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FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

Version: Final | Updated: 02/11/13

           _____                _
          |  ___|           _  | |
          | |__   __ _ _ __| |_| |__  _   _   _  ___  _ __ _ __ ___
          |  __| / _` | '__|  _| '_ \| | | | | |/ _ \| '__| '_ ` _ \
          | |___| (_| | |  | |_| | | | |_| |_| | (_) | |  | | | | | |
          |_____|\__,_|_|   \__|_| |_|\__,___,_|\___/|_|  |_| |_| |_|
                                _____ _
                               |_   _|_)
                                 | |  _ _ __ ___
                              _  | | | | '_ ` _ \
                             | |_| | | | | | | | |
                              \___/  |_|_| |_| |_|

                   |             Earthworm Jim             |
                   |           An FAQ/Walkthrough          |
                   |             By KeyBlade999            |
                   |                                       |
                   |           File Size: 39.1 KB          |
                   |         Current Version: Final        |
                   |  Previous Update: 12:24 AM 1/30/2013  |

                        Section Negative One: Donations              **JIM_-1**

While I do write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot of time and
effort to put them together. If you're feeling generous and want to show your
appreciation, I am gladly accepting donations. I don't know exactly what the
donations will be used for, but just know that you would definitely be helping
me make more quality FAQs! Even the smallest donation amounts are appreciated,
and are a great way to say how much you appreciate the work I do. If you do
decide you'd like to donate, please send the donations through PayPal at the
e-mail address listed below. Thank you so very much for considering this!!


By the way, this is also my contact e-mail, so if you want to contribute
something to this or any of my other FAQs, or have a question to ask about one
of them, go ahead and use this e-mail.

                        Section Zero: Table of Contents               **JIM_0**

  [Section Title] .............................................. [CTRL+F Tag]

  -1. Donations ................................................ **JIM_-1**
   0. Table of Contents ........................................ **JIM_0**
   1. Introduction ............................................. **JIM_1**
   2. Version History .......................................... **JIM_2**
   3. Legalities ............................................... **JIM_3**

   4. Controls ................................................. **JIM_4**
   5. Walkthrough .............................................. **JIM_5**

                          Section One: Introduction                   **JIM_1**

Welcome to another FAQ of mine. This one covers the SMS game known as
Earthworm Jim. Earthworm Jim is a game based off a character by the same name,
often regarded by some as one of the cheesiest characters (among other things)
of all time.

Like a relative few other Sega Master System games, this was not developed by
Sega, but by Eurocom (for Playmates Inc.), and released for the Sega Master
System in 1995, which, at the time of writing, was around 18 years ago.

And yet, like many dozens of SMS games, it has gone uncovered by GameFAQs in
that entire time. The FAQ Contributor Boards, including myself, of GameFAQs
have taken it upon themselves to complete at least one FAQ for each and every
Master System game, among other consoles.

And, so, that's more or less how I came upon this came. Thanks for listening
to my ramblin'; I hope you enjoy!

                         Section Two: Version History                 **JIM_2**

v0.50 - Four stages are done.  12:18 AM 1/29/2013
Final - All stages complete.  12:24 AM 1/30/2013

                           Section Three: Legalities                  **JIM_3**

This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

© 2013 Daniel Chaviers (a.k.a. KeyBlade999).

If you would wish to contact me concerning this or my other FAQs, use this
e-mail: keyblade999.faqs@gmail.com, or PM (Private Message) me on the GameFAQs
message boards.

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                            Section Four: Controls                    **JIM_4**

2D Platformer Stages:

 - D-Pad   : Move around (Left/Right); duck (Down); climb up (Up).
 - 1 Button: Press for short-range attacks; hold to use your gun.
 - 2 Button: Jump; press twice for a hover jump.
 - 2 -> 1  : Press these quickly and sequentially to be able to use a swing
             much like you would with a grappling hook. There seems to be
             trouble with this if you hold down "2"; also note that just the
             1 Button will suffice if you're in mid-air.

"Andy Asteriods?" Stages:

 - D-Pad   : Move around (Left/Right).
 - 1 Button: Accelerate and move forward.
 - 2 Button: N/A.

Frog Riding ("Down the Tubes" & "Pod Race"):

 - D-Pad   : N/A.
 - 1 Button: After getting on, use this to attack, but try to be a bit early
             because there seems to be a bit of a delay.
 - 2 Button: N/A.

