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FAQ/Walkthrough by Terii Senshi

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/25/01

                                  FAQ V.  1.0


                      Terii Senshi (teriisenshi@aol.com)

Table of contents

1.0 Getting Started
   1.1 Story
   1.2 Controls
   1.3 Basic Tips
   1.4 Spells
   1.5 Items

2.0 Walkthrough
   2.01 Summit Temple
   2.02 Enriku Shrine
   2.03 Izumo
   2.04 Attaro Shrine
   2.05 Mt. Miwa
   2.06 Kashima Shrine
   2.07 Shimono
   2.08 Sea
   2.09 UnderWater Shrine
   2.10 Izumo Temple
   2.11 Kumano Shrine
   2.12 Kakogen
   2.13 Mt. Hinokami
   2.14 Pyramid
   2.15 UnderWorld
   2.16 Misty Crossing
   2.17 Chizu Sea
   2.18 Yomotsu
   2.19 Toki Plains
   2.20 Holy Bridge
   2.21 Final Battle

3.0 Passwords

                              1.0 Getting Started

 1.1 The Story

"Once upon a time your name was Kane Tensen. Your parents were simple farmers
in the rolling hills of old Japan. But you had ambitions. You wanted to
become a great and noble warrior. So on your thirteenth birthday, your parents
let you join the Summit Temple, where the ancient arts of battle were taught.
When you joined, you gave up your last name and became simply known as Kane.

"Years passed ... and you learned powers greater than you had ever dreamed. The
ability to call down the strengths of the gods! To fly, cast lightning bolts
and balls of fire! You became a mystic warrior, protecting the innocent
searching for higher truths and building the strengths that would make you the
most powerful kind of warrior, a SpellCaster. Your life was peaceful ... until
the attacks began.

"The first temples destroyed were the small ones high in the mountains. The
villagers in the little mountain towns said that the temples had been attacked
by an unnamed, evil army of humans and nightmarish creatures who struck like
lightning and the disappeared.

"Daikak, the wise leader of Summit Temple, sent groups of warriors out to guard
the temples. They never returned. Still, he was able to learn a little about
the true nature of the problem. Monumental events were taking place that would
change the fate of the World! Gods and demons were being summoned from the
Otherworld. Powerful, ancient relics of power and magic were being unleashed.
Clans gathered on all parts of the country.

"And you, the mystic warrior known only as Kane were to be the most important
player in the life-and-death drama that was about to begin.

"Daikak summoned you and sent you to check on a group of warriors guarding a
temple. As you left, you felt a grim certainty that the coming events would
not be pleasant. Whatever the future held would forge you as certain as fire
forges a strong sword.

"It was time to face your destiny. Go now, and face your true calling as
SpellCaster." - SpellCaster Instruction Booklet

1.2 The Controls

SpellCaster takes place in two different types of screens. The adventure screen
and the action screen. The action screen is the standard side scrolling action
game. Adventure screens are where you can talk to people, and look for clues.

Directional Button - Move Selection cursor. (during adventure screens)
                     Move Kane left or right (at action screens)
                     Move Kane in any direction (while flying)

Button 1 - Shoot "Ki" force (at action screens)
           Cancel menu command (during adventure screens)
           Use Magic (at action screens)

Button 2 - Confirm menu command (during adventure screens)
           Make Kane jump (at action screens)

Pause - Bring up the status screen

Options on Adventure screen:

MOVE - Select this to move to a new location (possibly an action scene). In
order to unlock locations to move to, you must perform certain actions, such
as talking to people or using an item. Once you learn of a location, you can
then visit it.

TALK - Select to this to talk to the person shown. If nobody is there then
talking won't do any good.

LOOK - Once you select this you must select "terrain" or "at what?"
   TERRAIN - This will give you a description of where you are.
   AT WHAT? - After selecting this a finger appears on the adventure screen
   you must select what you want to look at by moving the finger and pressing
   Button 2. You'll then get a description of what you pointed to.

TAKE - Allows you to take an item. To take an item you must first find an item
to take. Usually you need to look at an item before you can take it, but there
are sometimes other methods.

USE - Lets you use any items you have acquired. Select the item and Kane will
use it.

SPELL - Select this to cast a spell. Adventure screens are the only place where
you can cast the password spell and get a password.

Status Screen:

On the status screen you can see Kane's current strength and energy (which can
also be seen on the action screen). You'll also see which weapons and armors
you have obtained. On the right side of the screen you can select which spell
is active. To cast that spell on the action screen you need to press Button 1
and down.

 1.3 Basic Tips

Try returning to Kuma and Daikak frequently. Try using items on them, it could
have a positive effect.

