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Game Script by Apathetic Aardvark

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/08/2007

Final Fantasy II [US - SNES] IV [International]

Game Script

Apathetic Aardvark, 2005

Please note, this is the super Nintendo version of the game US release.  The
translation from the original Japanese version is awful, to say the least.
This would be fixed in later releases of the game.

The game starts with a small fleet of air ships flying north in formation.
They are the Red Wings of Baron.

Crew: Captain Cecil, we are about to arrive!

Cecil: Good!

Crew: Why are we robbing crystals from innocent people?

Crew: That's our duty.

Crew: Do we really have to keep doing this?

The scene shifts of these air bandits in another area stealing one of the
mentioned crystals.

Crew: Give us the Crystal of Water!

Elder: What have we done?

Cecil: The crystal or your life!

Black Wizard: Never!

Cecil: Then, take the crystal by force!

Cecil's men attacking the wizards

Wizard: Waaaaah!

White Wizard: No!  Don't!

Crew: Dare to defy us?  [The crew casts a spell]  ARRRRGH!

Elder: My!  All right... Take the crystal!

Crew: You should have said it earlier!

Some crew members attack the elder.  Cecil takes the crystal.

Elder: Why is the King of Baron doing this?  Why do you pursue the crystals so

Cecil: ...

The scene goes back to the airship.

Crew: We take pride in being members of the Red Wings!  Looting is out of the

Cecil: Stop it!

Crew: Captain!

Crew: We can't stand doing this anymore!

Cecil: Listen!  Possessing the crystal is an essential factor for our
prosperity.  Moreover, His majesty judged that Mysidians know too much about
the secret of the crystal.  We are the Red Wings, the air force of the Kingdom
Baron!  The Royal Command is absolute!

Crew: Captain!

Crew: Monsters!

Cecil: Take up fighting positions!

Cecil defeats the monsters.

Crew: Ouch!

Cecil: You okay?

Crew: More coming!

Cecil: Watch out!

Cecil defeats the second wave.

Cecil: Everyone okay?

Crew: Yes, sir!

Crew: But there are too many monsters these days...

Crew: Too many, agreed.

Cecil: What's happening?

Crew: We are over Baron!

Cecil: Make a landing,

The fleet lands in the kingdom of Baron.  Cecil is let into the main castle.

Baigan: Oh, Cecil!  Is it the Crystal of Water?

Cecil: But Mysidians were so helpless.

Baigan: What are you trying to say?  This way, Cecil.

They walk deeper into the castle.

Baigan: Please wait here.

Baigan walks into the throne room and meets with the king.

Baigan: Your majesty!  I'm afraid Cecil has developed quite a rebellious air.

King: Truly!?  Well done, Baigan!  We must do something.  Call him in!

Baigan: Yes, your majesty.

Baigan walks to the door.

Baigan: Cecil!  His Majesty summons you.  Please come in.

Cecil enters.

King: We thank you for successfully completing the mission.  Now, where is it?

Cecil: Here, my liege.

Cecil gives the crystal to Baigan.

Baigan gives the crystal to the king.

Baigan: Real crystal...

King: Good!  Cecil... You may leave now.

Cecil starts leaving, but stops and turns back.

Cecil: Your majesty!

King: W... what?

Baigan: W... what is it?

Cecil: We do not understand the meaning of taking crystals away from honest

King: Disobeying me?

Cecil: No, I don't.

King: We do know of your discontent, Cecil.  If you cannot trust me, I can no
longer place the Red Wings in your command.  You are dismissed from your post!

Cecil: Your majesty!

King: Go and hunt the summoned monsters of the Misty Valley!  and... take this
package to the village mist.  You may depart tomorrow morning!

Cecil is blocked by guards.  Kain enters the throne room.

Kain: Your Majesty!  Cecil didn't...

They are both shoved away by guards.

King: If you're concerned about Cecil that much, go with him, Kain!

Cecil: Your majesty!

King: Now!  Leave with the package!

Cecil: Your majesty!

They're taken to the outer edges of the castle.

Cecil: Sorry, Kain.

Kain: Don't worry.  He'll put you back in command of the Red Wings after this

Cecil: But...

Kain: Never mind!  Go back to your room and rest.

Kain urges Cecil to wander around the castle and talk to everyone.  As he
approaches his room, he encounters Rosa, a white mage.

Rosa: Cecil!  You are not hurt?  I was so anxious.

Cecil: We are not hurt.  How could we be?  The wizards didn't even raise their

Rosa: Cecil!  Can I see you later?

Cecil: Yeah.  Later.

Rosa leaves.  Cecil continues around the castle and runs into Cid.

Cid: Hey!  Cecil!  How's my airship doing?  ... what's wrong?

Cecil: I was...

Cid: What?  Who's gonna command the Red Wings then?  I'm not sure what the King
is thinking.  He ordered me to make an airship, but I don't want it to be used
as a weapon!  Well, I gotta go home.  I have been working all night and my
daughter is worried about me.

Cid leaves.  Cecil heads up to his room and goes to bed.

Cecil: What happened to his majesty?  The crystal of Mysidia....Did we really
have to snatch it from the peace loving people?  Never again!  Even if ordered!

Rosa: Cecil!  What's wrong?  You're not quite yourself lately.

Cecil: Nothing.

Rosa: Then... please don't look away.

Cecil: In Mysidia... we had to rob from the innocent people!

Rosa: Oh, dear...

Cecil: I am just a Dark Knight with no courage to disobey his majesty.

Rosa: The real Cecil I know would never whimper like this!  You are going to
Must tomorrow, right?  If anything should happen to you...

Cecil: Don't worry, Kain is coming, too.  It's late.  Go back to your room.

Rosa: Take care!

Cecil: Thanks, Rosa.  Still, I am just a Dark Knight.

Cecil goes to sleep and wakes up the next morning.  He meets up with Kain.

Kain: Let's go, Cecil.  Outside the Castle is the city of Baron.  Let's gather
information and equipment in the city.

Cecil and Kain leave the castle.  Narration: Thus, the Dark Knight Cecil was
expelled from his command as a Captain of the Red Wings.  And he and Dragoon
Kain left Baron for the Village Mist in a valley enclosed in deep fog.
Airships had been a dream of many people.  After the realization of the dream,
came greed and ambition.  Through its fleet of airships, Baron became the most
powerful nation.  But why is Baron seeking the crystals?  Why do the monsters
keep increasing...?  The crystal was shedding its light silently.....

On their way to Mist, Cecil and Kain go through a cave.

Go back!

Cecil: Who is it!?

Leave now!

Kain: Is it a monster?

Ones from Baron...

Kain: Who are you!

Return now and I will not harm you.

Kain: Show up!

Do you still wish to go on?

Cecil: We must deliver this Package to the village of Mist!

Then I must!  The mist is gathering!

A boss dragon made of mist appears and attacks Cecil and Kain.  They defeat it
and continue towards the town of Mist.  They enter the town and the package
opens.  Out comes a fire bomb!  It burns down the entire village!

Kain: What?!

Cecil: We've brought this package to...

Kain: Burn the village?

Cecil: Why?

Girl: Mommy!  Mommy!

Cecil: Who's that?

Girl: My mom's dragon fell so my mom did too...

Kain: I've heard of the people with the power to summon monsters.  They are

Cecil: We defeated the dragon, so her mother is gone also.

Girl: You!  You've beaten my mother's dragon!

Cecil: We didn't mean to do this to your mother.

Kain: His majesty wanted to wipe out the Callers of this village and used us to
do it.

Cecil: Incredible!

Kain: I'm afraid we must do away with her too.

Cecil: Kain!  She's just a kid!

Kain: You dare to renounce your loyalty to his majesty?

Cecil: Forget it!  Never again will I follow such an order!

Kain: Well, Cecil.  I knew you'd say so.  I won't let you do it alone.

Cecil: Kain?

Kain: I owe his majesty much.  Still, I cannot disgrace the Dragoons.

Cecil: Then will you...

Kain: But Baron is the mightiest country in the world.  It's impossible for us
to challenge his might alone.  We must gather other countries.  And you know...
We must rescue Rosa!

Cecil: Thank you, Kain.

Kain: Not for your sake.  Let's get out of here fast!  What about that girl?

Cecil: We can't leave her here alone!  [to girl] Listen.  It's dangerous here.
Come with us, okay?

Girl: No!

Kain: Let's take her!

Girl: No!! Go away!

Cecil: Wait!  Please!

Girl: Go away!  I hate you!  I hate you all!

The girl fights Kain and Cecil and summons titan.  Titan rips apart the town of
mist, leaving nothing there.  After the earthquake, Cecil and the girl are
laying in the middle of a field.

Cecil: Oh... she is all right.   Kain!!!  Kain?  Kain!  I can't stay here any
longer.  I have to escape from Baron with this girl.

Cecil picks up the girl and begins his escape.  He wanders across a desert and
enters the oasis town of Kaipo.

Cecil: She must rest.

He takes her to the inn.

Innkeeper: Welcome!  Oh!  Take her to the room!  Hurry up!  Money?  No!  That's
okay!  Go ahead!

Cecil: Thank you.

Cecil puts the girl in a bed.

Cecil: You okay?

Girl: ...

Cecil: I haven't heard your name yet.

Girl: ...

Cecil: I know I have done an awful thing.  I can't ask for your forgiveness.
But at least, let me protect you.  Please.

Girl: ...

They go to sleep.  There's a strange noise outside.  The Red Wings come and
barge into the inn room.

Officer: I finally found you, Cecil!

Girl: !!

Cecil: Wait!

Officer: His majesty decided that the callers of the mist are too dangerous to
be left alive!

Cecil: What!?

Officer: Hand her over!

Cecil: No!!

They attack Cecil, but are easily defeated by him.

Girl: Did I get you in trouble?  I'm sorry.

Cecil: It's for me to apologize.  Well, I know you can't forgive me, but...

Girl: But you protected me.  I'm... Rydia...

The next morning they wake up.  Also in the inn is an old woman who has some
useful information about a mage named Tellah.  Also in town, Rosa lies sick in
a bed.

Cecil: Rosa!  Rosa...

Rosa: ....  mmmm.... Cecil....  Don't leave me, Cecil!

A nearby man informs Cecil that SandRuby is needed to cure Rosa.  It can be
found in the lair of Antlion.  Cecil and Rydia make haste to find the SandRuby.
Upon entering a watery cave, they run into the afore mentioned Tellah.

Tellah: What!  You wield the Dark Sword?  Help me, I beg you!

Cecil: What?

Tellah: A wicked bard tricked my daughter into running away to Damcyan!  and...
I sense evil in that direction of Damcyan!

Cecil: You must be the sage Tellah!

Tellah: I am Tellah.  I'm going to Damcyan to get my daughter who eloped.  But
a huge monster is blocking the way.  My magic is not strong enough to defeat
it.  Your Dark Sword might help.  And... this girl is a caller!?   She is quite
gifted, I sense.

Cecil: We are also on our way to Damcyan.

Tellah: Good!  Let us work together to get to Damcyan.  Let's hurry!

After a long day of fighting, they find a save area and rest up.  Rydia falls

Tellah: Fast asleep... She must have been very tired.  You said she was...

Cecil: A caller of Mist.

Tellah: She seems very gifted as a magic-user.  With the proper training, she
will be able to wield the magic other than calling monsters.  How sweet!  Just
like Anna's childhood.

Cecil: Anna is your...

Tellah: Only daughter.  She ran away to Damcyan with a Bard, because I did not
consent to their marriage.  What do you want to go to Damcyan for?

Cecil: My friend is suffering from a terrible fever in Kaipo.

Tellah: So you need the SandRuby.  So you, too, are in a hurry.

Cecil: What is the monster of this cavern?

Tellah: It's a horrifying monster with eight huge tentacles.  We must defeat it
first to save Anna and your friend.

They all sleep.  Eventually they reach the entrance which behind it is the

Tellah: We can go out from here.  The monster is in the cave beyond there.  We
should camp to regain our strength out there.

They head out of the cave and immediately into another one which is a giant

Tellah: It's down here!