Underwater Pod Controls:

 - D-Pad   : Choose direction in which to move.
 - 1 Button: N/A.
 - 2 Button: Accelerate in direction as chosen on D-Pad.

                           Section Five: Walkthrough                  **JIM_5**

At the start, feel free to use the D-Pad to shift through the difficulty
choices available to you: Practice (Easy), Normal (Medium), and Difficult
(Hard). The primary thing you'll find that differentiates between them, at
least from what I can find, is that enemies are more powerful and more
resilient in higher difficulties.

Stage 1: New Junk City

Begin by going right to the spike pit. Use the tightrope above it to climb
across it. Beware of falling, and especially beware of the little monster in
the pit itself - you can use the Up Button on the D-Pad to lift yourself up a
bit and avoid it. On the other side, drop down to below the refrigerator.

There should be a little atom-like pickup to the right, in the air - you can
jump to it to restore some of your health (the middle percentage at the bottom
of the screen). Then carefully make your way, from there, to the lower-left
side of the tire pile. There is a path heading back to the left here. Use it,
cross the tightrope, and cross a few more platforms to find an extra life and
some gun ammunition.

Cross back to the right and return to the cow/refrigerator (or where they were
if they flew off). To the up and right should be a zipline - use it to go right
and, at one point, you'll move past/through some tires in the pile. Press Down
there and get off to get some gun ammo and health. Cross further right to find
another health power-up.

Then ascend the tire pile to the platforms nearby. Climb up them to the larger
ledge. Defeat the bird up there and head left to another. Continue left and
defeat the monster past the tightrope, then, further left, climb up the wall
to get the health power up. Head back right to the tightrope, then bypass it.

You'll soon find a set of ziplines. If you want some more gun ammunition, ride
and jump across the ziplines as need to get the gun. Otherwise, drop down from
there and left to find another gun pickup, plus a bird. Take care of it with
some aerial head thwacks, then continue down and right. You may need to use
some hover jumps to get between those two branches of tires. Past them, head
down and left.

When you hit the ground, head right. Grab the health pickup and continue on to
find a gun pickup. Grab it, then climb up the moving black wall nearby - beware
of the junk falling down it! At the top, cross over to the "CONTINUE" marker.
This place marks a checkpoint where you should return to if you die.

Take care of the nearby bird and continue to the right. Jump on the ledge
across the gap and grab the health pickup, then drop over the left side and go
along the path to the tightrope. Don't fall unless you want to deal with an
annoying bird. At the right side, jump along the ledges above and to the right
for a bit.

You'll deal with another bird and some random ground monster as you continue.
Deal with both of them as desired and, from the left edge of the ground
monster's ledge, jump left and grab the health pickup. Then go back right along
the aforementioned ledge and climb down at the right portion of it.

When you hit the ground, be ready to deal with around two birds. Smach 'em
around as desired, then enter the checkpoint on the ground.

From there, head to the right and deal with another ground-hugging monster and,
further right, climb on the tightrope. Beware of the spikes and the monster
below - the monster, as before, can usually be avoided by using the Up Button.
On the other side, jump up and left and ride the zipline, then jump off at the
first platform you reach to get a gun pickup.

Either re-ride the zipline or jump left from that platform to the next ledge.
Climb up to the next zipline there and head right. Jump on the lower tightrope
and head left. (You can grab the rightmost gun pickup with a jump. We'll get
the other soon.) On the other side, jump right and grab onto the upper

Get the gun pickup and proceed rightward. Grab the health pickup and drop down
there. Continue heading right and you'll soon encounter a boss.


This boss can be a bit annoying if you don't keep track of what is above you.
The main point of this boss battle is to avoid things coming from above, and
the rare thing from the boss itself. Feel free to shoot from afar or get close
and strike - I'd opt to shoot from afar as you don't risk getting touched by
the boss or his projectiles as much.


After the boss is slain, jump across the gap and head onto the next ledge.
Head right some more and grab the health pickup, then go down the small gap
nearby. When you land, head left and hit the ground there. Head right some more
and you'll encounter your next boss.