Usually before you can TAKE an item you must LOOK at it first (sometimes twice)

Spells are not only for the action screens. In some places you must use certain
spells at the adventure screen.

Shooting "Ki" force is not always enough on its own. Try using your spells.

To cast spells you need energy. Sometimes an enemy will drop an orange sphere
when defeated. Grab the sphere to gain 10 energy.

Music often soothes many savage beasts and souls.

You can TAKE spaghetti from Kuma at Izumo, and restore your strength.

 1.4 Spells

To cast a spell on the action screen you must press Button 1 and down. Be
sure to press and hold Button 1 for a slit second before pressing down. If
you press down and Button 1 at the same time, or press Button 1 after pressing
down, the spell won't be cast.

There are 9 basic spells you can cast:

  This isn't really a spell, it gives you a password to continue your game.
  This can only be cast on adventure screens.

Hakuji:  3 Energy
  A spell to focus your "Ki" energy into a beam of destructive light!
  Shoots a beam of Ki energy straight forward.

Indra: 10 Energy
  Calls on the Thunder God to storm lightning on your enemies.
  Several lightning bolts come down from above. Any enemy hit by a bolt
  takes damage.

Fudo: 20 Energy
  Calls forth a great ball of fire!
  Shoots a large fireball straight forward.

Kannon: 5 Energy
  A kinder spell that returns the walking dead to the UnderWorld. But it is
  not effective against all evil spirits.
  Damages all enemies on screen.

Hatten: 10 Energy
  Calls on the God of Winds to send a tornado or high winds against your
  Shoots a Pillar of wind straight forward, hitting all enemies in front of

Mars: 25 Energy
  Calls on the God of War to restore your strength.
  Completely restores your strength to its maximum value.

Makiri: 20 Energy
  Gives you the power to fly!
  Lets you fly for a short period of time. If you get hit, the spell wears off
  and you fall to the ground.

Nobota: 30 Energy
  A spell that creates a shield impervious to all the enemy's missile attacks.
  Enemy missile attacks won't hurt Kane for a short period of time.

 1.5 Items

Charm - A charm from the Iwato family. Found at Izumo Shrine

Fake Sword - A fake version of the Sword of Kusanagi. Has some strange powers.
  Found in the Attaro Shrine's treasure room.

Sword of the Seven Branches - A powerful sword with the ability to wake the
  Gods! Found at Kashima Shrine

X-Ray Glasses - Allows you to see some things more clearly. Used to find
  treasure on the ocean floor. Found in the boathouse in Shimono.

Lute - Once belonged to a humble monk. Find it, and its powers will surprise
  you. Calms strong tidal waves. Contains beads inside. Found on the bottom of
  the sea, guarded by the ghost of a monk.

Beads - Calms strong whirlpools. Found inside the Lute

Sword of Kusanagi - A magical sword taken from one of the eight tails of the
  Serpent God. Has many strange powers. Found in the UnderWater Shrine.

Ball of Shimazu - A sphere that is used to open the entrance to the
Battleship Ameno. Shimazu gives you this at Izumo.

Armor Bracers - The gauntlets worn by Daikok when you fight him. You'll need
these to access the Ameno.

Pyramid Point - Found in the Pyramid, you'll need to put this on the top of the
Pyramid to uncover the south entrance.

Nectar - Sweet nectar from the UnderWorld. Used to wake up the Ferrymen. Toyo
gives you this at Chizu Sea.

Oar - The Ferryman's Oar. Used to lift a rock so you can get the Harp. The
Ferryman gives it to you.

Harp of Amano - Sweet music from a land down under! Play it to put Cerberus
to sleep. Hidden under a rock in the UnderWorld.

Sword of Fury - One of eight swords needed to receive the Sacred Mirror.
Defeat the Thunder God to get this.

Sacred Mirror - An object of great power. Used to gain the power of the
Serpent God. You'll get this in the UnderWorld.

Necklace - Capable of reviving you once if you die. Kuma has this at the
final battle.


Weapons will increase Kane's attack power allowing enemies to be defeated
in less hits.

Dokko - A handheld steel spike with two sharp points used by gripping in the
center. The basic weapon and first one studied at Summit Temple. Daikak gives
this to Kane after Enriku Temple.

Vajira - The steel claw. It is held like the Dokko, but is more powerful and
causes more damage to the enemy. Found at the bottom of the ocean.

War Hammer - A mystical weapon with great powers! It is said that it was
forged by the Gods and will greatly increase the strength of any man who owns
it! Allows you to break the special walls in the pyramid by shooting them.
Found in the pyramid.

Trident - An ancient, powerful weapon from China. It has been forged from
enchanted metal to fight evil. Found in the pyramid.


