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FAQ/Walkthrough by Glacoras

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/26/12

______                 _
| ___ \               | |
| |_/ /__  _ __  _   _| | ___  _   _ ___
|  __/ _ \| '_ \| | | | |/ _ \| | | / __|
| | | (_) | |_) | |_| | | (_) | |_| \__ \
\_|  \___/| .__/ \__,_|_|\___/ \__,_|___/
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©  Copyright 2009-2012 Keith Kelly.  All Rights Reserved.

The websites that are allowed to host this guide is:

www.gamefaqs.com                     - Username = Glacoras
www.neoseeker.com                    - Username = Games_GameFAQs
www.supercheats.com                  - Username = Glacoras




Welcome to my sixteenth Guide without a co-author.

Like the other Sega Master System games I have played, this is another game
that I loved through my childhood.  I honestly did not think I would write for
this game as I was thinking that you would need to write a strategy for each

After the SMS Completion Project got restarted on the FAQ Contributor Central
Board, I decided to have a look at writing for this guide.  Digging out my old
game and finding only the #4999 code, I decided to start playing from there.
Realising that you can use the same strategies for multiple levels, I decided
to write a Strategy Guide for this game.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this guide and the game as much as I enjoyed writing
the guide and playing the game.




To find a section quickly, press "Ctrl"+"F" and copy the string of text in the
square brackets.

01) Level Information ............................ [PS01]
     01_1) Using Passwords ....................... [PS01_1]
02) How to Play the Game ......................... [PS02]
     02_1) Area 1 - Playing Area ................. [PS02_1]
     02_2) Area 2 - World Map .................... [PS02_2]
     02_3) Area 3 - Pause ........................ [PS02_3]
     02_4) Area 4 - Search and Place Tiles ....... [PS02_4]
     02_5) Area 5 - Shield (Stats) ............... [PS02_5]
     02_6) Area 6 - God Powers ................... [PS02_6]
     02_7) Area 7 - Manna Bar .................... [PS02_7]
     02_8) Area 8 - Population Behaviour ......... [PS02_8]
03) Strategies ................................... [PS03]
     03_1) Gaining Population .................... [PS03_1]
     03_2) Attacking the Enemy ................... [PS03_2]
     03_3) Coping with Enemy Attacks ............. [PS03_3]
04) FAQs ......................................... [PS04]
05) Contact Details .............................. [PS05]
06) History ...................................... [PS06]
07) Credits ...................................... [PS07]


01)                            Level Information                         [PS01]


When the game starts, you will be shown a screen with the "rules" for the world
you are on.  There are over 5,000 known levels, so I will not be listing the
"rules" for each individual level, but I will explain what everything means.

| "WORLD TO CONQUER"            |
| "[Password]"                  |    This is portion displays the Password and
|                               |    Level Number.  Level 5120 onwards will
| "BATTLE NUMBER IS [Number]"   |    display a Password, but it will not work.
| "LANDSCAPE IS [Landscape]"    |    What the playing area will look like.
| "EVIL IS [Speed]"             |    How fast the computer will work.  I find
|                               |    that this is the most important field to
|                               |    focus on, as the faster levels seem to be
|                               |    the harder ones to complete.
| "EVIL RATING IS [Difficulty]" |    How "smart" the computer is.  Although it
|                               |    may seem scary to see this high, the AI is
|                               |    very predictable with its attacks.  This
|                               |    value does not seem to be too much of a
|                               |    worry in comparison with the AI's speed.
| "BUILD NEAR TOWNS ONLY"       |    Explains what needs to be in the Playing
|                               |    Area of your team for you to be able to
|            OR                 |    raise or lower land.  Not matter what
|                               |    setting the game is on, you can ALWAYS
| "BUILD NEAR TOWNS OR PEOPLE"  |    raise the land from water if your people
|                               |    are on the screen.
| "THE SWAMPS ARE [Swamps]"     |    
| "WATER IS [Water]"            |    How deadly the water is.  Fatal is the 
|                               |    best that you can get.  I would plan to
|                               |    use Floods if the water is Fatal.
| Population numbers and God    |    Displays how many people each side starts
| Power abilities for both      |    with.  Also displays which side can use
| sides                         |    which God Power.  You need to look at this
|                               |    section to plan your attack.