This second boss is probably the easier of the two. Here, the main thing to do
is avoid whatever the magnet brings along with it. Most of the things it drops
are not noteworthy otherwise except for the pinkish boxes. These can be hit
rightward once or twice to make them bounce off of a flower and damage the

This will trigger the boss into moving around and dropping additional junk on
you. Retreat as far left as possible during this brief phase and jump over junk
that comes too high. It'll be a rather long battle, but it's doable. All you
really must do is avoid the magnet and jump over the random junk the boss
throws at times.

After the boss disappears, you'll continue into the next level. How groovy.

Stage 2: Andy Asteroids?

This level is a bit different from the standard level you experienced in the
previous stage. Here, you primarily want to do two things: beat your opponent
in what seems to be a race, and collect the bluish orbs that come by.

You can accelerate with the 1 Button, and move left/right with the Left/Right
buttons on the D-Pad.

This level is pretty easy to deal with, so I'll leave it up to you. You can
pretty much just keep holding "1" and dodging the brownish asteriods, which
severely slow you down. There are flaming blue spheres that'll give you a huge
speed boost. All in all, though, holding "1" and dodging asteriods is all you
need to do, though it wouldn't kill you to grab those speed boosters, would it?

Stage 3: What the Heck?

Grab the nearby gun pickup and head right and downhill. Defeat the bat that
attacks when you're near the bottom, then go right and down the shaft. At
the bottom, defeat the other bat nearby and head left and down another shaft.

At the bottom, head right for a while and, as you reach the apex of the hill,
you'll deal with another bat. Defeat 'im and go right some more. Take the
gun pickup, which is actually a more powerful laser gun. Go back to the top of
the hill and jump at the platforms above you, then head right.

Cross the tightrope while remaining wary of the flames that'll cross it at
regular intervals. Continue right on ground level and you'll reach a steep
hill. You'll need to hold Right on the D-Pad to keep moving up it - beware the
bat near the top, though! Go down the shaft at the top.

At the bottom, jump on the nearby platform to reach the health pickup, then 
head left and down another shaft. At the bottom, go right and down another. You
will get a health pickup on the way. You can also get another laser gun by
using the nearby platform to go up to it.

Then head left across the gap. Defeat the bat near the top of the hill and
continue. You will see a platform. Ascend onto it, then to the right to find a
useful checkpoint with a health pickup above it. Now, head left and stand on
the big red lump. It'll go up some.

When you pass through the first floor level, if you need some extra health,
jump on the platform to the right and collect the health pickup, then make
your way back to the red elevator.

If you don't want to get it, or already have done so, ride the red elevator up
until it stops. Then head to the right and uphill. As you approach the wall,
defeat the bat that approaches from the left. Ascend the ledges and head left
and cross the tightrope. As before, beware flames that come along it.

On the other side, continue heading to the left and you'll soon find a boss.


Well, sort of a boss, anyways. This will be the primary boss you encounter in
this level, even during the loop sequence you later learn of. Anyways, this
businessman-like boss mostly lurches around like a zombie, hoping to strike you
in the meantime. The main thing you can do is dodge, strike, dodge, and strike,
and keep doing that. It'll take awhile, but it's better than being hit.


After the battle, go left and onto the mid-air platform. Jump onto the red
thing here to teleport.

And so I shall say, "What the heck?" for, after all, you just got teleported
back to the start of the level, enemies and pickups remaining in tact.  =/
Well, then, re-follow the walkthrough to past the boss and where you reach the
second red platform. The only changes are that, on the steep hill, you'll have
flame running along it, which you can jump over. You also don't refight the
businessman-like boss.

At the red platform, step on it. Nothing happens, meaning it is now just a
stepping stone. Ascend the floor above and get on the red platform there. Ride
it up for a bit and, as you'll notice on the way, there's an extra life pickup
to the left. When the red elevator stops moving, jump left and grab said

Now, this next bit seems to be completely optional, but it is nonetheless a
good idea to do it, if just for another extra life and a checkpoint. If you
want to skip it, go down seven paragraphs so you can go the other way.

Otherwise, if you want to grab another live/checkpoint, read onward. Ascend
the ledge to the left and go up to the tightrope. As before, beware the flame
running along it, but do try to get the laser gun on the rope. On the left
side, let go of the rope and drop down.

