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Reviewed: 05/29/09 | Updated: 06/20/11

Ugly, repetitive and mindless. Not a winning combination.

Teddy Boy is the second worst Sega Master System game I’ve played. The worst is My Hero, but this isn’t much better.

Graphically this game is below average. The tiny levels have a very plain feel and look to them. They consist of plain platforms and no backgrounds at all, just solid color, which gives the game a cheap, unfinished look. Your character is a pretty ugly sprite, pretty mcuh deviod of animation and his animation for dying is stolen directly from the Alex Kidd games. It’s just a drab, samey looking game, with the only real difference between levels being colors and different looking enemies that act the same, excerpt there’s more of them.

The sound is equally nondescript as the visuals. Teddy Boy has exactly two tracks: the title screen tune and the in game music. Neither is the least bit memorable or interesting and the music loops so often you’ll be kissing the mute button in no time. The sounds aren’t interesting in the least and are just the average boops and beeps you’d expect from a poor 8bit game.

Teddy Boy casts you as a unnamed kid in a 2d maze of ledges that loops. If you keep going one way, you’ll come back to where you’ve already been. In this maze are dice like boxes full of enemies, which drop from the boxes into the maze. The object is to shoot the enemies, which makes them turn into small round balls which you then collect. You keep doing this until all enemies are dead/balled. The level then ends and you get a bonus for time remaining. Then you do it again. And again. Every level is the same and there are apparently 50 of them. There are no new elements added in; the enemies just get faster and there are more of them.

The game gets boring in no time and it’s also ridiculously hard, since you die in one hit, enemies move quickly and the looping screen makes it easy to run right into enemies. The game just isn’t fun at all and you’ll be done with the game after three levels, let alone 50.

The most interesting part of the gameplay is seeing how Sega recycled some of the graphics for its far superior Alex Kidd games. I shudder to think what would have happened if Teddy Boy (if that is his name) because Sega’s 8bit mascot.

All together Teddy Boy isn’t much fun to play and it’s a frustrating, half assed game. Avoid it.


Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Teddy Boy (EU, 12/31/86)

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