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Reviewed: 01/20/02 | Updated: 01/20/02

May have came out in card and cart but still crappy whichever way you put it.

Being a SMS fan i like most master system games in my collection (around 40) so I really just get a game from the pawn shop or swapmeet and try it out when i get home. This game I got around five years ago with a cable and another game (super Tennis) on that day. As soon as i tryed it and seen the copyright (1985) i thought what the heck is this?? I tried and i seen one of the crappiest games For the SMS. Although i have never seen an arcade version, I thought while i was playing ... WOW SEGA MADE A REAL LEMON BACK THEN!! so lets get on with the review.

Graphics: 2/10: I mean for even 1985/6 this was junk. Think all the other better games out their e.g wonderboy at that time that had crisp graphics. Think being in a neighborhood like that surround by drunks throwing bottles and gangsters riding on pigs. So i give it a 2 only because of the detailed background.

BGM:0.5/10 Reminds me if a NES tune do dah de do da dah dee do etc etc. After 5 minutes you have to turn it off because of the sound. This hurts your ears. so i give it a 0.5 and it deserves it!!

Sound FX:5/10. Well i suppose they weren't that bad for it's era. The usual bwoop and slash noise so i award it a five but still quite mediocre for the time.

Difficulty RIDICULOUS(0/10): I cannot get past the first level on this game as it's just to damn hard!! With 8 levels or so i reckon no one as finished it. I have never known anyone that can get past the spikey things at the end bit of the 1st level.

Replay Value 1/10: I haven't played it for a month as it's boring. So I would rather play something on my Sega CD or a decent game on the Genesis or SMS.

Buy Value/Rent: I don't know anywhere we you can rent SMS now but maybe 50c for a week would be worth it!! But for know more then $1AU, USD50C or around 45Pence.

Overall 1.7/10 (round up to 2 for GAMEFAQS) I would avoid this unless you collect every game for the SMS. A real lemon. Why would anyone enjoy a game like this, i mean it might be an arcade port but who cares!!!

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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