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Walkthrough by JohnTheGamer

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/27/2016

Ys: The Vanished Omens Walkthrough 
Version 1.0 (August 27, 2016)  
Written by and Copyright (c) 2016 John Engelman 
john [at] mybrainongames [dot] com




Welcome to my walkthrough for Ys: The Vanished Omens! This is actually 
the first walkthrough I've written, so I hope it's as rewarding or 
helpful for you as it was for me. Any feedback or comments you may 
have are appreciated and can be directed to the email address listed 
above. In fact, I recorded a "let's play" for the game so if you'd 
like to watch me discover this game for the first time, I'll provide 
that information at the end of this walkthrough. 

Back on task, this game was developed by Nihon Falcom and was the 
first entry in the still active Ys series. Fittingly, this is the 
first entry in the series I've played, despite a lengthy interest in 
the games. If I'm not mistaken, each game stars a red-haired wanderer 
named Adol Christin who picks up a sword to defend humanity from a 
great evil. This version is no different, although Sega's localization 
resulted in the character being renamed Aron Christian. This version 
was released in North America in 1988, courtesy of Sega. Originally, 
the game released in Japan on June 21, 1987 for the NEC PC-8801, a 
home computer.

To paraphrase from the game's box, Aron has wandered into the Kingdom 
of Ys just as Dark Dekt, an evil sorcerer, is planning diabolical 
magic. This, 1,000 years after the Goddesses of Ys saved the Kingdom 
from a similar threat. Their feats were written in six magical books 
and hidden away until they were needed again. Sara, a local seer 
realizes it's time to call upon the Goddesses once more. Knowing the 
journey will be long and difficult, she's seeking a strong swordsman. 
Aron's destiny may as well be sealed...


Aron begins his quest just inside the town gates of Minea. It's a 
large settlement with many citizens wandering about. Conversations are 
had by simply walking into them. Save for the poetess Reah in the 
northeast corner of town, their conversations aren't crucial to 
advancing the game. That being said, I'd advise talking to everyone as 
they do disburse information useful in understanding previous events 
and their fellow neighbors.

While Minea is a large settlement Aron can only enter a few of the 
buildings. Starting in the northwest corner and working clockwise, he 
has access to: the village market, the Ohman Bar and Kraze Hospital in 
the center of town, the conjoined weapon and armor shop in the 
southeast, and the seer Sara's house in the southwest. It's ultimately 
Sara who will provide Aron with the information to begin his quest, 
but first he must arm himself. 

So, while mingling with the townsfolk make a point to buy the Sapphire 
Ring from the village market in the northwest corner of town. I can 
hear you questioning this decision, after all, weaponry and armor 
usually makes up the first purchase in an RPG, but trust me on this. 
Donis, the one-eyed man in the Ohman Bar, is drowning his sorrows 
after losing the Sapphire Ring he bought his mother. When he notices 
it in your inventory, he'll ask to acquire it and in return, will give 
you 1,500 gold; in other words, easy money! Use those funds to buy a 
small sword and small shield from the weapon/armor shop in the 
southeast corner of town.

After equipping those, exit the town through the northern (and only) 
gates. You'll travel the fields in search of a "hidden" golden 
pedestal. I say hidden loosely as it was detailed in Sega's 
newsletters at the time of release. Enemies will be encountered on the 
way and this should be your first attempt at combat. With the sword 
and shield equipped, all you have to do is walk into an enemy. It's 
advantageous to attack from the side or behind them but this can be 
tricky at times. Instead, I carefully walked into the enemies, 
retreating when necessary to regenerate health. Make sure to save 
often, too. If there's anything that will prevent headaches while 
playing, it'll be learning when to save, using multiple save slots, 
and saving often.

Following the eastern coastline to the north, you'll eventually reach 
a bridge leading to the eastern section of the fields. Cross it and 
continue heading east, navigating the pockets of trees until you reach 
an impassable wall of them, serving as an eastern border. One word of 
caution: you should come across a cave's entrance in the far 
northeastern forest of the field. DO NOT ENTER THIS! You're not strong 
enough yet and won't be for a good while. You'll also come across an 
opening in the eastern border of trees in the fields. Don't worry 
about entering this yet, either. From here, head south until you reach 
a lake. There's an indentation almost dead-center on the lake's 
eastern coast. When you walk into it, Aron will notice something 
sparkling in the water and pull out the golden pedestal. Take this 
back to the village market in Minea and sell it. Using the new funds, 
purchase chain mail from the armor shop.

