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    Dragon Coin Guide by stromkind

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    Using the same ugly headers as for my last guide. Sorry again, but at least
    they'll grab your attention ;)
    This guide was written for the SNES version of Super Mario 
    World. In general, locations of Dragon Coins should be the same on other 
    systems, but occasionally they may be different.
    I have to admit I was pretty surprised when I first realised that no-one has
    written a guide specialising in Dragon Coins for this classic game, Super Mario
    World. So I suppose it's my turn, if anyone's ;)
    Well, after completing a game several times, we all try to find new challenges
    in it. In Super Mario World, the first was - quite obvious - to find all the
    secret goals and areas, but after having done this numerous times as well,
    I felt I had to do something else, and since I'd always found it frustrating to
    complete a stage with four or even less Dragon Coins, I decided to go and get
    all of them.
    Of course some of the information in here can be found in the walkthroughs on
    GameFAQs as well, and I'm sure many of you found all the Dragon Coins out there
    by yourselves, but some of you may not have done it yet and could find this
    guide useful. It can also be used as a reference: If you're just looking for
    information on (a) certain Dragon Coin(s), it's certainly easier to find in 
    this concise guide than in a full-length walkthrough, which - in some cases –
    might not elaborate on the Coin you're looking for at all.
    Another focus of this guide are areas with more than five Dragon Coins and how
    to get the most out of these stages. Did you know there are SEVEN Dragon Coins
    in Donut Secret 1? Or that you can get seven out of eight Dragon Coins in
    Gnarly? Moreover, I found out that in some stages you can make Dragon Coins
    disappear and will discuss this a bit, but even in case you already know all
    this stuff, let me encourage you to read on - maybe you know something I didn't
    mention. This guide may well not be complete, and contributions are always
    welcome (see the back of the guide on how to contact me).
    To close this introduction, let me just tell you that English is not my native 
    tongue, so some things might be phrased a bit clumsy. Feel free to contact me
    if something really bothers you.
    There are only few requirements to use this guide. First, I assume you know the
    game very well, which means you know all the secret exits, know how to deal
    with the various enemies of the game, know how to use all the different items
    and know how to do the high jump off Yoshi's back (just in case). GameFAQs has
    plenty of walkthroughs already; check them out if you're having trouble beating
    a certain stage. The information in here is information on Dragon Coins ONLY,
    so I will not tell you how to kill anything, where to find an extra life, etc.
    As far as secret paths in pipes go, I will mention them only if they lead to 
    areas with Dragon Coins.
    Second, I will not tell you the exact location of every Dragon Coin in the 
    game. Some level descriptions will just read "None of the Dragon Coins in here
    are hidden" and that's it, which means all the Dragon Coins are in plain sight.
    Just go and pick 'em up!
    In general, a stage has either no Dragon Coins at all or at least five of them.
    Some stages, however, have even more; note that every Dragon Coin after the
    fourth will get you an extra life. The only stage that has less than five 
    Coins (only one, to be exact) is the Chocolate Secret. Thanks to era64, who 
    scanned the level with Lunar Magic to verify this information. (He also 
    remarked that this was changed in the GBA version of the game.)
    When I talk about "Coins" with a capital C, I always mean Dragon Coins. I like
    this more than awkward abbreviations like "DCs" and such. (Regular coins are
    just called "coins" with a lower-case c, of course.)
    (in alphabetical order)
    Back Door
    Blue Switch Palace
    Choco-Ghost House
    Chocolate Fortress
    Donut Ghost House
    Donut Secret House
    Forest Fortress
    Forest of Illusion 1
    Front Door
    Green Switch Palace
    Iggy's Castle (#1)
    Lemmy's Castle (#3)
    Ludwig's Castle (#4)
    Morton's Castle (#2)
    Red Switch Palace
    Star World 2
    Star World 3
    Star World 4
    Star World 5
    Top Secret Area
    Valley Fortress
    Valley of Bowser 4
    Vanilla Fortress
    Wendy's Castle (#6)
    Yellow Switch Palace
    Yoshi's House
    (in alphabetical order)
    The first number in brackets tells you how many Dragon Coins there are, the
    second number indicates how many of them you can get at once. Details on the
    stages can be found in chapter VI.