Try to keep this downward path fairly straight. You'll fight a bat around the
time you see a health pickup to the right. Defeat said bat and grab said pickup
to heal some of your health. Let us continue down towards the center of the
Earth! :P

From the health pickup, head left and down the shaft. Head right, but be very
aware of the spikes falling from above. You can dodge them, yes, but just be
careful. At the right side, you'll find a "CONTINUE" marking the checkpoint!
Additionally, to the right, you'll see an extra life. Quickly press "2", then
"1" to swing across to it, then go back left.

Head back to the shaft (past the spikes - again, be careful!) and climb up it
and head right. Jump across to the left and head up some ledges. When you're as
far left as you can go (at the point it looks like there should be more to the
left but the game prevents going there), jump to the mid-air ledge to the right
and continue along to the next one.

From there, you need to swing again using the little jut-off of the central
structure's top bit. What do I mean? Look at the platform above and to the
left and you'll see, just beneath its right edge, something that looks like a
hook. THAT is your target for this swing. When you swing and make it to the
next ledge, use that same hook to swing back right and onto a ledge just above
of the previous swing.

On the other side, cross to the ledge on the left, then to the tightrope. Much
like with the others, it periodically will send a flame along it, so be quick
so as to not get burned. On the right side, drop down a bit and you'll see the
red platform to the left.

Get back onto the red platform and begin riding it up (again, as is applicable)
and, this time, jump off to the right. Head down the shaft and defeat the bat
further to the right. Nearby should be a checkpoint - jump into the gap to its
right and use the hovering jump as you head left to hopefully avoid getting

Continue to the right and you'll defeat another bat as you also reach a health
pickup. Take care of both in the most obvious of manners and head right some
more. Down in the gap, you'll find another one of the businessman-like bosses.
You can deal with him as previously mentioned in the walkthrough - see the last
section that is marked off by two "~~~" sequences.

After dealing with him, go right and up to the ledge on the right, then the one
in the air on the left. From there, you'll probably want to look at the porous
wall on the top-left corner of your screen - there, you'll notice a hook-like
structure on the rightmost bit of the wall. Jump towards it and use the
1 Button to swing from it. Now, as you swing, you'll get the health pickup from
before if you didn't get it earlier. Additionally, you'll need to press the
1 Button once more to swing from another hook on the lower-leftmost part of the

When you land, defeat the bat flying around above you, then get on the ledge
above you. Jump across to the ledges above and to the right. Feel free to get
the health pickup in the gap, though, after getting it, you'll need to
backtrack here. Cross the ledges and you'll reach another health pickup,

Once you make it on the larger ledge just past the second health pickup, go
further right and you'll see a red platform, like those before. This is another
teleporter, which will take you out of the level.

Stage 4: Andy Asteroids? (2)

This level is not really officially named, but it is still relatively
significant enough to put. This level functions pretty much like the one from
before, so you can pretty much rely on the same principles and strategy, which
are below.

You can accelerate with the 1 Button, and move left/right with the Left/Right
buttons on the D-Pad.

This level is pretty easy to deal with, so I'll leave it up to you. You can
pretty much just keep holding "1" and dodging the brownish asteriods, which
severely slow you down. There are flaming blue spheres that'll give you a huge
speed boost. All in all, though, holding "1" and dodging asteriods is all you
need to do, though it wouldn't kill you to grab those speed boosters, would it?

Stage 5: Down the Tubes

Begin the level by heading to the right. Defeat the reddish enemy in the first
"section" of the tube and grab the gun pickup from the second. In the next one,
there will be an enemy roaming around. Rather than spend ten minutes beating at
it like I moronically did, take a look at the top-center of the tube section.
You can jump up there and grab it, much like a tightrope, although you cannot
go left and right.

When the beast below passes by (heading left), drop down and head right. In the
open area, defeat the red enemy and continue on. In the next tube, you'll find
another one of those guard beasts from before. Grab onto the top-center part of
the tube and wait for him to pass by, heading left, as before. When you drop
down and head right, you'll need to repeat this again.

In the next open area, proceed right and kill the red thing, then jump onto the
nearby platform on the right wall. Grab the gun pickup nearby and jump left
from the platform, pressing "1" in mid-air to launch your pseudo-grappling hook
to swing across the gap. On the other side, feel free to the top-leftmost hook
(if that wasn't used in your initial swing) to snatch up another gun pickup.

