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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Wizard201

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            / / / /         FAQ Version 3.2 November 1994
           / / / /          Compiled by Wizard 201
        __/ /_/ /__         President/Founder of RPGs Unlimited!
      Hello, People! I know I just uploaded the FF2 FAQ 3.0 just a while ago,
    but, I think this one is a couple of notches up on the quality and quantity
    scale. So, have fun, join RPGs Unlimited! and keep watching for other FAQs
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                             PART ONE-FF2 Walkthrough
    By Chris38359
    Edited by Wizard 201
            to the Final Fantasy II walkthrough.  All of the other places 
    that you would think have some hints on FFII don't. So, I'm showing 
    you every trick, and everything I know, that will get you past the
    game. This will probably have an easy-to-use cross refrence, but no promises.  
    So here is a brief overview of what is happening if you didn't catch it in 
    the beginning, or if you just breezed by it because it is too long:   
           Cecil had to take the crystal from the Mysidian Wizards, but he 
    really didn't want to do it. Cecil heads back to Baron to deliver the crystal 
    to the king. He talks to this guy in a red cape, named Baigan. Baigan 
    brings Cecil to the Kings Throne room. And then Cecil gives the crystal 
    to Baigan, to give to the King of Baron. Then he dismisses Cecil, but he 
    tries to explain his feelings to the king. So he tries to talk to the king, 
    but the King makes him leave. Cecil tries to make the King understand that he 
    just made Cecil take the crystal from some nice people that didn't do anything 
    wrong. The King decides to be a freak and fires Cecil from his post as 
    commander of the Redwings. Then Kain comes in. He decides to back his good 
    friend Cecil up on the matter. Then the king orders him to deliver a package
    to the Misty Valley. Then they are pushed out of the throne room. Kain tells 
    Cecil that he should get some rest in his room.  
           At this point Cecil is able to move freely on his own... So go
    down. Then go to the stairs to the VERY FAR LEFT, not that stairs closest
    to you. Then go to left (the only place you can go). Go down and Rosa will 
    appear. Talk to her. When she leaves, go down, until you exit. Then go up the 
    pathway and head toward the tower.  Then Cid will come down and talk to you. 
    Then enter the tower door directly in front of you. Walk up the stairs. Talk 
    to the maid on your right and head up the stairs.  Then walk to the bed.  
    You should fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night. You will talk 
    to Rosa again and then fall back asleep until morning. Then you should 
    automatically join with Kain, and walk out of the castle. Then the screen 
    will play a dramatic sceen of words. Now you should be outside the town. 
    You will be able to save right now, so do so, or you will be doomed to 
    repeat this whole boring intro. Now, you should fight, and gain a couple 
    expierence levels. Enough so you think that your pretty powerful.  
           After that, you should go into either one of the towns (they 
    are both the same town) and go to the items shop. Buy about 30  Cure1's. 
    Exit the town. If you think that you need anything else from the town, then 
    feel free to go ahead and buy it. Then you should go out of the town.  
    Now, walk up-left and across the bridge. Then walk into a path defined by 
    mountains. Walk through this until you come to a cave. Follow the cave's path 
    until you see a message, "Go back...!" Get the contents of the chest to the 
    north. Go left, down, and all the way around to the other chest to get the 
    Tent. Go back up to get the chest you missed. Now go down again, until you 
    can go right. Head right. Then get the chest that is almost built into the 
    wall. Keep going up. Ignore the first message. The second message will give 
    you a choice. Say yes. Then you will fight the Mist Dragon. You should use 
    Kain's jump attack to beat him. And Cecil's regular attack. Be sure not to
    attack when the dragon turns to mist. Go up and exit. Then go right, into the 
    town. Walk to the right, then the package will open by itself.  
            By the time you can move again, the package will have destroyed the 
    village and the girl will have called the Titan, causing an earthquake. 
    Cecil loses Kain, and the girl has been injured. So go up, and right, until 
    you come to a town called Kaipo. Cecil will automatically take her to the inn 
    when you enter the town (how do these people sleep with their armor on???)
    During the middle of the night, Baronian soldiers come to kill the girl, but 
    you will have to fight them off. Don't worry about the officer, attack every-
    one else. The girl will join you at the end of the fight. Her name is Rydia.  
    Now would be a good time to save, but you cannot save in a town, so go outside 
    and save. Then go back into the town. Go to the building in the upper right 
    hand corner. And go and see Rosa. Now your going to have to find the thing 
    called the SandRuby. Not so fast. First you should gain a couple levels, 
    so Rydia's hit points are about 100. Then save, and go to the upper right, to 
    the Watery-Pass. Go up, and get the two chests, and go back down.  Walk to the 
    left, cross the bridge, and go down to get the chest. Then go back up, and 
    talk to the old man, he is a sage. Tellah will join your party. Now go right 
    and get the chest. Keep going right. Then go down into the water. Go up, 
    through the waterfalls, to go up, and get the Iron Ring. Equip Tellah with the 
    item. Go back down, and head left until you see a big waterfall. You can walk 
    through the center of it.  Get all three chests and walk out.  Then go back 
    out of the water. Go back where Tellah joined, and then go up to BF2. Go up, 
    past a bridge, and enter the water. Climb the ladders to the left. Get the 
    chest. Then go back down. You can go up some ladders, then cross a bridge to 
    the south-west, do so.  Then go left and up, to enter the door.  
            Tellah will automatically put up a tent. Then you can save on the "S."  
    Go up and right to get the chest. Then equip Rydia with the Ice Rod. Go
    down into the water, and go up the other ladder onto solid ground again. Go
    into the door. Then go down across the two bridges to get the two chests, 
    then go back up. Then go to the left, up the ladder, and enter the door. Go
    left, and keep going left for the secret passage. After you cannot go left 
    any more, go then go: up until you've stoped, then right, then down, then 
    right to get the chest. Then go back through the secret passage. Go as far
    left as you can, then continue the pattern going: up, right, down, right, 
    then walk down to get the leather helm in the chest. Equip Tellah with the
    helm. Then go back through the tunnel, to the 2nd to last chest you got.  
    Go up, through the doorway there. Then continue going up, and go left to 
    get the chests. Go back, and go up-right, then go down again to get two 
    more chests. Equip Cecil with the darkness sword. Then go up, and out of 
    the cave. Use a tent if you need to and save. When your done, go up, to
    the waterfalls. Go down, and fall into the waterfalls. Then go onto solid
    land again. Then go down, to get the two chests. Equip Cecil with both 
    of those items. Then go back up, and enter "Lake" through the door. Go 
    right. Get the two chests. Equip Cecil with the Darkness armor. Then go 
    into the water, and up to Octomamm. Use magic, and anthing powerful that 
    you can come up with to defeat his arms first. Then deal with his body. 
    Go up through the waterfall which will take you to land. Now save. Now, 
    walk toward the castle, and watch it be destroyed. Enter Damcyan. Enter the
    door at the top. Go up again, and get the chest at the upper right. Then
    go up the stairs to the south. Then enjoy the show. Now you'll have the
    hovercraft. Now you can ride on rocks. But save first. Ride the rocks to 
    the island to the NE. Then land near the cave. Enter the cave. Walk to 
    the left to get the chests. Go to the right, cross the bridge, and go up 
    to get the chest. After that, go down the latters to the South, but don't
    go down the path yet. Go left and up, and get that chest. Go all the way
    left you can. Then go down, and left to get the other 2 chests. Now you 
    can go back to the path to the south. Then go down, get the chest. Go 
    through the door, to get the chest with the charm note, and equip Edward
    with it. Then go north. Get those chests in the general area. Then go to
    the pathway to the north. Go into the door. Save the game, and get the 
    contents of the chests. Then exit through the door, then through the path.  
    Then go to the south most place on that floor, and go to the antlions nest.  
    Walk straight down, and fight the Antlion. He shouldn't be that hard to 
    defeat. Then exit the whole facility (cave). Then save.  
            Take the hovercraft to the west coast. Ride the rocks down, back to
    Kapio. Take the SandRuby back to Rosa. Then watch Edward fight. Then save.
    Take the hovercraft to the Antlion's cave. Go east to Mt. Hobs.  
    Walk to the ice, and watch Rydia learn Fire. Go up to the ladder. Go to the 
    left. Save your game. Then get the other 2 chests. then go out, and go into 
    the right door. Then get the contents of the chest, and equip Rosa with the 
    arrows, if she has found a bow. Then go up the ladders, and watch the show. 
    And beat those enemies that you have to fight. After Yang has joined the 
    party, and the monsters have been defeated, go through the door, then go 
    across the bridge, then proceed to go down, and exit the mountain. Then
    save. Then continue east, then north, then east, then south. Now east, south 
    then finally east, until you get to the castle, Fabul. Go gain a few 
    levels before you enter the castle (if you wish). Contiune all the way up, 
    until you get to the throne room. Then say yes to the king's question.  
    Then watch the show, and fight the enemies that you have to fight.  
    And watch the show some more. Then fight some more enemies. When 
    you adventually fight Kain, it doesn't matter if you fight him or not, he'll
    kill you easily anyway. By the time that you can move, go out of the 
    crystal room. You can search to pot to the left for a cure 1 if you care to.
    Then you can go all of the way to the right, and step on the button that 
    opens a door for you. Then walk through the door in this order: up, right,
    down, right, and open all three chests. Equip Cecil with the black shield.
    Exit the throne room to the south. Don't go to the staris. Walk to the 
    south past the stairs. And go through the door. Then go to the left tower 
    first. Then search all of the pots, and chests for anything of use to you. 
    Then exit the tower, and go to the left tower. Then go up the stairs twice.
    Get the chest to the south-west. Talk to the king. And exit the tower. Go
    back to 2F. Walk down the stairs. And in to the weapons and armor shop.  
    Buy one of everything there. And then equip all of the black armor to Cecil.
    And equip Yang with t0he thunder claw. If you do not have enough $, then go 
    outside the castle, fight some more monsters until you do have enough $ to 
    do this. Next, exit that, and go to the INN, and talk to the items 
    salesperson. Buy about 20 life potions, and anything else that you think is 
    fitting. Then walk to the right, and go to the INN for free. And watch the 
    show again. After you can move again, exit the castle as a whole. Now would
    be a good time to save. Now, go to the boat to the east. Enjoy the show 
            After you can move again, you will be alone, and don't know where to
    go. But go east, until you go into the town called: Mysidia. After you 
    have entered, go up, until you have entered the house of wishes. Then talk 
    to the elders. After Palom and Porom have joined, go to the weapons/armor
    shop in town. Buy one of each but but about 50 arrows. But if you don't
    have enough money, just buy a flamerod, and a cure staff, a crossbow, and
    about 50 arrows. Always remember that Palom is your black wizard, and Porom
    is your white wizard. Equip Palom with a flame rod, and equip Parom with 
    the crossbow, and the 50 white arrows.  Go to the armor shop.  Buy 2 each of 
    the first three items. Equip both of the wizards body with the Gaea helm, 
    the Gaea body armor, and the silver ring (arms). Go out of the town and 
    save. Then gain about 4 levels for each one in your party by fighting.  
            After you've done that: Go to the east,  south, east, north, then 
    hopefully you'll be in the woods. From their you should go:  north, east, 
    until you come to Mt. Ordeals. From there, go right, to the wall of fire.  
    Then watch the short show.  Then watch the meanwhile segment of the game.  