    Cheese Bridge Area (10/9)
    Chocolate Island 2 (8/5)
    Chocolate Island 5 (6/6)
    Donut Secret 1 (7/7)
    Gnarly (8/7)
    Tubular (6/6)
    Valley Ghost House (6/6)
    Valley of Bowser 2 (7/7)
    Vanilla Dome 3 (6/6)
    Way Cool (8/8)
    Many stages in Super Mario World are not simply one large board, but are
    comprised of different sections which are usually linked by pipes or doors. On
    my quest for all the game's Dragon Coins, I realized that in areas with more
    than five Dragon Coins this fact can be used to make Dragon Coins disappear. To
    be more exact, whenever you move from one section to a different one (I will
    refer to this as "section change"), the game will check whether you already
    have five (or more) Dragon Coins. If the answer is "yes", all remaining Dragon
    Coins in the stage will disappear.
    The first stage where this can be observed is the Donut Secret 1. The two
    sections here are: a) the actual water level, with five Dragon Coins, and b)
    a secret cave in a pipe with two Dragon Coins. If you play through the level
    the "regular" way, i.e. from start to finish, you will make your first section
    change soon after collecting the first Dragon Coin. The game will realize that
    you haven't yet completed your quintet, so you can get the two Dragon Coins
    hidden in the cave. Section change #2 occurs when you leave the cave – as you
    have a maximum of three Coins by that time, nothing will happen and you can go
    for the remaining four Coins in the water.
    Imagine, however, that you get all the five Coins from the water before
    entering the cave. Upon checking your Dragon Coin count at the section change,
    the game will see that you already have five of them and the remaining two
    Dragon Coins in the cave will be gone. You can also go for one from the water,
    one from the cave, three more from the water – making it five – and then re-
    enter the cave, just to find that the second Coin that you didn't take before
    is no longer present. The same goes for the remaining Coin out in the sea – all
    because the check at the section change revealed that you already collected
    five Dragon Coins.
    As accidental or thoughtless section changes may thwart your plans to get the
    maximum possible number of Dragon Coins out of some levels, I will talk about
    this matter in the descriptions of the individual stages (next chapter)
    whenever applicable.
    In contrast to the lists above I decided not to arrange the stages in
    alphabetical order but in the order you play them. The Guide is broken up
    into worlds, and within the worlds I always list the regular stages (e.g.
    Donut Plains 1) first, followed by the secret areas and finally the Ghost
    Houses, Fortresses and Castles. Star Road and Star Road Special are sub-
    chapters of their own. Stages with more than five Dragon Coins are marked with
    an asterisk.
      VI.1. Yoshi's Island
    Well, I guess (and hope!) you've found all the Dragon Coins on Yoshi's Island
    by yourselves (they're not hidden that well after all...), but for the sake of
    completeness I'll tell you where to get them... The third Dragon Coin in here
    is hidden in a secret cave down a pipe. You have to be Super Mario or better in
    order to break the yellow blocks blocking the entrance to the cave. None of the
    other Dragon Coins are hidden.
    Again, four out of five Dragon Coins are in plain sight here. To get the hidden
    one, jump against the right one of the two yellow blocks near the Monty Moles
    to reveal a vine, climb it up and find what you are looking for on a cloud.
    This time Coin #2 is hidden. During your stay on the third of the brown
    rotating platforms you can see a yellow pipe below you. Enter it to get to a
    secret cave which contains the desired Coin. None of the other Dragon Coins are
    hidden, but in order not to miss them, always take the highest possible path
    instead of walking below on the blocks with the exclamation marks.
    The tricky thing here is that the Dragon Coins are NOT hidden: Since most
    players will visit the secret area in one of the pipes, they might miss one of
    the Coins out in the "regular" stage, so either avoid the hidden path or, if
    you use it (the mere fact that you can eat Pokeys in there is worth it, if you
    ask me!), make sure you backtrack a little and take the remaining Coin
      VI.2. Donut Plains
    The only Dragon Coin the programmers hid in here is surprisingly hard to find
    if you consider that you're just on level 2: In the area with yellow blocks in
    midair and two Football Chucks throwing baseballs, jump against the rightmost
    block of the row above the left Chuck to make a vine appear. It will take you
    to a cloud where you can pick up the missing Coin.