They fall down the waterfalls and land in another cave.  Before long, they
reach the monster.

Tellah: He's coming!  Octomamm!

The party is attacked, but they prevail.  An opening back to the overworld is
created.  Cecil heads out, but the Baron Airforce flies over the castle of
Damcyan and it is bombed from above!  Cecil, Tellah and Rydia go into the
castle, but almost everyone in it is dead.  On the top floor lies a girl.

Tellah: That is Anna!  Ah-ah!  Anna!

A bard enters from another room.

Tellah: You're the bard!  You did this to her!

Bard: !?

Tellah attacks the bard.

Tellah: You swindler!

Bard: Please listen!

Tellah: You spoony bard!

Bard: Please!

Tellah: Shut up!

Bard: Listen!

Tellah: Shut your mouth!

Bard: I... I...

Anna: Please!  Stop!

Tellah: Are you all right?

Anna: Father, Edward is the Prince of Damcyan.  He was disguised as a Bard when
he came to see me in Kaipo.  Forgive me, father, for running away.  But, I love
Edward.  We thought of asking for your consent.  But when we were about to

Edward: Golbez attacked us with Baron's Red Wings.

Cecil: Who is that man?

Edward: I don't know.

Cecil: But why?

Edward: He took our Crystal of Fire.  And Anna shielded me from the arrows.

Tellah: You loved him that much...

Anna: Father... forgive me... I... love Edward!

Edward: Anna!

Tellah: Anna!  Anna!  Who is Golbez?

Edward: I heard that he's gathering crystals using Baron's Red Wings.  *sob

Tellah: Stop crying!  Your tears won't bring back Anna.  Wait for me Golbez!
I'm coming to avenge my daughter!

Cecil: You can't go alone!

Tellah: I don't need any help!  This is my own affair!

Tellah leaves.

Edward: Ah... Anna...  *sob sob*

Rydia: Crybaby! *To Edward*  You are a man!  You are a grown-up!  You are not
the only one who has lost loved ones!

Cecil: Rydia...

Edward: You may be right.  I'm just a coward.  But I don't care.  I'm staying
here with Anna.

Cecil walks over and punches Edward.

Cecil: You're not the only one who is sad, Edward.  Besides, Anna won't be
happy if you do that.  We really need your help.  Please come with us.

Edward: My help?

Cecil: I am Cecil.  I'm looking for the SandRuby to help my friend who is ill
in Kaipo.  And I need your help!

Edward: I?  Help you?

Cecil: Yes.  You.

Edward: She seems to be an important person.  You shouldn't lose your loved
one.  The SandRuby is made from the Antlion when it lays its eggs in the cave.
The cave is east, but we must go across shallows to get there.  There is a
hovercraft in Damcyan we can use.  We can also go to Kaipo through the
shallows!  Let's hurry!

Everyone leaves but Edward.

Edward: Good-bye,.. Anna!

Anna dies.  Edward leads them to the hovercraft and they all get in and head
east.  Inside a cave they go deeper and deeper until reach Antlion's nest.

Edward: This is the lair of Antlion.

Edward approaches the nest,  Antlion begins to pop up and the room shakes.

Rydia: Oh!

Edward: Worry not.  Antlion is tame.  I will take the SandRuby.

Edward tries to take it and is attacked!

Edward: No!

Cecil: Let's go Rydia!

They fight and defeat Antlion and get the SandRuby.

Edward: It can't be!  Why did Antlion attack us?

Cecil: We see monsters increasing everyday.  Tame creatures are getting
aggressive day by day.  It must be a portent of some kind...

Rydia: Let's go cure Rosa!

Cecil: Oh, yes.

The head back to the house where Rosa is ill in Kaipo.

Cecil: Rosa!

Cecil uses the SandRuby on Rosa.

Rosa: Mmm...  Oh, Cecil!

Cecil: Rosa...

Rosa: I heard that you were lost since the earthquake at Mist.  But I couldn't
believe it.

Cecil: I'm sorry.  I worried you.  By the way, Rosa...  Who is Golbez?

Rosa: The king invited him to the Red Wings.  The king is not the same as he
used to be.  It seems he is nothing more than Golbez's puppet to collect all
the crystals.  The Crystal of Water from Mysidia is already in his hands.  But
the other crystals...  The Crystal of Fire is in Damcyan, Air is in Fabul, and
Earth is in Toroia.

Edward: The Crystal of Fire is already gone.

Cecil: He is Edward, the Prince of Damcyan.  And this girl, Rydia of Mist.

Rydia: You okay?

Rosa: Yes.  Thank you.  Damcyan has already been attacked.  The next target
is... Fabul!  We must hurry!  Cough!  Cough!

Cecil: Rosa... You must rest.  We'll go to Fabul.

Edward: But we must get over Mt. Hobs to go to Fabul.  The trail is blocked by
thick ice.

Rosa: Rydia, can you use the spell of fire?

Rydia: N-no, I can't.

Rosa: You're a Caller.  Black magic should be easy for you, Rydia.  cough,

Cecil: Rosa!  You must rest!

Rosa: I am all right.  And I am a white wizard.  I won't bother you!

Cecil: ...

Edward: Cecil... Rosa wants to be with you.  Don't you see.

Cecil: Okay, Rosa.  Let's go together.  But it's too late tonight.  Rest and
sleep for now.

Rosa: Okay, Cecil.

They all sleep for the night.  But during the night...  Edward heads out of the
home and towards the water oasis.  He plays his harp with a theme of love.

Edward: I miss you, my dear Anna...

A monster appears

Edward: No!

Edward begins to fight it, and a ghost of Anna appears to give him confidence
and support.  Edward defeats the monster.

Edward: Anna!

Anna: Edward, dear... I must go now.

Edward: Anna!  Don't go!  Don't leave me alone!

Anna: Edward... Do not let Golbez have all the crystals.  You loved me.  Now,
give your love to all of your people.

She vanishes.

Edward: I will, Anna!  But, what am I supposed to do now, Anna?

He goes back to sleep and the next morning everyone wakes up.  Everyone heads
out to Mt. Hobs, but the path is blocked by ice!

Rosa: Cast the spell of fire, Rydia.

Rydia: ...

Edward: Rydia...

Rosa: You can do it, Rydia!

Rydia: ...No.

Rosa: ?

Rydia: I hate fire!

Cecil: She's afraid of fire because her village was destroyed in a fire.

Rosa: Listen, Rydia.  You're the only one who can melt this ice.

Rydia: ...

Rosa: If we can't get through here to Fabul, more people will be in danger...

Edward: Please...

Rosa: Please, Rydia!

Cecil: ...

Rydia: ... Fire!

Rydia's fire spell melts the ice and everyone is able to get through.

Edward: Great, Rydia!

Rydia: ...

Rosa, Thank you, Rydia!

Cecil: Rydia...

They head up the mountain and before long see karate master and some monsters.

Cecil: What's that?

Edward: He must be a Karate Fighter of Fabul!

Karate Man: ACHOOOO!

The Karate man starts beating on the monsters, but there are too many.

Karate Man: ACHOOOO!

He defeats another wave, but runs into a Mombomb.

Edward: That one will not be easy!

Rydia: Let's help!

They help Karate Man defeat the bombs.

Karate Man: Thank you.  I am Yang, the Karate Master of Fabul.  We were
training when they attacked us.

Cecil: We're on our way to Fabul.

Rosa: Golbez is using Baron to get crystals...

Yang: That means they will try to capture our Crystal of Air as well!

Edward: No doubt.  Damcyan was already attacked and had the crystal taken away.

Cecil: Fabul is next!

Yang: But...!  We are now helpless.  I am the only survivor of our main forces.
Those in the castle have just started their training!

Rosa: Golbez must have sent those monsters.

Yang: To keep us busy here and attack Fabul!?

Cecil: Then they will be attacking any minute!

Yang: But you are a Dark Knight!

Cecil: It's not only your problem, but also ours.

Edward: I am the Prince of Damcyan.

Cecil: Rosa and I were in Baron.  And she is Rydia.  I was fooled by King of
Baron and I had to defeat her mother.

Rydia: ...

Yang: You have your own reasons, I see.  Would you help me then?

Cecil: Of course!

Yang: Fabul is to the east over the mountain.  Let us go!

Before long, they reach Fabul.  The kingdom looks fine, for the moment.  They
make haste to the throne room.

King of Fabul: Yang...

Yang: King!  The Baronian Kingdom mobilized his force to get our Crystal of
Air!  The one called Golbez is behind this attempt.

King of Fabul: Truly!?

Yang: These people here came to let us know.

King of Fabul: Who... are these people?

Cecil: We have no time to waste.  The defence of the castle must be tighten

King of Fabul: But you're a Dark Knight of Baron.  Can I really trust you?

Yang: King!  They are trustworthy!  They came to my defence when I was

Cecil: Not a moment is to be lost!

Rosa: There is no time!

Edward: I am glad to see you again, sir.

King of Fabul: Oh!  Prince Edward!

Edward: Damcyan, too, has suffered from the attack and had the crystal taken
away!  I lost my parents and beloved friend!  Would you let the same thing
happen to Fabul!?

King of Fabul: I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.  Will you help us defend the


Yang: They are all outstanding combatants!  I ask them to take the forefront!

King of Fabul: Very well!  I leave the matter in your hands!  Girls, would you
take the office of relief?

Rosa: Certainly.

Yang: Now, Cecil!

Yang, Edward and Cecil head out.

Rosa: Cecil!  Take care.

Cecil: So do you, and you, Rydia!

Outside, a few guards meet up with Edward, Cecil and Yang.

Guards: They are coming!

Yang: Meet them!

Several battles start.  During them, the Red Wings bomb the castle from above.

Cecil: We can't fight back the Airships!

Yang: Retreat!

They head inside of the castle.

Yang: Sorry!  I dragged you into a hopeless war!

Cecil: I told you.  The cause of the war is not yours alone!  And... we haven't
lost yet!

They fight some more.  Before long, there are several monsters in the castle
defeating Fabul's rookie forces.

Yang: We must withdraw!

They move back another room.

Yang: The King has already taken refuge with the women and children!  Draw the
enemies and...  Smash 'em!

More battles ensue.

Edward: We can't hold here any longer!

They back off all the way to the throne room.

Yang: Lock the door!  We must at least hold this ground!

Cecil: Where is the crystal?

Yang: Upstairs!

The one remaining Fabul guard unlocks the door.

Yang: What are you doing?

The guard turns into a gargoyle and attacks them!  Another couple of fights
take place.

Yang: Let's retreat to the Crystal Room!

Edward trips and monsters get near him!

Edward: No!

Cecil: Edward!

Cecil and Yang save Edward and they all retreat into the Crystal Room.  Before
long, Kain enters.

Kain: It's been a while, Cecil.

Cecil: Kain!  You're alive!

Kain: Yeah.

Cecil: Fight with us!

Kain: Surely.  But against you, Cecil!

Cecil: Kain!?

Kain: Single combat, Cecil!

Cecil: No!

Kain attacks and defeats Cecil.

Cecil: You are under Golbez's...

Kain: I'll put you out of your misery.

Yang: You can't!

Rosa: NO!

Kain: Rosa!

Rosa: Kain, why you!

Kain: Don't look at me!

Golbez: Why so upset, Kain?

Edward: Golbez!

Cecil: You are Golbez!

Golbez: And you are Cecil.  Glad to see you... and take my greeting!

Edward: Cecil!

Yang: No!

Golbez: Ha!

Golbez blasts Yang and Edward to the ground.

Golbez: That's enough.  Take the crystal, Kain.

Kain: Yes, master!

Rosa: No, Kain!

Kain: !

Cecil: Don't!

Golbez: Is this girl so important to you?  Very well!  I shall see you again.
I'm taking her as a token of this promise.  Come, Kain!

Golbez takes Rosa and leaves.  Kain takes the crystal.

Kain: You had a narrow escape, Cecil!

Kain leaves.

Cecil: W-wait!  Rosa...

Rydia: Cure!  You okay?

Edward: Thanks, Rydia.  But Rosa was taken.

Yang: And the Crystal.

