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Bowser in 11 Levels FAQ by anomie

Version: 2.7 | Updated: 01/27/02

Super Mario World - beat it in 11 levels
Version 2.7182818284590452353602874713526625 (more or less)
anomie <gamefaqs@anomie.ddts.net>

So I'm bored one day. I decide to look up Super Mario World, to see what
FAQs people have written for this game. "Get to Bowser in 16 levels!" claims
one. "What's so special about 16?" says I. "I can do it in only 11 (12 if
you count the castle as a level)". Fortunately, no one else was around to
hear me talking to myself.

This walkthrough assumes you know what you're doing, so I'm not going to
waste my time telling you how to beat the easy levels, "easy" being defined
as "any level you can beat the same way as with all the switch palaces".
Read another walkthrough for that, GameFAQs has several of varying quality.

Ok, here we go:

1. Yoshi's Island 2

Easy. Go to it. Remember, this is the one to the RIGHT, not to the LEFT.

2. Yoshi's Island 3

Also easy. Just remember, those yellow blocks aren't there to save you if
you miss a jump!

3. Yoshi's Island 4


4. Iggy's Castle


5. Donut Plains 1

The only hard part is getting to the keyhole, since the green blocks aren't
there to run up. Spin the lava plant and fly up there, woo-hoo. Or just fly
over the entire level like I usually do.

Speaking of which, flying over entire levels, while 'cheating', is a quick
way to beat a good number of them. On some you can fly off the top of the
screen for no trouble, others have barriers at various points off the top so
you have to stay on-screen and risk hitting flying enemies. Funky and Forest
Secret Area are two of my favorites to just fly through.

6. Donut Secret 1

Easy. Take the keyhole.

7. Donut Secret House

Easy. Kill the big ghost to get to the Star Road.

8. Star World 1

Easy. Take the keyhole.

9. Star World 2

Easy. Take the keyhole. Isn't it nice of them to give Blue Yoshi a star to
eat so you don't have to feed him by hand?

10. Star World 3

Easy. Take the keyhole.

11. Star World 4

The only other tricky one. Bring Blue Yoshi and take advantage of his flying
abilities to get to the keyhole despite the lack of '!' blocks. Remember, if
you hold down while spitting a non-red shell, Yoshi will drop it so you can
easily swallow it again. Also remember, if you don't release Y after
tonguing the shell Yoshi flies at a running pace. Not that it matters for
this level, there are plenty of turtles on the ledge above the key area and
you don't have far to fly. Take the Star Road straight to Bowser's Front

Hey look, you're done, and in only 11 levels. Go kill the ghost in the ghost
house again to save your game ;)

If you want a recommendation for Bowser's Castle, I've always been fond of
Door 2 (fence climbing is easy, go to the back to avoid the fiery things)
and then Door 8 (with a little luck, you can bop the first football guy and
fly over the rest, dive, then get in the door before they can catch you. Or
just cape-spin them all).

Legal Crap: This document is Copyright (c) 2002 by me, anomie. Do whatever
you want with this, just acknowledge where you got the info (see the email
address above) and don't charge for it. If for some reason you need to
contact me and the email address at the top doesn't work, curse all spammers
and try the snes9x forums.

For anyone who cares, I came up with this all by my little self, and
demonstrated it somewhere around 1996 at a Wal-Mart display among other

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