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Guide and Walkthrough by CJayC

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/13/1997

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - FAQ and Walkthrough v1.0
Written by CJayC for www.gamefaqs.com
Version 1.0
Created March 13, 1997

I.   What is Final Fantasy Mystic Quest?
II.  General Information
III. Walkthrough
IV.  Items, Armor, and Weapons
V.   Conclusion

I.   What is Final Fantasy Mystic Quest?

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (Final Fantasy USA in Japan), is an RPG for
the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  It was released by Square in 
1992.  FFMQ is essentially a beginner's RPG.  There's no inventory 
management (such as figuring out the best weapon to keep equipped), no
monsters on the battlefield, few spells, few weapons, and even the option
to have the computer control your (single) companion!  

On the other hand, a few of the elements of the Final Fantasy series
are in there.  It doesn't really stack up with the complexity or plot of
one of those games, but I found it to be a good filler between FFII and 
III back then.  

Why a FAQ?  Well, I haven't seen one.  People ask questions about it 
(well, they ask _me_ questions about it), and I'm stuck for answers.
So, here it is.

II.  General Information

The story so far...

The Focus Tower has been protecting the land for hundreds of years. 
That is, until one day, when four monsters broke into the Focus Tower and
stole the crystals of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air.  These monsters took
the crystals and began ravaging the land.

In comes Benjamin, a young lad who is about to get more adventure than
he ever dreamed of...

Over the course of the adventure, you'll meet companions who will fight
with you for a while and then leave.  Although their levels can't be 
raised, and you can't get them new weapons or armor, they remain valuable
battle companions, and are often very capable in a battle.

Movement on the world map is pretty simple.  Just move from one land to
another and press the "A" button to enter.  Gameplay is fairly linear,
so it's pretty clear where to go next.  Paths are blocked until certain
events occur.

The Battlefield is an addition unique to FFMQ.  These are completely 
optional points on the World Map where you can go and build up 
experience.  When cleaned out (10 battles), most of them reward you with
gold or experience.  Occasionally, you'll get a special item (which is
almost always useful).

There are two kinds of chests in the game: the plain brown chests, and
the red chests.  Red chests contain one-of-a-kind items, which are 
almost always necessary to progress through the game.  The brown 
chests contain items like Cure and Heal.  When you leave and re-enter
an area on the world map, these chests are re-filled, giving you a 
never-ending (albeit tedious) supply of these items.

III. Walkthrough

Phase 1 - The Earth Crystal


HOD - Hill of Destiny           LF  - Level Forest
FOR - Foresta                   ST  - Sand Temple
BD  - Bone Dungeon              FT  - Focus Tower 
Bn - Battlefields

1.	Hill of Destiny
This is where the opening scene takes place.  The hill is sinking, and 
Benjamin learns about the Focus Tower, the keys, and the crystals.  
You'll talk to the old man, press the "B" button to jump across the 
ravine, talk to the old man some more, and fight your first enemy: a 
Behemoth.  You can actually be defeated by it, but you should be able 
to defeat it.  After the scene ends, you'll end up in the Level 
Forest, where your quest begins.
	Monsters:				Items:
		Behemoth				Nothing

2.	Level Forest
Talk to the old man, and he'll tell you to save the Crystal of Earth.  
Talk to the man in the blue robe, jump over him, and push the boulder 
out of the way.  He'll tell you to find Kaeli in Foresta, and give you 
the Tree Wither.  Leave the Forest (you can't explore it yet) and head 
to Foresta.
	Monsters:				Items:
		None					3 Cure
							Tree Wither

3. 	Foresta (withered)
Everything in Foresta's withered and old, even the people.  There are 
three buildings: Kaeli's House, an Inn, and the man in blue's house.  
Talk to Kaeli to get her to join, sleep at the Inn to get rejuvenated, 
and get the Cure spell from the chest at the man's house (you'll have 
to go in through the back door).  
	Monsters:				Items:
		None					6 Cure (Kaeli's House, Inn)
4.	Level Forest
Kaeli will cut the trees that were blocking you earlier, so you can 
proceed through the forest to the North.  Go up to the orange tree, 
which will turn into the Minotaur.  He's easily defeated, but he 
poisons Kaeli.  Kaeli gives you the axe, which you can use to chop 
down small trees.  The Heal potions you find here are the only ones 
you'll see for a while, so be sure and stock up.
	Monsters:				Items:
		Brownie				6 Cure
		Slime					3 Heal
		Minotaur (Boss)

