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HES Games FAQ by Anonymous

Version: 4.15 | Updated: 09/25/2002

HHHHH        HHHHH     EEEEEEEE                      SSSSSSSSS

                       Australian SMS Rarity List
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                    Australian Video Game Suppliers
                       Australian SMS Rarity List
Updates          HES FAQ                    SEPT 2002

Version 4.15 25/SEPT/2002: Just doing some maitenence on the FAQ.
We will have more updates soon. 

Version 4.11 15/JULY/2002: Not pleased with way it turned out on
so I deleted some notes.

Version 4.1 13/JULY/2002: Updated rarity list and delted some junk
I needed to get rid of. Some SG-1000 and SC-3000 info soon.

Version 4.0  2/JULY/2002 My rarity list is finally completed and up on
the FAQ. This is not all for this FAQ, as I will be putting on info
about the SG-1000 and SC-3000 in Australia. My master system website
has been cancelled until further notice. But my main focus for this FAQ
in the next year to to focus finding SG-1000 and SC-3000 stuff for this
faq. Deleted ASCII art. Deleted various other uneeded Bits in the FAQ

Version 3.51: 17/MAY/2002 I've been too busy to work on the rarity list,
so it stays halfway through "D" I have nothing to add :( except for
correcting a few typos (again). Also, I will have my own sms website
by early 2003. See You Next Update!!

Version 3.5: 14/APR/2002 Hello people. I'm around %10 finsihed on the
rarity list and I'm going at a slow pace, but don't worry! it will be
finished by July or August. I have a lot of new information for the FAQ
today. I added a new addition to the "Sold After 1996" section. I have
created a new section which is called "Ozisoft Differences". And also 2
new edition to the Megadrive section.(Thanks MaRkIsH!!)

Version 3.01a: 29/MAR/2002 Hi Everyone. Just announcing a new addition
to the HES FAQ "The Australian game rarity list" This is not just a
stupid gimmick to boost visitors this is going to be a %99 complete
rarity list!! I'm working on it now. If you have any infomation on
australian SMS stuff please e-mail me on segacollector@hotmail.com
Thanks People!!

Version 3.01: 15/MAR/2002 Erased some typos

Version 3.0: 13/MAR/2002: Added Exclusive Master System hardware

Version 2.5: 13/MAR/2002 Added more content on other games. Added new
section"Label Variations in Australia. Added "If you see ... Then it's
been sold after 1996". Added "Miscellanous" Section.

Version 2.01: 10/MAR/2002 Changed WWF games to one after researching
them. Added new section What and Who is HES?? Also some new information
on master chess.

Version 1.1: 3/MAR/2002 Added History Of Master System to FAQ. Changed
title mistake. Changes in some game information

Version 1.01: 24/FEB/2002: Everything is new. Brand New FAQ

1.0: Updates and News
2.0: Contents
3.0: Introduction
3.1: What and Who is HES??
3.2: History Of Master System in Australia
3.3: Ozisoft Differences
4.0: Exclusive Australian Master System Games List
5.0: Label Varations
5.1: If you see ... It was sold after 1996
6.0: Exclusive Megadrive/Genesis Game
7.0: Rarity List
8.0: Copyright and Ending Statement


The Sega Master system was probably the most longest living system in
Australia. The master system was very popular anywhere except North
America and Scandinavia. The most popular country, brazil still sells
the master system today. The second most popular country Australia,
stopped selling Master System in early 1998. I live in Australia where
many exclusive games and variations where released. This is the main
point of this FAQ, to provide information about exclusive Australian
master system and Megadrive games.

What or Who is HES??

