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Reviewed: 02/07/03 | Updated: 02/07/03

The Master System's bastard child

Yes, it is indeed a bastard. One of the Master System's early releases, My Hero ( a port of the arcade game ) WILL kick your ass, screw you over and leave you in an ally to die......well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But you will probably immediately hate this with it's frustrating gameplay and controls, and chances are you'll never touch the game again.

You ( the player ) and your girlfriend were just walking along in the park and having a good time, lalalalala......then BAM!! Some punk with a mohawk haircut knocks you to the ground and kidnaps your girlfriend!! OH NO!! Now you, the hero must rescue your girlfriend, but it's not gonna be easy, you'll be up against a city filled with rent-a-thugs, fat thugs riding on pigs ( o_o;; ), water attacking frogs ( o_O;; ), and fire in the park!! ( O_O;; ). Okay, maybe I was being a bit dramatic with the story....

Insane. As soon as you begin, you immediately have to fend off thugs that are coming at you from both sides of the screen, I wouldn't be surprised if you got hit a second into the game! But those aren't the only things you must fight off, from thugs throwing bottles at you, dogs and thugs riding on pigs ( don't ask ), you'll have a hell of a time getting through it all, and that's just the city, the park is a whole other story. As soon as you enter the park, you are up against unquestionable objects, from spheres that come out of bushes, fire that shoots out of the ground, bombs that come flying out of no where etc. etc. The whole damn thing feels like an obstacle course....all I can say is, good luck. Once you actually make it through the level ( damn, guess you're determined to beat this game ), you have to face the typical ''end of level boss'' which is the one that kidnapped your girlfriend. The fight takes place on a seashore ( wtf?! I thought I was in a city! ), and unlike the rest of the game where you get knocked out in one hit, here you have a life bar. After you kick his ass ( and you get an extra life for beating him ), your player tries to comfort him, both of you staring at the sunset ( o_O;; ), but then he knocks you over and steals your girlfriend again, thus beginning a new round and going through the same process over again.....yup, that's basically the whole game right there. Although there are many rounds, there are actually 3 stages in the game and once you beat the 3 stages, you go through them again, except everything becomes much faster ( great just what you wanted, more difficulty ). And to make things even more frustrating, once you lose all your lives you can't continue, which makes all the crap you had to endure, all for nothing.

And what incredible fighting moves do you have to fight off the enemy? Punch and a jump kick. Yup, not punch and kick or punch, kick and jump....just punch and a jump kick. And to make things even more stale, it's likely you'll be using only the jump kick 99% of the time cause the punch button is almost useless. These two are the only moves you got in the game ( you can walk too, obviously ), no powers ups or nothing like that to aid you.

Yuck, even by Master System standards the game looks ugly. Almost everything in the game is lacking in detail, the characters look very simple and the majority of the background is green! Probably the best looking thing in the game is the seashore, and even that ain't saying much.

Sound? What sound? The only sound effect in the game is the smacking noise you hear every time you hit someone. As for the music, nothing great, all the tunes are decent fare. But for the in game music, it reminds you of something you would hear in a Tetris game.

Replay Value
Due to the game's insane amount of difficulty, chances are you probably won't have the patience to get through the first round, let alone the whole game ( congratulations if you actually beat this monster of a game ).

In Closing
One of the hardest games you'll ever play on the Sega Master System, My Hero will frustrate you to no end with it's odd controls and next to impossible gameplay. Avoid this, there are MUCH better games for the Master System.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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