5.	Battlefield #1
	Mad Plant
	Poison Toad

6.	Sand Temple
The Elixir to cure Kaeli's poison is supposed to be here, but it's 
already been taken by another explorer, Tristam.  He'll join you, and 
promise to give it to you in exchange for helping him find a treasure 
in the Bone Dungeon.  
	Monsters:				Items:
		None					None

7.	Battlefield #2
	Poison Toad
	Mad Plant
8.	Bone Dungeon (Level 5)
Ah... the first real dungeon to explore.  After either fighting or 
sliding through the first floor, you'll come upon a set of bones which 
you can't do anything with just yet, and eventually to a sealed door 
in the first room of B1.  Tristam will blow the door open with a bomb, 
and then offer you 50 for 30GP.  Buy the bombs, head back over to that 
pile of bones, blow them up, and grab the Steel Shield.  Starting on 
B2, you'll run into bone tunnels which are closed.  Use bombs on the 
closed mouths of the skull or weakened pieces of the ribs to move 
forwards.  The boss of the dungeon is Flamerus Rex, who has the Earth 
Crystal.  Just hack away at him (Quake works too), and don't forget to 
keep yourself healed up.  Tristam gets his treasure, gives you the 
Elixir, and heads off.  Don't forget to get the Sand Coin here, which 
lets you into the first door in Focus Tower. Make your way back out of 
the dungeon, and go back to Foresta.
Monsters:					Items:
	Basilisk				 	60 Ninja Stars (2*1F, 2*B1, 
	Poison Toad					6 Cure (1F, B2)
	Mad Plant					20 Bombs (2*B2)
	Roc						3 Seeds (B2)
	Gorgon					Quake Spell
	*Flamerus Rex				Sand Coin

9. Foresta (restored)
Foresta's green, and all of the kids are young again.  Go to Kaeli and 
give her the Elixir.  You'll offer to go to Aquaria, which you can 
start heading towards left of the Sand Temple.
10. Battlefield #3
	Sand Worm
	Minotaur Zombie

11. Focus Tower (1F)
You'll run into the old man again here, who will tell you that Captain 
Mac is crucial to your quest, and that a girl named Phoebe will help 
you.  On 1F, you can open the Earth door and head upstairs.  Don't 
forget the Fire Spell on 2F.  The rest of the tower is off-limits for 
the time being, so head on out.
	Monsters:				Items:
		None					10 Bombs (1F)
							Fire Spell (2F)

Phase 2 - The Water Crystal

                          FB---|     WC
                               |     |
        B11--B10          B8--AQU----B7
        |       |              |
        WT    LBT----B5----B6--|
        |       |
        FT3    B4   LFT

FT2 - Focus Tower (2F)          FT3 - Focus Tower (3F)
LBT - Libra Temple              AQU - Aquaria
WC  - Wintry Cave               LFT - Life Temple
FB  - Falls Basin               WT  - Wintry Temple

12. Battlefield #4

13. Libra Temple
You'll meet Phoebe here, who'll tell you of Aquaria's woes.  She'll 
join you to head to Aquaria.
	Monsters:				Items:
		None					10 Bombs 

14. Battlefield #5
	Giant Toad

15. Battlefield #6

16. Aquaria (frozen)
Aquaria's frozen, but there's still an Inn where you can rest and buy 
explosives, and Phoebe's house where she'll give you more details: To 
melt the ice, you need Wakewater from the Spring of Life, which is in 
the Life Temple.  The Libra Crest, which takes you from the Libra 
Temple to the Life Temple, was stolen by a monster in the Wintry Cave.
	Monsters:				Items:
		None					3 Heal (Phoebe's House)