Cecil: Rosa...

Rydia: Come on!  Rosa is all right.  And we can take back the crystal, too!

Edward: That's right!

Yang: We will help you this time.  Heal the wound and let us think about how to
rescue Rosa.

Cecil: Thank you.

After some moving around the Castle, they decide to spend a night in the Inn.

Edward: We must rescue Rosa!

Cecil: But we need the Airship.  Baron is the only one who has it.

Yang: Can't we sneak in?

Cecil: Baron's main force is the Red Wings.  The Sea Power is relatively weak.
Let's make it on the sea!

Rydia: But how?

Yang: I will ask the king for a ship.  He will cooperate with you.

Cecil: Thanks.

Yang: Who is that Dragoon?

Cecil: Kain who used to be my best friend.  Together, we swore to get out of

Yang: I see.

Edward: Anyway, we must take a rest now.

Cecil:  ...

They sleep and awaken in the King's chamber the next morning.

King: I see... Yang, go and help them.  We owe Cecil so much.  A ship will be
arranged soon.  We hope it will help, Cecil.  Take this sword.  Dark Knight who
came to Fabul left this long ago.  But it is still the arms of the dark side...
It will not work against the true evil.  Go to the harbor to the east as soon
as you get prepared.  You'll find a ship is there for you.  If Golbez acquires
them all, the world will face an unprecedented crisis!

They head east to the dock, Yang's Wife is there.

Yang's Wife: Honey!  Take good care and fight bravely!

Yang: Certainly!

Yang's Wife: The others too!

Cecil: Yes, madam!

Yang: Take care!

Yang's Wife: Don't worry!

They board the boat.

Captain: You are Cecil!  I've heard of your feat!  Feel at home on my ship!  It
won't take long to reach Baron!  Now, let's get going!

Captain: Raise the anchor!

Sailors: Hoy!

They leave port and head to Baron.

Yang: What would you do after we arrive at Baron?

Cecil: Let's find Cid the Master Engineer.  He's the expert of the airships.
He'll help us.

Yang: Hope he's okay.

Edward: ...

Rydia: Are you cold?  You are shivering.

Edward: No, it's nothing...

Before long, the ship starts to rattle.

Cecil: What?

It's a whirlpool!  The ship is pulled in.

Sailors: It can't be!

Sailor: Is that true!

Sailor: The Master of the seas!

Captain: Leviatan!  Stop it!

The ship abruptly stops, but Rydia falls overboard!

Rydia: Help!

Yang: Rydia!

Yang dives in after her.

Cecil: Rydia!  Yang!

The ship is rattled again.

Edward: No!

Cecil: Edward!

The ship spirals into the whirlpool, Cecil wakes up alone on a beachhead.

Cecil: Where am I?  Rydia!  Edward!  Yang!  Guess I'm alone.

Fortunately, Cecil floated ashore near the town of Mysidia.  Cecil isn't well
liked around here, as he led the assault at the beginning of the game which
took their crystal.

Elder: What do you want from us this time?

Cecil: I am Cecil, the ex-captain of the Red Wings.  I could not disobey the

Elder: Apologies will not bring out friends back alive.  But I can at least
listen to your words.

Cecil: I'm fighting the one called Golbez who is the mastermind of Baron.  A
girl was captured.  So we are on our way to Baron for her rescue but we were
attacked by Leviatan and

Elder: Lost your friends.  It would be your trial.  But as long as you depend
upon the Dark Sword, you cannot defeat true evil.  Moreover, you might be
consumed with its evil at any time.  If you wish to fight against evil with
good, go to Mt. Ordeals to the east of Mysidia.

Cecil: But I must hurry!

Elder: I do understand.  But do not hurry.  At first you must climb Mt. Ordeals
and renounce this evil sword and gain the sword of sacredness.  The one who can
accept the holy light is called a paladin.  It is the sacred knight.  Many went
to Mt. Ordeals to be a Paladin, but none returned.  Will you try?

Cecil: Yes!

Elder: But it would be hard for you alone with your Dark Sword.  Take wizards
with you.  Palom, Porom!

Girl: You called for us?

Elder: Where is Palom?

Girl: Palom!  Come on!

Boy: So you are that Baronian guy, aren't you?  I'm gonna help you.  So thank

Cecil: These two!?

Elder: Palom and Porom.  They may be of help.  Do not be deceived by their

Palom: Be thankful that Mysidian genius Palom will accompany you!

Elder: Palom!  It's for your own good!

Porom: Well.  How do you do, sir.  Palom!  You must greet him!

Palom: Hi, man!

Elder: Now to Mt. Ordeals!  Palom and Porom!  Do everything in your power to
help Cecil!

Cecil heads east with the wizards and they reach Mt. Ordeals.  There is a fire
burning on the mountain, blocking their ascent.

Porom: Your turn, Palom!

Palom: I know!  You don't have to say that!  ICE!

The fires are extinguished!

Palom: Piece of cake!

Porom smashes Palom on the top of the head.

Porom: Palom!  Out elder taught us not to submit to arrogance!  Shall we go

Meanwhile...  Rosa is being held by Golbez, who is aware of Cecil's climb.

Golbez: Come, Milon!

Milon: Milon of Earth, at your service.

Golbez: We must not leave Cecil alive.  We'd better make a move against him.
Fortunately, his Dark Sword is nothing to fear for your monsters.  However, he
is climbing Mt. Ordeals now.

Milon: Then, he is to become a Paladin?

Golbez: Your mission is to dispose of him beforehand.

Milon: Yes, My Master.

Golbez: Very well.

Milon leaves.

Golbez: Things have become interesting, don't you think, Kain?

Kain: Yes.  But Cecil might prove quite a formidable opponent.

Golbez: I understand you respect your former friend... But I sent Milon after
him.  Milon is one of my Four Fiends of Elements.  He'll put on a good show.
Don't you think, Rosa?

Kain: Let me take the task of slaying him instead of Milon!

Golbez: How dare you ask for such a task!  I've had enough of your blundering.
You only have to watch this girl!

Kain: Yes, Master!

Rosa: Cecil, watch out!

Back on the mountain, Cecil leads the way up.  Before long, he runs into

Cecil: Tellah!

Tellah: Cecil!  [To The twins] You seek for Meteo as well?

Porom: He knows of Meteo... That means...

Palom: Hey, man!  You are Tellah, right?

Porom: Watch your mouth!  Call him Master Tellah!  We are honored to see you.
We are ordered by our Elder to...

Palom: Spy on...

Porom smacks Palom.

Porom: Hem!  We are to guide Cecil in Mt. Ordeals.  My name is Porom.

Palom: And I'm Palom.  So you are Tellah.  You are famous in Mysidia too!

Tellah: Kids of Mysidia.  Very well.  And... Edward and Rydia?

Cecil: We were attacked by Leviatan on our way to Baron.

Tellah: Oh! No!

Cecil: And Rosa was captured by Golbez.

Palom: That must be his girl friend!

Porom: Hush!

Tellah: I cannot defeat Golbez with my spells alone.  I've been seeking the
magic of legend, Meteo.  I felt a strong power from this mountain.

Porom: Meteo is too dangerous!  You are too old... Ooops...

Tellah: Yes, I'm old.  But no matter the price, I must avenge my daughter!

Palom: Grown-ups!  They like troubles!

Porom: Be quiet!  It's no place for kids.

Tellah: Why did you come here, Cecil?

Cecil: I came here to be a Paladin.  My Dark Sword cannot defeat Golbez.

Palom: Who is Golbez?

Porom: You don't know?  He's controlling Baron!

Tellah: Yes, he is the source of all evil!  Paladin... There must be some
secret hidden in this mount.  I will come with you!

They continue higher and higher up the mountain.  Porom and Palom continue to

Tellah: Watch out!  I feel something evil!

Milon: I'm glad... glad indeed... to slay you all...

Cecil: Who is it?

Milon: Well, Hello.  I'm am Golbez's Fiend of Earth, Milon!  Now!  Meal time
for my monsters!

Milon attacks but is easily defeated.  Moments later, he comes back.

Milon: Hiss... Well done.  But, my true strength lies in death, and with it I
drag you all to abyss!

Milon is again defeated by Cecil.

Milon: What?  You beat me twice.  GRRRR-BAAAH!

Milon falls off of the mountain.  Cecil heads over to some ancient relics.

'My son'

Cecil: Son?  Who are you?

Cecil and the party appear inside of a room of mirrors.

'I've been waiting.  Sorrow fills me.  I shall entrust you with my power.  And
grieve that no other way remains.'

A holy sword appears on Cecil.  He grabs onto it.

'Part from your past!  Conquer your Darkness within!  If you can't overcome
your past self, the sacred power of Light will not accept you!'

A Dark Knight Cecil emerges from the mirrors to challenge the new Paladin

Tellah: Two Cecil's?

Palom: What's going on?

Porom: Cecil!

Dark knight attacks Paladin.

Tellah: Cecil!

Palom: Hey!  Dude!

Porom: Watch out!

Cecil: No need to help.  This is my own fight!  I must defeat him to amend my
past guilt!

Old Cecil beats down on new Cecil.

'Justice is not the only right in this world.  Someday you will see, Cecil.'

Old Cecil is defeated!

'Well done.  Now I put my spirit into the power of Light and trust it to your
hands.  Receive the last Light left in me!  My son!  Stop Golbez!

Cecil: Wait!

Cecil becomes a Paladin permanently!

Porom: You all right?

Palom: Right on!

Porom: Hush!

Cecil: What is this I am feeling?  It's so familiar.  That voice...

Tellah: Oh, my!

Porom: Master Tellah?

Tellah: Yes!  I remember the spells!  !?  Me... Meteo!  That light has bestowed
upon me the greatest black magic!

Porom: Grand Master that he is.

Palom: Hey, Porom...

Porom: Cecil...

Palom: To tell you the truth, we...

Tellah: Okay, now!  All's ready! Lets go and get Golbez!  What are you doing,
Cecil?  We must go!

Cecil: Yeah...  But that Light... it called me...  my son...

Palom: Wait a sec!

Porom: Let us go, Cecil!

Cecil: Okay.

Everyone returns to Mysidia and returns to the home of the Elder.

Elder: Oh!  You really became!

Porom: Here you are!

Palom: Man!  Unbelievable!

Cecil: What about?

Elder: I felt guilty, but I had them spy on you.  But it turned out that there
was no need for it.

Palom: That is the reason why we accompanied you.

Porom: I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

Cecil: I do understand.  You did the right thing.  I deserve it.

Elder: But you've overcome your past and became the Paladin!  That... sword!

Cecil: I received it on Mt. Ordeals.

Elder: The inscription upon this sword is exactly the same as the Mysidian

Cecil: Legend?

One to be born from a dragon hoisting the light and the dark arises high up in
the sky to the still land.  Veiling the moon with the light of eternity it
brings another promise to mother earth with a bounty and mercy

Cecil: The Light called me son.  What is that Light?

Elder: I do not know what it is nor do I know what the legend means...  But we
Mysidians, from generation to generation, are told to wish for this legend.
And to believe in the one with the Sacred Light.  Now I am sure that you are
the one!

Tellah: Now we must get rid of Golbez in a hurry!

Elder: Oh, Tellah!

Tellah: It's been a while!

Porom: We have met him on the Mt. Ordeals.

Palom: This old man knows the legendary Meteo!

Elder: What!?  Is the world in such a dire crisis as to unseal Meteo!?

Tellah: It seems so.  I'll avenge Anna with my Meteo!

Elder: Avenge?  You mean..

Tellah: Golbez took my daughter's life!  I will make him pay for it with Meteo!

Elder: Do not fight with vengeance, Tellah.  Moreover, you are in no condition
to use Meteo!

Tellah: Even if the price is my life, I can't forgive Golbez.

Elder: I thought you'd say that.  You haven't changed.

Tellah: You too...

Elder: But Cecil has become a Paladin.  If you join forces...

Cecil: We must go back to Baron and get the airship to fight Golbez on equal

Elder: Very well... I open the Serpent Road.  Go to Baron!  I will confine
myself in the Tower of Wishes and wish for you all... Paladin Cecil!