    Then continue north when you can move again.  Get the chests along the way,
    and then enter the door to the right.  Continue up the mountain until you 
    meet up with tellah again.  Tellah will adventually join you, then enter 
    the door to the north.  Walk east, to get the chest.  Then walk north up the
    ladders to get the chest due south of the bridge.  Then walk through the 
    door to the right.  Use a tent on the saving spot.  Then save on the saving 
    spot, but only use a tent if you need to, and you most likely will need to.  
    Then walk across the bridge to the west.  Now fight Milon.  When you are 
    fighting Milon, make the twins use the power " twin".  And make sure you 
    kill the zombies first, then worry about Milon. Cross the bridge after you 
    have done that.  And fight Milon in his true form. (Tip: after you fight 
    Milon the first time, you can go back and save you game, and compleetly 
    heal yourself, then fight him in his true form with full power.) Heal 
    anyone who gets poisoned by Milon.  Then walk up to the center grave and 
    watch the show.  Defeat the past dark night by basically just attacking, and
    curing yourself. YEAH!!! You've become a PALIDIN!  Congrads.  Not time to 
    rest though.  Go to the saving spot and save your game.  And also go out
    of Mt. Ordeals.  Make sure you get into at least one fight before you leave
    Mt. Ordeals, because Cecil will gain about 6 levels, for just one fight!
    After you have exited Mt.  Ordeals, go south to the center of the circular 
    tree span, and you'll uncover the chocobo village.  Talk to the white one to 
    recover all of you low hit points.  Then talk to a yellow one.  You can get 
    back to Mysidia much faster .  Once back there save your game.  Go back into 
    Mysidia and talk to the elders in the house of wishes.  Watch the show, and
    discover the old Mysidian ledgend.  After that, go to the unmarked 
    building to the east of the house of wishes.  And step on the white dot in 
    the center, and be ready to be transported back to Baron.  After that, go 
    out of the building that you are presently in.  And go outside the town of 
    Baron, and save. Go back in, and go up to the waterfalls, and go down the
    ladder that takes you into the water. Go down the center waterfall, and 
    then continue to follow the stream. Go down to the pool, and get the 
    two invisible chests in the water. Exit through the waterfalls, and go to 
    the INN.  Walk all the way North, and face the weapons sighn.  open it
    just like you would pull a lever, then get the 2 chests.  then walk over to
    the table with Yang.  Talk to Yang, and kill the guards when they attack you.
    Then defeat Yang when he attacks you.  They he'll take you to the INN.   
    When you can move, go outside the town, and save.  Now gain a few levels
    befor you do anything else.   Renter the town, and go to the building that 
    has the door that is locked as it's entrance.  Try to open it, and use the 
    key of Baron.  Enter the door.  Don't go up the stairs yet.  Walk to the east
    where their looks like their could be an opening.  You will walk to another 
    section and you can open the chest there to get 1000 gold.  Then go to the 
    stairs that lead to the old watery way.  Go down through the narrow path.  
    Then you'll come to the three treasure chests.  open them all, and continue 
    your way north, across a series of bridges, around a curb, and across 
    another series of bridges.  Then walk up the path to B3F when you come to it.  
    Then walk down the ladder into the water.  You can go to the right, do so.  
    Then you can take a secret passage through the wall to the right that will 
    adventually take you down, from there:  Get the chest on the island.  Then 
    go to the south, where the water meets the black, than you'll uncover 
    another secret passage.  Take this, about halfway down, and to the right, but
    do not take it down and to the left, you'll just end up where you started.  
    After you have headed down, and to the right, continue to follow the path up, 
    to B2F.  Follow the path up the really long ladder.  Don't go through the 
    path yet, go to the left, where it looks like there is a secret passage, 
    because there is.  Go east, south, east, north, to get to the chest, then go 
    back through the secret passage to go to the path.  Go into the door to the 
    north east, and save your game, using a tent if you have to.  Then go out, 
    and go up, to the path, to Baron's moat.  Walk around, down to the left, 
    to go into the door there where you can enter Baron.  Then walk towards the 
    throne room until Baigan comes.  Then you fight Baigan.  To defeat Baigan, 
    attack the body only, because he can regenerate his arms, and other things.  
    Walk to the throne room, and talk to the fake king, and soon enough, you'll 
    fight Kinazzo.  Defeat him by using all the lit spells that you can, and have
    the twins twin him.  And have Cecil attack him.  Also you should use Cecil 
    for curing weak people in your party.  Then Cecil will be in your party again 
    and you will get the air ship, to bad for Palom, and Porom though.  Once you 
    get your air ship, land and save.  Now go to an island that I call " Cathead 
    Island."  It's to the south of Fabul.  It has some mountains on it, a very 
    small town, and a chocobo village on it. Before you enter the town, it is 
    recomended that you save your game.  Now enter Silvera.  Enter the armor 
    shop.  Buy 2 pieces of each piece of armor, but only buy 1 shield.
    You will probably need to go outside the town, and fight some monsters to get
    some more gold because of the price of the silver armor.  Equip Cecil and 
    Cid with all of this.  Then go to the weapons shop. (Note: a good way to 
    get some extra $ is to check all of your non-equiped items, and sell all of 
    the ones that you don't need.)  Buy a silver staff, hammer, and a sword.  
    Equip Cecil with the sword, Tellah with the staff, and Cid with the hammer.  
    Exit the shop, and likewise the town.  
            Now it's time to go to Toroian Castle.  This is located; a little bit 
    east of Fabul, baybe a little bit south of it also.  So, go there, until you 
    enter a door to your left.  Continue all the way through the other doors, and
    /or paths, until you get to Edward, and then watch the show.  Then you'll 
    revieve the twinharp.  Go back onto your ship.  Before you do this, it is 
    recomended that you save.  Then walk up, through the forest, until you come 
    to the end of it all, where their is a little patch of seprate forest, enter 
    somewhere in that, to find the black chocobo village.  Talk to a black 
    chocobo.  Then head east on your newly found black chocobo, until you find a 
    cave opening.  Land the black chocobo into a forest, and enter the cave.  
    When you enter the cave, you'll come upon the fact that metalic stuff does 
    not work, or is weighted down, don't worry about it for now.  If you get 
    attacked, just run away, and then cure yourself if the monsters did any 
    dammage.  Walk east to ge to get the chest, and then go a little bit west, 
    and then go down.  Then keep following the bridges.  Go into the pathway, 
    but get the chest first.  Then go to B2F.  Head north, to come to a bridge.  
    That should take you to a door, which leads you to a room with 2 chests in 
    it.  Get those, go out, and head west.  Take the path to B3F.  Then walk 
    to the door to the left.  Save your game on the saving spot.  Exit that room 
    and go down, across the birdge, which takes you to another door, a little bit 
    south from there.  This room contains 3 chests, take them all.  Exit there.  
    Go west, and go through the path formed by the walls of the cave.  Enter the 
    door ahead.  Go north to get the chest.  Equip Yang with the charm claw.  
    Then go west, to B4F.  Follow the long bridge.  Then go east, so you can 
    enter the door to save your game again.  Then go back, and go up.  Before 
    you go to the crystal room, go around there to get the chest, then go to the 
    crystal room.  Watch the show.  You cannot defeat Dark Elf the first time.  
    So just wait to be killed.  When you fight him the second time, you should 
    attack him with everyting you've got!  Tellah should use his most powerful 
    spells, and Yang should be set aside to cure wounded people if they need it.  
    Once you have defeated Dark Elf, go and get the crystal.  Then go and save 
    your game.  Then stay on the "S" and have Tellah cast the spell "exit".  
    Ride your black chocobo automatically back, then walk back to the castle, and 
    enter the castle.  Go up to the Clerics room in the castle, and watch the 
    short show.  After that, talk to all of the Clerics, until one of them grants 
    you access to the treasure in the basments of the town. Then exit the place 
    where the Clerics are.  Go back to the place in the castle where Edward is, 
    and watch the brief show.  Go to the right wing of the castle, where their 
    are three sets of staris all of them heading down.  Go into the center and 
    the right ones first, and get all that you can find in there.  Then go into 
    the right staircase.  Talk to the girl, and to around to the staris, to the 
    treasure room.  Take all of that treasure, and then exit the castle.  But 
    before you enter the ariship, save your game.  Before you enter the airship, 
    gain about 5 levels each. Then go into your airship and watch the show.  
    Go to the northeast corner, where you'll find a chest.  Equip Cecil with the 
    the fire armor.  Then head to the upper right corner, to go to 2F.  Go down, 
    then left, Then go down until you cannot go anymore.  Then head left.  Open 
    the treasure chest, and fight the flame dog inside.  You'll get a fire 
    sword.  Equip Cecil with it.  Then enter the door to the left of the chest.  
    Then go down.  Then go all the way to the right.  Then go all the way up that 
    you can go. Then go left and enter the door to 4F. Then go all the way down 
    that you can. Then take the first north bound path that you come across.  
    Then go all of the way up. Go to the door to the far right. Then go down, 
    and get the Wizards armor in the chest. Equip Tellah with this. Now go back 
    through the center door, to get the earth hammer. Equip Cid with it. Now go 
    to the far left door, go right to get the poison claw.  Equip Yang with this.  
    Now go left and down, then right and down. Continue the winding path to get 
    the fire shield. Go all the way back to the door that you came through to 
    get there. Go back down the way you came. Then go to the left, and then go 
    up until you reach a door, now enter it. Go down, and enter the first door 
    that you come to, so that you can save your game. Exit and go to the door 
    that you see to your left. Now you'll fight Sandy, Cindy, and Mindy. First 
    destroy the fat one (middle), then the small one (right), then finally 
    the tall one (left). Go back and save your game. Then go to the door that 
    those three girls were guarding. Walk up to Golbez and watch the show.  When 
    you cna move, go over and talk to the seemingly dead Kain. When you fight 
    Valvalis, use Kain's jump attack always to stop her spinning abilitites.  
    Use magic and other things to defeat her. You will adventually be back at 
    the Castle of Baron. So, when you can move again, go out of the castle and 
    save your game. Go back into the right tower of Baron (the castle of).  
    Go down to the bottom, and talk to the king of Baron so that he tells you to 
    go to the Land of Summoned Monsters. Then exit that whole castle. Then go 
    to an island nation to the west of Mysidia (where you got Palom and Porom.)  
    This town is named Argat. Go in there. Walk up the three ladders, and into 
    the structure with the well in it. Walk up to it, and press the A button.  
    Go down to the Magma Key, and watch the show.  Once done, go back outside, 
    and save your game. Then go into your airship, and land in any part of that 
    black space that the magma key made. Now you'll be in the underworld. The 
    computer will automatically take over when you go into the underworld, so 
    enjoy the show. 
            When you can move finally, you will be on top of your air ship.  
    It is now recomended that you save your game right now, or you might be 
    condemed to watch that whole show over again, so just save it.  I would say 
    gain about 5 levels before you go to the throne room, go to the INN and rest
    if you like, but don't go to the throne room unless you've gained 5 levels
    for each charecter, then save your game.  Tip: before you go into the throne 
    room, from there you will fight some powerful monsters, you can enter the 
    castle, and befour you would go into the throne room, take the starist to 
    right, from there, you  will uncover an armor shop, and a weapons shop.  
    From there, buy a flame harpoon, and equpi Kain with it.  And from the armor 
    shop, buy 3 rune rings.  Equip Rydia, Rosa, and Yang each with one.  Buy the 
    following:  2 wizard helms, a piece of fire armor, a fire shield,  Equip:  
    Rosa, and Rydia with the wizard helms, Kain with the fire armor, and shield, 
    Now you can go on.  Now, go into the Castle of Dwarves.  Walk up until you 
    get to the throne room, and enjoy the relitively short show.  Now you fight 
    the Calbrena. There are 2 ways to defeat this enemy.  The first method, is 
    to take out all of the little dolls before they morph into Calbrena, or to 
    take out Cabrena when she is in her biggest form.  If you cannot defeat her 
    on your 3rd try, load a saved game that  is outside the castle, and gain some 
    more levels, until you are stron enough to defeat her.  After you defeat 
    Calbrena, watch the show, featuring Golbez.  Then you must defeat Golbez.  