17. Battlefield #7
	Giant Toad

18. Wintry Cave (Level 10 Recommended)
Dungeon #2.  As you're walking around 1F, the path falls out from 
underneath you, but Phoebe saves herself with her Cat Claw, which she 
gives you (she switches to her Bow of Grace).  Hold down the A button 
and move the control pad to use it.  You can climb up walls wherever 
there is a path.  A sealed door on the northeast wall of 1F takes you 
to the high level of 3F, and one on the northwest wall goes to 2F and 
the low level of 3F.  Take the former path, and you can stock up on 
some items.  Take the latter path and you will find Squidite, the 
boss.  It's resistant to magic, so you'll have to hack and slash it 
(after first taking out the two Sparnas beside it).  After defeating 
it, you'll receive the Libra Crest.  
Monsters:					Items:
	Edgehog					10 Bombs (1F)
	Scorpion					6 Heal (1F, 2F)
	Land Worm					9 Cure (1F, 2F, 3F)
	Centaur					3 Refreshers (1F)
	Land Turtle					40 Arrows (2F*2, 2*3F)

19. Battlefield #8 
	Desert Hag

20. Libra Temple
Step on the Libra Crest on the floor and be transported to the Life 

21. Life Temple
The Spring of Life has dried up, but the old man you keep running into 
has some Wakewater left that he will give to you.  Step back on the 
crest to return.  
							3 Cure

22. Aquaria
Back in Aquaria, you'll automatically walk to the plant in the center 
of town.  Unfortunately, there's only enough Wakewater to restore that 
one plant.  You've got to head to the Ice Pyramid to find the Water 

23. Falls Basin (Level 13 Recommended)
Here's the first puzzle! Push the first ice block you see to the 
northwest part of the cave- you'll use it as a stepping stone in a 
moment.  There's a cave in the northwest wall (it's the only place you 
can go).  When you come out, you'll need an ice block to jump on to 
make it across to the next platform.  Defeat the first group of Lamia, 
and push the next block to where it's north four or five spaces of the 
entry stairs.  Jump across, defeat the right-hand group of Lamia, and 
now you've got three ice blocks to push around.  Place one of them 
south of the Desert Hags standing in front of the ladder, and jump 
across.  Go through the next cave, note where to place the next block, 
place it, and jump to the northmost platform.  Grab the Heal Spell, 
take out the Snow Crab (weak against Thunder and Axe attacks),get the 
Jumbo Bomb from Phoebe, blow the door, and move on!
	Monsters:				Items:
		Desert Hag				10 Bombs
		Lamia					Heal Spell
		*Snow Crab

24. Battlefield #9
	Desert Hag

25. Ice Pyramid (Level 14 Recommended)
Use your sword to flip the switch on the statue to enter the Pyramid.  
Monsters are invisible here and block most corridors and staircases, 
so be prepared to fight a lot!  The Magic Mirror on the second floor 
(east side) will let you see them.  The first floor is just a big maze 
with tons of staircases up the second floor. Only one of these will 
let you get up to the top, but the rest have items.  Statues with 
glowing eyes can be struck with a sword to reveal items or open 
blocked passageways (like the one on 3F which blocks the way to 4F).  
The blocked room on 4F?  Easy.  Just go up to 5F, and immediately 
jump.  You'll fall into the blocked-off room, and you can stock up on 
items and the Noble Armor.  Once you get up to 5F, bomb the crack in 
the center of the level, and step down. Step right off of the platform 
three times, and you'll end up on 1F.  Hit one of the statues with the 
sword, and jump down to B1. Grab the Knight Sword, climb up to the Ice 
Golem with the claw, and poof, he's gone!  Go underneath the level to 
the cave on the west side, and you'll be back on 5F.  If you're low on 
arrows, hit the statue with the sword, jump down to 4F, and climb back 
and get the two boxes of arrows you just opened up.  Once you make it 
up to the sixth floor, you'll meet the Ice Golem for real.  Attack 
with your sword (and keep yourself alive), and have Phoebe cast Fire 
and Thunder.  No problem.  You'll free the Water Crystal, and be able 
to grab the River Coin.  Phoebe takes off, leaving you to make it out 
of the Pyramid yourself.  It's time to head back to Aquaria.
	Monsters:				Items:
		Mage					6 Refreshers (1F, 4F)
		Lamia					170 Arrows (1F, 5*2F, 4*3F,
		Freezer Crab				     4*4F, 2*5F, B1)
		Desert Hag				50 Bombs (2F, 3F, 3*5F)
		Sphinx				Noble Armor (4F)
		Phanquid				12 Heal (2F, 3F, 4F, 5F)
		Stoney Roost			9 Cure (4F, 5F, B1)
		Gather				Magic Mirror (4F)
							Knight Sword (B1)
							River Coin (6F)

