Review by BlooditeDrakan

Reviewed: 01/26/06

The little guy who should have made it...

Another game that stole my childhood! Meet Psycho Fox. A strangely typical looking hero who was not so typical when known better. It’s just such a shame he never really took off like Sonic did. Oh well.

Story. So just what has happened to this little psycho hero? Apparently the big mighty and evil MadFox Daimyojin has decided to muck around with the land and has set forth strange little creatures to take over the world. And you have been appointed by the other elder good foxes to go kick his ass. Ya, cool. Not bad, not good, just your averages save the world plot really.
Story? 6/10

Graphics. At some times, great. At other times, bland. See, the outdoor zones get great detail to them. Containing decorations like cactuses, trees and clouds. But the indoor areas suffer this poor pitch black background. Oh well, I suppose the Master System couldn’t quite handle a highly detailed background for them. *shrugs* Mind you, the rest is excellent. The creatures are very odd looking indeed, but along with the animals, they all animate well. Details such as water or wind blowing out of a pipe look nice too. Overall, aside from being indoors, the graphics are well done here!

My my, the sounds are great here! The punch sounds like a punch, skimming on water sounds good, along with all the other sounds. They’re as convincing as they can be. The music however, could have been somewhat better. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun to listen to… except that the stage 2 music was FAR too overused! First in stage 2… then in 5, and 6 and… even the final stage? Sorry, but I think the warp stage music would have suited the final stage music. The trippy sound would have suited it perfectly. But what did they use? Bleh.
Sound? 7/10

What’s this? Apparently Psycho Fox is a strong fisted Mr. McGee. Seriously, He can take out any enemy - save for the bosses of course – with his mighty punch, but unless equipped with Bird Fly, so much as being bumped by a mindless Pockley Guy will make the poor bastard keel over! Oh well. Ahh yes, Bird Fly. A helpful little fellow who must be found in an egg. Picking him up sits him on top of your shoulder, waiting to be thrown at any nasty baddies coming his way. Throw him, and he’ll just divebomb right through ‘em! Getting attacked while giving him a ride kills him, but thankfully you can retrieve him from another egg. Along with that little bird, you can retrieve many other items from the eggs. Money bags, used for the bonus stage, free lives that try to run from you, a straw effigy that can kill anything onscreen, the psycho stick, which allows you to change into other animals. It’s quite useful too. You have four animals. The fox of course, then you have the monkey, hippo, and tiger. The monkey is good for places to high to reach for the fox, the hippo can break stone walls like nobody’s business, and the tiger gives you the edge in speed – though that’s usually not a good idea, as traps await at nearly every corner. From wind pipes threatening to blow you into spikes to crumbling bridges, it’s all there to keep you on your toes. Ah, right! The money bags for the bonus stage. Well now, this bonus stage is rather unique! You have about 5 starting paths and interconnect to each over. The more money bags you collected, the more foxes you can lay out. Or, if you wish, you can lay more than one money bag on a fox. But it’s risky, as the wrong path can lead right into that nasty hole. Whee! But with risk there is reward! You have the psycho stick, straw effigy, and a shrine that offers free lives ranging from 1 to 5. And remember, the more money bags on the fox, the greater the reward. Excellent gameplay indeed!
Gameplay? 9/10

Replay value
Maybe, although a bit short lived. Sure there’s also branching paths in the game. But if you die, you can just take a different one anyway.
Replay value? 5/10

Overall, it’s truly a gem that’s rare to find, and well worth it in the long run. I’ll give it a 7 out of 10.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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