Cecil and Tellah head out... Porom and Palom follow.

Elder: Palom!  Porom! You have completed your duty!

Palom: It's not over yet!  You told us to help him!

Porom: Please allow us to go with him!

Elder: The Mt. Ordeals accepted you and returned alive.  Thus this may be your
destiny.  Cecil, Tellah... Please look after these two children!

Cecil: But...

Palom: You know what we can do, don't you?

Porom: Right!

Tellah: Never worry.  I am with you!

Cecil: Okay... I'm counting on you all!

Palom: Thanks, old man!

Porom: Calm down!  And let's go!

Elder: Now go to Baron through the Serpent Road to the right of this town.  We
will be wishing for not only you but all those living on this earth!

They take the serpent road back to Baron.  In the town inn, Yang is sitting at
a table with a few soldiers.

Cecil: Yang!

Yang: ?

Cecil: It's me, Cecil!  I became a Paladin!

Yang: Get him!

Guards: Yes, sir!

The guards attack Cecil.

Cecil: Yang!  It's me!

Yang: I know that!

Yang attacks Cecil.

Cecil wins, Yang falls to the ground.

Yang: Cecil!  Leviatan attacked us and I don't remember what happened after

Tellah: It seems you are being utilized by the Baron while you're amnesiac.

Yang: I am sorry.

Cecil: Where's Rydia and Edward?

Yang: Rydia was swallowed by Leviatan.  I don't know what happened to Edward.

Cecil: I see.

Yang: Where am I?

Cecil: You are in Baron.  Soldiers will hear us.  Let's talk over there.

Innkeeper: Beaten the guards?  That's great!  Stay at my inn!  It's free!

Yang: Who is this gentleman?

Cecil: Tellah the Sage.  Edward's father [in law].

Tellah: My daughter loved him... even sacrificing her own life.

Yang: I see.  I am a karate master of Fabul.

Palom: I'm the Mysidian genius, Palom!

Porom: Please do not mind him.  I am his twin sister, Porom.

Palom: You hurt us, man!

Porom: Stop it, Palom!

Yang: I'm ashamed.

Cecil: Anyway, we must rescue Cid!

Tellah: But it won't be easy to sneak into the Castle Baron.

Yang: What is this...?

Cecil: The key of Baron!  Yeah!  With this key, we can make it!

They all sleep in the inn.  They make their way through some underground
passages to Baron.  Upon sneaking into the main rooms of Baron castle, they are

Baigan: Cecil!  Cecil!  Welcome back to Baron!

Cecil: Baigan!  You aren't controlled by Golbez!

Baigan: No way!  I am the captain of the guards.  My loyalty to the state is

Cecil: I see.  Then come with us!  You can be of great help!

Baigan: Yes, sir!

Baigan joins, but Palom and Porom are worried.

Cecil: What's wrong?

Palom: It smells!

Porom: Like a monster!

Baigan: Where?

Palom: Something's fishy!

Porom: Can't you act a bit better?

Cecil: What?

Baigan: I was given a great gift from my master Golbez.  I'll show you!

Baigan attacks the party, but is easily defeated.  Cecil feels rather stupid

Palom: See?  Be careful, Cecil!

Cecil makes his way to the throne room.  When he gets there, King Baron is all
alone on his throne.

King: Cecil!  I'm happy you returned.

Cecil: Your majesty...

King; I see you've become a Paladin.  But I do not like that.  That's not good,

Cecil: King Baron?

King: Baron?  Who's that?  Oh... I remember.  He's the fool who refused to
surrender!  Oh, yes!  And I took his place!  Ha-hah-hah!

Cecil: You!

King: Wanna see the King?  Don't worry!  You'll see him soon enough.  I'm not
like Milon, see?  I'm surprised that he made it as one of the Four Friends of

Cecil: Then you are...

King: Indeed!  I am the Fiend of Water Kainazzo!

He drops the disguise and attacks.  With Tellah's lit-3, though, he drops
quickly.  Cid busts into the throne room, unaware of what has gone on.

Cid: Imposter!  You are gonna pay for putting me in that smelly join!  Wha...t?

Cecil: Cid!

Cid: Oh! Cecil!  Where is Rosa?  She ran after you.

Cecil: Golbez took her...

Cid: Golbez...  abused my airship and now Rosa!

Tellah: We must rescue her.  Lead us to the airship!

Cid: Who is this strange old man?

Tellah: What!?  How about yourself?

Cid: I'm still young!

Porom: Oh please stop.  Mr. Cid, this is Master Tellah, a great sage.  This is
Yang, the Karate Master of Fabul.  And I'm Porom.  A white wizard of Mysidia.

Palom: Hi, guys!

Porom: That is my twin brother, Palom.

Palom: Yeah!

Yang: I am glad to meet you, sir.

Cid: Well!  He knows some manners!

Cecil: Where is the latest airship?

Cid: Well!  Where nobody would suspect!

Tellah: We have no time!

Cid: Oh, be quiet and follow me!

They all start to follow Cid, but it's a trap!

Kainazzo: I didn't expect you to defeat me...  But this does not mean anything
to this Kainazzo.  Why don't you accompany me to the Dark World.  Hee-hah-hah!

The walls in the room begin to compress the room.

Tellah: Walls!

Cid: It's locked!

Tellah: This one too!

Cecil: Palom!  Porom!

Palom: Thanks, dude!

Porom: We loved to be with all of you!

Cecil: What...

Palom: You won't be stuck in a place like this!

Porom: Please look after Cecil, Master Tellah!

Palom: Ready, Porom?

Porom: Yes!

Cecil: Wait!  NO!!!  Don't!!!!

Porom & Palom: STONE!

They turn themselves into stone and halt the advance of the walls.

Tellah: What a rash thing to do...  HEAL!  No effect.  They have become stone
by their will.  Fools.  An old man should fulfill his share first.

Yang: Oh, children.

Tellah: I shall avenge!

Cid: I'll avenge you!  To the Enterprise!

Cecil: Wait for me.  Golbez!

Meanwhile, Golbez is in his base plotting more evil.  Kain is with him, Rosa
tied up.

Golbez.  Seems like Kainazzo has been defeated.

Kain: About the last crystal...

Golbez: I know... but it is a problem.

Kain: How about if we let Cecil get it for you?

Golbez: Cecil?

Kain: We have Rosa.  We can exchange her for the last crystal.

Golbez: That's an idea.  We can do away with him then.

Kain: I'll be the messenger.

Rosa: Kain!

Kain: I'll show you that I'm better than your sweet Cecil!

Back in Baron castle, Cid has taken everyone off into a small room.

Cecil: It's a surprise.

Cid: They obviously didn't understand!

A hidden door gives way and Cid leads them to the airship, Enterprise.

Yang: What a surprise!

Tellah: Amazing!

Cid: Let's go now, Enterprise!

They lift off into the sky.

Cid: Here they come!  Let's see the power of this Enterprise!

Cecil: Wait!

Yang: White flag...

Tellah: For surrender?

A Red Wing ship with Kain on board flies up next to the Enterprise.  They dock
next to each other,.

Cecil: Kain!

Kain: You are alive...

Cid: What do you think you're doing, Kain?

Cecil: How is Rosa?

Kain: Worried?  If you want her back, get me the Crystal of Earth.

Cecil: Crystal of Earth?  Of Toroia?

Tellah: Dirty slime!

Kain: I'll exchange her with the crystal.  Crystal or Rosa's life!

Yang: You!

Cecil: Wake up, Kain!

Kain: That's all.

Kain's ship leaves.

Yang: Cecil...

Cid: That Kain.

Cecil: Cid... Let's go to Toroia!

They fly to Toroia.  Several clerics around town speak of dark elf, who stole
their crystal.  He's weak against metal, but has hidden himself in a cave
protected by a strong magnetic field.  Also in town is Edward, his life slowly
waning  in a hospital bed.

Cecil: Edward!

Edward: Cecil... So you are alive.  Let me join you.

Tellah: What can you do in a such a wretched condition!  Lie in bed quietly!

Edward: Master Tellah.  Forgive me.  You lost Anna because of me.

Tellah: ...

Edward: Really.

Yang: Prince Edward, think only of your health now.

Edward: Yang... So you too survived that Leviatan attack.  Then Rydia?

Yang: Sorry.

Edward: Poor Rydia.  And I can't do anything while you fight.  It's a shame.

Cid: Don't worry!  Me and my Enterprise will take your share!  I've heard you
had taken good care of Cecil and Rosa.  Now it's my turn!

Edward: You are that Master Engineer Cid?  Then you have an airship!

Edward: Cecil!  Where is Rosa?

Cecil: She was caught in exchange for the Crystal of Earth at Toroia.  But the
Crystal is now in the hands of the Dark Elf.

Edward: Dark Elf...  Cecil, take this...

Cecil: What's this?

Edward: Say.. my substitute... It may help...

Edward: Cecil... Save Rosa...

They head out of the castle and make way to the Cave Magnes.  Upon entering, a
strange field takes effect.

Cid: What is this magnetic field!  Metallic things will be too heavy to

Yang: My claws seem okay.

Tellah: Do not worry!  I'll do it with my magic!

After a troublesome trek through the cave, Cecil will finally reach Dark Elf in
a crystal room.


Yang: Don't worry!

Tellah: We'll do it!

A battle will start, but Dark Elf will make quick work of everyone.

Cecil: If I can use my sword...

Back in Toroia Castle, Edward senses trouble.

Edward: They're in danger!

He limps out of bed, stumbling.

Nurse: Stay in bed!  You cannot move around!  Where are you going?

Edward: Don't worry.  I just want to get to... my... harp.  Ouch!

Nurse: I told you!  Do not overstrain yourself!

Edward: Let me do this.  I must save them!

They let him get to his harp.  He picks it up and plays his melody.  The sound
travels all the way inside of Dark Elf's cave via the twin harp Edward gave
Cecil earlier.

Yang: Oh!

Tellah: This melody is...

Cecil: Edward's harp!


Dark Elf loses his concentration, and with it his magnetic field.

Edward: Wield your sword!  Dark Elf cannot control metallic weight while I am

Cecil: It's... Edward!

Dark Elf attacks, but in his weakened state is no match for the power of metal.


Cecil: Thank you, Edward!

Cecil heads back to Toroia Castle with the crystal.

Clerics: That is it!  The Crystal of Earth!  You got it back!  Great!

The screen darkens, a voice is heard.

Kain: Looks like you've got the crystal, Cecil...

Cid: Kain!?

Kain: Go outside and get on your airship.  I'll take you to where Rosa is.

Cecil heads outside to the Enterprise, Kain's ship immediately greets him.

Kain: Where is the Crystal of Earth?

Cecil: It's here!  Where is Rosa?

Kain: Follow my airship!

Both airships depart to a strange complex, the Tower of Zot.

Cecil: Kain!

Cid: Where are you?

Kain: Do not hurry.  Master Golbez wants to thank you personally.

Tellah: Golbez!

Golbez: I am glad that you kept your promise.

Tellah: Show yourself!

Golbez: Be a bit more patient.  I want you to receive the reward.

Yang: Reward?

Golbez: I'm at the top of this tower with Rosa.  Bring the crystal, and I'll
return the girl.  You had better hurry up or else, I can't guarantee her life!
Now, come!

Cecil does as Golbez requests, but he gets attacked over and over!  Once
reaching the fifth floor, he is greeted by the Magus Sisters.

Cindy: Welcome to the Tower of Zot!

Sandy: Glad to see you!

Mindy: We are the minions of Valvalis of the Air!

Unison: I am Sandy!  I'm Cindy!  And Mindy!  We're the Magus Sisters!  Sorry,
but your quest will be over here.  Take our Delta Attack and farewell!!

They attack, but after a long and difficult battle, Cecil prevails.

Unison: No way!  Delta attack failed.  Nooo!

Cecil heads up the last set of stairs.  In the next room, Kain and Golbez wait.

Golbez: I thank you.

Tellah: Golbez!

Cecil: Where is Rosa?

Golbez: The crystal first.

