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Dear Sega customer,

In appreciation for your patience, SEGA OF AMERICA would like to thank you with an additional game for your SEGA SYSTEM. This game does not require a game cartridge or card.


1) Be sure existing game cartridge or game card is removed from your SEGA SYSTEM.

2) Insert the control pad into control #1 on the power base.

3) Power up the system.

4) Press and hold the control pad in the up direction and buttons #1 and #2, simultaneously.

5) Use the control pad to move the object to the goal. There are twelve mazes to master. Once again, thank you and good luck!


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#9 lowest rated SMS puzzle game (#196 on SMS, #15000 overall)


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#4 easiest SMS puzzle game (#43 on SMS, #13118 overall)


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#2 shortest SMS puzzle game (#31 on SMS, #2104 overall)


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