• Weird Credits Walk

    Once you defeat Bowser, press the Up button when the princess drops from the clown car and hold it until the credits show up. A very strange Easter egg I must say.

    Mario will be walking very strangely in the creditsHold Up

    Contributed By: ChappyCow and Zachaboss85.

    33    24


  • Berry Freeze

    Enter a level with Yoshi, Cape Mario, and a Fire Flower in reserve. Position yourself under a berry in a way that you can get the fire flower and get the berry at the same time. If you happen to eat the flower and the berry at the same time, the game will freeze. Several things have been reported while using this glitch. Sometimes when the game freezes, your coin count will rise until you quickly have 99 lives. Press Start and Select to exit the leve. One person's game froze, horizontal lines appeared on the screen, and weird music kept looping over and over again. Then came a buzzing noise, and he was returned to the file select screen, with his file deleted. Thankfully, that's not normal. Even so, this is an interesting glitch to exploit every once in a while.

    Contributed By: Wheelman2004.

    25    9

  • Complete Any Level Instantly

    For this glitch, you'll need to get Fire Mario and Yoshi in Yoshi's Island 2. Near the end of the level, there is a Piranha Plant in a pipe near a Dragon Coin. Stand on said pipe, about 2/3 of the way across. Pay attention to the Rexor to the right. When he is walking left and about 3/4 past the Dragon Coin, crouch, then press X+A simultaneously. Mario will jump off of Yoshi as Yoshi attempts to eat him, and you'll get some weird glitchy item in your item storage. (If you did it wrong, the game just crashes horrifically.) If you summon this item during a level, and then grab it, the level is then completed, provided that Mario does not die while attempting to walk off-screen. Note that the orb only works once, and you need to get it again to complete another level.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    26    13

  • Death Cancel Glitch and Infinite Time

    When your timer is about to reach zero, pick up a power-up (e.g. Mushroom, Cape Feather, Fire Flower) at the same time as the timer reaches zero. You will hear the sound for when Mario loses a life, but he should not die, and should still be permitted to move around. The timer will remain at 0 until Mario dies or the level is completed.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    14    4

  • Infinite Lives Glitch

    In Chocolate Island 5, play the level as normal. Past the midpoint in the level, you'll begin to see a bunch of Spinies trapped in unmoving blocks (which are removed by a silver P Switch). Get the nearby blue and silver P Switches and try to drop one on top of the other so that they completely overlap each other; when done properly, attempting to grab one will grab both. Nearby, also, are some yellow flip panels, with a blank spot in the center. Get in the center and run right as much as you can. Let go of the switches and, suddenly, ? Blocks will begin appearing, spewing a multitude of Yoshi Eggs. Once a Yoshi hatches, these eggs will spew 1-Ups instead.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

    13    6

  • Use, but not waste a switch

    First all you need to do is find a switch ( the kind that changes the square outlines into brown blocks ). You also need to be on a yoshi. Normally when you hit the switch, it will flatten and disappear. When you jump on it, quicky turn around and eat it with your yoshi, if you do it fast enouph, you will have it in the yoshis mouth. You can spit it out and use it again.

    Contributed By: Kylermannn.

    18    5

Easter Eggs

  • New World Map Color Scheme and Enemy Designs

    Complete the Special World, which you can enter after getting the secret exit from Star Road 5. Complete each of the world's eight levels and a Star Road location appears. Go through it to warp back to Yoshi's Island, but the colors on the map are inverted, and various enemies change appearance as well!

    Contributed By: CalvinZ and Eevee-Trainer.

    27    6


  • Easy Extra Life

    Beat a stage with your time ending in the same digit repeated twice as the tens place of your Star total, and you'll be awarded an extra life.

    With 17 stars, beat the stage with your time ending in 11.

    Contributed By: Juggling Joker.

    25    5

  • Hear SMB remix

    If you sit at one of the levels in Special World for about 2 minutes, you'll start to hear a Super Mario Brothers remix!

    Contributed By: HyperSilence.

    23    3

  • Item Conversion at the Goal

    Try holding an item (shell, trampoline, etc) and cross the Goal line. The item you're carrying will turn into a 1-Up mushroom.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    24    4

  • Replay Beaten Castles (Non-JP)

    Normally, a castle once beaten cannot be entered again. For all versions but the Japanese release, you can press L+R while on the castle map node to re-enter it.

    Contributed By: MI4 REAL and KeyBlade999.

    44    4

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