Cecil: You haven't hurt Rosa, have you?

Golbez: Of course not.  Now.  Give me the crystal.

Cecil: This is it.

Cecil gives Golbez the crystal.

Cecil: Give back Rosa!

Golbez: Rosa?  What are you talking about?

Cecil: What!?

Cid: You cheated us!

Tellah: Foul traitor!

Golbez: I have no business with you, old man.

Tellah: But I do!

Tellah rushes Golbez, knocking Cecil out of the way.

Tellah: This is for Anna!!

Tellah attacks Golbez, doing very minor damage.

Golbez: No one can ever defeat me!

Tellah tries more.

Tellah: M... Meteo!

Cecil: No... don't!

Yang: It'll destroy you!

Tellah: I'm spending my life to defeat you!

Tellah casts Meteo.  Golbez is smashed for 9999 damage!

Golbez: No way!

Tellah falls over.  So does Kain.

Golbez: You used... the... Meteo... GRRRR...

Cecil: Tellah!

Golbez: But, I have the crystal.  Now come, Kain!

Kain is unresponsive.

Golbez: I guess that Meteo broke my control over him!  So be it, you no longer
serve my purpose.  I will settle this score later, Cecil!

Golbez tries to leave.

Cecil: Never!

Cecil charges but is shot back by a powerful lightning spell.

Golbez: ?

Cecil: Ugh, why not finish me off...

Golbez: You...

Cecil: ?

Golbez: Who are you...

Cecil: ?

Golbez: I shall see you again!

Golbez leaves.

Yang: Cecil!

Cid: You okay?

Cecil: Yeah, Golbez must have been weakened by Meteo.  But Tellah!

Tellah: I.. .failed...

Cid: Don't speak!

Tellah: I brought this upon myself.  Because I lost myself in hatred.  Avenge
my daughter for me, please!

Cecil: Tellah!

Cid: Open your eyes, old nag!

Tellah: ...

Yang: Tellah...

Cid: Rest in peace... with your daughter...

Tellah dies.

Cecil: Tellah... We will avenge Anna and you!

Cecil walks over to Kain.

Cecil: Kain!  Kain!

Kain: Cecil!  What have I done.

Cecil: Not your fault.  You've been hypnotized.

Kain: But... I retained consciousness.  I wanted Rosa to...

Cecil: Where is Rosa?

Kain: We don't have time!  It's above!

Kain leads the way out to the roof.  Rosa is tied up.  There's a giant crushing
ball above here head.

Rosa: Cecil!

Cecil pulls Rosa out of danger just in time.  Moments later the ball falls,
which would have crushed her.

Cecil: Rosa...

Rosa: I knew you would come...

Cecil and Rosa hug!

Cecil: Your absence taught me... I...

Rosa: Cecil...

Kain: ...

Cid: Oh, boy!  Getting cozy!

Rosa: Kain?

Cecil: Golbez's control was broken.

Kain: I really was under control, but I also wanted to keep you close to me,

Rosa: Kain...

Kain: ...

Cecil: ...

Rosa: Let us fight together, Kain...

Kain: I am sorry.  Forgive me, Rosa!  Cecil!

Cecil: ...

Cid: Come on!  We really must hurry!  It is too dangerous here!

Cecil: Let's go, Kain!

Kain: Cecil...

Cecil: We need your powers as a Dragoon.

Kain: Cecil... Rosa!

They attempt to leave the roof, but are stopped.

Hah-hah-ha-ha-ha...  Seems like Master Golbez underestimated your powers!

Kain: It's Valvalis of the Air.  One of Golbez's Four Fiends of Elements!

Valvalis: Kain, you betrayed us!

Kain: I did not betray but came to my senses!

Valvalis: I should have gotten rid of you!  But now the old man with the Meteo
is gone.

Kain: Think you're the only one who can fight in the air?

Valvalis attacks the group.  Kain's jump ability helps make short work of her,

Valvalis: You know, the last and mightiest of us four is still left!  Perish
with this tower!

Valvalis dies, but the tower begins to shake violently.

Cecil: It's collapsing!

Kain: Watch out!

Cid: Wooow!

Rosa: Hold on to me!  Exit!

Rosa safely teleports the party to Cecil's room in Baron.

Cecil: Where is it?

Rosa: It's your room in Baron.

Cid: It's safe, since the fake King is gone.

Kain: Cecil... I have something to tell you.

Cid: What's that?

Kain: It's about the crystals.

Cecil: The Crystal of Earth from Toroia was taken away.  This means...  Golbez
has gathered all the crystals.

Kain: No.  There are other crystals.

Rosa: I thought there were only four.

Cid: Then the rumor is true!

Kain: Right, the dark crystals!

Cid: The crystals of this world are those of light and of open side, so to

Yang: Then there are the hidden crystals!

Cecil: They are the Dark Crystals.

Kain: Right. Therefore, Golbez has only gathered half of all the crystals!

Cid: But the rumors do not say the whereabouts of the Dark Crystals.

Kain: Golbez knows.

Cecil: We must hurry then!  Where is it, Kain?

Kain: Literally, the hidden side of the earth, the underground.

Yang: Underground?

Cid: How?  Dig a hole?

Kain: Anyway he said when all the crystals of Light and Darkness are gathered,
the way to the moon opens.

Cecil: Way to the moon?

Kain: I guess so.  And this is the clue to the secret, so he said.  You should
have it.

Kain gives Cecil a Magma key.
Kain: Use this at a certain place to open the way to the underground.

Yang: Certain place?

Rosa: Where?

Kain: I don't know.

Cid: What's to think about?  We have the Enterprise to fly around the world in
no time!

Cecil: But it was left in the Tower of Zot.

Cid: Didn't I tell you?  It's the latest!  It's back in Baron by remote

Yang: Good!

Rosa: Cid, we can really count on you!

Cid: You think so?  Lets leave tomorrow morning to search for the entrance to
the underground!

Cecil: But... why didn't Golbez just finish me off then...?

Rosa: Cecil?

Cecil: No, it's nothing.  Lets take a rest.

They all sleep and wake up the next morning.  Cecil leads them around the
castle a bit, to a second throne room!


Cecil: Your majesty?

King of Baron: Go to the land of summoned monsters and return here.  I shall be
of help.

The ghost of the King vanishes.  Cecil and company head to a town known as
Agart, which is where the Magma key needs to be used.  In town is a sacred
well, in which Cecil uses the key.

Cecil: What?

The world begins to shake violently.  The mountains around the town begin to
blow up.  Everything calms down.  Cecil heads back to Enterprise and Cid
descends into the hole where the mountains once were.  Moments later, they're
cruising the skies of the underworld.

Cecil: What's that?

Kain: The Red Wings!

A fleet of Red Wings and tanks on the ground engage in combat.  The Enterprise
is caught in the middle of it.

Yang: We are late!

Cecil: But who's fighting!

Cid: We've got to get out of here!  Hold on!

But it's too late.  The Enterprise his hit several times by attacks.

Cid: Hold out!  Enterprise!

Cecil: We're going down!

The ship goes down.

Rosa: Cecil!

Cecil: Rosa!  All okay?

Cid: Yeah.  But the Enterprise isn't.  It's dangerous to fly on.

Cecil: Let's get off.

They all get off of the crashed airship and enter the nearby castle, Giott.
They meet with the King in the throne room.

King: Glad you're fine!

Cecil: May I ask who you are, sir?

King: I am the King of the Dwarves, Giott, and the ruler of the underground.

Cecil: Have you still got the Dark Crystals?

King: You come for the crystals!  I'm afraid two out of four have been taken.

Yang: We're late.

King: But the crystal in this castle is still safe.  Our tanks turned them

Rosa: We have seen your tanks fighting against the airships.

King: Ah, you call those flying things airships?  You have strange things in
the world above.  Would you support us with your airship?

Cid: I wish we could.  But it has been greatly damaged from the last fighting
and landing.

King: Do you need anything to do the repairs.

Cid: The airship won't last in the heat of lava.  I must go back to the upper
world and wrap the body with mystic silver!  See you later!

Cecil: Cid!

Cid: Don't worry!  I'll come back soon!

Rosa: Take care...

Cid: Thanks, Rosa!

Cecil: King Giott, where is the crystal?

King: It is hidden behind my throne!  As long as I am well, so is the crystal!

Yang: !

Cecil: Yang?

Yang: I feel someone eavesdropping on us!

King: What?

Someone is seen jumping on the other side of the walls, no one in the room can
see the person, though.

Cecil: No one is here.

Yang: I felt someone sneaking around!

King: Open the door!

Dwarf: Lali!

They open the door and Cecil enters the crystal room.  The door slams behind
him and the rest.

Kain: It's locked!

There are several dolls on the ground and strange noises coming from further

Cecil: ?

Rosa: Oh!  The dolls!

The dolls start dancing.

Dolls: We're the Calbrena!  You fools!  You've doomed yourselves!  We're gonna
getcha!  We'll take this good news as presents to Master Golbez.  Yip-ho-ho-ho!

Cecil and crew defeat the Calbrena.

Dolls: You'll pay for this!  Our Master Golbez already knows this place!

Cecil: What?

Golbez: Well, Cecil.

Cecil: Golbez!

Golbez: You got me the other day, but now the old mage is gone.  I will tell
you why I'm gathering the crystals.  All the crystals, both Light and Darkness,
are the keys to activate the Tower of Bab-il that leads to the moon.  It is
said the moon possesses powers beyond human comprehension.  And there is only
one more crystal to get.  You've been very helpful.  Receive your last reward!

Golbez attacks.  He summons a shadow which defeats the entire party one at a
time... except Cecil [and Kain if he jumped].  Suddenly, though, a mist dragon
attacks Golbez and his summon, defeating his summon.  It unparalyzes Cecil!
Rydia joins the battle and together everyone starts wailing on Golbez.

Cecil: We did it!  We've defeated Golbez!

Rosa: All because of your help, Rydia!

Cecil: What happened to you, Rydia?

Rydia: Leviatan swallowed me and took me to the Land of the Summoned Monsters.

Cecil: Took you where?

Rydia: It's the world where all of the summoned monsters live.  I can't use
anymore white magic, but I increased my powers as Caller and user of Black
Mage.  There, time flows differently.

Rosa: Is that why you look all grown up?

Kain: Who is she?

Cecil: She's the girl we found in Mist.

Kain: The child?

Yang: Amazing.

Cecil: But why?  You're mother...

Rydia: Stop that.  The Queen there told me.  A greater power of evil is at
work.  We must confront it together.

Cecil: Rydia!

Golbez: I do not... perish!

Golbez's hand takes the crystal and vanishes with it.

Cecil: Oh, my!  He took the crystal!

Back in the King's throne room.

Cecil: I'm sorry... Golbez took the crystal...

King: We must protect the last crystal then!

Rosa: Where is it?

King: In the sealed cave of northwest.  But do not worry.  The cave cannot be
entered without the key.

Cecil: What should we do?  Golbez is on his way!

King: So now is the chance for us to regain other crystals in the Tower of Bab-

Kain: What!?

Yang: Now Golbez is busy trying to get the last crystal, we...

King: We'll draw their attention with our tanks and you can sneak in.  Now is
the only chance!

Kain: What do we do?

Rydia: Isn't it their fortress?

Rosa: It's dangerous.

Yang: But we must do something now.

Kain: Now is the only chance we have.

Cecil: Okay...  We'll do it!

King: Good!  There is a path through the exit in the bottom of this castle!  Go
whenever you're ready.  Good luck!

Cecil leads the party out of a secret exit to the castle.  Navigating them
through the underworld, he reaches the tower of Bab-il.  Giott's tanks are
outside attacking it, Cecil is able to sneak inside.  After climbing up several
floors, Cecil will eventually encounter Dr. Lugae and Rubicant, the last of the
elemental fiends.

Dr. Lugae: Master Rubicant, please be careful.

Rubicant: Eblan has fallen so the threat is gone.  You'll take care of this
place while I'm gone.

Rubicant leaves.  Dr Lugae goes back to work.  He starts dancing.