With a weapon, shield, and piece of armor now equipped speak to Sara. 
Now that you're fully armed, she'll brief you on the history of Ys, 
the six books of Ys, and the impending calamity, asking for your help. 
She'll give you the Crystal which allows Aron to locate the books. 
This conversation also yields enough experience to reach level 2; if 
you're not there already from battling enemies. That's well and good 
but I suggest grinding to level 3 against the enemies in the field 
before progressing too much further. While grinding, also pay 
attention to your wallet. It's important to acquire the best weapons 
and armor as soon as possible.

For reference, the weapon shop sells the long sword for 2,000 gold and 
the talwarl for 5,000 gold while the armor shop sells the plate mail 
for 2,000 gold, the reflex armor for 5,000 gold, the middle shield for 
2,000 gold and the large shield for 6,000 gold. The village market 
also has a Wing (transports to back to a nearby town) for 2,000 gold 
and the Mirror (protects against enemies for 1,000 gold. I didn't 
bother acquiring these until all weapons and armor had been purchased 
and even then, I never used them.  


Grinding can get repetitive but it's a necessary and frequent task for 
completing this game. Once level 3 is reached, there's no better time 
to explore Zepik, the other town Aron comes across in his quest. The 
town's western entrance will be found in the easternmost section of 
the field. It's the opening in the trees, serving as the eastern 
border of the fields, just a little north of the lake you found the 
golden pedestal at and a little south of that cave that you still 
shouldn't enter! 

Zepik is considerably smaller than Minea although they have a proper 
mayor (which begs the question, who's "running" Minea?). When speaking 
to him, he'll weave a short story about the town's stolen Silver Bell 
and ask for assistance. The cursor doesn't line up properly here but 
if you choose the bottom option, you'll agree to assist, not that this 
choice really matters. You can say no and still retrieve the Silver 
Bell for him...

The only other house Aron can enter is Jeba's. When conversing without 
Sara's Crystal, she comes off quite crotchety. However, with it in 
your possession, she's willing to aid in Aron's quest, knowing that 
Sara trusts him enough. She'll provide the Temple Key. Besides these 
two, there are also plenty of locals to speak to in Zepik. Again, no 
conversations are so crucial that they're required to progress the 
story, but they do dole out beneficial information. 

Unlike Minea, Zepik has two entrances and you'll now take the 
northeastern one towards the Palace. Along the way is a thief who 
speaks of his comrade Dogi. He became separated in the Tower of Doomed 
and if he perished, the recovery of his body would put the thieves' 
minds at ease. Keep that in mind for later on. Speaking of thieves, 
you may as well stop by the thieves' den before entering the Palace. 
After coming upon the Palace (you won't mistake it), continue east 
along the mountain path. Eventually, you'll find the thieves' den and 
they'll claim they haven't been behind the recent events and in fact, 
they're also victims. 

You can enter the Palace, but little progress will be made until 
you're level 4, or preferably level 5, which means... more grinding! 
Beforehand, I'll counter myself and say enter the Palace! The entrance 
hallway contains many statues, the easternmost of which appears 
different than the rest. Touching it transports Aron onto the Palace's 
first floor. Navigating to the northwestern corner of the floor, 
you'll come across a treasure which has a Ruby inside. The merchant in 
Minea will purchase this for 1,200 gold. There's another treasure 
chest on this floor, just to the east of Aron's beginning location, 
but it's locked. And, all the way in the northeastern section is a 
door which leads to your first boss fight.

The enemies in front of the Palace and in the hills to the east yield 
a little more experience and gold than the enemies in the field, but 
it'll still be a lengthy process reaching level 5. Make sure to watch 
your gold, as each time you accrue enough gold to buy better weapons 
and armor, you'll want to return to Minea and do so. Don't forget 
about the 1,200 gold for selling the Ruby.