01_1)       Using Passwords                                            [PS01_1]

When a "Level Information" screen appears, press Button 2.  This will bring you
into the "Password" screen.  Use the directional buttons to move to a letter
and use either Button 1 or 2 to choose the answer.  The backwards arrow is the
"Delete" option, if you mistyped something.  When you have finished, select the
"END" option.  If successful, you will load another level.

                                 | Passwords |

Here is just a list of the few passwords that I remember.  The reason why I
have so many #5000+ codes is that the last password I had written down was
#4999 and started playing the game at that point when I started writing this

0    = GENESIS             3    = TIMUSLUG            5    = SCOQUEMET
8    = EOAOZORD            11   = NIMIHILL            16   = BADACON
19   = BUGQUEEND           4999 = KILLOGOAL           5007 = ALPINPIL
5010 = HOBEPAL             5012 = SHADIKEOUT          5017 = QAZHIPDON
5020 = HAMGBT              5023 = DOUTLIN             5025 = HURTEAMAR
5030 = SWAMPING            5035 = NIMINMET            5042 = HOBOMET
5045 = CORKOPOND           5050 = VERYSODME           5057 = HURTDEME
5062 = SWAGBHOLE           5065 = BURYOLD             5072 = BADDIPIL
5077 = CORASOUT            5084 = HAMUOUT             5091 = TIMASLUG
5096 = EOADIEORD           5103 = ALPIORD             5108 = SHADAED
5116 = HAMINGOLD           5117 = FUTIOND             5119 = DOUASICK

NOTE: Passwords provided will no longer work once you reach Level 5120.  Below
      are a couple of Screenshots of level 5120 and my attempt to attempt using
      the provided Password

      http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/sms/image/588117.html?gf=2 - This is the
      "rules" screen for level 5120.  Notice that the password is "SHISODHOLE".

      http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/sms/image/588117.html?gf=3 - This is my
      attempt to try the password.  Notice that it is spelled correctly.


02)                          How to Play the Game                        [PS02]


This section of the guide is dedicated to explaining how to play this game.
To achieve this, it will explain the playing screen the user will be using in
this game and the knowledge behind each section.

|            /\   \       \        |
|           /  \   \       \       |
|\         /    \   \       \   5  |
| \       /      \   \       \     |
|  \     /  World \   \   7   \    |     Diagram 3.1 (left): This is a basic
|   \   /          \  /\       \   |     outline of the playing window you will
|    \  \    Map    \/  \       \  |     be using.  All subsections of this
|     \  \          /    \       \ |     part of the guide will make a
|      \  \  (2)   /      \       \|     reference back to this diagram.
|       \  \      /        \       |
|        \  \    /          \      |     The diagram is a birds-eye view of the
|   6     \  \  /            \     |     playing window.  You will have a more
|          \  \/              \    |     3D view, but this should allow you to
|          /  /                \   |     notice the general area of the items
|         /  /      Playing     \  |     mentioned in each subsection of this
|        /  /                    \/|     part of the guide.
|       /  /\       Area (1)     / |
|      /  /  \                  /  |
|     /  /    \                /   |
|    /  /      \              /    |
|   /  /        \            /     |
|  /   \         \          /\     |
| /     \    4    \        /  \    |
|/  /\   \         \      /    \   |
|  /  \   \         \    /      \  |
| / 3  \   \         \  /   8    \ |
|/      \   \         \/          \|

02_1)       Area 1 - Playing Area                                      [PS02_1]

                                 | Controls |

Directional Buttons      = Move your hand around the Playing Area.  Can be used
                           to move around the land when the hand is at an edge.
Button 2                 = Moves your hand to Areas 3, 4 and 6.
Button 1 + Up Button     = Raises land if you have enough Manna (see [PS02_7 for
                           more information).
Button 1 + Down Button   = Lowers land if you have enough Manna (see [PS02_7 for
                           more information).