Then head left into another tube. Past it is another open area. You may *think*
of continuing left into the next tube, but don't. You'll find some enemies that
are, in this instance, rather hard to dodge. Instead, from the left ledge of
the open area, jump and swing across to the right - you'll need to use the
lower hook for this. On the other side, you will see a switch-like object. Use
your basic thwacking attack (whatever it is Jim does with his head) to trigger

There is nothing further right, so return left to the open area. Jump onto the
frog and you'll begin riding it. As you go left into the tube, there will be a
number of enemies. You need to get rid of them with the 1 Button - try being a
bit early on the pressing due to some kind of odd delay. If you are attacked by
an enemy, and therefore knocked off of the frog, return to the open area,
swing back to the top-right, retrigger the switch, and try again with the frog.

On the other side, you'll see a gun pickup. Jump beneath it and you'll grab it
and suddenly be brought into an underwater pod. These underwater pods are
controlled by using the D-Pad directions in conjunction with the 2 Button - the
2 Button makes you move, and the D-Pad ... well, that's obvious. Note, however,
that you have a limited amount of time - usually maxing at 30 seconds - to
either "dock" in a different pod port or to refill the air in the pod before it
explodes, killing you. You will also be killed if you hit the walls too many
times, and, no, there aren't any enemies.

As you go up initially, feel free to go left for the health pickup, then go
right for a fair while to the next docking area in the top-rightish area. You
will have about 10 ~ 15 seconds left when you get there, so it shouldn't be
that hard. Land the little sticks (lower-left/right of the pod) on the blue
orbs to land.

Back in oxygen, go right and grab your "CONTINUE" marker for a well-deserved
checkpoint. Trust me, you'll yearn for one in the next level. >_>

Go right and jump into the upper level of the tube. Proceed rightward for a bit
while ignoring the side pipes going up. After the second one, you'll fight 
another red enemy. Go into the next room to the right and grab the health
pickup, then jump around until you're shot into another pod.

Begin by going up. Head left if you are in desperate need of a health pickup -
if you aren't under 50% health, it ain't worth risking a life over. From the
dock you started at, head right and down when you can't go right. As you head
down, you'll see a small blue tube protruding from the left wall - this will
poke your pod and refill your timer. It's a good thing.

Grab the nearby laser gun if you so desire, then continue down. As you do, you
may see a path heading left, then down. This path has a laser gun and two
health pickups in it - feel free to get it if you aren't bumping around too
much. There is also a timer refiller at the top of the downward descent, so use
it ... AFTER getting the items, though!

From the timer-refiller, go right, then continue along the downward path. You
will find another refiller here.  -_-  Head rightward now for a bit, then up
when you see the path do so. (Obviously, you can't ram into the open area.)
Go on up, but carefully so. You'll reach a timer-refiller on the way. Just past
it, head right and down at the wall. It gets tricky there. Use just a few taps
of "2" to accelerate slowly left, down, right, down, and left to the docing
area - you don't need to hit anything, y'know? You can usually get it done
if you have 15 ~ 20 or more seconds left.

After docking, head to the right. Defeat the enemy in the tube and look up -
there are two vertical tubes. The better one to use is the one on the left,
unless you feel like fighting an enemy. At the top, head right and you'll lose
control as the game transitions to the next level...

Stage 6: Pod Race

Wonder who gets the Star Wars reference?  :P  Also, I will note that this level
can be a bit of a pain to deal with, because you don't really get a chance to
refill pods during this level, yet precision is recommended to avoid dying. I
have developed a working Game Genie/Pro Action Replay code that should work
fine for your purposes in keeping the timer high enough to allow you to proceed
more easily  --  00C1E2:63  --  though, again, I will note that it is not
required by any means.

Upon entering the level, head right. Defeat the reddish enemy and continue
along to the open area. Defeat the enemies roaming about in there - be very
wary of the ground enemies, as they like to sling you around. Head right and
through the tube, defeating the lone enemy within as you go.

Continue into the open area. Here, you'll work the frog much like you did in
the previous level - trigger the switch (now in lower-right) and ride the frog.
Use the 1 Button to eat enemies as you continue and, if you are struck by an
enemy, you'll have to go back and get another frog.

Past the tube, at the bottom of this open area, trigger the "CONTINUE"
checkpoint in the lower-right corner, then go left and through a small tunnel.
Here is the underwater pod docking port, and where your hell begins.