    In defeating him, set Rosa off to cure anyone who needs it, and have the 
    rest attack with their most powerful attacks.  After you defeat him, you 
    watch a show, and then Rydia will join again.  After you can move again, go 
    and exit the castle and save.  You can gain a couple more levels if you wish.  
    But that is optional.  Go back into the castle.  Go, like you would go to 
    the INN.  But, don't talk to the INN's keeper.  Walk down the stairs that 
    are to the right of the INN's keeper.  But before you do this, go over to the
    Item shop, and but about 50 cure2's.   At this point, you should equip Rosa 
    with any bow, and any arrows that you have.  After you go to the stairs that 
    are to the right of the INN keeper.  Talk to the Dwarf below the shelf, he'll 
    open a door.  Follow that path.  That will take you to B2F.  Open any 
    not open treasure chests, along your way to the dwarves base.  Now go all the 
    way to the left.  and take a sip from the pot of life.  Then take the stairs 
    that lead up.  Now, from there, you should save your game before you go 
    anywhere else in this game.  After you've done this, go to the left.  after 
    you cannot go left anymore, go up.  Keep going up, until you see a bunch of 
    tanks from the dwarves army.  Take a right to the path that leads to the 
    tower of babil.  Keep going up, dispite all of the explisions that contradict 
    your movement.  Then enter the tower of Babil.  From the start of the tower, 
    go up, until you come to a 4-way split.  Equip Rosa with with the ice arrows 
    Go back to the right and go to the right in the 4 way split.  Then go up, to 
    B2F.  after that, get the chest to the left.  Equip Rosa with the bandana.  
    Go until you come to a door.  Go into the door.  Open the chest.  Fight the 
    alert.  Worry about the alert, then the monster that it summons.  Now equip 
    Kain with the Blizzard Spear.  Now exit that area, and go up, and open the 
    door to the right.  Open that chest to uncover an alert.  Then equip Cecil 
    with the Icebrand.  Go out, and go to the door on your left.  This will take 
    you to 3F.  Now,  go and get the chest on the left ( if you have an ice claw 
    still in your invintory, equip that on his other hand too ).  Go back and to 
    the right.  Then go down, as soon as you come to a split in the path.  Open 
    the chest down there.  Go into the door, and this will take you to a section 
    of 4F.  Go there, and get both chests, and go back to 3F.  equip Rosa with 
    the archer bow that you found in one of the chests.  Go back out the door.  
    From there, go up.  Then go to the right, to get the chest, when you can, 
    than continue back up the path.  The path should adventually circle around to 
    another door.  Go in there.  This will take you to 4F.  Go to the door that 
    you see on your left.  Use a tent or a cabin, and then save your game.  Exit 
    there, then continue up, then right.  As soon as you can uncover a way to go 
    down, go down.  Now, you'll see 2 more doors.  Walk into the first one.  Then 
    you should open the chest, to uncover the alert.  Defeat this with the usual 
    proceedure.  Equip Cecil with the Ice shield.  Exit that room.  Don't bother 
    going to the other door, because that is just an empty room.  But go all the 
    way back up.  Then you'll come to another door that has a chest in it.  
    Defeat the alert to uncover the ice armor.  Equip Cecil with this.  Then exit 
    that room.  Go up, than to the left.  Then enter the door to 5F.  Go down, 
    and when you can go up, go up, follow the path to the treasure chest, and 
    take the path back down again.  Go all the way to the right, until you cannot 
    go right anymore, then go up.  Go to the right to get the chests, then take 
    the door to 6F.  Then go to the door to 7F.  Then enter the door to the right.  
    Use a tent/cabin, and save your game.  Now, exit the room.  Walk around to 
    the door almost directly to the south.  Then take the only way to another 
    door.  Then go up to a strange man at the end of the path.  Watch the little 
    show the game has put up for you.  Once you begin fighting, kill the robot.  
    And don't worry about the scientist.  The 2nd time you fight, attack with all 
    your might.  After you defeat the scientist, you will get the key for the 
    tower.  now go back to the door that needed the key for the tower.  Open it 
    with the tower key.  Save the game again if you care to, at your last saving 
    spot.  Then go to the super cannon room.  Watch the show.  Go and start to 
    exit the tower of Babil.  When you are about to exit the Tower of Babil, 
    Golbez will confront you.  Then watch the show.  After you can move again, 
    land and save your game.  Then go to Baron, it's north from here.  Go into 
    the castle, and go the way to the right tower.  Their should be 2 soldires 
    dressed in blue, right before you enter the right tower.  Talk to one of them, 
    they will give your ship the grapiling hook.  Go over to where your to 
    where your hovercraft is, pick it up with your grapeling hook.  Take it to 
    where the tower of Babil is.  set it down, and get it in.  Ride over to the 
    cave on the west.  Go in it, you might want to save first.  When you first 
    enter the cave, you can find a secret passage to the east, where wall touches 
    ground.  Then you can go back on land to get the chest to south.  Make your 
    way to the south-west corner of the floor.  Go into the path that leads you 
    to B2F.  From here you can do whatever you need to do, but do the following:  
    Buy these from the armor shop: one of each.  Buy these from the weapons shop:  
    1 power staff, and about 30 poison arrows.  Equip Rosa with the arrows, and 
    leave the staff for later.  After you're all done, walk to the north-west 
    corner to go to the pass to Babil.  Before going in the door to the rest of 
    the pass, you can take the fairly obvious secret passage.  You might want to 
    gain a few levels before going any furthur.  Besides, you have an INN right 
    below you.  After that, walk to the upper part of the pass.  Get all of the 
    chests you can, and then go down, to the south-east corner to go to another 
    part.  From there you can go down, right, down, and get the chest to the 
    left.  Then you can go all the way up, to another path, and as you go in 
    there, you can go to the door to your right.  Save your game here.  From 
    there you can go to the right to get some chests.  Then walk up to the man, 
    and Rubicant.  Enjoy the show!  After you can move, exit to the north, and 
    that should take you to the tower of Babil, 1F.  Walk up, and Edge should get 
    you through the wall.  Get the treasure chest, and go to the left, then down.  
    After this, go right, all the way, and then up to get the chest.  Then go in 
    the door that leads you to B2F.  Then go right and up.  Then keep going until 
    you can come to a bridge, cross that going south, and defeat the 4 mad orge's 
    inside of the chest.  Then you'll get the Ogre Axe.  Equip Cecil with it, and 
    go back up, and continue your path to the left, until you have to go down, 
    then do so.  Then go into the door that leads you to B3F.  Go past the first 
    door that you come to, and get the chest.  Then come back to the door and go 
    to B4F.  First go to the right, the left is a dead end.  Then go up, then 
    take the curve down again.  Get the chest, equip Edge with the middle sword, 
    then go up to the door that leads you to B3F.  Go all the way to the right, 
    where the 2 doors are.  Go to the one on the left and save your game.  Then 
    enter the one on the right, you'll be back on B4F.  Go to the only door that 
    you see, this takes you to B5F.  Take the left path down to Edge's partents.  
    You cannot kill them, so you are better off just curing yourself.  After you 
    are able to move again, you can go back, and save your game if you wish.  
    Then fight Rubicant.  Before you do that, equip everyone with all the ice 
    stuff that you have.  Then fight him.  Time it right with Rosa;  call Shiva 
    so that when Rubicant opens his cape, you'll call Shiva.  Have Kain jump, 
    with his blizzard spear.  Have Edge cast flood on him.  In short, use all of 
    the ice, and water attacks that you can!!!  Then watch the relitivly long 
    show.  You could save your game if you like, when you can move again.  After 
    that, go to the door directly above where you just beat Rubicant.  You fall 
    down into a pitfall.  After you've fallen, go up to get the chest.  Then go 
    down and go through the door.  To 7F!!!  Now go up, and into the door to 6F.  
    Then you can go all the way down, and then to the right to get the chest, 
    across the bridge.  Then go all the way to the left, and up.  This will take 
    you to the airship dock.  Go back down to the Castle, but save before you 
    enter it.  Walk up to the kings room, and watch the show.  Then go to the 
    room by the Big Chocobo.  Talk to the sleeping Cid.  Watch the show!  Now go 
    to the south-west.  But first, go into the town to the right of it.  Go into 
    the weapons shop and buy the following:  1 middle sword, a chain whip.  Equip 
    Edge with the middle sword, and Rydia with the chain whip.  Go into the 
    weapons shop and buy: 2 of everything, except diamond arm bands, which you 
    but 3 of.  Now would be an ideal time to sell some of your stuff to get 
    some extra $ to get all of this heavy equiptment.  Believe me, you'll need 
    all of this equiptment for the Sealed Cave!  Equip Edge with a diamond arm 
    band, Rosa with a diamond arm band and a Tiara.  Then equip Cecil with 
    diamond body armor, gauntlets, helm, and shield.  Do the same for Kain.  Get 
    whatever you think that you will need from the items shop.  Cure 2's are 
    always helpful. Then exit, and go to the Sealed Cave. Your really should 
    save your game now. Before you go to the Sealed Cave, make sure Rydia knows 
    the black magic spell wall (trust me, you need it!). The Sealed Cave is 
    a boxed in cave. Go there now. Open the cave door with the key that you got 
    from the king's daughter's neckless.  From there, go down, using the rope to 
    go down to the next platform.  Open the door, it will be a trap door.  
    [Stratigy for defeating the Trap Doors:  keep parrying until you get to 
    Rydia.  Once to her, wait for the Trap Door to cast search spell on someone 
    in your party, it they haven't already.  Then cast the wall spell on the 
    person that the Trap Door casted search on.  So that when the Trap Door casts 
    disrupt on the person, the Trap Door will automatically be destroyed! (This 
    makes them pretty easy.) Go inside once you've defeated the Trap Door.  Take 
    the 2 chests.  Equip Edge with the Long sword, and go out.  Then go down to 
    get the other chest. Go to the right, and go up the rope ladder.  Fight the 
    Trap Door that you immediately go to.  Walk inside, get the chest to the 
    north.  Do not try to go into either one of the doors to the north, they are 
    both just dead ends.  Go over to the right, and go take the other chest.  Then 
    take the path to B2F at the south-east end.  Then from there, go right, and 
    get the chest, then go up.  Fight the 2nd trap door you see whey you are 
    moving to the left.  Enter there, and open the chest.  Equip Cecil with the 
    Light Sword.  Exit.  Now fight the next trap door you see to your left.  Go 
    in there.  Get all the three chests.  Go back out.  Don't fight the next 
    Trap Door, but the next one after that.  This is a saving spot.  Save your 
    game there.  The last one on the left contains 2 chests.  Equip Edge with 
    both of these items.  Exit.  Continue along the narrow path downward.  Until 
    you come to a Trap Door. Fight it, and enter the room that it is guarding.  
    Walk up, and get the treasure chest.  Then walk left, and down, to get to 
    another room.  Then get those 2 chests, the dorway there leads to a dead end, 
    so don't bother fighting the Trap Door.  Exit through the south end of the 
    room.  Go to the right, so you can go to the rope.  Then go to the right and 
    open the door by defeating the Trap Door.  Now enter the path on the left.  
    Then save your game on your saving spot.  After you've done saving, go down.  