26. Aquaria (defrosted)
You can now buy Cure Potions at the Inn, and you can now get to the 
house on the northwest side to buy a Steel Helm (do this!).  Phoebe 
will tell you that Spencer is under the house.  To get there, climb 
down into the lake and go behind Phoebe's house.  
						New Items:
							3 Refreshers (NW House)
							Steel Helm (NW House)

27. Spencer's Place
Spencer's place is pretty big, Spencer himself is a long climb down.  
He'll tell you about Captain Mac, a shield hidden in the Focus Tower, 
and Fireburg, and then he gives you the Venus Key, which is used in 
the Focus Tower.  You can't do anything else here just yet, so head 
back out to the city and into the world.
							Venus Key 
							3 Cure 

28. Battlefield #10
	Exit Spell

29. Battlefield #11
	Freezer Crab

30. Wintry Temple
You can't do anything here now, but you can warp to and from here from 
the Sealed Temple in the Fire lands.
							3 Cure
							3 Heal

31. Focus Tower (3F)
On 2F, you'll run into the old man again, who will tell you to seek 
Ruben in Fireburg.  Blow open the blocked door on 2F to get the Venus 
Shield (you'll need the Venus Key), and grab the Blizzard Spell.  Push 
the statue so it touches the right side of the small pillar in the 
middle of the level.  Now, head back out to the 2F Focus Tower 
						New Items:
							Venus Shield (2F)
							Blizzard Spell (2F)

32. Focus Tower (2F)
Head to 1F, open the River Door, and use the statue to jump across the 
gap on 2F.  Head on up, and out to Fireburg!
						New Items:
							3 Cure (3F)

Phase 3 - The Fire Crystal

          M     B17---V----------B18
          |     |                 |
         B16---B15---FB----B14   B11-->
                |           |     |
                ST         B13    v
FT  - Focus Tower
FB  - Fireburg
M   - Mine
ST  - Sealed Temple
V   - Volcano

33. Battlefield #12

34. Battlefield #13
	Gemini Crest
	Sting Rat

35. Battlefield #14
	Plant Man

36. Fireburg (with earthquakes)
Nice place, shame about the earthquakes.  Go to Reuben's house, who 
will join you in search of his father, Arion, who is stuck under a 
boulder. You can buy bombs (guy in blue), seeds (Hotel), cure (Hotel), 
and the Battle Axe (south House).  Go to the house in the pit (it's 
locked), and then go talk to Tristam (he's at the Hotel bar).  He'll 
give you the Multi-Key, and then you can go to the house in the pit 
and learn to use the Mega Grenade.  At the south house, there's a 
Gemini warp you can use to go to the north house in Aquaria if you 
have the Gemini Crest.
							3 Refreshers (Reuben's)
							Battle Axe (south house)
							Multi-Key (Hotel)
							Mega Grenade (house in pit)

37. Battlefield #15
	Plant Man
	Sting Rat

38. Battlefield #16
	Thunder Spell
	Red Cap

39. Mine (Level 19 Recommended)
There's a lot of one-way moving walkways and basket rides here, so 
look before you leap.  A blocked room in the northwest corner holds 
Heal and Cure.  Another blocked room towards the center holds the 
Charm Claw.  A third on the south side contains Bombs.  To get out, go 
down in the gondola, take the south walkway, take the east walkway, 
climb up with the claw, north walkway, and then the east walkway.  The 
boss, Jinn, has a couple of Red Bones with him, but you should be able 
to take him out (use anything but the Fire Spell, and you'll be fine).  
Once outside of the Mine, Reuben will free Arion with a bomb, and you 
can head back through the mine (D, W, N, D, U, W). 
	Monsters:				Items:
		Red Bone				6 Heal (Inside, Outside)
		Zombie				6 Cure (Inside, Outside)
		Flazzard				Charm Claw (Inside)
		Plant Man				30 Bombs (Inside, 2*Outside)
		Red Cap
40. Fireburg (again)
Once back in Fireburg, go to Rueben's house.  Talk to Arion, and 
you'll learn the Fire Crystal is in the Lava Dome.  

