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  1. Dorke and Ymp is an unreleased Super Nintendo game developed back in the early 1990's by a Swedish company called Norse. The game was developed with unlicensed tools made by the game programmers. Unfortunately the game failed to acquire a publisher and was never released. Luckily we found the original programmer, composer, and artist and we acquired the source code at about 50% of the game.

    Plot:- Dorke and his Ymp are sent to a quest to destroy their path and acquire magical artifacts for their evil Wizard Master. You have to help them through puzzles and battles in order to become the Evil Wizards apprentice.

    This are the new features and updates done to the game:
    - Over 100 Bugs and Crashing bugs fixed!
    - Added a whole new world and levels (Volcano)
    - Added Menu, cut-scenes and ending.
    - Implemented password system.
    - Designed, developed and implemented boss fights (4) according to the original game story.
    - Organized the game to be able to play with continuity.

    This product is newly manufactured, no original SNES games were harmed in the production of this game.

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