    Then go all the way around to the other pathway.  Then go all the way up the 
    bridge to the north, fight the Trap Door.  After you've done that, go to the 
    Crystal Room, get the Dark Crystal, and go back down across the bridge, and 
    watch the show.  When you fight the Evil Wall, you have to use every single 
    powerful attack that you can muster against this powerhouse.  Have Rosa not 
    attack it, and rather just cure anyone so they can continue fighting.  Have 
    edge dart some all of this shuriken's, or ninja stars.  After you've 
    defeated it, go out of the Sealed Cave.  Upon leaving the cave, you'll have 
    a short confrontation with Golbez.  After this, go to the Castle of Dwarves.  
    Then walk to the throne room, and watch the show.  After this, go back out of 
    the castle, and save your game.  Then go to the circle in the upper right 
    hand corner, and press "A".  Now go to Mysidia, it is almost directly to you 
    right.  Walk up, and the Elders will greet you.  Watch the show.  
            Now don't go to the moon yet...   Go and get your normal Airship, and 
    pick up the hovercraft.  Move it to Cat Head Isle for future use.  Now, go 
    back to the underworld.  Go to the land of monsters.  This is to the left and 
    up of The Sealed Cave.  Before you move, cast the float spell on everyone 
    (Rosa).  Act like you'd cast it onone person, but press right and cast it 
    on all of the party.  I won't bother to give you instructions to the chests, 
    until there is anythin you really need to get:  so just go to the path on the 
    right.  Then go to the right, and up, and right again, to get to the other 
    path.  Then go to the left, then down, then right.  then down, then up to 
    step onto the transporter.  Go up, and left.  Get the 2 chests.  Go to the 
    transporter on the right.  Go back throught the transporter to get the chest.  
    Go through the transporter again, and go south of the items shop.  Until you 
    come to the Armor shop. Then buy one Ageis shield, and 2 Sorcerer's armor's.  
    Equip Cecil with the Aegis shield, and the 2 girls with the armor.  You can 
    sell some stuff here if you wish.  Go out of there, and go down, and around 
    to the weapons shop.  Buy a Blitz whip, and a lunar staff.  Equip Rydia with 
    the whip.  Keep the Lunar staff in case Rosa runs out of arrows.  Then go 
    up 2 houses, where their is a saving spot.  And then save your game.   Now, 
    go down to the house below you, and enter it.  Go to the stairs on your left.  
    Now, walk to the teleporter.  Talk to the queen (right).  Say yes to her 
    question.  When you fight Asura.  Parry to Rosa, and have her cast -wall on 
    Asura.  That will deflect any cure spells that she will use on herself.  then
    just use anything that you can come up with.  Prefrably have Rydia call a 
    Titan, and have Edge dart a darting weapon (i.e. a shourken).  Go back and 
    use a tent on the saving spot if you wish.  Then go and talk to the King.  
    Lit spells work really well against this charecter.  Also fire spells work 
    almost as well.  Now you can call 2 more people!  Good job.  Go back and 
    save your game.  Now, from the building that you just saved from, go right 
    to find the teleporter again.  And go up.  Continue going right and down.  
    Then get the treasure chest.  Continue down to get the other chest.  Now, go 
    to the left, to go onto the teleporter.  Remember to cast the float spell on 
    everyone.  Then go to the right, and get the chest.  Go into the clearly 
    marked secret passage, to the right.  Go to the passage to the north.  
    Follow the path from there, and open the chest to uncover monsters.  After 
    you've defeated the monsters, equip Cecil with the defense sword.  Go back 
    down through the secret passage.  Now go south this time.  Then follow the 
    path to the west.  You should adventually make your way up, and to a room 
    with 3 chests.  Open them all.  Equip Edge with the Ninja sword.  Then you 
    can go back into the secret passage, and continue your way up.  Now you 
    can exit the cave.  Save if you like.
            Now it's to the Sylvan Cave ( to the north-west corner of the 
    underworld ).  From the entrance to the Sylvan Cave, go to the right to get 
    the 2 chests there.  Then head back down, go to the path down there.  Then 
    after you come out somewhere, you can go directly down again, to adventualy 
    find another passage.  Take this passage and come to a saving spot on your 
    right, now save your game.  Go up from the saving spot.  Then go up, until 
    you find a not very well hidden secret passage.  Follow the secret passage 
    for awhile.  From there, you can get another chest.  Then equip Rosa with the
    elven bow.  Where you took a right before to go to the saving spot, take a 
    left now.  You can go left, than up, to get 2 chests.  Go back down to the 
    path that will take you to B2F.  Go up, past the 1st path that you see.  
    Go up, and to the right, throught the hidden passage, to get the chest that 
    contains monsters.  Go back, and go to the path that you come to 1st.  Go to 
    the  left, and get the elixer.  Continue all the way down, then to the 
    right to go to the Sylvan house.  Talk to Yang.  Now you can exit through the 
    back way that the Sylphs have.  Go all the back to Fabul.  Go and talk to 
    Yang's mother (left tower).  She will give you the frying pan.  Go back to 
    the Sylphs cave.  Go and use the pan on Yang.  Now, you've learned Sylph.  
            Go back to CatHead Isle.  Get on the hovercraft that you had put 
    there before, and go to the little cave down below.  Go back up, and give 
    the guy looking at the rock in the center the rat tail.  Now, go back to 
    the underworld.  Go to the small house in the south east corner of the 
    underworld.  Walk to the upper right corner, and go up the stairs.  Talk 
    to the man sleeping, and give him the adamant.  Talk to the guy, he'll give 
    you the excalibur, the second greatest sword in the game!!!  Equip Cecil 
    with this wonderful weapon.  Now go back to the outerworld, and go to 
    Mysidia.  Go into the Big and  You can store what ever you want with 
    your own, personal Big Chocobo.  You now have another free INN too!  Now go 
    to the moon, talk to the big crystal.  If you can fly around for awhile, you 
    will find a big castle, made of crystal.  Go south of there, you'll find a 
    little closed in area with a cave entrance.  You can land there.  If you 
    go into the cave, you will find a Namingway village.  Most all the namingways 
    do is hum, but there are a couple here that do vastly different things:  
    the three on the pedistils just tell you some jargon.  Two others still 
    remain in the mix.  The best way to find these guys are to roam around, and 
    trying to talk to all of them until you find the one you need.  One is a 
    shop keeper, that sells some great items, at fairly cheap prices 
    ( concidering what you can buy there ).  And a real Namingway.  You can go 
    here whenever you need to.  If you are in there, exit now, and save your 
    game.  Now, there is that crystal-type castle, right?  Right!  There is a 
    non attached grey-blue platform, that has a bridge leading down onto the 
    surface in the center.  Land there, and wald to the surface (light brown).  
    Stay in your INN if you need to.  Your first pryority is to go and gain about 
    5 levels by fighting monsters.  This hearby will get you familiar with the 
    monsters of the moon.  After you've done this, go to the cave on the left, 
    on the surface, to the lunar path.  There is a treasure chest to your 
    upper right, containing monsters, and edventually an elixer, get it if you 
    wish.  But go up, at any rate.  And adventualy to the right, get the other 
    chests if you wish (heal, cure2).  Then exit above to another part of the 
    moon's surface.  Continue right, until you cannot go anymore, and then go 
    down.  There will be another cave on your right.  Enter there.  Then from 
    there go left, then down.  You will come to an exit, take it.  Then go to 
    the left, to another path, right below the castle.  You can go to the left 
    or right, go get some powers back, then go to the center.  Watch the show.  
    Now go back the way you came, to the Big Whale.  Go back to the Blue Planet.  
    Watch the show.  Once you can move again, you're inside the Giant of Babil.  
    Go into the teleporter thing that leads you to the neck.  From there, go to 
    the chest.  From there, you can go left, get the chest, down again, left, up, 
    left, down, right, up, get the chest, down, right, up.  You can keep going 
    up to get the chest with samuri arrows if you wish.  Go back down, and to the 
    left.  Then you can go and get the cabin, then to the teleporter to go to the
    stomach.  Go up, to get the life potion in the chest.  Go back to the right, 
    where their are 2 ways to take.  The path to the right leads to another chest, 
    the path to the left, leads you to a ling bend, but adventually leads you 
    to the passage.  Go down, and to the right, to get the chest across the 
    bridge.  This chest obviously contains monsters.  Walk back across the bridge 
    then to the right, then up.  Save your game on the savings spot to the left.  
    Continue back up, through the teleporter, to the lung.  You will then be 
    greeted by all 4 of the 4 feends, provided you walk up to the "+".  You must 
    fight all of them, each in succession.  You should use prior stratigies to 
    defeat them all.  You can go back down, and save ( this is recomended ).  
    Next, go up, through the teleporter, to the CPU. Go up, and fight the CPU.  
    First take out the defender, then the large globe, then the attacker.  (I 
    might of gotten this mixed up, so if this stratigy doesn't work, then just 
    try a different order in killing them.  All I can remember, is that if you 
    kill the 2 little ones, that big thing will use a spell called Globe199 on you, 
    which kills anyone instantly.) After you've defeated The CPU, watch the 
    long show.  
            Once you can move again, go back and go to where you got 
    FuSoYa.  Go to the room above it, and walk onto the center platform.  
    Now you'll be in a really shiny place.  From there, go down, and through 
    the door that will take you to Lunar Subterrane B2.  Go down, and to the 
    right.  You'll find a secret passage if you go far enough to the right.  Keep 
    walking up,  and then to the left when you cannot go anymore.  Then from 
    there, you can get the chest, and go into the door that leads to Lunar 
    Subterrane B3.  Equip Kain with the Dragoon Shield.  Go down, and keep 
    going down.  There is a secret passage that you should be able to find a 
    little big southeast of the door.  From there, go: right, up, right.  Go into the 
    room to get the Dragoon Helm.  Equip Kain with it.  Go back through the 
    passage, and go through the passage you passed up, to go to Lunar 
    Subterrane B4.  From there, go to the far right.  Get the chest there.  Get 
    the Artemis arrows.  Go down the bridge.  Take a right, to a door that 
    leads you to a room where there is a chest.  Open the chest, to find an 
    elixer.  Exit there, go back to the right, where you'll find a bridge.  Go 
    across it.  Then enter the door to the left.  From here, go up, left, up, and 
    then right to get the cure3 in the chest.  Go back and go to the left this time.  
    Get the chest, and exit to the south.  Now you're in Lunar Subterrane B4.  
    Get the chest to the left.  You'll fight a Behemoth.  It is worth it, because 
    you'll find a Stardust wand.  Go to the bridge on the right.  This leads to 
    Lunar Subterrane B5.  Go down, and left, to get the chest containing:  a 
    few dragons.  Defeat them, and recieve:  the Crystal Shield.  Equip Cecil 
    with this. Now go to the door, which takes you to somewhere else on the 
    floor.  Go up, and through the secret passage to get the chest.  In this 
    you'll find the protect arm band.  Equip Rydia with it.  Continue along the 
    secret passage to the right.  Go right, down, left, down, right.  You'll end 
    up with 2 choices, but go up anyway.  Go through the door.  After you go 
    through this,  go to the right to get the chest.  You'll uncover 2 red dragons.  
    Also you'll uncover the crystal gauntlets.  Equip Cecil with those.  Now go 
    back to the left, and enter that door.  Circle around to get the chest.  Equip 
    Rosa with the white armor.  Now, go out the door which will take you to 
    B5.  Go to the upper left, to get the chest.  You'll soon recieve the crystal 
    helm.  Equip Cecil with it.  Go back to the right, to go into a doorway.  
