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Custom Character FAQ by Sir 0rion

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/10/2004

Sir "O" Presents…
The Final Fantasy 2 (U.S. Version) Custom Character FAQ
E-mail address: sir0rionorig@hotmail.com

Copyright information: Final Fantasy, Cecil, Kain, Rosa, Edge, Rydia, Tellah,
Edward, Yang, Palom, Porom, FuSoYa, and all related names and phrases are
copyrights of Square-Enix, to which I bear no affiliation. This actual FAQ is
copyright protected and owned by Adam "Sir 0rion" Klinghammer. It is posted at
GameFAQs with my permission. It may not be reproduced anywhere else, in whole
or in part, without my permission (which is easy to get). Use of this FAQ to
obtain financial gain, including but not limited to advertising directly on
this FAQ, is strictly prohibited unless I get some of the royalties (no, I'm
not kidding).

Due to the fact that this FAQ involves the use of a Game Genie peripheral, I'll
also make a note that Game Genie is a Trademark of Galoob. The Game Genie is
not licensed or endorsed by Nintendo. Neither I, Nintendo, Square-Enix, or
Galoob bear any responsibility for any effects that take place from use or
misuse of this peripheral device.

Version history:
-April 7, 2004 - V.1.0: First version. Reluctantly includes WTW code, which I
found at the GameFAQs FF4 message boards. This is more or less an experimental
version, which will probably change dramatically as I improve upon some of the
rough spots and add more information.

-April 11, 2004: V.1.1: Yeah, it was pretty obvious that I rushed the previous
version out so I could get it uploaded in time; and therefore there were a
couple of mistakes that needed to be corrected. The first is the
walk-through-walls code, which I still don't really want to use in the FAQ, but
this time it's at least the right code. And although I mentioned it, I hadn't
actually LISTED the delete codes, so this will take care of that as well.

SECTION 1 – Getting Started
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – "…Because sometimes you just want to use a Bard instead of a Ninja."
Chapter 3 – Precautions
Chapter 4 – The Procedures
SECTION 2 – The Characters
Chapter 5 – Dark Knight Cecil
Chapter 6 – Young Rydia
Chapter 7 – Edward
Chapter 8 – Yang
Chapter 9 – Palom and/or Porom
Chapter 10 – Cid
Chapter 11 – Tellah
Chapter 12 – FuSoYa
SECTION 3 – Other Cool Things
Chapter 13 – Custom parties
Chapter 14 – Contact

SECTION 1 – Getting Started
Chapter 1: Introduction
'Evening, ladies and gents. Sir "O" here with another FAQ. This will be my
first foray into the world of RPG FAQs, and I hope you find it helpful.

This FAQ is meant to make gamers dust off their old FF2 carts for the SNES and
their Game Genies and discover a whole new element to the game, as well as some
much tougher challenges; even if you also have a rom of the original
(uncensored) FF4 or the PS-X game Final Fantasy Chronicles.

Chapter 2: "…Because sometimes you just want to use a Bard instead of a Ninja."
Yes, I know that that's the best chapter name in the history of the planet

So, what is this FAQ, exactly? Well, first, let me warn you that this FAQ
contains spoilers left and right and should ONLY be read by people that have
already beaten the game the normal way.

This FAQ will give the SNES Final Fantasy 4 faithful with Game Genies the
ability to use virtually any character throughout the entire game. That means
Tellah biting the bullet in the storyline, Cid blowing himself up, and Yang…
also blowing himself up will have no effect on which characters you're able to
keep. Hey, I told you there'd be spoilers.

I do want to clarify right now, however, that figuring these codes out took a
LOT of work. Although the Delete and Walk-through-walls codes were written by
someone else, I personally had to piece the Clone code out by trial-and-error
until I finally got it to work the way I wanted it to. So please don't take
credit for "inventing" any of these codes.

The rules
These are just general rules commonly agreed upon by FF2/4 players on when a
game is legitimately "beaten." You don't need to follow these, but doing so
means that you can consider your CC Game legitimate.

