyte: 56, 6800
Hermit Crab: 26, 305, 35, Water
Hipocampos: 37, 2444, Fire/Pearl
Humpty: 27, 800, 100, Fire/Pearl
Ice Dragon: 74, 24400, 9000, Fire
Ing: 21, 1100, Pearl/Water
Innoc: 52, 6600, Lightning/Water
Intangir: 26, 32000
Iron Fist: 15, 333, 65
Karkass: 43, 3850, Fire/Pearl
L. 10 Magic: 48, 1000, Fire/Pearl
L. 20 Magic: 51, 2000
L. 30 Magic: 54, 3000, Poison
L. 40 Magic: 56, 4000, Ice/Water
L. 60 Magic: 58, 6000, Fire
L. 70 Magic: 56, 7000, Ice/Water
L. 80 Magic: 53, 8000, Poison
L. 90 Magic: 55, 9000
Land Worm: 59, 12000, Ice
Latimeria: 27, 1700, 100, Lightning
Leafer: 5, 33, Fire/Water
Left Blade (Number 128): 21, 400
Lethal Wpn 
Lich: 20, 590, 90, Pearl
Lizard: 26, 1280, Ice
Lobo: 5, 27, Fire
Lunaris: 26, 582
Luridan: 34, 2079, 122, Fire/Wind
Mad Oscar: 30, 2900, 980, Fire
Madam: 53, 8150, Poison
Mag Roader (purple): 19, 420, Fire
Mag Roader (red): 18, 250, 100, Ice
Magic Urn: 31, 100 
Maliga: 26, 952, Ice/Lightning/Water
Mesosaur: 26, 1112, Ice
Mind Candy: 15, 290, 100, Fire/Wind
Misfit: 26, 1750, 140, Fire/Pearl 
Muus: 28, 900, 100
Nastidon: 32, 1877, 100, Fire
Naughty: 24, 3000, 195, Fire/Bolt
Nautiloid: 11, 236, 100, Fire/Lightning
NeckHunter: 28, 1334, 150, Poison
Necromancer: 48, 3525, 900, Fire/Pearl
Ninja: 27, 1650, 130, Bolt 
Nohrabbit: 26, 75, 200, Water 
Number 024: 24, 4777
Number 128: 23, 3276
Opinicus: 38, 3210, Fire/Pearl
Osprey: 26, 850, Ice
Osteosaur: 30, 1584, 143, Fire/Pearl
Outsider: 18, 8050, Pearl
Over Grunk: 15, 492, 100, Fire
Overmind: 13, 390, 190, Fire/Pearl
Pan Dora 
Parasite: 39, 1000, 230, Fire 
Parasoul: 47, 2077, 500, Ice
Peepers: 23, 1, 19, Ice/Water
Phase: 47, 4550, 1700, Ice
Pipsqueak: 18, 250, Lightning/Water
Pm Stalker: 26, 265, Fire/Pearl
Poltregeist: 67, 58000, Poison
Poplium: 11, 145, Fire/Pearl
Poppers: 33, 1000, 100, Fire
PowerDemon: 29, 2058, 360, Fire/Pearl
Presenter: 31, 9845, 1600, Fire
Primordite: 11, 145, Lightning
Prometheus: 56, 14500, Lightning/Water
Proto Armor: 19, 670, 125, Lightning
Prussian: 41, 3300, 188
Psychot: 32, 900, 55, Ice 
Pterodon: 12, 380, 70, Fire
Pug: 27, 8000, Fire/Lightning
Punisher: 35, 2191, 136, Poison
Rain Man: 39, 2722, 180, Ice/Pearl/Water
Ralph: 17, 620, 10
Reach Frog: 52, 3511, Ice
Red Fang: 14, 325
Red Wolf: 32, 1512, 110
Repo Man: 5, 35, 0, Poison
Retainer: 59, 7050, Poison
Rhinox: 19, 800
Rhobite: 10, 135, 40, Water  
Rhyos: 36, 7191, 354
Right Blade (Number 128): 22, 700
Rinn: 11, 110, Fire/Pearl
Samurai: 40, 3000, 500, Poison
Sand Horse: 27, 1025, Ice/Water
Sand Ray: 6, 67, 10, Ice/Water
Scorpion: 26, 290, 19
Scrapper: 34, 1759, 68
Scullion: 57, 27000, Lightning/Water
Sea Flower: 47, 4200, Ice/Lightning
Sewer Rat: 16, 299, Fire
Sky Armor: 24, 900, Lightning/Wind
Sky Cap  
Slam Dancer: 15, 392, 120, Poison
Slatter: 37, 2600, Pearl
Slurm: 23, 505, 20, Fire
Soldier: 11, 100, Poison
SoulDancer: 22, 2539, 100, Poison
Spek Tor: 50, 250, Water
Spit Fire: 25, 1400, Lightning/Wind
Sprinter: 53, 4500, Lightning
SrBehemoth (1st one you fight): 43, 19000, 1600, Fire/Poison 
SrBehemoth (2nd one you fight): 49, 19000, 9999, Fire/Pearl 
Still Life 
StillGoing: 12, 200, 84, Fire/Pearl
Storm Dragon: 74, 42000, 1250, Bolt
Stray Cat: 10, 156
Suriander: 40, 2912, 228, Pearl
Tap Dancer: 43, 4452, Poison
Templar: 11, 205, 50, Poison
Test Rider: 32, 3100, 220, Poison
Toe Cutter: 36, 2500, 187, Fire/Wind
Tomb Thumb 
Trapper: 19, 555, 80, Lightning/Water
Trilium: 9, 147, Fire
Tritoch: 62, 30000, 50000, Fire
Trooper: 13, 255, 60, Poison
Tusker: 10, 270, Fire
Tyranosaur: 57, 12770, Ice
Umaro (before joining): 33, 17200, 6990, Fire/Poison
Uroburos: 48, 50, Ice
Ursus: 34, 2409, 74, Fire
Vaporite: 5, 15, Fire/Pearl
Vectaur: 59, 2800, Ice/Water
Vector Pup: 11, 166, Fire
Vermin: 16, 499, Ice
Veteran: 51, 10000
Vindr: 36, 885, 87, Fire
Vomammoth: 1, 115, Fire
Vulture: 15, 412, 60, Wind
Wart Puck: 44, 3559, 330, Fire
WeedFeeder: 17, 480, 20, Fire/Wind
Were-Rat: 4, 24, Fire
Whisper: 12, 230, 90, Fire/Pearl
White Drgn: 71, 18500
Wild Cat: 36, 1115, 78, Fire/Water 
Wild Rat: 12, 160, 10, Fire
Wirey Drgn: 26, 2802, 200,
Wizard: 32, 1677, 200, Bolt/Poison
Woolly: 43, 3609, Fire
Wyvern: 18, 892, 95, Ice
Zombone: 21, 1991, Fire/Pearl