    Get the chest in that room.  Exit that room, and go to the bridge below.  It 
    will take you to B6.  Get the chests on both sides of you.  Take the left way 
    first, get the chest.  Go back, and take the right way.  Now, go around to 
    the passage to another room.  Go to the left to get the chest.  In the chest 
    you'll find monsters and Heroine armor.  Equip Rydia with it.  Go to the 
    door on the right, to take you to B7.  Go down, and to the right.  Go in 
    the 1st door you see!!! It's a SAVING SPOT.  Haven't seen one of those 
    in awhile have you???  SAVE YOUR GAME!!!  Go out and go to the 
    next door that is over.  Enter it.  Walk up to the Lance of White.  Once 
    you have defeated the Plague, equip Kain with the white.  Go out, save 
    your game, and go to the next room, with 2 chests.   Open them both, 
    but first you have to fight 2 D. Lunars.  Then grab the chests.  Equip Rosa 
    and Rydia with the 2.  Go out and save your game.  Then continue to the 
    right, then up. Then left until you come to a bridge.  Cross the bridge, and 
    go to the door on the left.  Go down-right to cross a bridge.  Then go 
    up-left.  Then just head left.  Get the chest, and cross the bridge.  Go 
    down, and to the right, to the Masmune.  After you fight the Ogopogo,  
    you get the Masmune.  Equip Edge with this weapon.  It is recomended that 
    you go back and save your game right now.  Then go to the bridge almost 
    directly north of you.  From there, go down, and to your right to get the 
    chest.  Then go down, across the bridge to the south.  Go to the left,  then 
    cross another bridge, and start heading towards the right, and towards.  Go 
    to the right, and step onto the teleporter.  Then go across the bridge, and to 
    the right.  Get the chest.  Head to the left, to get the chest, than go down 
    some more.  Then go to the right, onto the teleporter.  Go all the way to the 
    left, and down across the bridge.  Now go to the right.  Go down the bridge 
    and go to the left, and take the teleporter.  Watch Golbez, and FuSoYa 
    defeat Zemus.  Then they will fight Zeromus.  Watch the show.  After you 
    defeat Zeromus (1st form, and 2nd.)   YOU'VE JUST BEAT THE GAME, CONGRATS!!!  
            Of course, all of you FF2 Pro's out there know one main item that 
    I forgot:  the Crystal Sword.  I forgot where it is, but I recall that it is 
    not that hard to find. I think it's almost at the begining of the Crystal 
    Palace.  When you walk in, after you get teleported into it, to your right, I 
    think you'll see it.  I ignored it because I thought I knew the way by heart, 
    but I was wrong.  This item is almost vital to defeating Zeromus, so get it.  
    I think that I also forgot the Crystal Armor.  
                          PART TWO-FF2 Monster List
    By RabiteMan
    MONSTER         GOLD    1 MBR.  2 MBR.  3 MBR.  4 MBR.  5 MBR.  H.P.'s  WEAK    SNEAK
    -------         ----    ------  ------  ------  ------  ------  ------  ----    -----
    Alert           380     2,100   1,050   700     525     420                     
    Aligator        95      160     80      53      40      32      150     Ice     Cap
    Ant Lion        800     1,500   750     500     375     300     1000    Ice     None
    AquaWorm        350     1,230   615     410     308     246     638     Lit     Cure1 P
    Arachne         585     4,400   2,200   1,467   1,100   880     3500    Ice     Cure1 P
    Armadillo       195     1,600   800     533     400     320     300     ?       Silver S
    Asura           0       20,000  10,000  6,667   5,000   4,000                   
    Attacker        0       10,000  5,000   3,333   2,500   2,000                   
    Bahamut         0       35,000  17,500  11,667  8,750   7,000                   
    Baigan          3,000   4,800   2,400   1,600   1,200   960     3500    ?       None
    Baigan L. Arm   0       10      5       3       3       2       350     Fire    None
    Baigan R. Arm   0       10      5       3       3       2       350     Ice     None
    Balloon         315     2,480   1,240   827     620     496     600     Arrows  Cure1 P
    Basilisk        30      120     60      40      30      24      90      ?       Cure1 P
    Beamer          890     3,250   1,625   1,083   813     650                     
    Behemoth        65,000  58,700  29,350  19,567  14,675  11,740  15000   ?       None
    Black Cat       345     2,800   1,400   933     700     560     593     ?       Cure2 P
    Black Lizard    45      1,300   650     433     325     260     700     Ice     Medusa >
    Blade Man       215     2,600   1,300   867     650     520     1050    White   Tent
    Blue Dragon     40,200  36,000  18,000  12,000  9,000   7,200   10000   ?       Cure2 P
    Bomb            80      370     185     123     93      74      50      ?       Cure1 P
    Breath          50,000  60,000  30,000  20,000  15,000  12,000  32500   ?       None
    Brena           500     1,250   625     417     313     250     250     ?       None
    Cal             500     1,250   625     417     313     250     900     ?       None
    CalBrena        5,000   18,750  9,375   6,250   4,688   3,750   4500    Fire    None
    Cannibal        220     960     480     320     240     192     370     Fire    Heal P
    Carapace        230     1,350   675     450     338     270                     
    Cave Bat        155     630     315     210     158     126     150     Arrows  Cure1 P
    Cave Naga       205     750     375     250     188     150     255     White   Poison >
    Cave Toad       25      90      45      30      23      18      44      Ice     Heal P
    Centaur         175     950     475     317     238     190     380     ?       
    Centipede       345     2,800   1,400   933     700     560                     
    Chimera         230     2,300   1,150   767     575     460                     
    Clapper         900     8,000   4,000   2,667   2,000   1,600   7000    Arrows  Cure1 P
    Cockatrice      120     280     140     93      70      56      100     Arrows  Life P
    Conjurer        475     3,700   1,850   1,233   925     740     3000    ?       Cure Staff
    CPU             10,333  130,000 65,000  43,333  32,500  26,0                  
    Cream           35      150     75      50      38      30      55      Lit     Cure1 P
    Crocodile       300     870     435     290     218     174     292     Ice     Cap
    Dark Elf        5,000   630     315     210     158     126     5000    None    None
    Dark Imp        45      1,940   970     647     485     388     199     ?       Cure1 P
    Dark Tree       525     5,550   2,775   1,850   1,388   1,110                   
    Defender        0       10,000  5,000   3,333   2,500   2,000                   
    Dr. Lugae       4,000   15,000  7,500   5,000   3,750   3,000                   
    Dragon Bone     6,750   14,100  7,050   4,700   3,525   2,820   9000    Fire    Cure1 P
    Dragon Fossil   8,100   15,100  7,550   5,033   3,775   3,020   10000   Fire    Cure1 P
    Dragon Machine  2,550   41,500  20,750  13,833  10,375  8,300                   
    Dragon Mist     200     700     350     233     175     140     370     ?       None
    Dragon-Lunar    0       50,000  25,000  16,667  12,500  10,000                  
    Eagle           10      20      10      7       5       4       18      Arrows  Life P
    Egg             ?       ?       ?       ?       ?       ?       ?       ?       ?
    Electrical Fish 230     650     325     217     163     130     200     Arrows  Heal P
    Elements        10,000  62,500  31,250  20,833  15,625  12,500                  
    EpeeGirl        200     1,260   630     420     315     252     390     None    Cabin
    Evil Doll       270     1,420   710     473     355     284                     
    Evil Mask       65,000  50,000  25,000  16,667  12,500  10,000  27500   ?       None
    Evil Shell      30      110     55      37      28      22      58      Lit     Heal P
    Evil Wall       8,000   23,000  11,500  7,667   5,750   4,600                   
    Fang Shell      350     1,076   538     359     269     215     300     Lit     Heal P
    Fatal Eye       65,200  40,000  20,000  13,333  10,000  8,000                   
    Fiend           650     8,538   4,269   2,846   2,135   1,708   2980    ?       Cure2 P
    Fighter         100     410     205     137     103     82      70      ?       None
    Flame Dog       245     1,720   860     573     430     344     1221    Ice     Fire >
    Flame Man       300     1,720   860     573     430     344                     
    Float Eye       10      40      20      13      10      8       20      Arrows  Heal P
    Gargoyle        100     320     160     107     80      64      160     White   Cure1 P
    General         155     610     305     203     153     122     300     ?       None
    Ghast           400     950     475     317     238     190     160     Fire    None
    Ghost           365     3,700   1,850   1,233   925     740     1100    ?       Cure1 P
    Ghoul           180     580     290     193     145     116     120     Fire    Cure1 P
    Giant Bat       365     1,280   640     427     320     256     399     Fire    Cure1 P
    Ging-Ryu        19,000  25,000  12,500  8,333   6,250   5,000   7500    ?       Cure1 P
    Golbez          10,000  20,000  10,000  6,667   5,000   4,000   3000    Fire    None
    Gray Bomb       105     450     225     150     113     90      100     ?       Cure1 P
    Green Dragon    370     4,800   2,400   1,600   1,200   960     2200    ?       Heal P
    Gremlin         275     1,000   500     333     250     200     385     320     
    Grenade         630     2,650   1,325   883     663     530     820     Arrows  Cure1 P
    Grudger         150     2,460   1,230   820     615     492     1400    White   Lit >
    Guard           500     720     360     240     180     144     200     ?       Cure1 P
    Hooligan        485     4,090   2,045   1,363   1,023   818                     
    Horseman        1,220   9,900   4,950   3,300   2,475   1,980                   
    Huge Cell       255     1,510   755     503     378     302     555     ?       Cure1 P
    Huge Naga       240     3,600   1,800   1,200   900     720     1200    ?       Poison >
    Hydra           230     680     340     227     170     136     200     Lit     Poison >
    Ice Beast       280     760     380     253     190     152     445     Fire    Ice >
    Ice Lizard      290     1,500   750     500     375     300     400     Fire    
    Imp             10      20      10      7       5       4       6       ?       Cure1 P
    Imp Captain     50      190     95      63      48      38      37      ?       Cure1 P
    Ironback        235     1,100   550     367     275     220     100     ?       Silver S
    Ironman         385     3,700   1,850   1,233   925     740     2500    ?       Silver H
    Jelly           35      140     70      47      35      28      35      Fire    Cure1 P
    Juclyote        1,560   7,200   3,600   2,400   1,800   1,440   2200    ?       Cure2 P
    Kainazzo        4,000   5,500   2,750   1,833   1,375   1,100   3750    Lit     None
    Kary            3,500   13,100  6,550   4,367   3,275   2,620   2700    ?       Artemis >
    King-Ryu        23,000  30,000  15,000  10,000  7,500   6,000   8200    ?       Cure1 P
    King Eblan      0       0       0       0       0       0       43,245  ?       Cure1 P
    Lamia           1,210   2,060   1,030   687     515     412     1200    ?       