1: No item duping at all.
2: No Game Genie codes that make the game easier, including but not limited to
the Gunslinger Code, level-up codes, and using WTW in ANY situation not
specifically outlined in this FAQ. Game Genie codes that make the game harder
are permissible. And of course you can use the "Clone" code – after all, that's
the main feature in the FAQ.
3: Adamant Armor is allowed ONLY if you manage to earn it properly. After all,
if you really got it legit, you DESERVE it. (^_^)
4: Using the special attack and spell "Dummy" codes is allowed if you can find
them. I only know Cecil's Dark Wave code, though.
5: No bypassing any level or non-optional boss fight in any way, shape, or
form. This especially includes Rydia's Dark Crystal Warp trick. Boss fights in
which you don't control your character (such as Tellah fighting Golbez) can be
legally bypassed.
6: Until further notice, WTW can only be used to keep Tellah.

Chapter 3 – Precautions
I've said this before, but it bears repeating: you should only attempt a
Custom-Character game AFTER you've beaten the game the normal way. For one
thing, the story makes a lot more sense if you have the right characters in
your party. For another, you should always have a pretty good grasp on what
events in the story will effect your team and in what way. I will list these in
the character section, but you should have person experience with them anyway.
Fourth, this FAQ contains several spoilers, so unless you've already played the
game through, this FAQ could diminish your enjoyment of the game. Finally, you
should play it through the RIGHT way just on principal.

The next precaution I'd like to give is that the use of these codes could have
several side-effects on the game. Most are very minor and generally only
require a quick reset. Occasionally, however, certain side-effects could erase
game saves if you're not careful, namely using the Walk-through-walls code and
talking to an NPC you shouldn't be talking to. These can be avoided with common
sense, but I feel that it's still important to inform you of these side-effects.

Whenever you are about to change the party, you should always, ALWAYS save the
game in a *separate* save file. This is to ensure that if you made a mistake in
your planning you can go back and correct the error.

This next precaution is VERY important. There are certain situations in which a
character HAS to be in the party and not deleted from the game. These
situations include Tellah's suicidal battle against Golbez, or Paladin Cecil's
final confrontation with Zeromus. These are outlined in Chapter 4, so pay close
attention to them.

Finally, have a good, clear idea on who you want in your final party BEFORE you
start a new game. That way you can plan ahead and devise the best way to create
that party as the game goes on. This is also important because not every
character can be retained by any one method. For instance, Tellah is somewhat
complicated to save using the Clone method, yet it's a cinch to save him using
Walk-through-walls. However, Cid will be removed from your party with a
"surprise" event if you don't Clone him beforehand.

Chapter 4: The Procedures
There are two popular methods for creating CC parties using the Game Genie.

The first is the "Clone" method, which is my favorite. Using the following
code, you can create a "clone" of one character at the expense of another
character. The actual code is as follows:


This is significant because of the coding for this game. If you have two of the
same character when the character's about to be taken out of the party, the
game will only remove ONE of the two characters. As a side-note, the character
the game chooses to remove will almost NEVER be the clone.

Anyway, the clone will be an EXACT replica of the target individual –
everything from status, to current equipment, to current HP/MP will be
duplicated exactly. Even if the character is Poisoned/Paralyzed, etc. the
status effects will be transferred to the clone.

Now, the actual procedure might sound complicated, but it's really quite easy.

Just before the character you want to keep is about to leave the party, save
your game, then decide who you want to remove from the party instead. For
arguments sake, we'll draw up a hypothetical situation. Say you've just beaten
the Magus Sisters in the Tower of Zot (go on – say it), and you want to keep
Tellah in your party. However, he's about to kill himself in the fight against
Golbez. Now, say that you want to get rid of Yang instead. Well, save in the
nearby save point.