    Make sure you avoid the secret path in one of the pipes and you'll find all the
    You must be Super Mario or better if you want to get all the Dragon Coins here.
    The first crucial spot is where there are four yellow blocks on the ground and
    flying Koopas above them. Break any of these blocks, then let yourself fall
    down and jump against the rightmost block from below. Surprise, surprise, it'll
    reveal a vine, which will take you to a cloud with one of the Dragon Coins on
    it. This Coin is pretty far to the right, but thankfully there's nothing to
    miss below the cloud, so you don't need to walk back all the way after you've
    taken it. Just let yourself fall down again.
    Important situation #2 is where you can choose between a brown moving platform
    on top of the screen and a white moving platform below: Since the next Dragon
    Coin will be up high I recommend you take the brown platform.
    Third, do not use the secret path in the yellow tube near the end of the level.
    Use the secret path in the tube with the Jumping Piranha Plant just after the
    second Coin to find the third Coin in a hidden cave. None of the other Dragon
    Coins should be a problem.
    In this stage you can find a total of seven Dragon Coins! After taking your
     first Coin enter the upside-down pipe and jump against the question mark to
    get a P-balloon. Catch it, then fly up to the left where you'll find another
    question mark with a balloon in it. Take it up as well, then fly to the top 
    left and right corners of the room, collecting Dragon Coins #2 and #3. Coins #4
    to #6 are easy to find, but the seventh one is tricky again: It is hidden on 
    top of the second large stone block to the right of the keyhole (or the second
     block to the left of the regular goal). Just swim up! Since the screen doesn't
    reach far enough you can see neither Mario nor the Coin, but it's there!
    Although it won't happen to you if you play the level logically (i.e. you don't
    move through it in zig-zag fashion), it might be interesting that in this stage
    you can make Dragon Coins disappear. To understand how this happens, please
    refer to chapter V, which gives a thorough explanation of this phenomenon,
    using Donut Secret 1 as an example.
    No hidden Dragon Coins here. Just make sure you don't miss the vine in the
    block above the trampoline, which will take you to the second Dragon Coin, but
    this is so obvious I wouldn't even talk about "hidden" here. Furthermore, do
    not use the secret path in the first upside-down pipe unless you want to miss
    the last Coin. Or use the secret path (lots of gold, anyone?), but backtrack
    once outside to get the missing Dragon Coin.
      VI.3. Vanilla Dome
    No hidden Dragon Coins here, but you must be small to get #3. The nearby
    enemies help.
    The Dragon Coins here are not hidden, but you will have to choose a certain
    path if you want to get them all: At first there is only one way to go (and
    swim), so follow it. You will soon see the first Dragon Coin floating above a
    gap; jump down and catch it to find yourself back in water. Swim to the right
    until you meet a Football Chuck behind some yellow blocks. Get past them to
    find your second Coin floating in midair above a large stone block, then go all
    the way back and into the water again. Swim to the left where you see a
    question mark and something like a crater. Jump out of the water here and get
    the third Coin, then walk to the right for Coin #4. Finally, go left to leave
    the stage through the secret exit; the last Coin is close to it and easy to
    The important thing here is that you collect this very Coin last. If you don't,
    it will be very hard (if not impossible) to get back to the other Coins again.
    Six Coins are to be found in this stage, where you must use something like a
    raft made of skulls to move across lava most of the time. Make sure you don't
    miss the secret path in the yellow pipe about halfway into the stage for Dragon
    Coin #3, and when soon after the middle gate your raft goes down a steep slope,
    jump to the big grey block in midair to find the fourth Coin. After collecting
    Coin #5 on your way, go back a little to where the Spike Tops were, stand to
    the right of the rightmost orange pipe, then run and fly high up to the right
    to find the level's final Dragon Coin.