    Larva           15      50      25      17      13      10      28      ?       Cure1 P
    Last Arm        340     8,800   4,400   2,933   2,200   1,760                   
    Leviatan        0       28,000  14,000  9,333   7,000   5,600                   
    Lilith          365     2,750   1,375   917     688     550     320     Fire    Ether1 P
    MacGiant        1,500   31,000  15,500  10,333  7,750   6,200                   Tent
    Machine         985     8,200   4,100   2,733   2,050   1,640                   
    Mad Ogre        270     2,370   1,185   790     593     474                     
    Mad Toad        35      130     65      43      33      26      59      Ice     Heal P
    Mage            235     1,100   550     367     275     220     500     ?       Cure2
    Magus - Cindy   3,000   3,000   1,500   1,000   750     600     3400    Fire    None
    Magus - Mindy   3,000   3,000   1,500   1,000   750     600     2000    Ice     None
    Magus - Sandy   3,000   3,000   1,500   1,000   750     600     2500    ?       None
    Manticore       1,200   35,000  17,500  11,667  8,750   7,000                   
    Marion          195     6,000   3,000   2,000   1,500   1,200   473     None    
    Medusa          225     1,250   625     417     313     250                     
    Milon           1,700   0       0       0       0       0       2000    Fire    None
    Milon Zero      3,000   4,000   2,000   1,333   1,000   800     3000    Fire    None
    Mind            50,000  65,000  32,500  21,667  16,250  13,000  10000   ?       None
    Molbol          460     11,000  5,500   3,667   2,750   2,200   1999    ?       Heal P
    MomBomb         555     2,460   1,230   820     615     492     1150    Fire    None
    Moon Cell       1,100   3,300   1,650   1,100   825     660     980     ?       Ether1 P
    Naga            150     2,460   1,230   820     615     492                     
    Needler         55      370     185     123     93      74      110     ?       Cure1 P
    Octomamm        500     1,200   600     400     300     240     2000    Lit     None
    Odin            0       18,000  9,000   6,000   4,500   3,600                   
    Officer         80      800     400     267     200     160     200     ?       None
    Ogopogo         0       61,100  30,550  20,367  15,275  12,220                  
    Ogre            240     1,100   550     367     275     220     370     White   Cure2 P
    Pale Dim        0       59,000  29,500  19,667  14,750  11,800                  
    Panther         255     830     415     277     208     166     285     White   Cure2 P
    Pike            35      120     60      40      30      24      65      Lit     Cure1 P
    Pink Puff       55,555  10,000  5,000   3,333   2,500   2,000   10000   ?       Ether2 P
    Piranha         145     450     225     150     113     90      105     Lit     Cure1 P
    Plague          550     31,200  15,600  10,400  7,800   6,240                   
    Procyote        1,850   8,100   4,050   2,700   2,025   1,620   1700    ?       Cure2 P
    Pudding         1,300   3,060   1,530   1,020   765     612     1050    ?       Ether1 P
    Puppet          180     1,100   550     367     275     220     256     Fire    Cure1 P
    Python          225     760     380     253     190     152     90      Ice     Poison >
    Queen Eblan     0       0       0       0       0       0       17,545  ?       Cure1 P
    Queen Lamia     250     2,900   1,450   967     725     580     1100    ?       Charm R
    Raven           700     740     370     247     185     148     941     Arrows  Leather H
    Red Bone        170     320     160     107     80      64      170     Fire    Cure1 P
    Red Dragon      65,000  51,800  25,900  17,267  12,950  10,360  15000   ?       FireBomb
    Red Eye         465     3,500   1,750   1,167   875     700     2000    Arrows  Heal P
    Red Giant       7,000   18,900  9,450   6,300   4,725   3,780   11800   ?       Cabin
    Red Worm        310     7,350   3,675   2,450   1,838   1,470   7000    Fire    Ether1 P
    Revenant        190     680     340     227     170     136     160     Fire    Cure1 P
    Roc             150     1,410   705     470     353     282     999     Arrows  Leather H
    Roc Baby        85      1,010   505     337     253     202     50      Arrows  Life P
    Rock Larva      40      2,830   1,415   943     708     566     800     ?       Cure1 P
    Rock Moth       315     3,200   1,600   1,067   800     640     850     ?       Heal P
    Rubicant        7,000   25,000  12,500  8,333   6,250   5,000   27,300  Ice     None
    Sand Man        20      80      40      27      20      16      20      Ice     Heal P
    Sand Moth       20      80      40      27      20      16      40      Arrows  Heal P
    Sand Worm       25      90      45      30      23      18      75      ?       Cure1 P
    Sandpede        25      80      40      27      20      16      60      ?       Cure1 P
    Screamer        205     3,100   1,550   1,033   775     620                     
    Searcher        900     18,200  9,100   6,067   4,550   3,640                   
    Shadow Dragon   1,000   13,330  6,665   4,443   3,333   2,666                   
    Skeleton        125     240     120     80      60      48      50      Fire    Cure1 P
    Skull           120     1,580   790     527     395     316     740     Fire    
    Slime           50      1,110   555     370     278     222     50      Fire    Cure1 P
    Soldier         55      320     160     107     80      64      30      ?       None
    Sorcerer        275     2,370   1,185   790     593     474     1000    ?       Cure Staff
    Soul            165     510     255     170     128     102     150     White   Cure1 P
    Spirit          125     290     145     97      73      58      50      White   Cure1 P
    Staleman        445     2,100   1,050   700     525     420     2100    Ice     Earth M
    Stingrat        220     1,210   605     403     303     242     300     ?       Cure1 P
    Stone Man       240     2,950   1,475   983     738     590                     
    Sword Rat       20      70      35      23      18      14      30      ?       Cure1 P
    Swordman        175     1,100   550     367     275     220     320     Fire    Tent
    TinyMage        100     260     130     87      65      52      69      ?       Rod
    TinyToad        335     1,850   925     617     463     370     400     Ice     Heal P
    ToadLady        600     3,500   1,750   1,167   875     700     2960    ?       Heal P
    Tofu            385     1,060   530     353     265     212     102     Ice     Cure1 P
    Tortoise        235     1,700   850     567     425     340     400     Ice     Silver S
    Trap Door       4,500   31,100  15,550  10,367  7,775   6,220                   
    TrapRose        35      1,210   605     403     303     242     300     Fire    Heal P
    Treant          150     1,000   500     333     250     200     260     Fire    Heal P
    Tricker         10,700  21,000  10,500  7,000   5,250   4,200   12000   Ha ha!  Cure1 P
    Turtle          80      240     120     80      60      48      150     Ice     Heal P
    Valvalis        5,500   9,500   4,750   3,167   2,375   1,900   6000    ?       None
    VampGirl        195     1,100   550     367     275     220     250     Fire    Cure2 P
    VampLady        190     4,600   2,300   1,533   1,150   920     2375    Fire    Cure2 P
    Warlock         2,400   17,300  8,650   5,767   4,325   3,460   4250    ?       Heal P
    Warrior         575     4,300   2,150   1,433   1,075   860     2400    ?       Tent
    Water Bug       80      230     115     77      58      46      110     Lit     Heal P
    Water Hag       40      140     70      47      35      28      48      Lit     Cure1 P
    Weeper          40      160     80      53      40      32      100     ?       Cure1 P
    Werebat         355     2,050   1,025   683     513     410     800     Fire    Cure1 P
    Witch           330     1,670   835     557     418     334     300     ?       
    Wyvern          0       64,300  32,150  21,433  16,075  12,860                  
    Yellow Dragon   1,500   17,000  8,500   5,667   4,250   3,400                   
    Zombie          35      120     60      40      30      24      40      Fire    Cure1 P
    Zeromus         0       None    None    None    None    None    111111  Meteo   None
                        PART THREE-Miscellaneous Info
    By KillaK
    Edited by Wizard 201
    ASURA - how to defeat her:
    Cast the WALL spell on her (Rosa gets the spell on level 34) and 
    you get the benefits of all her healing spells. She still is difficult 
    since her attacks take off more than 700 to 800 HP, so beware. Although 
    you get a lot from her, your spells are very useless against her unless 
    you use WALL and another spell on you of your party members.
    ODIN - how to defeat him:
    Very tricky, since in one swipe you're all dead. For all of you who are 
    saying, "Who is Odin?" let me explain; he is the former King of Baron who 
    can be found in the basement of Baron Castle. He allows his spirit to be 
    called once defeated. To cause massive damage to him in the beginning of 
    the round, you must seek out the Sylph Cave in the underworld. Once you 
    find Yang (if you haven't already) you'll have to go tell his wife about him. 
    She'll give you a frying pan. You will have to go back and forth between Yang 
    and his wife for awhile until you get the Silver Spoon. 
    This can be thrown at Odin by Edge to cause 9999 points of damage. 
    Now you can kill him!
    CAVE OF TELLAH - The secret of the waterfall
    In the cave where you meet Tellah, there is a waterfall which you can walk
    under to get some hidden treasures!
    TOWN OF MONSTERS - How to reach those treasure chests in the town:                                            of monsters:
    Once you enter the town, go to the spot where you can see all four treasure 
    chests. From that spot, go right. You'll see a shadow and a hidden 
    teleporter. Step on it and you'll transported to the chests.. There are 
    Samurai Arrows, a Samurai Bow and two Elixir Potions.
    ZEROMUS - how to defeat him:
        ***I highly suggest having the METEO spell but Calling BAHAMUT works 
        just as well***
         First round - Cecil uses the crystal and the monster changes
         Second round - Cecil will attack with the crystal sword
                                Kain will do his jump attack
                                Rosa cast a low level cure spell
                                Rydia cast METEO
                                Edge use the throw attack , have him throw
                               *this combo does massive damage
         Third round -   Heal your characters and do the same, except have Edge                              
                                throw the avenger sword (if you have it)
                                Once the second METEO spell hits you'll have him. 
                                He may not die but he'll be close to it. 
                                Just continue the pattern until he succumbs, 
                                having Edge throw anything since I've found this 
                                to be the most effective.
    How to find the Crystal Sword:
    Go to floor B6 of Lunar Subterrane and take the left ladder down.  
    Then turn left and walk straight over the gap. Go up to the left, 
    turn right and walk through the wall. Go down, take the ladder and 
    go all the way to the right and step on the portal. From there go 
    across three ladders to the room with the save point. The lower exit 
    leads to the crystal sword which is guarded by the Wyvern.
    How to get special items:
    Artemis Bow: Fight Warlocks or Karys
    Pink Tail: Fight Pink Puffs
    FireBomb: Fight Behemoths
    Rune Axe:  Red Giants. 
    Artemis Arrows:  Sneak Attack on Karys, with Edge.  
    Dragon Whip:  Blue Dragons, or D Machinations.  
    Power Robe:  Bohemeths.  
    Zeus Gauntlet:  Red Bones + Skeletons on Mt.  Ordeals.  
    Crystal Ring:  Bohemeths.  
    Glass Helm:  Red Dragons + Evil Masks, 1st floor of the Crystal Palace.
    Silence Staff:  Conjurers in the Land of Monsters.  
    Cursed Ring: D. Fossils.  
    Lit Bolt:  King-Ryus.
    Cure1's:  any form of imp, or bomb ( sneak attack ).    
    Cure2's: sneak attack a juclyote ( on the moons surface, or a lunar path ).  
    Life Potions:  Cocktric, sneak attack.  
    Ether2: FatalEye, or Warlocks, B6 of the Lunar Sub Terrain.  
    Poison Axe:  Ging Ryu + Red Giant.
    Ogre Axe:  Ging Ryu + Red Giant.
    Shuriken:  Blue Dragons.  
    Adamant Armor: After you have the 2nd piece of Adamant, bring
                      it to the blacksmith in the underground and he
                      will make it for you
    Fight a Pink Puff instantly:
    To fight a Pink Puff quickly, use the Dummy-Monster in the room
    where you fight Pink Puffs. The Dummy-Monster is about 4 items after a tent
    using the Gunslinger Code. Get that Pink Tail!
    How to get Call Magic:
    The four types of Call Magic that can be attained through fighting are
    Imp, Coctrice, Mage, and Bomb. They are all gained by fighting their
    respective monsters.
    How to double your arsenal:
    In combat, select the item icon then press A while pointing at an 
    empty space in characters inventory. Select the weapon in your hand 
    and press A again. Press B to return to battle - Now quickly RUN AWAY! 