Now, as you know, there are five character slots in each party, with either
three in front and two in back, or two in front and three in back. The order of
the rows don't matter, but for reference purposes, the order from top to bottom
either looks like this…


…or like this…


For this code, only slots 1 and 2 are important. Now, input the code and
restart the game. With the Game Genie on, adjust your formation so that Tellah
is in slot one (the top slot) and Yang is in slot two (the second-to-the-top
slot). Now, enter a battle and have Yang use an item (I generally use a Cure1)
on someone, friend or foe. Now, wait a few seconds – usually about two or tree.
Yang's name should become Tellah (or whatever you named Tellah) in the status
window, and his current/max HP. Now run away from the fight and open the party
window. You should have two Tellahs. Now, save in a separate save file and turn
the Game Genie off. Proceed as you normally would. When Tellah attacks Golbez,
the computer will only chose one of them to do so (usually the original). Now,
when Tellah dies (leaves the party), only one of them will do so, and the other
will remain in your party for as long as you like. And that's how it goes! (^_^)

The second method involves bypassing the event in which the character leaves
the party simply by walking past it and not triggering the event that causes
it. This code can be easily abused to avoid tough battles, so it should only be
used by responsible players who know which events shouldn't be skipped. The
code for this is:


To explain this method, let's bring up the aforementioned Tellah situation.
You've just beaten the Magus Sisters, and you're facing Tellah's imminent
suicidal rampage against Golbez. Now, save your game, then reset and input this
code. Now, there's a "spiked" tile at the top of the stairs in which Golbez
blasts Cecil, Tellah attacks Golbez, and…etc. etc. Now, with this code, you can
walk around that tile and talk to Kain. You'll move right on to rescuing Rosa
from the rock/blade and Tellah will still be in your party.

This code is far less effective than the Clone code for CC games, but a few of
the later characters can be acquired using it, so I'm including it in the FAQ.
But just between you and me; unless you're using Tellah, stick with the clone
method. As a matter of fact, until more discussion is made about this, WTW will
ONLY be legal for Tellah, as he's the only character that won't bypass an
important event with the code.

There are a few things to note with this code. First, don't accidentally walk
into a treasure chest. You'll teleport into a glitched-out place. Second, with
this code on, you'll continue to walk in the direction you're facing whether
you hold down the direction or not. This even happens during events when you
don't have control over Cecil.

Correcting mistakes
If you find yourself with a character that you didn't want for one reason or
another but don't want to clone anyone, you can use one of the following codes
to delete them:


This procedure is similar to the clone code. However, instead of slots 1 and 2,
you'll place the character you want to delete in slot 5 and the character you
wish to use to activate the code in slot 3. Have the character in slot 3 use an
item or spell on the enemy. If the code worked right, the character in slot 5
will collapse and their stats will disappear completely.

If the character simply glitches out, try the second code instead and place the
character you want to delete in slot 1. Then follow the same procedure as
listed above.

If that doesn't work, try switching the character in slot three and try out
each of the codes until you get it right. Just remember that it's a lot easier
to clone someone than to delete them completely.

Required battles
There are some fights that you MUST have a certain character in your party to
do. Sure many of these can be bypassed with the WTW code, but that's NOT a real
game, and if you do so, you're not doing a legitimate CC game (unless otherwise
outlined). In order, these fights are…

-Saving Rydia from Baronian soldiers – requires Cecil.
-Tellah attacks Edward – requires Tellah.*
-Edward's midnight battle – requires Edward.
-Cecil becomes a Paladin – requires Cecil.
-Tellah's attacks Golbez – requires Tellah.*
-Rydia rescues Cecil – requires Rydia and Cecil.**
-Edge battles Rubicant – requires open slot. *
-Cecil takes on Zeromus – requires PALADIN Cecil.

*: Not required – WTW can be used to bypass event.
**: Rydia doesn't actually need a place to enter the fight; she just needs to
exist. So don't clone Young Rydia. Either Cecil can be used in this fight,
although you'll still need a Paladin for the final battle.

SECTION 2: The Characters
Now that you know how to make a party, let's move on to each of the specific
characters. In the following chapters I'll explain each character more
thoroughly. These chapters will include when they normally join/leave your
party, what method(s) you should use to keep them in your party, required
battles they're involved in (if any), then their strengths and weaknesses and
my appraisal of how useful they can be overall.

The characters NOT listed are Rosa, Kain, adult Rydia, and Edge. This is
because they're involved in the final party by default.

Chapter 5: Dark Knight Cecil
Because Cecil transforms from a Dark Knight into a Paladin and is therefore
essentially two different characters, I'm making a chapter specifically for
Dark Knight Cecil. Just remember that you NEED Paladin Cecil for the final
battle, regardless of if you have a Dark Knight in your party.