                                | Description |

This is the area where you can interact with the population and terrain.
Most of the strategies mentioned throughout this guide will be implemented in
this portion of the Playing Window.  Learning how to use this area effectively
in the earlier levels will be more vital than anything else in the later

02_2)       Area 2 - World Map                                         [PS02_2]

                                 | Controls |

There are no Controls for this section of the playing field.

                                | Description |

This is a small map to display the current world you are in.  The flashing blue
dots represent your people and the flashing red dots represent the enemy's
people.  The Buildings are the black and white flashing dots.

02_3)       Area 3 - Pause                                             [PS02_3]

                                 | Controls |

See the Description for this subsection.

                                | Description |

There are two ways to Pause this game:

1) Use the "Pause" button on the console.

2) Move your control to sections 3, 4 and 6 (as shown in the above diagram) and
   activate the "ZZZ" tile in the bottom-left corner.  Move around with the
   directional buttons and activate the tile with button 1.

Whichever way you pause the game, the "ZZZ" tile will be highlighted to show
the game has been paused.  You can move across the different Menu Options and
search the Playing Area, but you can not modify and land or use your Powers.

02_4)       Area 4 - Search and Place Tiles                            [PS02_4]

                                 | Controls |

Button 2                  = Before pressing another button - Moves to Area 8.
                            After pressing another button  - Moves to Area 1.
Directional Buttons       = Moves the hand around to allow you to select other
Button 1                  = Selects the highlighted tile (and moves back to
                            Area 1, if applicable for the tile's use).

                                | Description |

Search Tiles
Ankh   [in Brackets] = Locate Leaders and Place Papal Magnets.  Starts with
                       finding your Leader, then your Place Papal Magnet.
                       It will then locate the Enemy's Leader, followed by
                       their Place Papal Magnet.
Shield [in Brackets] = Locates whatever is holding the Shield.
Swords [in Brackets] = Locates any fights that are happening.  If there are no
                       fights happening, it will locate your buildings at
Helmet [in Brackets] = Locates your Knights.  If you do not have any Knights,
                       it will locate your population at random.

Place Tiles
?                    = Gives person/building the Stats Shield.  If they die
                       through battle, the victor will gain the Stats Shield.
Ankh [with an Arrow  = Places Place Papal Magnet in give location.  This can
      Pointing Down]   only be done if you have a person holding the Leader
                       symbol (Cross for Good, Skull for Evil).

02_5)       Area 5 - Shield (Stats)                                    [PS02_5]

                                 | Controls |

There are no Controls for this section of the playing field.

                                | Description |

   |B|   |   |R|
   |l| 1 | 2 |e|
   |u|   |   |d|   Diagram 3.2 (left): A rough diagram of the shield in the
   |e|---|---| |   top-right corner of the screen.  Each number represents the
   | |   |   | |   quarter of the shield it is in.  These numbers will be
   |B| 3 | 4 |B|   mentioned below
   |a|   |   |a|
   |r|\  |  /|r|
   '-' \_|_/ '-'

The "Blue Bar" and "Red Bar" on the sides of the shield displays the Good
(Blue) and Evil (Red) populations.  You want the "Blue Bar" to be as high as
possible, while the "Red Bar" is as low as possible.

The stats shown on the shield in comparison to who/what is holding it and if
they are in a battle or not.  Below will explain what everything in the shield
is explaining.

This is relevant to anyone that is walking around without being in a fight.

1 = Displays whether the person is Good or Evil.
2 = Displays the weapon the person is using.
3 = Displays the person walking around.
4 = I am not too sure what both bars represents, but I do know that once both
    bars are empty, the person dies.  The brighter the yellow in the left bar,
    the more powerful he seems to be.  It is a good idea to convert Leaders
    into Knights when they are halfway to filling a very bright yellow bar, as
    this will allow them to survive for a longer period of time.

This is relevant to anyone inside a building.  Once a person leaves a building,
they take the shield with them.