Now level 5 and with the best weapons and armor money can buy at this 
point, Aron can enter the Palace and make progress. After teleporting 
to the first floor, head to the northeastern section and unlock the 
door. Make sure to save before entering as this is the first boss 
fight. Touching the inscribed wall will cause Ankharat to appear. 
He'll appear and promptly disappear while poles extend from the 
eastern and western walls. Line yourself up just beyond the northern 
or southern poles and wait for Ankharat to appear then run through him 
to the other side. You're almost sure to take damage but at level 5, 
this fight shouldn't be too tough. My best efforts occurred when I 
waited for Ankharat to spawn in the center of the room. Once the 
wizard is defeated, a section of the wall crumbles, revealing an 
entrance to the second floor of the Palace. Health doesn't regenerate 
in the Palace (at this point) so retreat to the outside when needed to 
recover health from here on out.

The second floor is relatively complicated, at least compared to the 
first floor, but for now, you'll want to head to the northeastern 
section of the floor again, aiming for the stairway leading to the 
third floor. Enemies populate the following floors and they can be 
dealt with, carefully. I advise avoiding Looters, the ones with blue 
Super Saiyan hair, and the Bolo Spiders, which I took to calling green 
Paras. Again, make sure to save often and retreat to recover health 
when needed. It's worth saving across multiple save slots at this 
point, in case you save with too little health and get yourself into a 
tough-to-correct bind. 

On the third floor, you'll come across three treasure chests. In the 
northeast section of the floor you'll find the Necklace, the Prison 
Key in the north, and the Chest Key in the southwest. Like the Ruby, 
the Necklace can be sold in Minea, only for 500 gold, however. With 
the Prison Key and Chest Key in your possession, return to the second 

There are three prison cells in the northwest section; the westernmost 
contains a treasure chest with the Silver Bell (what the mayor of 
Zepik was looking for) while the center cell has a prisoner named 
Feena. Before regrouping with her in Zepik, navigate to the 
southwestern section of the floor. There, you'll come across a 
treasure chest with the Mask of Eyes. This will be used to unveil a 
secret later on. Finally, in the south central section of the floor is 
a Potion, which regenerates your health when used. 

Continue backtracking and open the previously inaccessible treasure 
chest on the first floor. It contains the Ring Mail, which when 
equipped halves the damage dealt to Aron. Definitely equip this. 
Return to Zepik and give the mayor the stolen Silver Bell. In 
exchange, he'll give the Power Ring which when equipped doubles the 
damage dealt to enemies. So, all of a sudden you've got two awesome 
rings. Personally, I swayed towards the Power Ring, although there 
were certain instances when I'd use the Ring Mail. Regardless, both 
are very helpful and practically necessary for beating the game.

Feena has taken up residence in Jeba's house but when spoken to, she 
reveals little. Alternatively, with the Mask of Eyes now in your 
possession, the thief in the thieves' den will briefly describe its 

Getting back to the Palace, I'd advise ascending to the fourth floor. 
Things will be tough and you should grind to level 8 on this and the 
previous floors. Don't delve too far into the fourth floor. 
Essentially, don't use the teleporting statues. Again, make sure to 
watch your gold and return to Minea when enough has been accrued for 
better gear. 

Once you're level 8, it's safe to use the statues and explore the rest 
of the fourth floor. In the north central section of the floor are two 
teleporting statues. Take the eastern one first. It transports Aron to 
a linear hallway containing a treasure chest with the Ivory Key. 
Teleport back and take the western statue. In the northeastern section 
of this floor is another teleporting statue. Using it will lead Aron 
to a linear hallway and a treasure chest with the Silver Shield. 
Definitely equip this! Teleport back and in the northwestern section 
you'll find a stairwell leading to the fifth floor.

On the fifth floor, work your way towards the northwest, teleporting 
to find the Marble Key. Return to the stairwell leading to the fourth 
floor and travel a little bit northeast until you come across a normal 
blue statue. Equip the Mask of Eyes and voila! A hidden doorway is 
revealed. After passing through, unequip the Mask of Eyes and be sure 
to save as the final boss of the Palace is about to be taken down! 
Don't fret though, Wyrm shouldn't pose a challenge. I was level 9 when 
I took him down and honestly, I was over-leveled. After his defeat, 
retrieve the first Book of Ys: the Book of Hadal! With five more left 
to collect and Dark Dekt still kicking, there's little time to 

As you obtain the Books of Ys, you can take them to Jeba, who will 
translate them.


