• 0 HP Character Glitch

    The 0 HP Character Glitch provides a means by which a character can achieve 0 HP, but still remain alive according to the game and thereby also be invulnerable (as KO'ed characters cannot be targeted or harmed). This will last until the character is healed by some means, such as a Potion or Cure in the field. There are several ways in which to do this.

    The most feasible method of doing so requires the use of Doom and Jump. When a character afflicted by Doom has Jump, have them use Jump as their Doom counter nears zero. If the counter reaches zero while the character is in the air, and after that point but before the execution of the actual Jump attack the battle ends, then the character will be invulnerable.

    Another feasible method requires the use of the Zombie and Petrified statuses and cures for these. When a party member is Zombified, they should then be Petrified. Then you should cure their Zombification through a Holy Water and their Petrification through any desired means. This will also induce the glitch.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Airship Glitch

    This glitch will allow you to obtain the Blackjack at an early point in the game, should you so desire. To execute this glitch, you must first save the game in the overworld at the first possible opportunity: this point (which can be shifted, but is ideally done early) is the point in the game where you'll have the Blackjack. From this point on, you must play the game without saving until you reach the Floating Continent: at this point, you must travel along it until you can get onto the Blackjack. Get on it and fly around for a while in it without landing - 10 minutes is sufficient - and then return to the Floating Continent. There, get a Game Over.

    You will then restart gameplay from the point of the initial save, with one key change: you are aboard the Blackjack! Several features will be restricted to you, such as entering the interior and re-entering the airship after landing it. This has a number of benefits despite this. For example, you can fly to an area in the game to skip all events up to that point (Zozo being the latest allowed). You can also bring temporary characters - such as Leo or Banon - to other, early points in the game by flying.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Another Game Glitch

    Put Gau and Relm in the same party. Have Gau jump on an opponent. Fight until he comes back, but before he does his little speech, have Relm sketch him. If your game is glitchable, then there is a chance at switched up character sprites and/or many items added to inventory after the battle. I recieved 255 MagicBoxes and 255 Atmas Weapons this way the 5th time I did it. (Note this only works on the early carts. Will not work on all carts.)

    Contributed By: Psycho_.

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  • Double Mp with Runic!!

    Equip Celes with a Cursed Shield. If she absorbs (with runic)a spell the shield makes her weak against (fire is what i used) she gets back double the mp of the spell.

    Contributed By: BAHAMUTSTEAR.

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  • Easy Win - Wrexsoul

    When fighting the Wrexsoul in Cyan's dreams at Doma in the World of Ruin, there is a glitch involving his Gi Nattak attack. In this attack, the Wrexsoul will possess one of your four characters for a time until he kills them. If, in that time, you defeat all of the enemies allying him, you will automatically win the battle despite not having killed Wrexsoul himself. (Note: You will not gain any of the rewards normally associated with Wrexsoul's defeat.)

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Enemy Revival Glitch

    To execute this glitch, you must put Reraise on an undead enemy: this can be done through Rippler to trade Reraise from someone, at least most reliably. Then you must use an instant-death attack or spell on the same foe: the foe will die, then return to life, and then die again because Reraise auto-revived it and Life is Death for the undead. This causes the game to consider that the foe was killed twice, doubling the received rewards.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Equip Anything Glitch - JP Versions Only

    To begin with, sell everything that the intended character you wish to put something on can equip. Next, put the desired "equip anything" item in the final bottom-rightmost slot of the items menu, slot #256. This item can be literally ANYTHING you want, even things that cannot be equipped, such as the Drill item. After doing this, press Optimize and the item will stay there and can be equipped by the person with no equipment in any particular area of their equipment. For example, the aforementioned Drill can be taken on as a helmet. Depending on the item, a huge variety of stat changes can occur: once again, the Drill actually makes your Defense and Magic Defense go to 255, meaning almost every attack only deals 1 damage!

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Equipment Immunity-Granting Glitch

    Normally, two pieces of equipment - the Force Shield and Cursed Shield - are supposed to grant status ailments in battle. The Cursed Shield is the one you'll want to most use with this glitch, since it only grants bad ailments, whereas the Force Shield grants the positive one in Shell. If you equip the Cursed Shield in the middle of battle - not before, DURING - you will instead be granted immunity to all of the ailments it gives, which is most of the ailments in the game!