1 = Displays whether the building is Good or Evil.
2 = Displays the weapon the building will defend with.
3 = Displays a flag (blue for Good, red for Evil).
4 = Left bar represents the amount of manna you can get from a building, while
    the right bar represents how much longer it will be until a person comes
    out of the building.  The better the building, the higher the left bar will
    be, but the right bar will not fill up as quickly.

This is relevant to any fight that the shield is covering.

1 = Displays whether the person with the shield in the fight  is Good or Evil.
2 = Displays the weapon the person with the shield in the fight is using.
3 = Displays a Good person and an Evil person fighting.
4 = Left bar represents the Good person's progress in the fight, while the
    right bar represents the Evil person's progress in the fight.  When one of
    the two bars are empty, that person is killed.

02_6)       Area 6 - God Powers                                        [PS02_6]

                                 | Controls |

Button 2                  = Moves to Area 1
Directional Buttons       = Moves the hand around to allow you to select other
Button 1                  = Selects the highlighted tile and moves to Area 1.

                                | Description |

Skull and Crossbones          = Start Armageddon.
Drowning Man [in White Dots]  = Flood the lowest land level.
Drowning Man [in Grey Dots]   = Swamps a specified area.
Volcano [or Mountain]         = Starts a Volcano in the Playing Area.
Sound wave                    = Creates an Earthquake in the Playing Area.
Helmet and Spear              = Change your Leader into a Knight.

02_7)       Area 7 - Manna Bar                                          [PS02_7]

                                 | Controls |

There are no Controls for this section of the playing field.

                                | Description |

This part of the subsection will describe all the God Powers on the Manna Bar,
from left to right.  The images will reflect a tile that you can active in
either Area 4 [PS02_4] or Area 6 [PS02_6], excluding the first image.

Raising/Lowering Land
Allows you to raise or lower the land.

Place Papal Magnet
Allows you to place your Place Papal Magnet wherever you want.

Starts an Earthquake in the Playing Area.  This will cause an uneven section
of the target land, with the possibility of downgrading some buildings.

Adds some swamps in the target area.  Most normal people will walk into them.

Turns the Leader into a Knight.  Knights avoid any swamps in their path and
only focus on fighting the enemy.  Unfortunately, they will destroy buildings
that they fight instead of turn them to their side.

I generally call this "Mountain".  It raises the target area (where you are
looking in the Playing Area when activated) very high and adds solid rocks.

Removes the lowest land level from the sea.

Removes all buildings and Knights from the level.  Places both Place Papal
Magnets in the middle of the level and builds land up to allow everyone to
reach the Place Papal Magnets.  Everyone gathers to the Place Papal Magnets to
gather together to try and defeat the combined force of the Enemy's person.

02_8)       Area 8 - Population Behaviour                              [PS02_8]

                                 | Controls |

Button 2                  = Moves to Area 1
Directional Buttons       = Moves the hand around to allow you to select other
Button 1                  = Selects the highlighted tile and moves to Area 1.

                                | Description |

Person = Makes everyone gather together before building houses.  I generally
         do not use this option, as I prefer to build up the Leader than some
         random person.
Swords = Start fighting the enemy.  I use this when I notice that I have a good
         population advantage in comparison to the computer.  Sometimes, it may
         be better just to keep building more houses than to fight.
Flag   = Build houses.  This is the default value and should remain like that
         until your population is a lot higher than the enemy's population.
Ankh   = Gather to the Place Papal Magnet.  If you have a Leader, everyone will
         gather to him while he makes his way to the Place Papal Magnet.  This
         is a good way to get a powerful Leader/Knight.


03)                              Strategies                              [PS03]


This section assumes that you have either read the previous section or already
know how to lay the game.  This may cover some basics that were not fully
covered in the previous section, but this is to provide reasonings for any
strategies provided.

03_1)       Gaining Population                                         [PS03_1]

This should also be the primary focus when you are starting any level, as more
people can help you mount a better attack.  The first thing you need to do is
find your people (the bigger grouping would be the better find) and make them
build their houses to a higher manna-gaining house.  You want them to build the
big castles if possible.