41. Sealed Temple
The old man is here, enigmatic as ever.  You can warp to the Wintry 
Temple from here to pick up some more Heal and Cure.
							3 Heal
							3 Cure

42. Battlefield #17
	Red Bone

43. Volcano (Level 20 Recommended) 
Make your way up the Volcano.  By going into the cave blocked by the 
Were Wolves, you can make your way to the chest containing the very 
powerful White Spell.  There are two ladders going up to the second 
level of the Volcano.  The east one is a dead end, and the west one 
will take you to the Mask and the top of the Volcano.  On the second 
and third levels, monsters are invisible without the Mask, which 
you'll find on the fourth level.  On top of the Volcano, you'll fight 
Medusa.  She's strong against Blizzard, but White will cause a ton of 
damage.  Defeating her and climbing down opens the way to the Lava 
	Monsters:				Items:
		Ghost					9 Cure (1L, 2*4L)
		Red Bone				White Spell (1L)
		Nitemare				3 Refreshers (1L)
		Were Wolf				9 Heal (1L, 2L, 4L)
		*Medusa				Mask (4L)
							20 Bombs (2L, 3L)

44. Lava Dome (Level 22 Recommended)
It's a long climb down.  Tons of mazes, no good reference points.  To 
open the doors at the bottom of the Dome, go through the cave just 
above the Avizzard guarding the ladder, and work your way to the east 
and south.  There's a strange symbol on the floor of the Dome near the 
bottom, and stepping on it opens the doors.  To get to the Moon Helm, 
you'll need to go through that same cave, jump on the plates, and 
throw a Mega Grenade at the rocks to pass through.  The Life Spell is 
in another cave, and you'll again throw a Mega Grenade to clear the 
way.  Once through the doors, you'll be on the floor of the dome.  
Jump on the plates to get around, making your way to the boss, 
Dualhead Hydra.  Use White, have Reuben attack, and keep each other 
alive.  You'll release the Fire Crystal, and the Sun Coin.  There's a 
quick exit to your right.
	Monsters:				Items:
		Hot Wings				39 Cure
		Ninja					27 Heal
		Fangpire				6 Refreshers
		Adamant Turtle			Moon Helm
		Avizzard				Life Spell
		Stheno				50 Bombs
		Iflyte				Sun Coin
		*Dualhead Hydra

45. Battlefield #18
Monsters (all unprepared attacks!):

46. Focus Tower (3F)
Make your way back down to 1F, and open the Sun Door.  The old man 
will tell you to head to Windia, but to also look out for Captain 
Mac's ship.  You can go down to B1 and into the Doom Castle. 

47. Doom Castle
You won't be here long- just grab the Aero Spell and go!
 	Monsters:				Items:
		Shadow				Aero Spell
		Minotaur Zombie

48. Focus Tower (B1)
Go back up to 1F, and go out the south door.

Phase 4 - The Air Crystal

  FT---RB---AF         PT
	     |		|
             GT        WIN    MG
             |          |      |

FT  - Focus Tower               RB  - Rope Bridge
AF  - Alive Forest              GT  - Giant Tree
KT  - Kaidge Temple             WIN - Windia
WT  - Windhole Temple           MG  - Mount Gale
PT  - Pazuzu's Tower            SP  - Spencer's Place

49. Rope Bridge
Rueben runs off to fight a monster, and gets knocked off of the 
bridge.  Pity.  Well, you knew he wouldn't be around forever.  He's 
okay, and along comes Tristam to take his place.  He's beefed up a 
little bit, but his attacks are pretty week compared to Rueben's.
  	Monsters:				Items:
		Mummy					3 Seeds
							3 Cure

50. Alive Forest
It's tree-whacking time!  Go to the center of the forest to meet the 
head tree.  He's not thrilled to see you, but he'll like Kaeli.  Head 
back to Aquaria.  You'll be back, so don't bother with too much else 

51. Focus Tower
Just passing through...

52. Aquaria
Head to Phoebe's house.  Phoebe will tell you to head down to 
Spencer's place, so do that.  

53. Spencer's Place
Tristam will head off with Spencer to find treasure, but he'll give 
you the Dragon Claw first.  Phoebe then runs in, blows up the cavern, 
and runs off to find Spencer.  
							Dragon Claw

54. Aquaria
Go back to Phoebe's house, get Kaeli, and head back to the Alive 
Forest.  You're heading to Windia to look for Otto.  Kaeli's been 
working out, so she'll be a pretty good companion.

