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Game Genie Codes by Paulygon

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/21/2001


          Final Fantasy II - Super Nintendo
                  Game Genie codes

                    by Paulygon


                   Version 1.1

                  June 21, 2001

See the end of this document for copyright information
and version history.



  Hi, all.  Welcome to my Final Fantasy II Game Genie codes document.  I
have personally found all of these codes and they represent many hours of
digging around in the game.  To the best of my knowledge, they have not been
available before.  Additional codes may be added if I find any others.  Should
this be the case, a new version of this document will be released.
  There are 2 different versions of this game, so if the Version A codes don't
work, try the Version B codes.


  These codes are used at your own risk and I assume no responsibility
whatsoever for their effects.  I do not guarantee that they will work for
you or that any set of codes will work in combination with any other ones.
This includes any codes found by others.  There are far too many combinations
for testing of this kind to be practical.
  I would like to know, though, if any of these codes don't work for you,
exhibit any side effects, or if you find any combinations of them that cause
problems.  In that event, please give as much detail as you can.


  I have organized these codes in the following way:

  * Field Codes : Codes for use while wandering on the field.
  * Battle Codes : Codes for use while in battle.
  * Monster Codes : Codes that affect monster stats or change enemy parties.
  * Item Codes : Codes that affect/allow access to items.
  * Miscellaneous Codes : Interesting/odd codes that may or may not be useful.


>>>>>>>> Field Codes <<<<<<<<

Ver.A:  45B6-D4A7 +
        C9BB-DD07 +
Ver.B:  Same codes.
  These codes let you use the Big Whale ship before you actually get it.
  While walking on the field and standing on a grassy, flat, or otherwise
  "landable" area, press the A button.  The screen will glitch for a few
  seconds.  Then you will appear inside the Big Whale.  You can then fly
  anywhere you want or use the Big Whale's facilities.  If you press A while
  not standing on an appropriate area, the game will zoom out, but you'll
  still move like normal.. pressing A again over a proper area or finishing a
  battle will return the zoom level to normal.
  *** Warning:  These codes make it possible to complete story events out of
              order.  Doing so may cause unforeseen problems, so be careful.

Ver.A:  1D60-0704
Ver.B:  Same code.
  No random encounters.

Ver.A:  3C6B-0DA4
Ver.B:  Same code.
  Random encounters occur with every step while walking on the field.  Does
  not work in dungeons.

Ver.A:  186D-D40A
Ver.B:  Same code.
  Battles are over before they start.  After the battle sound and
  the screen fades to black, it'll immediately return to the map.  This even
  works with boss battles, allowing you to skip them.  No exp or gold will be
  awarded, however.

Ver.A:  CBBA-07A4
Ver.B:  Same code.
  Use a Tent, Cabin, and/or Save your game anywhere!  Does not
  work while riding in a vehicle or while in battle.

Ver.A:  DA6E-6FD4
Ver.B:  Same code.
  Every random battle is always with the rarest enemy party for a
  given area.  If you know where to find Pink Puffs, this code will allow you
  to always fight them.

>>>>>>>> Battle Codes <<<<<<<<

Ver.A:  DDC0-6FDE
Ver.B:  DDC9-6FDE
  All attacks and spells target the enemy, including the enemies' own.  The
  enemy targeting will sometimes behave oddly, but this does not otherwise
  affect gameplay.  For example, a different enemy may receive damage than
  expected, or a non-existing enemy may be targeted.  The only time it doesn't
  work is when an enemy has a magic-reflecting wall around it and reflects a
  spell off of itself.  In such cases, the spell will be reflected onto
  someone in the party as normal.  Few enemies do this, though, so this won't
  often be a problem.
  * See note [1] below for more info on when the code should be used. *

Ver.A:  DD87-6DD6
Ver.B:  Same code.
  In battle, characters can equip any weapons and shields.  The normal
  restrictions still apply, though, such as 2 handed swords require the other
  hand free, bows require arrows, etc.  Handedness still matters, as well.
  After battle, go to the equip menu for a character to get their stats to

Ver.A:  6D32-D7DE
Ver.B:  6D3E-DD0E
  Always get a treasure from each enemy defeated (up to 8) after battle, even
  from enemies that don't normally drop anything, like bosses.  (those that
  don't normally drop items will just drop a Cure1 potion. :-/)

Ver.B:  DD3D-040E
  Always get a treasure from each enemy defeated (up to 8) after battle,
  except from monsters (like bosses) that don't have any.  The only reason
  to use this code over the previous one is if you don't want to get useless
  Cure1 potions from bosses. =)  There may be subtle differences in the rarity
  of items enemies drop between these codes, but this hasn't been tested.

Ver.A:  D926-D4D9
Ver.B:  Same code.
  When treasures are awarded after battle, get 5 of each item instead of 1.
  Does not work for arrows.

Ver.A:  7425-D769
Ver.B:  Same code.
  When any kind of arrows are awarded as treasures after battle, get 50 of
  them instead of 10.