Dr. Lugae: He-he-he!  Golbez and Rubicant both are gone!  Now I'm the leader

Rydia: Weird guy!

Rosa: Hush!

Dr. Lugae: Who's there?

Cecil: Oops!

Dr. Lugae: Cecil!

Kain: Won't you call for help, doctor?

Dr. Lugae: Don't take me lightly or you'll get burned!

Kain: Makes me laugh!

Dr. Lugae: Now face my beloved child, Balnab!

Balnab and Lugae attack, but Balnab is initially confused.  He attacks the
doctor a few times, before being told he's attacking the wrong things.  The
battle then begins.  Balnab falls easily, and Lugae jumps into him and controls
him.  He'll be easily defeated again.

Dr. Lugae: I'll show you my real strength!

He'll fall just as easily this time, dropping a tower key for Cecil to use!

Dr. Lugae: Ha ha ha!  This Tower of Bab-il connects the ground and underground.
Rubicant has already moved all the crystals to the upper world!  And I shall
annihilate the dwarves with my Super Cannon!  Ha-hah-hah!

Rydia: Dwarves are in danger!

Yang: We must stop the Super Cannon!

Kain: We must destroy it!

Cecil leads everyone to the control room a few floors below.  There are some
dark imps ready to attack the dwarves!

Cecil: Your fun is over!

Dark Imps: You!  How did you get here?  Get them!

The imps are defeated, but before they go down the destroy the controls to the

Dark Imps: No one can stop the Super Cannon anymore!

Cecil: Oh...

Kain: What!

Yang heads up to the controls.

Cecil: Yang!

Rosa: What are you doing?

Yang: I'll take care of this!  Go on, escape!

Rydia: No!  Don't!

Cecil: It'll explode!

Yang: Go!!

Yang forces everyone out and the door locks.

Cecil: Yang!

Yang: Tell my wife... to live for me!

Kain: Open up, Yang!

Rydia: Yang!

Rosa: Please!  Please don't do this!

Yang: It was a good trip with you all!

Cecil: Yang!  Open the door!

Yang: Aaaagh!

The control room blows up.  Yang never comes out.  The threat to the dwarves is
over, though.

Cecil: Yang!

Cecil and friends head out of the castle with a heavy heart.  Just to make
matters worse, moments before he is able to get out of the tower, Golbez makes
an appearance.

Golbez: You have amused me a lot...

Cecil: Golbez!

Golbez: This is all for play, kids.  Farewell!

The tower begins to shake violently.  The bridge Cecil is on collapses and they
all begin to fall.  Out of no where comes Cid with the Enterprise, catching
them all before they crash into an abyss.

Cid: Just in time!

Rosa: Cid!

Cid: Where's Yang?

Rosa: He...

Cecil: To destroy the Super Cannon...

Cid: I see...

Rydia: Poor Yang...

Cid: Who's this girl?

Cecil: Rydia... The Caller of Mist.

There is no time for talking, though, the Enterprise is being followed!

Cid: Shucks!  They are coming!

The Red Wings close in.

Kain: Can't we shake them off?

Cid: Looks like they've modified the Red Wings!

Rydia: He's catching up!

Cid: Give it your best, Enterprise!

They head towards the underworld entrance.

Cid: The engine can't last much longer!  Cecil!  Take the control!

Cid runs to the back of the ship..

Rosa: Cid!

Cecil: What are you doing!

Cid: Get out of the underground!  I'll close the hole with this bomb!

Rosa: Oh, Cid...

Cid: I wanted to see your children... Rosa... Cecil...  But I guess I'll stay
here for a while.  Go to Baron and get my workers to help you!

Cecil: Cid!

Rydia: Come on!

Cid: Be good, Rydia!  Hurry to Baron!

Cid jumps overboard.

Cid: Golbez!  I'll show you the great fire works of Cid, the Master Engineer!

Cid detonates a bomb which seals the entrance to the Underworld.  Moments
before it's completely sealed, Enterprise is able to slip back to the

Rosa: Cid!

Rydia: Why?

Kain: It's too dangerous!

Cecil: We'll head toward... Baron!

They head to Baron and Cid's assistants attach a hook to the Enterprise,
allowing it to pick up the hovercraft from well earlier in the game.  They
explain this will allow Cecil to use it in Cave Eblan.

Cecil: Cid is...

Cid's Assistant: Oh, I can tell you are having trouble handling him.  But I
won't blame you!  Well, good luck!

The Enterprise picks up the hovercraft and flies towards Eblan.  With the
hovercraft, they're able to enter the cave, which will lead them to the Tower
of Bab-il on the overworld.  In the second area of the cave, the surviving
Elbans have hidden and started a town.  Their prince went deeper into the
caves, but has not as of yet returned.  After going quite far in the cave,
Cecil runs into Rubicant attacking someone.

Man: Hey!  Rubicant!  I was waiting for this day!

Rubicant: Have I met you before?

Man: I am Eblan's Prince Edge!

Rubicant: Eblan?  What's that?

Edge: Don't play the fool with me!

Edge attacks Rubicant, but is easily defeated by the fiend.

Edge: Blast you!

Rubicant: Indeed you're strong... but still no match for me.  Challenge me
after you've become strong enough!

Rubicant leaves.

Edge: Wait!

Cecil comes to Edge's aid.

Cecil: You okay?

Edge: How could I lose?

Rydia: We're also after Rubicant for his crystal.

Edge: Why don't you stay out of this?

Kain: He is one of the Fiends of Elements!

Cecil: Haven't you tasted enough of his power?

Edge: Think I'm just a spoiled Prince, hun?  The Royal family of Eblan is
trained as Ninja!  I can take care of myself, okay?

Rydia: Stop it!  No more!  I've had enough!  Tellah... Yang... And even Cid!
We lost them all... ALL!

Edge: Hey, come on!

Rosa: Rydia...

Rydia. *sob* *sob*

Cecil: Rubicant is the strongest of the Four Fiends.  But we still have to
recover the crystals!

Edge: Can't keep this pretty girl crying.  Why don't we work together on this?

Kain: Considering the fact that he's wounded, he sure bluffs!  Well, Rosa!

Rosa: Cure two!

Edge: Thanks girl!  You are cute too!  Right, men!  Let's go!

Rydia: Give me a break!

They head out of the cave and into the Tower of Bab-il.  A small problem
arises, though, as there is no readily noticeable way in.

Cecil: How are we gonna get in?

Edge: Watch!  Here we go!

Whether or not there was already a hole in the wall or if Edge kicked his way
through is irrelevant.  They manage to make it into the tower.  On the fifth
floor of the tower, Edge's parents appear.

King of Eblan: Edge...

Edge: Dad!  Mom!

Queen of Eblan: I'm glad you are fine...

Edge: So am I!

Queen: Edge... come...

King: Come with us.

Edge: To where?

Queen: To the Dark World!

A battle begins.  Edge's parents are undead at this point, oblivious to him.
After taking a pounding, they stop attacking and remember some things.

King: Edge listen.  We're no longer human.  We must not live on.

Queen: I'm sorry, dear.

King: Before we lose our mind, we must go.  Take care, Edge.

Edge: No!  Please!

Queen: Good bye, Edge.

Edge: Don't Mom!  Don't go!

They die.

Edge: Graaaagh!

Rosa: No!

Rubicant appears.

Rubicant: Wretched Lugae!  How dare he!

Edge: Rubicant!  I'm not gonna forgive you!  Never!

Rubicant: Lugae turned your parents into monsters on his own.  I apologize for
that.  I'm not like the others you see.  I want to play fair.

Edge: Shut up!

Rubicant: How brave!  But you'll never gain real strength as long as you are
swayed by emotions.

Edge: I'll show you the power...  of anger!

Edge acquires several of his blitz attacks from his rage, including flood.

Rubicant: I see.  But my cloak of flame cannot be penetrated even by cold!  Now
I restore you to full strength!  Fight with all your might!

Rubicant is easily overcome now that Edge has new skills and allies.

Rubicant: Well... now I see why Golbez had a hard time with you.  Weak people
can join forces... I admire you, warriors!  Farewell.

Rubicant dies.

Edge: Dad... Mom...  I avenged you.

Chamberlain: Your highness!

Edge: Chamberlain!

Chamberlain: We won't let Your Highness go alone!  Where is Rubicant?

Edge: It's over! We did it!

Chamberlain: That becomes the prince!

Edge: All because of these guys!

Chamberlain: Thank you, good sirs!

Edge: Who's Golbez?

Kain: The one gathering the crystals to reach the moon.  He is the mastermind
of Rubicant!

Edge: Why the moon!

Cecil: For the power!

Rydia: And we have to stop him!

Edge: Golbez ! So he was behind all this!  I'm gonna get him!

Chamberlain: Oh!  But your highness!  We must rebuild our castle!

Edge: The world is in danger.  I gotta do something!  Besides, I don't like
that guy.

Chamberlain: Oh, but, your highness!

Edge: Don't worry!  Now go back to Eblan!

Chamberlain: Very well.  Sirs, please take care of our Prince!

All: Your highness, good fortune be with you!

Edge: Okey dokey!  Right!  Let's go smash Golbez!

Rydia: To get back the crystals!

Edge: All right!  Now let's go!

Cecil enters the crystal room.  It's a trap!

Cecil: A pitfall?

They fall into the underworld's Tower of Bab-il.

Edge: Ouch!

Kain: Seems like we've fallen to the underground.

They move around a previously unexplored part of the underworld tower.  Before
long, they reach an air dock.

Cecil: What!  New Airship?

Edge: Let's take this airship and get out of the tower!

Rydia: It's not yours!

Edge: That's okay!  It would be happy to be used by us!

Edge rushes ahead and mans the controls.

Rosa: Isn't this a trap or something?

Edge: Don't worry!  I like this airship.  Let's call it Falcon. How do you like

Cecil: Hurry, Edge!

Edge: Okay, okay!  Now... go, Falcon!

The Falcon begins moving out of the Tower of Bab-il.  As there's really no
where else to go, Cecil eventually lands at the Dwarven kingdom of Giott.

King: We've been worried!  How did it go?

Cecil: I am afraid...

King: I see... Golbez is trying to force open the sealed cave!  It's just a
matter of time before he succeeds.  SO I want you to get the crystal before
him.  Luca!

Luca: What is it, father?

King: Give me your necklace.

Luca: This one?

King: This is the very key to open the Sealed Cave!  No one can enter the cave
without it!  We must defend the last crystal at all cost!

Cecil: We'll do our best!

Also in the castle is Cid!  He is, unfortunately, rather incapacitated in a bed
recovering from his injuries.

Cid: Food?  How can these people east such tasteless...

Cecil: Cid!

Rosa: You're okay!

Kain: Good grief!

Cid: Ha ha ha!

Edge: Who's this chap?

Cid: Chap?  You impertinent brat!

Edge: Who do you think you are talking to?

Cid: Who is this little nuisance?

Edge: I'm Edge, the renowned Prince of Eblan!

Kain: He is a Prince, though his mouth betrays his nature.

Edge: And handsome, skilled Ninja as well!

Rydia: He is injured!  Don't anger him!

Cid: Henpecked, boy?

Edge: Oh, shut up!

Cid: By the way... what of Golbez?

Cecil: We've defeated all of his Four Fiends.  But all the crystals, except for
the last one are now...

Rosa: We want to get the last crystal, but the Enterprise is above on the upper

Kain: We snatched an airship from the enemy.  But it cannot fly over the magma.

Cid: Ha ha!  Now it's my turn!  Can't do anything without me...

Dwarf: You must stay in bed, Lali!  Wait until you heal, Lali!

Cid: Oh, shut up and help me remodel the airship!  We have no time to waste!

Cid rushes out of the room to begin repairs.

Rosa: He looks fine.

Cecil: Yeah!

Cid finishes repairs quickly, but looks a bit worn out once done.

Cid: Now you can fly over the magma!

Rosa: Thank you.

Kain: Cid!

Cid falls asleep.

Rydia: He must have been very tired.

Rosa: he has overworked himself.

Cecil: Thanks, Cid.