Enter the pod  --  LET THE POD-RACE BEGIN!

Go up, left, and down. Refill at the air pump and continue down. At the grid
area, go down and right, then right when past it for a small while. You'll soon
find a hill and have to go up and right. Eventually, you will see another
grid area to the right. Stop going up at this point and just head right (you
may want to stop upward movement with some Down presses as well), then
down-right at the grid.

Once you pass the grid, go right and up-right. You'll soon begin heading just
right. Avoid hitting the ceiling, but try to be somewhat close to it, as there
is a hump in the road ahead that'll hit you if you don't stay up. Continue to
the right and the course will slowly go down-right, down, down-left, and
up-left in a quick U-turn succession. Be especially careful around the
down-left to up-left transition at high speeds or you'll crash hard.

Past the gridded field, you'll go left briefly, then down-left, then down.
You'll have another down-left/up-left transition, so take that turn carefully.
Past it, continue heading left and, past a small rise, you'll head down for a
bit. Be careful when you go down, though - I tend to find that it is not as
deep as I perceive it is and often ram into the wall.

There, head along a general rightward course, but carefully yet precisely. You
do not want to ram into the narrow tunnel's walls right here or you can very
easily shatter your pod and, well, Earthworm Jim cannot swim.

Once you pass the yellowish line, the tunnel widens a bit and begins to shift
into an up-right direction. As you shift directly upward, you'll see the
docking area -- then the tunnel goes up-left. AGH! Go around the wall on your
way (up, up-left, up-right, right, down) carefully to reach the dock.  ^_^

Phew. When you dock, grab the nearby gun and health pickups, then head to the
right. Defeat the red enemy roaming along the right side of the open area and
continue into the next one. Break the fishbowl and attack the fish within to
win the level.

Stage 7: Andy Asteroids? (3)

This level is not really officially named as such, but it is still relatively
significant enough to put. This level functions pretty much like the ones from
before, so you can pretty much rely on the same principles and strategy, which
are below.

You can accelerate with the 1 Button, and move left/right with the Left/Right
buttons on the D-Pad.

This level is pretty easy to deal with, so I'll leave it up to you. You can
pretty much just keep holding "1" and dodging the brownish asteriods, which
severely slow you down. There are flaming blue spheres that'll give you a huge
speed boost. All in all, though, holding "1" and dodging asteriods is all you
need to do, though it wouldn't kill you to grab those speed boosters, would it?

Stage 8: Helicopter

One final level guys, come on! This is not a level you particularly want to
spend a lot of time in, though. Spikes have proliferated throughout this level
and almost everything is a dark color. I would definitely consider adjusting
the contrast and brightness on your television for this level... And, again,
don't expect me to do a whole lot of side-tracking - the way this level is
configured, that'll do more harm than good. I know from experience.  v_v

Expect to use the hover move a lot in the spiky shafts we'll begin on. Feel
free to bounce off of the walls for navigational stability, but general falling
is more satisfactory, even if you get lost.

Jump off of the ledge you begin on into the spiky shaft. About five to eight
seconds later, you'll get a health pickup. Head down the right branch of the
fork now. As you do, you'll see an area branching off to the right. If you use
the nearby hook (above rightbound tunnel, left wall) to swing right, you can
reach the extra life there!

Continue down the downbound path you were diverted from. Use the hover jump a
lot here, as the path twists and turns a fair bit, especially around the health
power-up about halfway through. At that point, the path veers down and left.
Use the hover move as much as possible here or you'll get more holes than Swiss

You'll soon reach an open area with a number of health pickups. Feel free to
grab them all, then use the lower-right shaft to continue on. Go straight down
as much as possible - you'll grab a health and gun pickup on the way, and
should be able to readily avoid being "poked", so to speak. At the bottom, head
right and grab up the laser gun. Jump at the extra life icon and you'll soon,
due to inertia, also go right and teleport.  =O

On the other side, head east to the platform. There, try to jump east to the
next one - if anything, you'll just hit the one raised pair of spiky balls.
Just east of there is a pillar with a number of hooks on it you can swing from.
I particularly recommend swinging rightward for the gun/health pickups and
swinging back.

