Saving Cid?

  1. How many healthy fish do you need to feed Cid when you first enter the world of ruin?

    User Info: dawntey

    dawntey - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Short answer: If you want a rough estimate, for me it usually takes between 10-12 fish to save him.

    Long answer: It depends how quick you are. Cid has a health counter that goes down every second you spend anywhere that's not the world map. This includes the menu screen, so don't waste your time. Just go down, grab a fast moving fish, then go back to feed it to Cid, rinse and repeat. If there are no fast moving fish available, go back to Cid and talk to him, that will change which fish are in the ocean and you can try again. Cid starts at 120 health, and he's saved at 256 health. Here's the list straight from Djibriel's guide which explains how much health he gains or loses for each type of fish you feed him:

    Fish (slow moving). Decreases Health bar by 16 when fed to Cid.
    A Rotten Fish (medium speed). Decreases Health bar by 4 when fed to Cid.
    Just a Fish (medium speed). Increases Health bar by 16 when fed to Cid.
    A Yummy Fish (fast moving). Increases Healthy bar by 32 when fed to Cid.

    User Info: LeviathanMist

    LeviathanMist (Expert) - 10 years ago 5   0

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