55. Focus Tower
Just passing through...

56. Alive Forest 
Back for more tree-killing!  Look out for crests that will warp you to 
secret rooms for items.  The Giant's Axe is to the south.  Go back to 
the big tree, and get ready to whack some monsters!  
	Monsters:				Items:
		Mummy					6 Heal
		Spector				3 Cure
							6 Refreshers
							10 Bombs
							Giant's Axe (F)

57. Giant Tree (Level 25 Recommended)
Use the Dragon Claw to go from platform to platform on 1F.  In the 
cave on 2F, mushrooms can be chopped down with the Axe.  Meteor is on 
the other side! On 2F, the vine will drop you to 1F, so use the claw 
instead.  Use the sword to open up closed tree mouths.  To get to the 
raised area on 2F, climb down the vines on the west side of 3F.  On 
3F, there's a section of claw-climbing.  Just climb over the next 
section, let go, then immediately press and hold "A" again to catch 
the lower section.  This gets you to 4F, where a ton of enemies await.  
On 5F, there's gobs of Skuldiers, which can be Aero'd fairly easily.  
The boss, Gidrah, doesn't handle Aero well either.  After blowing him 
away, go up to the closed tree mouth.  The tree w
	Monsters:				Items:
		Mummy					24 Heal (2*2F,3*3F,
		Leech						   4F, 2*5F)
		Spector				27 Cure (2*1F, 2*2F, 3F, 
		Skuldier						3*4F, 5F)
		Live Oak				6 Refreshers (Libra, 1F,
		Ooze							   3F)
		Snipion				Meteor Spell (2F)
		Mad Toad				20 Bombs (2F, 4F)

58. Kadige Temple
The old man's here, as usual.  The tunnel in the back leads to some 
							3 Cure

59. Battlefield #19
	Water Hag

60. Battlefield #20
	Water Hag

61. Windia (quite windy)
At the first house on your left, you can buy explosives and the Cupid 
Locket.  Otto's house is the one with the vane, and he tells you his 
daughter Norma got stuck in the tower.  Note the Chocobo on top of the 
Inn, which also sells Cures.  At the northeast house, you'll find out 
about the Mobius crest.
							9 Heal (Otto, Inn, NE house)
							3 Refreshers (Inn)
							10 bombs (N house)

62. Windhole Temple
Not much to do here...just Heal potions.
							3 Heal

63. Mount Gale (Level 31 Recommended)
Make your way up the mountain...  There's a lot of "can't get there 
from here" , so be patient.  In the northeast corner, you can find the 
Apollo Helm.  The boss, Dullahan, is pretty easy to beat with Meteor.  
	Monsters:				Items:
		Water Hag				3 Refreshers
		Vampire				Apollo Helm
		Skuldier				3 Heal

64. Windia (calmer)
You've caused the winds to die down, so head back to Otto's.  He'll 
start up the Rainbow Road, and tell you about the switches in Pazuzu's 

65. Pazuzu's Tower (Level 31 Recommended)
This is one of the easier dungeons in the game.  Almost every monster 
is weak against Aero, with the exeception of the Manticore and the 
Beholder (who will reflect it back at you). Immediately after you 
enter, you'll see Norma.  Talk to her, and she'll head home.  Pazuzu's 
at the end of the floor, but he rides the elevator for parts unknown.  
Head for the east side, and you'll head up a long staircase to 3F.  
From 3F, you still have only one way to go: up to 5F.  From 5F, 
there's again only one path: to 7F.  From the top of the tower, there 
are two staircases down, but both take you to a joined area on 6F.  
The Flare spell is here, so grab it.  Blow a hole in the blocked door, 
and hit the elevator switch.  Head down to 5F, walk around the walls, 
and down to 4F.  Grab the Excalibur, hit the switch, and head down to 
3F, and down again to 2F.  There's some items down on 1F, if you want 
them.  When you're ready, hit the last switch on 2F, and let the fun 
begin.  You'll need to find Pazuzu, and chase him!  You should be able 
to corner him on an odd-numbered floor, and defeat him there.  Flare 
and Aero should do the trick, until he uses the Psycheshield.  Stop 
casting spells against him while it's up, as they will reflect back on 
you!  After defeating him, you'll free the Air Crystal, and get the 
Sky Coin.  Head out, and back to Windia.
	Monsters:				Items:
		Beholder				30 Bombs (3F, 5F)
		Garuda				18 Cure (2*1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, 
		Gargoyle						6F)
		Manticore				Flare Spell (6F)
		Chimera				12 Heal (1F, 2F, 4F, 5F)
		Thanatos				Excalibur (4F)
		Sorceror				3 Refreshers (1F)

