Review by vgc2000

Reviewed: 11/22/10

Yet another early generic SMS card based title.

The Sega Master System was very similar to the NES with its timeline of games. They both started out with games that were simple, arcade like, and cheap to make, most of them endlessly looping with no real ending. Sega’s however, were contained on cards instead of carts for cost purposes and these card based games almost always played pretty poorly. Teddy Boy is contained on a card and you guessed it, it isn’t much fun to play.

You play as Teddy who travels through several wrap around style stages and has to destroy every enemy in each stage. Each stage has several enemy generators in the form of dice that count down as the enemies are shot by Teddy’s gun, once they reach 1 they disappear. Once an enemy is shot they become very small and you must then step on them or they’ll deplete a timer on the bottom of the screen. Each stage is a maze like stage that wraps in each direction and gets a little harder to navigate the further you progress; there are a few other enemies that are in the way and make life hard such as bouncing caterpillars and there are walls that can be destroyed to make better access to the generators. That’s about it to the game play; it’s incredibly simple and quite frankly very repetitive and boring

The game has some incredibly bright colors and backgrounds and Teddy Boy is also very colorful but besides that they game is flat and ugly. It lacks any real animation, graphical polish, or anything else that would help it stand out. The sound is exactly the same thing, it features some of the most generic sound effects heard for the SMS and the music is an annoyingly short tune that plays over and over and is the same for each stage.

Sega obviously made these cheap games to pad the SMS library. They did this during a time when far deeper and better games were flowing out on the NES so it’s no wonder why the SMS struggled to get a foothold on the market. Sega released several games like this and none are worth the effort and aren’t even compatible with the SMS II (don’t let it be a reason to stop you from buying a SMS II) and they simply weren’t worth the time and even though Teddy Boy isn’t the worst game in the library it’s still not worth the play time.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Teddy Boy (US, 12/31/86)

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