    Immediately go the equip option and Equip and place the same weapon in 
    your hand. The weapon should split in two!
                         PART FOUR-Game Genie Codes
    By AW the Who
    Edited by Wizard 201
    Experince/Random item code =        DF30-076E
                     Your expericience and gold will almost multiply by
                     30, and you will also recieve many items at the 
                     end of each battle. Also, if you leave your men 
                     cheer for a long period of time, you will recieve
                     higher Gold and Experience.  
    MP Doesn't go down =                8267-0D62
    Walk through walls Code =           0CCA-AF6F
                     This code is a VERY GOOD code. You may walk 
                     through ANYTHING, in towns, caves, ex. But there 
                     is one danger, if you walk into a treasure chest or
                     grass, bottles, ex. that have or had and item in 
                     it, you will be transported to Baron, unable to go 
                     back from where you came from.         
    Gunslinger Code =                   00CE-6D69
                               Gunslinger Code               
                     The Gunslinger code was invented by an intelligent 
                     man from Prodigy. It is a great code that alows you
                     to select any item from the game, at any time!
                     You can even select Dummied (Items that were blocked 
                     out by Square Soft from the Japanese game) items!
                     How to let this amazing code work, is by selecting 
                     an item and placing it in the very first posistion on 
                     your items (preferably a inexpensive item) and selecting 
                     any cure-type item and using it on you middle guy on the 
                     character line-up. Be aware, that when you use an item 
                     NOT in battle, it will not decrese. It will change to 
                     the second item listed on the list below. The item order
                     goes like this:
                     1                             2
                     3                             4
                     5                             6, and so on
    Cure2                            Cure1
    Dummy-Heal Party                 Dummy-Heal Party
    Dummy-Peep                       Dummy-Mist Dragon
    Dummy-Fatal                      Crystal
    Dummy-Quake                      Dummy-Mute
    Dummy-Wall                       Dummy-Bomb attack
    Dummy-Wall                       Lit-Bolt
    Dummy-Ice-Bolt                   Fire-Bomb
    Dummy-Image                      Dummy-Slow
    Dummy-Stop                       Dummy-Stop
    Dummy-Stop                       Dummy-Fast
    Dummy-Bersk                      Dummy-Drain
    Dummy-Twin or Comet?             Dummy-Lit2
    Dummy-Lit1                       Dummy-Ice2
    Dummy-Ice1                       Dummy-Fire2
    Dummy-Fire                       Cursed        <Ring>                      
    Protect                          Diamond
    Crystal                          Rune
    Stregnth                         Silver
    Ruby                             Iron
    Crystal       <Gauntlet>         Dragoon
    Samuri                           Zeus
    Diamond                          Silver
    Palidin                          Black
    Darkness                         Shadow
    Iron                             Ninja         <Shirt>
    Adement       <Armor>            Karate        <Shirt>
    Bard                             Prisoner
    Heroine                          Power
    White                            Sorcerer
    Black                            Wizard 
    Gaea                             Leather
    Crystal       <Armor>            Dragoon
    Samuri                           Diamond
    Ice                              Fire
    Silver                           Palidin
    Black                            Darkness
    Shadow                           Iron
    Glass        <Helmet>            Ninja
    Bandanna                         Headband
    Ribbon                           Tiarra
    Wizard                           Gaea 
    Leather                          Cap
    Crystal                          Dragoon
    Samuri                           Diamond
    Silver                           Palidin
    Black                            Darkness
    Shadow                           Iron
    Crystal      <Shield>            Dragoon
    Samuri                           Aegis
    Diamond                          Ice
    Fire                             Silver
    Palidin                          Black
    Darkness                         Shadow
    Iron      Mystic Space1          Artimis     <Arrow> 
    Medusa                           Samuri
    Charm                            Mute
    Poison                           Darkness
    Lit                              Ice
    Fire                             White
    Iron                             Artimis     <Bow>
    Samuri                           Eleven
    Archer                           Great
    Cross                            Short
    Avenger     <Sword>              Wooden      <Hammer>
    Earth                            Silver
    Rune        <Axe>                Poison
    Dummy-Nothing (Soft P.?)         Charm       <Harp>
    Dreamer                          Fullmoon    <Boomerang>
    Boomerang                        Ninja       <Star>
    Shuriken                         Crystal     <Sword>
    Spoon       <Dagger>             Silver      <Sword>
    Dancing     <Dagger>             Silver
    Ogre        <Axe>                Dwarf
    Hand                             Dragon      <Whip>
    Flame                            Blitz 
    Chain                            Whip
    Mute        <Dagger>             Assasin
    Masmune     <Ninja Sword>        Murasmune
    Ninja                            Long
    Middle                           Short
    Gugnir      <Spear>              Drain
    White                            Dragoon
    Blizzard                         Flame
    Wind                             Spear
    Medusa      <Sword>              Slumber
    Ancient                          Drain
    Defence                          Ice Brand
    Fire                             Excaliber
    Light                            Legend
    Black                            Darkness
    Shadow                           Silence     <Staff>
    Life                             Lunar
    Power                            Silver
    Cure                             Staff
    Lilith      <Rod>                Stardust
    Charm                            Change
    Thunder                          Flame
    Ice                              Rod
    CatClaw     <Claw>               Poison
    Charm                            Thunder
    Ice                              Fire     Mystic Space2
    Trash                            Sort
    Dummy-Haven't tried              Dummy-Haven't tried
    Dummy-Haven't tried              Tower       <Key>
    Pink        <Tail>               Pan
    Adement                          Rat         <Tail>
    Darkness    <Crystal>            TwinHarp
    Luca        <Key>                Magma
    Earth       <Crystal>            Sandruby
    Baron       <Key>                Package
    Whistle                          Pass
    Carrot                           Mage        <Call>
    Dummy-Coctric Call               Bomb
    Imp                              Dummy-Sight
    Dummy-Nothing                    Dummy-Nothing
    Cabin       <Camper>             Tent
    Dummy-MP10                       Dummy-HP10
    Dummy-HP100                      Dummy-Monster!
    Heal        <Potion              Dummy-No need!
    Dummy-No Need!                   Dummy-No need!
    Dummy-No need!                   Dummy-No need
    Dummy-No need!                   Dummy-No need!
    Dummy-No need!                   Life        <Potion>
    Elixer                           Ether 
    Ether1                           Cure3
    Only 3 Dummies I didn't try. And the Dummy that
    said "Soft P.?" meant, I'm not sure if it's the soft
    potion. Thanks!
                 Put these four codes in your Game Genie,
                 you will be INVINCIBLE!!!!!!!!!
    By Chris38359
    Edited by Wizard 201
    Game Genie Codes:  
            This should contain just about every code there is to know for 
    Final Fantasy II.  Here are the ones from the code book:
    "FINAL FANTASY II(tm) Game
    Help Cecil(tm) and his main men on their quest in this loooonnnng and 
    involved role-playing game.  FINAL Codes 1 and 4 give you almost infinite hit 
    points, but can also make some monsters invincible, so switch off the effects 
    to beat them.  
    CODE  KEY IN...           EFFECT...
                               THEN TRY THE "B" CODES
    1A  82A3-6F63             Almost infinite hit points-can make big 
    1B  82AE-6F63             monsters(and sometimes normal monsters)
                              invincible-switch off to defeat them
    2A  8267-0D62             Magic power doesn't go down-only in 
    2B  8267-0D62             battles, doesn't work for twins 
    3A  1B39-070E + B139-076E + 3C39-07AE   Get at least 150 gold pieces after 
    3B  1B35-0D6E + B135-0DAE + 3C35-0FDE   each battle  
    4A  1B39-070E + EE39-076E + 3C39-07AE   Get at least 255 gold pieces after 
                                            each battle
    4B  3335-076E            Get at least 65,536 gold pieces after each battle
    5A  3335-076E            Money doesn't decrease if you run away from a battle 
    5B  3336-0FAE      
    6A  C262-DF03 + C262-D763        Money doesn't decrease if you run away from 
    6B  C262-DF03 + C262-D763        a battle     
    7A  C2AD-AD69 + C3AD-AFA9        Money doesn't decrease in shops
    7B  C2AD-AD69 + C3AD-AFA9        
    Remember, you can pick 'n mix your codes!  
    Final Fantasy II and Cecil are trademarks of Square Soft,  Inc."  
      1.  AD64-04AD:  Invisible in the overworld.  
      2.  336D-04AD:  Turn effects off and you will be in control of the sailing 
                      ship!  Can't.  Can't land thought. 
      3.  AE6D-04AD:  Leviatan Scene.
      4.  AC6D-04AD:  Giant of Bab-il scene.
      5.  A46D-04AD:  Scales towards charecter.  
      6.  0A6D-04AD:  The flipside code (scaling).  
      7.  276D-04AD:  The bombing of Damcyan scene.  
      8.  216D-04AD:  Package fire/cool mode 7 effects.  
      9.  266D-04AD:  Red Wings scene.  
     10.  306D-04AD:  fight group, after group of imps.  
     11.  CF6D-04AD:  Similar to the moon flight scene.  
     12.  C46D-04AD:  Zoom In.  
     13.  C16D-04AD:  Warp code!  Turn FX on, walk for a bit, save and return with 
                      the effects off, and you could end up anywhere in the 
     14.  C56D-04AD:  Autofight!  The enemies come to you!
     15.  B06D-04AD:  Turn effects on and off for wide view in overworld.  
     16.  B96D-04AD:  Freeze/mountains glow.  
     17.  B66D-04AD:  Empty treasure menu appears/freezes when you exit.  
     18.  B86D-04AD:  Small view screen, injury while walking, warp back to where 
                      you started if you touch water.  
     19.  B36D-04AD:  can walk smaller steps, but ofter encounter a enemy before 
                      you walk a single square.  
     20.  506D-04AD:  Turn effects on while walking and you will cost a few spaces 
                      through mountains or water, but be sure you get to the other 
     21.  696D-04AD:  Turn the effects on and off quickly to flip the screen.  
     22.  636D-04AD:  Invert colors.  
     23.  E36B-04AB:  Enemies that ordinarly float, don't.  
     24.  0CCA-AF6F:  The walk through walls code.  Turn the effects on in towns, 
                      caves, and other places to walk through all obsticals.  
                      If you walk into any chest, you will automatically be 
                      transported back to Baron.  
     25.  8E6D-6704:  Always fight 3 imps in the overworld, or a centipede on the   
                      lunar surface or underworld.  
     26.  826D-6704:  Fight cave enemies in the overworld. 
     27.  886D-6704:  Always fight 2 black lizards and 2 flamedogs in the 
     28.  38E7-AF64:  Go to Elban Island.  Save and restart.  You will appear in 
                      the blue whale.  Land if you can.  Also, if you start a new   
                      game, the intro will look weird, and you will have a bunch 
                      of gold.  
     29.  36E7-AF64:  Enter this code and save ( use select to back up through 
                      menus ) to get lots of good weapons in the Baron forests.  
     30.  2EE7-AF64:  Get a charm staff in fights, even after running in Baron.  
     31.  22E7-AF64:  WEIRD effects on the air ship.  
     32.  E2E7-AF64:  With the effects off, enter Castle Eblan.  Turn the effects 
                      on and leave it for 10 seconds. The charecter on the bottom 
                      will be a Chief now, with the abilities of the other 
     33.  E3E7-AF64:  With the effects off, enter Castle Eblan.  Turn the effects 
                      on, and leave.  After everyone is healed, you will have a 
                      Chief and Golbez the Karate fighter!?  
     34.  826D-6F63:  Edge has some white wizards spells.    