NOTE: Trust me on this.  While it is true that the more manna-gaining buildings
      provide people releases slower than the less manna-gaining buildings,
      there is a trick to force people out early with little impact on the manna
      you gain.  Remember that we need manna to raise/lower land and gain a
      larger population.

If you have any big castles, lowering the land around them every 30 seconds
might entice someone to come out of the castle and start looking for somewhere
to build a new house.  It is a good idea to get back your big castle once the
person has started to move away from the building, or he may decide to re-enter
it.  If you have multiple big castles near each other, you may be able to lower
more of them down with one move and get more people building new houses.

Depending on whether or not you are planning for a flood will depend on the
height of your land.  There is little need to build higher than 2 levels above
the sea for a flood tactic, but you may end up with the computer trying to
lower the edges of your land to cater for some of their buildings.  I used to
always plan for a flood strategy, but I have started to find that floods are
only useful when the water is fatal (basically, near the beginning).

03_2)       Attacking the Enemy                                        [PS03_2]

There are many ways to attack the enemy in this game.  Depending on how you use
what you are given will depend on how easy this part of the game will be.  This
sub-section should give you some useful points to beat the hardest computer.

"Start fighting the enemy" Order
Surprisingly terrible.  Some people will keep building and others will go out of
their way to attack a castle on the other side of the world.  Sometimes, they
do attack the houses closer to you, but you should not rely on this to win the
war.  I would still recommend using this, as it is good to sap away some of the
computer's buildings.

Raising/Lowering Land
Only good if you spot an enemy on a piece of land that takes one more lowering
to sink the person.  You could use it to sink powerful enemies when they are in
a fight with your people as well.

Place Papal Magnet
Coupled with the "Gather to the Place Papal Magnet" order, you can build a
strong Leader.  You could then move this into the Enemy's big castles to force
your Leader to fight for the castle, so you also get a castle for the battle,
not just ruins.  I generally use this to gain a strong Leader and would not
bother with any attacking use.

Use this in between the enemy's big castles.  Always try to use 3 or more of
these in different places along the enemy's buildings to cause lots of
disruptions.  The computer likes to have a flat land around his buildings, so
it will always repair the broken land caused by your Earthquakes.

Use this to either kill a powerful enemy Leader/Knight or to down-grade an
Enemy's building.  Excluding Knights, anyone will walk into Swamps, so you may
want to be careful if your people are starting to attack near any Swamps you
have laid down.

If you are using this against buildings, I would suggest that you think about
using Earthquakes instead.  While the killing factor of Swamps is a plus, you
can cause more disruption quicker with Earthquakes than Swamps.

Before you turn a Leader into a Knight, You should put the shield on your
Leader to monitor his stats.  When the left bar in the bottom-right quarter of
the shield (in the top-right corner of the screen) is bright yellow and half
full, you should either turn the Leader into a Knight or wait for the bar to
fill up some more.

If you want to make the Leader quickly gain the bright yellow bar status, use
the "Gather to the Place Papal Magnet" order and then force people out of the

The best thing to do with this is cast it when you are deep in Enemy territory,
near as many bid castles as possible.  Using this to get rid of powerful Enemy
buildings is the only use for it, but it is also the best way to win sometimes.

I would only recommend using this when the water on the level is fatal.  Just
build your buildings on land that is 2 or more levels above sea level, although
I would only recommend 2 levels above sea level.  Any more and it will just
take too much manna/time.

It may be a good idea to forget using floods completely.  It takes a lot of
time to implement and takes a while to get back the lost manna if some Enemies
survive.  Additionally, you are close enough to the Armageddon power to just
wait until you can start that.

Activate this ONLY if you have a noticeably larger population in comparison to
the computer.  If you do not know if your population is greater than the
computer's population, don't risk using this.

03_3)       Coping with Enemy Attacks                                  [PS03_3]

Do you really think the Enemy will just lay back and let you defeat them?  Yes!
Let me rephrase that.  Do you really think that the Enemy will just lay back
and let you defeat him ON EVERY LEVEL?