Armors will decrease the amount of damage enemies do to Kane.

Bracers - Armor for the forearms. Increases Kane's defense strength to the
first order. Found at the bottom of the sea guarded by a giant fish.

Helmet - Made of the hardest alloy, the helmet increases Kane's defense
strength to the second order. Found at the bottom of the ocean.

Body Armor - Covers the chest area. It was made for a famous general. Could
he have been an ancestor of Kane's. Found in the Pyramid.

Leg Armor - The final factor in Kane's defense strength. Found in the Pyramid.

                               2.0 Walkthrough

 2.01 Summit Temple

Kane starts at Summit Temple taking to Daikak. Daikak tells you that Enriku
Temple was attacked. Guards from Tokak Village were sent to investigate, but
they disappeared. So now you need to go investigate.

After you are done talking, MOVE to Mt. Enriku

 2.02 Enriku Temple

On the way to Enriku Temple you must go through your first action scene.
There's nothing tough here, just remember to duck under arrows. At the end
of the 3rd screen is Enriku Temple

At Enriku Temple you discover that the Tokak villagers were all wiped out.
However, one is still alive, and says "Izumo" before he dies. After this you
are automatically returned to Summit Temple

Back at Summit Temple Kane tells Daikak of Izumo. Izumo is the town where the
council resides. Before leaving Daikak gives Kane a Dokko (weapon). MOVE to
Izumo, and Daikak gives you the Password spell.

 2.03 Izumo

At Izumo town you see a spaghetti stand. LOOK AT the spaghetti stand and Kuma
appears. TALK to Kuma and he mentions "strange going ons at the shrine." TALK
to Kuma again and he says that <SHRINE> means Izumo Shrine. MOVE to Izumo

On the way to the temple is another action screen. Watch out for the slimes
jumping from the water under the bridge. If they hit you you'll fall into the
water, and if you don't jump out quickly, you'll die. The 3rd screen has a few
pits, you can fly over them with Makiri if you want, but it's not really
necessary. At the end of the 3rd screen is Izumo Temple.

At Izumo Temple, LOOK at a black spot on the floor. MOVE outside, and someone
is there. TALK and you find out that they are the ones who attacked Enriku.

Boss Battle: Mysterious Man

This boss shoots large white balls that are hard to dodge but do low damage,
just avoid running into the boss himself (it does a lot more damage), and keep

After the fight, the mysterious man says "Kusanagi", and disappears. He leaves
something behind. TAKE the charm, and then MOVE to Izumo.

At Izumo TALK twice to Kuma, and now you can TAKE spaghetti to fully restore
your strength. Now MOVE to Summit Temple

At Summit Temple, TALK ABOUT Kusanagi. Daikak mentions that the sword of
Kusanagi is in the Attaro Shrine. MOVE to the Attaro Shrine.

 2.04 Attaro Shrine

On the way to Attaro Shrine is another action scene. Shoot the yellow cats when
they jump, and be sure to dodge the flame dropped by the flying fire monsters.
On the second screen is a bunch of pits. It can be a little hard to make it
over them, so you can cast Makiri.

At Attaro Temple, you see the treasure room. LOOK at the sword, and then TAKE
it. Jukak appears and attacks.

Boss Battle: Jukak

This boss drops little rodents that come and attack you, shoot them once and
they die. The boss also shoots three fireballs at you, duck to avoid them. As
with the previous boss, try not to run into the boss as it does more damage.
Just keep shooting, and Jukak dies quickly.

After defeating Jukak, you discover that he guards the sword. The sword holds
the power of the Serpent God. However, this sword is a fake. If you TALK again
he says that he doesn't know where the real sword is, so just TAKE the fake
sword and MOVE to Summit Temple.

USE the Charm, and Daikak mentions the Iwato family. TALK ABOUT Iwato, and
Daikak tells you that their hideout is in Mt. Miwa. MOVE to Mt. Miwa.

 2.05 Mt. Miwa

You see a mysterious woman at Mt. Miwa. USE the Fake Sword, and it causes the
old woman to turn into the Mt. Miwa Guard.

Boss Battle: Mt. Miwa Guard

She flies around the screen periodically shooting fireballs in all eight
directions. Dodge the fireballs and shoot her. As you damage her she gets
faster and faster. Once again, try to avoiding running into the boss.

After defeating the Mt. Miwa Guard, MOVE inside to another action scene. On the
2nd screen jump over the rolling boulders. On the 3rd screen be careful, after
the 4th and 5th hole in the ground, the ground will collapse if you stand on

At the Miwa Temple, you meet Wakahiko of Iwato who attacks Kane.