Ver.A:  D734-0DDE
Ver.B:  D737-0F0E
  When treasures are awarded after battle, get the rarest one instead of the
  most common one.  Normally, a monster can drop 1 of 4 items.  This code
  replaces the first item, which has the greatest chance of being dropped,
  with the fourth item, which has the least chance of being dropped.  Put
  another way, the probability that a monster will drop it's best treasure is
  increased to just over 50% from about 1.5%.

Ver.A:  3634-07DE
Ver.B:  3630-0D0E
  When treasures are awarded after battle, the probability that a monster will
  drop it's rarest item increases from 1/64 to 6/64.

>>>>>>>> Monster Codes <<<<<<<<

Ver.A:  616D-DD56
Ver.B:  Same code.
  One of the battles around Baron is against 3 Imps.  This code makes it so
  that you fight 3 Pink Puffs instead.  They'll cast a powerful Quake spell
  on themselves instead of their usual behavior.  They will be defeated after
  4 to 5 spells for lots of exp, gold, and possibly some cool items!

Ver.A:  DBA6-0F8B
Ver.B:  Same code.
  Fight Moon-surface enemies in the underground.  It's only in a small area a
  little ways south and west of the Sylph cave right next to the lava.
  Normally, the enemies in this area include the GlomWing and Talantla.

Ver.A:  DECD-DD56
Ver.B:  Same code.
  Imps give 3,850 GP each.

Ver.A:  46CD-DD56
Ver.B:  Same code.
  Imps give 10,250 GP each.

Ver.A:  D9CA-0D56
Ver.B:  Same code.
  Imps give 1,300 Exp. each.

Ver.A:  46CA-0D56
Ver.B:  Same code.
  Imps give 10,260 Exp. each.

>>>>>>>> Item Codes <<<<<<<<

Ver.A:  C3CE-6F09
Ver.B:  Same code.
  Infinite items when used outside of battle, except for the Whistle.  If a
  Life potion is used on someone who doesn't need it, you'll get an extra one.

Ver.A:  38C4-AF00
Ver.B:  Same code.
  Summon the Big Chocobo anywhere by using a Carrot, instead of a Whistle.
  You can use the Carrot, even though the item appears greyed-out.

Ver.A:  C3C4-A4D0
Ver.B:  Same code.
  Infinite Whistles.

Ver.A:  82A9-6FD1
Ver.B:  Same code.
  The quantity of an item doesn't decrease when sold in shops.  The same items
  can be sold over and over again for easy Gold.

Ver.A:  17BF-D404
Ver.B:  Same code.
  When you get an item from a pot, treasure chest, or some other character,
  you'll get 99 of that item instead of 1!  This does not include arrows, but
  does include story items like the Package, Legend Sword, etc.  No extra item
  space will be taken by the extra story items.  You'll see. ;)

Ver.A:  17B4-D4D4
Ver.B:  Same code.
  When you get arrows from a pot or treasure chest, you'll get 99 of them
  instead of 10!

Ver.A:  CB66-6DA3 +
        1766-6FD3 +
Ver.B:  Same codes.
  After going into battle, the number of all items you have will become 99.
  Use these instead of the next code if you don't mind using up 3 codes slots
  to max-out your item counts with a minimum of hassle.  It's also safer, in
  that there's no risk of losing any items.

Ver.A:  C266-6DA3
Ver.B:  Same code.
  After going into battle, the number of each item in the inventory will be
  set to the number of the item in the first position.  For example, put
  99 Cure1 Potions into the first item slot and then go into battle.  The
  number of all of the rest of the items will now be 99.
  ** WARNING: Make sure that the first item slot is not empty, or you will
              lose ALL of your items after going into battle!! **

>>>>>>>> Miscellaneous Codes <<<<<<<<

Ver.A:  1D67-A7A4
Ver.B:  Same code.
  No music while traveling on the field or in a town, etc.  The only
  exceptions are battles, story events, after loading a save, and maybe some
  other times.

Notes about specific codes:

[1] Enemy target code DDC0-6FDE (or DDC9-6FDE for Ver.B):
  This code can be used almost all of the time.  There are few times when
  it should be turned off.  Here are all of the ones I can think of at the
  moment:  (Note that there may be other times, as well)
  + Story events that take place during a battle where the party members
    need to take damage in order for the story to progress.
  + Story events preceding the final battle.  It can be turned back on when
    it's time to fight the final battle.
  + There are a few battles with strong enemies whose magic/elemental
    attacks may heal them when the attack is directed back onto themselves.
    This will only be a problem if such healing recovers more damage than
    the party can inflict.  I doubt this will ever be the case, however.

Copyright notice

This document is Copyright 2001 by Paul D. Shoener III (Paulygon).  It may not
be published or otherwise made available in whole or in part in any way
without my express permission.  I can be contacted at the e-mail address
specified at the top of this document.  Please drop me a line if you wish to
post this document on your website.  That is all. =)

Version History

1.1:  June 21, 2001.  Added support for the alternate version of this game.
1.0:  June 02, 2001.  First version.

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