HES seems to be the supplier of video games to australia. From what
I've found they have been in the video game business since 1979 when
they released exclusive atari carts and distrubate activision's atari carts.
Actually today I seen an exclusiveNES game that gave me some more information
on HES. I do not work orhave anything ot do with HES. If you want to ask
them any questionsabout anything about them go to their website at

History Of Master System In Australia

                        Master System 1988-1997
The 10 years of the master system in australia were times when change
was very rapid in the gaming world. In 1988 when the master system and
NES were released in Australia the two systems were neck to neck with
the master system %55 of market share. In 1990 The Megadirve was
relased in Australia along with the master system 2. As soon as sega
relased both of them sega had around %80 percent of market share. Sales
soared for both systems by great management by Sega Ozisoft and the
cheaper price of sega consoles then Nintendo. In 1992/3 the master
was going good as with the megadrive. In 1995 the master system was
put in the bargain bins of some stores but still stayed well in Toys R
US. In 1997/98 the master system was killed off the stores in Australia.
That was the happy 10 year history of the Master System In Australia.

Ozisoft Differences

The differences with the Australian software is very easy to pick out.
To what I've been given from a contributor of this site ozisoft was a
very stingy company with money. You know its an ozisoft cart if:

The label on the cart is lower quality and the background lines are
white not black. Also the label feels like its made of paper not the
glossy label on the other carts around the world.

On the back of most carts, it has a sticker with the usual safe way to
use the cart etc,etc. On ozisoft ones, its engraved onto the cart along
"with SEGA Made in Australia" on the back

Ozisoft discontinued cards in 1989 for an "Unknown reason"

The rarest games here seem to be the ones With Battery Backup like
Phantasy Star, Monopoly etc as ozisoft wanted to lower their costs.

Although, they imported all the carts from europe after 1995. Most of the
carts I bought in shops from 95-98 were European versions.

Exclusive Australian Master System games list


Release Date: 1995

Rarity: Only around 5000 were made and sold!

Arguably the rarest master system game 4 PAK ALL ACTION was made by
HES the company that supplies Video games to Australia. This is a
multi cart with the following games

1:) Adventure kid: A crappy wonderboy clone with fruit milk and eggs.

2:) Power Block: This strategy game keeps you hooked for hours and days.

3:) Twin Mouse: A nice game with great graphics for 1994

4:) Cave Dude: Wonder boy Monster Land Caveman Style!!

Label Variations

Yes I found a few of these the other day. I own 2 label variations on
cartridges and have some infomation on them.

Sonic 1               Hints N Tips phone number
Sonic 2               As Above
Wonderboy III         As Above
Asterix:Great Rescue  Blue label

Obviously the phone number has closed by now. It was 0055 252567 or
something like that.

If you see ..... it was sold after 1996.

I've currantly got 9 games here that were sold after 1996 by labelling.

1st Labelling Variation: Australian Government classification G, G8+,M
or MA15+
2nd Labelling variation: Hints and tips sticker on back of jacket. These
were relased after 1997.
3rd Sega Classics Sticker: All games after 1996/7 were released with
this oval shaped gold sticker

The five games that have this variation so far
World Grand Prix: 2nd Variation
4 PAK ALL ACTION: 1st Varation
Mortal Kombat II: Both Variations
The Ninja: 2nd Variation
Sega Classics: All Mega Drive and Master system games after 1996/7

Exclusive Megadrive/Genesis Game

Sega Mega Games 6 in 1

Release Date: 1994

Rarity: Uncommon

Another multicart with 6 games in 1 The games are World Cup italia 1990
Streets of rage, Revenge of shinobi, Columns, Golden axe and
super hang on. Look at the reviews on the gamefaqs website for genesis

Misc. Megadrive

Master Mega Converter

Release Date: 1994

Rarity: Rare

This is a cartridge shaped Master System convertor released by HES. This
had a small grey pause button on the cart and plays all master system
games (obviously not the cards).

Rarity List

Australian Rarity list Version 0.02

0.02a 25/7/02: Just Some maitenence on the FAQ.

0.02  13/7/02: Just updated some rairties. Getting info piled in through
e-mail. Thanks for your support!

0.01a 29/3/02 to 2/7/02:Work On the whole rarity list, which is now finished. I
thank MaRkiSH for all his help throughout over the past 3 months. This rarity
list wouldn't be here with out MaRkiSH's help. For more info, e-mail me at

Introduction And Other information
©2002 M.Buchan. Part Of the HES FAQ

The main goal of this list is to provide people with the amount of games
released here for the Master System and their rarities.