Boss Battle: Wakahiko

This boss starts the battle flying back and forth. He throws boomerangs, that
you can shoot to destroy. After shooting Wakahiko enough times, his shield
goes down, and he drops to the ground. On the ground make certain not to get
hit by Wakahiko (he hurts). After a few more shots, Wakahiko is defeated.

Wakahiko mentions that his friends are calling forth the Serpent God. MOVE
outside, and them MOVE to Summit Temple.

At Summit Temple, TALK to Daikak and he says that the Iwato are after the
Kashima Shrine. MOVE to Kashima Temple.

 2.06 Kashima Shrine

On the way to Kashima you'll find an area with a lot of pits. This area can
be very hard to cross normally so just cast Makiri and fly across. If you get
hit while flying you fall, so make sure to cast the spell again before you
fall into a pit.

At the Kashima Temple, you run into another boss.

Boss Battle: Kashima Fire Boss

This is the first boss that is hard. The Boss will come from the bottom of the
screen and fly straight up off the top, then come off the top and go off the
bottom, and then repeat. The boss will toss 5 fireballs out, be sure to stay
far away and dodge the fireballs. You never know where the boss will appear
so pay attention. Make sure to shoot it when you get a chance, or cast Hatten.
If you get too badly hurt cast MARS.

After the boss is defeated, LOOK at the sword twice and then TAKE the Sword of
Seven Branches. MOVE to Summit Temple

After returning the Summit Temple, Daikak tells you that the Iwato are after
the real sword of Kusanagi in the UnderWater Shrine. MOVE to Shimono-Seki, but
Daikak takes the Charm, and the Sword of Seven Branches.

 2.07 Shimono

At Shimono, LOOK at the pier twice, and a girl appears. LOOK at the girl, she
gets in the boat, and a whirlpool appears. CAST Hatten to cause a Tornado to
catch the girl, the boat is destroyed. CAST Makiri, and Kane flies out and
rescues the girl. The girl still doesn't look well, so CAST Kannon to rid her
of the evil spirits that possessed her. TALK to the girl twice. TALK one more
time, and she introduces herself as Midori, her grampa is inside. MOVE to
Midori's house.

At Midori's house, grampa mentions that there have been a lot of disasters at
sea, but he lends you their boat. If you LOOK at grampa's plate, and then TAKE
the food, you can fully restore your strength. When you are done MOVE to the

At the pier, LOOK at the boat house, and then go inside the Boat House, look
around and then go back and talk to grampa who says that the X-Ray glasses
are inside the Boat House. Return to the Boat House and TAKE the X-Ray glasses. Now finally
MOVE to the sea.

 2.08 Sea

The sea is a 5x5 square of adventure screens. You can use the MOVE command
to move front, back, left, or right. You can LOOK at your PRESENT LOCATION,
to see where you are.

Map of the Sea:

 --- --- --- --- ---
|   |   |   |   |   |  S - This screen has an evil spirit
| 3 |   | 4 |   |   |  
 --- --- --- --- ---   1 - This is where you start, MOVE BACK to return to
|   |   |   |   |   |      Shimono
|   |   |   |   | 2 |
 --- --- --- --- ---   2 - Jump in the sea to find the Lute
| 5 |   |   |   |   |    
| S |   |   |   | S |  3 - Jump in the sea to find the Bracers
 --- --- --- --- ---
|   |   |   | 4 |   |  4 - Jump in the sea to find the Vajira
|   | S |   | S |   |
 --- --- --- --- ---   5 - Jump in the sea to find the Helmet
|   |   | S |   |   |    
|   |   | 1 |   |   |  6 - Entrance to the UnderWater Shrine
 --- --- --- --- ---

You can use the X-Ray glasses to look at the sea floor and determine if a
treasure chest is there. Of course, it's just as easy to simply jump in the
ocean and see if something is there.

If a screen has an evil spirit, you can't move forward. You can't do much else
either, and if you try the spirit will attack, so just MOVE to a new square
right away. You can use the Lute top get rid of an evil spirit, in fact you
need to, to get the Vajira and Helmet.

At square 2, you can jump in the ocean, and you'll find the spirit of a monk.
Cast Kannon, to let the soul rest in peace. Then grab the Lute.

At square 3, if you jump in the ocean you encounter a giant fish. The fish will
spit out smaller fishes. You need to shoot the fish when its mouth is open,
when you do it charges at you. You should be able to just stand in the corner
and keep shooting, you'll get hit a few times, but you'll win. Now take the
Bracers from chest.

At Squares 4 and 5 you can jump in the sea to get the items. But you'll need
to first use the Lute to get rid of the evil spirits.