    This time one of the Dragon Coins is hidden in a secret lava area. To access
    it, dive down the blue pipe that houses a Jumping Piranha Plant.
    Although this level is pretty small, its non-linear structure might make it a
    bit hard to find all the Dragon Coins, so I'll give a more detailed
    description. First, use the spring leaves near the red flying Koopa to get up.
    Walk to the right and you will see a horizontal green pipe, with the first
    Dragon Coin just next to it. You will also notice three yellow blocks. After
    grabbing the Coin, jump against the block in the centre to reveal a vine, then
    climb it up and get your second Coin on the right. Climb up the vine again but
    this time jump to the left. Jump against the yellow block here to make another
    vine appear. Climb it up, jump over the first gap to the left, then drop down
    into the second gap for the third Dragon Coin. Leave the gap using the spring
    leaves, then get the trampoline and use it to jump through the hole in the
    ceiling. The final two Dragon Coins are in this area of the stage. You can
    either use a cape or another trampoline, to be found nearby, to get them.
    You will need a cape or a blue Yoshi here. No matter which of the two you
    choose, your first objective is to fly up to the right to find clouds and a
    Dragon Coin. Be, however, careful not to fly too far after getting it; you
    might miss one of the other Coins below. Coins #2 to #4 are easy to get; #5 is
    hidden inside a pipe near the end of the level, to the left of Football Chuck.
    None of the Dragon Coins in here are hidden.
    The key spot here is where you face the Big Boo between four rows of yellow
    blocks; you will have to jump against the third block from the left in the
    lower right row. Just as usual, a vine will appear and take you to the desired
    Coin (#3) high above the ground. When you let yourself fall down again, don't
    go through the door immediately, but look to the left for #4. The remaining
    Coins are easy to find.
      VI.4. Cookie Mountain and the Bridges
    Believe it or not, this stage includes the awesome number of TEN Dragon Coins.
    Five of them are to be found in the "regular" area while the remaining five are
    located high above the bridge in the sky.
    To get the most out of this, get a Yoshi and a cape. At the very beginning of
    the stage you have to activate all three of the moving platforms, which means
    you have to step on all of them at least once to get them moving. Move to the
    lowest platform to get your first Dragon Coin, then change to the highest
    platform for Coin #2, and back to the lowest for your third Coin. The first
    question mark after the middle gate contains Yoshi's wings, but don't open it
    yet; make sure you get Dragon Coin #4 on the right before! Now you may use the
    wings to collect five more Dragon Coins up in the air.
    Why you can't get all ten Dragon Coins: The fifth "regular" Dragon Coin is
    located near the goal in midair, so once you get it you can't get back to
    Yoshi's wings. Besides, the ones in the sky might disappear as a result of
    section change (see chapter V).
    Yawn! One of the Dragon Coin is yet again up a vine. Soon after the middle
    gate, you will get to four yellow blocks; jump against the third one from the
    None of the Dragon Coins in here are hidden.
    Quite similar to Vanilla Secret 2, one of the Coins is located on a cloud; this
    time a cape or a Yoshi of any colour is required to reach it. If you have the
     cape, you can fly up right at the beginning of the stage; people who bring a
    Yoshi will have to eat a blue shell later in the stage and fly to the left. The
    fourth Dragon Coin is hidden as well, you'll get to it via the stage's second
    blue pipe.
    No hidden Dragon Coins here. On a sidenote, I'll never understand why so many
    people hate this level, seriously.
      VI.5. Forest of Illusion
    Water stages always are a bit of a maze, so I will once again help you choose
    the right Dragon Coin path a bit more exact. The first Coin is impossible to
    miss, so you just take out the Urchin that's guarding it and grab it. Swim
    ahead and, after you've cleared the question mark, stay as close to the ceiling
    as possible and head to the right to find Coin #2. Swim back to the left and
    drop down to the ground. The next Coin is to your right again. After you've
    taken it, get back to the shaft you just dropped down, and take the path in the
    middle, collecting the fourth Dragon Coin on your way. When you can't go any
    further, drop down again and don't swim left to the secret exit, but instead
    head to the right until the final Dragon Coin is yours.
    None of the Dragon Coins in here are hidden.