Character overview:
-Joins: At the beginning of the game.
-Leaves: Never – becomes a Paladin at Mt. Ordeals.
-CC Method: Clone method only.
-Strengths: VERY quick – faster than Edge; strongest weapon causes instant
death on many enemies.
-Weaknesses: Can't equip ANYTHING beyond his Black sword and armor (including
the Adamant Armor), third-LOWEST HP growth, only moderate strength growth, weak
against magic, limited abilities, requires more experience per level-up,
becomes obsolete as the game progresses. HARD-TYPE: Dark Wave doesn't cause
significant damage at any point in the game past Mt. Ordeals.
-Difficulty: Hard – Very hard. You constantly need to revive him and protect
him toward the end of the game, and with his fairly weak equipment and
virtually no abilities to take advantage of, you'll be hard-pressed to find a
use for him.

Although Dark Knight Cecil is among the toughest characters to use, he was the
first CC Character I ever tried, and he's still one of my favorites. For one
thing, let's face it – he looks awesome as a Dark Knight, especially in fights.

As I said, his main asset is his Black Sword, which is also his main weakness.
Instant death speaks for itself, but the Black Sword is still the Black Sword.
For one thing, it still remains ineffective against many enemies throughout the
game, doing a mere 1 point of damage. For another thing, as good as instant
death can be, not all enemies are susceptible to it. As a matter of fact, by
the time you get to the Giant of Bab-il, you'll be hard-pressed to put together
a list of 10 enemies that will instantly Swoon from there to the rest of the
game, so you're left with a sword that does maybe 300-700 points of damage for
the final dungeon.

And DK Cecil, unlike any other character, can NEVER upgrade his equipment
beyond his Black Armor set. Even the Adamant Armor (should you somehow
miraculously find it), which can be equipped by anyone and everyone else, can't
be used by DK Cecil. Of course, unless I'm talking to a pack of cheaters,
you'll probably never see this armor anyway – ESPECIALLY on FF2u –  but I just
wanted to tell you now in case you got some crazy idea to go looking for it
just for DK Cecil. Don't bother – he can't equip it, or anything else from the
final dungeon, for that matter.

DK Cecil MUST be cloned just before he becomes a Paladin, because while you CAN
bypass the event with Walk-through-walls, you MUST have a Paladin in your party
for the final battle, or you'll automatically lose.

*FUN FACT* - If you have both Dark Knight and Paladin Cecils in the same party
and change one of their names, the other's name will change as well.

Chapter 6: Young Rydia
-Joins: After Cecil protects her against Baronian soldiers.
-Leaves: When "Leviatan" attacks the ship from Fabul.
-CC Method: Clone only
-Strengths: White, Black, and Summon magic. Can equip anything Adult Rydia can,
and can use the optional summons, such as Imp, Bahamut, and Odin.
-Weaknesses: Frail, VERY limited spell knowledge, low HP growth, low strength
growth, low magic attack power.
-Difficulty: Very hard. Good luck getting her all the way to the Land of
Summoned Monsters; let alone Bahamut.

I actually haven't played an entire game using Young Rydia. For one thing –
well, let's just spell it out. She's a pain in the ass to power up. In
addition, her White Magic never really seemed to amount to anything. And while
she occasionally learned a neat Black Magic Spell here and there, strange
things happened the last time I used her, and she kept learning certain spells

Anyway, it could be interesting having her side-by-side with her adult self,
but I haven't gone through the effort of doing so, yet.

REQUIRED FIGHT: Young Rydia must never be cloned into another character,
because she needs to be alive to make the save in the fight against Golbez. She
doesn't need to actually ENTER the fight if you don't have a free slot
available, but she needs to exist one way or another.