You can't enter square 6 because of strong tidal waves. Move to a square next
to square 6 and USE the Lute, the waves will go away. At square 6. USE the lute
again to find the beads. USE the BEADS to stop the whirlpool. Jump in the ocean
to find the UnderWater Shrine.

When you jump into the water you'll enter an area that repeats if you go either
left or right. Go left until you reach a hole and fall in. On the next screen
go all the right to find another hole. There will be holes along the way with
walls of water that go from thin to thick, you can only cross when they are

On the next screen, just go all the way right, to find the UnderWater Shrine.
Make sure to dodge all the shots being fired at you.

 2.09 UnderWater Shrine

In the UnderWater Shrine you'll find two blue faced people. TALK to them, and
then CAST Kannon to let their souls rest. LOOK at the sword, then TAKE the real
Sword of Kusanagi. When you do this the fake sword shatters. Return to the

You'll find yourself surrounded by the Iwato family. They'll attack first, then
you can USE the Sword of Kusanagi to defeat them all. You'll then be returned
to Summit Temple.

At Summit Temple, you'll discover that the Iwato are trying to revive the
Serpent God at Izumo, so MOVE to Izumo. Then MOVE to Izumo Temple

 2.10 Izumo Temple

At Izumo Temple, you'll meet Princess Asaka. She turns into a dragon and

Boss Battle: Princess Asaka

The Dragon will move up and down from one side of the screen to the other.
It will periodically shoot out a fireball, that is fairly easy to dodge.
The only time you can hit the dragon is when it opens its mouth to shoot
a fireball. Just keeping hitting its mouth until you win.

Afterward, Asaka asks you to enter the shrine. MOVE INSIDE. Shimazu is inside
the shrine. After Shimazu is done talking to Kane, he and Asaka disappear.
Attempt to MOVE, and you hear Shimazu scream from outside. MOVE outside, and
you'll see that they have been attacked by a giant flying centipede.

Boss Battle: Giant Centipede

This boss will fly from one side of the screen off the other, then come back
on and fly back off the other side and repeat. The centipede drops fireballs as
it moves, but they are easy to dodge. You need to shoot the back of the
centipede, when it flies across at a low enough level. This boss is easy, just
takes a long time to defeat.

After the fight, TALK to Shimazu. He gives Kane a sphere. TAKE the Ball of
Shimazu. TALK again, and he tells you to go to Kumano and talk to Utsuho.
Shimazu dies, and Princess Asaka disappears.

MOVE to Izumo and TALK to Kuma. You can then MOVE to Kumano Temple

 2.11 Kumano Shrine

At Kumano Shrine, LOOK AT TERRAIN. TALK, and Utsuho appears, and attacks you.
Use the Ball of Shimazu, and then Kane tells Utsuho everything. TALK to
Utsuho, and he tells you to go to the Serpent God in Kakogen. MOVE to Kakogen

 2.12 Kakogen

At the first screen keep going all the way right, until you reach a well. Jump
on the well and press down to go in. You'll start falling on the next screen,
so make sure to cast Makiri before you fall all the way and die.

In this room go all the way right to a stone formation, stand on it and press
down to enter a futuristic area. Go all the right, trying to dodge all the
nasty monsters. Be careful about the brown little men, they explode if you
get to close, just try to dodge everything else.

At Kakogen Temple, you see a strange cauldron. LOOK at the round depression in
it. CAST Indra to remove the force field. Now USE the Ball of Shimazu, and the
top disappears. MOVE inside to find the Battleship Ameno. You can't do anything
here yet, so just look around and leave. When exiting the well, cast Makiri
to fly over to the left ledge, from there you can jump over and up out of the

Back at Kumano, you find Utsuho and Asaka. Asaka is badly hurt. TALK to Utsuho
and then MOVE to Mt. Hinokami. Before going there you should collect as much
energy as you can, you'll need it in the next few areas. Try to get 999 if
possible. In the well at Kakogen, the first screen is a good place to gain

2.13 Mt. Hinokami

Mt. Hinokami, is full of lave pits, and not many platforms to stand in. You'll
need to cast Makiri and fly through most of it. If you get hit while flying,
you'll fall to your doom, so make sure to cast Makiri again immediately after
getting hit (of course it's best to avoid getting hit). The enemies that are
made up of 4 orange balls you'll need to charge up to kill, otherwise it won't
kill them. It's a long flight which is why I recommend having 999 energy.

Across Mt. Hinokami you'll encounter the demon Kezeus.

Boss Battle: Kezeus

Kezeus Flies back and forth on the screen, shooting lightning periodically.
You need to hit it when it's mouth is open (you need to jump to hit it). Try
standing near the middle of the screen and duck when Kezeus flies over, dodge
the lightning and shoot right before Kezeus does.