    The most important spot in this stage is where a blue shell is lying on the
    ground; to either side of it are three question marks and two yellow blocks.
    When you're with Yoshi, just eat the shell and fly straight up to find Dragon
    Coin #4. When Mario is alone, pick up the shell and throw it at Lakitu or, if
    you have fire, shoot him, then use his cloud to fly up (do not jump on him
    because this would destroy the cloud as well). Don't worry if you've killed
    Lakitu already before, after all he deserved it and he'll be back soon.
    Easy. Just stay on the first of the winged platforms until you've got three
    Dragon Coins, then change to the other one to get the fourth one, and finally
    change back again to get the final Dragon Coin.
    Just make sure you leave through the secret exit and you'll get all of the
    Dragon Coins.
    ROY'S CASTLE (#5)
    The first castle with Dragon Coins! None of them are hidden.
      VI.6. Chocolate Island
    Five Dragon Coins in plain sight.
    This is the infamous stage where the sections which you get to play are
    determined by the number of gold coins you collect and the time at your
    counter. I don't intend to tell you how this exactly works (I don't even know
    if I figured it all out), so let me just outline two easy and tested ways on
    how to get five Dragon Coins. era64 informed me that there is a total of 
    8 Dragon Coins, but you can't get more than 5.
    Two of the Dragon Coins are easy to find in the stage's first part. Depending
    on whether you collect between 9 and 20 or more than 20 coins here (note that
    every Dragon Coin and every enemy eaten by Yoshi counts as a coin as well), the
    next segment will either be filled with lots of Rexes and Coin #3 in plain
    sight, or get you a feather and some flying, requiring you to collect Coin #3
    in midair. The third section will be determined by the time left on your
    counter and will either be a rather flat area with many Rhinos or an area with
    mushrooms in bubbles floating above some water pools, but it really doesn't
    matter, as each of these varieties will get you your fourth Dragon Coin.
    Finally, you will be in an area with some P-switches and exclamation marks –
    you can ignore all of this, just grab your final Coin.
    In any case, make sure you never are too fast, clearing the first two segments
    in less than 50 seconds, and never grab less than nine coins in the first
    section. Both ways will take you to a land with no Dragon Coins, and you'll
    fail to get five of them.
    This one's pretty easy. Just be sure to take the secret path in the upside-down
    pipe about halfway into the level; the other Coins are impossible to miss.
    Getting all five Dragon Coins in this mazy level is not too easy, so I'll give
    a more detailed description once more. Don't forget to equip a cape, you'll
    need it.
    Take the first Dragon Coin after the second pit, then cross the large pool of
    liquid chocolate using the platforms provided. When you see the extra lives
    below you, get to the upper left corner of the screen for Coin #2. Continue to
    the right and you'll find two more Dragon Coins, one of them free and one of
    them enclosed by brown blocks, as well as a diagonal row of yellow blocks. Get
    the free Coin, then push a P-switch out of the third yellow block from the left
    and activate it to free the other Coin and a silver pipe to the right of it.
    Collect the Coin, enter the pipe, and you'll find yourself on top of some
    yellow blocks with a P-switch next to you. Activate the switch, then let
    yourself fall down to the ground. Do this near the left wall, collecting gold
    on your way, and don't try to get the extras on the right, it's not yet
    possible. When you're finally down, wait for the effects of the P-switch to
    wear off so the remaining coins re-turn into blocks that create several
    "floors", then fly up through the gaps you made on the left and collect every
    floor's items on the right. The missing Dragon Coin is on the ninth floor from
    below (the third one from the top).
    Six Dragon Coins in here! At the beginning of the stage, do not activate the
    P-switch, but take it with you until you find a Dragon Coin enclosed by brown
    blocks. Activate the switch, snatch the Coin, then continue to the right to
    find one more Coin. Now get back to the left and dive down the yellow pipe to
    find Coins #3 and #4 in a secret area. The remaining Coins are easy to find.
    Now THIS is the only stage in the game that contains exactly ONE Dragon Coin, 
    at the end of the second lava area. I played through the level countless 
    times, but couldn't find even the slightest hint about possible hidden Coins,
    and finally I received an e-mail from era64, who scanned the stage, proving 
    me right.