XXXVII. Dreaming in the Inns

Shadow doesn't have to move from town to town to have different dreams. He can
just stay at one place! There should 5 dreams.

XXXVIII. Vanish/X-zone Technique

Casting Vanish on a monster or character makes the target immune to physical
attacks, but also makes him very vulnerable to magic.  Spells that do damage
do significantly more, and spells that kill instantly, such as Doom or X-zone,
have pretty much a 100% chance of working.  This tactic works against most
creatures, including many bosses and the dragons.  Some creatures that cannot
be vanished include:
So, if you want to defeat a creature really quickly, just cast Vanish on it
followed by Doom or X-zone.  (Hmm...wonder if Break or the Shoat esper works
as well?).

Vanish lasts until the target is next hit by a magic spell.
Vanish is learned from the Phantom esper, Doom is learned from the Shoat esper,
and X-zone is learned from the Fenris esper.

XXXIX. Known Bugs

Relm's Sketch bug - The bug has caused a lot of problems.  It can either
lock up the game and/or delete your saved game(s).  Some people say the
bug occurs when you don't have a paint brush to sketch with.

The Opera House - In the World of Ruin you can return to the World Of Balance..
Here's How:

1- Go to The Opera House ( In the World of Ruin ) Simple right
2- Go to the Attic Part ( were You had to save Celes from The Octopus guy) ok
3- Fight the Rat's ( IF YOU DIDN'T ALLREADY KILL THEM)                                                             
4- Let the Rat's Kill your Party.( just equip them with (*NO* Armor, Shields, 
       etc.. )
5- When your Party Dies You'll wake up in the Opera House, in The Word of 

Very Weird... huh ? Oh yeah DON'T SAVE IT in the World Of Balance!!! I still
haven't been able to figure out how to GET BACK... 

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