Raritys are approximate and judged by personal experience for buying
games at pawn shops, flea markets etc. Some games have a ? next to them.
That means that i'm not really sure about it.Some items are also judged by
Ebay.com.au online

Raritys As Follows

EC Extremely Common: Seen Almost everywhere.

C Common: Seen very often on Auctions and at Pawn Shops

U Uncommon: Some copies at shops and on the auctions heavily.

R Rare: Severeal on the auctions but few seen anyware else

ER Extremely Rare: Seen occasionally on auctions, but only 1 or 2 seen at pawn
shops or swapmeets

UR Unbelivably Rare: Only have seen 1,2 or 3 copys.

NR Never Released: Never Released in Australia

?: Not Sure
??: Don't know

Note: After 1994 it was a mix of euro and australian cart versions. For more
info, look through
this FAQ.


Name Of Game      Developer    Code#   Rarity   Notes
John Smith Frisbee Smith Co    1234      C     Sample Notes

Start Of List
Name                 Developer  Code#   Rarity  Notes

4 PAK ALL ACTION        HES      N/A      UR    Seen bought for AU$87 on ebay
Ace Of Aces            Sega     7054      ER
Action Fighter         Sega     5055       R
Addams Family         Acclaim   27067      R
Aerial Assault         Sega     7041       R
After Burner           Sega     9001       U
Air Rescue             Sega     7102      ER
Aladdin             Sega/Disney 9027      ER
Alex Kidd: High Tech   Sega     5116       U
Alex Kidd: Lost Stars  Sega     7005       R
Alex Kidd: Miracle     Sega     5067      ER    Lots of bulit in ones
Alex Kidd: Shinobi     Sega     7005       U    rare everyware else except here
Alf                    Sega     5111      ??
Alien 3                Arena    27027      R
Alien Storm            Sega     7075       U
Alien Syndrome         Sega     7006       R
Altered Beast          Sega     7018       R
American Baseball      Sega     7019       R
American Pro Football  Sega     7020       R
Andre Agassi Tennis   Tecmagik  27051     ER
Arcade Smash Hits      Virgin   27032      U
Assault City:Pad       Sega      7034      U
Assault City:Gun       Sega      7040     ER
Asterix                Sega      9008      U
Asterix:Great Rescue   Sega      9032     ER
Asterix:Secret Mission Sega      9023     ER
Astro Warrior          Sega      5069     ??
Astro Warrior/Pit Pot  Sega      6081      R
Ayrton Senna GP ----------------------------    See Super Monaco GP II
Aztec Adventure        Sega      5100      R
Back To Future II    Image Works 27010     R
Back To Future III   Image Works 27020     R
Bank Panic:Card        Sega       4084    ER    So sad I didn't buy this :(
Bank Panic:Cart        Sega       4584     R
Basketball Nightmare   Sega       7025     R
Batman Returns         Sega       7112     R
Battle Out Run         Sega       7033     R
Black Belt             Sega       5054     R
Blade Eagle 3D         Sega       8005    ER
Bomber Raid          Activision   5003     R
Bomber Raid            Sega       27006    R
Bonanza Bros.          Sega       7073    ER
Bram St Dracula    Sony/Imagesoft 27065    R
Bubble Bobble        Taito/Sega   7077    ER
Buggy Run              Sega       9025    ER
Buster Douglas Boxing  Sega       7063    NR
California Games       Sega       7014     C
California Games II    Sega       7105     R
Captain Silver         Sega       7008     R
Casino Games           Sega       7021     U
Castle Of Illiusion    Sega       7053     U
Championship Hockey   US Gold    27035    ??
Champions Of Europe  Tecmagik    27034    ER
Cheese Catastrophe     Sega       9033    ER
Chase H.Q            Sega/Taito   7038     R
Choplifter             Sega       5051     R
Chuck Rock            Virgin     29004     R
Chuck Rock 2          Virgin     29019    ER
Cloud Master           Sega       7017     R
Columns                Sega       5120    ER
