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Thugs in spandex, biting bulldogs....and flying bottles.

My Hero was one of the few games that took advantage of the ''My Card'' format on the Sega Master System. My Hero was not a cartridge game. Instead, it was a card game.

My Hero featured a typical and cliche plot. A gang and it's leader has kidnapped your girlfriend. Ricky, the main character, has to go through 5 stages in order to reach the gang leader and stop him before he kills your beloved. Very typical and cliche.

My Hero is a typical beat-em-up game that was common during the 80's. My Hero doesn't feature any innovations for it's genre. What it does offer is repetitive and boring gameplay.

Now for the scores...

Graphics: 4

The graphics in My Hero are nothing to write home about. Graphics in this game are below average and nothing inspiring. All of the backgrounds, characters, and obstacles all look alike. The goon you saw in this stage looks exactly like the one you saw the stage before...and the one before that...and the one before that. To top it off, the character designs are equally as plain and bad. The characters either look plain basic or just plain weird.

The backgrounds in this game are unsurprisingly boring. The only backgrounds that you will see in the entire game is a ugly cityscape one, and a beach with a sunset for boss fights. The city scape background is not to much surprise, ugly. Through the entire game this is the ONLY background you will be seeing, other than the beach one if you survive, (or are able tolerate this game) long enough to make it there.

What makes the city background even worse is that it is green for some reason. So basically, the entire game you are looking at solid green, with some ugly and poorly designed buildings and lame looking trees. In essence, you feel like you are fighting on the same street over and over and over...and over. Very very boring. It's not until you get to the boss fight of the game where you get to see another backdrop. Instead of the cheap green city background, you get to duke it out with a tacky looking goon in a cheesey sunset background that is surprisingly bright for a sunset.

To make things simple, the graphics are terrible in this game. Colors that are bright shouldn't be, too much repitition, boring character designs, and too much green. Not a good showcase for what the SMS can really do.

Sound: 5

Sounds, much like the graphics, are pretty bad. Not only are they bad, but they also lack variety. There's about 3-4 pieces you hear for the entire game. The music you hear while fighting in the stages is mediocre. It's nothing too dsitracting, but nothing amazing nor does it set the mood. The boss music is average. It's a slow paced tune.

The sounds are equally as bad. Like the music, they're nothing to get excieted about as well as sorely lacking in variety. They do, however, fit well. Jumping makes a typical ''Bwoop'' sound. Punches and kicks makes a quick ''swiff'' sound. Sound effects seem fitting enough though they're nothing outstanding.

All in all, the music and sounds in My Hero are not up to par. Extremely repetitive and bland, the sounds and music only detract from the player's experience.

Control: 7

This is one of My Hero's better areas. The controls in this game handles well. Jumping and attacking are quick and easy. You have your standard fighting actions, kick, punch, a low kick, and a jump kick. You may have noticed that there is no jump command. That is becayse your jump kick is your jump. Everytime you jump, you are also jump kicking. This makes things simpler, but limits the player's overall control over their character.

One flaw about the controls is that you can't seem to attack quick enough. If you're surrounded by both sides (as well as from above), you don't have enough time to attack everything. There are many times where you kill one enemy only to have the enemy behind you or something on top of you (usually a bottle) kill you in the end.

Other than that cheap flaw, this is probably the only decent area in My Hero. There aren't any complaints here. Controlling your character is pretty simple and easy going.

Mechanics: 4

Not much to say here. Everything is very basic and simple. You don't have many attacks, so variety isn't something you'd find here. The mechanics are good in the sense that the enemies don't attack in the same patterns all the time. The enemies do have the same attack they do all the time, but when they do it is something that's uncertain. Enemies in this game mix up their attacks well enough to keep you on your toes.

Another interesting part about the mechanics is the game never lets up. It keeps sending wave after wave of goons out to kill you. You can't stop moving for a second in this game. It doesn't matter if you've killed this person or that already, the game will be constantly sending out enemies, so taking a quick breahter is out of the question.

Simply put, the mechanics in this game are too simple to be anything worth giving a good score to. Overly simplistic gameplay and never ending attacks gets very repetitive quickly.

Challenge: 8

The difficulty is the only good aspect of this otherwise shoddy game. The game never lets up on you. You'll be constantly attacking left and right. While it only takes one hit to kill an enemy (other than the boss), it's the sheer amount they toss at you that makes it challenging. You only can take one hit or else you die. For the boss fights, you have a energy bar much like Street Fighter style. This game is sure to keep you challenged if you're not bored first.

Replay: 2

Replay? What replay? If you have ever played even a DECENT game in your life, you'd get tired of this game after you beat it once...that's speaking as if you had the patience to even get that far. If you did, you should be praised for being so patient, or sent to the mental institute to get your head checked, or maybe you were held at gunpoint. Either way, playing this game once is enough for you to absorb the whole game. There is a 2 player feature, but it's alternating 2 players. If the game had been 2 player simultaneous, the replay would probably have been a 3.

To sum it up, replay is low for this game. The ending isn't anything close to even good, much less spectacular. Play it once and store it neatly on your shelf.

Overall: 4

Overall this game is a poor example of a SMS game. While it was interesting how the game was on a card rather than cartridge, that doesn't save the flaws and monotony of the game. Bland backgrounds, lame character designs, and repetitive music makes for a very dull experience. In this case, it's called My Hero.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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