At this point, Cecil and the crew gain great freedom and are able to go
anywhere in the underworld.  A few stops they might make are to the Land of
Summons and the Sylvain cave.  Assuming they head to the land of summons,
they'll have to go through the land of monsters first.

Rydia: I came here on my way from the Land of Summoned Monsters!  Let's ask for

They wander around the land of monsters to a town of summons until they find a
throne room.

Rydia: Queen Asura!

Asura: Glad to see you again, Rydia...

Rydia: Please help us!

Asura: I am willing to...  but first I must see your worthiness.  Do you have
enough courage and power to challenge me?

Rydia and her friends defeat Asura.

Asura: Rydia... You have fine and brave friends.  Call me whenever you need my

Once defeated, the King, Leviatan, will also talk.

Leviatan: You are the first ones to defeat Asura.  But strength alone is not
enough to counter evil.  You must have an even stronger will to guide your
powers towards good.  Will you contest me so that I may ascertain the strength
of your will?

Leviatan is a strong opponent, but eventually overcome by everyone's power to

Leviatan: It sure is the Power of Light!  I, the master of the summoned
monsters will be your help from now on!

After venturing around a bit more, Cecil and the party will exit the area.  The
only other optional area here is a cave.  Yang is in the cave, but he is
recuperating after his injuries and the faeries guarding him won't allow you to
speak to him.  Eventually Cecil will enter the sealed cave thanks to the
necklace key from Giott.  After fighting through several trap doors, Cecil and
the party will enter the room of the final crystal.  With no opposition what so
ever, Cecil is able to get the last crystal.  As he tries to exit the room,
however, he is stopped by a wall.

Cecil: The wall!

Rydia: It's moving!

Kain: They set the trap to guard the crystal!

Edge: Let's destroy the trap, then!

The wall is easily repelled.

Rydia: We did it!

Edge: What a petty trap!

Cecil and company walk all the way back to the beginning of the long cave with
the last crystal.  Just before they make it out, the screen darkens and Golbez
makes an appearance.

Cecil: What?

Golbez: Kain... Return to me, Kain... Come back to me with the crystal.

Cecil: Golbez!  Kain!

Rosa: Get a hold of yourself!

Kain: I'm... all right.  I am no longer under his control!

Kain attacks Cecil.

Cecil: Ugh!

Kain takes the crystal and runs away.

Edge: You wretch!

Rosa: Kain!  What are you doing!?

Golbez: I've been waiting for this moment!  Now the Tower of Bab-il can be
reactivated!  The way to the moon will open!  Come Kain!

Cecil: Come on, Kain!  Wake up!

Kain: All the crystals are gathered now!  The way to the moon will open!

Edge: Wait!

Golbez: Ha ha ha!

Cecil: Kain...

Edge: Oh my!

Cecil heads back to Giott and enters the throne room.

King: Welcome Back!  Now let me see...

Cecil: I am afraid...

King: What!?  They gathered all the crystals!?  Now we are finished...  Unless
the Legend of the Big Whale comes true...

Cecil: Big Whale?

King: A huge ship spoken in the legend.  It says one to be born from...

Cecil: Mysidian legend!

King: You know Mysidia?

Cecil: It is the home of wizards on upper world!

King: Mysidia does exist!

Cecil: Elder of Mysidia is now wishing in the tower.

King: I wonder if he is intending to...

Cecil: ?

King: Call the Big Whale?  It must be!  You must hurry to Mysidia!

Rosa: But the way to the upper world is closed!

Edge: We can't get close to the Tower of Bab-il.

Cid enters.

Cid: Let me take care of it!

Cecil: Cid!

Cid: We've got to attach a drill to the head of Falcon so you can dig your way

Rosa: But you're hurt!

Cid: It doesn't matter!

Edge: Can you do it?

Cid: Who do you think you are talking to?  I am Cid, the Master Engineer of the
airships!  Right!  Now let's remodel it!

Cid and his crew work to put a drill on the Falcon.  Cid falls over exhausted
again once the work is done.

Cecil: Cid!

Cid is placed back in a bed, Everyone greets him when he comes to.

Cecil: Cid!

Rosa: Take care of yourself.

Cid: I may have already served my term... Seems like I can't be of much use

Edge: I take my hat off to you!

Rydia: Get well soon.

Cid: Look after Cecil and Rosa.

Edge: Don't' worry and just rest here!

Cid: Take care...

Rosa: You too.

Cid: Now, go... You have no such time to waste on this old man!

Cecil: Thanks... Cid.

The Falcon is able to drill it's way back to the overworld.  I'm honestly not
sure how the physics on that worked, but apparently they do...  They return to
Mysidia and the Elder greets Cecil at the door.

Elder: We have been waiting for you!  Come to the Tower of Wishes!

The screen goes to narration: One to be born from a dragon hoisting the light
and the dark arises high up in the sky to the still land.  Veiling the moon
with the light of eternity it brings another promise to mother earth with a
bounty and mercy.

Elder: Wish, everyone!  The legend shall come alive now!

All the wizards in the tower go about wishing.  The screen begins to flicker.
Outside of town a massive whirlpool starts in the ocean.

Elder: Look, everyone!  Our wish was granted.

A giant ship emerges from the whirlpool.

Elder: That is...  The ship of Light from the moon.  The big whale!  While
wishing, I heard a voice calling you to come to the moon... Someone awaits you

Cecil: Moon?  How?

Before heading to the moon, Cecil returns to Fabul to give Yang's wife some

[If you go without ever talking to Yang]
Yang's Wife: My husband's gone?  Don't be kidding!  He won't perish!

[If you've talked to Yang in the underground]
Yang's Wife: What?  He is in the underground?  Come on!  Ooops!  This onion
makes my eyes watery!  But that's not the way he should be!  Give him a good
one with this!

She hands Cecil a frying pan.  Cecil heads back down to Yang in the underworld
and smacks him with a frying pan.

Yang: Mmm.  Already time for training?  Let me sleep a little longer...  Oh!

Cecil: Yang!

Rydia: Oh, great!

Yang: Sylphs saved me when I was in trouble.

Rosa: Your brave act saved the dwarves!

Yang: I am... going with you...

Sylph: No!  You stay and rest!

Yang: The whole world is in danger!  I cannot...

Edge: It's no place for the injured, man!

Yang: Who are you?

Edge: I'm prince Edge of Eblan!  Much better at fighting than you, man!

Yang: Eblan!?  So you are a Ninja!  Then I will...

Sylph: No!  Don't force yourself!  We'll help them instead!

Yang: ?

Sylph: She is a caller.  She can call us!  We'll help you!

Rydia: Thank you!

Yang: Sorry... I cannot be of any help now.

Cecil and friends finally get on the lunar ship and head to the moon, which is
a collage of tunnels.  Eventually they'll reach a crystal palace. They enter it
and head to a throne room.


Cecil: Who are you?

FuSoYa: I am FuSoYa, the guardian of the Lunarians' slumber.

Rosa: Lunarians?

FuSoYa: Yes.  Millennia ago, the planet between Mars and Jupiter was about to
be shattered.  The people who survived this calamity escaped by ships and
headed for the Blue Planet.

Cecil: The blue planet?

FuSoYa: Your land earth.  However, the people of the earth were still in the
process of evolution.  Thus they created another moon and kept sleeping.

Edge: Lunarians?

FuSoYa: But he refused it.  He tried to make the earth his place to live.

Rydia: Who?

FuSoYa: I forced him to sleep.  But his thoughts were still awaken.

Cecil: Is that who is controlling Golbez?

Edge: Who is that?

FuSoYa: He is Zemus.  He needs the crystals as the energy source to reactivate
the Tower of Bab-il.  To bring down the Giant of Bab-il to annihilate the
living on earth!  Most of us Lunarians are waiting for you folks on the blue
planet to be able to understand us.

Cecil: What about the Big Whale?

FuSoYa: My brother KluYa made it to go to the Blue Planet.  He taught your
folks how to build the airships and the Serpent Road.  KluYa fell in love with
a girl of your blue planet and gave birth to two children.  One of them is you,

Cecil: Me?  Then the Light at the Mt. Ordeals was...

FuSoYa: It must be the spirit of your father, KluYa.

Cecil: My father is that Light...

FuSoYa: KluYa gave you his power to thwart the foul machination of Zemus.  We
must stop him for the sake of our two races!  Now let's hurry to the Tower of
Bab-il in Eblan!

Edge: Tower of Bab-il?  But it's shielded!

FuSoYa: I can neutralize the shield!  I will go with you!

As the lunar ship returns to earth, the tower of Bab-il activates.

Rydia: Screeeeaaam!

Cecil: Tower of Bab-il?

FuSoYa: We're late!

Edge: What?

FuSoYa: The Giant of Bab-il will appear!

The giant appears and begins to attack the planet.

Rydia: It's terrible.

Edge: Blast it!

Rydia: Can't we do anything anymore?

Cecil: What's that?

A combined strike force of tanks and airships attack the giant.  Almost all of
the main cast not presently in the party are either leading an airship or a

King Giott: Here we are!  We dwarves shall fight for the Mother Earth!  Lali-

Yang: I cannot be resting while you're fighting.  Count me in!

Cid: Watch out!  Here I come!

Mechanics: Yes!

Palom: Hey!  Long time no see, man!

Porom: Our Elder removed our petrifaction.

Elder: This war is not yours alone!  It involves all the creatures on the

Edward: Cecil!  Let me show you the courage you've taught me!

They bomb the living hell out of the Giant of Bab-il.

Cecil: Everyone!

Rosa: The Giant is intimidated!

FuSoYa: Now, we must get inside of the Giant of Bab-il and destroy its control

Edge: I see!  So we destroy his core!

Cecil: Please, Cid!

Cid's airship picks up Cecil's group.

FuSoYa: Go near its mouth!

Cid: Who's this?

Cecil: FuSoYa from the moon.

Cid: Moon?

FuSoYa: Can you or not?

Cid: Who do you think I am!  Leave it up to me!

FuSoYa: Now!

Cid: Hold on!

Cid flies the airship into the giant's mouth.  They work their way around the
giant's body until they reach the lung.  In the lung, all four Fiends of the
Elements await.

Milon: You're late!

Kainazzo: The Giant won't stop!

Valvalis: You...

Rubicant: Will be laid to rest here!

Cecil: Four fiends!

Milon: Master Zemus...

Kainazzo: breathed life back into us all

Valvalis: to defeat you!

Rubicant: Glad to meet and fight you again!  You have taught me... to join
forces!  Now I will restore your strength!  Fight with all your might!

The most challenging and certainly the most entertaining battle in the entire
game takes place as Cecil must fight his way past all four elements in
immediate battles.  Eventually, the good guys prevail.

Milon: Master Zemus!

Kainazzo: Once again!

Valvalis: No!

Rubicant: We lost!

Cecil pushes forward into the main CPU room of the Giant.

FuSoYa: It's the core of this Giant, the CPU!

Edge: Man!  It's huge!

FuSoYa: We must destroy the Defensive System first!  Otherwise all the damage
will be repaired!

The controls to the giant explode!

Kain [Yes, the game really says Kain]: We did it!

Edge: It stopped!

Golbez: You wretch!  You ruined my plan!  You shall pay for this!

FuSoYa: You!

Golbez: Get away!

FuSoYa: Don't you realize who you are?

Golbez: Stop it!

FuSoYa: Wake up!

FuSoYa casts several spells, which knock himself down.

Golbez: Why did I have all that hatred?

FuSoYa: Come to your senses!  Do you remember your father's name?

Golbez: My father?  His name is... KluYa?

Cecil: What?

Rosa: That means...

Edge: Cecil's... brother?

Cecil: Golbez is my...?

FuSoYa: You were controlled by Zemus' telepathy.  Your blood made it easier for
him to use you.

Edge: Man!

Cecil: I have been fighting my own brother...

Golbez: You are my brother?

Cecil: But... it could have been me.. who was controlled by Zemus' telepathy.

Golbez: But it was me... It means my soul was stained with evil for Zemus to

Cecil: Where are you going?

Golbez: I'll settle all this myself!!