Cool Spot             Virgin     27068     R
Cosmic Spacehead    Codemasters  27074    NR  No evidence of Codemasters
Crash Dummies       Flying Edge  27057    ER
Cyber Shinobi          Sega       7050    ER
Cyborg Hunter       Activision    5002    UR
Cyborg Hunter          Sega       5113     R
Daffy Duck:Hollywood   Sega       9031    ER
Danan:Jungle Fighter   Sega       7049    ER
Dead Angle             Sega       7030     R
Deep Duck Trouble      Sega       9022     R
Desert Speedtrap       Sega       7122    ER
Desert Strike         Domark     29010     R
Dick Tracy             Sega       7057     R
Double Dragon          Sega       7012     C
Double Hawk            Sega       7036     R
Dr Robotnicks Bean...  Sega       7123    ER
Dragon:Bruce Lee Story Virgin    27079     R
Dragon Crystal         Sega       5123     R
Dynamite Duke          Sega       7067     R
Dynamite Dux           Sega       7029     R
E-SWAT                 Sega       7042     R
Ecco The Dolphin       Sega       9029     R
Enduro Racer           Sega       5077     C
F-16 Fighter (Cart)    Sega       4581     C
F-16 Fighter (Card)    Sega       4081    ??
F-16 Fighting Falcon   Sega       4005    ER
F1                    Domark     27072     U
Fantastic Dizzy     Codemasters  27074    NR  No evidence of Codemasters
Fantasy Zone           Sega       5052     U
Fantasy Zone II        Sega       7004     R
Fantasy Zone: The Maze Sega       5108     R
Fire & Forget II    Titus/Sega   27009    ER?
Flash,The              Sega       7506    ER
Flinstones,The    Grandslam/Sega 27013     R
Forgotten Worlds       Sega       7056     R
G-LOC                  Sega       7071     R
Gain Ground            Sega       7045     R
Galaxy Force           Sega      29001     R
Galaxy Force        Activision    5004    NR
Gangster Town          Sega       5074    ER
Gauntlet             US Gold     25006     R
George Foreman Box.. Flying Edge 27041    ER
Ghost House (Card)     Sega       4002    ER
Ghost House (Cart)     Sega       4502     U
Ghostbusters           Sega       5065     U
Ghouls and Ghosts      Sega       7055     R
Global Defense         Sega       5102     U
Global Gladiators     Virgin     27062     R
Golden Axe             Sega       9004     U
Golden Axe Warrior     Sega       7505    ER
Golfamania             Sega       7502     R
Golvellius             Sega       7017     R
GP Rider               Sega       9013     R
Great Baseball         Sega       5061    ER
Great Basketball       Sega       5071     R
Great Football         Sega       5058    ER
Great Golf             Sega       5057     U
Great Ice Hockey       Sega       5062    NR?
Great Soccer           Sega       5059    NR  See World Soccer
Great Volleyball       Sega       5070    ER
Hang On (Cart)         Sega       4580     C
Hang On (Card)         Sega       4080    UR
Hang On/Astro Warrior  Sega       6002    ER   Pack-In
Hang On/Safari Hunt    Sega       6001    ER   Pack-In
Heavyweight Champ      Sega       7063    ER
Heroes of the Lance   US Gold    29003     R
Home Alone             Sega       7109    ER
Hook                  US Gold?   27048    ??   Unconfirmed Release.
Impossible Mission    US Gold    25007    ER
Incredible Hulk,The   US Gold    29015    ER
Incredible Hulk,The    Kixx      29015    ER
Indiana Jones       US Gold/Sega 27008     R
James Bond 007        Domark     27046    UR
James Pond 2        US Gold/Sega 29013     R
Joe Montana Football   Sega       7062     R
Jungle Book,The     Virgin/Sega  27069    ER
Jurassic Park          Sega       9030     R
Kenseiden              Sega       7013     R
Kings Quest         Parker Bros.  4360    NR
Klax                  Tengen     25012     R
Krusty's Fun House  Flying Edge  27056     R
Kung Fu Kid            Sega       5078     U