Chapter 7: Edward
Oh, man. I can already tell that you're rolling your eyes at this one, and for
good reason. But Eddie might just surprise you…

-Joins: After Tellah leaves the party at Damcyan.
Leaves: Again, when Leviathan attacks the party en route to Baron.
-CC Method: Clone only
-Strengths: VERY difficult to finish off when weak, can cause various status
effects using Harps or Bow-and-arrow sets, Hide comes in handy at surprising
moments (see below), long-range weapons.
-Weaknesses: LOWEST HP GROWTH IN THE ENTIRE GAME, low stat growth overall,
"Sing" command has low success rate and requires Harp, low stat growth overall
(I know I already said that, but it's worth mentioning twice), Auto-hide can
take effect at REALLY inopportune times, low attack damage, weak against magic,
has no magic attacks of his own. HARD-TYPE: Medicine is absolutely, positively
-Difficulty: Hard – Very Hard. Although he's easily the most pathetic character
in the game on paper, he'll come in handy when you least expect it.

Edward is another one of my favorite characters to use. Although he has many,
MANY things going against him, some of his little nuances make it so boss
battles are always interesting at least.

For starters, even though Rosa has the Aim command, Edward is the closest
person to a straight-up Archer in the entire roster. Because Harps eventually
become obsolete in the face of – say, the Artemis Bow and a set of Samurai
Arrows, those are his weapon of choice. This makes the Sing command
unavailable, but really – who needs that, anyway?

So, what makes Edward worthwhile? Not a lot, but what's there is significant.
First of all, his "Hide" ability is phenomenal, especially with his low HP. And
if Edward is weakened in a fight, both his Auto-Hide AND Paladin Cecil's
Auto-Cover will go into effect, making him a tough guy to finish off unless
you're fighting magic-users.

But let's get back to the regular "Hide" command. This ability will protect
Edward in situations when the entire party usually bites it. There are two main
examples of this: the first is against Golbez and the Shadow Dragon. Because
Edward is a reasonably fast character, you can easily make him Hide before
Golbez freezes everyone, meaning that you'll have one less character to revive
when Rydia makes the save. Or even more significant, if you just couldn't get
that Wall spell up against Bahamut in time, Edward can Hide to avoid the first
Mega-Flare. Of course, the second count starts at three, so you'll play heck
trying to revive everyone in time to dodge the next one.

And when Edward is hidden, he's still a selectable target for magic, meaning
someone might aim a powerful spell at him and whiff entirely rather than damage
another party member. This includes special attacks like "Beam" and the dreaded
Globe199, which sounds more like a message board name than an attack. So, the
point is that Edward's Hide ability is his major saving grace – literally; so
learn to use it well. Does it make up for his weaknesses? Well, not really, but
then again, if you're using Edward, you're probably not looking to make things
easy on yourself anyway.

Point-blank: use Edward as an easy target – tempting to hit, tough to finish
off; and let him get a couple of long-range attacks in during the intervals
when he's not hiding. And protect him with Wall (and/or Shell on Hard-type) as
often as possible during tougher fights.

REQUIRED FIGHT: After relieving Rosa with the Sand Ruby, Edward battles a
monster and has a vision of Anna as he fights the monster. He needs to be in
your party for this to happen.

Chapter 8: Yang
NOW we're getting into the good ones! Yang might seem at first glance to be a
poor man's Edge, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

-Joins: On the mountain summit on the way to Fabul; joins again after knocking
some sense into him in Baron.
Leaves: Once again, when Leviathan attacks the ship; leaves for good when
sabotaging the Super Cannon in the Tower of Bab-il.
-CC Method: Clone only
-Strengths: HIGHEST HP GROWTH IN THE GAME *BY FAR*, highest strength growth by
far, never needs weapons, works wonders when Berserked, and his later Claws
cause status effects. HARD-TYPE: Build-up makes for one heck of an attack.
-Weaknesses: Somewhat weak against certain spells, and he never gets a really
good shirt-armor (although the Defense Ring and Ribbon can make up for this).
That's about it.
-Difficulty: Very Easy. He gets so ludicrously powerful toward the end of the
game he really makes Edge look like a joke. At levels 40-60 and up, his max HP
can be roughly 3-4 TIMES that of Edge. Seriously, he was at OVER 4,000 HP by
the time Paladin Cecil reached 2,000, and Edge was still at only about 1,200.
Even with just his claws, he can easily does as much damage with his attacks as
Edge or Kain, and he can take a beating in the meantime. I highly recommend him
to anyone who wants to create a totally attack-based party.