FuSoYa: Wait!  Zemus is a Lunar!  He belongs to my race!  I'll come with you!

Golbez: Good-bye, Cecil.

FuSoYa and Golbez leave.

Edge: Are you gonna just let him go like this?

Rosa: He may lose his life!

Cecil: ...

Rydia: Isn't he your big brother?

Cecil: Brother...

Rydia: Right!

Cecil: ...

The giant starts to explode.

Edge: It's collapsing!

Rydia: We must get out!

Rosa: Cecil!

Cecil: ...

Edge: What's the matter?

Rydia: But where is the way out?

This way!

Kain appears.

Rosa: Kain!

Edge: You can't trick us anymore!

Kain: Talk later!  We must hurry!

Rosa: Hurry up!

They follow Kain out of the giant.  The internal explosions in combination with
the external bombardment destroy the giant.

Kain: At last I was able to regain consciousness.  And I am ready to pay the

Edge: Yeah!  Who do you think reactivated the Giant of Bab-il?

Rosa: No!

Kain: Rosa.

Rosa: Golbez was also under the control!  It's not Kain's fault!

Kain: Golbez... too?

Rosa: Golbez was Cecil's brother.

Cecil: ...

Rosa: A Lunarian called Zemus controlled Golbez from the moon.

Rydia: So Golbez went to the Moon with FuSoYa to defeat Zemus.

Kain: Golbez.. Cecil's brother...  Then I must pay back my debts to Zemus!

Edge: Hope he doesn't get hypnotized again.

Kain: If that happens again, go ahead and get rid of me.

Edge: Then I'm coming!  I feel like defeating Zemus with my blade!

Kain: Edge...

Cecil: Let's go.  I will go... to the moon!

Rosa: Cecil...

Cecil: Rosa and Rydia will get off here.  The rest of us will go to the moon.
It's too risky. There is no guarantee of safe return this time.

Rosa: Cecil!

Rydia: What!?

Cecil: Come on.  Get off the Big Whale.

Rosa leaves, Rydia does not.

Edge: Now, Rydia.  You be a good girl and stay home.

Rydia: Think it's sweet of you to say that, Hotshot?

Rydia leaves.

Edge: So long, Rydia.

Kain: Cecil...

Cecil: Let's go, Kain!  Edge!

They head to the moon.

Cecil: Ready!

Rosa and Rydia have been hiding the entire journey.  They pop out as Cecil is
about to disembark.

Kain: Rosa!

Rosa: ,,,

Cecil: Get out of my way.

Rosa: No!  I won't unless you take me with you.

Cecil: Don't be silly.

Rosa: I don't care how dangerous it will be!  I don't care as long as I can be
with you!

Cecil: Rosa...

Kain: Take her, Cecil,

Edge: Come on, man!

Cecil: Okay, Rosa... Whatever happens...  I'll protect you!

They kiss!

Rydia: We did it!

Edge: Rydia!

Rydia: Didn't I say we're all fighting for a common cause? Besides, I'm the
only Caller you have!

Cecil: Rydia... You are right.  Let's fight!  For our common cause!

They land on the moon and make their way back to the Crystal Palace.  In the
back room of the palace is a crystal room, with all eight crystals.  In the
middle is a tile.

Crystals: We shall guide you to the path that leads to the core!

Cecil and crew are teleported to the subterranean lairs of the moon.  After
clearing out several chambers, Cecil and friends begin killing several bosses
guarding the best weapons in the game.  Each boss makes some reference to
Zemus's power before battling.  After an extremely trying trip, Cecil reaches
Golbez, FuSoYa and Zemus.

Cecil: Golbez!  FuSoYa!

Golbez and FuSoYa attack Zemus in battle, casting everything they've got;
including a w-Meteo.  Zemus falls.

Golbez: We defeated him.

FuSoYa: It's a pity.  He was consumed with evil and could not use his powers
for good.

Edge: Right on!

FuSoYa: Oh, you're here!

Edge: Man!  I was to get Zemus!

Golbez: Cecil.

Cecil: ...

Rosa: Cecil.

Zemus begins to move and change forms.

Zemus: I am the Absolute Dark Substance... product of Zemus' hatred.  My name
is Zeromus... I am... the hatred!

Zeromus wipes out Cecil's entire group.

FuSoYa: Death only increased Zemus' hatred!

Golbez: Zemus.. Or shall I say Zeromus!  I'll cast you back to where you

FuSoYa: Begone!

They attacking Zeromus with Meteo, but it heals him!  They use the crystals,
but Golbez being made of darkness makes it ineffective.  Zeromus wipes them out
with a Meteo of his own.

Zeromus: Suffer... and perish... My hatred will last until I destroy all...
Now it's your turn... Come into my darkness!

Meanwhile, in the wishing tower, Palom, Porom, Cid, Yang, Edward and others are
watching on.

Porom: Master!

Palom: They are in danger!

Elder: Ahuh!  Now is the time to wish for the earth!  Palom!  Porom!  We shall
send people's wishes to Cecil!

Yang: Cecil!

Edward: Show us what true courage is!

Cid: We are all waiting for you!  Come back alive!

King Giott: For Mother Earth!

Luca: Stand up!  You're our last hope!

Palom: Wake up, dude!

Porom: Cecil... and everyone!

Elder: Moon! Answer our wish!

Cecil gets up.

Cecil: Brother!

Golbez: Cecil... Use this!

Cecil is given a crystal.

Cecil: Zeromus!  For all those living on the earth, I will destroy you!

Cecil starts a fight with Zeromus.  He has but one hit point with all dead
allies.  As the battle begins, the rest of the cast blesses them with strength.

Palom: Cecil

Porom: Here's our power.

Edward: Do you best!

Tellah: Don't give up!

Yang: Concentrate!

Cid: Hold on to it!

FuSoYa: Bless him, moon!

Golbez: My dear brother.

Zeromus: This is the end!

The battle starts for real, Zeromus shaking around the screen.  Cecil uses the
crystal which Golbez gave him.  Zeromus changes forms.  The battle rages
onward.  After a very long and difficult battle, Cecil, Kain, Rosa, Rydia and
Edge defeat Zeromus.

Zeromus: I will not perish as long as there is evil in the hearts of the
people.. puff..  GRRRRRRRRRR!

Zeromus vanishes, Golbez and FuSoYa get up.  The entire moon shakes violently,
and suddenly everything is silent and peaceful.

FuSoYa: Well done!  I didn't know you people had such power.  Your people might
have been further along than us Lunarians.

Edge: No doubt!

Kain: But Zeromus' last words...

Rosa: As long as there is evil in the hearts of people.

FuSoYa: Evil in our minds will never disappear.  We all have both evil and good
in our mind, just as there are the crystals of light and darkness, the ground
and the underground.  But as long as the evil exists, so does good.  Just as
you held good in your heart to fight evil.

Edge: You're right, man!

Rydia: It's hard to believe Zemus didn't use you instead!

Edge: Ha!  Don't worry!  Goodness is my middle name!

FuSoYa: I must now return to my sleep.  You?

Cecil: We'll go back to our planet.

Rosa: There are people waiting for us!

FuSoYa: I see. You have great comrades.  I am looking forward to seeing you

Golbez: May I go with you?

FuSoYa: You?

Golbez: I cannot go back to the earth considering what I have done.  Besides, I
would like to see my father's people.

FuSoYa: If you wish.  But it will be a very long sleep.

Golbez: I understand.  Thanks, Cecil, for calling me brother.  I know you can't
forgive or forget what I've done.  I caused you so much pain.

FuSoYa: We must go now.  Live in peace.  Now let's go.

Golbez: Yes.

Rosa: Cecil...

Kain: It's your last chance, Cecil!

Rydia: Say it!

Golbez: Good-bye.

Edge: Cecil!

Cecil: ...Good-bye, brother!

Golbez: So long.  Cecil!

The scene shifts to the solar system, the inner planet circling the sun.

Narration: One to be born from a dragon hoisting the light and the dark arises
high up in the sky to still land... Veiling the moon with the light of
eternity, it brings another promise to mother earth with a bounty of mercy.
The moon has just started to seek for its own light.

The lunar ship lands in the whirlpool it had come from initially.  The scene
shifts to Mysidia.

Elder: Let's start today's lesson.

Porom: Yes, master.

Elder: Where's Palom?

Porom: Not again!  I will fetch him!

Palom is on the coast bragging to a girl.

Palom: You know, it was then I cast ice to open Mt. Ordeals...

Porom smacks him.

Palom: Ouch!

Porom: Enough of your boasting! Elder is waiting for you!

They head back to the elder.

Elder: How many times do I have to tell you not to skip lessons?  Here's your

Palom: Please!  No.

Porom: Ha-ha, serves you right!

Edge is in Eblan.  The castle has been rebuilt.

Chamberlain: To begin with, your highness lacks self-awareness of being the
successor to the throne!

Edge: Don't worry!

Chamberlain: I will not, if you stop dating girls all the time!

Edge: Okay!  Okay!

Chamberlain: Please do what you say for a change!

Edge: I can find no girl more beautiful than you in this world, Rydia...

Chamberlain: Your highness!

Rydia is in the land of the summons.

Asura: I had no expected her to come back here.

Leviatan: Amazing girl!

Baby monster: Rydia!  Why don't you have any fangs like us, Rydia?  Are we

Rydia: Come on!  There's nothing different between us.

Asura: It sure will be fun around here.

Leviatan: Yes, and she's beautiful!

Rydia: The heart is what's important.  Right Cecil?

In Fabul, Yang now sits on the throne.

Yang's Wife: Honey

Yang: Stop calling me that!  You are a queen now!

Yang ['s wife]: But I don't like such formalities!

Yang: Ooops!  It's time for training!  Let's go!

Yang's Wife: So you do!

Former King: I'm sure that Yang will rebuild a fabulous Fabul!

Edward is in his castle, which still shows all the damage from the attacks.

Prince Edward!  Let us listen to the minstrelsy of Paladin!

Edward: Sure!  But let us finish today's work before that.  Don't you want to
rebuild our castle?

Kids: Yes!  Promise!

Edward: Anna... Watch me from up there, Anna.  I have the people of Damcyan
with me!  I hope Tellah will keep you company.

Giott's castle also needs rebuilding.

King Giott: Work hard!  Rebuild our castle as soon as possible!

Dwarf: King we haven't got enough materials for that

King Giott: Scrap the tanks, there won't be another war!

Luca: Father!  I wonder what Cecil and others are doing.

King Giott: I received good news!  Cecil will ascend the Baronian throne with
Rosa as the queen!

Luca: Really?

King Giott: And we are invited to their ceremony!

Luca: How nice!

Dwarf: You are loafing around just fine your majesty.

King Giott: Ahem, scrap the tanks.  Lali-ho!

Kain has his helmet off standing on a mountain somewhere looking over the

Kain: Cecil... Rosa...  Forgive my absence.  I must strengthen myself to be a
true Dragoon before going back.  Until then...

In a small room, two men are talking while looking out of a telescope at the


Kory: What?

The Moon!

The scene goes back to the inner planets circling around the sun again.  The
moon removes itself from orbit and flies out into the outer parts of the solar

Rosa and Cecil are in their castle in a bedroom.

Cecil: !

Rosa: Cecil?

Cecil: Nothing.  I thought I heard my brother's voice.

Rosa: Really?

Cecil: Never mind.

Cid enters the room.

Cid: Hey!  What are you doing!?  They are all waiting for you!

Rosa: Sorry.

Cid: You have plenty of time later to spend together, Rosa!  Or shall I say,

Rosa: Rosa is fine!

Cid: Okay, Rosa!  The bride needs make up!  The maids are waiting!  Hurry up!

Rosa: Okay!

Cid leaves.

Rosa: It's been a while since we last saw them!  They must be coming now!
Hurry, Cecil!

Rosa leaves.

Cecil: I did hear him.  He said... good-bye.

Cecil and Rosa gather in the throne room, along with several wizards, red wings
and dwarfs.  The main cast comes in one at a time and pays their respects.
Rydia enters, but Edge turns his back.  They get married!  Everyone cheers.

-roll end credits-

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