After Kezeus Dies, you have to face Daikok

Boss Battle: Daikok

This battle is a lot harder than the last. Daikok stays on the right side of
the screen shooting bolts at you. Flying creatures fly over head and shoot
pillars of fire down on you. You need to Daikok when its eye is open (and you
need to jump to hit it), plus you need to dodge the fire pillars dropped on
you. It find it easier just to stand still and jump and shoot when Daikok's eye
is open (ignoring the fire pillars), of course you'll get hit a lot and need to
cast Mars once (or twice).

After the battle you'll see an armor bracer. LOOK at it twice, and then TAKE
the Armor Bracers. MOVE to Kumano, and USE the Armor Bracers. Utsuho will tell
you to go to the Ameno, so MOVE to Kakogen.

At Kakogen make your way to the well, go down, and proceed to where the Ameno
is. Inside the Ameno, USE the Armor Bracers. You'll then be transported to
the Pyramid at Mt. Minokami

 2.14 Pyramid

You'll start at the north side of the Pyramid. MOVE to the east side, then CAST
Fudo to burn away the grass. MOVE INSIDE the now visible entrance. Inside move
all the way to the right and grab the Pyramid Point. Go back outside. CAST
Makiri to fly to the top of the Pyramid. USE the Pyramid Point to place it back
on the top. CAST Makiri again to descend on the North side of the Pyramid.
Now MOVE to the east side, and then the south side. MOVE INSIDE.

Inside the Pyramid is a large confusing maze, follow the map and it should be
easy to find your way out.

  |  |   = Door, Press up to enter. The number in the door is the room it will
  |  |     take you to.

     /  = Stairs up, Press up to climb. The number at the top is the room the
   /      stairs lead to.

   /   = Stairs down. The number below them is where they lead to.

   |    = Destructible blocks. Once you have the WarHammer you can shoot to
   |      destroy the blocks, allowing you to get to the other side.

    /   = Blue Orb. A pedestal with a blue orb on it. Grab the orb to be fully
   /      healed.

    |   --    --    /  |  --    --   |
1 - |  |  |  |  |  /   | |  |  |  |  |     1st floor
    |  |2 |  |3 | /    | |12|  |9 |  |

    |   --   |       __|
2 - |  |  |  |      /  |     1st Floor
    |  |1 |  |     /   |
    |    /    --    |
3 - |   /    |  |   |     1st Floor
    |  /     |1 |   |

    |           |
4 - |           |     2nd Floor
    |/          |
    / ----------

    |           |
5 - |           |     2nd Floor
    |/   A      |
    / ----------

    |    --    --    |
6 - |   |  |  |  |   |     2nd Floor
    |/  |7 |  |7 |   |
    / ---------------

    |    --    --    |
7 - |   |  |  |  |   |     2nd Floor
    |/  |6 |  |6 |   |
    / ---------------
    |             /      |
8 - |            /       |     1st Floor
    |           /        |
     --- - - ------------

    |    --    --    --    --    --    |     |
9 - |   |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |   |     |     1st Floor
    |/  |1 |  |9 |  |10|  |11|  |9 |   |     |
    / ---------------------------------|-----

     |    --         |
10 - |   |  |        |     1st Floor
     |   |9 |        |

     |  C   /         --    B     --    --            |
11 - |     /         |  |   |    |  |  |  |           |     1st Floor
     |    /          |9 |   |    |16|  |18|           |
      -------- - - ---------|---------------- - - ----

     |     --              |
12 - |    |  |             |     1st Floor
     |    |1 |             |
      ---------- - - ------

     |           /            __|
13 - |          /            /  |     Basement
     |         /            /   |
      -------------- - - -------

     |        --    --    |       |
14 - |       |  |  |  |   |       |     2nd Floor
     |/  D   |22|  |15|   |       |
     / -------------------|-------
                          19                 18
     |            __     /  |   E    --     /     __ |
15 - |           |  |   /   |   |   |  |   /     /   |     2nd Floor
     |           |20|  /    |   |   |14|  /     /    |
      ---- - - -------------|---|--------------------

     |             |
16 - |             |     1st Floor
     |/            |
     / ------------
     |    /     |
17 - |   /      |     Basement
     |  /       |

     |     |       |
18 - |     |       |     3rd Floor
     |/    |       |
     / ----|-------

     |             |
19 - |             |     3rd Floor
     |/            |
     / ------------

     |     |    --         --    --    --    |
20 - |     |   |  |       |  |  |  |  |  |   |     2nd Floor
     |     |   |15|   F   |26|  |21|  |24|   |