With the Palace conquered, your next destination should be the Mines. 
In case you forgot, these are located just to the northwest of Zepik. 
Inside, visibility is incredibly limited and enemies will be a 

For starters, make your way along the southern wall to the west. In 
the southwest section of this floor is a treasure chest with the Timer 
Ring. When equipped, this ring slows the movement speed of enemies. 
This doesn't sound especially useful compared to the Power Ring or 
Ring Mail, but it really is helpful. Proceeding north, you'll 
encounter two more treasure chests. The first will contain Silver 
Armor (be sure to equip it) and the second holds a Potion. If you 
still have a Potion in your inventory, Aron's health will instead 
regenerate. Continuing to the east, a set of stairs leading down will 
be found.

Now on the first basement floor, immediately head southwest. Down a 
passageway is a treasure chest with the Roda Seed. If you spoke to all 
the citizens of Minea you may have a clue what to do with this but you 
should continue exploring for the time being. Make your way to the 
northwest to find a treasure chest containing a Harmonica. If you 
spoke to the poetess Reah in Minea, you know she's looking for this. 
Before diving deeper in the Mines, retreat back to the field.

Using the Roda Seed, you can now speak to the Roda trees. There are 
only two in the field and they stand out; they're the large conical 
trees, east of the river. Talk to the north and it'll direct you to 
the south one. When you attempt to speak with it, lined up with its 
trunk, Aron will instead find the Silver Sword! That's that and you'll 
now deliver the harmonica to Reah. She'll reward you with a song... and 
nothing else. But, don't write her off just yet. She plays a critical 
role later on. While in Minea, return to Sara's house. You'll find 
that she's been murdered, but has left a Book of Ys for Aron. You'll 
receive the Book of Tovah.

Back to the Mines you go! Navigate back to the first basement floor 
and travel south. Following the southern wall you'll find a Nubbrow 
guarding a doorway. Defeat, or attack and lure him out of the way so 
you can enter and obtain the Heal Ring. When equipped, this ring will 
generate Aron's health no matter where he is (except during boss 
fights). Head to the northwest and then east towards the treasure 
chest that held the Harmonica; just beyond it is the stairway leading 
to the second basement floor.

Explore in a northwesterly direction and you'll come across a hallway 
leading to the north. In its eastern section you'll find a treasure 
chest with the Key to the Doomed. Back out and continue exploring in a 
west-southwest direction. One more treasure chest awaits you, this one 
holding another Potion. Finally, in the farthest southern reaches of 
this floor is a door leading to the boss of the Mines, Birdo. Make 
sure to save beforehand. I had reached level 10 (the max level) before 
fighting him and this still proved to be a challenging fight.

Birdo has two forms: in his first form, he breaks apart into sixteen 
bats. They'll start in four sections of four and this is when you need 
to run away, preferably towards one corner of the room. After a moment 
they'll begin attacking Aron at which point you should run to the 
other end of the room. They'll momentarily rejoin and complete Birdo's 
other form. This is the only form that's susceptible to your attacks 
and he doesn't remain complete for long. My best efforts occurred when 
I attacked his corners. This seemed to be the best way to stave off 
his counterattacks. When his health is fully depleted, obtain the 
third Book of Ys from the treasure chest: the Book of Dabby.


With the Palace and the Mines conquered, it's time to head for the 
final challenge: the Tower of the Doomed. First, speak to Jeba in 
Zepik. After she translates all three books, she'll recommend seeking 
out her son Goban, the thief in the thieves' den. He's already 
received the word by the time Aron arrives and he opens up the 
entrance to the Tower of the Doomed. Make sure to create an additional 
save before entering. Once the Tower of the Doomed has been entered, 
you can't leave.

With twenty-plus floors, this place is massive. So, starting out on 
the ground floor, head all the way to the east and climb the stairs to 
the north. These will take you to the outside wall of the Tower which 
will become a common sight. These outside sections contain only two 
doorways. One leads up and the other leads down. If you keep walking 
in one direction, they repeat, specifically after passing by eight 
pillars. This will hold true throughout the rest of your time in the 
Tower. I always went west so I'll always direct you to the west. After 
entering the doorway leading up, you'll find four treasure chests. One 
has already been opened but the other three contain the Evil Ring, a 
Potion, and a Mirror. Like the Mask of Eyes, the Evil Ring will be 
used in a very specific manner, later on. With those in your 
possession, return to the ground floor and take the other stairway 
leading up.