      VI.7. Sunken Ghost Ship
    Although I thought there were six or even seven Dragon Coins in here at first,
    I can now say there are just five. To collect them all, get a blue Yoshi and 
    a cape, then play through the first two segments as usual. The Dragon Coins 
    are all in segment three, the long free fall downwards. I think everybody will 
    understand that it's impossible to make accurate descriptions of Dragon Coins'
    locations here, but I've tried my best and hope it'll help a little.
    Always slow down your fall with your cape, and eat Koopas as often as possible
    to be able to fly. The first Dragon Coin is to be found quite early on the left
    side; after you've got it, fly to the right side of the abyss for Coin #2, a
    little below. Stay on the right just far enough to NOT see the right wall (but
    almost) and you will soon notice Coin #3 to your left. Get it, then try to stay
    a bit more on the left and you should cross or land on a row of grey blocks 
    with a question mark above them; Coin #4 is to its left not far below. When 
    you finally get to some rows of normal gold coins, float over to the right for 
    the fifth Dragon Coin.
    Special thanks go to era64 again, who scanned this level as well as the 
    Chocolate Secret, verifying my claim that there are just five Coins in here. 
      VI.8. Valley of Bowser
    This level is all about going to the right, but you always have to choose
    between several paths of different altitude, so I'll go into greater detail
    here again: At the beginning, take the lowest possible path for your first
    Dragon Coin, then head back and continue via the upper path. At the next fork,
    take the highest path for one more Coin, then head back and continue via the
    path in the centre. Move further to the right, and at the fork just after the
    blue exclamation mark blocks and a Football Chuck behind a wall of blue stones,
    take the second lowest and the second highest of five possible paths to the
    right for your next two Coins, then head back and continue via the path in the
    centre. Jump over the pit with the single yellow block and choose the path
    straight ahead to find this level's final Dragon Coin.
    If you'd play through this level the regular way, it would net you only three
    Dragon Coins. If five are sufficient for you, get a Yoshi, collect the first
    Coin on your way, take the wings out of one of the question marks and find four
    more Coins high up in the air.
    Getting all seven Coins isn't much more difficult, either: Hop on a Yoshi,
    collect all the three regular Coins, then get back to the question mark with
    the wings in it and use 'em to access the sky area with its four Dragon Coins.
    Just make sure you always choose the higher platforms so you can drop down if
    you happen to see the Dragon Coins below you (and you will see them); this
    doesn't work too well the other way round ;)
    Six Dragon Coins here, but Ghost Houses often have many ways to go and usually
    consist of many sections, so be careful not to make the sixth Dragon Coin
    disappear through a thoughtless "section change" as described in chapter V.
    Let me line out just one of possibly many ways to get all six Dragon Coins
    here: Take the first Dragon Coin in the first section of the stage. When you
    get to section #2, do NOT YET take the Dragon Coin straight above you, but
    activate the P-switch, get the Starman on the left and fly to the right,
    collecting your second Dragon Coin in midair. As soon as you land in the area
    with the many doors, run to the right and walk through the fifth (final) door
    to get the third and fourth Coin in yet another area. Leave through the door
    here to be transported to the P-switch again. This time you may take the Coin
    above it, then fly to the left for Dragon Coin #6.
    It's absolutely impossible to miss the first three Dragon Coins here, but the
    remaining two are hidden very well: In the first segment of the stage, when the
    moving platform that you're on goes down a chasm, stay on it and it'll take you
    to a secret area with the desired Coins.
      VI.9. Star Road
    The only regular Star World with Dragon Coins is a little tricky. You will need
    a cape in order to get them all. In the first set of yellow blocks, break the
    7th block from the right and spin straight down to get the first Coin. In the
    second set of blocks, break the 6th block from the left (Coin #2); the same
    goes for the third set (Coin #3). Coins #4 and #5 are in the fifth set of
    blocks. First break the 5th block from the left, and after you've got the
    fourth Coin, spin to the right (that's where you need the cape). The last Coin
    is in the same set, but beneath the 10th block from the left.
