How do I make the different Yoshi's use their powers???

  1. So basically the red, blue and yellow Yoshi's have some super powers (like blue can fly). How do i make them use their powers? I have no idea and its getting to be quite annoying

    User Info: ragnarok26

    ragnarok26 - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Just grab a koopa shell and hold it in Yoshi's mouth and he can use his colors' power.

    Similarly, each color shell will have a power no matter what the color of the Yoshi.

    So a red Yoshi with a blue shell can fly and spit fireballs.

    Just so we're all clear, here are the powers associated with each color:

    Red- spits back out as three fireballs.
    Blue- Yoshi flys as long as he holds the shell in his mouth.
    Yellow- kicks killer sand in both directions whenever Yoshi lands, as long as he holds the shell.
    Green- does nothing. Bummer.

    User Info: cr1985

    cr1985 - 11 years ago 2   8

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