66. Windia 
Head over to Otto's, where Reuben will show up.  You'll need to go to 
Fireburg to get the Thunder Rock.

67. Focus Tower
Go through the blue door to get back to Fireburg.

Phase 5 - The Dark King

68. Fireburg
Head to Rueben's house, and talk to Arion.  He'll give you the Thunder 
Rock, which you can take back to Otto.

69. Focus Tower
Back down through the orange door...

70. Windia
Head to Otto's, and he'll open up the way to Spencer's Place.

71. Spencer's Place
Reuben blows the lake open with the Mega Grenade.  Head back to 

72. Windia
Head back to Otto's, and talk to Kaeli.  She'll give you the Captain's 
Cap.  Back to Spencer's Place.

73. Spencer's Place
Climb down into the lake, and climb back up when you're just south of 
a blocked door.  Throw a Mega Grenade, then head over to the Gemini 
Crest.  You'll warp over to a cave, and you can walk out of the hole 
you just blew in the wall.  Grab the Mobius Crest, and head back to 

74. Windia
Go downstairs in the northeast house, step on the Mobius warp, and 
you'll be transported to the Ship Dock.

75. Ship Dock
Head to the ship, and press "A" to board it.

76. Mac's Ship (Level 34 Recommended)
Plenty of monsters around, so keep using Aero when you can.  Reuben 
can use White now, which works as well.  There are cracks in the 
floors which drop you down a level, but you can jump over the ones in 
your way.  To get down to the lower levels properly, climb the mast on 
the desk and climb down inside of the walled-off area.  From here, 
there's only one way to go, and you'll get the Gaia Armor and meet 
Captain Mac (in that order!).  Kaeli takes Mac back to Windia, and you 
should head back too.  
	Monsters:				Items:
		Gargoyle				40 Bombs (D, 3*B2)
		Thanatos				9 Heal (2*D, B2)
		Shadow				6 Cure (2*B1)
		Chimera				Gaia Armor (B1)

77. Ship Dock
You'll find out here that Phoebe's at the Inn in Windia, so it's time 
to head there.  Step on the Warp to head back.

78. Windia
Head to the Inn and get Phoebe.  Follow him upstairs and talk to 
Captain Mac.  He'll tell you about the Dark King.  Go back to the 
Mobius Warp.

79. Ship Dock
Back on the ship...

80. Mac's Ship
Go to the wheel and press "A".  You'll be taken to the Focus Tower, 
aka Doom Castle.

81. Doom Castle (Level 36 Recommended)
Level B2:
First of all, walk over to the right-most ladder and make your way all 
the way south.  Blow up the bones in the lower right corner and get 
the Aegis Sheild.  Get back up, and walk over to the right-most ladder 
and climb down.  You should bump into some bones, allowing you to use 
the claw to pull yourself to another ladder.  Go across you your left, 
and climb down again.  You'll hit some more bones, use a Mega Grenade 
to take out the bones to your left, and claw over again.  Skullrus 
Rex, the boss, is a joke against Flare and White.  Head on up through 
the green door, and up to 4F. 
Level 4F:
Use your sword to hit glowing statues which open doors.  You'll be 
jumping and clawing around in this level, so watch your step.  Once 
all doors are open, you can head through the north door to meet the 
Stone Golem.  Just use White, and he'll melt away.  Once he's 
destroyed, you can head down one level, and the two stones that were 
blocking the path up are now gone.
Level 5F:
Hop, skip and jump.  Oh, and claw, too.  The boss, Twinhead Wyvern, 
can be Whited-out.  Head back to the staircase and on up to 6F.
Level 6F:
It's like a bad Echer drawing...  Wander through the maze to find Zuh, 
who is just a slightly stonger Pazuzu.  Same strategy.  Head out, and 
up to the top.
Level 7F:
Walk to the statue, and the walls will open.  Grab the items you need, 
and head out the doors.
Dark King:
Flare and White, Flare and White.  Once he transforms into the Spider, 
Flare and Cure.
	Monsters:				Items:
		Shadow				Aegis Sheild (B2)
		Minotaur Zombie
		* Skullrus Rex
		Freezer Crab
		* Stone Golem
		* Twinhead Wyvern
		* Zuh

82. Epilogue
Well, the old man reveals himself to be the Crystal of Light in 
disguise, Benjamin says farewell to all of his friends, and sets off 
with Tristam in Captain Mac's ship.