You'll be on a fairly linear path for a while, passing through a 
hallway lined with statues, another with an empty treasure chest, and 
lastly one that has two stairways leading up. Don't bother exploring 
the middle one, just take the western stairway. Beyond here is a room 
containing three statues and as soon as Aron enters, he'll be 
transported to a prison cell on the ground floor. In the process, Aron 
loses his Silver equipment, which you'll definitely retrieve on your 
next ascent. A man named Luther Jemma is also imprisoned and he gives 
a clue regarding the hallway lined with statues. Soon, Dogi springs 
Aron from the prison cell and asks him to give a man named Rauba some 

Once back in the hallway lined with statues, equip the Mask of Eyes. A 
hidden doorway between some of the statues will be revealed and beyond 
it is Rauba. He'll thank Aron for the delivery and deliver a Blue 
Necklace for the trouble. Be sure to equip this. When it's equipped, 
Aron won't be transported when passing through the room with the three 
statues. Once beyond this obstacle and in the next proper room, head 
to the southwest. You'll find Dogi and he'll provide a tip for 
progressing further in the Tower. Heading northwest leads to a 
treasure chest with the Silver Sword. Finally, take the stairway in 
the eastern section of this floor.

On the next floor, follow the southern wall all the way around. Be 
sure to save as you're about to do battle with Insecta. This fight 
shouldn't be too difficult. Insecta is a large praying mantis beast 
that throws three blades in Aron's direction. They're slow moving and 
easy to avoid, as long as you keep a good distance from Insecta when 
he throws them. Goad Insecta into throwing his blades and then strike 
his corners. After his defeat, you can collect the Hammer and another 
Book of Ys, the Book of Messa. Follow your footsteps all the way back 
and take the stairway leading up, just to the west of the one Aron 
emerged from.

On this floor Aron can retrieve the Silver Shield, Heading south, 
there's a small room with a treasure chest surrounded by statues. As 
soon as you open the treasure chest the statues come to life and 
attack Aron. Before opening it, equip the Timer Ring. This slows them 
down enough for you to quickly pocket the Silver Shield and retreat. 
Since you should be level 10 by now, the experience gained from 
defeating these tough enemies isn't worth the fight. Continue heading 
south to find the stairway leading up. It takes you through a linear 
hallway with another stairway leading up.

This floor has two stairways leading up, a fork in the road if you 
will. First off, take the stairway to the northwest. While in the 
outside section, equip the hammer and hit the fifth pillar to the 
east. You'll know it's the correct one if it breaks. This is crucial 
for progressing past a hallway up ahead. Now, go back the way you came 
and in the room where you took the northwest stairway, take the 
southeast stairway. The next room is a long, linear hallway that 
would've previously damaged Aron's health, had you not broke open that 
pillar. Rauba can also be found here and provides information on how 
to make the hallway more amenable while restoring Aron's health. 
Beyond this hallway is another, shorter, linear hallway with a single 
stairway leading up.

This floor contains a tricky transporting mirror puzzle that you'll 
get to in due time. First, you can head to the west and speak to an 
old man. Then, head to the east and prepare for another boss fight, 
this time against I-Ball. It's a floating orb that shoots smaller orbs 
at Aron. I found the key was to stick close to him and run around in 
circles, striking his edges. This should allow safety from his attacks 
while quickly reducing his health. Afterwards, obtain the Rod and 
another Book of Ys, the Book of Jemma. Now you can begin the mirror 

So, walk into the only mirror you can at this point, at the south end 
of this room. Then, walk all the way to the south and enter the mirror 
to the east. Travel southwest into a room that leads to a linear 
mirror hallway, eventually to a room that contains a treasure chest 
with Silver Armor. With that, all of the Silver equipment has been 
reobtained! Walk back into the mirrors and you should be teleported 
back to the beginning of the maze. Reenter the first mirror and 
instead of walking all the way to the south, enter the mirror to the 
southwest. Between the two new mirrors, take the eastern one and 
immediately walk back into it. Head north and take the stairway 
leading up.