     |     --    --    --                           |
21 - |    |  |  |  |  |  |                          |     2nd Floor
     |    |20|  |28|  |24|                          |
      ------------------------ - - -- - - -- - - ---

     |           --    --   |    |
22 - |          |  |  |  |  |    |     2nd Floor
     |          |23|  |14|  |    |
      --- - - --------------|----

     |     --       |
23 - |    |  |      |     2nd Floor
     |    |22|      |

     |      --                   --       __|
24 - |     |  |                 |  |     /  |     2nd Floor
     |/    |20|                 |21|    /   |
     / ---------- - - --- - - --------------
     |             /    |
25 - |            /     |     1st Floor
     |           /      |
      ---- - - ---------
     |     --      /   |
26 - |    |  |    /    |     2nd Floor
     |    |20|   /     |

     |             |
27 - |             |     3rd Floor
     |/            |
     / ------------
     |    --     /      |
28 - |   |  |   /       |     2nd Floor
     |   |21|  /        |

A - Defeat a flying creature, and it drops the WarHammer.

B - Destroy the top destructible blocks here to uncover the Leg Armor.

C - A Statue of Buddha here has the Trident, jump to get it.

D - You must defeat an eyeball on a tentacle here.

E - Destroy the top destructible blocks here to uncover the Body Armor.

F- You must defeat a goat boss here.

To get through the pyramid with all the items, you need to go up the first
stairs you come to in room 1. Up stairs defeat a flying creature to obtain the
WarHammer. Go back downstairs and to the right. Destroy the destructible blocks
and keep going right to the second door, and go through it. In the next room
go to the right 3 doors. (to the fourth door in the room, you come in the first)
In the next room go right to the destructible blocks. Destroy the top blocks to
get the Leg Armor. Now go left over the holes in the ground and past the stairs
to the Buddha statue. Jump and get the Trident. Go back right to the stairs and
go up. Defeat the eyeball on the tentacle here. Go past the first door to the
second door. In the next room head left. At the first destructible blocks,
destroy the top blocks to get the Body Armor. Keep going left past the next
destructible wall, past the stairs and then go through the door. In the next
room go right and defeat the goat boss. Then go past the first door, and enter
the second door. Go right to the next door and enter it. In the next room go
right past the destructible blocks. Go up the stairs. These stairs can be
difficult to climb because of all the monsters that keep knocking you down,
cast Kannon to keep the monsters away.

At the top of the Pyramid a Demon appears. The Demon summons Regina who attacks
you. TALK to her 4 times, and then the Demon attacks.

Boss Battle: Demon

This boss is with a demon riding an ant-like creature. The ant can shoot its
tongue out at you so stay away at the left side of the screen. Jump up and hit
the demon. The demon can throws stars at you so dodge them.

After you defeat the demon, it frees the Dark Lord, and you return to Summit
Temple. Daikak tells you to go to the UnderWorld and speak to Izanami.

 2.15 UnderWorld

At the gate to the UnderWorld a guard stops you. USE the Sword of Kusanagi, and
then TALK to the guard. Now MOVE to Misty Crossing.

 2.16 Misty Crossing

At Misty Crossing the Ferryman is asleep, so MOVE back to the gate. TALK to
the guard, and then MOVE to Chizu Sea.

 2.17 Chizu Sea

At Chizu Sea TALK to Toyo. Then LOOK at the nectar and Toyo gives it to Kane.
You can TAKE the nectar to heal yourself, come back anytime you're in the
UnderWorld to get healed. MOVE to Misty Crossing, and then USE the nectar
twice. Then TALK to the Ferryman. Now finally you can MOVE to Yomotsu.

 2.18 Yomotsu

In Yomotsu you'll need to charge up to kill the brown Ogre creatures, otherwise
they'll split into 4 smaller creatures and charge at you. Go right till you
reach a tree with a door, go inside. Amano attacks you, so USE the Sword of
Kusanagi to easily defeat him. MOVE outside and continue right.

When you reach stairs go up to the Shrine of Izanami. TALK to her twice and she
tells you to find the Mirror. MOVE back outside, then go down the stairs.
Continue to the right, casting Makiri to fly over the holes in the ground. At
the next set of stairs go up to the Shrine of Yomotsu. Cerberus is here, so
MOVE back outside. Go back left to Amano's tree and talk to him, he'll tell
you to get his harp. Move left back to Misty Crossing. At Misty Crossing
MOVE to Toki Plains.