Land of Illiusion      Sega       9014     R
Laser Ghost            Sega       7074     R
Lemmings           Psygnosis/Sega 7108     U
Line of Fire           Sega       9006    ER
Lion King,The      Disney/Virgin 27081    ER
Lord of the Sword      Sega       7016     R
The Lucky Dime Caper   Sega       7072     R
Marble Madness        Virgin     27024    ER
Marksman Shooting/     Sega       6003    ER
Trap Shooting
Marksman Shooting/     Sega       6080    ER
Trap Shooting/          ||
Safari Hunt             \/
Master Games 1         Sega       9020    NR   Euro Pack-in only.
Master of Darkness     Sega       7107    ER
Masters Of Combat      Sega       7124    ER
Maze Hunter 3D         Sega       8003    ER
Mercs                  Sega       9007     R
Micro Machines      Codemasters  19001    NR  No evidence of Codemasters
Miracle Warriors       Sega       7500    ER
Missile Defense 3D     Sega       8001    ER
Monopoly               Sega       5500    ER
Montezuma's Revenge Parker Bro's  4370    NR
Michael Moonwalker     Sega       7052     R
Mortal Kombat       Sega/Arena   29021     R
Mortal Kombat II  Acclaim/Midway 29029    ER
Ms. Pacman            Tengen     25011    ER
My Hero (card)         Sega       4001    ER
My Hero (Cart)         Sega       4501     C
New Zealand Story,The  Tecmagik  27035     R
Ninja,The              Sega       5066    EC
Ninja Gaiden           Sega       7101     R
Olympic Gold       US Gold/Sega   9011    ER
Operation Wolf         Sega       7039     U
Ottifants,The          Sega       7120    UR
Out Run                Sega       7003     R
Out Run 3D             Sega       8007    ER
Out Run Europa         Sega      27016    ER
Pacmania             Tecmagik    25010     R
Paperboy           US Gold/Sega  25008     R
Parlour Games          Sega       5103     U
Penguin Land           Sega       5501    ER
PGA Tour Golf         Tengen     27070     R
Phantasy Star          Sega       9500    ER
Pit Fighter           Domark     29009    ER
Populous    Tecmagik/Bullfrog/EA 27014     R
Poseidon Wars 3D       Sega       8006    ER
Power Strike           Sega       5109     R
Power Strike II        Sega       9024    ER
Predator 2            Arena      27026     R
Prince of Persia      Domark     27022     R
Pro Wrestling          Sega       5056     R
Psychic World          Sega       7066     R
Psycho Fox             Sega       7032     U
Putt & Putter          Sega       5122     R
Quartet                Sega       5073    ER
R-Type                 Sega       9002     R
Rainbow Islands        Sega       7117     R
Rambo III              Sega       7015     U
Rampage             Activision    5001    UR
Rampage                Sega      27005     R
Rampart               Tengen     27029     R
Rastan                 Sega       7022     R
R.C Grand Prix         Sega      27007    ER
ReggieJackson Baseball Sega       7019    ER
Renegade               Sega       7116     R
Rescue Mission         Sega       5106     R
Road Rash           EA/US Gold   29012    UR
Robocop 3           Flying Edge  27064    ER
Robocop Vs Terminator Virgin     29022    ER
Rocky                  Sega       7002     R
Running Battle         Sega       7037    ER
Sagaia                 Sega       7078     R
Scramble Spririts      Sega       7031     R
Secret Command         Sega       5081     U
Sega Chess             Sega       7069     R
Sega World Golf        Sega       7103    ER
Sensible Soccer   Sony/Imagesoft 25014    ER
Shadow Dancer        Tecmagik    27019     R
Shanghai               Sega       5110     R
Shinobi                Sega       7009     R
Shooting Gallery       Sega       5072     R
Slap Shot              Sega       7035     R
Smurfs,The          Infogrames   27082    NR?
Smurfs Travel, The  Infogrames   27085    NR?
Sonic The Hedgehog     Sega       7076     C