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Evade Glitch

    On all versions of the SNES cartridge, the evade% stat has no effect.
    All algorithms use MBlock% to calculate dodging/blocking an attack, magical or physical.
    128% is where MBlock% is maxed at effectiveness (higher isn't worse, it just isn't any more effective)

    Therefore, equip your characters to 128 MBlock% or higher and you'll be nearly invincible (block or dodge any unblockable attack.)

    Contributed By: Apprentice.

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  • Event Bypassing

    Let us assume you have a tile you wish to bypass: this tile can be a tile which triggers an event - such as a boss - or you simply a wall you wish to walk through. If you open the menu and quickly press the direction in which you desire to move as it loads, you can walk in the direction chosen, but the game's hit detection will fail, allowing you to walk into and through walls with repeated use and to also bypass various event battles.

    The most famous instance of this glitch is known to many fans as the "Moghan glitch", in which Locke is able to bypass the guards in South Figaro and head to South Figaro Cave without Celes and in turn instead have Moghan. However, this glitch is also abusable in a number of other instances.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Get lots of items

    When you have Vanish and Relm, go into battle, have one other character cast vanish on a desired opponent then have Relm Sketch that opponent and QUICKLY run away, check your items and voila! *Note, may not work on all carts. 1/1000 chance of freezing the game.

    Contributed By: DJellybean.

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  • Jump Glitch

    Normally, Jump is only intended to double the damage earned from spear-class weapons; however, this can be extended to any weapon so long as the wielder can hold two weapons. If you equip two weapons, one of whom is a spear, the second weapon's damage also is doubled by Jump. Other exploits can be derived from Jump's accumulation of active weapons' properties; for example, if someone uses Mug while someone is Jumping, all Jumps from there on will also have the effects of Mug.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Pincer Battle Row Glitch

    Typically during a pincer battle - a battle in which enemies are on both sides of the party - there is supposed to be only one singular row, rather than the front and back row. Despite this, you can still select the Row option in battle: everyone will initially be in the front row, and now in the back row, quickly halving the damage each take, even though there was no true position change.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Prevent Organyx From Breaking

    To prevent Organyx from breaking, you can put it in a character's right hand, then also equip them with the Dragoon Boots but without the Dragon Horn. The sword will now never break because it was encoded improperly for this situation, where it is meant to check the left hand here.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • Psycho Cyan

    In a battle, have Cyan use Retort, then cast Imp on him. Then use an attack that kills him without triggering Retort, such as magic, or killing him in one hit. Now revive him and use the Fight command with anyone. Cyan will counterattack every move that is made, including his own. In other words, Cyan will attack his enemies over and over again, uninterrupted, until they are all dead.

    Contributed By: Lucid Faia.

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  • Save anywhere in Kefka's Tower

    First start by getting one of your groups onto a save point. Now cycle through the groups until you arrive back at the one on the save point. Switch groups one more time and go to the party screen and the "Save" command should be useable (and you can even use Tents!). Even after walking around and getting into a battle, the Save command should still be available.

    Contributed By: Elekid_34.

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  • Easy Level Ups

    Note: you must have a turbo controller to do this trick

    When you make it to the Lete River, set your window commands to "Short" and switch Banon's "Health" and "Attack" then switch the commands back to "Window" so you can have Banon's Health as the default command. When you get to a point where you have a choice of going "Straight" or Left set your controller to turbo and tape down the A button. Leave your game on overnight and you will likely be around level 50-60.

    Contributed By: bokothechoco.

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  • Instantly kill enemies

    First you need the Vanish spell and the Doom spell. (X-Zone could also work) Cast Vanish on the enemy and then cast Doom on the vanished target. This also works on about 95% of bosses!

    Contributed By: BrakZero.

    15    2

  • Save a Character (spoilers)

    As the world is collapsing on the Floating Continent, and you have six minutes to get off, make your way to the very end where you can jump down to the airship. Instead of jumping, wait and do not move. When there is five seconds left on the clock Shadow will appear and jump down to the airship with you instead of dying.

    Contributed By: Anonymous.

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  • Save Cid

    When you're supposed to catch some fish for Cid, be sure to catch the fast ones that moves around in the water and give those to Cid so he can live. If you catch the slow ones and feed them to Cid, he'll die because the slow ones are the sick fish and the fast ones are the healthy ones.

    Contributed By: CW Boi 209.

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