Like the Black Belt on Final Fantasy 1, Yang can be a bit of a late bloomer as
a pure attacker, but once he reaches the higher levels, there's virtually no
stopping him. Comparisons could be made between him and Edge. That is, until
you use them side-by-side. Then it becomes obvious that they're completely
different. While Edge relies on his Dart abilities to cause serious damage,
Yang is purely an attack-based fighter. Yang is MUCH more effective than Edge
with claws, although Edge does make up for this by being able to equip armor
and use magic.

Although Yang has MANY hit points by the end of the game, he should still avoid
taking serious attacks if possible, as it's difficult for him to find decent
body armor. Getting him weapons is purely optional, although it's a good idea
to have him equipped with the Charm and CatClaw if you have them, as they cause
status effects and give him a slight attack power boost. Not much more needs to
be said. Just Berserk and Fast him, and he'll do the rest.

Chapter 9: Porom and/or Palom
I list these two as one character because, as twins, they work best as a set.
That is, unless you're going for a pure White or Black Magic party.

-Join: The Elder of Mysidia instructs them to "protect" Cecil on his way up Mt.
-Leave: Palom and Porom both sacrifice themselves to save Cecil, Tellah, Cid,
and Yang from a trap in Baron.
-CC Method: Clone only
-Strengths: GREAT MP growth, can learn ALL Black and White Magic Spells, decent
HP growth (especially for magic users). They also learn their spells in a
pretty effective order. Palom learns Quake before any of the level 3 elemental
spells. HARD-TYPE: Palom's Bluff ability, while unreliable, can work wonders in
virtually any boss fight.
-Weaknesses: No summon spells, Twin Magic becomes obsolete as the game
progresses. HARD-TYPE: Porom's Cry ability is basically worthless.
-Difficulty: Easy. They can be an asset to ANY spell-casting party; or any
party, for that matter.

These two actually surprised me. I went in expecting more mediocre spellcasters
like Young Rydia who would never amount to anything. Boy, was I wrong! Porom
and Palom as a team can be so effective, they can even give Rosa and Rydia a
run for their collective money.

The great thing about using these two is versatility. They can be thrown into
any party that wants some extra magic ability; or they can be the only
magic-users besides Cecil, and they'll STILL do the trick with no problem.

Of the two, I consider Palom to be more effective simply because he always
seems to learn the right spell just in time. Porom learns abilities like Float
slightly later than Rosa, so exploring the underworld caves with her as the
only White Magic user could take some time to do. She does make up for this,
however, by learning other important spells (such as Cure3) sooner. Palom also
has slightly better HP growth and attack power, while Porom has the edge on MP
growth and Agility. Their Defense and Magic Attack are generally the same.

*FUN FACT* - Porom is slightly taller than Palom.

Chapter 10: Cid
When it comes to game difficulty, Cid is probably the toughest to call. He's
about as middle-of-the-road in every aspect as you can get. I guess it comes
down to whether or not you like bearded airship engineers. (^_^)

-Joins: After defeating Kainazzo in Baron, Cid will break out of prison and
find you in the throne room.
-Leaves: After the Enterprise is shot down in the underworld AND after he
launches his kamekaze attack against the Red Wings.
-CC Method: Clone only (twice)
-Strengths: Second-highest HP growth (between Cecil and Yang), good Strength
and Defense, can equip armor (including gauntlets and helmets), Axe proficient
-Weaknesses: No decent one-handed weapons (so shields are basically out of the
question), no really powerful final weapons, no spells (except arguably Peep,
which is basically pointless), no special attacks.
-Difficulty: Moderate. Cid is pretty fun to use if you like Engineers, but he
probably won't make or break any important fights.

I like Cid. I really do. He looks particularly cool in fights, and he's got a
cool "ZZ Top" thing going that really works for him. However, I don't think
there's very many strong endorsements to make for him. He's just another great
attacker and hit-taker. Because he's basically limited to Hammers,
Bow-and-Arrow sets, and (surprisingly) Axes, he's more of a hit-taker than an
attacker. He's not difficult to use, but by the same token, he's not going to
single-handedly win your fights for you. Bottom line: If you want to use him,
go for it. Otherwise, there's probably someone better you can add to the party.