      VI.10. Star Road Special
    GNARLY *
    This is where things get interesting. A stage with 8 Dragon Coins of which you
    can get up to 7, equalling 3 extra lives. Getting five is easy, just play
    through the stage as usual; none of them are hidden. The only thing you need to
    know is you should bring a cape with you so you can slow down your fall down
    the right half of the level (otherwise you might miss a Coin or two).
    Getting seven Dragon Coins is a little more tricky. First, get a cape and any
    Yoshi. Dismount from Yoshi immediately, get up the stage with Mario, collecting
    the first two Dragon Coins, then pop out the P-switch out of the yellow block
    near the first flying Koopa. Take the P-switch in your hands (do not yet
    activate it!) and up to the very top of the stage; you'll have to use the
    blocks with the notes on them. Make the switch stand on the top, then fall all
    the way down on the left side and get on your Yoshi. Eat the blue Koopa in the
    right half through the wall, fly up with Yoshi and activate the P-switch: Out
    of thin air, a question mark will appear and enable you to enter the horizontal
    green pipe in the middle of the stage's right half, but don't go there
    immediately! Instead, let yourself fall down the right half and collect Dragon
    Coins #3 and #4, THEN walk through the pipe I just mentioned. Be fast, you will
    have to do this BEFORE the effects of the P-switch wear off (making the
    required question mark disappear) and BEFORE Yoshi swallows down the Koopa
     (losing his ability to fly)! The pipe will take you to a secret area where you
    can collect three more Dragon Coins.
    One question remains to be answered: Why not collect ALL FIVE "regular" Dragon
    Coins before getting the three in the secret area? People who read chapter V
    will already know it: As soon as you collect all Coins in the first segment,
    the Dragon Coins in the secret area will disappear, so you have to leave one
    remaining in order to get the max out of the level. A more detailed explanation
    on how this works is to be found in chapter V.
    Six Dragon Coins here, none of them hidden, but getting them all is a pain
    WAY COOL *
    Play this level the regular way and you'll only be able to snatch four Dragon
    Coins. Better take any Yoshi with you, grab three Coins on your way and then
    take the wings out of a question mark to find four more high up in the sky.
    (And just on a sidenote, the level is MUCH easier to finish that way.)
    By sending me a link to a youtube clip of himself playing, era64 showed that 
    it’s very difficult (I’m not gonna try this!), but actually possible to grab 
    all eight Coins. To do so, go in with cape and Yoshi, collect the first three 
    Coins, then dismount off your dinosaur just before the question mark that has 
    the wings in it and continue with Mario alone to grab Coin #4 right in front 
    of the goal. Run back and forth on the small ledge you’ll land on (be careful 
    not to break the goal bar!) to be able to fly back to Yoshi, then collect the 
    wings and get the remaining four coins in the sky area. Do a search on youtube 
    to find out if his video is still there.
    The hardest stage of the game IMO, but none of the Dragon Coins are hidden.
    Again the programmers had nothing to hide. Five Dragon Coins are waiting just
    for you :)
    One of the Dragon Coins here is hidden down a pipe about halfway into the
    None of the Dragon Coins in here are hidden.
    Five Dragon Coins, none of them hidden, in the game's final stage.
    Thanks go to era64 for the information on Chocolate Island 2, Chocolate 
    Secret, Sunken Ghost Ship and Way Cool. You never seem to get tired of 
    contributing to my guide, man! I appreciate that a lot!
    Feel free to send comments, questions or whatever in German, English or
    Japanese (French MIGHT work, too, but your answer will be in English) to
    nocturnalpulse AT gmx DOT at. Please understand that I will not accept HTML
    mail or attachments, but only plain text, and I cannot send you ROMs etc. Use
    the words "Super Mario World" or "Dragon Coins" in the subject of your mail.
    Thank you.
    Copyright 2009 Michael Haberl. This guide was written to be published on
    gamefaqs.com and neoseeker.com and nowhere else, and may not be reproduced or 
    amended in any way without permission. Thanks to all of you who read it; I 
    hope you found something of interest in here :)

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