---THE END---

IV.  Items, Spells, Armor, and Weapons

Usable Items:
  Cure - Restores 1/4 of Hit Points
  Heal - Recovers from poison, petrify, confuse, paralyze, etc.
  Seed - Recovers all Magic Points (stock up on these!!!)
  Refresher - Recovers lowered attack, defense, and magic

Special Items:
  Tree Wither - Shows Kaeli extent of damage in Level Forest
  Elixir - Heals Kaeli from Minotaur's poison
  Wakewater - Magical water from Life Temple
  Venus Key - Opens chest containing the Venus Shield
  Multi-Key - Opens the locked house in Fireburg
  Mask - Causes monsters to be visible on the Volcano
  Mirror - Causes monsters to be visible in the Ice Pyramid
  Thunder Rock - Allows Rainbow Road to travel to Spencer's Place
  Captain Cap - Shows Captain Mac that you're friendly
  Crests (Libra, Gemini, Mobius) - Allows use of associated warps
  Coins (Sand, River, Sun, Sky) - Open doors in Focus Tower

White Magic Spells:
  Exit - Immediately exit dungeons, or eliminate one monster
         (note: you do not receive experience points for monsters
          eliminated with this spell!)
  Cure - Restores all Hit Points for a single character, or some
         Hit Points for both
  Heal - Recovers from poison, petrify, confuse, paralyze, etc.
  Life - Revives "Fatal" characters and restores all HP

Black Magic Spells:
  Quake - Earth Attack
  Blizzard - Water Attack
  Fire - Fire Attack
  Aero - Wind Attack

Wizard Magic Spells:
  Thunder - Electric Attack
  White - White Attack 
  Meteor - Very Strong Earth Attack
  Flare - Very Strong Fire Attack

    Steel Helm - Generic Helm 
    Moon Helm - Stronger, protects against Fire
    Apollo Helm - Stronger, protects against Fire
    Steel Armor - Generic Armor
    Noble Armor - Stronger, protects against Water, Poison
    Gaia Armor - Stronger, protects against Thunder, Poison, Sleep
    Steel Shield - Generic Shield
    Venus Shield - Stronger, protects against Paralyze
    Aegis Shield - Stronger, protects against Paralyze, Petrify
    Charm - Protects against Charm
    Magic Ring - Protects against Silence
    Cupid Locket - Protects against Silence, Confusion, Blind
  Equipped on others (you are not allowed to use):
    Relica Armor, Mystic Robe, Flame Armor, Black Robe, Ether Shield

    Steel Sword - Generic Sword
    Knight Sword - Stronger
    Excalibur - Strongest weapon in the game
    Axe - Generic Axe
    Battle Axe - Stronger
    Giant's Axe - Strongest Axe
    Cat Claw - Attacks with Poison, Paralyze, used to climb surfaces
    Charm Claw - Attacks with Poison, Paralyze, Sleep, Confuse, Blind,
                 used to climb surfaces
    Dragon Claw - Attacks with Poison, Paralyze, Sleep, Confuse, Blind, 
                  Doom, Stone, Silence, used to climb surfaces and cross
                  chasms with a hook on the other side
    Bomb - Used to blow up doors and rocks
    Jumbo Bomb - Stronger, used to blow up doors and rocks
    Mega Grenade - Strongest Bomb, used to blow up doors and rocks from 
                   a distance
  Equipped on others (you are not allowed to use):
     Morning Star (Axe), Bow of Grace (Throw), Ninja Star (Throw)

V.   Conclusion

This FAQ is Copyright 1997 by CJayC (Jeff Veasey).  
Permission is granted for reproduction, distribution, transmission,
or storage for noncommercial purposes only, on the condition that the 
contents are not changed in any way.  Permission for any other use or 
distribution of this file must be obtained from the rights holder, Jeff
Veasey.  All trademarks herein are acknowledged as the property of their 
respective owners.  Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is a Trademark of Square
Co., Ltd.

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