You'll need to swing from the hooks (any point is fine, so to speak), then, on
the other side, turn around and swing again. You'll need to repeat this several
times and swing right from the topmost hook. (In theory, I guess you could try
bouncing from the spike balls, but... Well, the obvious.)

Once on the other platform on the other side, don't try to get that health
pickup, you suicidal maniac. Continue right, past (and possibly defeating) the
enemy. Carefully and quickly jump across the spikes (minimum of two is needed)
to reach the platform on the other side. Get the gun pickup - trust me, you'll
be needing all of these.

Now, there is a platform above you. You can reach it with a jump, though you
may need to jump from the spike balls first. Defeat the enemy up there if you
want, then go right and into the gap between the spike balls. You'll land on a
platform on the other side. Go right and enjoy your "CONTINUE" checkpoint.

Go onto the nearby mushrooms. To the right of the second one, you should be
able to see a hook. Try swinging from it, or the lower one near the checkpoint,
and you'll reach another hook-filled pillar. Use it as before - swing right,
then left, and so on, swinging rightward from the topmost hook.

On the platform on the other side, jump from its right edge to the right. Grab
the health pickup and hover as you reach the mushroom platforms, where another
health pickup resides. Jump along from mushroom to mushroom for a bit and, when
you see a laser gun to the right, jump at it - you should also end up hanging
on to a tightrope above or something.

Go right and, when you see the hook below you, drop towards it and swing from
it to safely reach a health pickup. Head to the right for a bit and you'll grab
a couple of gun pickups as you reach another mushroomy area. Cross the 'shrooms
to the other side, where you'll need to go down.


Here is the first boss of the level. You see those greenish platforms nearby?
You need to ride those - don't worry, they won't hurt you. The boss is above
them. You'll need to shoot at it, preferably. This boss usually won't attack
until he is struck. Thusly, I recommend the following strategy...

Get on a platform and ride beneath the boss. Hold Up on the D-Pad and wait
until you pass beneath him, then press the 1 Button once or twice. You'll hit
the boss and he'll counterattack. Due to your most likely position, I recommend
that you, after the one or two shots, drop off the right side of the platform
and repeat. It'll take a while, yes, but it is the safest way.


After the battle, head left and through the "CONTINUE" checkpoint. Be careful
of random flying enemies around here and proceed left and across the mushroom


At the end, when you see a plant platform like the last boss, that is when the
final one begins. Ride the platform around the boss. The boss is actually quite
easy ... but very long.

This boss's primary attack is to just fire some small enemies at you. That's
about it - it happens rarely and is usually completely negligible. Your main
strategy consists of this...

Since you're going around the boss in circles, and there are no platforms aside
from yours and the boss's, you have to stay on yours. You will circle around
the boss repeatedly - same pattern, same speed. You need to shoot at the boss
whenever possible. That means use Down + "1" from above, Right + "1" from the
left, Up + "1" from below, and Left + "1" from the right. (You need to use Down
on the D-Pad when you're above the boss, anyways, or you'll get hit by spikes.)

However, this fight is very lengthy, so it's not as simple as holding "1" and
adjusting the D-Pad as necessary. You need to time these shots so you can
conserve your ammunition. When you're almost directly above/below/left/right of
the boss -- as is, will be there in about a second, but not right now -- then
you begin to shoot. As soon as you pass the point where you are directly
above/below/etc. of the boss, stop firing.

It will take a while. However, the boss is quite easy if you're willing to
stick it out.


After the boss, enjoy the ending, for you have just beaten the Sega Master
System version of Earthworm Jim! Congratulations!

|                      This is the end of KeyBlade999's                       |
|              FAQ/Walkthrough for the Sega Master System game                |
|                                Earthworm Jim.                               |
          |  ____________  |
          | |            | |
          | |            | |
          | |____________| |________________________________________
          | |____________| |_________________________               |
          | |            | |                         | |\   /\   /| |
          | |            | |                         | | \ /  \ / | |
          | |____________| |                         | | (_)  (_) | |
          |________________|                         |_|          |_|
                          ___       ___       ___
                         /'__`\    /'__`\    /'__`\
                        /\ \_\ \  /\ \_\ \  /\ \_\ \
                        \ \___, \ \ \___, \ \ \___, \
                         \/__,/\ \ \/__,/\ \ \/__,/\ \
                              \ \_\     \ \_\     \ \_\
                               \/_/      \/_/      \/_/

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