 2.19 Toki Plains

At Toki Plains, LOOK at the rock. Try to TAKE the something. You can't get the
item, so MOVE back to Misty Crossing. TALK to the Ferryman, and he'll give you
the Oar. TAKE the Oar. MOVE to Toki Plains, and USE the Oar. Take the Harp of

MOVE back to Misty Crossing, and then MOVE to Chizu Sea. USE the harp, and
Toyo teaches you how to play it. MOVE to Misty Crossing, and then MOVE back
to Yomotsu. At Yomotsu, go to the right to the Shrine of Yomotsu.

At the Shrine of Yomotsu, USE the harp to put Cerberus to sleep and Yomotsu
appears. Now MOVE back outside, and go back left to Misty Crossing. At Misty
Crossing TALK to the Ferryman, and you'll be immediately taken to the Thunder

Boss: Thunder God

The Thunder God flies around dropping lightning on you. As you shoot at it,
it slowly loses pieces. The easiest way to beat it is to cast Kannon a few
times. If you take a long time, the Thunder God will leave and you'll have to
reset the game to continue, so just cast Kannon a few times.

After defeating the Thunder God, grab the Sword of Fury. MOVE back to Yomotsu
Shrine, and USE the Sword of Fury. Yomotsu tells you to go to the Holy Bridge.
MOVE to the left back to Amano and TALK to him. Now go all the way right, past
the Shrine of Yomotsu to an opening in the wall. Go inside.

 2.20 Holy Bridge

MOVE Right 4 times to find a pedestal with no sword. USE the Sword of Fury to
place it in the pedestal. MOVE INSIDE the door that appears. You'll need to
fight a demon to get the Mirror.

Boss Battle: Demon.

This demon has two parts, a snake-like body and a flying head part. The body
can't be hurt, you'll need to hit the head to kill the Demon. Jump over the
body to avoid it, and keep shooting at the head.

Grab the Mirror, and then MOVE right 4 times, and then MOVE OUTSIDE. Once
outside go left to the Shrine of Izanami. USE the Mirror and then TALK to
Izanami. She'll tell you it's time to face the Dark Lord. You'll return to
Summit Temple.

 2.21 Final Battle

At Summit Temple, you'll get the Sword of Seven Branches and leave the Harp.
Now MOVE to Izumo. LOOK at Kuma's Necklace twice, and then TALK to Kuma.
Now you can TAKE the necklace.

MOVE to Kashima. Use the Sword of Branches to restore the Serpent God. USE
the Mirror, and then USE the Sword of Kusanagi. Now you go to the final battle
which is an overhead shooter.

The first enemy you encounter is easy to kill, it shoots a fire pillar at you
when it is directly in front of you, just keep moving to dodge. Charge up
and shoot when it's in front of you.

The second enemy shoots lots of missiles, not to hard to dodge. Just keep
dodging and shooting.

The third enemy creates many miniature versions of itself. Shoot them to
destroy them. The easy way to deal with this boss is to cast Kannon till it

The fourth enemy shoots fireballs at you. It also teleports around the screen.
Not to hard, just dodge the fireballs and shoot when you can.

Now comes the final battle. The eyeballs and mouths can shoot at you, so
destroy them quickly. The eyes only take a few hits, the mouths take a lot more
hits. Once you reach the head, destroy the two mouths, and then the head. Once
the head awakens, it starts shooting lightning at you. The Lightning is easy
to dodge, just keep shooting at the head (or cast Fudo). About half way dead,
it starts shooting more lightning, but it's still easy to dodge.

After it is defeated you have won the game.

                                 3.0 Passwords

After Izumo Temple:
x1E4Ir8cjlnn 35fgMee0JTKD

After Defeating Mt. Miwa Guard:
dhuj7uuvwwyy GIOjMem8z4PD

After Mt. Miwa:
IMQF9euuz13X npvkFXXnKPsC

At Shimono Port:
OepZpbbknnp5 NNtk6AIixJqC

Before Going to Sea:
59Ls8evahhzD TTzqx35X2QJD

Before UnderWater Shrine:
+S3IQRq00Ic6 bEkB5NXw6M3C

After UnderWater Shrine:
jz1VmGXgjj1V mwU9tJR4TtfC

At Kumano Shrine:
yCL7rbstSSko 5ErWk2AjuAyC

After Kakogen (999 Energy):
mqskF1KKtt-- Q6gLpfhEOcSC

After Daikok Battle:
2CFtN-U0Xi04 pUaFhnxUiweC

At South Entrance of Pyramid:
mmwoI6P3efy2 nqKVL99o2EoD

At UnderWorld Entrance:
iiqSzjYlORE0 HNt4Ue2pz5gC

After Getting Sword of Fury:

Before Final Battle:
26JGmk9Sc-yy DJqZ1Nmhr55C

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