Anyway, when the Enemy does start getting powers to attack you, this section
will help you cope with these attacks with minimal damage.

"Start fighting the enemy" Order
I do not know if the computer actually uses this order, but I do know that it
does implement other Orders.  You just have to cope with these attacks and hope
that your person will beat his.  The main challenge will be the Leader, who can
be swamped or drowned if you feel as if he is strong enough to cause damage.

Place Papal Magnet
The computer will move their Place Papal Magnet when their Leader is stronger
than yours.  You can attempt to drown their Leader, Swamp their leader or just
stop the people gathering at your Place Papal Magnet.

Only used against buildings, and generally against a clump of big castles.
Generally, just fix the land again.  It will get annoying, just just hang in
there and victory should come.

This is trouble.  Once you hear a slurping sound while you were not creating a
Swamp, head back to your buildings and find the newly formed swamps.  Get rid
of them before your population starts walking into them.  The computer will use
this to either reduce the big castles or near your Place Papal Magnet to kill
your people (when you have people gathering there).

NOTE: If there are no fights happening, you can use the "Search for Fights"
      tile to locate your buildings to speed up the process of finding the area
      affected by the Swamp attack.

Swamp or attempt to drown them to deal with them.  These Knights are always
going to be strong, so you may have little chance to beat them in a fight.
There is a trick where you attempt to drown a Knight in combat will revert him
back to a normal person that may also come in handy.

Do not feel like 2 or 3 enemy Knights means the end of your chances of victory.
I have managed to defeat the enemy after 3 Knights attacking me, so there is a
way back from this.

This becomes a problem at times.  Do not try to build back down to the level
you were at, as that will just waste manna.  If possible, start lowering the top
of the area to a flat piece of land.  You can also hope that your people will
just spread out and build around the new Volcano.

NOTE: The computer may also cast a few Earthquakes after starting a Volcano.
      These will lower the area back to the ground, where your job would be to
      get rid if the solid rocks in the water and smooth out the land.  This is
      a nice combination for you to recover from.

The computer was desperate.  You can deal with this in 2 ways:

1) Locate everyone that is part of your team and get them to the safety of
   some land, then focus on getting buildings.
2) Locate a couple of people and build around them until they have a big
   castle, then locate any survivors that still remain.

I generally go with option 2 as it gives me the edge over the computer in terms
of rebuilding my population up.  However, option 1 would keep more people alive
in comparison to option 2 and is the more recommended option.  Either way, the
computer would most likely have the majority of their buildings wiped out with
most of your buildings.

NOTE: When this happens and you have no Knights, you can use the "Search
      Knight" tile to find all of your people.

You're most likely screwed.  What?  Did you think I could help you with this?


04)                                FAQs                                  [PS04]


Q) What is the requirements to skipping worlds?
A) I have no idea.  I think it may be related to the amount of points you score
   for the round as I have found that my higher scores get a greater jump than
   my low scores.

Q) What is the last Password to work?
A) As mentioned earlier in this guide, Level #5119 is the last level that you
   can use a Password for.

Q) How many Levels does this game have in total?
A) I do not know.  I have reached Level #5183 myself.


05)                             Contact Details                          [PS05]


E-Mail:    games_ps2_pc[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk
Subject:   Populous Guide

NOTE: Replace "[at]" with "@" and "[dot]" with "." to make the E-Mail address a
      valid E-Mail address where I will receive your message.

Please DO NOT E-Mail me if you can not write in English or you want to ask a
question that has already been answered in the guide.


06)                                 History                              [PS06]


Version 1.0     First copy of this FAQ

Version 1.01    Fixed a couple of mistakes

Version 1.02    Fixed a couple of mistakes

Version 1.1     Moved "Contact Details" and "History" to near the end of the


07)                               Credits                                [PS07]


Everyone on the FAQ Contribution General Board for help with improving my
guides and starting up the SMS and NES Completion Projects.  Please check out
board 2000094 to see the latest Completion Projects and see how you could help
them out.

MikePenance and selmiak for confirming that the Ankh image looks like an Ankh.


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