     35.  FD67-0D02:  Each item or spell used changes that charecter that used it 
                      to the bottom charecter.  
     36.  FF67-0D02:  Each item or spell used changes that charecter that used it 
                      to FuSoYa.   
     37.  4D67-0D02:  Each item or spell used changes that charecter that used it                  
                      to the top charecter.  
     38.  4F67-0D02:  Each item or spell used changes that charecter that used it 
                      to the second charecter.  
     39.  7BAE-6D63:  More weird attacks.  
     40.  D1AE-6D63:  Miss and enemies parish.  
     41.  DCAE-6D63:  Lots o' hit points.  
     42.  D3AE-6D63:  Lots of magic points.  
     43.  77AE-6D63:  Weird attack % and use toad to see somthing weird.  
     44.  71AE-6D63:  Weird expierence point gain #1.  
     45.  75AE-6D63:  Weird expierence point gain #2.  
     46.  76AE-6D63:  Weird expierence point gain #3.  
     47.  FDAE-6D63:  Lower status.  
     48.  7DAE-6D63:  Defense increases.  
     49.  7AAE-6D63:  Cures really cure.  
     50.  73AE-6D63:  Very hard to level up.  
     51.  7EAE-6D63:  Impossible to level up. 
     52.  0DAE-6D63:  Odd level up.  
     53.  5EAE-6D63:  Try it.  
     54.  6DAE-6D63:  Try it.  
     55.  6FAE-6D63:  Look like FuSoYa in Battle.
     56.  67AE-6D63:  Battle toads.  
     57.  60AE-6D63:  Odd battle.  
     58.  6CAE-6D63:  Top charecter has lots of hit points.     
     59.  6AAE-6D63:  Top charecter has lots of magic points.  
     60.  62AE-6D63:  Odd magic points after battle.  
     61.  F5AF-D40D:  Weird town's people.  
     62.  83AF-D40D:  Peached outlined town's people.  
     63.  03AF-D40D:  Hard describe town's people.  
     64.  DDA4-D40D:  Can't enter a town.  
     65.  C9B6-64AB:  Battles messed up.  
     66.  C9B0-D7A6:  Battles messed up with music.  
     67.  7A6D-04AB:  Weird enemy death.  
     68.  7A64-04AB:  Weird battle numbers.  
     69.  7A69-04AB:  Weird attacks / hit points.  
     70.  7A61-04AB:  Very odd, but cool battle.  
     71.  7A6B-04AB:  Charecters look like Kain.  
     72.  7A63-04AB:  Mess up after battle.  
     73.  DCAE-6D63:  Lots of hit points.  
     74.  DDAE-6463:  Charecters like to crouch.  
     75.  DDAE-6D63:  Very strange charecter appearence.  
     76.  DD67-0DD2:  Items or magic kills you when used.  
     77.  82AD-6F63:  Weird attacks. 
     78.  82AA-6F63:  Every charecter dies.  
     79.  82AA-6F03:  Weak foes die, and some hit points lost.  
     80.  8867-04D2:  Change charecters.  
     81.  8264-6F63:  No battle magic.  
     82.  EE6B-04AB:  most enemies float.  
    By FantaCat
     83.  DFBF-A7DF:  Blitz spell sound when opening chest
     84.  D4BF-A7DF:  Storm spell sound when opening chest
     85.  D7BF-A7DF:  Odin spell sound when opening chest
     86.  D0BF-A7DF:  Meteo spell sound when opening chest
     87.  D9BF-A7DF:  Explode spell sound when opening chest
     88.  D1BF-A7DF:  Crunch sound when opening chest
     89.  D5BF-A7DF:  Dark sword swipe sound when opening chest
     90.  DBBF-A7DF:  Black magic charging sound when opening chest
     91.  DCBF-A7DF:  Fire1 sound when opening chest
     92.  D8BF-A7DF:  Rod hit sound when opening chest
     93.  DABF-A7DF:  Exit spell sound when opening chest
     94.  D2BF-A7DF:  Fire2 spell sound when opening chest
     95.  D3BF-A7DF:  Lit1 spell sound when opening chest
     96.  DEBF-A7DF:  Stone spell sound when opening chest
     97.  FDBF-A7DF:  Enemy death sound when opening chest
     98.  FFBF-A7DF:  Ice2 spell sound when opening chest
     99.  F4BF-A7DF:  Dark elf spell break sound when opening chest
    100.  F7BF-A7DF:  Explosion sound when opening chest
    101.  F0BF-A7DF:  Toad spell sound when opening chest
    102.  F9BF-A7DF:  Confuse spell sound when opening chest
    103.  F1BF-A7DF:  Arrow sound when opening chest
    104.  F5BF-A7DF:  White magic charging sound when opening chest
    105.  F6BF-A7DF:  Arrow hit sound when opening chest
    106.  FBBF-A7DF:  Shiva spell sound when opening chest
    107.  FCBF-A7DF:  Cure spell sound when opening chest
    108.  F8BF-A7DF:  Unknown sound when opening chest
    109.  FABF-A7DF:  Stop spell sound when opening chest
    110.  F2BF-A7DF:  Ice1 spell sound when opening chest
    111.  F3BF-A7DF:  Wall spell sound when opening chest
    112.  FEBF-A7DF:  Float spell sound when opening chest
    113.  4DBF-A7DF:  Quake spell sound when opening chest
    114.  4FBF-A7DF:  Run sound when opening chest
    115.  44BF-A7DF:  Heal pot sound when opening chest
    116.  47BF-A7DF:  Airship bomb sound when opening chest
    117.  40BF-A7DF:  Crystal sound when opening chest
    118.  49BF-A7DF:  Dart sound when opening chest
    119.  41BF-A7DF:  Bahamut spell sound when opening chest
    120.  45BF-A7DF:  Life spell sound when opening chest
    121.  46BF-A7DF:  Jump hit sound when opening chest
    122.  4BBF-A7DF:  Flood spell sound when opening chest
    123.  4CBF-A7DF:  Ship waves sound when opening chest
    124.  48BF-A7DF:  Cash register sound when opening chest
    125.  4ABF-A7DF:  Hammer sound when opening chest
    126.  42BF-A7DF:  Globe199 spell sound when opening chest
    127.  43BF-A7DF:  Fire3 spell sound when opening chest
    128.  7FBF-A7DF:  Door opening sound when opening chest
    129.  74BF-A7DF:  Airship sound when opening chest
    130.  77BF-A7DF:  Big Bang spell sound when opening chest
    131.  70BF-A7DF:  Call magic sound when opening chest
    132.  79BF-A7DF:  Unknown spell sound when opening chest
    133.  71BF-A7DF:  Beam spell sound when opening chest
    134.  75BF-A7DF:  Hidden item found sound when opening chest
    135.  76BF-A7DF:  Falling sound when opening chest
    136.  7BBF-A7DF:  Construction sound when opening chest
    137.  7CBF-A7DF:  Harp sound when opening chest
    138.  78BF-A7DF:  Fatal spell sound when opening chest
    139.  7ABF-A7DF:  Beam spell sound when opening chest
    140.  1BBF-A7DF:  Ice3 spell sound when opening chest
    141.  1CBF-A7DF:  Nuke spell sound when opening chest
    142.  18BF-A7DF:  Demolish spell sound when opening chest
    143.  1ABF-A7DF:  White spell sound when opening chest
    144.  12BF-A7DF:  Dummy (star) spell sound when opening chest
    145.  13BF-A7DF:  Image spell sound when opening chest
    146.  1EBF-A7DF:  Pollen spell sound when opening chest
    147.  5DBF-A7DF:  Unknown spell sound when opening chest
    148.  5FBF-A7DF:  Charm spell sound when opening chest
    149.  54BF-A7DF:  Slow spell sound when opening chest
    150.  57BF-A7DF:  Kick sound when opening chest
    151.  50BF-A7DF:  Unknown spell sound when opening chest 
    152.  59BF-A7DF:  Unknown spell sound when opening chest
    153.  51BF-A7DF:  Screech spell sound when opening chest
    154.  55BF-A7DF:  Sword slash sound when opening chest
    155.  56BF-A7DF:  Punch sound when opening chest
    156.  5BBF-A7DF:  IceWeapon sound when opening chest
    157.  5CBF-A7DF:  Poison sound when opening chest
    158.  58BF-A7DF:  Damage floor sound when opening chest
    159.  5ABF-A7DF:  Unknown sound when opening chest
    160.  52BF-A7DF:  No sound when opening chest
    161.  53BF-A7DF:  Drama scene magic sound when opening chest
    162.  5EBF-A7DF:  Cricket sound when opening chest
    163.  EE61-6D66:  Invisible/inverse enemies
    164.  64C2-AF6F:  Yaith code
    165.  EE65-6704:  Always fight three imps in a cave.
    166.  FF65-6704:  Always fight three of something in a cave.  
    167.  E665-6704:  Always fight three cave toads in a cave.    
    168.  D965-7604:  Always fight a mad ogre and two black cats in a cave.    
    169.  82A3-6F63:  Almost infinite HP.  
    170.  2B6D-6F63:  Rydia has white meteo and meganuke.    
    171.  86A3-6F63:  If you get hit it fills up your power. 
    172.  C262-AD69 + C3AD-AFA9:  Money doesn't decrease in shops.
                               PART FIVE-Credits
    Whew! Finally Done! I would like to thanks all the people who made this FAQ
    possible. Esspecially Chris38359, JonN2000, and KillaK.
    Here is EVERYONE else:
    GreatTiger, AcaciaP, RPG Mstr, MikeHacker, Irvington, Surf Sumo3, NELDOG, 
    Donnaxst, DIZZY38115, Kenny A, Future Wiz, AaronMBS, SBarncard, Trillian90, 
    Dave135, Brendan406, Mana2000, The Ace18, Serenity2, Robleonard, Taylor4105, 
    JerShear, Dallar, SonicBryan, Superdoof, DavidI1056, NielsB, King Hut, 
    ChangBroc, Airbrush, VidGame528, BGLKA1WFS, DWGray, Jamr XVI, SteveW8855, 
    Hayabiki X, D Cool5018, Incarnatin, Hobbes, John Cozen, Lord Temis, 
    JMWRockOn, Wyvern3928, Chekit, Steve11, FuSoYa II, CellZ 2, SkruBal, 
    GameGeine, X Butthead, MephistoDE, GoldsteinD,  Biosneak, Mr Wiz, FamSnyder, 
    Myhf, Pinansky, S Scott650,  Elfin Jenn, Plague7, Miles12345,  JonD105454, 
    BruceS1010, LadyBlaze, ChrisElion, Muzukashi, SeanMR, WonTon9, 
    Kelly.Gillilan@m.cc.utah.edu, FantaCat, KellyG6277, Zeromus99, VideoGmer1, 
    ALLENB1032, VidGame528, S Scott650, Ament99859, BruceS1010, KLENYC, 
    DaBeechMan, ORVIS3, JohnBongo, BODO, Luma, Cecil675, CaptMJB, MANA BEAST, 
    MatrixMstr, Quacknbush, Matth92128, BLIU, Samus5, HarryW8711, Phillip950, 
    MasterChip, TheifD, ANNIE 666, SKYPRIEST, Crowl1442, ResDude, MikeFPerry, 
    GrndMstr E, Mat Perry, SeanMR, Darklord5, AlumniJCU, Bootytap, EvanC61111, 
    DanielW77, AnnCushing, CottnBall, RodS428248, BJBB PW520, Odin III, 
    Chris38359, RabiteMan, KillaK, JonN2000, AW the Who, and me, Wizard 201 !!
    --Wizard 201

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