Sonic The Hedgehog 2   Sega       9015     C
Sonic Chaos            Sega       9021     R
Sonic Spinball         Sega       9034    ER
Space Gun              Sega       9010     R
Space Harrier          Sega       7080     U
Space Harrier 3D       Sega       8004     R
SPI (Spec Crim Invest.)Taito/Sega 7079    ER
Speedball             Virgin     25009     R
Speedball            Imageworks  25013    ER
Speedball 2           Virgin     27039    ER
Spellcaster            Sega       9003     R
Spiderman              Sega       7065    ER
Spiderman:SinsterSix Flying Edge 27055    UR
Sports Pad Football    Sega       5060    NR?
Spy Vs Spy (Card)      Sega       4010    UR
Spy Vs Spy (Cart)      Sega       4510     U
Star Wars             US Gold    29014    ER
Streets Of Rage        Sega       9019     R
Streets of Rage 2      Sega       9026    UR
Strider                Sega       9005     R
Strider II            US Gold    29005    ER
Submarine Attack       Sega       7048     R
Summer Games           Sega       5119     R
Super Kick Off        US Gold    27017    ER
Super Monaco GP        Sega       7043     U
Super Monaco GP II     Sega       9011     C
Super Off Road        US Gold    27059    ER
Super Smash TV       Flying Edge 27044    ER
Super Space Invaders  Domark     27023    ER
Super Tennis (Card)    Sega       4007    ER
Super Tennis (Cart)    Sega       4507     C
Superman:Man of Steel Virgin     27050    ER
T2: The Arcade Game   Arena      27061    ER
Taz-Mania              Sega       7111     U
Tecmo World Cup '93  Sega/Tecmo   7106     U
Teddy Boy (Card)       Sega       4003    ER
Teddy Boy (Cart)       Sega       4503     C
Tennis Ace             Sega       7028     U
The Terminator        Virgin     27035     U
Terminator2 Judge Day Virgin     27052    ER
Thunder Blade          Sega       7011     U
Time Soldiers          Sega       7024     R
Tom and Jerry          Sega       7070     U
Transbot (Card)        Sega       4004    ER
Transbot (Cart)        Sega       4504     U
Trival Pursuit        Domark     29008    ER
Ultima IV              Sega       9501    ER
Ultimate Soccer        Sega       7119    ER
Vigilante              Sega       7023     U
Walter Payton Football Sega       7020     R
Wanted                 Sega       5118     R
Wimbledon              Sega       7115     U
Wimbledon II           Sega       7100     R
Winter Olympics       US Gold    29015     R
Wolfchild              Virgin    27060     R
Wonder Boy             Sega       5068     C
Wonder Boy Mnstr World Sega       7007     U
Wonder Boy III         Sega       7026     U
Wonder Boy 4           Sega       9012     R
World Class Leaderboard US Gold  27015     C
World Cup Italia '90   Sega       5084     R
World Cup USA '94     US Gold    29028    UR
World Games            Sega       5114     R
World Grand Prix       Sega      5080      C
World Soccer           Sega      5059      R
WWF Wrestle Steel Cage F.Edge    27054     R
Xenon 2              Imagesoft   27012    ER
Xenon 2               Virgin     27038    ER
Y's                    Sega       7501    ER
Zaxxon 3D              Sega       8002    ER
Zillion                Sega       5075     R
Zillion 2              Sega       5105    ER
Zool                  US Gold    27075    ER

Copyright and Ending Statement
Special Thanks to

The SMS mailing list (sms@timsnet.com)
Thiago Simoes (thiagosimoes84@hotmail.com) TECTOY FAQ
Tyler (shinobiman@houston.rr.com) (www.segamastersystem.com)
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©2002-2003 This may be distributed to any website with my
permission via e-mail. Thank you for reading this FAQ!!

Sega Master System, Sega Megadrive and Sega Genesis are © of Sega
Enterprises. Most games here are © HES or Sega.


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