Now, you'll notice that there are TWO places when Cid leaves the party, even
though he only joins once. This means that you MUST have a character lined up
to sacrifice the second time as well. Quite a bit of work to keep a character
that is merely decent.

Chapter 11: Tellah
Tellah is one of those characters that seems like a good idea, but turns out to
be more trouble than he's worth on many occasions.

-Joins: After Cecil hears of Rosa's illness; he joins again about halfway up
Mt. Ordeals.
-Leaves: After witnessing Anna's demise and swearing vengeance against Golbez;
he then leaves for good putting everything he had left into attacking Golbez
with Meteo.
-CC Method: WTW (recommended) or Clone
-Strengths: Several White and Black Magic spells, vocabulary that includes the
terms "Spoony" and "Avenge."
-Weaknesses: Oookay… low Attack power that gets LOWER as he levels up, very
frail, has few HP, has virtually NO MP (90), doesn't have access to big-ticket
spells, low and sometimes NEGATIVE stat gains. And again, only 90 MP.
-Difficulty: Hard. A magic user with virtually no MP is tough enough; but
through in the fact that he has practically no HP, DECREASES in various stats
as he levels up, and doesn't have access to any really powerful magic? Well,
you get the idea.

Tellah is one of the few characters you can get by way of the WTW code without
any trouble. So what. You can keep him. Tellah is one of those characters that
leaves the party JUST before he becomes totally obsolete. His magic can be
decent, but you'll end up using a LOT of Ethers on him during important fights
(if he even SURVIVES that long). His whole game plan involves "Cast
Ice/Fire/Bolt 3, Cure 4 on the whole party, then try to recharge MP or go for a
weaker spell." You can get more magic used by better characters by skipping
Tellah, so unless you're looking for a challenge, don't bother.

Chapter 12: FuSoYa
Now, this is a bit more like it. FuSoYa is a worthwhile character, and is
basically Tellah on steroids (or whatever the magic-increasing equivalent is).

-Joins: Very late in the game – you seek him out in the Crystal Tower at the
-Leaves: After destroying the Giant of Bab-il.
-CC Method: Clone only.
-Strengths: ALL Black AND White magic. Isn't that enough?
-Weaknesses: Not a lot of MP (190), Strength decreases as he levels up, slow HP
growth, VERY slow MP growth (doesn't get more MP until about level 70).
HARD-TYPE: His Regenerator recovers far too few HP to be helpful.
-Difficulty: Very easy. FuSoYa is a phenomenal magic-user, and can take the
place of Rosa or even Rydia without missing a beat. Like Tellah, he doesn't
have many magic points, but there is a WORLD of difference between 90 and 190.

So you want to see the almighty Meteo spell everyone is so impressed with, but
don't want to go through the trouble or power-leveling Rydia or Palom to level
65? Well, FuSoYa's your hook-up. He instantly has the legendary spell, along
with ALL other spells, in his arsenal. The spell is a bit overrated in my
opinion, but it's nice to have the option. You'll still want to have a few
Ether2s and Elixers on-hand for him, but other than that, he'll work miracles.

SECTION 3: Other Cool Stuff
Chapter 13: Custom parties
Now that you know how to create custom characters, you can make all kinds of
parties. During your first few times around it might be wiser to only change
one or two characters, but once you've done this a couple of times, you might
try replacing entire parties (except for Paladin Cecil). I was going to use
this chapter to list some, but I think you can use your imagination.

Chapter 14: Contact
Well, that's the FAQ. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or
tips, let me know. You can contact me at the following address:


Just make sure to make the subject something about FF2/4, so I know it's about
the FAQ.

In particular I'm looking for the Japanese equivalents of these codes
(particularly the Clone code.) Of course, any advice I use in this FAQ will be
credited to the person who gave it to me. Thanks again!

-Sir "O"
"Born on the wrong end of the leash, he was a dreamer. (And a little schemer!)"
–The Teacher's Pet opening theme lyrics

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