Traverse this linear floor, taking the stairway leading up. You'll be 
on a floor with another fork in the road, but before making a 
decision, head all the way south and open the treasure chest 
containing the Battle Shield. Walk back the way you came, taking the 
stairway to your east. This route contains a linear pathway that takes 
Aron to the poetess Reah. The Evil Ring must be equipped to open the 
door she's behind. She gives Aron the Monocle, which allows him to 
read the Books of Ys. She also recommends using Silver equipment when 
battling Dark Dekt. With the Monocle, you can read the unread Books of 
Ys, realizing now Luther Jemma must be sought out; time to backtrack a 
long ways!

Backtrack to the outside section where you busted a pillar with the 
hammer. This is just before the long hallway that potentially damaged 
Aron. Whereas you were only instructed to break the pillar in the 
outside section and retreat then, now you must travel up. The rooms 
you pass through are somewhat large but ultimately, linear. 
Eventually, you'll reach Luther Jemma who gives Aron an Amulet. This 
will open the door to Dark Dekt. Now, backtrack all the way to the 
second mentioned fork in the road, just before you spoke to Reah; it 
was the stairway northwest of the Battle Shield treasure chest. 

Follow this hallway, opening the treasure chest with a potion to the 
north if you so desire. The next room will have two options and you'll 
start by taking the eastern stairway up. This leads to a room with 
Battle Armor. Afterwards, come back and take the western stairway up. 
In the next hallway, a section of the wall will blow open and enemies 
will filter out. The Flame Sword is inside and you definitely want it 
for what little remains of the Tower. Continue on until you reach 
another mirror transportation puzzle. Take the farthest southwestern 
mirror available and you should be fine. Be sure to save as another 
boss fight is coming up, this time with Heady.

Heady consists of two heads that float around, protected by damaging 
orbs that circulate around each head. He's only susceptible to damage 
when the heads overlap. My best attempts happened whenever I kept Aron 
within the outline of one of the heads at all times. I was able to 
strike a time or two when they unified and avoid the orbs of one of 
the heads, guaranteed. Afterwards, there's nothing else but the final 
confrontation: the fight against Dark Dekt! Take the long hallway 
leading northwest of Heady's room and you'll soon reach Dark Dekt's 
chamber. It goes without saying but I'll say it anyways, make sure 
you're fully healed and you've saved. Also, equip all your Silver 
equipment. Although you'd think the Flame Sword, Battle Shield, and 
Battle Armor would be stronger, and they are, the Silver equipment is 
more effective against Dark Dekt.

Dark Dekt is a tough boss, but I had a lot of fun trying to best him. 
After a brief monologue, he'll begin flying around the platform Aron's 
landlocked onto, shooting fireballs all the while. What's more, when 
you successfully damage him, a piece of the platform directly 
underneath him disappears, causing Aron to fall if he's on that 
section. Dark Dekt takes a lot of damage and on my best attempts, I 
damaged him as close to the edges as possible. If pieces fell off at 
the edges, it was no big deal. I ran into trouble when I'd attack him 
willy-nilly, causing random pieces of the platform to vanish. This 
made it tough for me to line back up with him and sometimes, boxed me 
in so I couldn't move at all! It's definitely a challenging boss 
fight, but not terribly difficult. After his defeat, witness the 
ending and take solace in returning peace to the Kingdom of Ys. 


In conclusion, I'd like to thank the following individuals, websites, 
and companies:

*	My family and friends, for everything.

*	Nihon Falcom and Sega for developing and publishing a damn fine 

*	GameFAQs for hosting this walkthrough, and countless others that 
have been useful in my gaming adventures.

*	Clint Dyer for publishing the only other walkthrough on GameFAQs 
for this game and aiding me on my journey in the Kingdom of Ys.

*	www.smspower.org for hosting an invaluable set of maps for this 
game, and for being a great resource regarding the Sega Master 
System in general.

*	www.segaretro.org for hosting scans of the manual and the 
original newsletter detailing the location of the Golden 
Pedestal. The former was something I found particularly useful 
considering my copy of the game lacked a manual.

*	You, for reading all the way to this point! 

And finally, a bit of self-promotion: you can read my video game 
reviews, previews, and any other related material I publish at 
www.mybrainongames.com. I've also taken to recording let's plays for 
video games and these can be found by searching John Engelman on 
YouTube. As mentioned, I recorded one of this very game! You can reach 
me through all manner of social media or gaming platform as well. If 
you have trouble locating me, just drop me an email. Once again, 
thanks for reading!

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