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Reviewed: 04/03/00 | Updated: 04/03/00

Under rated, yes, crappy, no.

This is one of those under rated systems released in the gaming depression, where every jabroni thought that home consoles will never make it. This system shows off Sega's lead in power in the console business, but they belong in the arcades, that's why they are so powerful.

The graphics were beautiful, but this was made for the ports of Sega arcade games. This system is superior to the Nintendo in every way. For one thing, the SMS had a palette of 256 and can do over 80 at once, but the Nintendo had a palette of 56 and did only 23 at once. It even had a semi Super Scaler effect (Space Harrier).

The sound was a Yamaha, which I do not remember the exact model number either (very long). The sound was way better than the Nintendo SPU. And finally all the songs are more memorable than that of the Nintendo. It was more realistic than that of the Nintendo's ti ti ti ta da da di. And almost all times the SMS had less pixelated characters.

The processor is a Zilog 80 (Z80), which this company is out of the game. The processor did some wonderful things that ran most games smooth (Space harrier for example). And it did keep up with the speed in Psycho Fox.

There were many periphials too, such as 3D glasses and a cool light zapper. The games were pretty much all good and stuff. Two of my favorites is Fantasy Zone (1) and Space Harrier. Lots of other games came out in 93 for it (which it was almost not excistence then), such Mortal Kombat 1 and some other games.

I suggest you find this and add it to your collection of nostalgic stuff (if you have one). I started mine with this system here. Trust me on this one too.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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